ABC News Prime: Minnesota protests, President Trump announces China sanctions, COVID-19 updates

ABC News Prime: Minnesota protests, President Trump announces China sanctions, COVID-19 updates

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Human. Shield Minnesota, State Troopers form a wall to protect Minneapolis. Firefighters, today as fiery, protests. Persistent, in the wake of George Floyd's death charges. Filed the officer seen kneeling, on Floyd's neck arrested. After days of calls for action what's next for the other former officers, involved the Minneapolis, Mayor issuing, an 8:00 p.m. curfew, tonight as the, city braces, for a fortnight of riots, and arsons, the police station broken into and set ablaze president. Trump's incendiary message. To protesters, his tweet about Minneapolis. That was hidden by Twitter no, mention of George Floyd when the president, spoke from the White House today American. Unrest, with outraged, protesters. Demonstrating. In cities across the country we're, taking a look at the history, of protests. Why, citizens, would burn down their own communities. In response, to perceived injustice. A conversation. With Martin through King the third, opening. Up New York City announces, it will begin the first phase of reopening, while other regions become hot spots for kovat 19, the CDC, issues another grave prediction, today plus, a closer look at the major difference, in how the outbreak, is affecting, communities that, are not far from each other take, two before, tomorrows rescheduled, NASA launch in Florida a massive. Explosion of a different, spaceship. Texas. SpaceX. Prototype, going up in a massive fireball during, a practice run and, tonight remembering. Those we've lost to Kovac 19 by remembering, the lives they lived how, they enriched. Us all. Good. Evening everyone I'm Lindsay, Davis thanks so much for streaming with us eight minutes, and 46. Seconds, according, to the criminal complaint that's, how long former Minneapolis, police officer Derek Chauvin pressed. His knee into George Floyd's neck nearly, three of those minutes were after, Floyd was either unconscious, or dead. Many. Of us have seen the aftermath, nationwide. Outrage are, looking live at San, Jose right now in California protesters. Blocking traffic in the middle of the freeway they. Have been demanding. Justice, specifically. The arrest of the officers, involved, then. A stunning arrests this morning not of the officers, but a black journalist, as he covered, the protest on live TV, hours. Later as fire still, burned an eruption of cheers a Chauvin, was charged with third-degree murder, and manslaughter, prosecutors. Say they worked at record speed tonight. The other three officers, involved remain, under investigation but. Still free could. This be a watershed, moment in our country, a lot is certainly riding, on this case so, where, does it go from here our Alex, Perez leads us off on the ground in Minneapolis. Tonight. The white former, Minneapolis, police officer, at the center, of a national firestorm, Derek, Tobin arrested. And charged with the murder of George Floyd. Really. That. Horrific, video in flaming, a nation, showing joven and digging his knee in to Floyd's neck while Floyd is handcuffed, and the crowd begs, him to stop. According. To prosecutors, the defendant, had his knee on mr. Floyd's neck for 8 minutes and 46, seconds, in total 2, minutes and 53 seconds, of this was after mr., Floyd was non-responsive, police. Are trained that this type of restraint with a subject, in a prone position is, inherently. Dangerous, police. Initially said Floyd resisted. Officers, and noted, he appeared to be suffering medical, distress. Former. Minneapolis, police officer Derek Chavan has been charged by the hand of a County Attorney's Office with, murder and with, manslaughter, we, are in the process of, continuing to review the, evidence there may be subsequent. Charges. Later, our affiliate, KSTP, there, as Floyd's, girlfriend, reacted. To hearing the news this. Is the peace of justice this is the first piece and it, needed. Three. Other officers involved in arresting Floyd toto. Thomas, Lane and J Alexander cun were also, fired new, video shows lane and cun also, pinning down Floyd, as he screams, while, in handcuffs. I'm. Not going to speculate, today, of the other officers, they are under investigation I. Anticipate. Charges, the news comes after a night, of rage across the Twin Cities and, the country. Police. Fleeing, and protesters. Cheering, as the police precinct, station, goes up in flames, alarms. And sprinklers, activated. Inside more, than 500. National, Guard soldiers, deployed. The. Protest is spilling, into other cities from, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. To. New York City dozens, arrested, there in. Denver. A driver nearly, running, over a protester. The. Twin Cities is still burning at, daybreak this. Fire, is unattended, at this moment many, buildings here like this one reduced in just a shell you can see over there a broken, water main and in the distance those officers, working to keep the peace, fires as still burning behind them, protesters, wanting, their voices heard.

Not. No big I'm, sorry, okay. I am. Under a sir nearby state, police arresting, a CNN, reporter, and his crew live on the air they, were quickly released, and tonight, George, Floyd in his own words a newly, discovered video, shows him speaking of breaking, the cycle of violence, he, saw among young people what, is gonna be you ago you went up are you going down Floyd's a second-grade, teacher talking, to our station, KTRK. As teachers we teach our children to, go to find helpers when they're in trouble and, to. Find the policeman, and, I wonder now and have, been for some years what. Do we teach our young black men who. Are they helpers for the young black men and. We're. Joined now live by Alex, Perez and, Alex the Floyd family lawyer Ben Crump said today that jóvenes arrest and third-degree murder charge were steps toward, justice, but didn't go far enough how so. Yeah, that's right Lindsay they're not exactly, happy, with this outcome it's a good first step they said but they actually expected. And wanted to see first-degree. Murder charges they say they also want to see the other officers, involved, here arrested. They. Say that's what, they believe would be true, justice. Now the prosecutor. In this case here, says he charged this case, as best he could with, this third-degree murder charge in Minnesota. First-degree. Murder requires premeditation. Which is something that is very very difficult to prove according, to legal experts so the prosecutor, said he did the, best he could with the evidence he had Lindsay, those buildings, still smoldering, right behind you Alex let me just ask you for, a minute - take off your reporter, hat what has it been like for you as a black man in America being, an eyewitness to, all of this on the ground in Minneapolis, I'm just curious what struck you the most. Lyndsay, as you know we. Strive every day when we're wearing our reporter, hats when we are working as journalists, to be as objective as possible but we are of course human, beings and when we go home and look in the mirror we know what our skin looks like and so it has been a difficult. Emotional. Week, being, here I confess, there have been tears, every night as I watch, that video as I see all of the. People out here with, their raw emotion. Fighting, for, change that has been a difficult, thing to witness but it also has, been heartening. And empowering, to see how many people have come together I have seen people of all shades of all colors saying, they want to see a change in this country they want to work towards racial equality and, hopefully, this is one step, forward, one step that helps gets us a little, bit closer we.

