ACT Italy 2019 (Full Movie) with german subtitles

ACT Italy 2019 (Full Movie) with german subtitles

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The. Adventure, country, tracks are back in this year's episode we're about to discover, Italy's heart for adventure, riders on another epic, five-day, trip starting. In Burton oval around one hour southeast, of Bologna, and leading. Us to the Adriatic, Sea close, to Pescara well, known faces of the past sorry a CT, tracks are joining us alongside some, new company represented. By David Reinhardt from the Irish torretta crew and - operator, / lenders Yamaha. Germany's country manager mastered, reason on the brand new tenor 8 700, Misha is even from the famous knife manufacturer, of gusto, based, in Germany so called city of blades Suleiman, and Gabriella. To go from to reject Italy 12. Riders, 12 bikes in our media crew are preparing for, the start of the adventure, country tracks Italy, 2019. Join. Us on our first day and the first 220. Kilometers, of adventure. Finally. We'll start a CT. First day first, trick it's quite warm 39, degrees, 3. 9. So. The voices you can hear in the background, it's martinis, over there and I. Guess we will start now I think. It was a good choice to choose Italy for this year everybody, who wants to have his let's say first adventure this is a good choice and act. 4 is also the largest group, that, we ever had right, 12 12 motorcycles. Is kripak. Yes. Absolutely. Trek. Day 1 first. Day of a CT Italy. 2009. It, feels good to be back on gravel with the whole team almost, one year of preparation, went into this new trick that we're writing for the first time now after, Felipe and some local enduro and adventure riding experts, have done a tremendous scouting. For this track thanks. To the work of the adventure country tracks foundation its members, and partners a CT, Italy is now becoming, reality and promises. To be one of the most accessible tracks, that we've done so far and right, from the start we're, impressed by the beautiful, landscapes, around it's. Been pretty, cool scenery I mean. We started, like, an hour south, of Bologna, and I thought this is like still, all, big cities and. Industrial. Area, but it immediately goes into the countryside and from there to the mountains if. You, see here it's like all little mountain roads and, obviously. They're maintained, and does. Need to be gravel, all the time I mean. This is really backcountry here it's just some farms and. Some. Mountain cottages, and stuff. Okay, so we need to find the way up there, where. The road ends, Strasse, stop specific I think, there's a way I think there's a way a. Little. Bit back and. Up there they have a new, path so. Should try to to, do that don't. Think that they can wear, this no, backward to the other house no maybe, to yourselves or little. To the right. Here. We. Could pass. Easy. But, then every. Single stone. Okay. So maybe. One is someone is checking up your, check word starts. And if there is a way above. As you. Can see track conditions can always change during the year and that's why you should always have a good GPS map coverage, on hand so, having found an alternative, close by we continue, with the second half of the day on beautiful. And easy to write gravel roads a CT. Italy's promising, to become more of an entry level track compared to Portugal, Greece or Romania and it's going to be a good choice for first-time, a CT, riders but, nevertheless, there, will be some challenges on the upcoming days waiting for you and solid, riding skills some mandatory as on any of the a CTS. I. Don't, a kind of a lady. Okay. The, man with the missile. Day. One of the adventure, country tracks Italy is a 220. Kilometer trek starting, in baton or and leading cells from the emilia-romagna. To Umbria it's, a good mix of small roads and easy to ride gravel, tracks so the entry of the five AC T days here in Italy will, be more relaxed, and less challenging. It. Seems to become some kind of a ritual that wherever we have a pool close to our accommodation. At least some of us need to have a quick jump into it with. Temperatures, of 30 degrees plus forecast, support, the entire day that's, a good opportunity, to start your day before gearing up and packing the bike with, mark pelts of the owner and Alberto Reinhardt the CEO of turret X two familiar faces from a CT Romania, our wizard again this year both, really enjoy the experience of, their products from adesh on this trip in Italy together. With all the other riders, who are just getting ready for 260. Kilometres of adventure. Today. All. Right, good, morning so this is a CT, Italy day, - we. Just started, them we, had a very nice stay in a I go, to this mall small, pension and. Some. Really. Nice dinner with some fresh pasta, yesterday. So. Everything, you expected from. Italy some, good wine, nice. People and today. You see sun, is shining again for. Us here on day 2 and, I. Think everyone enjoyed, the treks yesterday, and today, we will enjoy even more better. Pretty early start today and. Now, we are ready for, this. Amazing, day.

