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The. Fundamental, purpose, animating. The faith of God and his religion, is to, safeguard, the interests. And promote, the unity of, the human race and. To. Foster the spirit of, love, and fellowship. Amongst. Men. As. The. Life of humanity. Undergoes. A process of profound, change, across. The globe, followers. Of bahá'u'lláh in, the company of their friends, are striving. With great enthusiasm, to. Put into practice his teachings. Working. Shoulder-to-shoulder. With. Neighbors, and colleagues they. Are learning how to build vibrant. And prosperous, communities. Communities. That. Begin to reflect a united. And, illumined. The, revelation, of Mahalo has. The power to transform, society. For. The last many decades we've, been learning how to take that revelation and, apply. It in, order, to affect the spiritual, and material progress. Society. Around. 20 years ago we, reached a turning point a process. That started to unfold was. The systematic, training of. Individuals to. Build a capacity in, order to be effecting, change in, in their communities. Peter. And a given. Use, honeyBun forgave on course on some. Of the people who paid oh okay, right here a little, painting. And. Maybe, then the question before us now it's having leaving more and more friends, into this process so. That together as, a collective. My. Mama Modi said of my feet see. That about how. We been in. Love I'm saying yet, Anthony, Rizzo. Food. I'll succeed on you shabba da new piece only answer. In. October. 2017. People. From every, walk of life gathered. In homes and, halls, parks. And universities. To. Celebrate, the bicentenary, of. The birth of Mahalo, when. I think about the bicentenary celebrations, I, think one, of the things that we've seen is how. Ready. People are, now to speak, of the, life of Mahalo and of his teachings directly, and, how ready people are, to hear them and I think there has been a change. Ilario, estas, Ramirez, para, Ranma, to transform, our mistress Vedas individual, and collective, us. He. Said very noisy water an evil axiom collectio as, more. And more Souls learn. To apply the bhai approach, to building vibrant, communities. Populations. Around the world are, increasingly, spurred. Into action learning. To take charge of their own development. Aha. I'ma take a notice until a propósito. Videos. Knows. Indica. Clara meant a como, podemos. Exploration. Propósito Embassy. Allah interaxial skeptic ahmo's con los demás. Personas. Novi brujos, Nova comunidades. Donde. La llegada de. Las, abejas, way, el, punto, de partir, as your revenue Ellis. Under. A wide, diversity, of conditions. In. Virtually. Any cluster. It is. Possible. For an expanding. Nucleus, of individuals. To. Generate, a movement, towards. The goal of a, new world, order. La. Comunidad bhai, in gran canaria llevarnos. Estas, table Fida a tiempo, a, principal. New, club again elevation pensando seriamente, go podemos encontrar. Ahem, per la sociedad que. Pudiera, beneficial. Television. How elaborate era. In. Fantastic, newer for all know. Is a Cynthia, Danny. And difficult, collaborative sessions essenti on a dump. In Kula allocate. On maybe endo I love, melodica that meeting programa. De. Mañana de por ella misma cosa familia, where, sulabha, de la familia a young chemist our sous vide and i. Will. Not know the, father and, the son of a career criminal exam. From the. Samehada, a participant. America Sylvania participant. Applause request or. Have. Been serving what have yet include. A large story. Our attention to Vito allez-y, motivation. Omentum, OG Sonoma. En. Efecto. Question. Tre, Quattro Cinque low tolerance, evade, reform out of and mental. Content, a connection, unless you were a man. Nothing bakery. Pork a home and Alexia, quisiera, time gonna formidable, Burt okay, yeah, let's. See we don't know yet gonna determine. Super a song okay can. Look at your cream press we have. En. Todas I prefer a tener, Nova's preguntas, no. Casey. Queremos crear. Una nueva, realidad, soon, anova comunidad, be. Bronte, como. Podemos de. Compartir, con los vecinos compartir, con más personas. If. I didn't imagine, back to.

E. Commonality. Oh I will now give second ago my. M-pesa. Poor. In. A. Domestic, hasta con esto period emotionally. Punto Camino whom to be compatible with your cafe, image of signal is, a meta quality aluminum, but give them your support in the, kitchen, except telling women to become obedient. Que necesitamos como. Podemos, cambia. Character. Devotional, de la comunidad ha. Sido elevado por que, muchas. Sagara-san abierto. No less. Como un Sendero de servicio, case. Abierto, para todos, al, amor que entra, todos que también dezhkin trujillo so yes, apoyo mucho, es una characteristic. Ax grande. Y creo, que está. Siendo patent a un, cambio play al de cultura in la, grabación de gran canaria. No. Movie okay no hip Adama no. Movie o que. Llamo, Dora. Capaci, ahem llevado me, Ramona future depends on Oh Ellen. Ellen Oh sobre son como, de la. Bola son Don Mario. Sydnee, as, a city has between 4 and 5 million people there. Are, around. 600, core activities, better that are taking place and there, are two approaches, that the community takes to, its. Own growth and development, the. The first approach is really. Working with the whole community, through, efforts. With the youth efforts, in terms of children's classes and devotional meetings. The. Second, approach, is, in, a, neighborhood. Or a small. Part of Sydney, the. First approach where there's a broad learning across the, the whole community, is, able to bring insights, to, the work that's happening in the in the focused areas but at the same time where, there's there's focused energy the. The learning can go quite deep and so, this is able to be shared throughout the cluster. Community. Building efforts in Sydney. Aimed, at working in neighborhoods had. Begun, sometime. In, 2008. We're. Really trying to see how we can go deeper into a community. And how to reach a large. Proportion of, a neighborhood. We. Also wanted to learn about having, institute, camps, so. We started experimenting to, see how we could take a group of youth very quickly within 2 or 3, cycles, through the whole sequence of courses so. That by the end of the two cycles, we had a group of shooters. I. Started. The process about, three years ago, by. Being invited to an institute, can now. I'm a tutor junior. Youth animator, and a, children's last future. My. Mum also is in the process. Yeah. I guess this journey it wasn't something that happened overnight but, it's. Something that took. Place and really made that foundation. Of like my, family becoming, like unified. To. Share this passion to want to serve and to want, to come say, that Institute cancers I know, it's a great feeling. So. After the Institute process entered, the, community people really. Saw, the value of, the. Person sets off and then took ownership of it. And now. It's the people of the neighborhood who become the driving force of change in the community. So. What we could hear as the veterans. The. Program has changed my, way of thinking I. Have. A purpose, now but, to, serve to teach. We. Have a lot of like the best coaches here if, I wasn't involved in this program a few years back I don't think I would even be here sitting with like you, know like, aboriginals Australian, I was always like person that stay with the Islanders, and that's how it was for us growing up but now I have the sense of diversity where, I want, to be friends with everyone like you know all different cultures. It was really hard to bring. A lot of different, people together but. We really grew a lot. We. Had a deeper. Connection because we were going through this process together.

