ADRİYATİK DENİZİNE ATLADIM! - Hırvatistan Sınırında Mağaralar

ADRİYATİK DENİZİNE ATLADIM! - Hırvatistan Sınırında Mağaralar

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I'm swimming in the Adriatic sea right now. We are now at the Montenegrin Croatian border. So many caves along the coast here. The colour of the water is incredible. It's so nice. I'm in the sea for the first time after the last summer. It feels amazing. Tito says 'do not struggle over something that is not ours but fight to the end for the one that is ours.'

Why are you doing that on your head? When you sweat, this holds the drops so your skin doesn't ruin. Nice info There's something weird going on... I feel it but can't name it. I came. This is our street. I really don't want to leave this place. Look at this!

The other day I crashed my drone so need to fix it here first. I'm happy that I got back-ups. Look at that! I was telling myself when these spare parts would help... :) It's only one sided anyway? - Exactly.

So it doesn't matter which side you put? - I think so. We are now heading up to the Kotor castle. Do you know the road? - Yes I do.

It's 1350 steps! It's around 8-10 km It's normally 8 euros for entrance. After the pandemic, they lifted the personnel here. I'm so exhausted from the last few days of cycling. I was hiking up with someone else the other day. I told him we are almost half the way. He thought I was joking but I wasn't. I said it's only half the way. He was done. I'll take off my tshirt because of the sunburn.

Yes me too! The view is getting more and more beautiful as we are going up. It's incredible on top! If you come to Kotor, this is a must they said. I'm telling you... You won't believe your eyes. Why are you doing that on your head? When you sweat, this prevents the drops to ruin your skin.

Good info! If I was living here, I'd do this everyday for the sake of exercise. I actually want it too I guess we are still not the half way. Right? Maybe we are almost half the way. You see that flag over there. That's the point we are going.

The castle is built by the Venetians. We will see soon. We entered into somewhere now. It's part part. Think of a town. People were living here and the king was on top.

It's so steep now. We are almost there! Flag is close. It's going over my expectations from now already. I think we are almost there. The last bridge. Look at this!!

Tiring! We are now under the Montenegrin flag. Who knows how many people died during the constuction. We are so high up in the hill right now. It wasn't looking like that when we were in the town. This viewpoint is in the behind of the castle. Not many bloggers mention this one.

It's incredible for me! We are now sailing away in the Kotor bay first. He'll explain you where we are heading for We are now in the small artificial island called Our Lady of the Rocks. We are now right in the front corner of the Perast.

Let's get in this church in the middle of nowhere. We are now going towards the Adriatic sea. The reason of the rock-looking things on top are camouflage. They are not rocks.

Look at the colour! They call it Blue Cave. You see how blue it is. There are only rocks at the bottom. Due to the sunlight, it becomes super blue. There's another cave which is incredible long one. Come to the water! It's sooo great This is blue cave that we passed a few moments ago.

I'm now swimming in the adriatic sea. This is the croatian border. There are many caves along the sea The colour... This is amazing. I jumped into the sea for the first time after the last summer. Let's go in the cave. Everyone jumped in the water now.

I'm now going through Kotor park. Going towards the old town Kotor. When you use the kitchen, you have to clean your own mess. You can always use it for free but you must clean it, which is a fair deal. Nobody has to wash your mess. I'm now going for breakfast. There's a famous slice pizza seller.

The other day I was walking down the old kotor streets and heard some Turkish. Then I wanted to say hi. They are Turkish merchants living here. I contacted the official tourism office in Kotor so we'll witness the history from the right people's explanations. And we'll get in the old town Kotor from this main gate. And this is our amazing balcony in the hostel.

The ring is off for me since I'm now going to Budva. Let's pack my bags :) I'm now leaving the most historical-looking hostel and heading for Budva. Everyone who comes here need to find Milan. He's been so helpful. I'm now going to Budva and it'll probably take around 45 minutes.

I got my backpacks again and walking in the Medieval times. And another town is left behind... It's getting crowded since the weather is getting better and the season is starting. I'm leaving guys! Don't say big words. You may come back! Good luck! Safe travels! - You too guys...

2021-06-29 07:44

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