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Gonna Happen but if you jump into that trottle, and hit the throttle too hard. Well. It's. Not gonna work out too well these guys don't want their tires or their race cars to end up looking like that later today you should have squeezed it in your hand. I. Tried, to. Follow. But, let's hear from Jamie little as well keep it clean down there okay Jamie no, kidding, there's no eggs here, well Adam as we've talked about all eyes will be on Christopher, Bell for this race he's racing here in the Xfinity series at Atlanta for the first time, but in the garage word on the street is he is the one driver who could beat Kevin Harvick I talked to his crew chief Jason Ratcliff he told me the way they can beat Harvick is running the, top and that car was good on the high side he won from the pole and the Truck Series a year ago hopes to make a 2 for 2 here today, interesting. Point there by, Jamie. Where. Do you want to be and, what dictates that chase I think some of its by. Your car right you know if your car's not acting right on the bottom then you move up the track and find some success I think that could definitely be an option for you in the past it doesn't seem like it's been the case here this weekend but typically you pay a little bit of a penalty by running the top too long so I'm curious, to see if he does get up there how long he can make it last and obviously, we know who's gonna be at the bottom all day so ten. Races two, polls that, average, is pretty good he takes the low lane for the start listening, to the 20 team. Run. A bunch of top and 3/4, majority was, definitely part about that but. We did spend a lot of time so, there's. And. You know I think Adam one thing I'm going to be watching really closely and, the competitors. Will as well this, initial, start we've not seen that outside, groove be able to get going at all on the starts and if it comes down to a late restart these. Teams will want to be down on the inside how. Do you manage putting, that power down Chase and getting going up there is it that difficult I think you're just trying to lessen the damage so we. Had a pretty fast Napa Chevy last year started second. To Kevin on at. Least three or four restarts, last year and in the Cup race and, it's. So hard to, get going and stay even with them I mean if you can even just stay anywhere. On his outside even if it's at his back bumper I think that's a victory in itself so these. Cars might not have as big of a. At I'm doing that as the cup cars with that a power but do you think it'll still be tough watch this start because it could mean, big. Repetitions. Later in the race and these the tires they qualified, on they have some laps on them that means a lack of grip Paul, sitar Christopher, Bell inside, of Joey Logano both, looking for their first, Atlanta.

Win Second, race of 2018. We are green here. In handa Georgia. Well. Just as I say that that was proven very, wrong well, that was different than I thought it would as well yeah, he, did have some help Cole, Custer guy had a great start. To so anytime, the gap behind he's, gonna. Look. Outside. Light jumps to the lead as we hit down the back straightaway. Here. Comes Cole Custer diving, to the bottom. Stages. One and two 40. Laps a piece, I got believe that helps these young guys, managing. The long run gives them an out if you will I think so it gives you at, least another opportunity, to work on your car and. If you are having a bad run you're, gonna get bailed out before, you could potentially lose a lap or get too far behind so, that, Christopher. Belle's car looks looks good look free but I was surprised he jumped. At the top there in three minutes lap, see what he does. There, he goes. He's, just looking for maybe some fresh air on the nose of that 20 car look at him get loose there Wow. Sliding off turn four that's, not the way you take care of your tires in the early run and. That's the tough part he was talking to his spotter I think Tony Hirschman is also Kyle, Busch's spotter in the Cup Series so, very. Experienced. Kyle did run a lot on the top of the racetrack in our Cup practice a few minutes ago which, I think if. Anybody know he would. Back. Behind these guys just outside the top 10 the 19, of Brandon, Jones he's now. Evil. Is that information, does your car move around when the winds blowing and you need to put in your mind that, it might not be the setup as much as it could be just the conditions, I think it's, kind of a shock dependent this place is so slick yeah, there's so many other variables going around with no harder than the wind. Would, not pay as much attention to the wind I don't think is it's, maybe some other tracks did you go other places and the car is stuck to the ground more I think you could probably get a better feel for the wind because your variables are lessened but here things, are so slick and everything you do has such a big impact on how your corner is going to unfold, I'd. Be hard-pressed to blame it on the wind there's. The driver to watch we saw the 98, of Kevin Harvick he'll be a player and balancing. His presence, as well outside. Lane around. Logano, p1, for the 20 he, is he's on it man that outside sure does look good and one and two and that. 20 car is it's. Fast so I'm curious to see how the longevity, of it is and then see just. How long it takes that 98 and start working his way forward and the in the perfect situation bail, will find himself with the lead being able to creep away from Logano and then that's when he starts rolling off the throttle and taking care of that tires is that right but I think that's exactly what he's doing he worked a high side to get around Joey right there you can see as soon as he got the clean air back, to the bottom try to save those tires and make it last how about