Africa's Best Kept Secret / The ONLY Over The Water Villa in Kenya / A True Dream Vacation

Africa's Best Kept Secret /  The ONLY Over The Water Villa in Kenya / A True Dream Vacation

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guys welcome to paradise guys we just made it at the sands at chale  island in diani kenya and it's i'll keep it   for myself we'll show you guys and the thing  that i love about living in kenya is that   two and a half hours ago we were in nairobi it was  rainy it was cold-ish not very nice in a big city   chaotic and look at us now like to be honest  i'm a little speechless right now because   to stay where we're staying which  you will see in like two seconds   i like this has been a dream of mine and i didn't  know you could do it here in kenya yeah and um   we came across it by fluke and i was like no like  this is it like we have to go here like we just   have to there's no way you guys will see in a  few minutes but we're basically in the maldives want to show them around yes i have to show you  so you can understand why i'm speechless okay   let's go on the other side and start at the  actual entrance this is like our backyard   welcome to our over water villa come see this  so when you come in it goes two ways but we're   going to start this way first so on this side we  have just kind of like a living area i love these   when we stayed actually in diani airbnb that  we had had those outside and they're so comfy   and our um personal favorite we get a full 18  liter dispenser of cold and hot water that's a   plus because we drink a lot of water especially me  and especially when it's warm just like in diani so   this thing i'm much more happier than you think  about it so something else to note which i didn't   know because online said there wasn't in the  overwater villa you actually have a fridge too   which will come in handy and then if we go through  here we have some closets on this side with a safe   hiding our stuff just because come up here to  the bathroom so you have a separate room for your   toilet you have a shower right here your two sinks  i'm not gonna show you in front of me right now   but you will see okay come back yeah and then when  you come through so this would have been a few   turns the other way instead of at the beginning is  our bedroom so one little things i start to notice   the mosquito net looks brand new i'm not gonna  lie it's perfect you have a big king sized bed   you have a desk probably won't use it but this  guys this is the best part come see now this   is the best part so we have here where you  can sit or you can come down here and sit or you can come down here and sit again  those beds outside my favorite but this   we have our own water access i just i  don't think we're gonna leave this place   i think i agree we could  move here are we moving here   uh yeah we're gonna start with two nights  but we might stay here forever who knows   so we're gonna go see what's for lunch and then  after that it's gonna be bathing suit sun tanning   swimming in the ocean and a lot of good stuff like  island life so the over water villa that we   have is actually on the other side of the rest of  the resort meaning we have like extra privacy but   yeah we're gonna walk a lot which is good that's  good because we need to get our steps in like we   do good for like three four days in a row and then  we go back to our old habits 10 000 steps here i come so lunch was great very good pizza i finally  had a really good chocolate cake yeah the   our chocolate cake was actually delicious i  had a fruit salad because you guys know me   i'm the healthier one um one thing to remember  to be honest if you ever come here pay for the   full board it is so worth it the food was  delicious big portion but very expensive   if you don't have full board so  yeah keep that in mind for sure so we are back to our overwater villa finally  wearing some you know beach style clothes yes our   aka you know swimsuits i i keep thinking like we  have we should have come back here sooner to the   coast oh yeah being here it made me realize how  much i missed it yeah so to be honest the coast in   kenya best beaches in the world absolutely so yeah  let's go in the indian ocean let's go check it so the indian ocean is pretty nice it's a perfect  temperature and for once like it's actually   refreshing every time we go to the coast and go  either in a pool in the ocean it's just too warm   and it's not refreshing i don't know if it's  just like the change of tide that's happening   right now but like it's it's nice yeah the  tide is slowly going down but we had a good swim   yeah we did and i just had like an epiphany i  just said that really wrong epiphany there you go   the way the sun is it's literally gonna set  right in front of us over the water like how   perfect is this guy's when i asked tracey what  we should do now she's like well you should   go get a bottle of wine anyone shocked no you  can put it in our fridge for sun downer time   yeah no it's going to be a good spot right there  when we can where we can actually sit i think it's   going to be nice i like this place i'm still  i'm still up to move into this place forever   um yes please i have no issue with that we'll talk  we'll talk to the owner we'll see what we can do so that was a very nice and relaxing afternoon  a little bit of swimming a little bit of working   a lot of reading for tracey a lot of relaxing  yeah it was nice and the temperature is   lovely right now so the water is completely  gone like i'm not sure where the ocean goes   at night but it it it's going to bed so yeah so  now we're gonna go for tea see what's up with that   and probably get a nice bottle of white wine and  bring that back to our over the water villa for   sundowner i am i don't know i'm so pumped