Afro-Brazilian Street Food - GIANT FOOD TOUR + Boiling Moqueca + Acarajé in Salvador Bahia, Brazil!

Afro-Brazilian Street Food - GIANT FOOD TOUR + Boiling Moqueca + Acarajé in Salvador Bahia, Brazil!

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Hey everyone hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens i'm in salvador, in the state of bahia brazil this, is a city that I wanted to visit for so long it's such a colorful. Incredibly. History it's the center, of. Afro-brazilian. Food after, Brazilian culture in Brazil and, so, today we're gonna go on a street food tour of Salvador de baño we're gonna eat some of the local food explore, some of the Afro, Brazilian, food and culture I'm gonna share everything with you in this video and we just arrived to sow jokey market which is one of the main distribution. Markets. In the city for food and then also for, cooked. Food as well so we're gonna walk around the market we're gonna see some of the ingredients I need some breakfast, first to start this tour. Jenny. Blob boy it's a fruit, that kind of tastes like a cross between tamarind. And apple and it's like fermented. In its own skin. Just love visiting, local markets in every city and every region attend Brazil because of the diversity, the massive, country the diversity, from. State, to state from city to city but, this is our first glimpse, at Salvador, da Bahia and just, the ingredients the chilies, are vibrant, the purple chilies different, shapes and sizes another, ingredient that's extremely, important, in Bahian cuisine is. Dendy, oil which is palm, oil which is originally, from West Africa, brought, to, Brazil and now it's just a significant. Part of so many dishes of the, culture, of the people in, Bahia. The. Dried fish the palm oil the coconut oil, the chilies the ingredients. The nuts I mean. The afro-brazilian. West-african specifically. Culture is undoubtedly. Represented. We've come to the section in the market where they have all these ceremonial. Religious. Herbs and, meridians. And also very medicinal I immediately can smell the aroma the basil. And. He just recommended, as a restaurant, right across the lane for, some breakfast over to God oh boy. Over together. People. Are friendly we're gonna order pretty, much all the dishes of the day that she has prepared he's showing us that this is that they are, a which is the beans with the pork and that she also specializes, in Makoto which is the cow puffs -. Ooh. Okay. So he's just making, something called a vowel now which is she took some of the juice, from the mocha thought though. Which is the cow hook stood and, then Shalhoub you know okay. And then she mixed in some of the cassava powder and it's like almost, like porridge consistency. Stirring that around. Small. Fish owner. Nice. Be. Careful not to bump the table and the food but this is an amazing environment, an amazing, atmosphere in the alley she has three main dishes I think that she. Has for the day we, guarded everything, and this is what everybody if you look around this is what everybody is eating as well this one is that dish that she made this new sauce and, made. Into a porridge with cassava flour you can just feel how heavy that's gonna be. That. Looks like a chunk of brisket. Reduce, it this. One is the main fish wada beans, which is one of Brazil's national dishes but this one is white beans in salvador with, pork parts julia you can see some gelatinous bits. She's. Awesome she's taking, care of us she takes care of everybody, that comes to eat here I'm gonna try some of that face water first. Well that's amazing, the. Beans are not even like mushy they're they. Have a bit of a crunch to them, please. Select smoky. Bacon. E-40, gelatinous, flavor of it and I just love beans or, that would be even better with some of this chilli sauce it's known as chunky - there's cucumber, there's, salt. Tomato maybe tomato and green mountain green tomatoes. Is. It okay to just pick up the meat. Fat. Cap on that side and, then just meat on the inside I think this is kind of like brisket II it looks like it's just gonna fall apart in your mouth. Stunningly. Tender, and fatty. Got. You sir. Obrigado. And that sauce is incredible it doesn't look that spicy, but it does have some spice to it and then just those onions, so. It's like Solange wall and he doesn't kind of hold. It on the leg there we go. Really. Good are you getting angry skins yeah so. Good rid. Of us. The. Jelly the jelly bits I don't know if it's a tendon or this anyways it goes down, wonderfully. Has a massive chunk of sausage I got, some of that pita on the side which is that cassava for it. Wow. Yep, you know. In. Case the meatiness of it but then at the same time it's almost like it. Is a porridge that is a meat for it. Next. Up try that the, jerk beef. We. Taste the saltiness of that beef because it's just. Slightly like sun drying, it's. Tender its flavorful and. Then sauteed with those onions this. Is like tendon do this is the cow poop and you just, have to reach it with your fingers I think there's tendon and gelatinous, bits and fat and you can feel bone in there too whoa I'm losing it, we.

Got To bite it back oh the horse man years oh. Yeah. I thought that tendon, right. Here. Joey, Joe shocked. Lucy is amazing. She. Is meeting my dad's now. Boy. Bozo. Oh. Yeah. The, Reaper the, Reaper we gave her a little bit of our Reaper Carolina, Reaper chili sauce she is loving it hanging out eating with us what. An atmosphere what, a spot, and as we're leaving it just rained, for a little bit but it's still sunny so it's not gonna last yeah it's already like starting to stop. We're. Gonna walk just back through the fruit market see if it's a little more open and then. We'll be on our way to the next place where we're gonna search out some more food. We. This is like more of the fruit, distribution. Wholesale market lots up for its extremely, ripe chocolate. Tropical, fruit. Market, was cool not too busy today but, the the. Atmosphere the, people that lunch was incredible check out these fruit. Drawings, it's almost like fruit graffiti on the wall here and. Then the distribution, market the fruit just piles of fruit again it's not that busy but like the, fruit. Cells that are open are just blooming, from here we're gonna drive to more of the old city and there's another restaurant not totally sure if it will be open or not but we're gonna go there and try, to check it out and see if it's open. Just. Passing by one of the most iconic areas. Of Salvador. That famous elevator, that goes from the lower city to the upper city looks exactly like the elevator in Lisbon, but. We're gonna go for first, years driving past we're gonna go check out a restaurant to see if it's opened first hopefully, it's open it looks amazing and we'll be back here I. Mean. This. Is amazing, to get to this your restaurant, you, go down off the highway down this small little road that's like right along the edge of the cliff of the ocean, what is your Avenue here shot. Yeah. I, don't know much Portuguese, but I do know abre. Yes. Yes. It's open and that means good news quite, a cool parking spot to. Such. An amazing place under, the highway view. Of the sea she's. Leading us to the red granite. Bungy. Amazing. Just walking, all a different art underneath, the arches of the highway, this, is a car wash here and the paintings, and the murals, oh. Look. At that. Love. The culture love, the people love the art here and this, is the view of the neighborhood where the restaurant, is Wow. So. Beautiful. From here we actually go down a staircase right, here. A little. Private, beach it's not even sand it's like Rock Beach but the water is crystal, clear you could just see it from here. Hard. To even soak, everything in right now this is, Salvador, da Bahia this is Brazil, now we're at the base of the community, gonna. Wind, our way through here to get to the restaurant. And. In the community like literally, just built upon the sea rocks going, up the side of the hill underneath, the highway. Spectacular. Absolutely spectacular. And. Connecting. With another ally Lane. Yeah. Community. And lady, and owner of this restaurant she's offering she actually said, we can take off our shirts if we're hot and just like eat without our shirts on and then she even offered to take us there's a shower in here a full shower we, can take a shower movie. After the meal I. Might. Have to take her up on that so don't succumb in the kitchen too soon but she wants us to have a drink first. Dona. Susanna starting because she's cooking some fish fried. Fish she put a little bit of I believe it's cassava flour on them just on the outside and then frying that then. She's gonna we ordered some moqueca, which is the stew, from Bahia, Salvador Bahia. Yeah. I. Know. Fred you. Thank, you but the main one of the main dishes that she cooks that she prepares every day is moqueca which is it's, a very, common salvador. Bahia, dish it's, a stew, made with coconut, milk and, especially. Dende oil which is palm. Oil which, originally, comes from West Africa and was brought to the coast, of, South America to Brazil and. It's a very important. Ingredient for, a fact. And cuisine. We're. Sitting over here in the alley but over here this is like a table, just, with a it's, actually a million, dollar view overlooking the, ocean. I. Think. We got almost, all the dishes that she's serving today but you could have different combinations of the different dishes. Okay. They are higher yeah, yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, which is the the main stew, with. Manta. Ray, fish. The. Texture, of her pita is just incredible you have to like actually shake the spoon I'm gonna start with the okay, got put. This onto the rice color. The palm oil and, then, that coconut milk in there.

Wow. And, so finally they come out at all. This. Looks incredible. Yeah like a chunky, it looks like there's onions there's Tomatoes that's, beautiful, and then just wrapped up in coconut milk. Yeah. Now the Black Eyed Peas. I'm. Doing my best to make like a beautiful, beautiful, plate, here with everything. And. That completes, oh just, chili sauce on top we, got to begin first with them okay God a kiyah. Hi-yah. Hi-yah. Looking at that ah hi-yah which is the the manta ray in. The the. Stew wow, that's so meaty that's so like that's a pick me Wow. Like, tuna. Just. Asked for a spoon gonna transfer, to, a spoon because I want to soak, up as much of that sauce as possible, the, sauce is a combination of coconut milk and palm. Oil. Oh, wow. That. Is so rich it, almost tastes like melted butter, the fragrance of the palm oil yet so distinct, richness, on top of richness and then the manta ray it's, so solid it's so firm. I'm gonna move over to the shrimp now and, you can see that's a totally different color I think there's no there's, no palm oil in that because it's it's a different, color it's almost pink in color because of the because. Of the, coconut, milk and then the tomatoes in there but, there's lots of onions it's chunky. Oh. Wow. Awesome. Richest. Stickiest, coconut, cream broken. Down with tomatoes for sourness, given that tartness plus, the crunch of the onions the. Firmness of, the, shrimp own unique flavor. Beans. In that shrimp the creaminess is a gift, you could not ask for a better meal, in Salvador, a more home-cooked, meal black-eyed peas. Those. Are amazing to do, just like the. Star tunas just kind of melts in your mouth you. Get there light at the same time. It. Is oil-based chilli sauce but look how delicious, that looks. Let's. Just take that bite right there. That. Is awesome as well a, little bit of a kick to it you. Have a little sourness to it kind of like the oil holding, it together wrapping, it up still got the peat out to go, and. It's so like. Yellow in color from them from the den AOL from the palm oil, it, almost looks like pumpkin. Mmm. That. Is amazingly. Sticky. And texture and you, do taste an aroma, of the, palm oil in there finally, for some of the fish I'm not totally sure what have a fish's is maybe. You'd have a mackerel, but then yeah she breaded, it was, just some flour and then Friday. I'm. Gonna take this opportunity to add a little bit of a chili. On there. Solutions. To this the way she's breaded, it I think. With cassava flour, it. Gives it such an extra crunch on the outside and, a little bit of that chili oil on top of there. Perfect. Yeah. And uh. The. Food is hearty it's, filling, it's flavorful and, you know, everything is just cooked with so much love and. By. The way I'm just loving this t-shirt the airflow, is actually. Perfect with this like this. Like aerodynamic.

V-neck. That just lets the air through it, flows, and, it. Also has room for stomach. Expansion, which, is one. Of the most necessary things, when you're in salvador okay. Over. Together. There's. No way you. Know. Hug the chef. Thank. You thank you yeah nice to meet you man somebody, garnish see, ya. Wait. At the. Salon yeah. Man. I'm feeling a little off balance, after that meal dude. Did you see that burger painted on the yeah. That is that. Is we're coming up on it again one more time this. Could be the world's largest burger. All. They're not open this is actually a restaurant, we. Would definitely, eat it. Good to get a little exercise climbing. Back up but. This it's, been an unbelievable. Experience in, Brazil a community. Literally, underneath. The, highway they don't have a lot but, they have a million-dollar. View, they're so, hospitable. And they, have hearts, just of pure, love and Donna. Susana she took care of us like like her own kids she literally like asked. Us to take showers if we wanted to. Huge. Hearts amazing. People that. Was, just. A life-changing. Experience from here we're moving on back to the kind. Of a center area with that elevator that we passed earlier. We. Made it to an area called Pelle arena which is the historic, center, it's. Also known in short as pelo but this is the historic, area built. By the Portuguese, and, this. Is actually. The upper City what's known as upper City because there's an elevator that we saw from the car or you can go down to the coastline to the lower city so we're gonna take the elevator, but. I think right as we guy, here we're seeing a couple guys who are doing the capoeira which is the form. Of heart dance, martial, arts from, Salvador. I'm. Back. Now. I don't begin to know all the history and, the culture around, completa, but, I know that it did start with slaves. From Africa who came to Brazil, and. They were practicing. Martial. Arts and defense. But. They disguised, it as a dance, as a performance. I'm now it's more of a part of a culture, it's a beautiful, part of that for Brazilian culture. Such. A still such, an alert they're so strong when I was standing there you could act I can actually feel the wind of their legs I'm, making, we're. Actually at the top of the elevator last said that Allah said that elevator, construction. Was started in 1869. And it is 72, metres high and it connects the lower city which is below ocean, level to the upper city which is on the cliff on the rock wall now it's a historic landmark it's, really one of the icons, of the city of Salvador. $0.15, entrance, to the elevator. Definitely. Has been renovated. It's. Actually used more like almost like a public, pool patients birthday yeah it is actually less wide they charge only a few and that's also why it's it's, modernize. And we are now on the lower city should have a full, view of the elevator above us. Just. Down from the elevator and across the street it's mercado modelo which, is one of the old, markets. Historical. Markets in the Lower City of. Salvador. The market for the most part is a little bit touristy, with souvenirs, with paintings, with, clothes, that you can buy here but they also do have food and I'm actually just really loving the construction. You look at the rocks on the bottom giant, slabs of stone and, then the walls which are this pure, giant. Rocks just carved. Into into. The walls and then even, the arches, inside, is mostly like souvenirs, and, things to remember Salvador, by but, on the outside, of the market there are a few food stalls we've been we ordered a dish called chin, chin de Gallina which is a it's, a chicken, - I'm not wholly sure we're gonna find out. I. Am officier, de leche. De cocoa. That. Also just comes to your table just piping, hot boiling, away that smells, unbelievably. Delicious cooked, in a clay pan. And then, served in the clay pan that's cooked it and then finally we also got a dish called coddled Roux which is a dish I've wanted to try it's, a stew made with nuts, made with okra so, it has a sticky, consistency, that.