And. Now, family this whole family is going through the process there now consulting. Together and solving. Problems amongst. The family. So. Us know it's, not even a program it's just a way of life like, my. Kids enjoy being. Involved you, know even, the animator yet he I don't. Look. At him now it's oh that's. Such, a this just your enemy you know he. Has become like, family, to us and, it's. Not often you have your, kids. Coming, home and being like you. Know what mom if you think about it this way and you go about life that way and you. Know I'm the parent and to have them sitting there and changing. My mind and changing, my train of thought, yeah. It's all because of what. They're learning like. I said it's changed not, just my kid's life but my. Life too like, for the better. Through. These. Community activities we can see that the. Youth of thinking of each other and each, other's families and the families of thinking, of the community, as a whole. Many, instances, where. The. Community is gone through tragedies. Or the family is maybe, they've been deaths and family is all like financial, problems, the, youths have banded, together to try, and assist them. It. Feels good you know to. See that we're affecting. The. Community in. Such a good, way it, feels really awesome. To. Be that change. The, youth have a unified, vision and, they're focusing, in they're, channeling. A lot of their energy to you, know transforming, their communities. I'm. Studying youth work and I'm hoping to do the primer and try, to get into uni and stuff like that because. Because. I thought maybe I'm like I'm doing this all the time why, don't why not just get my qualifications, I can why not be able to broaden. Like make it a lot more work and help people, we. All committed ourselves to a. Lifetime of service we. Tutor really books together we. Start core activities, together we accompany, many other people it's a very special, relationship. That we share yeah, it's just grounded, in service I think which is the most beautiful thing. Sometimes. I ask myself, you. Know where would I be if it wasn't for you. Know this movement in this process. Really. This. At, this point in my life there's no other way I, would. Spend my time my young years that. I limited yeah. I thank for how a lot for having. Enabled. Me to serve. My community. After. Seeing how, this, to process really affects, the neighborhood, and how, much change can come through it the, use decided to create teams to. Go. Out and share, the, process with other surrounding, areas and clusters to. Help those communities advance we're. Not just focused on the advancement of our own community, we want to see other. Cuties advance as well. As this. Process began to take shape. Very. Quickly, it. Began to also influence, the efforts, of other tutors, and other communities, throughout Sydney. Once, this, gathered, momentum, the. One could really. Get. The sense of the whole of Sydney movie. Initially. The house of worship or, was the center, of the activities. Gradually. As our number, of tutors increased, we. Gained. The capacity, to have, one Central, Institute campaign. At the house of worship but, then. Decentralized. Ones in the local, neighborhoods. Okay. How many could your mother send terroristic activity. Cuz okay the hard case negative identify, here but, one happy buddy son coming, you are commented. Chiappa six are killing or no name a but, joka cachaça, teacher, k route may or unpair. Can open on a perception of latakia, her. Case Nagar, has. A population, of. 250,000. However. This. Entire, population. Lives within a very small radius. Gradually. The the collective, consciousness, has, been built in her case Nagar and they aware that, a large, number of you are building. Their capacity by. Attending. Classes and serving, their community. When. There's a devotion in a certain building everyone.