this interesting mix inside. The top five I mentioned, Harvick onboard here he's fifth has won more races at. Atlanta than anyone else in the Xfinity series in fact the only driver entered that. Just, in front of him John Hunter Nemechek had never been in, an Xfinity car prior to practice yesterday great, qualifying, run he's fourth we mentioned Custer Logano and obviously, Belle who's leading this thing you want youth versus, experience we've got a top five let's just go back to sixth and seventh as well then Adam Benjamin. He's, up in the sixth position, Elliott Sadler the, most experienced, racer in the Xfinity series he's, back in seventh so those stories are throughout the top. Have. To touch the guy to get him out of shape and I think John has a little freer that he wants to be look at that save I mean that thing looks like it was gone and look you know here's an interesting thing Jason watch John, Hunter he thinks he's running the bottom but, he's not Kevin. Found a way to get a half a car linked even lower than John Hunter was so, what was the, reaction for, the kid making his debut here's, team 42, Audio. Mike. Shifflett you heard there on the radio has done an outstanding job, with, the group of Chip Ganassi Racing, this, car went. To Victory Lane five times last year with three different. Drivers, and he's obviously got, John Hunter very fast here today and with, him sliding, back look who's jumped into the top five you mentioned, Michael that.

Kyle Benjamin, 20, year old out of easily South Carolina, you see him leading this group here. That's. Just a great job of that young man every, time he qualifies, he qualifies, right up front has great runs not, a lot of experience but certainly an impressive young racer always making the most of his opportunities, and that's what you have to do he, doesn't have many you know in that kind of equipment but I think if he keeps running like he is right now there's, no reason why you won't so I'm. Definitely doing a great job talking, about the kids the. Old vets coming to the front airs contact. And trouble. That's. Unfortunate. Elliott. Sadler the, blue number one, contact. For he John Hunter Nemechek. Innocent. Bystandard, Cole Custer hard crash and likely done. For the day, it's. Just tight racing, we talked about the lack of grip, aerodynamics. Play a big role in that, Cole. Gets down low gets. A little bit loose shoves, John. Hunter up. And, Elliott was there, I think. Elliott had such a big road coming from the outside and I, feel, like John hunter saw him coming he, didn't, have enough room to get, to the pedal and get both of those guys that they both had to run on him but it, just gets, him a little bit there in the in the back bumper and unfortunately. Cole had no choice with the grass below you can't get. Into the grass with these cars because of the front splitter it's that's. A day in there too so coming up to pick a poison and, you know we talked, chase. A whole lot in Daytona about, all the bumping that was bumping, and also blocking that was going on down there the. 42, car John Hunter he was just out of control he slid up in front of Elliott and Elliott, simply couldn't slow down that quickly that wasn't blocking that, was just racing I think, so too I mean you look at the back of his car looks free anytime, somebody gets close, to. Your bumper anywhere, on the racetrack it's gonna make you uncomfortable and I think that was the position he was in right there two words I heard in the garage this morning tire, management that, will dictate what happens here under caution let's, hear from John Hunter. So. Let's go back to the strategy, portion, of this early caution Larry, I said a tire management so what do these guys think and do you dare pit this early well Adam remember there's only four sets of Goodyear tires laying, in the pits and we still have a long way to go we know you and I want to set at the end of stage one and stage two you, have to have at least one set during, that eighty-three lap run at the end yeah, tomorrow, if this was the Cup race Alan, Gustafson would, be telling chase bring it to me for four tires way, too early to waste a set of tires right now with only four laying in the pits and he wouldn't have to tell you more than once right no, I think I'd be telling him before he. Definitely. Right but these guys have a game to play with the limited amount of tire and. It. Makes it tough the biggest thing is as you know you have to have them at the end of the race or you're out to launch so I'd rather bite the bullet now than later so first, start for Nemechek, and I would say the learning curve has been on. High Regan, yeah. You know the one thing that you have to learn when you're a new driver is new spotters, he's working with a spotter that he's never worked with before today the other thing that they told John, Hunter just now on the radio was to cool his tires down so that's a sign guys you're not gonna see anybody on pit road here like Larry Mac just said they got to save these tires and I talked to every crew chief up and down this pit road today they, all said the same thing unless we have something really, bad happen, in the first forty or second, 40 laps you're not gonna see us on pit row to the end of those stages Derek Nealon is on the spotter stand today for John Hunter Nemechek he's one of the best worse with Larson on Sunday. So he understands, what this place is all about and. Is there enough damage to that left rear tire there, on the 42 chase you think to cause some issues I noticed the Goodyear, was rubbed off of it it. Could be definitely, a question. I'm. Sure they're gonna be monitoring that as the, as the caution goes those tires are you, know they're asked a lot, out of them you know and to have any any type of contact is definitely concerning so we'll, see leaders.