Looks And smells delicious. Gotta. Start with that fish engine and, you grab that they had there's chunks of chicken there's. Chunks of chicken just in this amazingly. Rich, beautiful. Sauce with. The shrimp for, flavoring as well, that. Is awesome, looking. Like some of the goggle. That come out on our which is this - it's so fragrant with the shrimp with with. The sauce the coconut milk, smells. Amazing, and finally the chilli sauce which. This one looks amazing - it's like a chunky. Coriander. Cilantro. Onions. Tomatoes, choice. This, chili sauce deserves a plate as a main dish on the plate a spot. On the on the plate as a main dish her, name is Jessie Atta and she is just impressing. Us with her cooking skills her knowledge of food and just the way she cooks, she's. Just talking, more and more about the food and it's yeah, her, cooking skills are amazing, the chicken stew first, okay. Perfect. Let, me get a pipe with some of the shrimp some of the some. Of the chickens some of the rice and a little ya little dry, shrimp in there and you, can really smell that cilantro in there too. That. Is amazing. It's. A rich chicken, stew. Like. Part from the tomatoes, those. Shrimp are really really salty though like maybe you should only take half a shrimp because it's purely salted, crunchy. The chicken is soft it just kind of soaks up that rich creamy coconut milk, really. Good okay this one is that Kaoru oh wow that is it's so amazingly, sticky. -. I hit them. That. Is all, ogre. Sticking it oh I, love it it is so gooey, awesome, and so, amazing, I love okra, and. I love it has this like kind of herbaceous, kind. Of nutty I think there might be cashews, and peanuts in there. Along. With that unique. Slimy. Amazing. Texture the. Flavor is outstanding, that, nuttiness that like, herbal. Taste to it okay moving on to the bow bow they come around and I'm gonna add some of the chili sauce onions, into, that. With. Some of the shrimp in there. The. Cod roe is amazing. Engage. The richness of the coconut room but it's almost like sticky. Because, she blends in the yuca the cassava which has a sticky, gummy texture to the sauce is almost a, starch. Because of that goes out in there almost like a last sticky texture now for some of the PAI. Luch. Great. The type of food you can just kind of mix all together and it just tastes amazing when, you mix the different dishes together you, get a little bit of all different, types of starches the rice the cassava flour the. The. Cassava. Porridge. Paste, the, more mix of dishes on your plate on your screen at one time the better. The, other gooeyness of that, it's. Just fun to eat. It just kind of just slides around your mouth. It's. Not too sweet, I can't, introduce you know parallelism are for my Romeo. And Juliet Romeo a walk of cheese, then. With a block of guava, like he's, usually, miniaturized, state in Rio de Janeiro we, eat with the white cheese the communist queso, Mina's. We're. Having with the yellow cheese which is pretty good. Yup, that. Exact, like contrast. Of flavors they're salty. Sharp. Cheese, the. Guava, them. Look like like. Sticky, Jam such, an incredible, meal I do not want to get off this chair but we, got to move we got to go take the elevator back up to the upper part of the city. Now, it's cool just to mostly, say, we did it went up and down now we're going back up. That's. Just like a vertical. Up and down subway. And. Just turning down one of the side streets now. We are in Pitino, which is the historic, center the breeze, coming up and down these side. Lanes it feels, just like Lisbon, the cobblestone, actually there's stone roads the churches, the historic, colorful buildings Michael.

Jackson. Filmed. His video out, of that balcony and then. They're not there's not a lot going on this afternoon it's just kind of a sleepy afternoon but this is where they officially, play although doing it it's actually an official Association. And students. Train playing the drum with the beat with a famous oval room beat here but this scenery man this entire Plaza. I love. The view down, in this direction. Historic, center was very cool walking around and especially learning capoeira, and, then seeing a little bit of the drumming, but, we're back in the car we're driving through, the narrow lanes of the old city on the cobblestone. Roads and on our way to one, boutique. Which is a restaurant. Bar. Check. This out this is, if you're not at the game at, the stadium this. Is, how they watch matches in, Brazil, and there's happens to be a game this afternoon happening. The. Place we're going to is called blue take out DJ nella which is just up ahead here, this. Machine oh. Yeah. Hand saw. Just. Feels great to sit down the Sun has been brutal. Today. Just. Waiting for our dishes to Bri people be prepared, but, you walking around selling. A common, street snack which is grilled occasional, which is cheese he, walks around the tub. Of cheeses here and then he just literally like holds it over the hot fire coals and roasts. Occasional koala which is the curd cheese I just, want. Hello. Come. On, perfectly. Grilled perfectly blistered. That, is freshly, grilled cheese. Wow. That. Is amazing. Is. Awesome, it, tastes like a grilled mozzarella, stick but like even more flavorful cuz the smoky. Fire. Roasted, niche that's so good and then a lot of people also. Eat it with a little bit of palm syrup. Okay. Obrigado. Okay. Just one bite with the palm whoa. That's ribbon. It's. Pretty good I just contrast the saltiness not, even that sweet but almost like fruity. That, is a tasty appetizer. Yeah. They're about to dish them out one. Is like a blood, and, organs. Stew. And then another one is called tsuiteru which is a local, shellfish, from this kind of like a clam. The. Boys'll Kochi sauropod. Telekom. Rice. This one is messin up a town which is the organ organ, stew that looks amazing so rich. With blood and organs looks like there could be some fat, cubes in there too.

You. Taste all of the organs but it's so soft it's so tender, slightly. Organy, rich. Slightly, irony, I mean really. Rich from the blood and then, engaged, onions and tomatoes in there this is the soup with those. Shells. Kind. Of like sea snails and they're all d it almost looks like intestines because of the way they've already been taken out of the shell. Hmm, yeah. It's, almost like. Nutty. Tasty. Those. Shells are amazing though like, like. Snails but kind. Of chewy kind, of squid like. Just. Like a thick, rich. Not. Too heavy oh it's like a seafood chowder I'm a water-based, chowder. Tsuru. Tsuru Tsuru, stew. Which. Is kind of eaten like a soup as squeeze, in that lime oh. Yeah. You can see they're taking their little little tiny shells, you can see them when, you when you dig it out. All. That squeeze of fresh lime, mmm. That's. Also like it's light and flavor but really focused on the seafood on those shells he, has kind of a clam taste, to a party. Not, oily not too rich just like focused, on those clams and top it with a bit of that chili sauce. Like the sixer scene is of that would be pitch bowl and again like all over Brazil they have different chili sauces amazing, deals on that. One is a little bit spicy and, also kind of citrusy and oily later. She. Cooked it so clean and so pure tasting. Like it and doesn't have any kind of off flavors or even though it includes all the organs in the blood. Beautiful. Atmosphere beautiful. People amazing, food. From, here we still have one, more, Bahian. Salvador. Street food to eat and it's probably the most famous. Street, snack street food in all of salvador bahia if you come here you cannot, miss it. We're, a little bit early they're just setting up. I. Cannot. Wait, to. Try my first Akagi a. Cottage, a is a, like, direct, West, African. Snack, food it is both a religious, food of West African. Afro-brazilian. Used. As an offering, as a religious. Ceremonial, food but it's also the, most common the most beloved. Bahian. Salvadorian. Street, food snack. It was run a complete. It's, called a car a Giovanni. And Ivana, is the, mother she's not here today it's her day off but the daughters are taking, very, very good care of us kids, again with with a mixture of black eyed pea flower it's, more like a batter, but they whip it up so it's almost like like. Pastry. Ish almost, like like. A biscuit, and it looks like fluffy. And airy but then she makes, a perfect spoonful, he drops it into the palm oil that's why the oil is so dark so orange that then the oil the palm oil it has to be. Since. Donna Donna. Barney. Don't know even if she could not be here today whoa but let me just call her on the phone but she. Happy her daughter call WA oh. Yeah. Her, daughter call. Her okay to, see High Point. They're so friendly I changed up America home today a cottage at the ball. Okay. Onions. It's. Just sprouting, like a like, a blooming flower look, at that it's like a smiley it's like a happy face I thought if I was just oozing out I'm, gonna try to maximize, my first bite get all that crispy, fritter, eNOS all that, gooey vatapá, and cuddle, room and then the shrimp and sell it all together in one oh. Wow. Oh. That. Is stunning that is, unbelievably. Delicious, when. I took a bite like. That. Suzy. Gooey. Vatapá. And kuru just like squeezed, out onto my cheeks. No. I do not want to use it happen. I'm. Gonna hold the. Actual bun, the black-eyed pea bun is so like light and fluffy and biscuity but so crispy, on the outside from that palm oil then, you've got the try, to do which has that slimy okra nutty.

Taste Of better. Salty, shrimp you've got the refreshing, green tomato, unbelievably. Delicious. Chill, dude that, is amazing. My. Mind is blown trying to comprehend, all of that flavor Wow. Like. Literally the stickiness, of that hooker it almost acts like cheese like, it's like a healthy, cheese because there's just natural, stickiness, from that okra I am, just like I'm, blown away by that. Well. When. You hear the word, Salvador. Da Bahia like. This is the food that. People talk about and, now, I know why. It. Is that good just, an amazingly. Delicious food, and the culture that surrounds it the people, that surround it I will make it spectacular this, place, Yvonne. That I thought I did the people name this. Is unbelievable. Reese stuff it with everybody kind of just slides oh man I'm just going all over the place I lost. It I just. Lost a shrimp a shrimp, tail pretty. Guy though. We. Have that in Rio but we, can compare this is the real deal let's. Bite seriously. Goodman. Look. He added on more extra to look at how like just, perfect, that, is okay. I. Just. Thought put my face in it hmm. Oh. It's. Spectacular yes. Look, that is as, good. As the snack couldn't get look I can't think of a better afternoon snap in it okay. Final bite I'm. Trying to scoop up all that, drama. Giada. Is the, same fritter, but instead, of being fried and palm oil it, is steamed. So it's kind of a I guess it's so I mean it's not a crispy version, it is, more. Of like a steamed, bread. Version. There's definitely a strategy to eating these I know like that was my only first time so I had a terrible strategy that just like I lost. Ingredients. Left and right but, I know if you're an expert eating this you probably can eat the whole thing clean, and not. Waste, anything. REE stuffing is not not really working I think I just got to put my face in it. Oh Walter. Hmm. That. Is stunning, like the gooey, fish. Of the okra, the. Nuttiness, vatapá. Which like, glues. It together the. Freshness, of those green tomatoes in the fall see shrimp. You. Have a, strategy. For eating so. You don't get messy. I. Think. I got a little backup on my eyelash on that, last bite. One. Of the greatest. Afternoon. Snacks maybe. Ever it's. So, good, -. Back to back how about I was like literally, like double the density. That's. Filling very, very filling they're so, cool they're, so friendly when you are in Salvador, da Bahia is. The must must. Come too. Estaba. Sbarro's, Giselle. Muito. Muito muito obrigado. Thank. You, so much Moira god oh. God. Oh man we. Totally go over. Together ultimate. Experience. And as we were leaving there's another guy who came and he told Joel he's like I gotta. Shave lipstick, I just. Noticed I've got it - ah conoce, lipstick, I'm gonna I'm gonna keep that that's like a that's, like a cookie, mustache but just better. Disoriented. An. Absolute. Must, eat snack, when you're in Salvador da Bahia and an absolute, must eat stall go, say hello to them when. You're in Salvador you, hit the spot again. It's. Only right that I end this street food tour of Salvador, da Bahia on, the, beach on the Atlantic, Ocean the natural, beauty here the people.

