Aaron Rodgers and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Have an Epic Conversation | One-on-One | GQ Sports

Aaron Rodgers and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Have an Epic Conversation | One-on-One | GQ Sports

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I have days where it's like I don't know what I'm gonna do today end up picking up a guitar or like getting and start, to actually create, stuff whereas. Been, for ten years it's been really hard work because I've just not had no juice bring, yourself a little too thin, yeah please too many people yeah. Yeah. Interesting yeah yeah. Well, it's like you love people right you like want to be there for them or you feel like it's your job, as a leader or like, someone, who's known but, if you're not there to do like the actual thing you're supposed to be there. To do it. Sucks, for everybody including. Especially for you so I hope you guys are rolling on that because I was. We. Met you, invited, us to sit, in your box here I know you throttled, the Titans it was like 55, to 70. It. Was a good day and, we had the spaghetti dinner don't eat well yeah it was 2012 Wow, I didn't, really gave me some sort of musical. Instrument 74. Well not 335. Badass. What. Do you with, music in general like is it always on like we're gonna role does it play always on I diss enjoy different, things in different days or, times of the day and, Anika will control that sometimes too but sometimes like putting on like a East forest, station, where it's like strictly. Instrumental, yeah and like, yoga. Meditative. Stipe the uptight music and sometimes would be your, station, or sometimes Amos. Lee or sometimes it'll be you, know counting crows yeah yeah yeah good, 90s, 5 yeah, it's, always on I love music didn't your, my view on mindful here of my pregame list to people's asked me what do you listen to before the game like so rap or something like I love nineties, rap yeah but, it's all slow, stuff I mean always the music's big part of what, I do but also we have to listen to music before our, thing too and I used to kind of we put on like the hypest, stuff. You know but, it's really not about that anymore it's like you have to be getting excited but you also have to be like centered. And your heart can't be yeah yeah yeah, you, have to be I need stuff I can practice like my breathing, stuff because I go through a breathing, routine to kind of give my heart, rate and. My nerves of a certain level so, I can't be you know banging. Some Tupac, you be, trying to work on my my breathing in a hold and you know what I'm like this, thing is bouncing I remember when I was a kid my dad was always telling me when I was playing football he'd be like you know all the linemen do belly in the NFL and like but there I mean what's changed, like like, they, talk to you about yoga, and the breathing, stuff or is that stuff you have to like arrival on your own I think you know that stuff is not. Foreign, like on the west coast you know where I'm from and live in the offseason that's like everybody's. You know spirit, reading and you know about a journey. Yeah. But. I think at the NFL is like a dinosaur, when it comes to some of the advancements. But I think it's finally starting to catch up the biggest change is nutrition, you, know I'm just thankful when I come into the cafeteria every day you know it's just huge expanse, and you got a salad bar over here yeah and you got a fruit smoothie station, here and you got like three, guys ready to cook you stuff over here they've got you know vegetable. Station, and your meat station in the old cafeteria, was like soda.

Machine You know ice cream, you. Know refrigerators. You know and everybody's, drinking, coke and I remember we got this old nutritionist, coming in and and she. Was feeding us the processed. Stuff that's not good for you and I was. Thinking man this is yeah. They're supposed to be like the high highly-trained. Yeah right you. Know and. That's really changed, and now it's all about how. Nutrition, affects your. Postural. Analysis, and. Deficiencies. A some asymmetries. And your hamstrings. And yeah you know our, arms and it's, just it's so focused, on trying. To get you to be at, your, personal, best yes which, is changing, the sleep part to that that's really talked about sleep, for a long time before you can sleep when you're dead you don't need do. You have a pregame like a pre-show. Routine yeah. Usually involves, like either a, Miller, Lite or. Or. Like you, know a ginger. Whiskey or something like that but generally just walking. As. Much as I can like alcohol yeah Waltzing, myself down the hallway but. No just like just, getting out of your head just trying to like you know do. Little voice warm-ups, or whatever I don't really have like a you don't have a voice coach no people, are just me have a quarterback coach that's it you're. Good you're, fine. No. I don't I don't have much like that we you know we've been doing it long enough I mean I used to get really anxious, unable. To control, my. Nerves really, so, what change it for you because I know for me the. Breathing you know we have a big, thing for me like just like, finding, out how to use your breath to slow, your heart rate down mm-hm and I thought it always like takes. Me down to a more centered spot, where I'm not kind of my body thinking about negatives, we don't make it or for this going yeses, and I kind of get back to son there's a singular task in it same, thing for you yeah I mean it's like that you we've, heard of the zone or whatever it's it's hard to get into it you can't really describe how to get into it other than things. Like talking about breathing, helps you get there but if, your mind's wild, if your mind's loud and there's all those things going on it takes a longer time you have to start out well and I think I just wasn't well for a number of years adjusting, to my minor version, of being. Well known or semi famous and all, the attention, and things like that you know and I to deal, with therapy and stuff like just to to, clear out all of the junk I just, had to re. Center. Everything, the, therapy thing is interesting, because you know growing. Up I was for you but I think that word had a real negative connotation, oh you're nuts if you go yeah like a you've got a lot of problems I don't any prop as a person they're going to therapy yeah yeah no I think it's where, it should be as far as yeah the, collective, thought is that it's. An important, part of growing yeah, and it's asking for help which is actually a strength, we're right in that spot too right now I mean like I don't think there's a lot of NFL quarterbacks talking about like hey, that's okay it's like not only is it okay it's like part of how you get, better that part of having like a healthy mind and like everybody, I don't know a single person that hasn't struggled it's, an exciting time in that that way I think that globally. Or least. In our Western culture we're opening up to things like that and I think it's, important, it's very for you know I think in sports, you know anybody's seeing it like a sports psychologist, or the shrink was a golfer because yeah because golfers, have mental, problems they get their single sport athlete yeah yeah, yeah they're not you, know an individual sport athletes are not team sport, they're getting their own hat easily you know I think it's it's, normal, for and, we have one on staff you know having a sports psychologist who, is a therapist. Yeah yeah yeah they're, helping, you with ideas, to get you max performance but they also there to listen yeah and they have that outlet, where. You know in the world where there's not a lot of privacy yeah, like there is a right on potentiality. And when you have confidentiality, you can have that that, openness, that vulnerability, and I think that's how you grow really aspiration, there's you, know you hit some sort of bottom. Well, I'm curious now coming from you know you, were in California.