Living In that building is invited, or. Chucky. I'm needed campaign. This. Ekukulka a key Kasich's Ahmad I miss, a meal or certai scary Clement from Minnesota who knows dushashana die maybe Giada Amara, herpes Nagar okhla face - mother. /, Pecan. Grove in, curry eateat nice, samudaya, Yadira. Vera's Salmonella, gets back as. The number of junior youth groups and children sauce is increased. It. Was realized, that one, coordinator, is not enough so, we had to then they had three then we have four and gradually. They started to act themselves, what can be a more sustainable. Method. Of. Accompanying. The groups, the. Learning side shared. This concept, where five animators. Of five children starts, teachers, could accompany each other with the help of the collaborator, and, then. The coordinator, works with a number of collaborators. Board. Chair vocal. Demo German level, would approve inform caretaking haha me I can evoke a night of envelop, hamari, with invested some money again physica, have become technically moving. Jovem. Animated, visit karta to disagree. Amara's. Jemaine. - oh thank him animate to this application model, of our school bottle of curry - I'm so sticking together he, took a toggle shampoo, to discuss, collective. He. Which, lesson plan can late artificial artful bottom who say who defeated MK. 20 of her long battle parents evocative. For. More than a year the. Number of activities. Remained. About, the same the. Cluster was able to sustain the, activities. Make. Up for those that that. Had, stopped, or could not continue for various reasons, but, was not able to grow the. Realization. Came that perhaps we, need to double, the, number of youth entering the Institute, process. When. A larger, double number of youth into the Institute, process naturally. A larger. Number will be proceeding, to the higher books and serving, as animators, or Chileans fast interest. - Aviva coordinator, ski team ma a tire coordinator. For. Hookah, juice a Sudoku, mother care coordinators, was my 72a. Collaborators. Here and we can't, play rakia on Ruby six occasion, commanded cartina or. Doha. Tobias the Mari. Total core activity, here. This. Time I do the liquidus Tonya taught me survive Mameha. Perlmutter, contain the, sequel before us never happening, whoa whoa, honza vihan. Schematic. Paramus got to him I. Think. The Assembly, has, control. Learning process itself, it. Has evolved. Very. Much so since the decentralization. The. Way we consult, I think, is, slowly maturing. We. Felt that if we expect. The community to, fulfill, its, goals we. Have to be part of that the. Relationship. Which exists between the, agencies. It's, one. Way I think we, complement. Each other if you like we. Can see how the institution. The. Individual. The. Community, itself, how. They're all coming together, how. They're able to work together in a very United. Way is, really, what has, kept us in, the forefront of our activities. Often. Times we. Wonder how. Deli. Cluster, has sustained. Its activities, has continued, to grow and perhaps it. Was this everyday, meeting. Of the comb group without fail, since, 2nd March 2010. The core, group consists, of coordinators, of every activity, so, when they meet. Together every day pray, and read the writings together every day it. Binds. Them together it, influences. The atmosphere, of the whole cluster, and there. Is no opportunity, for the cluster to fall back because. The reflection is is not, once but every, day for. Those who are serving full time. In. Daaga. The population, is about 8,000.

And Half. Of these about 4,000, plus RBIs. Dagger is in a remote setting. The. Communities, are so scattered due, to the mountainous. Region. There's. No good transportation system. And. In. Order for for people to walk around you, have to walk across rivers, climb, mountains. Have. 33. Low-cost bitching assembly, and one, of the features that the local spiritual assembly take, ownership of all the activities, that happens, in their community. When. There is something that needs to be solved, you would see everybody. Telling. To the, local spiritual, assembly, and. Everyone. Has felt that, they. Would get the right solution, to whatever. They are going through through. This divine divine, institution. It that regard, it is very evident that. The. Administrative. Order of how, lies has. Taken, its Ruben its shape. Autoplay. Told a tone and began a community, one day anyone wanna bend in a turmoil upon so. Again they turn when, they turn, now. That and, our date on. We. Come, together organized. Devotional, meetings say, prayers in Ellie dolls and. Coming together saying. These words together, influences. Our own bin or. Sometimes the whole community, is going to the Baha'i Center to. Say have there don't press it's. Like a habit for him so, when it comes to like children's don't prayer family. Don't pay for. The whole community don't, pray home even, the members of the local spiritual, assembly don't, raise their. This. Is an. Environment, where, we share understandings. Together. That's. The command and then, we have the, vision. Of. Collaboration. Participation, and. Building, capacity, in -. 15. - 20 years ago we, don't have a lot of you know educated, people. But. Due, to the. Instituto, seas when, it came to a dagger. It. Really helped everyone, in that community, by. Now they can speak English they can read and they can ride and take and even to to study, cycles, and they can express you. Know very confidently. Currently. We have, elementary. School kindergarten, and also primary schools. The. Future, life, of the children, it. Is under, the care. Of the community as. A whole. Adults. Children. You. Junior you everyone. Is engaged in, the process, the. Service. Component. Devotional. Meetings science, classes junior, unit and all of these things and, we. Reach 1,000, activities. People. Sacrificed. And they are devoted because they, have embraced the teaching of paola and it has influenced, them and they, see the need to be out there carrying, out these activities for, the transformation. Of their communities. And. So. Selection, is coming, which, is also contributing, together. With the Institute, process the. Community, is, always concerned, about the development. Of spiritual. And. If, anyone's. Willing. To start any project we. Have to you know discuss together and, what are the benefits of such projects, in both aspects, both, spiritual, and material we. Apply whatever we learned and help, our community, to you know progress. As. A result of. The. Revelation. Knowledge. Is generated and, shared, and. It helps everyone. You. Learn to. See, the people, whom you are working with are people where the potentials, so, it's not that you alone doing, everything, but. In your collaborating. With the community. You, will also also realize that you. Are growing, intellectually. You also growing. Morally. Spiritually. As. A whole. If. Create, opportunities. Where, I feel in my heart that I have power to say Mahalo, according. To my own capacity. In my little ways and. We must have a heart for him, they. We pray that those, of us serve in his, teachings, we, can bring this world into. A next stage and. I have their love and hearts desire, to 14, years of save him until. The end. Every. Generation of, years drawing. Inspiration. From the same divine, impulse, to, cast the world anew, has. Seized, the opportunity. To. Contribute to, the latest, stage in the, unfolding, process that. Is to transform the life of humankind. In. Yanaka sahaba, woman, - Ryan decenzo simple. Yoga her, face. Also pntl. Deep to. Contain. The civil Mayo channel. -, turns out single, don't see, channels. In the SU way. High. So that only 20, Hz, and. How it's he, bunch, of bits and pieces in da da da da old, about. Paseo. Y está disponible para, para.