That, I'm just I'm, absolutely, blown, away by the people of Salvador, da Bahia the, people, the warmth, the hospitality. The, afro-brazilian. Culture it, was an honor to have a chance to be here to learn about the culture to, learn about the music, the, history. The, most. Importantly, the food from, the home cooked, like full rice meals, to. The ecology this, is actually the final video of this entire, Brazil. Food and travel series if you haven't seen the entire series, we traveled, all around Brazil eating. Some, amazing. Food but especially learning, about the culture learning, about the different. Diversities. Of. Destinations. And the foods all the way from Rio, de Janeiro all the way to, the southern, areas. To the northern to the to, the Amazon, to Salvador. To, the coastline, and I'll. Have a link in the description box you can click that link you can watch the entire Brazil. Food series, all, of the videos are in that series if you haven't already seen them go back watch, all the videos in order right, now I just, owe it to the people of Brazil for, being so, warm. So welcoming. I wanna say a huge thank you to everyone who made this happen to everyone we met along the way and everyone. Who shared, the. Food with us a big, thank you to give head man Rafaela for taking. Us around for being, with us and I'll have their just link in the description box as well and then finally a huge, thank you to you for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you if you're not already subscribed click, subscribe and also click the little bell icon you'll, get notified of the next video that I publish. Big. Goodbye, from. Brazil, from salvador de bahia where our trip to brazil ends, thank. You so much for watching and, i will see you on the next video.

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Thank you for watching this entire Brazil food and travel series! If you haven’t watched all the videos yet, here’s the full playlist: -- Before visiting Brazil, what I knew was Football, Amazon Rainforest, and Brazilian BBQ. This trip was a massive eye-opener and learning experience. From feijoada in the favelas of Rio, to pequi in Goiás, to feijão tropeiro in Belo Horizonte, to açaí, tacacá, and jambu in Belém, to moqueca and acarajé in Salvador. Honestly, not everything was easy and smooth in Brazil: traveling, filming while walking around with camera gear, and keeping safe. But for all the risk, the people we met along the way were some of the most warm, hospitable, and diverse, of anywhere. A massive thank you to Guilherme and Rafa from Rio4Fun - this trip wouldn’t have been possible without them: And thank you again for watching and for your incredible support!

In Bible..God mentioned pork is why you can start eating like science say pork is most shameless animal in the earth if you eat pork you may cause dangerous diseases.. please don't mind.

Yo dude u just made me crash my truck in euro truck man

Mark Wiens this was amazing


@Sophie Solis wow you people have the most beautiful places and the food is just extremely awesome looks like

Love capoeira. One of the most beautiful martial arts there is

Mark Wiens THANK YOU for sharing your adventures with us. I hope your guides get A LOT of business thanks to this series, and I hope you give more South American and Central American countries a chance in the future! ❤️

O oooooh my god the food looks sooo delicious can these women cook or what

Another fabulous food tour series Mark. I enjoyed watching and some of the food I would love to try!! Looking forward to your next destination maybe the Carolinas or the Caribbean Islands

Mark is brazilian lol

I love all kind of food that you eat, it's awesome to know all the cultures around the world.Thank you so much for share it with us. You should come to Colombia , you will love the food!

Thanks for visiting this amazing, diverse and huge country, that I'm very honored to live in.

I have so enjoyed this Brazil Tour so much. Look forward to the next trip Mark, Thanku so much, for all that you and your family and the team do for us :) The food the trips the people the hidden gems are amazing. Most of all the love in it all. B.L.E.S.S

Brother I am hooked on your food video's..thank you mark so much for making such a great food video's around the world..thanks brother

cjbette7 same to you

Happy Father's Day. Your Texas fan.

Mark Wiens- where is Ying and Micha? love them

Keep it Real I've heard about that from a battle buddy in my company in basic training. But it's racism and prejudice no matter where you are. I'll take the prejudice before racist. Happy Father's Day to u Sir✌

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This was BOMB!!Mark,what kicks are you wearing,they look really comfortable.

Mark Wiens I know you enjoy every meal but for me I'll take a home cooked meal. Plus I work in a kitchen

@Phillip Polk ky

Come visit West Africa Senegal

There was a lot to show. Brazil is a continent.

مارك أنا اتابعك من البحرين و جدا معجب بفيديواتك

Thank you

Mark, stay on Brazil !! Hahahaha

Mark Wiens kindly subscribe my channel

@Joe Samson i loved the fact that it was 46 minutes long. His "long repetitive" explanations are what make mark wiens mark wiens lol. It sounds like you dont really care for him or his videos. You can stop watching anytime.. I dont know why you even watched the video then.

The video was good but just way too long. Kindly work on summarizing your content, especially your long and repetitive explanations, unnecessary comments and praises for people for just doing their jobs. Even more irritating is when you try to explain obvious things, just stop that please. This criticism is given constructively.

Thank you for sharing, where you off to next Mark?

Mark. I love how you included more of the people, culture and sights of brazil into this video. It sort of reminded me of a mark abroad video mixed with a food video. Please give us more videos like this in the future!

Aww that’s it for Brazil!! Wonderful videos

amazing video Mark

Go to Paraíba, são João party

@Mark Wies, you lost the amazing crabs in Aracaju, Sergipe, city really close to Salvador, Bahia. I hope you come here with Guilherme Camucardi.

This is the best episode Thanks mark

If you come to Houston I recommend you try Spring Creek Barbeque,Whataburger, as well as some foods in the Indian and Chinese areas of Houston.

Please come to Houston, they have a nice barbeque style, there is also tasty Asian food if you are a fan of multiculturalism. I tried it for myself but I want to see you say woah and make that face to Texan cuisine

Mark Wiens love your travel and eat

I like your reaction when you eat is the best

Mark Wiens great series!!! A man of the people... keep doing what your doing love all of your videos and Happy Fathers Day to you!!

That's my state Mark ❤❤❤❤❤ Love you Mark. Thanks for sharing!

Beijaxol, I knew something was different about him

Thanks to you

Mark estamos em época de FESTA JUNINA, vc tem q ir em uma. Tem comida tipica da roça produzidas com milho, pinhão, mandioca, amendoim e arroz, muitas iguarias brasileiríssimas

HI mark,Please visit Surinam

Hi mark ...where's ying n micah in these video

hey mark nice video .. when you guys come to colombia ??

mark enjoy the food and copa america

Hi Mark! Amazing Brazil series! I'm loving it!!

hello Mark, i have seen your videos... and next time you come to Brasil you should visit the south, i would appreciate to host you and take you to some nice places. The south is very different tough. Hope to see you soon.

Awesome Mark

Loved it Is there links to people that can help if someone wants to experience it too I would like to plan a trip been to Ecuador But would like to visit Brazil

So sad it ends...

Mark, please tell us more about the Brazilian Experience. Record a video with all good and “not so easy” things about this beautiful county. Amazing series... the best ever

@ranaveer rk Why?, it adds to the ambiance of the food!!

Mark, are you planning come here to Espírito Santo? The moqueca is made here too, but in a totally diferent way from the Bahia.

Dear Mark , God bless

Mark Wiens it was great watching you enjoy yourself especially the açaí!!!!!

ilove watching your vlog ❤ sending love from Philippines.

i love watching all youre videos

Mark you need to go to Trinidad & Tobago...Home of the Moruga Scorpion Pepper

Did you get robbed, i mean, its not a real brazillian experience if you didn't

You the man bro, love all the vids

Thanks for sharing Mark!

Mark Wiens Hi Mark! Enjoy your stay in my country! Im sure you will love the meals :)

you´re the best!!!

Ahhh thanks for another video mark ☺️!

I love the OLODUM shirt, finally you changed your T-shirt~

What is the best food you eat in Brasil? Amazing videos Mark! hugs from São Paulo

When you finish you could do a ranking for all the braziliam food you tryed.

Good morning Mark, Ying, Micah, Joel and Guilherme! I've watched and loved the entire Brazilian series so far and learned so much about the culture and foods but I can honestly tell you that this is the part I've been eagerly awaiting as I want to visit this area some day. Thank you for not forgetting Afro Brazilian culture and cooking. You just made my morning! Peace and love from Atlanta, Ga.

Remove background drum music

Mark Wiens happy Father’s Day

Mark one day you cook for me

We know the food is good when you make the "wow face" in the begining of meal!

Mark Wiens Morning good eats man be blessed from Louisville Kentucky

Bhai Sukhmeet Singh kavisheri jatha Amritsar please WEAGURU shere karo Waheguru j


Yas it's finally uploaded again

where 2 next? ❤

Sup Mark! Do you like to go fishing?

Hi Mark!!!

Damn, Mark Wiens really sounds like hes from Brazil in this video haha

cant follow, i'll unsubscribe, sorry Mark you are way fast for me !!!

Can you keep your god damn eyes close?

4:53 mini earthquake

God bless West Africa....but the painful thing is west Africa are now going for western food and forgetting there own traditional food which is more healthier and rich in culture

Where are Ying and Micah?

Blackeyed peas

Multiple orgasm every single bite keep us watching and watching, enjoying more and more. Bem-vindo ao Brasil Mark, come to São Paulo! Amazing trip to Brasil.

Wow nice to see Brazilian street food love from Pakistan love you bro

nice food

Not healthy food.

I love how Mark Weins makes me want to travel

All you eat are pure African meals mark ...akara...moinmoin (steamed akara)...the garri porrage and I gbegiri...all from us NIGERIA

Oil is so dirty

Where is your wife and child aren't they joining you every show we watch they not joining you

I hope Mark Wiens stays safe out there in his travels. Could be kind of scary eating random food everywhere. Happy belated Father’s Day!

Mark i think its time to visit Argetina

"Afro-Brazilian food" you're just making terms up now. Never ever heard of afro-Brazilian food lmfao. There are no states in Brazil man lmfao you dont know what you're talking about.

is Salvador where Michael Jackson shot his MV ?

35:06 - One Piece fans, like if you get the Ceasar Clown reference

Cara! Que legal, e eu morando aqui em Salvador e ñ tive o prazer de tirar uma foto com essa lenda Mark,congrats bro.

30:05 o pessoal ouvindo pablo kkkk

Brazil looks amazing. Beautiful country, beautiful people, and beautiful food.

its about time you come n try "Balkans feijoada" .

Mark needs to get on Hot Ones

와 ~ 우 시장은 어디 나라나 똑같은 네요 영상 잘보고 갑니다

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but does dende oil come out of the palm tree all orange and spicy or do they add a bunch of chilies while refining it?


This is like travel channel level production. Love everything you touch Mark.

Mark! You should definitely visit Goa for the Sorpotel (Sarapatel) and other Portuguese influenced cusines, especially the sea food!

U r welcome mark n thanks u r side of with u we r travel Brazil n gheulermey n Rafaela is so super active persons

Mark where is yen

Kiss the beautiful daughter at that stall after u eat that gooey food! shows ur appreciation.

God bless you. I hope you are going well very Video.

Nothing special in Brazilian food it`s same like South Indian ordinary food

Emocionante ver ele se despedindo. I watched the whole series. Thanks for showing more of our own country. You seem to be such a nice person. I live in the US, but I’ll be in Brazil in July to eat a Half of the country like you did. Obrigado amigo

My land in line to the million.Complimentry say as an nation histry.Someone stay along the histry with dog.And a billing on my table.There experienced still in my road.I suppose die.

Like I always say you don't always have to go to fancy restaurants to get good delicious food

36:29 i like this view

You make my day. One and only Mark wiens loves your style and smile

Go to Dominican Republic next

Sururu the mussels on indonesia we call it "Kupang"

Very interesting that Cow foot is called Mokoto in this region. In Nigeria its referred to as Bokoto! Very interesting link.

Amaizing vedio..nothing to explain...

How many languages do you know?

I always hold off watching your videos untill I have my lunch or dinner.

Where is ying n micha? Did they not come this time?

Super program


My wife’s from Brazil , we enjoyed watching these together. I’d consider retiring there now after seeing the friendliness of the people. Thanks so much !

I know this brazilian food is good, but this dude literly loves anything he puts in his mouth.

I really need to stop watching these Episodes on an empty stomach

Man after the first meal i would’ve been napping under a cool shade

When are u going to another country it too much videos of the same country am last time I day am going to unsubscribe then u making me to do it u spend too much time in 1 country what about Asia or Africa go somewhere else is too long in this country braizil

2:03 "Lodu"

Always love looking at u enjoying every dish on every video. Keep it up man, all love from Malaysia

Cidade feia, e suja.

