Acampando en el desierto l Vlog Camel Safari | India, Jaisalmer 2020 |

Acampando en el desierto l Vlog Camel Safari | India, Jaisalmer 2020 |

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Friends, the desert adventure begins. This is the first day. After riding in a Jeep for about 1 hour, we reached the point where the dromedaries await for us And now with our guide "Ji, apka nam?" ("What is your name?" In Hindi) Roya! Roya Camel Man We are going to do a little tour It is always good to download before you start Kali: The camel has a name? Roya: Yes, your camel is Johnnie Walker Kali: Johnnie Walker Roya: Yes And this name, Mamma Mia ♫ Mamma Mia, here I go again ♫ ♫ How can I resist you? ♫ Sitting on the camel I can appreciate many things, for example, the saddle they carry, is only a few cushions in between. This is like a rubber, a tire tube, and With me and all these frames, it must be like 90 Kgs, no more than that. But these are totally domesticated animals for this Look at the people Namaste Ji! (Respectful greeting) "Thik hai, thik hai. Ka se ho?" ("Good, Good. How are you?" In Hindi) Man: Where are you from? Pipo: From Chile! You can already see, that the camels are used to the presence of human beings If you want to know more about camels, or dromedaries, you can watch the video I made at a research center, in Bikaner, where they even had two-day-olds and newborns We have made a stop, for the camel to pee. That's the camel that pees and shits

He made all the dropout (download). Shitting and pissing Roya, the guide, stopped here to get some kind of logs for the fire tonight, to make the meal. And all this I explained while my friend continues to piss How much are you going to piss? Well he's a dromedary so he can hold a lot of fluid Ok, I'm going to extend myself just to see how long you're going to piss. I like his tail, I like his tail. It looks like a rug, like a little carpet I'm going to examine it in a better way. This is Mamma Mia, and the other is Johnnie Walker And Johnnie Walker could be Johnnie "Peer". How can I say, "the Johnnie who pees"?

And he keeps pissing there... Well... Ehhhh Ahead is Kali, Kali say "hello". And over there, the dunes Meanwhile Roya continues... for the fire! Roya: Fire wood.

And, Johnnie Walker continues to piss Come on bro, stop it! I don't think I can keep recording you the whole day, Johnnie Walker Kali: Is he shitting? Pipo: No, he's pissing for almost a minute He broke my record Kali: Uyyy, are you tired? So cute! Okay! He is done. 1 minute and 45 seconds. PUM! Greetings to all the world travelers We have arrived. This is where we are going to spend the night. That's the camp Hey Salem !!! Salem: Hello Baba !! After almost 1 hour and ½, 2 hours of travel on the dromedaries, whom are resting there.

We have reached our tent, or where we are going to spend the night, the first night. And this looks like this. It is a hut that will protect us from the wind. And in here, well, there are mostly blankets This should not be more than 3x3 (meters) maybe And out here, with the branches that Roya collected... Salem and Roya are preparing our food Hey Ji. Ohhh, pakora, pakora! Pakora and chai to start And well, this is life here! Uhh, let's try Good! Honestly, I am super excited, because I like to live this kind of adventure Kali, pakora? Kali is starving, she hasn't eaten anything It's 7 in the afternoon, It´s starting to get cold, so a cup with chai is not bad to start with The feeling of being here in the desert is beautiful, in that little house.

A feeling of loneliness. Although there are more tour operator that also have people here, but... when I say loneliness, I mean... have a good space for yourself, to see the stars when they come out later.

Not seeing cars, automobiles, motorcycles... no sounds around. The sound of the desert, just that I leave you with the view of the camp Preparing food... tomato They are frying onion Rice Chai Look that! That looks good! Salem: Yummy, yummy! Pipo: Dal! We decided to take a walk, and we heard sounds of music, so we are getting closer there The guide tells us that there may be some people dancing It is 10 p.m. and after seeing the Rajasthani dance and music show, the dinner is ready We were eating and there were strange sounds of some kind of an animal next to us.

We said, "What is that? A camel or what? There was this friendly doggy Apka naam Ji? (What is your name?) Salem: Tipu! In the desert, the water is... well, obviously, scarce. So the dishes are washed with sand As one in the river washes with stones, here Roya washes the dishes with sand There goes one, there are the others I knew this because I have seen it before, and they look good. At the end he use a little bit of water... I think, I'm not sure. Maybe just a cloth and that's it.

Now you know Shinning! Roya: Good morning! Pipo: Good morning! Roya: How are you? Still cold! They woke us up at 8 ½,. We slept good, we were not feeling any cold, and there was no sound outside. So now... the breakfast And then, to continue to another camp with the camels.

Dromedaries! Let me call them camels Salem has full control He orders him to sit and stand Salem, why do they have this on their nose? Salem: Because for control them When is small, like, you know, in the women they also do this a lot, same like that To control them It´s not hurting now, it's OK So you do it when they are babies Salem: Yes, when they are babies, not now But he is a nice person He loves you! Camels are very funny when they eat, how they move their mouth everywhere This is Johnnie Walker Look at the gigantic feet. The camel toe! All 4 of them, incredible right? His short fur, long legs so as not to burn in the heat of the sun The most entertaining thing is... the tail. The tail looks like a carpet It looks like another animal that hangs out from there The house is closed and we are ready with Mamma Mia , Johnnie Walker, and Kali for our next destination the Sahara of Egypt, no, no, no. Well, to be honest, it is not very difficult to ride the camel, except for these parts, when we go down, because it seems that I´m going forward, to fall. But that's why this... this thing is here, to hold on.