Hoy Como yo. Pacion. Day Eric impressive, Oh donde, a via Mucha spiritually ah damn bien a via gente de puesta go pay arte. Commence. A a participate actively. Commence, a notar que la conversación de Saron différentes, los concepto, serin différentes. Middle, for you are open e 1. Malaise, and prashanta, draft ma turkey cassette, if I said no need is matter - Adonis afternoon 7 era para malai. Accumulate. His kata hot masseuse way they put Yuki come, on Sarah. Jim. Good, food to Co for you Tina mama, side mocha, goomaroonie, sue, then. I you are routine the unique face. A common Apple ID equal. To Jesus pikey hambrosia, Matata hi miss Abby I'm, rude this water I miss away I'm. Drew disco likey sorry, okay after this month a costly come garden so touching. Hemi Hawaii, nigga, cool babe - sorry -. I mean rule in Igor new Carissa. I'm. Okay yes oh ho when the ceiling come us a motive as CN e, unintel, do en el propósito. El cual es como. Yo. Meat opposite, oh yeah given, será otro para. Que podemos, Romania. S10. Continued mejora me endo. Guernica. Shabab, master, fa'inna no. Sir I have Michigan, October, P lol, banana, in. Hazen live in mr. Murat well. Cyril, you're a teen and the mortgage in know Jeff, holla holla, you read, Europe. In the Harlem, with, the head. Say. Fooled. That's how happen to welcome, reality, pahala. Lada int, so, type A 1 and mu, P R. 10:13, year the Dallas treaty from, a young lady Foote. Insomnia. Cheffou, autumn fondant. Immediately made that eats apart immediately, permanently. Well. Chanson, de la, lumière fell at home today with iron and since onions away, Taryn disheartened, and so she turns on even when I may have a mija. Your. Own forest and was did you copy Boeing. Positive. Presence chance. Convenience. Mordioux. Bujji, : third. Cigar-smoke. Important. Rabinowitz. At rabida. Robbed. Our guru. In. Elegant repetitive, person, de, Vos. Doc. Undiscussed, you copy, -. I'm. Opposite revolutions. Mean. Young Ivanovna, I toasted. Chaos. Of, was. A little, slower even. Awesomeness, see the bloody telly did. It. Was a lodge with the catastrophic. Uncle, especially. This periodic, reporter Scholar Program miss Moffat watching the body as much pain in the, homely TMI. Maybe. De batata priya brulee of Pedrosa epitome, of manager Couture appear wouldn't. The, processor. Instituted. Those. Two Magellan ballet was Tommy tape will, push the coca at the end kids here, Amara. Ophelia. Butter. Julieta, borrowers, to join field you need to group Mitchell again for, children, you. Bobbins time ago to Peru hip was tachycardia. We. Just came back am sick but joka Cox Atalaya, pill yeah I'm, re buttercups, a jeweler who say to her. Who's, come about how or would you have junior to group in a big area or children who seek a law school exam, system cartega, or junior with goecart, gonna be out Pilger música Sardu am again with cactus group but. What we do, have we basically, ha. All would you need to roof literally, don't know you happy but so kickers teacher. Or any numerical means you have you say body huh. London. Is a large. Metropolitan. City. With, a population of. About nine million people there's. About a thousand, miles and currently. There are 300. Activities. In the, city. Throughout. London we have groups, of youth who are coming together regularly. Who see themselves as a team but also have this vision of, expanding. That this this friendship doesn't just start. With the, five or six of us but how can we bring, more and more of our friends into this. Ourselves. Stefan. I. Guess. In the past few years we've been trying to really work with large. Groups of youth and say you, know can we actually. Then. Have these spiritual, conversations.

With Large groups of youth we've. A project. For, the next two, weeks to meet youth in a couple, of areas in, London. When, we depend, on some. Themes that we'd like to introduce, and. I mean in a meaningful conversation so, the young people so maybe you. Know the role of youth early adolescent life, of the house we. Have some resources, and we study them, maybe, sections. From the earth covers material some justice. Masters some clusters we also went. Through everything that we've studied so far so, each heading for example the period of you we, feel appointed all the concepts that we've discussed and, we've written it all down and, in, red are the questions, that we've thought of that we'd like to to, ask the use that we need. They. Should we have this myth that, you it, was such, an inspiring conversation. Start lifting, we. Stop talking about spirituality, religion that, was when we really got interested, in like the Bursar's there's. This deeper. Deeper. Understanding. I. Think it really. Bring, survive on the sediment, about the, matter the circumstances. Of the. Every. Deep has a desire, -. Service. Capacity. So. London being a very large city in a very complex, place we. Have often, this mindset that you. Know who, works to contribute towards a community who has a time especially, living in London who has the time to do, anything and, actually. It's been the exact opposite, seeing. People actually take their time out. To. Work in the neighborhoods, and to really, seek. This change. Now. I feel, like my efforts, even. Though they may be small, can still contribute to the greater good I, look. Into how I confess to my community and, also like help others, because. It's not just about me it's about everyone. Else in society and how I can give back I. Never. Used to think that anything. I did would make a difference to like, the world or society, and so, like after learning what, powerful, source of like energy and like good beer. Can be I wanted to be back. If. The youth gathering it's become so open for the other youth to to come because they found this discussion, and the conversations, like welcoming, like they would fit in naturally, even when they did not have any activity, in well not yet for, fighting ended service to their community.