And, Then you ended up after community. Comes me if you ended up at Cal I me and then get into the NFL so. Maybe it was a solid, a solid rise, to. Being more well-known but like you, ever have a moment where you like I wish this could all go away the, attention and all that you. Know I think I'm by, nature I'm a private person and. When. That privacy is infringed, upon you. Know kind of a tax here what you think is your structural, you know boundaries, or whatever and I think the the freedom comes when you kind of get rid of those boundaries find, comfort and being not. Being locked, away or, you know hermit, or right, introvert. Because by, nature I would like to be an extrovert I would like to be out and about right, I enjoy, my alone time but I think, some, of that fame, and notoriety just. Kind of made. Me withdraw, a little more and that's. Why I didn't want to be and yeah I think. Once I embraced, at all and put. It in the, place that it was because, I think our society glorifies. Fame and notoriety and, there's, a lot of stuff that comes with it I didn't grow up thinking I want, to be rich. And famous yeah, yeah yeah I said I just want to be a great quarterback yeah right there's a lot of stuff that comes with it some credible. Yeah some that are tough you have to learn to embrace that, you'll be prepared for it no matter what no no yeah and then once I think I embraced those I talked to the right people I got help you know things I think the, balance returned. You sound like I've, been sounding, lately. Because you know it was it was I struggled, for a long time I still did my job for the most part and showed up and was, performing, at a DS you know at a level, that I can be proud of or whatever but it, wasn't good it, wasn't fun I'm sure there's days where you're like I'd rather not, be doing, this I don't maybe not anymore III I feel, I feel much happier, doing, music than I have it, feels like it was before all this happened really just adjusted, to it just as of like this year coming, last couple years and leaning. On friends, old friends and, like to, be reminded who you are rather than like what you, seem to be what's like everything is projected, towards, you and I like, what you said about embracing, it because, it's the reality. Run, from it exactly, forgiving. Yourself as and that stuff is important, to ya. I. Know. The game didn't go super well and Sunday I didn't want to bring it up exactly. But I was thinking about this idea of like losing. With confidence, or something and like I have you know we'll have a bad show like we'll have one bad show for run and. It. Really isn't even, my friend, Brad who comes, in this big supporter, of mine.

Like Y'all, get done with one of those shows and be, like ah man damn. It you know like what, happened they were like I really wish we got to do this this and this we got to do this and they like you've, learned things through your, missteps. Yeah, I mean I think in the adverse. Times character. Is highlighted, yeah yeah you know it's revealed through, difficult. Situations and. Are people. Choosing. Monday. And Tuesday and Wednesday, of the week after a tough loss to. Continue, to make decisions, to buy in mm-hmm, when you have an environment that allows, for, guys. To, make. Decisions. On their own whether, to. Buy in or not you. Don't have, forced. Accountability, you have optional, accountability. I think that's the best environment, and, an opportunity, for people to grow so when things happen any struggle people. Have the opportunity, to be accountable, hold themselves accountable yeah, or point fingers right, to be. About the team or be about yourself yeah to learn from it or to get bitter it or feel sorry for yourself yeah and that's what we're dealing with this week you know we come off a tough loss and, my whole focus. After the game was we have a great thing yeah I really believe that I think we have a good group of guys we, have an opportunity do some special now is the time to prove that yeah because we can't be a family and be, jumping around and. Loving each other yeah, you know and dancing, and sticking. Together only, when it's good. On them we're winning yeah right when, we lose and, we play terrible. Are. We still gonna stick together we're still gonna be a family or just to be positive with each other we're still gonna you. Know by, end of what we're doing yeah and I'm you, know I'm, confident, this team that will will. Be where we need to be this week there's a lot of new energy. A lot of young energy I heard you say a couple things maybe passing. That must be really exciting I think it's been a reset first of all almost on gray, you know yes it's new challenges, its, way. New energy got a new vibe you, know I one. Thing that's been really resonating, with me this year is that one. Person. Or one act, can. Change the course of, your. Life and so many people's lives and I, think issue we've had multiple people and. Onto the team has really changed, the course of our squad and the direction we're going and the mindset. And the energy and it's. Been fun to watch yeah. And I think it's taught me a lot about how. Important. That leadership, timing is yeah, it, is ultimately. Guys don't want leadership all the time yeah they don't want somebody's, gonna tell them all every.