Hope Certainly. A psychological. Toll on so many Alex Perez thank you so much for your reporting we appreciate it and now. To new reporting about Derrick Chauvin and the three other former, police officers involved in George Floyd's deadly, arrest what we've learned about their past the questions, that raises about the police department and the surprising, connection, between Chauvin and Floyd the unarmed black man who died in his custody, ABC's, Marcus Moore has those details. Tonight. Fired police officer, Derrick shavon arrested, for the murder of George Floyd this, coming as we learned chilly new details about their past. Shavon. Seen here with his knee on Floyd's, neck work security, at the same Minneapolis, nightclub where Floyd works security according. To the owner who described, to me shavon, 'he's time at the club he was kind of mellow I. Did. Enjoy working with him at times but at times I did have to kind. Of rein him in a little bit like what like. Just right, away pulling out the pepper spray and spraying the whole crowd for not for something that to me was nothing ABC, News obtaining, police records that shows shavon, faced, 18, complaints, in his 19 year career with the Minneapolis Police Department, and was disciplined, for two of them though it is not clear what the complaints were for officer. Toto who, also has been fired had six complaints, one of them which remains open he was not disciplined, for the other five the, other two officers fired have no complaints, on fire. All of, them post the pay leave you my brother you see me doing wrong you want to stop me if, you don't stop me just as guilty help overnight, the state releasing, a transcript, of the 9-1-1 call, from the incident showing, officers responded. To a call of a man using fake bills to purchase cigarettes and, adding the man was drunk and not, in control of himself the. Police report confirming officers, responded, to a 911 call, reporting a forgery in progress not, a violent, crime how. That call led to this. Is. Central, to the investigation, but the city's mayor saying the use of that type of neck restraint, was wrong pressing. The, need into, an individual's. Neck is, not an authorized technique, it is nothing. That we that, officers, are trained in on it stands, against, everything, that myself. And chief Arredondo, have been pushing, for ABC. News finding, that the use of neck restraints, and choke holds are listed. In the police department's, policy and procedure manual and may, be used against a subject, who is actively resisting, police of the season, Floyd physically, resisted, still, investigators, tonight want, to know why shawhans knee was on Floyd's neck after. Marcus. Moore joins us now live Marcus what, are people you've talked to what are they saying about those three other former. Police officers, were at the scene who remain free at, least for now. Well. Lindsey. You may be able to see the scores, of people that have gathered. Here near, a precinct, three which is the police department as you heard Alex reporting that that burn and the people we've met out here they. Have been chanting one, down three, to go really, wanting, to see the, other three officers, facing. Charges in connection with, George. Floyd's death and and certainly we have felt, the passion here, and the, pain that, so many have experienced, in this community over a, gorge for its death and they, don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon as, Lindsay is once again they have gathered here at the scene and you may be able to see the fire department, in the distance and a building that continues, to, smolder after, it burned overnight all, right Marcus Morris they are not satisfied. Just yet thanks for your reporting, and as. We have seen across the country the death of George Floyd is a symptom, of a, larger cold, his, death has struck a nerve and sparked anger not only in Minneapolis, but across the country in New York a city still on lockdown many, are making their voices heard despite, the risks of the pandemic, the, street in San Jose California filled.