These. Gatherings has, created, an environment in, which the youth explore, together their spiritual forces around, them the negative force around them and then developing the capacity to confess and to, be able to increase the, number of flows that are coming into this conversation. And. The cha cha. Malaysia. Come Chandra Chau attached, aikido coronet and in that, time they were squeeze 9 PG 20 custody. Ethics of Monomoy. Youth conference material, opens, a more important LPG, supercar. Enoshima free shampoos Raqqa the, champ. In Joe Quincy limping, just average, energy efficient. You. May now question among, pompona, a division, in appearance on rush in the main on pin, Joe Quincy did, not respond Pereira tomorrow. More ajamu, consuming in condom equation, of a circle. The, more you go close then they, begin different to open up to the other matters like family matters so, that has also given an opportunity for. The crust agencies, to be able to identify what other materials, may be besides, from what we already offering, them what is these other materials we can give. The youth to study, the. Writings of Mahalla really helped me a lot I, can't. Like express, myself the, way I'm feeling the way they've changed me the, way the, hula has changed, my life, the. Vision is to transform mankind. With, we transform, myself and. Also we transform, the community at large. Yes. Stroke, here to the bottom, processor, pretty. Much Esther you. Version. Put aluminum interpreter. It. Whenever. She watched cell signals, Cassatt's I don't mes demise. Chelsea, matzah brei it wasn't Regina. You. The, coast of new tree of women, widows Muscovites. Toe. From previous sports division. Irish. Atomos any ocean. Donna. Touched Americas with a better solution which. Sewage a. Part. Of our process, nitrogen. Abortion sizzler. Human. Beings interpersonal. Castle. Are officially, the minima in moto Guzzi she also filed at least a cellar for systematic, semester. I. Tra la la. La. Resistance, to go Warren -, laughs, -, Larry it, be Halldor. Habit. All the tested. Autonomously. The keep the, death, row. Schemes magazine. Culinary. Which mezuzah, not because normally, don't. You need money. Possibility. Are a small key. Grata, promotion. Modular. Goblet. Was. Clustered in the human, beings in the Taliban. Clusters, on which cancellation. All active in metadata. Year. At lon, he might Arkansas. Standard. To meet, save. All the canary that retaliation, and domestic, less. Was. Tompa injecting, me here. Me mean Ian's. Hollenbach. Can. Centimeter. Ruler, participant. An adult all. Attack. Demand she minions, is. More violent than this tragedy. Consumer. X is a systematic. Attack. History. Brush attachment. Of the answered. The. Heart of young. Punks. Alarms, the channel entrapment. All engines they're always September. France with work ability to generally. Consider. Each 80th moxuan de menos, repertoire, more soupy starch oh oh no. Martha, and rahael a body that instructor, we. Know Chile's options, would do, shock do show cockpit deaths jaws 2 mu J mu, chilies karate.

To Grind there's the way every, no, smotret, Ellijay cognizant, recovery. Sociable. Was distributed Austin, arena. Put. In. Tomorrow's. Generation. MJ daughter. Darrin are small they're. Messy. Neurosurgeons, are a sneakers. Are. Lost, on. Vacations and Angela, Dee, Messina. In it ma la, leche sauce garlic, knots. Of modifications. And Amanda, she let us have a ball only. Somebody. Will be similar over, brother. Remember. Structure. Course. Remember. Notice. It's. Not provided, for. He. Me. As a whole, distribution, in. Telugu, we. Have a sphere of successful. Yeah. Suton a lot of commanders, between. The diametric, educate. The. Pyramids and dynamesh, fertility. Resumed. Aramis all a lot of super Arabic you mean in simple. In. Teen superstar Salman. De. Anima Saloniki. Gansler in military. Marketable. Register. Golu, - Shalom and homage, telling, their, reality. She'll be gone slaughter. India-. Talk. And. Escalera. One in scenario. In. This universe. On. National, on Shalhoub the yin. Yoga de, moi ma. Vince. -, Madeleine. 30, para. Bajar. Pathology. Assistants Ora Farragut. And member, gissy, Lucia and in, some cases, today she sews. Character, - made to study in somewhere at the higher should have no more than, saved, or no special steel metal sure sir. Hackathon. Gavin do perceive, Jawara the shirt well ensalada, for, just at him as at the bar wa homepage you've just met. Some, of the changes that I've seen in, myself has, been like a greater sense of like responsibility, for the things that we're doing in the community it's. A priority for me to. Keep working, towards. That no matter where, I'm at in my life that's. Allowed me to making. Decisions to stay here, going. Into college and. Doing. A lot of reflection, of like how can I take, my career into also, having. That be serviced. Attending. Holy. Days and spaces, and participating. In core. Activities. Has. Allowed, me to really. Take charge of, shaping, my spiritual, identity. Once. You have, this desire to be of service to others that. At the center allows. You to, reach great lengths and everything, that you do in life it's. As if that one thing in the center shapes, and. Influences. Everything. That you do. You. Began to start seeing that young. People, in particular began, to start, thinking differently and living a very, different. Lifestyle, because, they were now engaged, in, interacting. With the Word of God in, a very intense, way. When. I was reading some. Of the writings of bahá'u'lláh I realized, that it was helping me transform, for the better if. I want to make sure that things are better for. Myself and, for my family I want to make sure that the community grows as well. Yo, cabo de empezar estudiar lo que seguir bro you know de. La manera que ella Gamow say qui fait que mija. Empezó Centegra. Un grupo lament. A december lo que yasya, lo, que mas Mempa so interests our fella man aaron kam peso ahora con. Sus amigos quiero, aprender catenaries. A connection. Que yo me kia yellow, Grabbe tener. Tener. Moso, podemos hacer que dios por medio' de. Todos. En sciences de baha'u'llah nos nos. Estará Adan okay Sarah spiritual mente