Single Day you know they want their own on time they want agency, yeah hundred percent and then cuz everybody has their own process yeah because I look at our squad are, we the most talented, team ever been a part of I don't. Think so yeah but. Neither was the 2010, team that won the Superbowl that, just that team loved each other and, we had to say that's something special that you have a hard time putting your putting. Your hand on I'm sure just like a song, or a record, or a show or yeah like it's. That intangible, my. Energy. Like, you said it's the additive nature of your personnel, you're you know like I think about that all the time like the. Musicians, I've chose. To put around me I have, talent and I worked. Really hard and, I you know I feel like I deserve it's the stuff that's come towards me but one, of the probably the most the, thing I'm most proud of is like the folks I've allowed to be around me and like. In the band mates and like we now have language, that nobody else has it's not even a competitive, thing it's, just we're able to speak deep it's more about like just vibing, I think about teamwork and teammates and all my experiences, with sports growing up as super. Vital you, have to let everybody find their own footing, and have the confidence to try, something and make a mistake and know, that that it doesn't matter and there's just so many parallels, that I've found over the years it's like you've stepping, back and observing and like letting letting. People get get. Bigger also, we're all tight friends and there's times the you don't want. To get your friendship in the way of having you. Know just being a leader or something like that and I don't really have to walk around being like I'm the leader. I feel. Supported or whatever but yeah I resonate with that surrounding, yourself with the right people and you're proud, of that like that's one thing I am I am, proud of the you. Know the people that, are in my life are, there for a reason and it really supported. Me in the right ways yeah and then they've made themselves very clear on who those people are even when you got the best of friends you can still feel isolated in your situation of course in your situation and, being well known and, kind of having having your squat on your back and all that stuff or, figuratively. But you know for me is like friends. Friendship. And like people that, are willing to say the thing that isn't just gonna make you feel better mm-hm, like hey not judging, you here it's but. Maybe. You need to look at this maybe, we can look at this like I'm a little worried about you in this regard, holding, your friends accountable and being held accountable can, break, those patterns as well hearing somebody else say something and not just like this, inner dialogue constantly.

Or It. Can be very very, beneficial. My, friends are sitting around talking about what you can ask Aaron Rodgers and stuff and I'm one of the cool things and the conversation. Came up was like one day he won't be the quarterback. You know of the Packers and and, you, know hall-of-famer. Like like Favre kind, of gave you got the ball from him and you were. Able to create. New history you. Know and I was wondering if you've ever thought about or if you could think about what you say, to that person to a younger mayor to the next to the next following to the next guy like what next guy up maybe you don't like thinking about that no, I mean, how do you not yeah yeah yeah I think that's that's, part of it you have to be, a realist, and realize you, know farmers here and they traded him away Jordy Nelson got cut, yeah comb got cut Charles Woodson got cut it's a reality I think that. Could happen hopefully I can you know play four five six more years and and, Ralph. In the sunset but that, type of finished, your careers hasn't, happened the whole lot do I think about those players who can do that it's, you know Brady it's Kobe Bryant, it's Tim Duncan, it's, it's. Not many Derek Jeter it's not many people who can start and finish and be iconic for a princess, for a long time so I think the biggest thing is that. I learned along the way is you just have to do it your own way you know you can't try and be the other person you, have to understand. Guys are gonna respond, to authentic, personality, an authentic leadership the only thing that matters is who, you are, could. Your teammates think you are yeah and will they follow you yeah because. I messed up this is BS. For you know new stations, to talk about and have one guy on one side say this is terrible, he's never gonna figure it out the other guys say oh he's, gonna be even, better than Rodgers. And farm you know yeah yeah that. Stuff matters all the matters is those guys in the locker all did love you did they believe in you are they gonna follow you Lee and listen to you if. Not you don't have a chance yeah if they do then yeah you got a pretty a chance feel like there's a general note. For all of. Us just, living, in our, society. That, it's not really about what other people think of you you only can kind of count on the. How. You work how, you acted, and. Your, ability, to exceed, past a lot of those I think that legacy, though and that inhibit so I think that's. The only true legacy the other stuff the records the yards. Of stats and that's stuff, that's gonna get broken you know when I come far worse plein air he broke the all-time touchdown, records, you know he's third, yeah, or fourth yeah no yeah a legacy, the true legacy is in. 20 years how. Many of those guys you're still talking to right, no kidding, how many experiences. Have you had with those folks since. Then and. You keep in touch with them was it just about achieving. Some, sort of monetary or personal. Yeah thatís yeah, or was it about like somebody, else other than yourself making, meaningful relationships, yeah in, the midst of playing that's why I always say to guys I said, the plain thing is unbelievable and the passion I have for I, love. Competing but. Like if we're just doing it just for, that or, for the money or for I, can think we're missing the, real point the real but if we are making, meaningful. Relationships. And impact with. Your teammates, while. We're playing I think then we're truly. Doing. It for the right reason, well. Said I'm happy to say that the guys are lucky to have you I'm lucky down on this board I feel that way about music so it's.

