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"Perch Five" 2021 is presented by... Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the finale episode of "Perch Five" 2021. Today it will all be decided... ..and a winner will be standing on the podium at the end of this day. If we have a look at the scoreboard after the lunch report.. ..we can see that team Böjda spön are in the lead as we enters the finale episode despite only having four fish on paper. Just behind them we find the challenger team that will have to hunt for upgrades if Böjda spön manages to fill their paper.

In third place is ..and in fourth team Sportfiskeganten with one top fish each. There are plenty of fish to upgrade for all of the teams and everything can still happen. Let's determine this season by entering the finale episode of "Perch Five". Welcome back to .. ..finale episode. We're currently looking for fish at this deep edge here.

We've been fishing at the same spot.. ..the hole day basically. With the result that we got.. feels like it was well worth it. As you might have noticed we're doing really well. We're going to take it all the way, fill the paper and replace our smallest fish. That should do it. Welcome to the finale episode...

..of "Perch Five". Two really siked Giganter.. ..that can scent that it's possible to do great..., it feels great. Except for the weather. All of the sudden it just went like.. But it's the same for all of us, unless the sun is shining where someone else is at. Let's go! It's time for us to turn this boat around and win this thing.

Tag along and see what happens. Where not that far behind. We only need two or three.. ..maybe four. -Let's replace all of them. -That would be the best thing.

It's about to go down. It has too. It's our turn this year. We have to upgrade. We're not doing so well. We're last.

We're going to work hard , despite the weather. It wasn't supposed to rain today but it's raining. But we just have to grin and bear it. No excuses , we just have to try and catch fish despite the weather. Our focus now is to try and catch big fish as we're in last place. It's make or break, as always.

We're used to being the underdog. Shall we begin to cast. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Hello ,and welcome back to "Perch Five". We're back at our reef.. ..and we're about to catch a kilo perch. With a light jig head, can you believe it.

As you saw in the last episode , we're in second place and we're only behind by 10 gram. We're about to change that now. The weather is harsh. It's rainy and overcast. We're doing our upmost. As you've seen we're not doing so well.

We're still going to fight until the very end. We've gone to a new spot. Unfortunately it's started to rain , the weather's miserable. Not much we can do about it though. I've tied together proper Drop shot knot. Drop shot rig. the end, fluorocarbon. I tend to use longer rigs. And we've got .. .a Pigster tail in the colour Smurfen. Let's do this. It looks like all of the teams have started and they're all suffering because of the afternoon rain. Not much can be done about it though, now it's all about to find the energy to fight until the very end.

I's not great that it's raining. It makes everything.. ..a lot wetter, that's for sure. -There's a hunt going on up there Björn.-Where? There was an individual there at the edge as well. Can you see it? It's great that I've had my waterproof boots in the boat every day..

..but today I removed them. So did I. How the hell did you got loose from three sets of three hooks. It's impossible. I'm not aloud to miss. A..

..piece of clothing that I've used during both the pre fishing and the filming of "Perch Five" is.. ..the Westin Rain Suit. As you can see, it's pouring down with rain... ..but it doesn't matter because I haven't suffered. The water is running off me like that of a goose. It's a very price worthy fishing gear that.. very good. I highly recommend it. We're back at the same spot where I had a couple of followers earlier today. And at my third cast..

..I lost a fish. It sucks because the ones I saw were bigger and this strike felt pretty powerful. Let's just hope that there's more of them who want's to .. ..take the bait. This spot didn't offer us more then a missed strike. So we thought we'd drive around to the other side of this cape and try to... -Start the engine.-But I'm talking. You're just babbling on. -You're babbling.-He's so annoying!

I can't help it. I think it's an upgrade, or maybe not. It could be. No! It got loose.

It was a half a kilo perch, at least. I tried to take it easy. It sucks. Was it with the Pigster? -No, it striked on the Astro Vibe. It's all about the Astro Vibe, why is that? I've got a pike now unfortunately.

-Are you sure. -No, it could be a perch as well. Pike. It felt a bit like a perch. Pike? No.

Perch. -They liked this colour. -Is it decent? I'm not sure, it's not a half a kilo perch. I asked if it was better.. ..or if it's a small one. It's an upgrade.