vemos, diferencia, no sobre sus hijos le on Oso tuvimos tambien, estamos con Biondo, estamos a. Vance. And Oprah spiritual, mental I. Being. Involved as the youth has drawn, in entire family, to, then be engaged with each other, we. See how much love. Can come out of building. Relationships. Transcending. Cultural. Barriers language, barriers, I, think. I'm sweeper. Older and we, write the other people, and form our families, is this ideal how can we serve together, and, be. A, part. Of this community and help it grow and how, still have others help us. This. Only has wanted, to consciously, cultivate, a relationship with. With the youth and to talk with them about what, their goals are in life what they're thinking of for their future, education, how this fits in with service, and, having this cohesive, life so, this idea of developing, relationship with the institution, itself is, a goal is a hope and is something to lose, being work toward. Due, to many. Efforts of the youth we were able to. Have. The junior youth program in a middle school and then, we could have a junior youth group for. Each grade level I, teach. Eighth grade science and, I think that the program should be in the classic would have actually talked to our one, of our main leaders about bringing, this program into the classroom, I think, it's the, school's jobs the teachers jobs the parent shops and neighborhoods jobs the Society's, jobs to help build, these kids up because.

The Program really, does enhance their, natural, qualities, or natural positive qualities. We've, learned that really, engaging young, people opens. The way for than, an entire community to begin to move to take ownership. A. Natural. Outcome of the, rise both, in resources, and in, consciousness, of the, implications. Of the revelation, for, the life of a population, is the. Stirrings, of social, action. Kind. Of popular show commands of war, comma. L Memphis run dressage the point of view the, develop a deep and officially, 20.0. 720. Left where. Masala. I mean a la varita, obeah, envelop, relative comprehension. Silla development, community ooh, on an take to Lisa's fidelity, miss kalidasan madela for concern, - respira. Oh, silly Alice be sweet, rain especially on, a sphere antenna. -. Well. I danced to context, M camasta for a movement in a popular show their bow. We. Use the term social action to describe a, spectrum, of activities, which have, the distinct, purpose, of the, application of one or another of bahá'u'lláh teachings, to, the advancements. Of the social or the material, life. Of a population. There's. Various types of socio-economic developments. Efforts. From. Very simple small scale all the way up to more complex and, sophisticated activities. One. Of the most prominent examples are. From junior youth groups where. Groups of young people are, studying certain materials, and they, look around the community, and they see well what can we do to, carry, out some concrete actions to help our community to advance. You. Wouldn't. Say it to me, I'm. Relaxed I'm, sort. Of a solar model, person senior which is the direct the sun's our community, as a concern. The Bombers can, go to co-occur eager to give, position, a. Little. Sound like anything once, you're gone John Tamra go ruin everything. Deponia. Control. Puccini. Qataris. About, the. Last report. N-terminal. Practice appearance, the project. Leaders. Catalonia. The measure. Cryptologist. Analysis. Ceremony. Key patient group yet, a ministry. Career. Beams. Career, Raja. So. In smaller, settings, of villages and neighborhoods, we can really observe, how. Both. Material, and spiritual. Progress advance, in the, context, of the community building, differences. Among. The responses. That. Communities. Make, to the different needs that they see some. Of these efforts become, more sustained. Tampa. Winner Sarah marlawynne, s, camaçari. Important. Saratoga. Talent. Analyst, even Lamar, in the sauce. One. Minute I will pass here. On pass can we get our time when I learn whenever I bought Oprah got. A leg Nami 21p. European. University. For open even one. Over. Time some of these sustained, efforts become more complex and as, insights. Are gained the behind spider organization, is established. At. The center of the growth process that. Has taken place in the Box educated, cluster, is. The bidding, of capacity. In the individuals, and. This, capacity. Has been be principally. By the Institute. Another. Instrument that was used was, a preparation. For social, action program, which. Is commonly known as PSA. The. Program, was introduced, into the battery, cadet, cluster, by the amazons. Foundation, which, is a by inspire, organization. Lampley. Montessori, program the, capacity, on production. Capacity. Necessary. Reconnaissance. So. It consists, in learning. About. The. Scientific. Way. Of things. In language. Capability. Mathematical. Ability. Scientific. Capability. Processes. Of community, well-being. As. You can see Santa Catarina, Tierra. In. Battle kata cluster, we have had about, 700. Persons, that, have been trained as promoters of community, waving. The. Term, promoter. Of community, well-being is, used, to. Identify. People. Who have been. Exposed, to the, PSA. Program. The preparation pool axiom. Suitability. Reality. After. Concerns. The supportin turkey existed, on the. Texaco petit a Potemkin osawa MLG. The. Program, the axiom social, his, own total ma m ec parallelism e they don't improve, the memory proper leadership. By, Roma at, the earliest ages people will ask when. We finish the PSA, what are we going to do. So. We limited, our understanding. In what they, will be able to do and. We're not thinking about what. They will become. So. When we finish the first sequence in 2011. We, realized that those who finish they, become useful. Promoters. Of. Every. Action, that was taken place, in the community and an, agent. For, the involvement of civilization. In. A Nortel Kalka el acceso de vacaciones in. Grande, problema de, vida la situación, economica, y tambien, a todos hasta con los que las personas tienen, para hacer esto. Carta men displace, Arceo, TRO lugar xenovia como una vez a principal, ie prop where al Saher our education, el.