I used to love your videos Mark until I realised that my entertainment is what 40K children are dying from everyday. I'm sorry. Maybe it's just me.

Man please STOP your fake reaction to food by closing your eyes and leaning your head . I mean it’s so fake and cringy

Acaraje is called "kosay" in ghana west africa. It is prepared almost the same way except that the oil used is palm kernel oil called "for" like the word for. Amazing to see all these. Come visit us our bros and sis in the diaspera.

Can i know what camera you use ?

Thanks to the tour guy, for finding these spots, they're are not easy even for us Brazilian if you don't know the city or the hood properly. That's what Brazilian cuisine it's all about, I ain't shitting on nobodys country cuisine, but Brazil is on another level

Hi Mark, your videos are awesome. especially the Thailand and HCM city. The way you explain the details especially the food taste is wonderful. Request your viewers to visit my blog as well.

Oooo Mark, I like your Video so much, I am Nishat, from Bangladesh.

Jealous? Yes. Another brilliant video. Keep them coming. All the best from Australia

Acaraje originated from the Yoruba culture In Nigeria, we call it Akara, hopefully one day you visit Nigeria, Brazil is a beautiful country, part of the countries I want to visit on my list

Where is yin....??

Go Nigeria next

Looks like nigerian food

dancing while fighting . it reminds me of eddy gordo of tekken . ^_^

The red palm oil in west africa specifically Ghana is called "Zomi".

Be careful mark so many criminals in brazil

I liked watching the videos of Andrew Zimmern, but when when in an occasion Mark knew him Andrew behaved as very haughty, he thought he was the best at making food videos, but personally I think Mark is number one, because the he is humble, he laughs with everyone he arrives at places that Andrew would never dare to step on, Mark lets himself be loved by people and also travels with his friends with his wife and son, it is nice to watch videos of him as he enjoys with a lot of nature the food, good Mark, I send a hug to you and all your family and the cameras of an Ecuadorian who lives in Connecticut, USA ... go ahead with your videos, God bless you.

noooooooooo dont end this serie please...

By far, this segment was so beautifully done, Mark. Thank you!

ele fala com tanto entusiasmo hahaha

how do you stay in shape. Mark has the stomach acid of a lion

If you want the real and best moqueca you have to go to Espírito Santo, not Bahia.

You can't go to Brazil and not go to a Brasileirão futebol match!

Where would i get the olodum tshirt?..the green colour one..can i order online...any suggestions???

46 mins of Mark Weins? HECK YEAH!

Every time I go your channel there's always a new vid up I love it!!! Keep up the good work.

the girl in the gray shirt is hot!

Dinuguan lol

Joel Bruner ruins everything !

You are the best

28:00 that looks like new orleans gumbo

A lot of cajun food has west african origin too, like bahian food

Plz come to Nepal also

I always find it interesting when people reference slaves by saying they came to Brazil or where ever thier referencing. No. They were brought to Brazil that was slavery they did not come voluntarily.

Where is your t SHirt?

Why is it we never see your wife or friend eating?

Where's Ying and Micah? Aww

Thank you soo much! I've been watching your videos for a while. I always imagined you going to Salvador and wondering whether you would enjoy the food. I'm so happy you did!! I feel like eating one acarajé right after watching this. Mocotó I will eat on weekend... quite heavy. haha Love from Bahia!

sub naman kayo sa channel ko kabayan

i know you look at it accidentally

i cant believe its over! my favorite series so far. thank you again for sharing

Mark weins has extra space in his mouth he always takes big bites

Sad you didn’t cover the European majority cities in Southern Brazil.

Aren’t Mantarays an endangered species?

awesome Mark !!!!

Mark Wiens what are your top 5 countries?

@Zoio o lol

Hey Mark would you drink a pint of my personal run off bedai water?

God bless ! Can you visit Belize

My friend its not good.........dislike idiot smile again......

It's been brilliant and very enjoyable. Cheers Mark, family and Joel & team.

Mark Wiens notice me plsss from Philippines

Thank you Mark

Try to visit again the Philippines Mark

Aaah, você esteve em Salvador e eu não sabia. Queria ver você

Hi mark I like your all videos about food I belong from Pakistan I want to meet u and see u and want to eat some Pakistani food next time when u come to Pakistan so plz contact with me i will be very thankful to u and waiting for u in Pakistan my name is afzal ali khan

Hello mark wiens the one of your fans i loce your blogs

Muito legal seu vídeo!!!!! Que bom que gostou de visitar no país!!

That snack is called "Akara" over here in Nigeria, sometimes we line the akara in a bread buns and eat it like a burger. Let me say wow like you do Mark, that combo is out of this world once the akara is sizzling hot out of the fire and properly lined up in the bread.

OoOoOh Woaw

Wonderful video....46 minutes utilized completely.....Some food of brazil is similar to Africas...Loved the video

Awesomeness hi guys

Hi Mark, my name is Macedonio, I live in Indianapolis Indiana, there are some really good places to go eat, let me know when you are here, or when you can come Take care

@markwiens when will you come to Fortaleza-CE? I follow your work and I like it a lot. Eu e minha namorada somos fãs do seu trabalho.Gostariamos de conhece-lo pessoalmente. Abraço.

30:44 I somehow heard the beat of michael jackson's song "They don't care about us" on the drums.

Mark can you try The Claw BBQ Dubai XXX Suicide Inferno Hot Wings Challenge?

Man, Okra is f-ing disgusting

Atleast play that Michael Jackson song


Can anyone tell me who Jules is? He is always with Mark lately?

It’s the same food over and over

i only watch your video when m in full still couldn't stop mouth watering

I love how humble, so so kindhearted you are! The way you soak up the energy its amazing! That's why I keep watching your videos ! They are THE BEST! keep doing what your doing it's so freaking cool !!

Incredible video. You got me crying, dude. Could almost feel you guys' energy in sync with the place there. Severely homesick now..

Love your channel

Y can’t jewel be himself I feel like he wanna be mark to bad

Amazing video!

OMG!!!! ❤❤❤❤

Hi Mark (and all viewers) just wanted to write a kind warning for the behavior of lady in the Mercado Modelo... (where you bought the chicken stew and the bobó). I am not sure what else you and your group might have ordered, but if it was just that, she seriously overpriced the dishes. I'd steer away from there. As a Brazilian, I am ashamed and I apologize for her manners.

Greetings from India. You made me hungry

All the people from northeast off Brazil are the best.

Sticky boogers

That car are Chevrolet Spin7, I was work at GM Indonesia that also build that car here. (Food review also great)

Doesnt he get sick from eating so much outside food


Show them someThai Boxing. KO in a second

Great series in Brazil! Need the deets on the t-shirts in this video

eating shrimp shell??

I am not sure but I noticed most of these foreign food travel channels in YouTube have different approach towards India and western countries. In India I saw mark wiens eating at extremely cheap hotels ,when there r obviously so many popular n affordable restaurants which offers wide range of tasty food . But he prefers a street side stall or dhabas where only extremely poor people visit . People might have a wrong perception that India has only unhygienic cheap food . But there r obviously affordable n decent hotels .

Wow nice

22:11 omg please dont kick Mark in his own video

Thank you Mark

I love all your videos the only thing I hate is the extended mmmm when you enjoy something. Smh sounds like mmmmooooo

But they are cooking the same things over and over again.

Hi Mark! I'm from Hawaii (via Taiwan) my dad was born in LA but lived in Brazil when he was in the Peace Corp and every new years he makes feijoada! He's been making his with black beans and portugese sausage and some other meats and's the one dish I look forward to every new year!

10:30 the daughter in the gray shirt is fine asf!!!

hahaha my city


Love your videos and how educational they are.. the correct way to pronounce the state is "baa-eeh-ah" you don't pronounce the "H"

Não acredito que este é o último vídeo

If M.W   has to put his face in the food you know it is AWESOME !

Marc, it is not “obrigathoo” but “obrigadoo”. The sound “the” is a spanish language sound and it does not exist in the portuguese language, but don’t worry, I don’t think they’ll hold it against you. You're fine.

Música de Pablo no fundo

When I watch you mark... The way you react and speak to your food is like how i react to my girl and her also sexually. For some reason I get the overwhelming feeling like you do not worship your woman like you do this food. And that's sad. Hope your more passionate toward your woman who brought you a son and is actually prettier... than the food you act like youd rather make love to! ❤

Im sure Everything get mixed into these dishes! Nothing is Wasted.

That Michael Jackson tee tho ...

Mark I never comment on your videos but me and my girlfriend usually watch your episodes on our tv and we love your channel. You are living the dream life it seems. Keep up the great work and put that kid Micah in Muay Thai!

У Ваау..

Que pasó con los vídeos de Perú

Hi, my wife and I watched all his videos through Brazil, missed some places, porto alegre-rio grande do sul, Londrina-Paraná, balneário Camboriú-Santa Catarina, do not leave before visiting these cities or one of them

How many languages do you speak mark?? I'm so impressed

What about going to Sao paulo ?

I was hoping that you´d come to Sao Paulo, there are some nice restaurants here.

I was waiting for the taste score....Then I realized this isn't Food Ranger.

Mark! I’m flying there tomorrow! It will be my second time as my wife is from there. We will travel by bus over night to Jequie. Thanks for your videos!

Man forget the snack I'll go just to see the daughter...

Nice tour Mark. Delicious foods. Hello Joel!


Thank You and the Crew and most importantly the Great Families and the Extra specials. You are a great space and place that we can have a piece of of mind for a moment. I have looked forward for the next great adventures after Anthony Bourdain and You are a Blessing.... I know and We Know that We are Blessed

Obrigada pela sua visita ao nosso país, volte sempre. O Brasil estar a sempre denportas abertas!

Is there any food you’ve come across that you didn’t like ?

I just LOVED that you spent some time in Brazil! I wish you'd had come to my city São Paulo, the most populated city in South America and which has some of the best, most awarded restaurants in the world. Here in São Paulo we also have a few local dishes, like "Virado à Paulista", that dates back to the colonial times, far back in the 17th century.

Vou sentir falta dos videos do Brasil, volte sempre Mark!!!

Como ele consegue comer tanto??? kkkkk O que mais me impressiona é que o estomago dele aceita muito bem comidas diferentes. Por mais gostoso que seja, não sei se eu conseguiria comer isso todo sem ter dor de barriga depois.

Where's the bread/tortillas?

Nice video...plzzz subscribe to my channel am new to YouTube...need ur love and support

Good series Well done Good job

So sad that you guys haven't came to Minas Gerais, we have one of most delicious dishes in Brazil! Hope you guys come in a next time.

4:12 wtf ok LOL..!!!

Delicious in beautiful

Andrew simmer knows better than you you must watch his videos

You are amateur

Did you watch the video you throw the food when you talk

Mark, you inspire me to be humble. The best things in life are so simple!

You haven't education nobody tech you

Que saudade de comer acarajé da Bahia

You must finish eating after that yo can talk

The daughter at 37:16 is beautiful! Best part is she can cook too!

You still doing that weird face I hate you mark

Why does marks boyfriend keep showing up in all these vids

This guy is so fake

please. come to Recife Pernambuco!

Good showing the indigenous Brazilian foods. :) God bless.

what was that mashed dish at 17:33? could not understand

obrigado tge sup,

Niceeeeee Mark

Go to El Salvador

Shout out to all my Afro-Brazilians. 1 people 1 love.

Brasil é Foda na culinária. N existe lugar melhor do que meu brasilzao p culinária está sendo muito feliz kkk

Vamo que vamo!

"Mucho gusto" haha. Mark Mark, welcome to Brazil ;)

Simply amazing!!!!! Everything incredible!!!

I cant believe you came here after watching you for so long, Mark. Thank you. I hope you enjoy our feijoada, hahaha. It is not for the weak!

ooooooohh nooo.. i wish it was never ending.. ill miss these videos of yours in brasil.. for me its the best

Do you ever eat food you don't like?

41:29 HaHaHa

Wish you had come to the capital lol I've been a subscriber for ages lol it would be cool to have a fan meet up

Try Russian Food

I remember when u had 300 k subs lol

you missed fortaleza, jericoacara, recife and fernando de noronha

The food, people and everything is amazing. Love from Pakistan.

brother don't do this to me... I want to eat everything you showed in this... yummyy....

Joker face painted with caruru! Tx for your amazing Brazil series. You take our country to another level!

i wonder why u like everything i saw at least 10-15 videos in the last days and u never said that u dont like a food u always make the same face this is a bit weird for me other food/travel youtubers say when they dont like something its normal. i think u do it do make only positive things in your video but thats not cool its kinda fake.