With Protesters, and take a look at this scene in Atlanta the, anger, goes from, coast to coast but, many watching the violent and destructive images. And parts of Minneapolis, are asking, why how, is this a constructive. Way to express, your frustration our, Steve osunsami takes, a look at the history, of unrest, in this country. Too. Many Americans, it doesn't, make sense why, would you burn down businesses. And set fire to the streets. And. In your own neighborhoods. California's. Governor has declared a state of emergency for Los Angeles to curb the violence white. Americans, were asking these same questions in the late 1960s. As these, heartbreaking, images of fire and fury beamed, into their homes and. They're. Asking those same questions tonight. We. Must confront our shortcomings, with both humility. As well as hope. We. Must restore, the peace. So. That we can do this hard work together. When. Black Americans, were rioting, in the 1960s. Many were still attending segregated, schools were kept, from registering, to vote in the south and still, couldn't sit at white lunch counters, the, execution. Of the greatest, civil rights leader this country has ever seen only, added, gas to the flames and this, was the eruption in, Miami. Some. Of the debris. It. Too was violent, dad, would not have wanted it to happen this way but over a hundred, cities over, 100, went. Up in flames, between. That period of April 4th to April 8th or, 9th when he was actually a Barry. Again, when, people are frustrated and, have no outlet and have, lost. Hope that is, what happens, and. People. Are beyond tired of going, beyond. Disrespect. The, oldest son of dr. Martin Luther King, says he does not condone, the violence and the looting happening, on American, streets this evening but, he certainly understands. It, it's, an inhumane way of treating people people. Are looking for humanity, where is the humanity. Where, was the humanity, of this police officer who took. His knee and this the, man is it's a different discussion if the man hadn't said anything but. He's begging, for relief where's, your humanity I am. Struck, by a. Question. That I keep, hearing, today. And. That. Question is. I'm. Seeing on a lot of people's Facebook pages like you. Know what good does it do to. Burn, down neighborhoods. Much less your own neighborhoods. What. Do you say to those people who ask those questions today. So. Violence. Is the language of the unheard that's. What my father said, now, that was true when he said it and it's true today when. People feel, like they have no recourse. It, is the lowest level that, way they operate, on so while, I wouldn't, not. Ever. Condone. Violence ever I, do, understand. The emotions. Of. Anxiety. The frustration. That people, are going through. And. I think you know. This. This is wrong it's may be wrong on many levels but buildings, can be restored. How. Do you restore a, human, life. He says what's happening, is that black Americans are telling the rest of the country that they're fed up fed, up after the acquittal of white officers, who mercilessly, beat Rodney, King within, an inch of his life after, the death of Michael Brown at, the hands of a white police officer in Ferguson Missouri who, was never charged, Freddie, gray in Baltimore parts, of that city burn we, live in a society that still sees black. People as. Violent. As dangerous. As immoral, as untrustworthy. So. When, they have interactions, with law enforcement. We. Don't get a presumption of innocence so when, things escalate, even a little bit we're.

More Likely to be killed when things don't escalate there's, a sense that they could if we're not get put to excessive force black, people are subject to a level of threat. And a level of danger that the white counterparts simply aren't in, Minneapolis. These images of people stealing from a Target superstore. Hit many Americans, the wrong way just seems like the wrong way to protest the, president, came out strong online calling, the protesters, thugs threatening. To send in federal soldiers and saying, that when the looting starts the, shooting, starts, the language, isn't going over well and Twitter labelled the message violent, the phrases, borrowed, from this former, police chief in Miami who in 1968. Threatened. To crack the skulls of civil rights activists. And war protesters, at the Republican, convention that, year there's, actually research on, this sort of thing that protest, movements, are effective, when they're large broadly. Representative, sustained. Over time and, an, important, part non violent, and researchers, find them especially effective, when authorities, are violent, but the demonstrators. Are not Martin. Luther King the third says some of this is happening on the streets today and he, believes that Minneapolis. Will, not be the last to, see its streets set on fire until he says everyone sees the injustice and these, Americans. Feel heard this, is not just one ethnic group there's not just black folks in other words black lives matter is not just black folks in fact there are a lot of whites who, have joined because they see the injustice and they, see the unfairness and. They see the mistreatment, and they say this is wrong my, dad talked about America, becoming what it ought to be and. What it ought to be is a nation, where everyone. Can thrive where, everyone, has a decent education or, a best education, everyone. Has, decent, housing, decent housing doesn't have to be a 10,000, square foot home it could be a 200 square foot home or 150. Square foot home but, in America, everybody should be able to have but everybody, should be able to have a decent job everybody. Should be able to have justice, and we, can create that when. We work together. Yes. Indeed violence is the language of the unheard such. A poignant statement. There and Steve osunsami joins, us now live from the King Center Martin Luther King jr., is certainly an icon, of the 20th century but when he was alive many had a different, view of him.

Yes. Lindsey some of the same Americans, who wax poetically. About dr., King who was buried directly behind me would, have had a different opinion in, the 1960s. If they were around to give one when he was alive during. That period many, if not most Americans, thought he was a troublemaker that he was a lawbreaker. He made Americans, uncomfortable. As you repeat, that famous quote a riot, is the language of the, unheard and, it is possible, to understand. That and still. Condemn. The riot Lindsey but, there is a difference. I mean there are several differences, obviously between, now and the 60s first there have certainly been advancements. In communities, of color but there's also no central figure leading, the charge against, injustice how do you think that changes things. You. Know there's no central figure the the only central, figure leading. The charge, here, is, youth the young people the young people, of this country who. Have decided more, than any other generation so far that they're not going to stand for these and justices, they have a lower tolerance, for, this than even our generation and, and. They're certainly, driving, this bus Lindsey, Steve osunsami thank. You so much, and. Now to the response for the White House we heard Steve there mentioned, the president's, comments on the protests, on Twitter overnight, but when he, came before the cameras in the Rose in this afternoon he made no mention of Minneapolis, and took no questions but, many others are now speaking out included including, former Vice President Joe, Biden and President Obama, ABC, News chief White House correspondent Jonathan. Karl has the latest thank, you very much, thank you president, Trump called a press conference today but, he abruptly walked, out without saying a single word, about the growing anger, over the death of George Floyd but. Overnight just, before 1:00 a.m. with, the streets of Minneapolis ablaze. He seemed to call for violence tweeting, these thugs are dishonouring. The memory of George Floyd, and I won't let that happen he. Said the military was, ready adding, quote any, difficulty. And we will assume control but. When the looting, starts, the, shooting, starts, and with that the president, echoed a phrase with a racist, past one. Used in the late 1960s. By Miami's. Then police chief who, called for violence, against african-american. Rioters, the, president, also took aim at Minneapolis as mayor calling.