Programa Podía liras nacio, con el deseo a responder, a la necesidad de la UK she owned a como. Una punto, clave a para el desarrollo tanto, sushi alko economic, Oh de nuestra de la población. Bra. Soccer Brahma un grande, onus, yo. La mujer co-op otra vez de un programa técnico, tecnológico. A professional. El, programa podía New Era's comunitario, Zn adoration, de cuatro. Los. Participant. Na na na serial scenarios. En. Las que chose, Desiree. Jan ciertas capacidad, de. Saucé capacidad, de acero. Darren discorso, con, el cual banana convert are con su Himiko en la universidad, con, las personas de, su comunidad hacer. Que temos por. Ejemplo. Montre, a religion. Era. El, ambiente. Materials. Case, material. DN la preparación para la ciencia y algunos otro material esta bien que son passed on teh importante es para para, crear a sakip acid ad colectivo. En las personas, estos. Materiales fueron Desiro las principalmente, por, los s fuerzas de una organización de, inspiration bhai yamada, funda a también. Conocida, como fundación. Para la aplicación enseñanza, a las Ciencias safeway crea hace muchos años con, el fin del responder a la necesidad de, ducati OA k sistiana and region del norte co. Programme's. Comunitario. Entender. Sok, said necesario, sir d de su comunidad pero, también cosas. Que no ha gasp or source a porous Oerlikon excelencia, de. Si, de una manera que, que. Puede hacer que su comunidad para. El. Programa, busca, de jimenez. La capacidad de. L'air con santa, Mantella, realidad de su n region para, poder identificar. Los desafíos ke-yah. Port are a la solución de, acuerdo, a sus, talentos, Yakup acid Al's, LS. Iu de a form are you Marco concept o al que les ayuda, a so pasar toda la información que, yo free Simon de acuerdo alchemy. No la hora alkane Escovedo. Location. Can receive no near cigar, solamente, hace parte, de lo que nosotros vamos, a ocasion. Otro. A loss component SS l de servicio. Es, por esta razón que cada uno todos participant, a del programa se, le sanema en un act er servicio, s Pacifica. Gracias. Al programa Porou, Ali eras communitary, OHS en el norte el departamento, el toca say, hey nerado, Tony. Ento, don't, a jóvenes con mucho en to see almos estan. Trabajando. Para jenner are el cambio que, la región necesita, y in, a chiral mentes a cambio Segura fly Hado en su Vedas. Over. A decade ago as the Institute process in Vancouver started to grow in strength a small. Group of friends were trying to learn to apply the assumed process with a specific population, of newcomers to Canada, and, the. First need that was identified, was. In the ability to communicate in English so. We, started a simple English class. We called it English corner, so. Over time we. Learned that the issue, it wasn't the the need to master language in grammar but. That. There, was a yearning for newcomers to be part of a group of friends that was in constant dialogue about, the well-being of their community, and, materials. Were developed simple. Questions, and quotes related, to themes relevant to the community, we would draw in quotes from the revelation of bahá'u'lláh so, we. Had groups slowly building this capacity, to reflect on their current state and then take simple steps forward start, thinking about how. About how those teachings, really. Affect both the material, and spiritual well-being of a, population. When. You first immigrated. To a, new, country you're. Homesick this, is a new place, new culture, in your language. You're. A new member you want to belong to this culture to this community. By. Hydrogen, says that we. Want to create, a better world and, this. Is a place, where, you can try to sense that that's. The core value I think in English corner you, will learn your English and, you, will get, to know more friends, and then.