for  sundown because we have a very nice spot for   it so yeah let's go see let's go so we just uh we  just had a quick look at uh tea time but we didn't   take anything because to be honest we're not very  hungry because we ate way too much for lunch and   we have supper later on but we got the wine we  got the wine we got the wine we got the wine so when the tide is out they actually use  the tractor to get to the main land diani time for a little shower before a  sundowner and the shower even has side jets sun's going down it's sundowner time. it was a lovely sundowner very relaxing the view   from here guys is like it's a 10  out of 10 like for sure but now   we're not that hungry but we're still gonna go  for supper because if i don't eat now you'll   be hungry later i'm gonna be hangry later you'll  regret it yeah so we're gonna go see what's for supper everything at the buffet was pretty good but  i saw that they have a pasta station i kind of   have to try it out so i'm going to go do that  while tracey probably is going to get dessert   what did you get tracey a lot of dessert  and some fruit and it's all to share tracey already picked a bite from my plate but  apparently the pasta are very good are they um they also have a catch of the day fish  that they actually just cook fresh from there   still a full fish there oh it's pretty good too so we just came back from supper it was  actually pretty good we actually missed a full   like full-on selection of all the kenyan food  we realized after it was in like different um   different section kind of yeah like in big pots  anyway so i missed chapatis which i'm very very   sad about i'm sure you'll eat but the rest of  the food was super good pasta station delicious   that's some fresh fish amazing yeah like he  literally was like gutting it and chopping   it right there and then onto the grill and get  fresher than that no so now we're gonna enjoy this   glass of wine cheers and go to bed and start again  tomorrow we're gonna try to do something tomorrow   maybe some snorkeling or something mixed reviews i  want to but i don't want to because i feel so like   chill and relaxed here it's it's very it's unique  it's like we're just in our own little bubble   and we're so so happy what i love is that we're  so far from the rest of like the resort that this   is completely private here like i just wish we  could have our meals here and then like maybe we   wouldn't we'd never have to go to the yeah main  spot but it's a buffet yeah but luncheon oh wow   anyway so good supper yeah cheers  again and see you guys in the morning   good morning guys it's the next day slept pretty  good a little warm we have like a big fan on top   of the bed but it doesn't go through so because  the mosquito net so yeah it was good overall so   right now we're gonna go for breakfast because  we gotta wait for uh for the water to come back   because there's no water right now and yeah we're  gonna try to find something to do today because   you guys know me if i don't do something and just  lay down i'm gonna go crazy tracey would love that   but i'm gonna go crazy so there's some activities  some things to do free and things that you can pay   for so we'll see what we want to do and we should  also go check out the pools because we haven't   even oh yeah we didn't really show you like  we'll do a little quick uh walk around to maybe   right after breakfast just to see what's uh what's  around but like i haven't even seen them i've seen   one it's just yeah or like our cottage is  like so nice oh i know we don't need to go   anywhere just to go there but i just feel like  we should at least see the rest okay so uh let's   go breakfast tour and what are we doing today  while we're waiting for the water to come back this passion fruit is so sour it makes my eyes  water but it's so good that i don't want to   stop eating it so we just finished breakfast  breakfast was pretty good you know omelets   waffles uh sausage lots of fruits yeah delicious  mangoes um so we're gonna just do a quick walk   around of the resort because we didn't really  show you guys right now we're completely on the   opposite side of the island compared to where  we actually stay in our little over water villa   so they have a very nice beach in the morning  it looks like you know there's a lot of like   algae and stuff but there's actually uh people  here that are like raking it up raking it up   so that's really good because we've been to  other resort where they just leave it so you   know at the end of the day the beach is literally  like brown so you know so that's pretty cool   otherwise behind me those are like the the normal  rooms that you can stay and they're actually   very affordable so you know if you because where  we're staying right now it's kind of expensive so   those ones great option if you can see  there that's a separate island where they   actually have their uh honeymoon suite and it's  called the rock cottage or something like that   that is their most most pre premium suite it's  like a massive loft it's really really big   we'll try to get a better view of it so you  can see it a little bit better here how like   that's fully detached and then there's like a  little bridge that you walk across to get to it so this place here actually has a full-on diving  school when you can get certified and we're   definitely going to do that not now because we  don't have enough time but the next time we come   to the coast i really want to come for like five  days or something and do a full certification and   something i always wanted to do so it's on  the list now we're gonna show you the pool   so this is the pool and there  is a jacuzzi up there as well   hey guys look at that we're back in our little  shack and the water is back how cool is that   because i cannot stay