Him The very weak radical, left mayor jacob, frye mayor, responded. In a middle-of-the-night news, conference, weakness, is. Pointing, your finger, at somebody else during a time of crisis. Donald. Trump knows nothing, about the, strength, of Minneapolis, we are strong, as hell, Twitter declared, the president's, tweet about shooting, looters a violation. Of its rule against, glorifying, violence the. President, tried to get around that by posting the same words on the White House's official, Twitter account Twitter, marked that tweet too meanwhile, Joe Biden addressed the country with live remarks, from his home saying, he had spoken to George Floyd's family, we see it plainly, that. We were a country with an open wound, none. Of us can turn away none, of us can be silent, none. Of us can any longer can, we hear the words I, can't. Breathe. And. Do nothing, Biden, then condemned, the president's, tweets you, know this is no time for incendiary. Treats, tweets, it's. No time to encourage violence. This. Is a national crisis, we need real leadership right, now in former President Obama also weighed in saying quote for, millions of Americans, being treated differently on account of race is tragically. Painfully. Maddeningly. Normal, adding. That the country needed to move on to quote a new normal in which the legacy, of bigotry and, unequal, treatment no, longer infects our institutions. Or our hearts, and late, this afternoon the, current, president, finally spoke, to the cameras, saying. He too had talked to the family, of George Floyd well I just expressed, my sorrow that was just a just, a horrible thing to witness and, to watch and, it. Would certainly look like there was no excuse for it, and. Jonathan, Karl joins us now from the White House John you were in the Rose Garden this, afternoon, when the president avoided, any comments, on Minneapolis, what was your reaction to that and explained what the President did say when. He finally took questions later in the day well. It was striking as the president had called a press conference that's. What the White House press office had. Said was happening, in the Rose Garden we, were told to come in that we'd be taking questions and instead. He, came out he made comments about China, did, not say a single word, about. George Floyd or about the situation, in Minneapolis. And then, you, know walked out there you see me I I tried, to ask several, questions, about. About. George Floyd about the situation, in Minneapolis, nothing, at all from the president, now we did have an event a couple, of hours later on. Economic. Event and he, did say that he spoke to the family of George Floyd, and. He answered a couple of questions at that point and a couple. Things interesting about that who, Lindsey is first of all he said that he did not know the racist, history the, obvious racist, history of the phrase when the looting starts the shooting starts he said he was not calling. For or justifying, the, shooting of looters in fact he was just saying. That this happens, if you have looting, people get shot and that's a terrible thing, now most people did not interpret the president's, use, of that phrase that way and it's notable that it took him some 13, hours, or more to, clarify those remarks, he, also said, that, he doesn't see that how, there could be any, use for. The way the the officers. Behaved. In the, killing of in. The death of George Floyd and, John you ever the intrepid, reporter, with your hand raised in the air as you mentioned the President did have some major announcements, on China and also the w-h-o today so explain what he said about that, and why, do you think that he made that a priority, today. Well, you know there, certainly, are major developments, in China the, situation, in Hong Kong China's. Actions and basically taking over full.

Control Of Hong. Kong but, he's also had this recurring, theme of pointing, the blame for. The corona virus, pandemic on, China that, was part of this and in fact he announced the. US. Would be severing, all ties with the World Health, Organization. Unclear, exactly what, that means but it would suggest withdrawing. Our membership, from the w-h-o, and that, prompted. A rebuke from Republican. Senator Lamar Alexander who. Is the Republican, chairman of the Senate Health, Committee he, pointed out that although, there are questions about the w-h-o that. Are worth asking he said withdrawing, the u.s. membership, could, among other things interfere. With clinical, trials that, are essential, to the development of vaccines which. Citizens the United States as well as others in the world need, so. Lamar, Alexander, and many others saying in, the middle of a pandemic might, not be at a time to. Withdraw if there ever is a time to withdraw from the World Health Organization. All right Jonathan Karl from the White House for us tonight thanks John thanks Lindsey and turning. Now to that other crisis, in this country the CDC, is out with an alarming, new warning about the Cova 19 death toll here in the United States predicting, that, 115,000. Americans will die by, June 20th, this, comes as a number of hard-hit, regions, begin to reopen our Eva pilgrim has the latest tonight. New York rolling out its roadmap, for reopening the city reopening. To a new normal, it's a safer, normal, people, will be wearing masks, people, will be socially, distanced. Starting, June 8 stores can reopen for curbside pickup, along with non-essential, construction, and Men factoring, up to 400,000. Workers could be back on the job we, are trying, to get the subways and buses to be as clean and safe as possible in. A really, really imperfect situation, in. Boston, where officers are starting to reopen on Tuesday, trains, and buses disinfected. The number of riders will, be limited, I think it's a real concern I don't, know how, they're gonna implement. Certain things but I think they should because, it like, I'm always like Smosh next to people in Los Angeles County today, a green light for hair salons and restaurants. To reopen, with limited, in-person dining, effective. Immediately. This is like the honor system because. We're all in this together. Many. Americans, now looking to travel safely the summer RV, sales and rentals, soaring. Who, knows what the new normal is going to be and we. Feel we'll be safe, and sound. The CDC, now out with guidance, for summer travel, cautioning, road trips come with risks, because of stops along the way for, travel on planes trains, and buses a challenge, for social distancing, and for, those staying, at campgrounds risks. At picnic, areas and on trails the, CDC, adding staying, home is the best way to protect yourself, and others from, getting sick tonight. A new projection the, death toll could pass. 115,000. By June 20th, cases, of the virus rising. In 14, states hot spots flaring, in places like Montgomery Alabama our. Hospitals. Are just. Flooded, with Khurana. Buyers patients. In particular in, the intensive, care units, every. Day our unit beds are full but, all our hospitals, we go to. And, eva pilgrim joins us now Eva we're starting to get a fuller, picture of how the virus likely, first spread to the US give us a sense of what you've learned. The. CDC is now saying that they think community. Spread, here in the US began in, late January, or early February the, virus, initially. Coming from China and later then from Europe, and and just to put into context. The president, enacted that travel, ban from China restricting.