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Roll. Into the line I think I might have jinxed. Kyle over the pit I thought he's. Been doing a great job it's just so hard to get going outside lane and I think he was going to try to roll up to Joey. And give him a good shove and really. Give Joey a lot of credit for having the restart, he did without any push, behind him. Go. On board with Kevin Harvick this shot of being entertaining, to watch this is going to be incredible, a good Busch like chase scent and then you Claire. Christopher. In the ending he was going to continue to push him and once he open that lane it was all bets off, I get the feeling watching, Harvick, early he's, sick hearing about all these young talented, kids in the Xfinity series he's here to let everyone know this is still my house huh it is man he does such a good job here and you, know now that he's out front of this race I think, these other guys are really gonna have to be aware, of what's, go, and watch his face because he does a great job of doing, his own thing and making the race is only. Halfway through our first stage and Cole Custer already, out, of the event Jaime and. He started in the top five was battling for the top. I. Mean. The 42, is kind of missing his marks a little damages, he's looked like it was pretty loose so I got underneath them and all. Of a sudden it looked like you got sideways going on the front. Stretch and you hit me so I don't know exactly. What happened I'm just kind of riding at that point and trying to take care of my tires but uh. Yeah. I don't. We'll. See I guess I, guess. The one hit him, I. Don't. Know why he was hard, that one was there, early in the race but sucks for us we had got a pretty awesome H Mustang we'll go, keep going now we'll, be good in Vegas. Frustrating. End of the day for Cole Custer meanwhile, Daniel Henrik polled last week at Daytona, he made a nice move there inside. Of three wide he's up to six and you know Adam, this is a driver that I look for. A lot out of in 2018. He had a very strong car down at Miami had some mechanical, issues, with it I think the, RCR. Fleet. Is gonna be stronger this year and I just believe Daniel Hibbert's gonna win multiple races and race for a championship I definitely don't see why not it Daniel is a guy done, a lot of racing with over, again. Some short track history with him and and I know, how. Talented he is I know what he's done with the equipment he's happy over the years he is an extreme, overachiever, and this racetrack is right up his alley much like Homestead Miami was with this wore-out service, and really, having to be patient, and run your own race so I expect him to have a good solid. Day and would not be surprised to see him keep moving forward Bell on the move once again outside Logano, that's for second, you know you talked about him Rick and most would have said last year was a down year for, Richard, Childress Racing they, didn't win but, despite that, Hamrick. Is a rookie that gets to the championship. Four and had such, an amazing season kind of defined the odds when, you look at what that are see our group was up, against, in 2017. What do you have for us Regan Adam. We see Joey Logano losing a spot right there falling back to the third position, he's complaining about his race car being really loose in and off but, he also took note that, Kevin Hart. More, speed into, the corner than he can these guys all day long are going to be comparing, themselves to Kevin and looking at Kevin's car for, what they want their car to do better and, you know Adam if you try to run the bottom like Kevin and he. Runs away from you you got to do something different and I think that's what most drivers struggle, with they try to hit that Kevin Harvick groove and then, all of a sudden they look over and Kevin's lower than they are and crisper, Bell has, decided that he's going to take his car to the outside, run, around the top Logano, still committed to the bottom and look at bail there's a lot of speed up there I think, chase we all try to determine. Is, running, up high hard, on your tires does it burn them off faster, or is it worth the gamble, I think, it's tough throwing your tires personally, at least at least come race time you know I think you. Bring up a good point because Kevin. Does we're on the bottom better. Than most anybody but, when you do have a car maybe in Christopher Belle's case that might be better than Kevin Harvick's today what, are you gonna do when you get there because you know he's not coming off the bottom so that's when you do have to take a bit of a gamble and maybe move around try, to find something different Henrick, into the top five goes, inside of tyler Redick gonna bring the 42, of, John Hunter Nemechek, with him. Backside, of the top ten seeing, some good things for Ryan Reed he. Was solid last week at Daytona he's, ninth Ryan, Truex, in. The tenth position, Kevin Harvick, leading, at Atlanta, have you ever heard, that phrase before.