for a full day in this  magnificent over water cottage because i'm   just like hyperactive then we're gonna go uh do  some kayaking and i think we're gonna be fine   at first we thought it was at 11 but i'm pretty  sure it's 11 30 because now it's like 11 10 or   something stay tuned we should go on kayak  soon so now we're gonna switch the gopro tracey show me your best kayak move what  is the kayak yeah that's pretty good   remember that when you're in the  kayak so i don't do all the work   back to our shack we kayaked all the way  to our shack it's not a shack but i can't   kayak at the same time that's fine i'll do all  the work i'm just going to sit here and film   it if you have if you want  to film this is your time the wind picked up and we got lost in  the ocean we don't know where we're at   it's been five days and we have no water and  i've been eating little crabs from the ocean now we're just right there but the wind  is really strong and there's a lot of wave   slowly trying to get back and hopefully  we're gonna make it we made it save me thank you we just came back from our kayaking adventure it  was quite fun quite a workout because there's a   lot of wind and a lot of waves there's a lot  of like current here that you don't really   see yeah and then after that we actually uh went  for lunch and we saw some people that actually uh   i was quite surprised to see back those two  girls in the kayak they were far like real far   and they were struggling a little anyway everyone  made it back safe so that was pretty good   it was it was fun it was something to do right  yeah um lunch was good once again didn't show   you because it's i don't want to be repetitive  then after that we actually went to a little walk   uh on a part of the compound that we didn't see  us before just a few minutes ago there's two pools   like one on the other side of the island yeah  there's actually three pools another one that   we didn't show you guys but this one actually  has like a bar in the middle so that's pretty   cool and a super nice view of the ocean yes lots  of wave there though you can't swim there no   yeah so now we're going to relax a little bit  for about an hour then after that we're going to   do something else cool something that i did like  seven years ago only once and that tracey never did   that's going to decide what we  do in the near future too so fair   stay posted so while tracey's reading our  book and i can't sit still i'm gonna go snorkeling it's cold a little there's really not much to see right now can't  see much because like there's too much current   and like the sand is everywhere that was a very  unsuccessful snorkeling experience didn't see   nothing because there there's like no visible  visibility in the water right now so oh well   but now like some fishes are back i'm gonna try to  show you can you guys see those like three or four   long kind of transparent slash blue-ish fish  because we're not sure what they are so if   you guys know let us know in the comments uh  down below because uh me and tracey are kind   of wondering they're all around their little water  villa here so just a question we have tracey do you   have any other questions for our people no just  chilling no just relax so the second activity of   the day what is it um free diving in the pool yeah  so we're gonna be able to like try the equipment   and try to breathe underwater so before you know  like in this video we actually told you that   we're interested in like doing a certification  for diving but tracey actually never tried to the   equipment and like breathe underwater and stuff and  there's actually like people that just can't do   it like they just freak out too much so before we  pay money to like do the certification uh probably   here in kenya at some point on the coast well tracey  is gonna try it out so we're gonna see how it goes   do you think you're gonna freak out i really  don't know i won't be shocked if i definitely   freak out in the beginning it's a question of if  i can adjust yeah i think you're gonna freak out a   little but i think you're gonna be able to like  work through it i think so okay let's go check   this is the pool where it's going to happen  now we're just waiting for the instructor   and the equipment i think he's coming how was it it was good yeah yeah i actually  thought i was gonna freak out more to be honest   so that's not bad good job so first experience diving i liked it me  too um i did not freak out nearly as much   as i thought i was going to and the like the  things that made me freak out were not breathing   yeah through the tank so it's good for me mainly  the flippers yeah seriously mainly for me like   now i know what points i need to work on if we  actually want to dive sometime she did really   good so i think we're probably gonna do that  certification at some point soon hopefully because   i really really i enjoy water in general and i  love snorkeling so i feel like diving is just   one step better yeah absolutely and like it's  especially when you're diving to see like   a reef or something like that yeah it's not  just like diving for the sake of that yeah so   coming up soon diving certification for now we  are having a little sundowner just tracey and i   in our on our little balcony watching the sun  goes down and the water go out while enjoying now some local beers and this is the this  is the hard question here we are opposites   i prefer white cap he prefers tusker what  do you guys think let us know in the comment   section down below are you a tusker  person are you a white cap person   we just realized we haven't had like  beers in a really long time just because   we normally go towards wine yeah we love  them anyway cheers to paradise in kenya i know we've said this a lot but i  really don't want to leave this