Here, We go again day 2 of X, 2019. X Italy. The. Day HD starts really well after leaving the hotel. You. Hit the dirt right away the hotel actually is on the dirt track and then. After, let's, say a couple say. A couple of kilometres you. Hit the s. Felt on, a really. Nice and twisty, road. For. Another. Four. Or five kilometers. And then you hit the dirt again so, this is a really nice start into. Day. Two of, a, city Italy. Coffee. Plays on the way of acte, Italy. Espresso. Perfect. Dress. With. 12 bikes on the track again, day 2 unfolds. In front of us and soon you can see that this day's Trek profile, is tighter, more, rocky and in some parts deeper, than on the first day we. Are riding a good mix of the latest and current adventure bikes from the GS, 850, to 1250, models the Yamaha Tenere, on the Africa twins Suzuki, v-strom 1000. And KTM, 790. Adventure, all suitable, for the challenges, open a CT. The. Hotel exactly. Missing. A finger, above. Guevara. And then of the inch leg mover got on the big van Martita, scooby-style my nan can't, grab when they are bound, to. Miss a war limit and common. English. - intention, also from each Magana. Master. - mas hoping. Vomiter Honda Africa twin from more, girls on the wax Samir's. Matsumoto, Raj taking comments of 18 devotees gyrus, public in, fascination. With of misfile above no female of haute Dickinson's. Like history's I only have X looked so Supercenter father here this. Is for me Bella. Italia. Yeah. Here we are still. On day two kind. Of in the middle I think we have another 180. Kilometers. In front of us and. Look. At this. This, is this, is my favorite day so far. Absolutely. Absolutely stay, tuned so I don't know what comes the next days but it's, a really cool day now. And the road sections are spectacular, yeah. The, variety, of day two is just amazing, mountain, roads with open, views narrow, tracks through the forests and always changing altitudes, and a beautiful, scenery that is different, from what you know of the famous spots of the western alps a city. Is about the writing experience, throughout the entire day and also above the challenge from time to time riding. Off-road on the big adventure bikes over quite some distance takes. A lot of concentration and, even if the view might be ever so beautiful, you should stay focused on the track helping. Hands are always welcome on trips like this so it's good to have some friends around. Until. You run to, their. Course one tragedy no not, rata bus turns ashamed let's say mentally, mr. Bogle is already panorama around the lists in it over, to know people distressed illness not in terror kilometer, on Ascension enter, kendama Intel or after all a casa been like a soup to denoiser and resentiment redistribution, the. Moment intuition of permit Alito or, remote. Oh miss, will be able to do simple, generous promoter immediate removal of mo nan, de la soupe de navarra in video le photo a queen telephoto el video krokov addressed both.

Tutto Bené ragazzi, never, give up. We, are almost at the end of day 2 where the trek becomes a little more technical with some decent, and climbs on quite rocky terrain that's. Not everyone's, favorite terrain so you should keep some energy reserves, for the last part of today either, to get your own or your friend's bike safely, to the finish in, our case that didn't, go to plan as we hoped with, a broken rib on the last tricky, part of the day a city, italy unfortunately. Has come to an early end for mark. Day. Two of the adventure country tricks Italy has proved that the challenges, of off-road riding are not only about the difficulty, level of the trek but more about the riders focus, with, 260. Kilometres is the longest day in terms of distance and offers an amazing variety of tracks and terrains on the way to la guitarra Cimino, right, on the edge of Umbria, and Tuscany. Those. Would start into the morning actually third day a CT, Italy, and. It's. Warm again it's. Gonna be nice day it's gonna be hundred ninety kilometers today so. A lot more relaxed than yesterday yesterday was twelve sixty kilometers in the last, twenty. Five were getting. A little more difficult. It. Was stony. It was rocky it was going up and down and I. Think, five. Drops of the bike and, if. You need to pick it up in there - it's a lot of work unfortunately. We, had a little accident yesterday, so one, of the guys when he fell he broke, his rib so. We. Had to leave the bike to go to the hospital way to pick up the bike this morning and. So on and so on but. Considering. The fact, what. Would have happened, this is still a lucky situation, so. We. Get a taxi sent him home. So. That he can relax for a few, months until he recovers and. The rest of the pool is just, half an hour late today so. This, is three cool start. Margot. The brakes are fantastic. This, one that we're going to do. It's. The. Italy. Track yes, it's something very special very. The. Other one to, be in another country this one. Day. Three, a city, italy won by glass. Unfortunately. Pick up one. Rider down, but. It, is what it is and this can happen to. Everybody any time. Dusty. Tracks are always rare when we are on one of the a CTS, remembering. Portugal, Greece and especially Romania. Where we had pouring, rain day after day eating, dust like today is almost a relief for us. Today. It's Tuscany, on our schedule, with its typical hills and Mediterranean cypress. Trees on fast flowing gravel, roads so, it's a good opportunity to, relax and enjoy riding, nevertheless. They, are some washed out downhill, sections, in the beginning just, right to wake you up and get your focus back on the track. Creating. Exciting, tracks for you to download and to write with your friends on your adventure, bike is they a CT, mission and what, would be a trip to Italy without, getting your everydays coffee, piensa. Is definitely, the right spot on today's track so. Here we are on day 3, of X easily, 2019. And it's. Right about time to have a coffee. Break before we hit the dirt again. Get, out. After. A short visit of the city some coffee and real Italian, ice cream we're back on the track again now, at the beginning of September you, don't see much of the green hills that usually, paint the typical, Tuscan picture and also, to avoid the peak of the summer heat you should plan your trip way earlier in the year. Beautiful. Landscape beautiful, landscape, easy. And fun off-road but. You still need to be careful yeah. It's always a. Little slippery, but overall, till now I think it's a, CT. Italy is a very good start to. Do a CT, s, absolutely. There are some, lot. Of easy sections, some little, hard sections, where you can help each other if, you're not that experienced, rider and, it's. A beautiful landscape it always goes around, the. Big, sightseeing things I think we have been like 20 kilometers, from scanner, and. Largo. Trasimeno was, very nice and so. You can go to the tourist spots if you want you can stay in nice hotels and everything. But. Also you can be in the remote area.