Together You create a, small. Community. We. Have about 30 English corners, in the area, with. Hundreds. Of participants so. Actually we we, registered, a nonprofit. Organization and. Now it has a board. Of directors, that helps guide. The process. What. Began as an English class over, time grew, has grown in its scope and complexity, where now we have these groups that are building community, as they. Learn to consult together to, reflect together and, in. Light, of the teachings of b'hala, to think of the next practical, steps to, build community, in their area. Lana. Carpaccio, nothing Billy beer, as I said not any machinery I, mean. Yeah Tom lockira kira Nashik RT e ji, sang was allocated a pay it. On an itís our duty da Alec indicated no nep-chi, duty Ketones who singa betina notice, our ecology, biology, tenant. For. Muscle symbolism, Amanda, a mulligan. And if a lieutenant Lee Ihram. Lingus, he. Died Kim Ibaka Nala in for a signal it cost Danny, so see either, a new - attend a live uniform as shown in foundation, I do shankar de. La. Cruz can have fun - no idea I want repeat full. Promotion. In, a formation, the socio-political. Community. Kitchen. Approach revolution. In. Life on - you look like a passage lost on a de venir inácio, dollar, class may you see develop a the community. I come, from super. Second medication. La, fundación idea to, Hawaii, subsidies, a Giesler consular, community, papua. Case. Only jessica a beautiful. Irápido conscience, effective Mozilla community he. Complained, killer for from, Phoenix met. Ron plus pinnacle keep apart a movie - a. Corner. Ketchup on now. Community open medicine, civility, tenor a la cabaña chinchilla, tumblr team APR. 15 2016. 8, 1, minus cos I, mean. Appearances, Anakin on Nouveau in Liberty, Cheetara, allopathy, introduces. A nominated, for Marshall to see from. The sample for Martin Aragon Sonata economic, on vicuna I'm, negan you see. One. Morning he a quotas one becau whole thing is working. Aida, cy differently, don't, be English on logistic as man that is the key knockouts. In Andalusia. Unanimously. Duty, it's a lot Oregon's, own. Recall. Napela. That la friend music envelope a nickel. Pulu attorney CAD keeper. Made a total plus other problem, sis. At the Concordia company, call for me careful, laser. For apprentice, and econ Telecom. Not tyranny. Assembly, called precocity. Yeonbok. Medical, influence. Likely killed Kamala. Khan inference la francaise non-legal. In the Vinick on s Santa Lavinia, recently. He. Defused, mechanisms. Such. Key favor is, the. Mayor Jones delimited. Son, keeper, mobilize, this isn't even as possible this appropriate. Connie. Not, auntie my. Sierra potent or meta you're on Akira facility, but. I'm not up on my SIA the. Bottineau meter you are negative is my, neighbor want everyone know you, know what I'm not while placing all know women my CRI de in the day a can. Even ago by Nicki Resnick on tomorrow. 10. Years ago the. Government and the people cried, out what are we going to do with our you three but we didn't know what, to do with the strong.

Negative Forces that. Are. Quite a disturbance. To the community. The. Youth have, vital. Role to contribute, to. The betterment of the world and. That's, how the. Ottoman, era came, into the schools with. A geneva fire program. What, inanimate question, Institute, is a PI in spite of annexation, and. It's shortened for all day. I'm. A program it won't happen 16, meter and Navarro wakaranai, their, poor I haven't seen neuron. That, neuron, during. Day I an. Antiquey roti he. Says an nvidia. Dota general, marina, here, on Connie will go Tiger a say you know that I never not nicely do Anatomy on that. Fatal. Attack a educated. Regarding the. High V da button autonomy, in, the para animator sir gamma in. Ocarina idea, and what is it. Who. Added training. To create the program I hope our it. Developer yourself I think an RTO responsible, email. Now. After 10 years it's. Not just a school and the students and the. Parents but now the. Island council and those. Who are you. Know who are no. One else level. Your. Entire honey a penny, an Italian. Apple-. A Erik Luna by I see them along on a. Heineken. Terrible's. An. Anomaly. Yahoo. NIDA. Samsara, cinema, in Nebraska, Oh wah wah, yeah. If you take India. Identical. Non-identical. Oh your total men. And aridity of me I know. Your integrity. The. River Yeti. Ritika, dammit you mean Nana program, we're now. Up. To. 2017. We. Referred, to three. Thousand two hundred and fifty six, females. Now, you see that people connect, the. Absence, of your going into jail but. They're connecting, it to the program, because. They're seeing, dudes. Coming, out of the junior, youth program, more. Responsible. For themselves and for their family, and as a whole to the community. No, Davo equivocal, shows no. Certainty, no, seven column on Vedas any Tadeo confusion. Holidays. Are holidays. Poor me Rufus, on Daisy for kuku annual. Grantee Sunday person. Anton, come available the Baha'u'llah roughly. She's she comma, s Co not vomit an application. Season. Samadhi Baha'u'llah athon. Door open no, problem, coccidia. Cuando. Un grupo say levanta, emps, our project our ciertos, cameos c en su comportamiento, en, la manera a relation, r SE en, como con versa en como, si. R been a los demás en, koalas on la hospira Sione's a propósito, en su vida de, repente, a la, cultura de, lugar empieza at reformers y uno. En la, influenza. De la revolución. De baha'u'llah la, vie materialize, our a GNSS, context. So. We want to think about an irrepressible, movement i guess an example is how the human body grows how, that growth takes place how different. Cells, in the body learns. Its own responsibility. And then applies it for, the continued. Health of the body the, same way in, the community, every individual, every member, of the community every, institution. Has to learn what, are those responsibilities. In rule each one has to play and contributing, to that vision, for a healthy body a healthy community and advancing, civilization and. Where, we see this happening. There's. Complete. Joy in, the community, there is complete joy of the people as, well. One. Of the nature of human being is to be together to. Learn together and strive, for excellence together. It. Is possible, for, a. Society to take charge of its of it on this future. But. It starts with, two. Or three friends to learn, about, some interesting principle and, then. Explore. About the meanings and insights of those principles, and, keep. Learning and, generating. Their body of knowledge me to go to a certain level that will actually tell. Me the change that they would like there's. A lot of principles, and concept, that were introduced, through the teaching of the faith to the society, and. It's been tested, they have not. Only heard. About them they also put. It in practice, they. Have seen the impact of it they. Love it and now, they are really. Engaged, as. Every. Follower, of bahá'u'lláh, knows well. Humanity's. Ultimate, well-being. Is dependent. Upon its, differences, being transcended. And its. Unity, firmly. Established. Every. Contribution, the, highs make to the life of their society, is aimed. At fostering unity. Every. Community, building, endeavor is. Directed. Towards, the same end. For. Those tired, of contention.

The. Community's, growing, under the shadow of the greatest, name, offer. A potent, example, of, what, unity, can. Achieve. You.

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