The Travel from China that started, on February, 2nd Wednesday all right Eva pilgrim thanks so much for your reporting and when. We come back tracking, another, weekend, of severe, weather will storms wash out the next attempt, of that historic, space launch plus demonstrations. In Kentucky, turned violent multiple. People shot during. A protest over the shooting death of Brianna. Taylor and, the, battle, to reopen the surge in deaths in one section of a state while, in other zip codes residents, plan to spend the weekend on the beach the, challenging. Balance, that's playing out stay, with us. The. Most powerful, storms at our time and, time, Nightline. Your. Mom said comb, your hair, your. Dad told you smart. Not your. Dog is judging, you right now and. Your best friend just called you crazy we. All need someone who, pull no punches and, give, it to us straight now. Imagine, getting your news like that no, bull no spin, just. Give it to me straight. Straightforward. News. Straight. To the heart of the story, ABC. News straight. Forward. Good. Morning sunshine, morning. Sunshine. Right. Now how do you make sense of it all now afternoons, on ABC, one place with a good information Union, we are all in this together and we're going to get through this together, pandemic what you need to know afternoons, at 1:00 Eastern 12:00, central and Pacific on ABC. Welcome. Back the protests, against the death of George Floyd continue, here's a look at downtown, Brooklyn, just outside the Barclays Center protesters, across the country are, being urged to stay calm, at, this point the anger across America, has made so many forget about the dangers, of coronavirus. And the importance, of social, distancing, the, fight against, kovat 19, is not, created, equally in parts of many states there are few, infections, while in other sections it feels like an all-out, war, that's. The case in Maryland where people are heading to boardwalks, to enjoy their summers while others are burying their dead Rachel. Scott reports, on the challenges, of preserving, the economy, while properly acknowledging. The suffering, that's still ongoing. Carmelita. March Harris spends, a lot of time with, the deceased though. Her heart now breaks most for, those still living they. Only get one chance to do, a funeral for their loved one they get one chance to do it right my. Heart breaks for those who feel, as though they're being robbed, curses. Continue to line up for one funeral service, after another, unfortunately. These are busy times but. In other parts of Maryland a different, reality as the, state reopens, and eases restrictions, restaurants. As well. As social, organizations. Will, be able to begin safely. Reopening, for outdoor, dining a crowded, boardwalk, in Ocean City shows, residents, eager to get to the beach some, without masks it's really crowded, it's. Beautiful, out. You know it's fun everybody's, having fun wonderful. Feels. Wonderful fit back to normal we, just wanted to get away have, the kids have some fun but in counties hardest hit like Baltimore Prince, George's, and Montgomery, the. Weight of the pandemic can, be felt in the emptiness. Of the rooms there, are more than 100, chairs in here right now but, only 10, people are allowed inside for a service right, heard. And the sounds, of shovels digging graves for yet another soul. Lost to the coronavirus. The grounds crew here, are, constantly. Digging. Graves, and, filling graves some local officials said they were not ready to reopen the.

State Has plans to reopen they're, taking that step yes but you have said Prince. George's County is not ready mm-hmm. We're still at a point where we're saving lives we have on average nine, people die per day here of kovat. 19 we. Have seen in, the, escalating, hospitalizations. We've had over, 70,000. Individuals, who had to file for unemployment since. March 15th, so. The devastation, is real here too in these, neighborhoods just, about everybody, knows, someone, affected by, Koba 19 the. March family owns seven, Funeral Homes surrounding, the nation's capitol many, in hotspots we served about a hundred families who died of Kovach and many. Of them you find you have a personal connection to you. Either know someone who knows them or you know this person personally. Behind. The wheel of the hearse funeral, director Carmelita, taking. The casket, of a family friend to their final resting place it's, my responsibility. To carry. Mrs., Weems to, her final resting place, my mother Annie Weems is you. Know a light. Of sunshine, and she is like the heartbeat of our families, I'm a mama's boy and, so, how, do you deal with somebody you lost. Julius. Weems lost his mother took Ovid 19, I think that's the hardest thing for us because doing this, crisis, she. Would hug all the time and my. Dad my mom would marry 41, years and to. See my dad not be able to hug her through. This was the most devastating part relatives. Only permitted, to watch the graveside, burial, from their vehicles. I'm. Sad for them to know that this is their final moment that they'll happen for the, state reopening, stoking, fears that more families will be hit with unexpected. Loss we're, talking about human life and when. We're in such a rush to reopen. This country, before, we think about the cost of human life. We're missing some of the values and morals that my mother stood on this, weekend patrons, at restaurants, in many counties will be able to dine outdoors six, feet apart barber. Shops will be open by appointment only, retail. Stores offering, curbside, pickup in most. Sections, of the state large entertainment, venues indoor, malls and gyms will still be closed wealthy. Areas have seen a high number of coronavirus. Cases, but a fewer number of fatalities, here. In Prince George's County death, cuts, across class the. Majority, black and affluent, community seeing the highest death toll in the state now, facing, unique hurdles Prince George's County is the wealthiest, majority. African-american county, in the country but. We still have those underlying conditions. Because of disparities. In health care delivery because. Of the great disparities, in healthy, food options. Here. On. The, ground first responders, are still in the thick of the fight we, are the first ones there that they see this is their worst day that, the fear and anxiety that, these people have the uncertainty, of them not knowing whether or not they're going to see their family members again or, whether or not you know they're gonna live our diet the u.s. hitting a grim milestone, this week hitting, over a hundred, thousand, deaths each, a name a neighbor, and a, relative, this is somebody's, husband, wife, father. You. Know these are our neighbors and colleagues and this is literally the case everyone, here knows someone, who's been impacted by the corona virus everyone, knows someone. Rachel. Scott for ABC News live in Washington. Everyone. Knows someone our, thanks, to Rachel Scott up next a stunning, moment a SpaceX, rocket going, up in flames during a test earlier today we'll, take a look at what went wrong plus a preview, of what voting could look like this November, people will vote in eight states next week and in one of them the majority of ballots could come through the mail but, first our tweet of the day our friend Omar the CNN reporter, is back in front of the camera after his wrongful arrest in Minnesota this morning and we're, glad he's there.