So you can hold the weight of your body We continue! Deserts, both polar and non-polar, must be one of the most inhospitable places for human life Indeed, life is a miracle in the desert There are arid deserts, the driest in the world, such as the Atacama desert in Chile. There are deserts that, due to their extension, life is difficult, for example the Sahara, the largest in the world And we have the Thar desert, whose peculiarity is that it is the most populated desert in the world Why? Because, although its extension is almost... its surface is almost twice as large as Uruguay There are many roads created, there are many settlements of villages, of small cities throughout the desert And history says that one of the main reasons is because there are human vestiges, of small communities, from 50.000 years ago I caught the camels having their meal. And now that I see them, It reminds me the movie Jurassic Park Eat, eat, my bontrosaurus. Feed yourself that we have to go to the next village Roya, our guide, finished preparing lunch You can see the chapati, dal, lemon / "nimbu".

So let's satisfy ourselves now, and later, we keep walking. Good thins is that we are under this tree ,that is giving us enough shade Dal, with chapati, is all I need for food in the desert All the energy possible. And, well, the lemon in case it is very spicy Tip, for all spicy food, if it is very spicy, put lemon on it Thanks to Roya Roya: Hello. Dal and chapati. All handmade here We crossed the desert walking a little bit more, and we reached a small town, where the camels are hydrating themselves And I wanted to tell you that... the tour, the "Riding Camel" that we are doing, is one of the favorite activities that take place in Jaisalmer Because of Coronavirus, many tour operators have been affected, and the inhabitants of these villages have been directly affected, because they are the ones who provide the camels So, doing this type of activity goes directly to the help of the locals. No animal abuse, in case anyone cares about camels The camels have eaten well, they are hydrating now And, they are pack animals so, we don't weigh that much for them After a new long ride we have reached our next destination to camp tonight And, it looks pretty. It looks rustic, pretty, the way I like it

The beautiful dunes out there The sun going down And our little house It looks good! After this beautiful sunset Walking through the cold sand, I´m back towards the camp It was beautiful, really, to see this sunset because yesterday I could not see it And now I´m ready to eat... to play cards, and to rest Popu Popu! Popu! What happened Popu? Popu! Popu has been accompanying us for a while There it goes! the camp! Again Roya there, working! Making all the chai! Hola, hola, hola! Roya: Hola, Coca-Cola! Man, this guy, this guy, Full Power! Roya: Full Power, 24 hours! And here we have to set up... we can set up a tent or sleep in here, it doesn't matter Kali, ready for the fire? Papu!! Papu!! Crazy dog! Papu, come! Khana *, khana! (* Food, in HIndi) Papu doesn't speak Spanish ♫ To my guests coming Safari and riding camel on Johnnie Walker and Mamma Mia ♫ ♫ Enjoying the desert, daula ka duu ♫ ♫ Camel Safari, daulaka duu ♫ Now it's much better to show Papu, because the face that I have in the morning I do not recommend it to anyone It's a super cold morning! Really foggy Lots of fog I felt some cold at night, but nothing, not much really Roya since the morning... always! Roya: Hello, good morning! Last night he sang us some music from "Camel Safari" Safari Camel Breakfast is just ready We slept in the tent Kali, ohhhh, no, Kali! Kali: No, no, no, no! Kali: I'm a disaster This is the last day, so we have one more tour Let's see up here I'm going to get my chai, I'm freezing to death Better, with the jacket? You're taller than me so it look like short for you Poor Roya, he was so cold. He didn't say anything to me, so I handed him one of my jackets

Hey, you finally found them! Rust: Yes, I found camels and wood During the night the camels are free, without their saddles, with nothing on their feet And they went to eat, so... Roya a few minutes ago told me: "I'm going to look for the camels" And how do you know where the camels are in the desert? Easy! Because he follows the footprints that camels leave in the sand, and over there is the area where there are bushes, so they went to eat there They are back! Look at this, the chest of the camels they have something like paws, what dogs have under their feet On the knees also due to the permanent contact they have with the ground We left the last camp behind us, and we are doing the last excursion to finish our 3 days and 2 nights in the Thar desert Something that is normal to happen is that after these 3 days, I think we have covered almost 40 kilometers riding Kali is walking now, Popu is walking too. I'm still riding, but the pain I´m feeling in my crotch it's hard at the end of the day it is quite painful, So, I recommend that when you go on a Camel Safari, to... walk a little bit to stretch your legs OK folks, we finally made it to the end of the tour I want to, infinitely, thanks to Roya . Thanks for everything Thanks to Salem for providing all the service, to Kali for coming with me And, thanks, of course, to Mamma Mia To Jack Daniels... no, no, Johnnie Walker! And to Popu! Popu is out there I hope that you liked the video , and see you in the next adventure I don't know where, but it will be soon. Goodbye!!!

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