Nice work Jonas, we just have to keep at it. It totally inhaled an Astro Vibe. That has to be around 400 grams. It might raise us by a couple of 100 grams. It striked seven times.

340 gram so at least it replaced our smallest one. But it's a long way to go to the top. Here comes the sun.

Got one! It striked as I let it sink because I had to remove my hoodie. It's not a giant , I don't even think it's approved. I hope it's not just this size that are hunting. Nope 24 cm.

It's not the kind that we want to fill our paper with. That one is probably approved, if you just want to fill the paper. The afternoon race. Yes look , it's 25 cm. Let's see what the weighing scale have to say.

120 gram. Another one on paper which means a full paper. That's what you do when the pressure is on. We've got the same plan as at lunch time, we're going to catch two more better fish. 120 gram on a. What did you use?

The Astro Vibe in.. .. in the rainbow colour that I can't think of the name of at the moment. Team Böjda spön has finally filled their paper even though it was with a very small fish.. ..but as we saw at lunch only there was only 10 grams difference between the two top teams ..and a single gram can be the deciding factor at the end of the day. You're probably wondering back home what the drop is.

I'll tell you. The drop, it's not the classic from Abu Garcia but it's the Drop Shot. The unbelievably effective method.

(CWC impersonating someone).. -Better? -Yes it feels nice. Bold..

..if you still haven't bought one , go and do it. Look at how nice the perch is that I've caught. A 720 gram fish. Bold Jerk Bait The crayfish has been nibbling on it's tail.

Our decision was to.. ..head out to the reefs again to see if they've become active again. At the same time we give the bay in there some time to rest... ..because I don't think anyone's going to be fishing there. We can go back there though. Well, the plan is to go back there eventually.

We've increased by.. ..280 grams. I'm craving a big one. I feel ready for a tank. Imagen that feeling that keeps growing when you stand up after the boat journey..'ve had a coffee and you've removed your wet clothing -I'm really ready for a tank now. -You haven't caught one before have you? I have but now I ..

..really feel ready. Let's see if the tanks are ready for me. We still has to weigh this one as it can raise us by a bit. Continue to cast forward.

There are some small upgrades in the boats.. ..but the bigger perch seem to be hard to find. There's still plenty of hours to go and it's not decided until the very last cast We've arrived after a longer transfer. It's wet.

But it's really dead most of all. We've gone back to the place that we fished at previously, we're ve got our biggest one. And we're going to try to spend some time and effort here.

It's dead which means that it's dead everywhere, so we just have to wait for them and try and be .. ..not so impatient really. Let's go. Johan , the king of the perch. We're going to catch them now. Today is your day. To be in third place is not as bad as we first thought.

But there has been a lot of big top fish caught though.. ..which is not good for us. Unfortunately I think that Upplev and CWC are ahead of us. If you're asking me I think that Upplev should be in the lead. -Do you want me to use the net?-No , I'll just flip it in to the boat. That might be risky, it's a nice one. It's too risky, where's the net? That one is at least 500 grams.

-Better? -No. This was pretty ok though, a half decent 550 gram fish. So it's a decent upgrade for us. We hope to catch a few more of this size fish now as they're standing out here on the edge.

"Rostarn" has done it again so I think that we should have a look at the scoreboard. We can see that despite the fact that Böjda spön has filled their paper.. ..we can see that our challengers have taken the lead all thanks to their latest 720 gram fish. Team Sportfiskegiganten are still in fourth place, despite their upgrade..

..but with only 10 grams behind team It's really exiting and there's still time to climb up on todays scoreboard. I'm going to change rod. I'm going to try this one. Hard Bait Master, 7'1". 5 to 21 grams. It's perfect for Jerk baits. This place..

..has a small island with a.. ..reed frame with a stone. There's a massive shoal of common bleak here. And around the edges there's big perch. We've seen perch.. There's of course small perch here of which we've caught.

Unfortunately I lost one that was bigger and Jonas caught kilo fish but.. ..we've had a few contacts up on .. ..the surface. I think we'll fish at this spot a bit longer because I do believe that there's big fish here.. There is big fish here, it's just the case of being here when the big ones really want to.. ..take the bait. We just have to keep at it.. ..with Cranks and Jigs ..and with Astro Vibe well... ..we cast with the hole lot. We can cast like this as well.

