Adventuring Penang National Park!!! (Kerachut Beach & Monkey Beach)

Adventuring Penang National Park!!! (Kerachut Beach & Monkey Beach)

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Oh everybody. I'm, here waiting for I want to go on the, hop. On hop off. I am. In the bus right now so, it's, just. Get. On it and. Yeah, I'm just gonna see what, they. Kind. Of show us. We. Stopped at this in a change, to. Catch another bus to go to the other side and we. Managed, to get our booster, otherwise. It's. Not going to make our day so, yeah we, we get coffee. At. The, convenience, store over, there, the. Bus gonna be here very very soon. And. Then we're gonna go, further. More towards. The, place where we we want to see. Believe. It or not I am at the, national, park. Registration. Office, so I'm going to go register and, then. We're gonna get we're. Gonna head, out ahead, into, the forest the jungle. Okay. Let me do the registration, and. I'll. Keep taking videos, this week in heart right, now and. There's, you can see the ocean over, there it's, very very hard but, once. We get inside it's going to be cooler, so. So. We're gonna start working on the trail. According. To the map it will it's. 1. Hour and 20 minute walk but, of, course it's going to take longer because we're gonna see things here. In there and. Let's. Go with this. Okay. We. Are plumping up the hill right. Now. And, we'll. Keep moving this journey. So. This is the. Penang. National. Park. And. It here, is the boundary. So. In order to get here we. Have to get permission that's why we have to register it office. All. Right. This. Hill is very steep. Guys. I'll, be honest with you I have, been climb a hill like this, for. Help like 16, to. 17 years, how was 17, 16. 17 years ago and this. Is the. Toughest one that. I have into. So. From. The start have an hour oh my. God like I have. Taken. 15. Time. To stop to. Take a breather, I. Thought. The. Is. Not gonna be this tough but it's. Okay it's worth, it's. Worth doing though, oh. I. Cannot. Talk it, I hold. My camera and keep. To be the video, but. I know it is this one haven't. Do it for a very long time. Okay. We, just passed the top of the mountain, round and. I'm. Taking, another breather. These. Tough guys I'll. Be honest with you, now. He's. We're gonna go downhill. But. I think it's gonna be much better than. Go. Up go. Down play, of. Course you, have to use your strength. And energy. Yeah. Whatever. I'm. Hoping to get bounded, island very soon, I. Need. To get moving. Yeah. We are close to. Punk. Tighter on to it, and. We'll. See I like. This bridge it's, so cute. Yeah. Guys, I'm, telling you. I've. Never been tired for, very. Very long in, my life. Trust. Me oh my god this bridge is shaking whoo. Look, at that I don't know how they call it I at. The Information. Center told. Us this is something. Sometimes. We get lucky, when. It's water like this sometime, it's very dry. So. Yeah. It's. I'm. Happy we finally you, know what it took us two hours to get here from the from. A stop point till here. Welcome. And very, very. Sweaty. But. I'm happy though as, you can see the, who. Yet to see the ocean and it's very very nice there people playing cause it's today Sunday. Yeah. And, I like the rocks and stuff like that over there it. Is very pretty very. Very. Pretty. Kids. Are playing. Fool. Look. At the sand I think I don't know if this can focus, very well because. It's very bright, and sunny. So. What. Does it say. In. The lake that. You observe, at this moment is not as maro. Medic Lake do you know that in Malaysia this kind. Of Lake can only be found at, pinang, national park. As, a matter of fact the lake is only. Available, at 19 places, around the world what. Make is so attractive and unique.