"thats why its only 15 dollars" da fuq? thats expensive as hell

Why this guy mixes up everything and taste those mixes .. ?? Every food has distinct flavor .., sadly he is deprived of those tastes ..

They men violated you and stuck his foot on your face not bare but his actually shoe bruh, looool you got violateeeeed

Mark all your videos are great thanks for sharing all your cuisine experiences from around the world and showing us new & delicious food it just brings a smile to everyone's face

Is Joel gay? Also, how do Mark and Joel eat so much and yet stay so skinny?! Secret please!!! Great video. I want to try the acaraje

38:32 ☺️

I just love your enthusiasm about my lovely country and I love the way you see simple things like they are so much beautiful... Thank you so much for sharing your happiness to the world and thank you for going REALLY inside the culture of Brazil! Cheers ! Best video in India now a days going viral

mark should cast as the Joker in Batman movies..

you are very lucky you are still alive and havnt been robbed yet!!!

When are you going to come to Nigeria Mark?

So good sir

Mark is the prime example of why being a hateful person that doesn't like others because of the color of their skin or where they are from, doesn't bring you anything good. Look at all the beautiful food and culture that you'd prevent yourself from enjoying all because of some pointless bigot mindset. Keep up the great work Mark.

When Mark talks, he transitions between sentences so randomly lol

Howz the fifa womens world cup going on for Thailand? Any one watching

this is like the t shirt micheal jackson wore in his mv they dont care about us !

Fantastic video and fantastic description of food texture and flavour. Brazil is also one of the destinations that I would like to visit in the future. I have been following your vlog over the last 6 months. Keep up the good work. I will be watching.

I loved this video! Acarajé, moqueca, capoeira, diversity, and people that even with all the adversities put a smile in their faces and live their lives with happiness, joy, helping their community ...Ohhh I miss Brasil :'( Thanks for sharing Mark!

good job

Wow this video was really fantastic. Not that they all are not spectacular. Thanks Mark!!

please come back in pakistan

More power to you Mark weins your series in brazil is awesome i think i want to go there someday nice videos man!

My husband and i always watch your videos. You are awesome!

Your tour of Brazil is my best so far, really enjoyed how you blended with the Amazonians, and the wide variations in the food you sampled - really awesome. Would advice you tour Nigeria in West Africa to see more variations of the food you sampled in Brazil.

Wish a woman would love me like he loves his food

I totally eat like Mark, it's just he's still thin and I'm not.

can anyone link me his video in which he doesnt go "Oh, WOW!!, Thats Delicious" but " OH.... yuck..."


The food can't all be that nise.....


Mark don't forget to visite SAO LUI MA to try the cuxá and visite the Lençóis Maranhense.

please find another phrase other than OH WOW!!

Oh my gosh Mark Wiens is in my country

The messier Mark eat, the tastier the food hahahaa

I love to watch this video on tv❤️


I don't understand I had 2 sausages and 3 hotdogs and somehow u managed to make me hungry again

“Oh man, I’m gooing all over the place” - Mark Wiens 2019

Saudade de quando o acarajé vinha no papel assim, na minha cidade inventaram uns pratinhos de isopor, prefiro no papel.

Mark, miss your own t-shirt .

He should do a video on Colombia food!!

Thank you Mark, this has been my favourite series of yours so far! Apart from Joel the chuckling hyena, I've enjoyed every minute of it! Love you, Ying and Micah!

Holy Momma!

Am I the only one that thinks this guy has to smoke to eat as much and be as excited over food

Truly amazing people. Too bad the country is being controlled by a traitor who will loot and serve as a terrorist proxy to its Zionist master.

This was a great series and the best you ever did Mark. as me being a partial African American descent this video really touched me because it really shows how the Afro-Brazilians really have contributed to the Brazilian enterprise and culture. it's a shame that there's so much racism in the world where Africans no matter where they are around the world have contributed greatly to their respective countries cultures. Diversity is such a beautiful thing.

Mark! your videos are amazing. I'm from Brazil and just after watching you eating here that I recognized we put cassava flour in everything ahha

Hi Mark what can I say. This is another special video. Thanks once again. All the foods look palatable.

Hi mark. I’m a big fan of your show. Why don’t you travel to AMERICAN SAMOA OR WESTERN SAMOA?

Hello Mark, this video was very culturally enriching and enlightening. I would like to refer to your video where you had the batata pao a famous street food in Mumbai. This has a resemblance to vatapa you had in this video. Portuguese brought bread and potato to India, hence potato is called batata( Portuguese) and Pao(bread). I saw in your Brazil series lot of food and connection to India. Like we call cashew Kaju (same as in Brazil)

veio visitar a Bahia! Mandou bem Mark!

Mark, I thought he was going take your head off there for a moment...

Tanks to visit Brazil!

I am getting fat just watching you.

Thanks for showing up a side of our beautiful Brazil that people usually doesn't know about.

Mark Wiens Legenda essa sua visita ao Brasil em PORTUGUÊS que as visualizações irão triplicar. Eu assisti todas e gostei muito.  parabéns.

Typo correction to the previous comments: _baianas do acarajé_.

Mark, you have an ostrich stomach! Congratulations !!! I, Brazilian, do not eat strong food .... ha, ha, ha ...

Fantastic series. Great atmosphere and off the beaten track places focusing mostly on street food. My only observation ( as a baiano) goes for the D. Ivone's bananas do acarajé " They should be wearing the traditional afro-bahian costume. We don't see as many acarajé sellers doing that anymore due to their conversion to backward evangelical creeds. It is a pity. Apart from that, everything was marvelous. Thank you Mark. You are a star.

MY GOSH , that looked amazing. I Don,t like ship, and I would dive my face right in too ! You make people smile wherever you go Mark !

34:20 that food is called dinugoan Filipino dish

Saved the best for last....

Whew I needa go to Brazil

go to puerto rico! you will not be dissappointed

wow some awesome looking dishes what a great food tour.

Acaraje is Akara without the filling in Nigeria. You can eat Akara with Bread, Gari or Akamu (made from Corn flour, mixed with boiling water). You can also put shrimp, fish etc in the batter prior to frying. The steamed version is called Moin Moin, you can add all sorts of meat or fish to the batter prior to steaming. You also eat it with Bread, gair or Akamu. Glad to know that these West African traditional dishes still exists in Salvador. Good to know that they haven't forgotten where they came from. Great views of Bahia & Salvador.

OMG Mark u should be credited for all those eating in one day , man u have got a very good appetite..... great videos...

Lol it’s like people trying American food for the first time

Man this looks so freaking good

One of the best videos from all ❤️

You look like you eat street food all day LOL

Mark, you need to incorporate Ying and Micah, its not fair

Joel needs to learn how to speak. He barely talks

Kd a legenda

Mark u always seem to amaze us with your awesome videos and your knowlage of food. Keep the good work up

When a mark weins video is 45 min (bliiiiiiissssss)

Missing Ying and Micah....

I was sad the video ended. I enjoyed the video so much I didnt kno it was 40plus minutes. Keep up the good work Mark. We love u dude!

i would love to see you go to central Texas !! san antonio - austin areas n surrounding - kreuz market , black's bbq , franklin bbq , salt lick bbq....and in bexar co.(san antonio area) find you some tiny little mom n pop mexican eateries(just stop n ask a construction worker where the best mexican food is,they'll get ya to the best !) . also some excellent tex-german foods ! you should check it out man !!!

U should come to PUERTO RICO and try are food and see that we have good food

Delicious awesome vid Start your food business with MARKETING food ONLINE the PREMIER YOUTUBE CHANNEL   learn how to sell your food locally, retail or ONLINE! @marketingfoodonline

Yoooo that balcony Michael was on

We missed micha ❤️❤️

Mark should go on hot ones. I bet he could handle the last dab without a hitch

Fiquei babando no acarajé! Comida brasileira é a melhor do mundo

Mark .... I don't think you realise how privileged we (your veiwers) are to follow you around this great planet of ours, a true foodie, and also to get an honest opinion of all of the food you eat..... thank you and I hope to bump into you in my lifetime..... please keep up the great vids..... and even the ones with the bad food.... travel well my friend

Anyone : "Says something in Portuguese" Mark : "Obrigado ..Muito obrigado" Love the videos mark!

Go to Lebanon or Syria!! Please! I’m from Palestine but I love Lebanon and Syria ❤️❤️

The last cuisine blowed my mind. Great work Mark. Really enjoyed Brazilian Series. Love from India.

43:35 can someone please explain who that is? In the red I'm just curious I always see him but have no idea who he is?

I think Joel is Mark's "roadie". He films, flies drones, edits videos, etc.

He did visit the south. He went to Curitiba.

Melhor comida do mundo meu país minha Bahia axé

The MESSY face was the absolute best!

I luv u Mark... God Speed


Hmmmmhmmmmmm ohh woooww.... I love it how he acting :D

thank God you change

Adoro os vídeos,você devia provar também o Acarajé no prato.

oh wow!

Wow , the Pirao is actually called "Pinon" in Togo. That's how is cooked but thicker (so more cassava flour added). This is amazing. Thanks Mark for the good work!

Where yo bitch at Mark..ant seen her fo a min


Brazil has a very diverse culture and I hope to visit one day ! Greetings from Denmark !   : )

Mark you're a head of food presenters, it's 2am in the morning and I'm hungry, love you boss, to your crew also, the food, ooooooh.

Is it just me or has Mark literally aged backwards

$20 bucks amazing ... for that quality of food

I really thought you were going to make it to Peru after visiting Brazil. They have great cuisine there my friend.

thank you mark love you Brasil

Que bom que você gostou do Brasil Mark!!!volta sempre!!! Love this series in Brasil!!!

Love this guy, but there’s no way everything he eats is good

Omg you should go to El Salvador

Os vídeos no Brasil são os que rendem mais visualizações para ele. Vai Brasil

Do you have any idea how cool you are? I hope you have many more years of travel and eating and meeting people all over the world.

after all this time??? I haven't subscribed to the Mark Wiens??

Again. He has the perfect job. I wish that that us Americans were more friendly & hospitable.

Try some Jamacain food

Go eat some soul food right here in the states then eat some Caribbean food

@39:00 - did you just eat shrimp shells?

Brazil delicious food❤

did you run from my friends then Mark so funny. my clan is world wide. :):):) 24/7 on 24 time as well.

I’m a huge fannnnnn I love ur Brazilian series keep it up man you do a great job!!!!!

After watching this entire series and might I say that it has been by far my favorite in over 2yrs. I really want to move to Brazil. The pure natural beauty and hospitality seemed amazing. The beautiful women and choices of delicious meats. I feel like that place could be every mans dream. I hear the crime is very high there which is a bummer because otherwise it looks so peaceful from what I can tell. Also, it is much more advanced as a country than what I first thought of.

I actually feel like having a colon cleanse, on his behalf

E sua barriga mano, ficou doendo depois um dia de comer tanto?Minha comida preferida aqui é Acarajé sem caruru e muita pimenta.

Such a long video. Maybe should have spliy it into 2 parts

Love it

i can honestly say that after these series I fell in love with Brazil and with Brailian thighs

pheww. i really thought that powder was sugar/salt @2:39

Sou brasileiro

Ganhou outro inscrito adoro ver seus videos comendo cida brasileira satisfação conhecer seu canal sucesso PR VC manda abraço PR min Rafhaell de Tupa Interior d sampa

Bahiaaaaaa hell yeahhh!!!! Now I can say. Mark visited my city :)))) Salvadorrrrr

Man, you just left two other snacks, I don't know if you tasted out of the cams, but it was Bolinho de Estudante and Passarinha. Anyway, I loved the brazilian series and I'm really happy that you ended here in Salvador! Come back anytime!

Vertical subway? Sounds like an elevator.

Their food looks Nigerian

What a gr8 gr8 brazil tour ....amazing wiens.

Hi mark!! thanks for visiting Salvador!!! hope u really like the home made dishes here!

Thank you Mark . Brazil is amazing ❤❤❤

I am just wondering, did u have all that food at the same day? Because even us locals wouldn't lol


Mark congrars to you for exposing us to the world menus

The best part of seeing this and the way he enjoys it, is to know that I can have it whenever I want to. :)

I miss acarajé so much.

Good LORD!!!! This food is bringing tears to my eyes,...,ahhh the joy of eating

So is he eating the whole shrimp trail and peel and all? Amazing video just super used to people peling shrimp.

Hi mark, as usual outstanding. The music is incredible and perfect. Peace Michele

Где перевод????

Man we shouldn't listen to everything we see on TV! Brazil kind of scared me because of all the crimiminality reported on tv, but this serie showed me that there is nothing to be scared of. The people are lovely and kind, the landscape and environment is beautiful and the food seems out of this world. I'm sorry for having misjudged you Brazil, I'll be planning a trip soon.