What kind of cast is that? It was an outwards flip. I got one now. No, it's a pike.

I was pretty sure that it was a perch. He finally understood that he was free. Check out the shoal of common bleak . We had a massive shoal of common bleak four meters from the surface..

..and when I released the pike the hole shoal of common bleak pressed together down to the bottom Small pikes that tricks you to think that they're perch. Right folks, I'll present to you a new three hook that's available . This is Owners. Stinger Treble Short Shank STY. This one has a 150.. angle between two of the hook tips. So the hook sits closer to the body of the Jerk bait, Crank bait and Topwater baits.

It's a perfect hook to use with your Jerk baits. If you're tired of using the same old original hooks and that they're getting dull.. You just apply it with a .. ..Stinger STY. I'll show you the difference. A normal S36 sits in between.. ..not completely flat. While the STY sits completely flat to the body.

Nice width. A normal one , less width. It's wider and it's made for hard baits used for bass and perch. This is a size 6, you can replace this one as well..

..but you never have to replace the tail hook really. But just by applying two can make a lot of difference when it comes to the hooking percentage. Check out the amount of fish here. Yes it is , they're hanging on the hooks Mange. It's a nice one. They're stuck like glue. We're going to make a transfer to the next reef.

We've caught big perch on these reefs previously. If they're active on this one they might be active on the next one as well. That's our.. ..purpose. It's time to put on the battle shades. The engine is already running.. ..engine down. The hunt for upgrade is on a high in the boats.

They all want to win the title and it seems like.. ..Markus has hooked something big. Could this be team Sportings turning point ..that has fought hard but haven't managed this time against the other teams. That was a 50 cm fish. No it wasn't but it was big. It was bigger than the one I got here before.

It was closer to 1400 grams. No it wasn't but it was a big fish. It was easily 1200 grams.

Continue fishing. There you go "Stockis", you're not the only one that has done it now. "It got loose". I lost it while netting. The bait got caught on the top of the net..

..and the fish fell off. The worst fishing in history. I manage to loose.. ..a 1200 to 1400 gram fish. I'm sorry Markus. It's cool. You didn't do it on purpose.

I definitely didn't but I still manage to do it. No need to apologise but it does suck. It really sucks! It was bound to happen. With the fishing that we've had.

Day one.. ..the electric motor stopped working. On day two.. ..there's a net across the strait that we intended to fish at. And now this. It hurts. I can't explain how much it hurts. And today of all days..

..when we have fished.. a bag of nuts for three days and today we get the fish that we've fantasised about.. ..and I manage to loose it while netting it. Stephan and Markus, I can guarantee you that I and all the people that are watching feel your pain. You never want to loose a fish that size, especially not in a competition like this one. But mistakes happens and one day that will be a funny fishing story to tell. But that day isn't today.

We're back at our first spot once again. Two and a half ours to go and we're at our first spot again to try and.. ..desperately find the perch. And a very last desperate attempt would be to try and fish at the harbour where we don't think there's any fish at all. Harbours are normally a good place. So we might go there and give it a try as well. We're starting to feel a bit desperate now.

It's difficult. It's really dead. We'll see, we're going to start here.

We now that there are perch here circulating this area constantly. But we've seen some pike here as well and caught some. I.. ..don't like to loose. And if I do loose I like to know that I've done my upmost. If I haven't done my upmost I get really disappointed with myself. We have to give our all these last two hours.

That's some really good echoes. We will have difficulties sleeping tonight otherwise. This is our third year in this competition... ..and last year we were up there in the top and it's the same this year. We really want to grab first place. -I don't think that we've failed really. -We've never failed, we've performed well. We've caught a top fish all of the days but at the same time..

..we haven't found those in between fish that you need to raise the result. No matter what I'm really pleased with our performance, especially I , the pike fisherman .. ..that got a new PB but.. always want to stand at the top of the podium, that's just the way it is. We're up against some really talented fishermen A lot of coincidences also determines if we're .. It's the small details. It can be enough just by loosing a fish We now that's how fishing is, it only takes one cast. And the last thing that a fisherman looses, that's hope.