We, Are lucky enough to hit the rain again on the last third of today's, Trek fortunately. It's just a small chill and for us it's more than welcome today our. Destination for. Day three is the historical, city of Orvieto and with, a pretty early arrival, and a relatively, short riding, day we, still have time for a walk in the old city center. Day. Three of the adventure country tracks Italy is the shortest in terms of distance with enjoyable, 190. Kilometers of gravel and small, roads in the middle of the countryside, except. From some washouts in the morning today's trek is easy to ride so you can expect an early arrival in Orvieto just. Like us and get, a taste of Italy's, food and wines in one of the many restaurants. We're, more than halfway through with three days done in two more to go on the adventure country. Tracks Italy so, after spending the night in Oviedo, eleven bikes are on the road again to bear every morning routine fueling. Up with, plenty of gas stations around Orvieto, you won't have any problems, finding one for sure before you start this 230. Kilometer, long stage of day four. We, are leaving this city behind and are heading to the cobra Lake where after 23, kilometers the first dirt road of today is winding up into the mountains and if, you prefer camping, on your trip instead of staying in hotels you'll find a good spot right here at the lake at the exact point where we are entering the great. On today's Trek we are riding a lot of the unpaved roads through the forests that are usually well-maintained. And easy to write so, some time to really enjoy the, trek. Critics. Emily CT italy is this. So. Even though we're on the country. Side of the country tricks. Those. Rekts. Roads are official, roles so. You will ever face always, face some awful traffic should. Be aware as. Mukul. Just said you'll hit some traffic from time to time so you should always be careful when riding, around corners but no one expected. What we encountered, this morning. Surprise. Surprise, surprise they, have a party, here prepared. For us so. We're that we cannot, stay. Have. A beer. The. Rest I don't think it's allowed. It's. Like two worlds colliding, a group, of adventure riders and a crowd of let's say spiritual, inspirated. Party people I'm just wondering. Who was more surprised, about this encounter in the middle of nowhere but before, we are really getting Annie to follow their invitation, for some drinks and even something more it's, better to continue with our own schedule that will also get our blood pumping. With. Temperatures, of more than 30 degrees it's, going to be all day again on the bike and we're more than happy to catch some air these, tricks are really fun, to ride with the big adventure, bikes no matter if you are on gravel or on Tomic so, both sums up for day four so far and smiling, faces in our helmets. If. You're planning to write the a city Italy on your own you should keep an eye on our website adventure. Country where, you will find the complete GPS. Track soon getting. Familiar with GPS, navigation by. Track and looking, for some detail maps that cover the region you want to travel is a good preparation, and getting, some friends together for the ride on one of the eight cities is not only highly recommended, by us for safety it's also a lot more fun.