@Elisangela Inez I know it is not fake and that you should always be careful especially in rio. But it is not as bad as news make it out to be and it is sad. I bet there is a lot of people that avoid going to Brazil because they are afraid and that cause Brazil to lose a huge number of potential tourists (aka money intake potential) and people to miss out on this beautiful country. Media should also point out the positive things about Brazil, thanks Mark for showing it to us.

Criminality isnt fake , but not so spread as people think. Just avoid walking late at Night, use jewelry and câmeras on your neck. We have beautiful and interesting places, and so many food. He didnt show SP and the japanese influence as the German influence that we have in the South.

U didnt to Rio Grande do Sul. Paraná, Santa Catarina - U missed that

I really love watching your videos mark it feels that I am also travelling even though i am diverts my sadness to a beautiful cultures and places that you've visited. Thanks for sharing...

Sejam sempre bem vindos

Brazilians thank you for showing us our beautiful culture ❤

hey Mark you should come taste the Moroccan food ill show you arround if ur intressted

Blood stew looks like "dinuguan" of the Philippines looks yummy

u should eat clean all them fat beef pork causes cancer and imflammation

i love brazilian food.

Viva Brasil

That girl with the chef hat is so unbelievably beautiful.

Brasil has so many places to visit, next time add some of the local deserts.

So... do you not need to peel shrimp when eating them? I was confused how he’d eat the acarajé with the shrimps like that, but he just chopped down! Have I been doing it wrong or did they prepare them in a different way than “usual”?

Mr.Mark I keep watching you but I have questions I noticed how did you do that? How come you’re skinny mostly the foods vloggers are big, but you you’re doing a good shape

Mark rocks...oh!!

Wow, Brazilians are the best people on this planet. Ranking number 1. Kindness, happiness, generosity. It's amazing to me.

Ivones daughter with the white tank top looks yummy too

Such a diverse food has Brazil, healthy and really tasty, if you go to south it has a big european influence, mostly, Italians, Portuguese , Germans Spanish, brazil's north is very influenced by africans, it's a huge country with different cultures.

Mark says .... wowwww kkkkk. Obg mark

Hello Mark Wiens! I enjoy your channel, however, whenever you all identify Blacks/Negros, why do it have to be "slaves from Africa" and not whenever the Africans came over or Blacks came over. Samething was said on Best food channel... For anyone to dislike or hate on someone or ethnic group that's done nothing to you, shows weakness. My apologies, however, I have come to noticed it . I know one thing, You are nowhere near of being a racist. But could you please understand what I am saying. Thanks

There are definitely similar ingredients like the west African dishes

One of the best series! AWESOME JOB!! Beautiful Brazil

Wow, i can feel the love and warmth from this video of Brazil! great video

all i know about Portuguese language is " obrigado"

You are the best mark

1:27 and 13:26 glitch in the matrix


This was an amazing video

se inscreve no meu canal é pequenininho para me ajudar

Joel's girlfriend is Chinese. They are occasionally on Instagram together

I just wanted to know is there any food u didn’t give ur yammy expression Watch & Like the Video if you like it! And subscribe the YouTube channel if you are interested in food!

That burger look like a used diaper.

They are so tired and old.

a gente peida no Brasil o dia todo

I like how mark is with his family and best friend . Mark is a great guy , very positive , and provides good knowledge on food all over the world. Thanks for all these videos mark and can’t wait for more .

Ele comendo ao som de Pablo do Arrocha foi o melhor kkkkk.

aerodynamic v-neck xD.

Amazing video Mark!

comida veia nojenta !! de periferia mais , perto dos exgotos !

Mark, muito muito muito obrigado pela visita e pelos vídeos fantasticos. I hope to see you again here or anywhere in the world someday. Thank you so much for promoting my lovely country and its people. Take care!

I wish the Brazilian food series never end.

Love you mark❤️❤️❤️

This is Ghana

These all food you are having is haram

hey mark, loved the show. was that last shot on the beach in rio vermeho? think i recognise it

Mark has changing his t-shirt !

That oil based chili sauce

Hi mark,I enjoyed Brazil series video food collection. When your team will come India??

Mark I hope you are doing great I really enjoy your show and hope you someday come visit Managua,Nicaragua we have some tasty food and would like for you to try some and I hope you can come

Oh i just love joel

Ohhh wow + crazy eyes combo

I wonder, mark travels for food, eat plenty delicious dishes throughout the globe, despite he seems slim. Whether he eats entire plate or acts.

hy mr mark this is habtamu i am from ethiopia am ur big fun. i have no words for u. u are simply amazing ..i never seen anything like this in my life u are so talented man. someone to promot u to get guinness world records... oweeee men ...i wish i have meet with u .pls when u came back in ethiopia pls i love to see u in person or my facebook account habtish abush ..+251911126559 thats my phone number well

12:50 Do they too add turmeric in their food? Almost all of their curries look yellow, appetizing and spicy.

Salut Brazilia from you re latina sisther România

MadBanner damn right, wonder which day she subs in for her mom.

How about São Paulo?

Your videos are becoming boring one.Talk less.

Wow ☺️ The Salvador city tour of food and culture and the city us amazing and splendid. What a diverse Country Brazil is

Hey @mark wiens what carolina reaper sauce did you guys take is it your brand? And where can i find it

Mark Wiens describing water "oh my God that's so juicy"

I know he goes to the bathroom a lot

You are my favourite human Mark !!

Brazil is so beautiful....god bless from India

I am from Uzbekistan i realy love Brasil and love there peopl and traditions

Do you cum every time you eat food.

Salvador, Terra sagrada!


Brasil o melhor lugar no mundo pra comer. E voce nunca vai encontrar um povo mais gentil e calaroso no mundo  do que o povo brasileiro.

It would be nice to see you go to El Salvador, San Salvador for an amazing food experience.

I wish I had Mark's energy. LOL

I'm from Yemen I want to take you to visit Yemen with me

Can I come with you on tour please

I love Salvador atmosphere. The impressive portuguese colonial architecture mixed up with all this african heritage...beautiful city!

Thanks Mark for sharing these videos. Looking forward to seeing more delicious foods !:D -- Join DoorDash by using my referral link and get $10 off your food order.

Stop freakin talkin when food is in your mouth.. its just disgusting and mannerless .. pls stop it..

And, they say that black people in Africa were uncivilized so if that's the case,how is it that they knew how to utilized spicy to prepare exquisite meals. The white man lies.

I’m a fan! Thank you Mark! Maraming Salamat!

Can I get chance to go all the country like you

All these palm oil coconut oil are mostly Nigerian cuisine infact most of the blacks in Brazil are originally Nigerians he got there through slavery

Afro you do know those are Israelites right.same as African Americans in America but I forgot you people don't know that yet

We was animists not jews smoke weed brotha???

Mark, I ACTUALLY tried catching the food falling off your bite at 41:25! JEEZ HAHAHHA

Eating tinder is very very bad is all fat wow and he is saying is good wow

fun fun and hungry to watched too

Of course Blood of pig what u want??

Not this Knor(artificial local) sausage

@Jéssica Oliveira Soares infelizmente parece que ele já voltou

When you come to colombia Mark wiens

Yumm that food is familiar to me bc I eat it almost every day!



No lie, my mouth was open, AND I ACTUALLY DRIBBLE

Mark, I have a request. Could you make a video series based around every kind of chilli sauce youve ever tasted (if possible) or go on a tour of the spice capitals of the world? That would be amazing

his reactions when he likes the food is so funny

You’re making me hungry

I need an Afro Brazilian girl.

That what you called your snack looked so good

Next trip to Pacific islands country...

that table shake at 4:53 cuz its so good !!

8:13 "não há inimigo que derrote quem nasceu pra vencer"- no hay enemigo que derrote a quien nació para vencer, there is no enemy that defeats who was born to win

Oh how I wish he would expand his vocabulary! Descriptions are the same whatever he throws down his neck!!

Be careful, Brazil is dangerous for tourist.

22:27 KKK desnecessário.

Hey mark would love to ask you a question! Have you ever eaten something you’d never eat again, if so what was it?

I've watched most of ur videos, thanks for visiting my home country

Wow mark is amazing

Love this channel

Hey Mark this vlog is so long I had to take a TOILET break. I love your content. Long time I am thinking whom you look like. Finally got the answer it's Hollywood's actor Jim Carrey the hero of famous movie The Mask. Anyway enjoyed your Brazil Series

His table manners...wipe your face...don't eat with your mouth full. Disgusting.

Saudades da Bahia...

Sarapatel is made in Goa too Mark. You should try it out there sometime!

Bro, u seriously need to come to North East India.. u will love the food here..

What do Mark means when he says " obligao"?. Sounds to me that he's saying obligated.

You are just awesome. Your video’s are fabulous have been watching them for years. An dutch_indonesian californian american living in the Hague Holland.

Congratulations Mark for your humility.

Me emocionei muito. Saudades minha Bahia.

kerenn kak

saudade da minha terrinha, até chorei aqui vendo esse tanto de comida boa. Congratulations e parabéns para o brother que levou o gringo nos melhores picos raiz. que felicidade em ver isso


Portugal next have a collab with ronaldo as a surprise.. i know im dreaming but hey.... dreams do come true

When are you going to El Salvador

Man Oh Man ... Mark can eat! Mark is happiest eating and just sharing that with us all...KNOWING we're wishing we could be doing the same, but can't. So he enjoys it all for us! Yayyyy, you go Mark!

Excellent.... Mark you did a great job as usual.

please mark, dont mix everything in 1 plate

Yes mark is eating Akara!! Its really a delicacy in Yoruba land!! Saturday mornings is akara and pap!!!

Stop making me hungry!!! Mmmmm

I wonder if he’s ever fallen over after tasting ?

You know you went into one of the most dangerous favelas to eat that fish stew hahaha

Nós brasileiros só temos a agradecer essa visita, o respeito que tem por nossa cultura, ambiente e principalmente pela comida. Ótimo trabalho e muito bom canal, volte sempre!

I liked it when mark was by himself

get lost and stop watching this then...idiot! don't try to conform the guy to the useless uptightness in your condemned land.

He’s saying “Obrigado” - thank you , but you can also use with the “enforced / imposed” meaning. “He was forced to accept” - ele foi obrigado a aceitar.

It was a great series to watch, thank you Mark!!!

Mark please go visit El Salvador and try the food

"This chili sauce deserves a plate as a main dish on the plate. A spot on the plate as a main dish." - Mark Wiens 2019

Olhem 24:36, a cara do câmera kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

A mulher jogando o feijão com raiva no prato, parece as tia lá da escola grau respinga a até feijão quente na cara kkkkkkkkkk

Try to saudi Arabia it is cool and excitement

Why you did't go to São Paulo, biggest city of Brazil?????

Omg. Thank u soo much for not getting all weird and laughy when you had the snack named monkey penis!! Ty soo much. I wouldve been totally creeped out lol.

Marcelo Eduardo awesome thank you..

I wonder is sarapatel is similar to the sorpotel we get in Goa, IN which is also made from pig's organs in a red vinegar sauce made from pig's blood also a stew.

Ah the slave trade was we were all scattered far and wide. I am Sierra Leonean and I am in awe and wonder as to how many similarities I see with the food of Salvador to ours in west Africa. It is beautiful to see my brothers and sisters and I hope one day to visit. Mark God Bless u for sharing all the wonders of this world with us through your eyes and stomach lool. Peace love and good vibes to all xxxx

Sarapatel=dinuguan in the Philippines wow!

Aeeee porraaa sarapatel eh vidaaaa

Muita coisa pesada p um dia só, nem eu q sou de Salvador aguentaria kkkkkkkkkkk Very nice video Mark, thanks for showing my beloved city to the world.

I am so happy to see this, I almost cried...literally!!!!

the okra dishes i see look disgusting because its slimy i dont like that at all the vegetable itself looks delicious but i cant stand slimy textures

Afro Brazil!!

Great video as usual. You’re attitude and warmth are what make it SO worthwhile.

One of those soups looks like 'gbegiri'. How come they make stew with beans? I'll love to visit Brazil o.

You eating so much yet you skinny and the good thing is you getting paid haha things good bless

Hi Mark, this is awesome video.

adoro ver suas expressões quando come as comidas seja de qualquer país que visita, você se entrega a comida de

So imagina o estrago no banheiro depois de comer isso tudo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Thank you so much Mark, Ying, Micah, and Joel for sharing all your amazing travels! I watch your videos every day at work in between phone calls. It's so wonderful being able to travel the world with you while sitting at my desk. You make each day so much better!