We will be fighting until the very last cast. The problem right now is that we don't feel like we've found the right sport where we can dedicate our time. Where we feel like this is the spot that we should dedicate the remainder of the day. That's the hardest part as a fisherman. When you're casting but you don't believe a 100 % in what you're doing. If we'd have that kind of spot we'd be there but unfortunately we don't.

It's a pretty decent perch, it's half a kilo. He's really putting up a fight. Nice work "Ridde". A head of "Perch Five" we've produced ..

.a really great weighing sack with a measuring tape inside. .to be able to weigh perch like this one and it's got a velcro so nothing can happen. So we put this fellow inside here.. ..reset the scales. A 600 gram perch that just.. ..jumped on a Bold in the colour ,BananaCola. It's so much fun to jerk these perch.

It raises us by quite a bit really. We're going to continue to fish here now and this fellow is going back. It's so nice.

They're on their way here. That sucks. -Maybe they saw that we just caught a fish.-They're not coming over here. We're nice enough that we can share.

A very significant fish for Giganten.. ..and a decent raise on the scoreboard. Some more that really needs to upgrade.. team Upplev. Let's see hour they're doing.

-Is it a perch?-Yes, it's a perch. -It's a really nice perch.-Just take it easy. Take it easy, it's worth everything. It's just dragging itself down at the bottom.

It's really nice. Be quiet. We're in a good spot now, that's a kilo perch. I have to fish. What did you use? The piglet. What an awesome perch. -It's nearly a kilo. -It's a little bit thin but.

This weighing sack is really great. It's 47 cm long. A 47 cm perch.

I'm happy that we.. ..managed to catch a 900 gram fish, that's a really great job.. ..considering the misery we've gone through today. We need a few more though. We are in the right place though so all we have to do now is .. stand here. Jonas had one more strike just now. The ones that are here are not small , they're really decent fish. But they're solo, they're standing on their own , on a flat bottom. I think they gather together when it's time to hunt. Our maybe they don't.. ..because he was really weak, or he was very thin. Fish? Keep on casting at it. It didn't look like it was that big.

It's a pike. I'll continue to fish then. Was that 30 seconds? A bit more maybe. I've never seen a pike strike that hard on perch gear before.

Team Böjda spön are continuing to fight on.. ..and before we move on we have a greeting from "Lilleman" at the Forshaga academy. Hello, I'm "Lilleman" from the Sport fishing academy. If you're interested in sport fishing tourism and fisheries management.. .then maybe the Forshaga academy has the right education for you. You can apply to both the high school education and to the vocational college. Visit ..where you can read more about our educations.. Or contact us directly.

What a strike! It's pretty nice. He really went for it. It could weigh 500 grams. I think it's..

..a bit more. It came like a rocket and striked on my.. Strike Pro Bold. 550 grams and a 50 gram raise. Every little bit helps.

It was a pretty good fight. How do you reckon the others are doing? I think that if you're not in the game now.. ..I think it will be really difficult to catch up. Who's in the lead? My guess is that the ones ahead of us is Böjda spön.. ..and they've .. ..caught one more fish for sure. We've got 3320 grams.

I think that they've got 3600 grams roughly. Of course, if someone else catches a kilo fish it's a massive step up on the ladder. And we're.. ..not getting any closer at this pace. Who's in third? We are. So you reckon we dropped a spot? That could be the case. Well Adam.

To stop the speculations let's have a look at the scoreboard ones again. The challenger team has increased their lead as it stands now.. ..but Böjda spön could take over the lead if they can manage to catch bigger fish. We can also see that team Upplev had taken over fifth place from Sporting.. ..and Giganten has finally taken over third place from Things are really starting to happen now as we're getting nearer to the end of the day.

-Better? -No. It's long and thin. It's a huge upgrade.

It's easily an upgrade. Wanna bet? Fine, it is. Weigh it, it could make a difference. It might make a difference if we catch some big ones after this. Let's see how much it weighs. It might weigh around 350 gram.

We have 200 gram one at the bottom. Put it back , there are more fish here so let's go get another one. Is that our smallest one now? Yes it is.