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Guys A hit pit road right here they're gonna do four tires not, really sure if he's got a tire down. Seven. Laps to go stage one certainly. Would. Because he will lose. A lap, also. At Jeremy Clements come down pit road he had an uncontrolled, tire he'll, get penalized Regan. Downing. The right front tire comes off it's absolutely, shredded we see that a lot on the first runs here and Atlanta a good, job by him to diagnose it and Michael, Annett having a tire issue as well, there you see the remains of that right rear we, stay green as, of now six, laps to go in, this opening stage. You. Think that would eventually bring out the caution, and. That is now made his way onto the pit lane. Keep. In mind these, are the tires that we qualified, on earlier, today and. Crew. Chiefs were really concerned, about the longevity left. Your screen Kevin. Harvick putting. Spencer boiled down to the 76, and, there's. The caution they found it. Second. One of the day. That. Would be a bit of a break for. John. Hunter I think I think he only lost one lap. Get. Back in position to, get that free pass and back into contention you want points, at the end of the stage but, you also want to gain track, position at. The beginning of stage two Larry. McReynolds, what game you playing here, this, is, a tough, call because you, got to believe we're only going to go back racing maybe, for one or two laps, I just. Believe if, I'm here to try to win this race I'm gonna go ahead and come to pit road and we know that's what Kevin Harvick is all about but, I got to believe we're gonna see a lot of those Xfinity, series regulars, hang out there and try to hang on for a lap or two and collect those stage points this is totally. A chess, match right here and I'm not 100%, sure that we will get back green four laps to go they make their pit stop you'll have three to go it's, not unprecedented you, just have a one lap shootout, to end of stage but it could come down to that here. Teams. Are poised and ready to, hit. The pit. Road and get four tires but I'm with Larry, McReynolds. I think this these. Teams that are racing for an Xfinity championship, stay out and get stage points, McDonald. Harvick come three pass to Michael Annett he was the first car one lap down at the time a caution, that's significant. To point out good for John Hunter Nemechek, who. Could probably if, everyone comes here take the the wave around and play a little strategy, knowing the caution is coming in just, a few more laps with a stage in last thing we should point out a change, to pit procedures, in, 2018. Only for guys servicing. The car plus, the fuel man who can only fuel, the machine a lot, of fuel only two-tire, stops last week we know they're getting four here we'll, see what role that plays a, number, of them coming down Logano stays out Harvick, and others getting, serviced Jamie and. Many, of them including, Elliott Sadler in the 1 Christopher. Bell in the 20. Kristopher, Toulouse. Sadler needs help on accent regen, Daniel. Henrik heads into the pits with his race car he's been good through turns three and four but he's getting killed and turns one and two they're gonna make a wedge adjustment take, four tires fuel and send him on this way the. Stop for Harvick, 15.5. You, can't ask for any more than that when you're getting four tires fuel, perhaps, an adjustment in the 18 second, range for Sadler and bail that's about what, we expected, these things could be all over the board Adam, with these teams learning, how to adapt. To these new rules. Brian. Reid with a nice jump his crew doing a good job four tires he goes up two, positions, on that cycle of stops we know that Joey Logano stayed out so did ty Dillon, and Austin, syndrich. When. They come around there'll be two to go big questions, on if we'll get back green or not I would guess we would possibly, get one to go here and have a one lap shootout, I hope, so and if you ever wondered, how important these tires are.