Like My religion it is like my way of thinking. And feeling and understanding myself, and my, environment around me you know. When. You are thinking about writing yeah where do you what. Gets you in the mindset and then what are you what's your process for that it's a good question and it's it it's. Good yes not I mean like after what we've been talking about today I I, haven't, been in the mindset, I've had to really just sit in the studio for, years, to, get songs to. Create enough. Material, to turn them into songs, whereas. Growing up I, was. Just sort of in that normal. Creative. Place and inspired, there, was no pressure it, was just feel feelings, and so it sit down and just songs would just fly out with, the touring going so well and this this last album come together and a very collaborative sense, and the team our community, the bona very like, squad. If you will feel. So healthy and challenged, and we're operating at a high level really. And it's because I've been able to relent and get get rid of you. Know a lot of my decision-making, or, all you don't mean to be two hands I would have a leader or any of these things and I'm just sort of feel like I'm one of the one, of the cogs, in the machine and now. When. I sit when I go home it. The silence is not deafening, you, know there's actually something I hearing in my head there's, something there that I can kind of pull that and and see, what comes out of it and that, hasn't happened since. Before all this happened to me the word at 20 to a million come from 22. Is like, my lucky number like, it's just like your number I don't know if you. Have that relationship with 12 or. Something yeah. And it's just like that's it that's my number I don't know why I like it so much I don't know why every time I look at the clock, it's that but. Since I was a kid it was just like that was my identity you know what I mean or like somehow that was me you know they didn't let tight ends we're 22 at, my high school we're in the wishbone but at basketball I tried to wear it you know and anytime I could and got tattoos, the number 22 and just. Had, love of it and the, concept, that really. Is if 22s me the singular, number that's really low number this you, know a number you can kind of conceive. Of a. Million. Or a billion is is something you really can't conceive, of it's. It's the other I just I really like thinking about as much to do with it within my, new album is about to the. New album it's just your. Relationship with other, people and the world and how. When. They're in tune there's more power than than when they're separated and. You. Know what I mean and. I. Think. That's it and and you can't have one without the other it's like you, don't you know and when you're feeling like you are, isolated.

Or Like, you're. Alone as. Much as you feel like, that as much as you might, want to be alone or disappear, you just aren't you you and and in times of being. Happy. And supported, and and you have joy and peace in your life you, didn't get there on your own either and I think that's that's very much to do with kind of that concept, you know being being one and then thinking. You're. Only that one singular number in. Sit. Next to to, the others the million other people out there are, in this case seven billion people on earth whatever, it is these days and then the new record I and. I is what I call it and it's this Rastafarian. Concept, that I learned, about when I was a kid, listening, to gobs. And gobs of reggae music and in the the, Rastafarian, religion is it's, I and I it's, I I were. Both we're. Both here we're, both responsible for, one another we are kind, of in, reality, sort of part of one large organism, and one thing. That is responsible. For itself and I always like that concept it's a humbling thing whereas and some. Some. Religions, are some just ideological. Situations. They. It's. Binary exactly, it's like you have to you are the one and it's, tough for me to swallow when I just look around it and human beings it just doesn't seem like that's how we I don't resonate with that idea yeah I mean either right now I mean either so why is the hi and I why. Now would. You say I can't, really conceive of the things that I'll do in the future and, and, in a way I can't really understand. Looking back why created the things I created when I created, them and that's kind of exciting way to look at it it's you know you're where you grow to answer it further though I think in many ways, it. Was about, it was the fourth record it's ten years in the, team around me has, become the team you know I'm not the only one driving. We got other people driving we have other people that are looking after the healthy of the entire organization and. In the family and and, those family members are all equally important, including me and. So it, was a highly, collaborative record, you know it was like we were down in the desert in Texas, near the border and we were just set up for like a month, or six, weeks and just. Collaborated. And it really felt like you know everybody, in the squad a chance, to come through and to, to, touch the. Essence of the record and, coming. From my. First album which it was very solitary, and, there's. There's a part of me maybe thinks, I might return to a little bit of that for my own my. Own good but. This, season, it's, just accumulated, I'll, call the album the season the fourth season. Volibear of the TV show. It's. Just more about that about all of us and and. Like the the collective you, know the some of, our personalities. And our love for each other and all that that's awesome yeah that's a good answer good.

So. You've released four albums now, does, music just keep on going or is there an end to it at some point with, all the joy and like healthy, amount of playing and how they moment with getting the balance going I don't want to stop but, you can kind of you. Can kind of be wheel-chaired out there when you're 80 drink, a beer and still, kind of do it okay your career has a longer, life. The. Rolling, Stones yeah right yeah I don't, know I want to do it forever so let's see that's easy quick the, Green Bay Packers are pretty huge for me that's a big interest of mine but. It's pretty much you have music in the Packers, I. Mean. My my, career. I'm. Definitely, on the on, the second half back, half, of. My career I mean I played 15 years I've started twelve now I'd, like to get to 40 I think that's kind of a benchmark number, for me it's changed, and I didn't see a lot of you. Know growing up I think Montana right retired, thirty six or seven, same, as Steve Young and no, way getting. A 40 was like a rarity, you know when Jeff George came out of retirement for, the eighth time to play for the Raiders and yeah 41 I was like oh my god he's old yeah yeah or, Warren Moon played there he's 44, started, a game for the Chiefs that was like a absolute. Anomaly, yeah but. Now with Tom when he's doing and obviously Drew but I do have a lot of other interest you know I am lover, of music and also you, know some of the other arts movies. And documentaries, I always thought it'd be fun to be a part of some. Of those edgy. Documentary, projects. That are. Interested in causes. And concerns that, really affect, people. Every. Single day and being a part of some of those would be fun yeah you, know I'd love traveling, as well too when you get out there and you see the world you know traveling over the world yeah some, amazing, people out there yeah and there might not look like us or talk the same language but, there's a common language and it can be music a lot yeah yeah you. Got favorite spots you've been to that you want to go back to her spots you are thinking about getting to we went to New Zealand then, I I said, that's a place I could live yeah, man we're going to New Zealand I think I, think.