What bait did you use? Astro Vibe. -Have you got another one? -Yes, but it's small. But our smallest one is 310 grams now. We're never going to be able redeem the one we lost though , we just have to do our upmost. But a couple of 600 to 700 gram fish like the ones that you caught would be nice.

The Astro Vibe works at least. The Astro Vibe is hot. We got our 1200 gram with the Astro vibe as well. At the pre fishing.

It was with this Astro Vibe, same colour as well. There's a hunt going on at the moment up ahead. -We've gone back to our spot where we..-Keep going. .that we fished with Poppers earlier today. Let's see if we can manage to catch one there now. That they've become a bit bigger.

Will Poppers decide "Perch Five" 2021? He's on. This one will not determine "Perch Five" 2021 for sure. We jerk fished it.

We won't win with that one. It's probably better. This is definitely not one of the smallest ones that we've got today.

-It wasn't that big.-But it's better than 270 grams. We're going to win this with poppers. They're starting to take the bait now. This one isn't big but there are bigger ones here. If you look at the surface , if it's possible to see it's.. ..a surface area of around 30x30 meters where the water is just boiling. And it's full of common bleak.

So the perch enters, eats and then leaves and back again. -How much? -390 grams. Nice Johan! We'll put this one back.

What's our next one? We have a 330 gram at the bottom. That's not a lot. The bigger fish has shown to be hard to catch.. ..which puts further more pressure to upgrade every little gram possible this finale day. ..that's nearly over. That's normally the signal for Giganten to start to perform.

If this is a perch it's a better one. It is. -It's closer to a kilo.-Maybe more like 800 grams. He was on it twice.

A perch that just sucked in a Cranky X. 760 gram. So awesome. A fat, nice little mini tank.

I'm going to let this nice fish swim back now. And we're going to head back. As some of you might have noticed we've got ourselves a new boat.

Myself and Rickard tend to have some adventures, propellers that break down.. ..and a we've run aground a few times, among other things. That's why we've made sure to insure our boat. And we've done that with Svedea. ..because the interaction we've had with them have been really positive. They've always solved any matter smoothly that we might have had. If you need to insure your boat ,they're really great.

That's two fish now. They don't strike properly. It wasn't a really powerful strike, it felt more cautiously. Superquick.

That was exactly like the strike that I had before. You must be able to feel the tension in our boat. Even if it's not possible for us to win "Perch Five", we still want a good result... ..and forget about that first day where we failed completely. It feels like we're on the right track. The marginals are so small and we've really fished well today.

We just need to replace one bloody fish, that's it. We had the chance with two fish just now at the end. There's still some time left and we keep on going and going. The fishing has improved during the afternoon every since it stoped raining. So I think that the other teams has had some proper good fishing at their spots.

We've.. ..missed some. We got a nice 900 gram fish.. ..910 grams. But it will probably not be enough , it might raise us by one spot.

If we'd stayed at the reef that .. ..we were at previously with all the common bleak were. It just didn't work there. We couldn't get to them. We where a bit unlucky as well with some of the fish. So we drove here instead.

We should've gone here a bit earlier though But the fish disappeared pretty quickly after we got that.. ..900 gram that Jonas caught. Then he missed another strike unfortunately. A proper one.

We have fought hard at least, for sure. It's been a tough couple of days. There are some really nice fish out there. Did you cast that way? My jig is out there. It will happen in the very last few minutes. -It's full speed ahead the last 10 minutes.

We should be able to do that for the last 10 minutes. The desperation is on a high this last half hour. We changed spot once again and we're driving in to this shallow.. ..weed bay that we've.. ..that we've looked at twice earlier today. There's only about 10 minutes to go now so we're not making any more transfers.

There's some common bleak there by the reeds. There's lot's of common bleak right there by the reed cape. Just outside the tip there. If I start the electric motor from here and then we can just work the edge here and upwards. Got one. Nice? Hart to tell, be ready with the net just in case.

It could be nice. Really slowly at the bottom. It's nice but it's slender.

Nice work Mange. -He's really inhaled that one. -Can you hand me the pliers. They're only stuck by one hook in the lip. Great fishing by team Sporting this close to the finish line.