In. Times like these and news making events, happen, here, ABC, News is sitted trump meeting face to face with one of the world's most brutal dictators kim jong over the president, to trust him I do trust him yeah I think he trusts me and I trust him, Ivanka, Trump I have to ask you about your emails your father had taken Hillary Clinton to task for this there just. Is no, equivalence. Hipster the idea of lock, her up doesn't apply to you you know, Comey. How strange is it for you to sit here and, compare. The President to a mob boss very, strange Michelle, Obama what do you wish you could tell your pre White House self who. Melania. Trump do, you think there's still people there that you can't trust yes, still. Working out yes Michael. Cohen so he's still alive yes, it's. A big statement and now, in a year with so much on the line we're right there good evening tonight from Washington a very busy news night America's, number, one news source ABC. News straight. Forward, we all need someone who, pull no punches and. Give it to a straight no, bull, no spins now. Imagine, getting your news like that just. Give it to me straight. ABC. News straight. Forward. Another. Week in America a country facing, a new test now we're on an airport almost no one here a lost flight out of Rome this is the nursing home just outside Seattle billions, of people versus post office, Ground, Zero it is shut down another, ambulance, just pulled, out now they're headed off time is of the essence, you can see the ship behind these the first time tests, have been done here morning, afternoon. Late. Night, 24/7. ABC, News there. For, you what's, the most innovative, daily news podcast, out there to listen to every day well the Edward Armour awards say its start here the Daily News podcast, from ABC, News even the New York Times calls us a top news podcast, worth listening to start here free on Apple podcast. And, welcome, back next Tuesday eight states plus Washington DC. Will hold primary, elections in, the first major test of voting during the pandemic since Wisconsin in, April one, of those states is Pennsylvania. But most of its ballots actually may come in the mail let's take a look by, the numbers more than 1.8. Million Pennsylvania. Voters have been approved for vote by mail or, absentee, ballots for the primary, as the state expands, the option this year that, is a whopping. 1,600. Percent increase, from the 108, thousand, who applied to vote absentee in 2016. In, Philadelphia. 225,000. Mail-in ballot applications, have been approved that's up from. 6300. For the 2016. Primaries, pittsburgh's. Allegheny, County, has approved more than, 280,000. Mail-in ballot applications, with more than 114.

Thousand, Ballots already, returned even, the home of the Little League World Series, has sent out more than 10,000. Mail-in ballots for Tuesday's primary, Williamsport. Small, County saw just 907. Absentee, ballots in 2016. With, so many mail-in ballots amid kovat 19 concerns expect, fewer in-person, polling, places next Tuesday Philadelphia. Will have 77. Percent pure polling, locations, and Pittsburgh's, Allegheny, County, will see a 90%. Reduction in. Philadelphia. Officials say they won't have time to count any of those mailed in ballots actually on Election, Day potential. Warning sign of what could happen in November if, kovat 19 keeps millions, of Americans, from voting in, person, and when we come back the, city with the highest unemployment rate, in the country is starting, to reopen we, have an inside look at the return of Las Vegas which, looks a bit different, in the age of kovat 19 it's. Like something out of a horror movie a group of monkeys, in India, snatched, blood, samples, of kovat 19 patients and then, running off and. Later in the show remembering. And honoring the, lives taken, too soon from us what, the victims of kovat 19, did to make us all better the first through, some of the trending headlines on ABC, News calm. What. You're seeing right now this is part of the eyewall possession. Of migrants, goes back to miles there is going to be catastrophic, damage this fire is made a run you can see those flames shooting up into the sky we are on the jam-packed, already. Watch, NBC, News on location, for Facebook, watch what. Is the most innovative, Daily, News podcast, out there to listen to every day well the Edward Armour Awards say its start, here the Daily News podcast, from ABC, News even, the New York Times calls us a top news podcast, worth listening to so, if you like getting behind the biggest news stories of the day inside, all the details the back story and what will happen next and listen it to start here the daily news broadcast, from ABC News it's like no other news podcast, out there even the critics agree, listen, free on apple podcasts. This. Is what being live is all about this. ABC. News live the 24/7. Streaming, new source of ABC. News break news live events streaming. Stops, original. Breakthrough, storytelling. From ABC, News National. Geographic yes. And it's all designed differently, for you to stream straight to any screen whenever, you want ABC, News live, streaming. Everywhere, right to you ABC, News live, it's that easy to go there. This. Was your night. You. A. Former. Minneapolis, police officer, now in custody following.