For The first time yeah. We've. Been to Auckland. Okay. I. Know. Every, time we've gone down to that part of the we we didn't get to New Zealand right, away but. We've been to Australia a number of times and every time I've gone down there I've stayed, I'm usually ready to get home ready. To get back to the quiet and oh Claire. Ian's and all that stuff cool. No. The pickle is definitely not there no more it's not. Pretty. Impressed it's still there it's. Still there come on. Maybe. I blocked it out of a memory it was some time before the pit the pickle, it was something else, nasty habit that's. What's not there that was like 13. Years ago oh man, because, I remember at least 6 it was definitely still there I go to the joint still it's my parents that's, across the street from the. Pickle and that my parents, oh yeah yeah they. Don't you know if my parents met there so I have a certain boy okay next time I'm clear, definitely their joint but I might have to stop in the pickle for a sec yeah yeah. Clean. Of this ecology I've always want to ask you what, Holocene. Was about mmm good. Questions maybe my favorite song oh yeah, I it was Christmas, it was Christmas night my brother and I watched inglorious, basterds, of, all films you know it's not like it was a subject. Matter that was you, know gonna. Birth, a song like that exactly but it was said you know I like watching Tarantino's, films because they're so complete. There's just complete creative. Ideas executed. That's such a high level you know, and. We. Had a little smoky smoke and took a walk down our road and it was so quiet and it was like a really icy, night and it was already quiet because there's not a lot of people traveling, and, it was really kind of spooky night the air is just hanging, and. We went and walked over to this bridge over i-94 and, there was just wasn't, a single. Car. There was nothing for miles and miles and the hair was hanging in such a way with the ice storm kind of going on and it looked like this this sheet of ice on the on the, road and this glow of the distant lights of Eau Claire and it, was just it, really, just came out like at once I knew I was not magnificent. You, know in the highway aisles of ice and and, all that and it was one of those moments where you're not sure if you're really the creator of something, or not or if you've just been handed something.

To To, share it's, easy to stay humble sometimes, when you know it's like you. Know I've worked hard and everything but sometimes you just feel like you're you really are a conduit for, describing. An idea or something like that but that's really where that all came, from and the different verses are really about o'clair and about, my people from from, there and you know there's. A lot of humble people around and growing, up in Wisconsin I never felt like anybody was really trying to prove too much you know the winter slows us down enough that. You, know we're not Hollywood we don't seem, to think achievement, is the biggest things like family and togetherness, and and having. A beer at the joint or whatever you know it's more like that and I've always resonated with it and so another one of the reasons I can't seem, to to. Leave yeah, that's that's the story with that that's, pretty awesome cool thank. You yeah yeah yeah, there's a gif of you a couple years ago from the preseason are you wearing a a bond, shirt no this is what it was yeah. We, had a giffy, die I have literally probably 50 gifts wearing that shirt yep I know about it they're all yeah they're all they give you if you look me up in the little drop-down box, yeah, probably, half of them room anywhere on your shirt yeah I've, sent them to do small, I might, go. On a web site and get some more swag, ha ha he played some six, drink I heard what's. The kind of stuff you play I do enjoy playing guitar, when I was drafted. I wanted. To buy for. Myself I wanted to buy a truck could he need one Wisconsin and, a guitar cuz I was gonna learn how to play guitar and, so. I started. Teaching myself and, then end up taking some Theory lessons down the street here but I do really enjoy it I think my best plane. Has been for choice audiences, you know towards. The other night and there's been some drinks had yeah you know I got a couple you, know some some go twos I can get to that but people enjoy and sing along and what do you what do you play yeah, tell me wagon, wheel is it good oh yeah Golic, will enjoy, that but, most, time I stick to some chord progressions, and who's keeping, CDG. A minor in. The grass yeah every now and doing a little D minor, E. Minor. Maybe, I'm not really feeling sassy but the first one no the first thing I learned to play was, forever. By Ben Harper in college I would hang out my roommate and we just listened to the double, life from Mars over, and over and over and I always said if I ever get it are the first thing one in that place forever, that's awesome you ever think about starting in the band no never tire no no no no I'm. Not like, I said I'm I'm, good for a Jewish crowd okay. And I can you know go on my tabs that happen downloads, and you know and look up some stuff and find. The one that you know is capo. 2 3 where I can just play CD jeez I mean I yeah, keep. It simple and I hate bar chords I'll, always put a capo on there yeah if I can if I can help it but I do enjoy I love music in general and a ton, of respect for those musicians you actually play their own music, and, write their own music that's, why I'm drawn to more people, I would say I don't know what you would describe your genre as but you. Know it's singer-songwriter, stuff you, know just it's, always got me but I haven't written anything that I would ever share with anybody, mm-hmm and like I said I've never written I've. Tried a couple cans but well, you can share it you share with me you know I could always no no help you finish off that's tuned or something I don't, want to I. Was. Back when I was in my early twenties, writing about silly stuff oh. And. Well if you ever pick it back up again oh yeah yeah. It. Says football movie it's Remember the Titans for me. Breeze. For solid though yeah, I was really a bündchen in. College, I had this 17 inch TV with a built-in VCR, player which, kids these days have no idea what that either and, I would alternate tombstone, and Rudy, and my. My, quarterback. Goes for a long time in the league Tom. Clements, played. At Notre Dame and told me a lot of that movie is BS.