Taking, If we get a 1 1, lap shoot off out you're gonna love what you see there. Is no doubt. Wow. This, is just a product of you. Know the the first, run of the day obviously the track does have some rubber on it but these guys may be pushing a little, harder than they even think. They were to, have, tire issues, and I. Would you, know for it to happen at the exact same time I don't think it was just all coincidence so, why would, you stay out in this language. Why would, you stay out let's find out the reason for the 20. I'm. Glad he's optimistic because I guarantee I wouldn't be this. This. Is gonna be fun. One. Lap of chaos I think could be what we see here I think, so. Daniel. Hemmer catch some issues when he came down pit road a moment ago I'm gonna restart 15th, I. Think. Another thing too we have to add about these pit stops is with, the limited, amount of, men. You have going over the wall it's, very important to have your car driving good because even a, minor. Adjustment of, a jack. Bolt here there you, know around to the right rear round out the left rear that's adding a substantial. Amount of time way more than it did before so, I think guys who are happy with their cars as a day goes along to, make minimal amount, of adjustments, on pit road they're just gonna continue, to have fast pit stops love, that kids in the grandstands, watching their favorite racers, go at it chase, as a driver, we talked a lot, about the new procedures, on pit road the slower stops, how, does that change your game do you just have to sit there and think that this is taking forever because, you've never felt stops, and slow well it definitely does feel a little bit slower you're still going off the same visual cues but I think now more, than ever very, important, to make sure you hit your mark coming to pit road with, the tire, changer, carrying, his tire you have to make sure you're on the money. Restart. With. Nine. Cars date on the track. Jelly. With a great restart I think he's going to be. Maybe. Not all that tough to get to kick ready. To second, place Wow, Harvick, on those fresh tires from. Like tenth the second, off return to and, he's, gonna find a way to win this stage I believe there. Should be no contest. He's. Bringing Christopher, Bell with him Ryan, Reed there as well how. Much do tires mean, that. Much, stage. One belongs, to. And. The. Back of the pack, was that chaos, we talked about they were four wives slipping, and sliding Wow.

Had. A great restart, execute. It perfectly. Things. Worked out for him. That, was awesome, Harvick. Went stage one Bell was second, read Logano, reading the top five back. To Atlanta, after a break on fs1. From. The director of The Fast and Furious. Here. Goes nothing. It's. Good the money. The hurricane, heist. For, the pg13 only in theaters March 9. Here. You will to your oil change comes with the tire rotation, as well. Our. 1999, oil change also includes a tire rotation, book, an appointment online long, john silver's lets you skip your trip to the same-old same-old and, indulge. In a different, new different new like. Our classic, Alaskan, cod and shrimp basket for just a 590, now change, up what you're used to at Long John Silver's. Struggling. With student death, refinance. At credible dot-com where people have saved on average eighteen, thousand, dollars over the life of their loans stop. Paying too much on your student loans visit, credible, calm, before your, next payment is due you. Can, get 100 zips pop and play pimples for $19.99, and free shipping must be 18 or older to order. It's. A frozen world but right now it's thought out somewhere, is a season, of opportunity, and I've got to grab it. Life. Below zero the fall new episodes, Thursdays at 9:00 on, National, Geographic. Across Tampa tonight. 7:00, Eastern 4:00 Pacific on, that fest. What's. Happening. You. Both need to be watching that on the iPhone with horizon the best streaming network how long we been here. Get. The best Unlimited on the most awarded Network my iPhone eight and get one on us with no trade and required. Stage. One is complete here at Atlanta Motor Speedway, it's Kevin Harvick who gets the win he led 23, laps, Joey Logano finished. The stage fourth. You. Know as much as we were looking forward to watching. It at him I think Joey Logano wasn't, so much looking forward to experiencing. Experiencing. It and in the back of the pack them, being for three or four why just crazy racing, I think, it's pretty safe to say he's coming for his tires, ASAP. If not sooner the question I'd have is is the, one lap, shootout that we had there for those drivers that didn't come down pit road what's. Their fall-off gonna be on the next run because Logano, and others, gonna have much fresher, tires but no track, position, here they are Regan yeah. We got a lot of cars on this on to pit road hitting the pits right now the 3 car of Ty, Dillon hits, pits he's gonna get four tires and fuel has it said a lot about his racecar yet the 12 car of Austin syndrich he's gonna hit the pits he has been loose all day long, wants his car tightened up just a little bit four tires and fuel and Joey Logano loose, in and off of the corners he said to work on the entry more than the exit four tires and an air pressure adjustment. All. Those cars stayed out they. Made up the top ten on that restart with one lap to go in the stage and only, three of them finished, stage one, inside.