There's not many minutes left.. ..and all of them out there in the water are fighting all the way to the end.. the last cast are about to be made. The last cast in this years "Perch Five". We want to personally congratulate..

Jiggar I reckon. No I think that Upplev has won. I congratulate Upplev and you congratulate Jiggar.

Let's see who's right. We know who's last because that's us. Let's take the last cast. We might as well pull the plug out from this lake as well then. Nope, nothing. Give me a hug. Nice work, you're awesome.

A big thank you to all of you that has been watching. Let's take this opportunity to congratulate the winners. Let's see, we're about to head in to find out. A big thank you to everyone that's been following us.. ..and that coped to listen to two Skåne boys. -We've had a blast and we hope that you thought..

..that it was fun to watch . -Just as fun if not more fun. Hopefully we'll see each other next year. With a slight melancholy we're about.. do our last cast. With some happiness as well. We thank all of you for watching this program... ..and cheered us on and let's see how it turned out. Nobody know. It could've gone bad for the others as well.

No idea but we're not in the top, not today anyway. No I don't think so either but it doesn't matter. We've done our upmost.We've fought hard as always. I reckon that we've dropped down two places since this morning. It's been slow for everyone so know we're going to pack up and go.

But you know what?! We increased. We increased in the afternoon. Maybe not everyone has.

We're all about to find out very shortly. Thanks following us and for cheering us on. And for all the comments on youtube. And for all the pep talk, it's much appreciated.

And if you haven't done so yet do in now. We're about to head back to see who's won. From us at CWC says thank you. What a season it has been Ladies and Gentlemen, with ups and downs for all of the teams. We've reached the end of the journey and it's time to crown the winner. But we're starting from the bottom and in sixth place in "Perch Five" 2021 we find..

..Team Sporting unfortunately all the bad luck got the better of you. ..with everything from failed gear to lost fish but you still fought really hard. In fifth place we find.. Sportfiskegiganten. They've fought hard a long way from home.. ..and they finished off in second place on this last day. ..but unfortunately it's not enough for a place on the podium this year. In fourth place we have.. Böjda spön.. ..they've fought hard and ended up in second place on day two.. ..with a hole lot of fine fish caught but unfortunately.. takes a lot more in a competition like this one. Three teams remain ..that have fought and struggled on these lakes in Värmland. You fought and battle but only one team.. ..can stand on the top of the podium. The winner of "Perch Five" 2021.. ..the battle of Värmland is.. ..The challenger team! Congratulations, how does it feel? It's really cool, I didn't expect that.

I didn't think that either. It was really difficult.. ..with the results from Bite of Bleak and with our result from today.. For us to be able to catch up and we felt that Upplev and Jiggar were really siked.

Böjda spön was really close behind. This was some really great news really that we didn't expect. Congratulations, a big applause. In second place and the best.. ..of all the "Perch Five" stores is.. I never though it would be. A huge congratulations to the challenger team and to team

Awesome fishing. If we have a look at todays score we can see that the challenger team won the day. ..closely followed by Sportfiskegiganten that made an impressive raise in the afternoon. Team Böjda spön didn't manage to upgrade enough in the afternoon and dropped down to a third place. There were some nice fish caught in all of the boats today.. ..and if we include them with the top fish from the previous days we can see a final "Big Three". Team takes home the six point with some nice fish all of the days.

Great job Closely followed we find team Upplev that had some nice fish as well.. ..and the biggest perch of the competition with an impressive weight of 1610 grams. The challenger team had a great top fish day one.. ..but dropped down to third place in "Big Three" at the end of the competition. If we add together "Big Three" with the "Day point" we have the final score as followed.. We can see that it was really even between the top teams.. ..but thanks to the challenger teams win the last day.. ..they win the competition by only one point ahead of In third place we have our lovely duo team Upplev..

..that unfortunately stumbled on the last day. But overall they've performed exceptionally well.. ..and they finally managed to fish themselves to a worthy third place in "Perch Five" 2021. That has invited you to some lovely fishing in the forrest lakes of Värmland. I hope that you've enjoyed yourselves just as much as we have this season. Don't forget to subscribe and follow Tackle shop productions on..

.Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. My name is Lubbe Pytel and together with the hole production team we want to thank those of you that's been watching Take care!

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