What. About the Vince Vaughn part yeah, me too, no they didn't have you know. What. About Terry what about putting the Jersey down no they don't happen no so, that one kind of dropped a little for me I. Would, say again. Based on nostalgia, and when this movie came out varsity. Blues mmm. It's kind of my favorite I love Remember the Titans the, program, is a good one I think another, program yeah. I. Thought. Any given Sunday kind of sucked. The. Speech is used a lot yeah Streeters we have in life Pacino. Just he, was too handsome or something or I don't know just I can't, Jamie did a good job yeah that's true yeah yeah I thought Jamie was good he's athletic too, yeah I think you, know that's what the. Remake they did the Burt Reynolds one Longest. Yard mm-hmm like, they said Nellie did. A lot of his own stuff for that movie and it's interesting. You see like some of these actors and musicians the. Athletic prowess which I'd love to see years at some point being. A you know former high school athlete, I still. Play hoops every once in a while I am moving I move it slow this, old man game yeah old man to the basket baby hook mid-range, yeah yeah no, threes like. To rebound range, just. Take a step in from the three plugs a, 10-footer. Tower yeah, that's, what I'll keep saying to myself is that I'm a lost art the basketball flipper I feel, off screens help, defend yes yeah getting boards outlet. Passes, I'm usually playing with kids a lot and go down to the Y I haven't been playing as much the last couple years of what I started back up again it's just fun they're they're fast and I'm old old. Man strength oh yeah right well and also you the. Old, man game is uh your. Feet don't leave the floor a lot and so you you'd, learn to use your movements. Strategically. You, know a lot of like under you know the scoop shots or whatever like people's hands are always up is like you might as well just be lazy and do the scoop shot or, thing. That's, where I'm entering into into. I'm. A big hook shot guy yeah. Like, full skyhook, or like baby hook shot no fool Scott. Corum, yes, is it out there, we. Got a hoop in our team meeting and guys, are always giving me cuz you know I don't want these guys are up there you know doing her shot stuff and I'm just hook shots yeah see you gotta practice to the next part of the game to vlade divac's man oh yeah. Vlade, Divac, smoked, cigs. During. Nafta hi yeah that, is so, badass I actually thought of that because when, we went, into the Grammys which was a very very. Stressful. Panicky. Kind of situation, for me it was just bizarre I was so stressed out and I was smoking a lot at the time and they brought like after, you get an award or whatever you just like get funneled back into this area and I was end up in this.

Locker Room and I didn't ask anyone I was just like well Vlade smoked in this locker room why. He did it I'm gonna light up in here. Right. Justification, yeah I. Mean every year the goal is the Vince. Lombardi Trophy named, after a longtime coach obviously, for. You guys is the goal a Grammy, or I mean I know what you've said about the Grammys focus it, is it the Grammy or is it something else there's a just meaningful. Music for me I've always differentiated. The competitiveness, and music and I find it distracting you. Know in sports the the competitions, the very truth of it that's the entire point, it's like two. Opposing. Energies, fighting, with, music I find it almost like an emotional, commodity, for, the world or. Like this universal, language that I found. The, awards and stuff distracting. To the original purpose and I've said some pretty gnarly, things and angry, things about the Grammys and stuff before I take, I'd take them back just because why. You, know have a trouble with something that's, so. Simple or whatever and and just don't participate if you don't want to participate but I do find it distracting and I think that people forget, that like musics actually, here, to help. Or. To heal, or to inspire, or to like get you through your day it's just here as a commodity and, emotional commodity is what I always think and so I think the competitiveness. Of it distracts. Me I'd rather I'd. Rather watch the. Packers play for. That part of my salute. You know what I mean was that just anxiety, or was that well that that, you felt like you. Didn't want to be, recognized. With people who maybe didn't, view music the same way that you viewed music I wouldn't have thought about it, like that then but I think that was probably you. Know I was like uncomfortable, in that place cuz I wasn't sure other, people had, the same feelings I did I thought, to myself you know I'll, take, a stab at at seeing how this feels I didn't feel comfortable when, it's done I just walked out nobody. Recognized, just like in the Staples Center it's not like I was like brought out some secret passageway. I was just like there. Nobody, remembered, me I was up in front of everybody and the, whole thing was just odd, and so I don't know if you know I did I mean acting, like I'm just it's automatic, I'm gonna get nominated. Or something again but it's just not in my mind it's not something that's, a part of the goal. Structure it's not why you do it no not, at all see. That segues. Into my answer you don't want to be a quarterback when I was six years old sitting, on my living room floor watching, Joe Montana. Thinking. That's what I want to do and then I think once you get into it and you realize how, special the opportunity, is how. Different it is and what you thought when you're a kid now there's so much more to it you know how you have 80,000. Fans of your game every week and, fifty. Two of your best friends you know in those, moments to, play with I think sitting. On that bus I was like man. This is amazing, but this cannot, be it, yeah, they cannot, be it meaning all of it yeah life, in general yeah, so. For. Me I was like man I want to win another one of these for sure, but. I always, want to remember that. Feeling of. There's. Got to be more than, just this, trophy, I'm holding my hands yeah and to me I think that's when I first realized, that. That. Bus was it yeah those guys on the bus there. Was those guys on the bus next to us mm-hmm, yeah that's what it's all about yeah and that's why I say what I say I think of you if you're just playing for that or, the fame or the money or the glory of the Grammy with. The fame or whatever notoriety, you to be recognized the Staples Center yeah you do it for the wrong reasons yeah because you will never have the impact you ever want to make mm-hmm. Or you won't be for the right reasons yeah and that's. Why I try and tell the young guys you know the. Goal as, a team is to win a championship, but. The goal for yourself should. Be to make, meaningful. Lasting. Impactful. Relationships, and, to grow as a person, yeah, because I think when you do that and that is your focus. That. This is way. More likely to happen exactly. Because when you have 53, people. Who know who they are and. They. Feel comfortable being themselves and they're, connected to their teammates, that's. The only way the other thing can happen whatever you you know we're having a an, argument, or or trying to figure out a song or something it's like my. Bandmate, mica says, it really well it's like we're we're talking about a music song right now mmm, you know like let's put it into perspective here, like let's not lose. Our, over, this like let's look let's, figure this out you're so right I love what you said that, when you're calm and you're you have easy feelings, and it's all in perspective you're.