The, Top ten Bell, one of those had pitted at lap 37, just before the stage came, to a close he rallied back to second, a good, opening stage for the kid out of Tulsa Oklahoma. Well. I think we were going to go to it. The. Same thought process we, did I said, Tulsa Oklahoma he's Norman, Oklahoma but. A lot of success, in Tulsa, winning the Chili Bowl the last two. Years I. Will. Try again hey. Christopher chase Elliott and fs1, booth got me. I. Mean. Looks like you have a strong car there today I'm, just curious if you feel like you can keep up with Kevin a and B, do you think you have, enough pace around the top to get around him if, you do. Good. Luck to you. That. Runner-up finishes big after, crashing, early last week at Daytona. To, get some points, back he gets nine there in stage run one with that runner-up, finish. Wi-Fi. We. Literally. Cannot, live, without it so. If you can't live without it why aren't you using visca. It makes your Wi-Fi awesomely, fast no still, no now we're talking, it gets your Wi-Fi, here here, and here, it. Even lets you take a timeout. Yes. Indeed. Amazing, speed coverage. And control, all with an x5, game find, your awesome, and change the way. I. Solemnly. Swear, to. Love you, to. Cherish, and, adore you I can't, help but to come back to you it'll. Just be you and me. And. That irresistible, special. Sauce. Rediscover. Your love, for. The Big Mac, and. It's special sauce and for. A limited time only, try the Mac junior and grand big mac. Best, western rewards, you enough flash with points that never expire, earn a free night theft at over 4,200. Hotels worldwide look. Now at fast western calm and get a $10, gift card with every stay, it's. Golden Corral's prime real than shrimp spectacular. Slow roasted, prime rib butterfly, shrimp bone and catfish and more it's time to saddle up the program, and shrimp spectacular, just, $13.99. Every, night your choice. Excuse. Me sir. That's. One yes. For. Arranging these pillows that appealing for show you deserve. The. Big one I was in the back. It's. The big price drop at Mattress Firm. For. The first time ever we've dropped the price of a king to a queen and the price of a queen to its wind across, every. Brand your, budget stretches further at Mattress. Firm. I'm. Ready to go stage 2 here at Atlanta for the NASCAR, Xfinity series, to look at our Ford performance, track facts, last, repave, here. 1997. Second. Oldest asphalt, surface, when you look at the Xfinity series schedule the, oldest, Auto Club will be there in a few weeks time we go to Southern California in, the Roush Fenway organization.

The All-time wins leader here, seven. Times they. Have been to Victory Lane at, AMS. So. The opening stage goes to Kevin Harvick but I'm looking at those drivers that stayed out at, the at the end of stage one and then. Came down pit road once we got that caution Joey, Logano Austin, syndrich ty Dillon they're gonna restart, 21st, gonna be fun to watch them try to make their way back through the field just like it was on that last restart you're not gonna believe the action back in the pack because chase you guys don't worry so much about, one, lap on the tires it's the cycle, getting them hot and cooling them off that takes grip away it does I don't think that one laughs is gonna hurt him all that bad personally, I think the biggest fact, is they, lost all their track position, right so you, know Joey goes from being solidly. Inside the top five -, now you, know back of the field I don't think it's gonna take him long to get back but still that, puts you at a bit of a deficit mid race I raced. In that race in 1997. Here Adam Jeff bodean set the track record over 197. Were, you in that race Jason I was, 2 years old. Wondering. You're. Good you know that daddy. Was in it leave the stats to me. Harvick. Takes the inside lane bell outside, stage, to. Me. Bell didn't, match Harvick, space on that restart, but, he got a decent start up there yeah good enough to get him back to second here you know I think talking to him on the radio there a second to go up I feel like he, wants to fall in line here try to conserve some tire you, know have a long ways to go yet, in this stage and look at Joey Logano already around, the outside he does have that extra. Lap fresher tires so apparently. It's worth a little something 21st, to top 10 this reminds me of the opening, of the race last week at Daytona, unapproved. Changes, to the rear and he, went right to, the front and, I want to say thank you for last week at Daytona you, guys were very entertaining. Out there on that racetrack what an amazing event that was it was a so much fun I, had, a blast Joey and myself and, Kyle. There. Throughout that second stage I mean we were racing. Hard, I mean it was you. Could tell none of us were holding, anything back. Knowing. That we had no points to gain I feel like. We can't let things loose a little bit last Saturday so we, had a good time it looked like you were on vacation out, there you cup regulars yeah it was I, wouldn't, say vacation, but it was still fun and you know to rate those are two great racers two, guys I enjoy racing with they they get it and they, know what they're doing we I felt, like we all knew kind of how hard we could push it on Saturday, and those cars were in the track and allowed. Us to be pretty aggressive and, maybe.