It's, A mess as you can see it's raining. We're. Kind of on top of a mountain I don't know the altitude. But it will be like. 1300. Or something change. Within seconds, now and. It just started raining really, hard, and. Yeah. It's can imagine, a couple, minutes, ago we had like 32. Degrees so. We're just in a very light. Way to uniform. The. Rate is quite cold. Italian. Summer well done yeah. Yeah. It was really from one minute to the other conditions. Here in the mountains they. Changed, quite. Surprisingly. It. Is essential, country track we ever know, yes. We got completely, wet. With. Now. You. Only need to enjoy nothing what, you. Don't have nothing what to do and trying. Yeah. We. Don't have that so. Here we are again in the real a city conditions, that we infected not miss but know very well from the other countries, that we've traveled together during, the last years in, wet conditions some, parts of the last sort of today's Trek could get a bit tricky for unexperienced. Riders. So as always it's up to you if you want to ride the complete wreck or look, for some alternatives, to end the day safely. Day, four of the adventure, country tracks Italy offers you a lot of riding fun with more than 230. Kilometers, in total most, of it is easy to ride but as always track conditions can change with the weather and it's, helpful if you have some good GPS maps on hand to look for alternatives, if needed. Welcome. To our final day here in Italy. So. Here we are on the beginning of day 5 of adventure, country tricks Italy and. Only. 500, metres after leaving the hotel you're. Right in the bush yes. And. After, yesterday's rain we finally, have the proper a CT track, conditions. No. No. Dust that's for sure today but will soon face all kinds, of other Trek conditions, it, almost looks like riding, through the jungle in this first section of day 5 water. Is all over and the vegetation, is covering, you to parts of the track as we progress and with, the surface, getting more and more muddy it doesn't, get easier with the big adventure, bikes ten. Minutes into the trick, absolutely. Exhausted. It's, just two boys who. Went through that sections I think. We're. Gonna pull through the other team I, think. They've. Really drawn, to the water if you drop it there, it's. Done. With, pushing pulling and looking for the best line we have to get one bike after the other through the washed out sections, with slippery locks lying crosswise, to the track in dry conditions, you wouldn't even notice the slight tilts and hitches in the terrain but for us today it turns out to become the first real, challenge of the a city Italy and we, are hoping not to lose too much time, because they pipe will be quite long with 250. Kilometers, to go. Perfect. Just. To wake you up. It's. Good to have all bikes back on the track again after this muddy section, that has cost us almost an hour so, it's absolutely, crucial to stop the riding days quite early and to use as much daylight as possible, especially. With a big group like we are even short passages, can get really time-consuming.

Just Like our next challenge of a CT, Italy's day number five. After. Writing some Tomic and a slight change in the landscape was, more open busey we are entering a downhill section, with some big grooves in part they loose gravel, so, it's really a question of picking the right line and to hope that it will still be a good choice when you come around the next turn this is something that you can't practice often, enough not, losing the drive and staying stable on the bike with some speed it's, easier, said than done in most times but that's the way to do it. It's. Our final day here in Italy and so far we've had everything, that makes a real adventure, in Hawaii five. Days of riding our bikes, exploring. A new destination, and enjoying, the time off from our daily commitments. And just. Like on our last trips this, is a day where we would like to stop the time and stay right where we are and this. Is exactly what the adventure country tracks are made for getting. Out and finding, oneself in the middle of the most beautiful, places to write in Europe right. Now everything, else is just really. Far away it's just us our bikes and the last third of this amazing, new trek through Italy's heart for adventure riders, 1200. Breathtaking, kilometres are almost done so everyone, enjoys the grand finale and today we'll still have some highlights ahead before the finish line. Let's. Adventure, country tricks join. A group and help each other. Adventure. Country tax Italy here at the beach after five days of hard riding long. Long days hard off-road, curvy. On-road, we. Made it and it's, great everybody, almost. Everybody made, it in, one piece, and. I'm. Very very happy this is a year. Of work this, is a year of a, lot, of personal, investment from, a lot of people it's. It's. A lot of work to define, roads. And tracks, that are still. Allowed. To write especially here in Italy and, I'm so happy that we found a great track it's back to check you know it's really really spectacular I did not imagine. That when I've seen the first. Videos. Or when I've seen the first tracks. But. What believe. We did here is, just amazing this is adventure, country, tracks oh, I. Love your most part but she will hit. Weinerman. The summary box. Emilia. Toscana mark Abruzzo. Drop. Zone, e in, Quattro's Rodney listen. To some Kentucky lawmakers or, no for. Estrada Strada, twister. Latest Italia assault, on experience a fantastica. Daddy. Father Dimitri. Fatah. Kalamata, possible men taken on PO DITA sello Emma, Gauri Khan UN piccolo Perico, Pasadena. Trotty Sebata, Perico, a molto, divertente, traversed, a to tofu Seto see a suitor attack on GT c su SE t see. To corroborate online. Tropico. True, baritone line aunty nostra Vita - Terra Nostra photo an, experience a fantastic, Adara Farrakhan emits a 210, cm. Day, five of the adventure, country tracks Italy can become a real challenge, in the rain with, 250. Kilometres it's a quite long stage with some technical section, that require solid, skills and endurance, on the bike even. With a lot of tarmac on the last third of today it's a dignified, end to the 1,200, kilometers, in total of the brand new Italy track, and if, you would like to experience this, adventure, by yourself you're more than welcome to download the complete GPS, track we, would like to thank all partners, for the great support this year and if you would like to become a member of the AC T foundation, just, have a look on our website at, venture. Country tracks calm. You.

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