Orgulho de minha Bahia,

Vai vim em minas gerais também.?????

aerodynamic v neck :D 18:42

Mark thank you for sharing Afro Brazilian food trip. Awesome

Hi mark! Have a lot of catching up to do.

Thank YOU so much for showing my beautiful city, and the amazing food that we got. Obrigado!


Hi brother I am Indian Tamil nadu

Esse canal de degustação e simplesmente o melhor, descobri por acaso e não consigo parar de assistir, esse gringo e gente da gente. TOP

32:32 - Bahiano falando que não tem pressa :D

Parabéns Mark, vídeo muito bom, e parabéns pelo estômago de aço também.

It's been a month since i last view your blogs, and I'm just happy to be amazed with your new uploaded videos.. thank you mark! Keep up the good work and gos bless your amazing family ❤️❤️❤️ much love from cebu, philippines

Omg... I love acarage!...I miss Salvador so much... My city..❤

batendo um pratão ao som de Pablo!!!!! Bahia minha raiz

Amo minha capital❤️

Stelios4K bc everyone already goes there

22:06 one of the best part

Come on FROM Recife, Mark!

Esse gringo é raiz. Comeu até mocotó.

Great food Mark Love all your videos

11:55 in Brazil we dont speak Spanish haha

Probably. Just that we make it with cow organs.

Pra comer pão com mortadela no Mercadão? Sp é legal mas tudo que é bom vem de fora, a não ser o interior. Mas seria legal ele ir ao bairro da liberdade.

You were hungry at the beginning of this one. Awesome.

This inscribe channel i love♡ amazing channel

You should come to São Paulo as well, there's great pizza and sushi.

i think i found my future ex-wife (daughter) LOL

Mark how do you manage to eat so much food? Please tell me. I see you eat so many dishes in one day. I wish I could do that, and you manage to not gain any weight. You are a lucky guy. I love that you guys love spicy food, you walk with your own pepper

Omg the food looks so amazing, I wish we could just reach into the screen and eat along with you Mark. Mmmmmm

I love how outside tables and chairs literally look the same all over the world.

o maluco botou o pé dele na cara do mark e o mark todo sorridente lá skfndmsjsk tadinho

Honestly that cheese and guava made me think of how cool would it be to have you visit Puerto Rico. We usually have that at parties as appetizers

Love your videos,an awesome that you can bring us there,but out of concern and among my friends,we we're concerned that if you're sic? For you appear skeleton looking, which all that you eat it's not normal,my friend says you show signs of a tape work.but with love and concern for you and not in a cruel you're videos

14:39 are those Teeth?

Gostei muito.desse vídeo pq foi aqui na minha terra querida ,minha Bahia, massa velho sou se feira de santana fica aproximadamente a 100km da capital

"ou uau ( orgasm)" Wiens ,Mark.

Love your food venture..but do you really have to close your eyes..everytime you take a bite?

U JUST MADE ME HUNGRY BY SAY MMMMM... now going to eat something mmmm...

@Friedman Corretor pq as comidas da Bahia são brasileiras? o churrasco é brasileiro? a comida do norte até q é indígena mas com influencias portuguesas. No primeiro video dele já no Rio ele come um pão com linguiça, é bem brasileiro isso tb? Não q vc não captou o espirito.

@Stelios4K nada disso é brasileiro, pizza, dog, mortadela tudo gringueragem que foi adaptada pra cá. Eu sou de SP e digo que as melhores coisas de SP não são de SP são adaptações.

@Friedman Corretor não! apesar de não ser paulistano e sequer paulista moro há anos aqui. O mercadão seria o último lugar para levar ele. Temos prato típico de PF de Segunda, virado paulista. Temos inúmeros botecos, culinária diferentes dentro da cidade, comida de rua, dogão, hamburgueria, japoneses e o mais famoso. Pizza paulistana. Não aquela do Rio q colocam ketchup. Nem pra levar o cara no RS pra comer um churrasco de verdade ou café colonial. Levaram ele pra Goiânia e Curitiba pra comer barreado fora da cidade. Falar q SP só tem pão com mortadela é não saber mesmo sobre o q tem em SP. Quer culinária paulista? tem o Rojão, nem sabe o que é neh? e por ai vai.

How is he always very happy?

opa vim pelo pato 9?

@Stelios4K feijoada, tacacá, acarajé só podem ser encontrados no Brasil, apesar de serem inspirados em outros pratos. Mas só podem ser encontrados aqui.

Seja bem vindo Mark!!!!!!! O Brasil é uma explosão de sabores Feijão tropeiro the besth!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv it as always!

Fiquei com fome ;-; saudade do Brasil

Eu vejo um vídeo após o outro, conteúdo top.

Eu queria viver assim,

Mark vc e muito humilde, me tornei um fã.

What beautiful diverse people with amazing cuisine, I’m in love with their culture and history. One on the bucket list to visit, the food is to die for and it’s all cooked by mothers who know the art of delicious tasting wholesome hearty meals. Drooling watching this video.

Palm oil rain forest climate change.

Feiojoada misturado com mocotó é exagerado demais, ta doido

I swear you make everything seem so yummy as if nothing taste bad I love that .makes me hungry....great videos

O cara passou o dedo cheio de pimenta no olhos kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

in nigeria it's call akara[fried batter] and moimoi [boiled batter]

39:00 Gente sério! Isso é muito bom

Também não consigo parar de assistir.

@Friedman Corretor estou copiando o que um outro cara postou nos comentários aqui: "some of the food is similar to what is eaten in Nigeria: Dende = Palm oil Akaralaje= Akara or kosai Apara= Moimoi/Alele although it is eaten in reverse as a filling and not as the bun Caruru = okro soup Beans porridge looks exactly as the one served in Nigeria Even the herb section is found in markets"

@Stelios4K semelhança não é a mesma coisa, é uma inspiração no máximo. No caso de SP é tudo igual inclusive o nome.

@Friedman Corretor leia o comentários de várias pessoas nesse video, principalmente de pessoas da Nigeria dizendo a semelhança até dos nomes com os mesmos pratos deles como acarajé, abará e outros. Tacacá sim indígena que com o tempo teve sua influencia europeia (camarão põr exemplo). Feijoada, não é um prato exclusivo brasileiro desse leguminoso, sim o jeito com carnes de porco, mas existem inúmeros países que tem feijão da mesma forma.

I got so much weird feeling while watching this episode and suddenly I remember that I having a dream about exploring this place not so long ago. The place and view are so precise. Now I got goosebumps tho

Am from Belize. Love your videos. You should come to Belize. You will definately love our different culture food here.

Thank you, i love it

I’m Nigerian born and raise and I can see similarities in their food just like acaraje and Nigerian acara even like the rice and okra. The African diaspora has so many similarities in food and in culture.


Aqui na espanha proibiram o óleo de palma dizem que da cancer.sei não. Quantas delicias do meu país. Very good

I visited Bahia 7 years ago and I left my heart there! ❤️

arival n. l. junior verdade , ele deve ter tido uma caganeira daquelas em salvador comeu muito dende e leite de coco

@Sheula Cardoso ri tbm kkkkkk

"eu nao tenho pressa não pae" mds vei explodi aqui

What’s your favorite dish Mark?

Esqueceu de provar o mais gostoso , o mais saboroso , o mais espetacular de todos , o AÇAÍ

@beatriz acabei de ver o vídeo do açaí . Esse mesmo em Belém . Os videos dele são ótimos. . Ele tbm foi no Rio e Belo Horizonte . Valeu.

Faça de tudo um pouco esse eh o primeiro vídeo q eu to vendo dele aqui mas tenho qse ctz q ele deve ter provado no vídeo dele em Belém

Bahia é Bahia né pai

Isn’t palm oil carcinogenic ?

You need to go to Minas Gerais!!

Ele foi, procura nos vídeos do canal

Ele vai saber o que é pimenta ardida ai em salvador kkkkk Quente ou friu kkkkkk

Precisou vir um americano pra mostrar com qualidade o Brasil. Para os brasileiros. e para o mundo obrigada

Wow! I’m Igbo from Nigeria and I see our food here. Awesome!!! I’d love to go to this region ,meet my brothers and sisters and break bread together

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Salvador, it’s so vibrant, and Bahia people are friendly and laid back . Lots of places to visit in Bahia state. Well done for living the experience well and sharing it. Food is divine. Great work!!

Mark , I'm Very happy you like my land , next visit Go to Red River and try acarajé da Dinha

22:18 kkkkkk vo chuta o gringo Ótimo vídeo! Divertido, respeitoso e com muito carisma. Amazing Video! Fun, respectful and with a lot of charisma, congrats Mark we love to receive friends from NA.

esse cara eh um guerreiro kkkkkk

quiabo é vida

mark you don't eat the food, you attack it! Pace yourself...

Sou do Rio de Janeiro e meu sonho é um dia poder ir ao nordeste so pra comer, principalmente na Bahia. Nasci no Rio Grande do Norte mas vim pra cá com meses de vida e nunca mais voltei. Eita terra boa, definitivamente o nordeste tem a melhor culinária do Brasil em questao de riqueza e sabor!

palm oil is bad for humans health

Ele parece o quico do Chaves kkk

With this Brazil tour coming to an end ... I would like to say Guilherme’s Girlfriend/Wife is GORGEOUS AF

Gente ele nao tem fundo kkkk

Guys .. eat heavy meal late night and just watch Mark videos'll immediately feel empty stomach... then you can go to bed. You don't need coke or carbonated water to digest the food.

I have to stop watching your vids. I miss my food, so very much. I can see your eyes brightening every time you try a new dish. I'm from Aracaju a city upper Bahia 2hs and half away. And I do miss this food so badly, man. I liked the foods you showed from Goiás and Bahia mainly. I live in the US and Brazilian restaurants here are so gourmetized and pricey, I'm like you, like going in markets, simple places and homemade food restaurants. Keep up with it!

pelourinho is also the place where Michael Jackson recorded ''they dont care about us''

It’s called Akara in

Acarajé é feito com feijão fradinho, não ervilhas!


Acarajé is my favorite food!

Com pimenta, vatapá e salada.

Venha bb, a depender do dia posso até ser seu guia.

Fiquei surpreso que muitos pratos regionais aqui da Capital não são comuns por aí. Vatapá, caruru e moqueca são alguns exemplos.

@Canal Vaivai kkkkkkkkkk pensei a mesma coisa. Morri com essa kkk

e a minha feijoada ah grande

Mano a cara dele é a melhor quando esperimentando a comida kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Mark do you watch to see which food vendors wear hygiene gloves or uses high heat? For safe food prep?

Diarréia food.

~Feijoada e pablo tocando, isso é vida!!!

Estômago de aço hein

Show de canal de comidas típicas de todo mundo muito bom show de vídeo amigo Parabéns já deixei meu laik Brasil

That was an amazing series! I've learned so much about my own country by just watching your videos! Your genuine enthusiasm is just contagious and really delightful to watch! Thank you!!

You need 2 visit Suriname Mark!

Tutorial de como ficar obeso hahaha. Volte sempre :)

You definitely have to come back for a São Paulo pizza!

Só digo uma coisa: Não é possível que esse cara comeu isso tudo em um dia só. Na moral msm.

Bahia is such a beautiful place! I'm from Natal, it's close to Bahia, someday I will travel for food too haha

Eitaaa!!! Massa demais

também sou de Natal :)

Não consigo assistir seus videos até o fim. É uma tortura.

Toda porcaria que ele come faz a mesma cara, não é possivel que ele tenha gostado de todas essas coisas que ele comeu

Poxa faltou visitar São Paulo - SP

Gente..esse homem come demais, como consegue comer tanto

Nice place to eat! I love Brasil

Please work on pronunciation. Portuguese is different from Spanish in the sound of its vowels.


this guy is insane!! really cool!! thanks for the videos.

Esse foi o vídeo no Brasil que ele mais comeu, nossaaaa

Parabéns pelo canal Mark!

The Acarajé paste is fluffy beacuse it's fermenting while they're mixing it!


Gente, como ele aguenta toda essa comida pesada num único dia?! E é cada pratão que ele bate, rsrs... Da gosto de vê-lo comer!

Antes de ver o canal dele eu particularmente não gostava tanto comida brasileira mesmo sem ter provado, depois dessa temporada a comida brasileira parece ótima pra mim

Só se for para nós, porque o Mark é incrivelmente magro!!

Amo que ele não se importa em sujar os dedos ou se sujar, ele come com tanta vontade, não hesita nem um pouco.

Isso que é aproveitar do dinheiro, certamente um dos melhores canais do YouTube.