place   two nights is too short i think  we need at least three nights guys it's gonna be really hard to leave tomorrow  it is it is so nice right now we're just just   before supper watching the sun going down it's  very very nice and the temperature is like lovely   at this time of the year it's like not too hot  because normally sometimes you go at the coast   in kenya and it's like you know 38 degrees  insane but not only that like i have to say and   i wonder if it's a difference with the seasons  but like we did not burn we put sunscreen on   like once or twice a day whereas before last time  we were at the coast we put on almost every hour   yeah but i mean look at that it's literally  perfect it is also i'm fascinated by the tide   like we wake up in the morning there is no water  at all in the middle of the afternoon we literally   have water like to here and it's beautiful and  right now again no water there's literally people   like right there crossing from the island back to  the diani it's crazy and just like that the water   is gone the sun is gone that means it's time for  supper supper i'm excited but i'm sad because ah   i love sunsets yeah this place is a perfect  sunset it's gonna be real sad to leave   anyway so we're gonna go for supper and we're  gonna catch you guys back up tomorrow for the   final review because you guys saw what supper  is like you know let's not make this repetitive   plus tracey likes when i don't have the camera on  my hand all the time oh it's just a little more   extra i get that she doesn't want to share me with  you guys share a lot see you guys in the morning and just like that we're getting ready to  leave watching the water come in one last time   i don't want to go we really don't want to leave  this place was great like we had a great time we   were here for three days two nights and it  was everything was great i think something   that kind of helped both of us was the season that  we came in because last time we were at the coast   was january and it was ridiculously hot it was way  too hot whereas here like i'm not sweating all the   time yeah but it's warm and i can swim yeah it's  just the perfect weather yeah but overall our stay   was really nice this hotel is actually super cool  they have like three activities like the kayak and   the diving that we did was actually free we didn't  pay for that every day they they have uh things to   do for free they also have a snorkeling i think  once in a while and things like that so that is   that is actually a lot of value that you get for  free it is the resort itself is a very nice resort   but you need to keep in mind that the room that  we have right now is way better than anything else   on the resort there there's a big gap in prices as  well but this this is what makes the resort for me   yeah and there actually is one more room even more  expensive the rock yeah one that over the rock   honeymoon suite basically it's a massive kind  of loft on its own island so i'd be curious to   see what that looks like but to be honest  like i think i would prefer here oh yeah   not only with this place you have a very nice  inside you have a nice balcony direct access to   the water from the outside but the privacy is  a 10 out of 10 because you're literally alone   on this side of the island because all the other  cottages are literally on the other side you gotta   walk like what like almost four four minutes four  or five minutes yeah just to go to the main lodge   so the privacy here is just unbelievable it  really feels like we're alone in this world   and another massive perk for me sunset is directly  in front of you yes so at night you're gonna have   like a little glass of wine sundowners it's  just amazing here yeah so now into the things   that you guys always have questions about like  the food and everything like that food's good i   mean i wouldn't call it five-star dining but it  was still very good there's no issues with that   as we said earlier definitely recommend going  with full board because the lunch prices are i   would say they're inflated pretty expensive i mean  like it would cost in canadian dollars like close   to like 90 dollars just for lunch so i mean if  you want to get like an appetizer and everything   isn't it 22 dollars a person to add on for  the full board something like that something   like that it's really reasonable so like the  full board option is definitely worth it so   it's actually also for your transfer it's 60 for  transfer from the airport yeah and for two nights   the the price out of full board is uh 1248 us  dollars but again always send emails call places   because uh we paid a thousand dollars us full  board tonight in the over water suite with the   transfer as well so we saved just over like 300  us um so yeah it's always worth calling especially   in low season yeah and flights right now are  super cheap as well yeah so that combined it we   got a big discount on this entire package yeah so  that is it for our coastal trip in diani and we're   going to be back soon because it was really nice  and we're going to definitely come back in this   time of the year because the weather overall  is much better rainy season not really we had   a little bit of rain when we woke up this morning  but that was pretty much it so anyway don't forget   to like this video subscribe to the channel and  see you guys in the next one so this is the best so the indian ocean is pretty nice  move your hand you're on it move it   okay because they're like all around our  little bungalow here and tracey and i are kind   of wondering what they are bungalow i don't know  they're all around their little water bungalow   here and uh they're all around their little  water villa here so just a question we have

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