Monday's Death of George Floyd an unarmed, black man Floyd, died while in police custody after the ex officer, held his knee on Floyd's Meg for several minutes Floyd, was unresponsive, when paramedics survived, and declared dead at, the hospital as less, than four, days that's. Extraordinary. We, have never charged, a case and, that kind of timeframe today. Minnesota's, governor and local officials shared, their anger, over the killing and desire for justice but called for calm work with us to get the, situation control. This has been building, for decades today's. Arrest comes, after another. Long night in Minneapolis, riot police in the National Guard tried. To restore order but protesters, did not back down. Another. American flashpoint, this time in Louisville, Kentucky authorities, say seven, people were wounded when gunfire erupted during, a protest over, the police killing, of an African American woman the, mayor believes the shots came from the crowd not police the, protest came in response to the killing of Brianna Taylor an EMT, who was shot and killed by white officers who. Were serving a search warrant at her home in March from this disturbing. 9-1-1 audio you can hear her boyfriend's call for help. Are. Now on administrative leave in, new. York city a major announcement from the us epicenter, of the outbreak officials. Expecting, to enter phase one reopening, on june 8th the, city's mayor adding two hundred to four hundred thousand, workers will likely go back to work mid June New, York's governor signed an executive order, yesterday allowing, private businesses, to turn away customers without, masks. That store owner has a right to protect themselves. Meantime, businesses. Are eagerly awaiting news when they will be allowed to reopen. North. Carolina organizers, are still working on plans for an increase in Republican, National Convention in, August President, Trump threatened, to move this event from the state if the party wasn't allowed to fill the arena in. India, monkeys, have stolen blood samples, from coronavirus. Patients, the, vials, grabbed from a lab technician walking, across a medical college campus. Clearweather, those monkeys spilled any of the blood. Welcome. Back we continue, to monitor the, eruption, of anger across, America. Here is a live look at the scene in the nation's capitol, security, is tight at the White House right now due to the large crowd of demonstrators right. Outside, the, charges, of third-degree murder, against, George Floyd have got done, very little to contain the anger, pouring, out into the streets across the country and, we will of course continue to monitor the, latest developments. It. May be the city hit hardest, by the Cova 19 pandemic, talking about Las Vegas it has been shut down for months crippling, a city that is so dependent, on tourism and entertainment to, stay afloat and after, an excruciating wait, Sin City is finally. Starting to open back, up but when it does reopen, next month Vegas. Will look a lot different than, it used to kind, of Whitworth went to Las Vegas and brings. Us this inside look a. Desolate. Strip, that normally, welcomes more than 42, million people, a year is, starting, to gear up the. Entertainment capital of the world has been shut down for more than ten weeks, nearly, 40%. Of the city's workforce, is in the tourism industry and, the unemployment, rate is climbing, over 33%, the, highest in the country. Casino. Doors that were designed to remain open 24 hours a day chained. Shut and, to walk through and see it quiet it's again. It's eerie and sad but finally things are starting to reopen the governor giving the OK for casinos, to open their doors at 10:00 a.m. June, 4th, Bellagio. And Flamingo, among the first to welcome guests, and they're giving ABC News an exclusive, look inside so. The stage is set the two elements that are missing are the guests and the employees, on. A normal date 20,000.

People Walk through Bellagio, doors they're, opening at 30 percent capacity. And evidence, of a new normal, is everywhere. So, this is the new. Blackjack. Table that's, right at least at least at, an MGM Resorts property, you will see that we have Plexiglas, in at. Each of our table games especially. With with blackjack and we've we've, reduced, the, number of seats down from six to three so this. Partition. Is not regulated. By the gaming board though you guys did that's right that's exactly seats, removed, from casino floors separating. Players on slot machines and constant. Cleaning of all surfaces. In addition. To disinfecting. Chips and dice. Bellagio. Even installing hand-washing, stations, some. Hotels will have infrared thermometers, reading the temperature of every, person, entering the building for. Guests staying at strip hotels like Bellagio, and flamingo they will have their temperature taken before they check in there, will be a walk. Through thermal check, just to the right of that it's like a TSA, yes exactly, you'll walk through and if a guest has a temperature, of 100. Point four or higher then. We ask the guests to. Take a seat wait 15 minutes and we'll recheck the temperature if their temperature is a hundred point four or higher they, will check it again with, a second, high reading, a guest wanting to stay will be tested, for cope at 19 and if, it comes back positive the, state has set aside ten non-gaming. Hotels, for sick guests to quarantine, at. Bellagio, once, you get to your room you'll see a sticker assuring. It's been cleaned and sanitized. Ultimately. People, come. To Las Vegas to. Have fun how. Do you. Create. That fun experience, for them how. Maintaining. All these a safety vertical. And of course the health and safety of our guests and employees was. Our top priority before and it will always be our top priority I, think. For us we still want to be able to do. This in a measured way we. Definitely, want we're in no hurry to fill this place up restaurants, will also be opening in casino properties, Elisabeth. Blau co-owner, of Buddy V's in the Venetian is thrilled, to have the property up and running soon our. Team is excited, to be back in action and, so we're. Preparing. Just days before the shutdown, she was named Cornell's, hospitality. Innovator, of the Year she, says that's what Las Vegas is all about hospitality. But, she knows things. Might look a little different in the beginning the, world has changed and, Vegas. Is changing with it yes. We'll see many properties, implementing, digital, innovations, across the board from digital Keys check-in. Kiosks. QR, codes so that you can read a menu on your phone all in, an effort to limit exposure, and. Increase your experience. Confident. People will come back one Vegas hotel CEO offered, up a thousand, free flights to Sin City they. Were claimed in just two hours it's, great to see people want to get out and we've done a lot to enhance safety and we, want people to come out and have some fun he's now making more available. Once the casino, is reopened. We're reopening to, the world as. Those flights. Come so we just ask the people act responsibly, and, carefully, because. We want our city to shine again, for. Now the shows are still on hold but people keep touting, the creativity, of people here, in Las Vegas also. Behind me they are prepping the famous, Bellagio, fountains you see them shooting right now they, have three special shows planned for next week and one of them will honor frontline, workers, Cana. Whitworth ABC News Las. Vegas our. Thanks to Cana for that and next a SpaceX, rocket burst. Into flames during a test earlier today take a look this has nothing to do with tomorrow's planned launch with NASA rather it was a separate, prototype, entirely, undergoing, at that a SpaceX site in South Texas here's.