The. More memama, tick refers. To the, two layers of sea, and water. River. Water which does not mix with each other, freshwater is relatively. Lower and. Density. Has, compared, to the hypo. Saline sea water can. You guess which type of water occupies. The upper layer this, lake is covering, an area of. 2.77. Kilometers. Square. With, a, maximum. Depth of nine feet in full. Capacity the left lake can, provide, water to. 2,500. Household. For. One year well. Before. They call it the, unique lake it's over, there, so. That is. What I was saying earlier, so, normally sometimes when people come over it's dry, but we got lucky this time according. To the, information. Center when we come, over we. Just got lucky though, so so, the water you can tell the difference, if there, is a little I. Think. The the. The. Water from the ocean is slightly. Milky. Kind, of color but the other one it's a little bit darker grading. Greenish. Color. You. See that guy is fishing. Over there I don't. Know how to zoom this so. He's yeah. This. Is very interesting. And look at that month, I. Mean. So. Yeah. We're. Waiting for a boat to come over and pick us up so we're gonna go by by. The sea. Right. In. 250. Meters there, will be a. Total. Center. Conservation. Total. Conservation Center over there so we're, gonna hit there well. Though both supposed to be here at 2 o'clock so we gonna be we. Try to walk so fast as fast as we can right. Let's. Move. Rick, Peter. So. Here is the. Federal. Conservation. Information. Center. But I want to see the real total, it's. Just the information. I. Hope, we can see it maybe should. Go a, little bit, up. Or. Further. I mean father, I'm. Very weak now, that's. What happened. Like. This. This. Startup. Oh. Wow. That's, so pretty. So. Pretty, I. Didn't. They didn't put the name for, what, time for, type of turtle so, little. Bit whatever. Let's. Go. Here. Is all the information. Not. Full of, information. I, think. When. They come over to lay eggs it's here. This. So. They will put the cage just, protect.

The Eggs. Here. Here, for. Whole. This place here. And, the stick like this I don't know whether this I think, this is the old one though, they. Won't be here, it. Does not like it's very, new. All. Right. I'm. Gonna go back to the jetty no, boats probably, here already in about ten. Minutes, so. Before. They left first before, they leave first we should go now. Next. Stop is, a. Monkey. Monkey. Beach. So, yeah. We are in the boat right now heading, towards the monkey beach. Arystar. Forgot, all auto just, one how. Many. One. Family, Oh. For. Whoa. I mean. That. Not, MEA. Oh really. Nice. Whole. Trees. You. Can see it's very big. Right, there, you. See my finger. Yeah. We. At monkey, Beach, right now and the. Place is quite small, but it's very pretty, and I, don't have any idea, what I see first is this thing. Why, do they have this kind of things is, it for lovebirds, or. What I have, no damn. Clue. Yeah. This. Is nice, there are small, table. Created. Rings and. High. Marks everywhere. Tent. Over there so. And. Tent, over there this one kind, of cute this place. It's. Two o'clock in afternoon. I'm very hungry I haven't eat anything so, I came. To monkey. Rich and. I ordered a platter, of seafood. It has, fish. Prawns. And, chicken. Just. Like so. And. Pepsi. And a, bread. So. I'm, going to eat. Eat. She. Came. Which, is grilled off all of it the, grill, they make grilled chicken. Grill. Fish. Grilled. Prawns I. Don't. Know what this is burger. Burger, patty. Seafood. Seafood. If, you come to, Penang. And you wanna go to, National. Park take. A boat back and stop at Monkey, Island, and. You will see there's a lot of, people. Here as well although it's a small island but it's, kind of cute though looks whoops looks, good. Tron. Look. At the fish it's a grill fish. Guys. We, finished seeing. The, food. Is finished, and, the whole thing is finished so I've just get. Them to book, the. Boat to come over and pick us up to go back to the starting point, so. Yeah meanwhile, we're, just gonna chill and have Pepsi. Right. Now and, it's very hot or really.

Half-past. Two but, it's going to be alright I mean once we hit that the, starting point we're going to go back, to. Downtown. To. The end of the road so that was. So, much, fun except, for climbing, the mountain. Boat. Ride and. Food. Everything. Else was good, it. Is, worth paying for so. I'm. Gonna end this video here. I'm. Gonna get it uploaded and, if, you guys come across my video, kindly, skipper. Commands. Give, it a thumbs up I will. Be uploading more videos, you. Guys have a great day and bye for now.

2018-08-10 16:37

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