Not The smartest moves, from time to time but we were willing, to take the chance good. Restart for Harvick, you look left of our screen here, but, not. Letting him get away, yeah and I've noticed Kevin, didn't run the dead bottom of the racetrack the last couple of laps and three and four you could see that's a perfect exit, right there watch how long he's, on that yellow line leaving, turn two that's how you want to do it the gap increased, but he's been off a little bit in three and four for some reason. I don't, think it'll take him long to find it again but I do think you know as. Christopher, has closed that gap he's, getting to a point now or that arrow advantage, that kevin has being a lead car is going to start giving Christopher, a bit of an issue so to me I think about that distance and anything closer he might have to start searching around and that's just a decision that he's gonna have to make is hey you, know is my car that much better than his where I can move up the racetrack find, a new Lane some fresh air get, the pass done in a timely manner to get back to the bottom and still. Have some tire left to make the rest of the stage the, run continues, for Joey Logano inside. The top five. Back. Behind him, battle for six Tyler Reddick into White number nine the 11 is Ryan. Truex. Ryan. Doing such a great job very. Deserving of his opportunity, as well I think safe to say so. A little nudge from justin allgaier but, still doing a great job and, making, the most of his opportunities, which is always great to see first, time we've mentioned justin, allgaier inside, the top ten today all those Junior, Motorsports, cars starting to find their way we had the tire issue for, Michael Annett but the other three Allgaier, seen here we pop Tyler etic and Elliott. Sadler's, up inside the top five he's fifth right now about. A little 7-eleven, what do you think that, works sometimes and. Other times, the. Slurpees, are not on sale look at that Wow. Doesn't. Take much I think that just goes to show you you, know how on. Edge the, tire is with the racetrack and how little grip there is even going down the straightaway the cars are light and when. You have some extra push or something that's not typically there might give a little bit of problem what about top. 10 last, week at Daytona and really. Doing a nice job of tackling, Atlanta. This weekend, Jamie. 19. In the walls coming. Down and, a daring, move to get to the pit lane how close was that closer. Than I would, have liked it I mean it made me nervous, up here watching that was that. Was bold, this, was his, ball to move is you can't make when it comes to getting to pit road that was. Impressive. Or not I'm not sure. Miss. 113 and then made to move down with that right front tire issue Michael, oh man he just barely ducks inside that was a great move was. That Ryan Sieg that was able to jump to the outside and Miss. Jones. Wow, was. The heads-up move by by him coming in behind him because that could, have been ugly and, we documented Joey Logano coming through the field after making that pit stop into stage one ty. Dillon doing the same thing he restarted, outside the top 20 free. Car in the ninth position. With. 25. To go in stage two Harvick, Belle Logano, Reed and, Elliott, Sadler. Average. Work cats versus, a brood, of angry beavers. Duluth. Fire hose word pads versus, a brood, of angry beavers. Duluth. Trading fire, hose work dance tougher, than a giant, angry beavers, brood get. A pair only, at Duluth stores and Duluth trading calm. And. Long live the trucks that give you the strength, to do more. Now. Get an average nine thousand, six oh nine in total values on the 2018 Ram 3500, limited, crew cab with a Cummins diesel legend, Long. John Silver's, lets you skip your trip to the same-old same-old and, indulge. In the different, new different new like. Our classic, Alaskan, cod and shrimp basket for just $5.99 change. Up what you're used to at Long John Silver's. Best, Western rewards, you enough flash we points the never expire, earn a free night theft at over 4200. Hotels worldwide look. Now at bats western calm and get a $10, gift card with every stay. Attention. If you currently wear eyeglasses or contact, lenses stay tuned for an important message are. You tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses have. You had it with the way they put a strain on your life and your wallet the, LASIK, vision Institute, could be what you've been searching for with, procedures, starting as low as, $299. Per eye and, over 1 million procedures, performed, by our trusted independent, surgeons lasik, surgery is a sensible, safe, and affordable, solution, to improve your vision better vision can be both safe and easy with the LASIK vision Institute our, simple, 3-step, process begins, with a free evaluation followed.