The Moment I don't. Want that to be. Recipe. That then for that. Was not. Nominal, it's. Gone, Mary Mary. Are. You okay, don't. Worry Mary is okay, she was apparently far away the time again, we want to note that this is an entirely, different rocket. Than the one being used in tomorrow's launch with NASA and a good reminder why, they do so, many tests, and now, that that testing, is complete, in Cape Canaveral the astronauts, are ready for launch but the question, again remains will the weather allow. For liftoff meanwhile parts of a major storm, system that brought heavy rain to the Midwest prompting. Flash floods and rescues it's, making its way into the Northeast, tonight and in the West soaring, temperatures, have made it a challenge for, anyone looking to get some relief. From the heat a Rob, Marciano has, the full forecast hey Robin, Lindsey. Good evening to you very strong cool front sliding, across the East tonight, and that is spawning some severe thunderstorms, we've got a watch box up that, includes, much of Pennsylvania. New York and northern, New England in Burlington included. With mostly, damaging, winds are. The reports that we've seen with this line. Of storms it, will weaken once it gets to the i-95, corridor but, that won't be told after, midnight, and then, that front will cause some problems in Florida we'll get to that in a second meanwhile cooldown across the southwest, a really. Unbearable heat wave there and all the way that stretched all the way up into Northern California tomorrow, temperatures will be much. Cooler thanks Sacramento, by the way four days in a row of 100-plus. Degree, temperatures, that's, the first time that's ever happened, in the month of May so you'll take the cooler temperatures all right let's talk rocket, launches, will. The weather spoil. Another. Attempt, at launching Americans, into space from American soil and in, a long time I think, it might very well because we got a good chance of thunderstorms and that's not good for launch day right, now the the 45th. Weather squadron is, calling it about a 50%, chance of weather. Spoiling, that launch and only, marginally, better chances, of launching, because of weather. Sunday, so you'll need to cross our fingers as they, try to light that candle this. Weekend, Lindsay. Alright. Thanks, Rob and it has been nine years since America's, had Americans, have launched, from. American, soil and a reminder that you can watch full coverage of the launch here tomorrow on ABC News live starting at 3:00 p.m. Eastern that. Is weather, permitting, of course and, when, we come back a tribute, to the thousands, who've lost their lives in the fight against kovat 19 stay, with us.

Now How do you make sense of it all now afternoons. On ABC, one place with a good information, we, are all in this together and, we're going to get through this together, pandemic what do you need to know afternoons. At 1:00 Eastern 12 central and Pacific on ABC Friday, nights 9:00 8:00 central true-crime. The, cinematic, real-life, drama is stunning. Follow, the clues the, hunt true-crime. 2020. It's, central on ABC the. World may feel out of your control but, your happiness doesn't have to be learn the secrets to happiness listen, to the 10% happier, podcast, free, on Apple podcasts, ABC. News honored, winner of for Edward R Murrow awards, including, the most prestigious, honor overall, excellence, in television, ABC News America's. Number one News choice, ABC, News America's. Number, one news source is straightforward. News straight. To the heart of the story ABC. News straight. Forward. Welcome. Back tonight's image of the day and I love this one a real prom, king seven year old Kurtis Rogers he, went above and beyond for his nanny Rachel, Chapman after, her prom was canceled, due to the pandemic Kurtis. Planned his own socially, distant, prom for Rachel complete with music dancing, and some of her favorite foods Curtis. Told a local station that he planned the party because Rachel, was, one of the best people I've, known. So. Sweet, and, finally. After 9/11, the slogan never forget became, something of a unifying, national mantra. We say it again tonight as we end the week marking more than 100,000. Lives lost to Coba 19 in the US as, we look back we take stock of the rich legacy for, our families, and communities that, these Americans, leave behind are, Devin Dwyer now, on the many gifts they gave us have, a good weekend everyone. Long. After the pandemic, ends, their lives will continue to sing. In. Their music, and their, movies. And, their writings, poetry. That touched our lives my. Imagination. The. Buildings, they built will serve us for generations, the. Restaurants, they started, will feed us and in, home kitchens, where they taught us how to cook their, recipes, our legend. She. Wouldn't make peach cobblers for life family very barbecue. Cook girls even more people backs away. Our. Streets, and neighborhoods are, safer, because of their service they. Defended, our shores in our freedom, during Wars and defended. The most vulnerable among, us as the, virus threatened, them to. Leadership. In times of crisis, and the, everyday, strengthening. Our military, surgeons. Moody's legacy. Will always be that he, was the most positive and. The, most negative. Situations. He. Was the most productive and the most hard-working. Individual. I have ever met at. Hospitals. They strengthened, our health and some, performed, miracles. He. Was truly, one, in a million and.

He Saved Isaac's, life and I knew that we were just one of so many he. Will do great things with his life he doesn't even know it yet but our goal is just to keep dr. Goodrich his memory alive and on sports fields, they thrilled, and inspired us. To. So many families, tonight the most important, legacy of those they lost is, as parents, fathers. And mothers, building. Families, that make this country, great family. Is the most important thing you. Can be known for all, kinds of things in this world but being, known for family and your, contribution. To your family, and the contribution. They carry, forward, is is. Probably, the most important, legacy, their. Most important, and long-lasting. Gift.

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