Not There's, no pressure it's. Just go. Just move do you do everything you've trained, life to do the, low flow. Absolutely. Man I have too many tattoos you. Have any year would you want to get, one together or. Together. I, have. Zero tattoos, and they're coming. To you I don't, know I've. Lost track now guess 30. So, some, are parts of others that I don't remember when that, one was guy now I've got like my, buddies comes over and just gives me stick and poke tattoos, I've met some kid backstage, who. Was just working at the venue Sammy slacks showed up to send me slacks he just like hey man can I give you like a guitars. And I was like I said give me a little devil on my calf and he ends up giving me this humongous. Devil, that. I would, have never chose you. Know but, it's fun, so. You have no regrets about anything so you can't I mean no that's part of it and once you once you once you're past like the four or five tattoos situation. That's, just like you're downhill now then you're like it really doesn't matter what its gonna look like when I when, they put me down in the Grand Mountain thing you know I. Forgot. I just got a basketball. Like, on my leg I found, it the other the why yeah it's really it's for the white homies but. I was like I completely, forgot I had that it's like in the back of my leg is just a basketball not like a cool like. Weird. Trippy, basketball it's just the best yeah I don't have any. Maybe. When you were tire you get like a huge. Dragon on your back or something two dragons my two dragons. This. Is really fun man yeah thanks yeah really really yeah. Thank you you too I'm happy most happy you mean. Not, just for your insane. Success. And prowess out there but it sounds just the things, you're talking about is like that's the important stuff that's what I'm not for you yeah yeah.

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"So you've released four albums now"... BOOMER

How were they doing this interview without a plate of cheese?

Two Greats!!

Excellent interview with the

Rodgers is just misunderstood. he is great person who is so intelligent.

you can tell rodgers is truly glad to be doing this it's like he is talking to someone who can stimulate him and vice versa

They are both like minded and have similar temperments as well as intellect. Same propensity to withdraw at times too.

Beth Rest

never would have thought this would happen. love it

I want that Packers jacket Rodgers is wearing.

This was fascinating.

Love this baaaad man Go Pack Go!!!!

Never knew how much I needed to see these two together

Justin doesn't really realize that he's talking about the guidance of God in his life

Great stuff. Thank you for putting this together.

Wow, I have aloot more respect for Aaron now even though i'm a Vikings fan. Love Bon Iver.

They should show Rodgers falling asleep in his chair while talking to Bon Iver.  His music induces narcolepsy.

Iver needs a ______ haircut

Rodgers is the definition of a douchebag my goodness

this was a beautiful idea and executed correctly. not sure youll get a better interview out of aaron

I love what they are talking about, the similarities between professional sports and being a musician, the voices in the head and anxiety and preparing before the game or show is enamouring. And Justin rockin that bald head...wow - courageous!

We need more of this like Michael Jordan and Kanye

This is a very important conversation.

Wonderful strange pair that’s great

Bon needs to give over on that hair

What track is this between scenes?

great video but usuing the SAME sound bite for the transitions got very annoying quickly.

So yeah, this is f*cking awesome.

38:38 is the reason why Arod is a 1SB QB. It's that moment when he lost his fire.

Reece Wagner good catch. I didn’t notice where it was more exposed in other shots. I assumed it was a double entendres for the enjoyment of drugs but also the show friends; referencing the episode about bath salts.

Joshua Funk no it doesn’t, the combination “ATHSQU” is in there Now I need to know what it says... Mathsquad?

GUM BEE let the man live his life

This I believe helped both of them grow......very enjoyable to watch.