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Eve Debut, here this afternoon. Good, effort for Jack Roush you know I thought when this race started chase this young man would race forward he's a dirt racer this place is all, about flipping, his lot he's done a nice job yes. And I think as he you, know heard him talk earlier. About how just, how different these Xfinity, cars are from the trucks and he spent most of his time here in the NASCAR rolled in truck so I'm, curious to see how he works out this afternoon and I'm sure he's learned as the day goes along Nemechek also, making, his debut to talk to you through what's been a wild, start to the race for him but he does now find, himself back in the 15th position in contention, for a great run Matt Tifft by him change teams of the offseason from Joe Gibbs Racing where he made the playoffs as a rookie a year, ago over to RCR, nice. Job to just steady and consistent, another. Kid that's doing a great job our Daytona. 2017. Truck Series winner and. That's cast Rolla Casas, with with this team only his second Xfinity, start top five at Daytona and I'm more impressed today, with what he's doing running in the top five along with that cat chasing him Ross Chastain Chastain. A top-ten, run in the season opener last week, driving for Johnny Davis JD. Jadey, Motorsports, putting two cars inside. The top 10 Ross who was ninth and his teammate Garrett Smith Lee who, had a career, best top. Five run at. The world center of racing Adam. Watch this, Kevin. Harvick right he's led the most. He's driving away from the field he's dominating. But watch his hands down. In the corner what just man go to work. Awesome, he's, three wide in traffic and he's using as. Much as he gets his hand he, is and you know he has a nice comfortable. Lead right now so you know working through that lap traffic he's in no rush to you. Know have anything happened that he's. Not looking. He, does a great job a lot of discipline, but, he's disciplined with speed and that's the difference a lot of guys take this. The speed to do that he certainly does it so but. You think the key to maybe this cars successes. How much he's turning right like when he's getting on the gas it's just it's almost driving, him with the back tire he's. Driving with the throttle for sure and I think that's you know part of the race shock being old and wore out when you do apply gas. And you go to put power down the back tires in the back of the car kind of wants to come out for an eighth you at times and he, just has a good balance of what he's looking for with the front tires i'm, on a wheeeeel he wants to put in you guys put too much wheels to where he. Gets himself in trouble but coming. To one to get here in stage two Abby puts Alex, lebay, a lap down Alex. In 19th, running for Rookie of the Year, honors and. At a driver down here making. His way in that car but. He was thinking why's Kevin, have been in such a hurry only needed one more lap to stay on the lead lap he's. Been dominant here Kevin Harvick the four wins for top fives top tens laps led than anybody. In the, Xfinity series at, Atlanta, Motor Speedway and had. The stat line here today one stage, one, he's. Going to do the same in stage number two, back, to the line its driver 98. P1, once. Again. Second. To Christopher, Bell, Joey. Logano gonna, finish third after restarting. The stage in 21st. Sadler. In the top five so, as his teammate, Tyler Reddick. Others. In the top 10 Justin Allgaier. Austin. Syndrich ty Dillon Daniel Henrik and Ryan. Reed. Halfway. Home at Atlanta Motor Speedway it's. The Kevin Harvick.

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Don't Want to go, out early if you can avoid it. Yeah. You definitely want to stick, around as long as you can try to learn as much as possible and, I think. You just have to really. Put a whole race together and get some laps together, and, put, a run a whole tire run and see where your car goes to try to better your chances when you come back one. Of those young guys Tyler Redick what do they think down there tonight can Regan yab, sit here with Dave Owens right now Dave we just highlighted the success you've had over your career with a number of different drivers another, young guy to work with Tyler Redick how's things going for him today out there he's, doing a really good job out there making a lot of passes, and taking care of the tires really well so, we're looking forward, to the end of this race he's done a really good job managing the long run so we're excited to see where it comes out. That's, a beautiful number 9 car Nationwide, Children's Hospital, was on it and the butterflys, great. Initiative. Dale jr. and all that team does for nationwide. Everybody. Gonna have to pit at least one, more time. When. You do that chase you

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