I really enjoyed this

wtf his voice is dam deep

Justin vernon looks like he could be elon musks cousin

Wonder how this came about

Dude, it’s time to let go. Shave it off.

What song is that at the beginning?

Lmfaoo!! I'm dead!

Packer pro shop.....I have this jacket and other.

I had no idea I needed 42 minutes of Aaron Rodgers and Justin Vernon chatting in my life

Dude they def need to do a song together

One of those moments where you're not sure if you're really the creator of something or not....or whether you've just been handed something to share ❤❤❤

Holocene is my favorite Bon Iver song. I lived in Eau Claire for 7 years. It makes me happy to hear the story behind the song. Thanks for the question, Aaron.

this was beautiful and so wonderful. thank you gq for making this happen!

As someone who is tattooed with Bon Iver lyrics, ever since For Emma For Ever Ago, and a lifelong Packers fan (since AFreeman and BFavre) this is the bromance I didnt know I needed in my life.

Thank you SO much for this!

Marion by Bon Iver


I have no clue why, but this was much much needed.

aaron rodgers is the man

This is amazing.

I never imagined these 2 people would ever be in the same room let alone doing an interview like this... AWESOME

The therapy session everyone needed, right here.

role models

It's so funny that Vernon and bon iver's music is known as like high pitched falsetto but his talking voice is so deep

2 minutes in, it's a solid like.

Brady & Manning spend their time with Trump & Papa John. Meanwhile, Rodgers kicking back with local legend money earnin Justin Vernon. Glad to be able to root on the right side of history #GoPackGo!

It is an exciting time that society has progressed to the point where two grown men, one being the epitome of masculine achievement, can openly discuss their feelings and mental health.

What song starts at the beginning?

A lot of people hate this man, but at the end of the day he's chill af. Respect

question! What song does Aaron say is his favorite? TIA

Did anyone else get chills when Justin explained the meaning to Holocene??

don't care for ARod,,,however, this was a chill convo...JUSTIN helps that a lot much love-me

this is unbelievably cool

I think I just found the coolest thing to ever exist.

Sub in Spanish please!!!

Seems like, famous or not, we all go through similiar experiences in the quest for growth. Intelligent fellas, great convo.

Who’s the bears fan that actually would thumbs down this video? GREAT INTERVIEW! Two wonderfully wholesome individuals

Athletes and Artists need each other.

What a fantastic discussion. They are both super cool. Love Aaron's humility. What a cool guy. Love him all the more, now. Packers are so lucky to have him. And Justin is great, too. Will have to look him up. Thanks to GQ for putting this together!

This is incredible. They're both so cool. They just seem like it didn't get to their head.

That's what makes his voice so good. It's a very low head voice that fills all the gaps. It's amazing.

A rod: " I jam a lil bit " love my QB go pack goooooo!!! Lmao at his response.

Here is an AMAZING and most PERFECT stat that shows how OVERRATED this dude is...He is "1-36" in games where he is down by "1" point or more in the 4th Quarter against Winning Teams...Let this sink in folks!!!..."1-36!!!!"....Absolutely PATHETIC!!...Brady JUST won a game YESTERDAY where he was down by more than 1 Point in the 4th Quarter to a Winning team...Rodgers done this "ONCE" in his ENTIRE career!!....Think about this folks...STAGGERING stat

rodgers asking the important questions what an absolute nail gun. when he asked him about holocene i knew at that very moment rodgers was the fan not the other way around.

bon iver come to korea in january ~,~ I'm so excited to see his performance

Justin has the most hauntingly beautiful falsetto but an insanely deep speaking voice that i forgot about

lol...yeah that hair is the exact opposite of some of his music..I can't believe he doesn't shave it off, cmon Justin..He's growing his bangs out :)

All that needs to happen now is justin bringing out aaron to play quitar at a show.

Business meeting atmosphere was a little weird - Come on GQ Sports. Yes, you are the sports "section" but please show a little taste in atmosphere next time you arrange a talk like that. The atmosphere didn't support the things the were talking about at all! But the person who put those to together is pretty smart anyway

Highly respect both Aaron and Justin for what they do and what they bring to this world. Great interview and I love the fact they are not scared to speak so candidly.


Business meeting atmosphere was a little weird - Come on GQ Sports. Yes, you are the sports "section" but please show a little taste in atmosphere next time you arrange a talk like that. The atmosphere didn't support the things they were talking about at all! But the person who put those two together is pretty smart anyway

Listening to these guys talk about centering themselves, what's really important and community brings me so much joy.

Who cares? We are all going to die. I mean that in the best way possible. You won’t remember his hairline. His music however...

Ben Payne So hard, man. Re: Stacks. Close runners up include: Flume, 33 God, Beach Baby, Lump Sum, The Wolves, 666, and Woods.

Serious "Chatting With" vibes

The MF Joynt

The only way it could be more Wisconsin than this is with a bag of cheese curds and a Spotted Cow within reach of these guys.

Bon Iver. Best hair in the game!

× Great interview × ✌

Man we have the coolest quarterback. Such a smart dude both physically and emotionally

I love this for Wisconsin

beautiful man he is

Right after Rogers talks about the importance of proper diet and nutrition, YouTube plays a McDonald's commercial. Never Change YouTube, you're always good for an unintended laugh.

Eagerly awaiting the 2024 Aaron Rodgers/Bon Iver collaboration album

This was awesome!

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