Se o chute do negão pega na cabeça o maluco morre kkkkkkkkkkk

Enquanto ficam brigando Rj x sp Nordeste x sul O gringo ta aih curtindo nosso país

O feio do Brasil é só as desorganizações, mesa nas ruas, urubu VOANDO perto dos restaurantes, sujeiras por todos lados! Isso que eu acho feio no Brasil!

Essas comidas parecem mto gostosas, mas acho q eu passaria mal comendo de tanta gordura que tem nelas.

Oh ho ho WOW

Que delícia essa minha Bahia!

Mosca na minha quebrada não zika

You're lovely! Please, come back to here more often...

A cara desse cara é engraçada de mais kkkkkkkkkk

Gente fina!

I am hungry alreaaaaaady!!!

0:42 he definitely did crack or killed some one

Tinha que ter legenda!!!


When at first they showed food on the plate I was like beurk

Mark tá comendo de se lambuzar!!! Hahahaha

Que horror! O pessoal meteram a faca no gringo! 80, 00 para 4 pessoas? Aqui na feira e Brasilia, o PF sai por 10, 00 cada pessoa.

80 reais se for em local turistico/privilegiado como a frente de uma praia não é um preço salgado, agr é paia pagar 180 reais num mercado

The name of the "not spicy oil" is Vinagrete hehe you welcome 05:18

Parabéns pelo estomago, um herói

I get hungry every time I watch .

Conhecendo meu país através de um gringo, que louco kkkk


Sensacional! Acarajé! Hulll

Não sei o que é mais nojento, falar de boca cheia, pegar a comida com a mão suja, ou ficar toda hora mexendo na câmera com a mão toda engordurada e suja de comida.

Hurrull meu Brasil brasileirooooooo! Até que enfim.... Veio provar as delícias daqui


ele deve acordar e sair comendo o dia todo, mas deve ter dado uma dor de barriga

Né! Hahahhaha

Imagine a caganeira depois KKKKKK

Você é da Bahia ou já foi para lá? Porque eu sou do Sul e quando fui, fiz a mesma cara para todos os pratos!!! Me apaixonei!!!

Esse foi o vídeo no Brasil que ele mais comeu

@_ DromoS Isso que eu chamo de baba ovo de gringo

deve se da caminhada que ele deu kkkkkk

Mas ele não engorda de ruim mesmo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Mr. Wiens, will you write a book about all your food-experiences in the world?

Pelo cinegrafista eu entendo da onde sai tanta fome rs

It used to be weird to see people talk to themselves, add some monetary gain and boom you got YouTube.

Até o gringo já comeu acarajé e eu, Brasileiro nordestino, nunca.

Tem algum vídeo dele que ele veio pra São Paulo ??

Rapaz, se botar pimenta numa pedra, esse gringo come... cabra é magro de ruim.. ce ta doido... kkkkkkkkk

This hospital food

eu amo pirão demais cara

só queria dizer isso

Tanto que esperei um vídeo aqui

Este gringo tá fazendo mais pra cultura do Brasil q governo kkkk

Wow, I'm Nigerian and my mom makes Akara with black eye beans pureee. The African Diaspora is so strong in Brazil.

Batendo uma feijoada has 11 da manhã ao som de Pablo: Homen não chora..... Isso é Brasil meus amigos

O cara nem comeu cuscuz

Inveja desse estômago.

O gringo é forte, só o mocotó já desmaia muita gente. rsrsrsrs

I'm visiting Bahia this September , I've heard a lot about the Food , it's cooked totally different from the mainstream Brazilian food. I heard also about the beautiful beaches. I'm so excited and I can't wait :-P......greetings from the Philippines.

Bora baheaaaa minha porra

Eita bicho bom de comer pqp mkkkkkkk

Não é possivel que ele coma tudo isso no mesmo dia

Aqui é raiz, caraio!

Deviam ter levado esse gringo para bater um baba



moro em Salvador e o gringo já foi pra mais lugares q eu

I miss so much my city and my culture.

O rostinho dele é tão fofo,quando prova os nossos pratos!

rio grande do sul brasil pleaseeee

Se vc achou Salvador bonito deveria vir a Alagoas. Temos as praias mais lindas do Brasil.

Deveria ter vindo começar Minas

While people keep thinking the poorness cool, nothing changes for good!

Kkkkk n tem um gringo nesse canal. Brasil domina ksksks

3:04 Feijoada com Mocotó em Salvador ao som de Pablo do Arrocha.... rapaz...isso é Brasil!!!!!

Não sei como esse bicho é magro

It’s not even the amazing food that keeps me coming back to your videos, it’s the connection and gratitude your share with others and the enthusiasm for learning about and experiencing their culture! #markwiens #worldembassador hehe :) ;) (y) ! 1

Só faltou a bahiana

Moqueca é capixabaaa

depois de comer um prato de feijoada e carne de porco, o brasileiro tem q dormir por pelo menos 5 horas pra n morrer, o gringo saiu por SSA pivete

@Gladeston Souza é porqueira mesmo, confunde não.


Can you drink the water? I got sick from water in Colombia

Just so damn annoyed with so much interruptions

Hello from NJ!! Question?? What is the time interval in between your meal?? Just curious..

*I hate Acaraje, please tell the truth hahaha*

Pelourinho is extremely dangerous (it's literally filled with crack-heads who're there to attack you) and is 100% touristic. I'm Brazilian. You wanna be extremely cautious if you go to Pelourinho.

Mano, é muito bom assistir esse cara kkk ele é bem legal, a melhor parte é a reação dele comendo.

Esse cara come demais kkkk

Sou do Brasil

Como assim ele saiu da Bahia sem comer um cuscuzinho com tripazinha de porco assada??

Seja sempre bem vindo meu amado irmão Mark. Aqui também é sua casa.

Gente por que ninguém disse pra ele que aquilo não era molho e sim vinagrete? Que agonia

Mark come to Mato Grosso - Brasil

love you mark wiens.. been watching since 013!

Does anyone else get creeped out by his eyes when he eats?

Eu sou brasileiro e não como nem a metade das coisas que ele comeu. Muita gordura! :D Mas valeu pela cultura!

Hi Mark

10:02 eu moro em SSA e tô descobrindo esse lugar pelo grigo,muito bom!!!

I visited brazil last year. It amazing .love Brazil .From India.

Esse cara é mais brasileiro que eu, deuzulive de eu comer essas péa

Yes!! I love this channel! Brasil!!!

Engraçado como Os gringos Acham que Falamos Espanhol, kakaka o povo falando em português ele responde " Gracias ",

*Isso é Salvador, meus amigos!

Rapaz .. os Nordestinos não briga com ninguém não, ao contrário o resto do Brasil que não sei pq .. só ver o Nordeste como algo pobre, miserável, burros e tal .... A gente só se defende, mas Se ninguém falar Nada somos um dos povos mais Pacíficos e Acolhedores pode trr certeza, é tanto que Turistas Sulistas vem para o nordeste e são bem recebidos, mas Já teve muitos casos de Nordestinos irem para o sul e ser mais recebidos, sofrer preconceito e tal kkkkkkk

Da uma olhada no canal do Mark Chain vc vai ver que este ai e filhote ! Rsrs

Pensei a mesma coisa! Where all this food go???

Isso sim que é vir ao brasil é comer e provar d culinária

Last one u eat it make me

vc é tão fofoooo so cutee

I believe Adriana Lima is from this part of brazil?

I thought Moqueca sauce is a combination of coconut milk and tomato sauce? or is it only in this region / area of brazil that coconut milk is mixed with palm oil?

I spent 7 months in São Paulo omg thank you so much for this series ,,ps..tell Joel I so adore him

Y love Bahia... Ficou ótimo com a legenda

Amooooooooooooo pirão.

Que saudade da minha comida brasileira.

Da até fome! kkk muito bom....

The water in Brazil is very clean, don't worry. :)

Mas acarajé é incrivelmente bom

Yeah it is!! I live in Bahia and we are proud to have this amazing culture here!

Representando a nossa bahia

O melhor de tudo é a música do Pablo tocando ao fundo kkkkk

Se cagou todo 22:09kkk

Mark The best food I think of Salvador is the Acarajé! I am Brazilian and I live in Mexico, watch your videos of Mexico and I identified with you, I have the same reaction with the foods of Mexico, when I go to Oaxaca I also like to eat in the street and market, they are the best foods. Hugs!


Meu sonho é come acarajé feito por uma baiana

O inglês desse guia turístico é péssimo. Kkkkkkkkkk

Carraro sounds like Caribbean Callaloo.. Same slimey

@25:15 thought Mark was gonna put that spoonful directly into his mouth.. Was mildly relieved and disappointed both at the same time!!

Yes, she is from Bahia

No, she is from south of Brasil, state of Rio Grande do Sul

We love India! You are amazing!

Say Hi if you need help! Good travel!

@Chegaime Exatamente, nordestino não cria briga com ninguém

Vez. A Chiapas México

Vez a Chiapas

I love how there's coconut in almost everything...

Mark please do American Southern Soul food next time you're in the states!! I absolutely love watching you.

Estoy enamorado❤ de la gastronomia, cultura, musica naturaleza, y de la jente del hermoso pais de Brasil

Graçias hermano, me encanta el pueblo mexicano también. Venha ao Brasil te recebemos com muito carinho.

The dishes look so appetizing but the way you eat makes takes away my appetite, why do you eat like a slob?

Muito obrigado, Mark, for this AWEMAAAZING food journey!! The people are so friendly, within very rich culture!! Māhalo nui!!!

Hi! Salvador city,capital of bahia, is the city with more black outside Africa. And our culture here is very yoruba ,so we use lots of yoruba words and food. Lots of the blacks brought to here were from Togo,Benin and Nigeria. Most of them igbo ,hausas and mostly yoruba.

Brazilians are the best people ever❤️❤️❤️

Thank U Mr. Mark for sharing your whole BRAZIL Tour with us . Actually Today i have been completed seeing your full Brazil Tour playlist . Its been a great honour to know about Brazil culture , food , people and so many things . Thank U so much , Sir .... Thanks A lot , Please stay with us always ......

80 reais 1 prato, man, tu foi roubado

Wondering if u didn’t get food poison eating all of this... I am Brazilian and I don’t think I would be as brave as you

us brazilian want you come back when you can you’re the best, show for us just the best things

you're welcome! this is the english comment you're looking for

@Majestic Studio fernanda lima*

@Vitor Cunha iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

@Paulo Vinícius Santos isso é bahia* o estado não é só representado por soteropolitano

So jealous! I'm from the Philippines, too, and has been curious about Brazil because there are a lot of similarities with the culture, place, and food. Brazilians and Filipinos love consuming avocados as dessert/shake for example. :)

Mark that last afternoon tea looked amazing.


Me deu um pouco de nojo ver o jeito que ele come as coisas.

Uiii fresquinho, esse deve tomar café de canudinho

Its odd to see you with another shirt that is not one of yours lol!

Adorei o 13 na porta do banheiro kkkkk

*Free people that were Enslaved*, not “Slaves”.

Nossa você veio ao meu país isso me deixa muito feliz amo seu canal beijos

sangue e orgãos, eca kkkkk

Ich möchte mich für das fantastische Video bedanken!

My wife is from Brazil

Eu comendo arroz: "queria macarrão, mãe" Mark: "Humnmn Ohohoh humnmn is AMazing"

Acho que sou a única que nunca comeu acarajé

@Jeffer Mesquita. FRESCO

@Correndo pelo certo Não tenho culpa se você como igual um porco e acha normal, sua homofobia velada não me afeta.



11:09 Foi aqui que Anitta gravou as primeiras cenas de Bola Rebola.

como esse cara come tanta pimenta, a pimenta da bahia é virada na porra

I love KKK

Y la sopa du makako? es uma delisia kkkk

salvador é minha cidade favorita! eu fui em 2017

*eu acho tao triste as pessoas acharem que a capoeira é original do brasil é triste*

This food looks so good and tempting. I'm just drooling. I hope I get a chance to travel to Brazil and Latin America before I die. With love from Meghalaya India.

Acarajé é a melhor coisa do Brasil

No es gringo es philipino

ja comi feijoada la em RJ e posso acreditar o mark e foda msm

Coconut milk. Also natural coconut water is sold everywhere.

@Majestic Studio you are wrong

@o8xY Sri lankan wall art

This guy puts his face in the camera too much a real turnoff. Keep it on the women and food. Smh


I’m watching your videos from more than two years and I haven’t missed any of your video since then. Really love watching them. Keep up the good work. From Pakistan

Deus abençoe o estômago desse guri

I had to pause mid-way and Thank You, Mark, for making it possible for people like me so far away from such beautiful places, people and food on earth to see and somehow feel what it's like!

Parabéns Mark por ser tão humilde, sempre bem vindo ao Brasil.

Unfortunately you didn’t visit one of the most traditional state when you talk about it Brazilian Food, Minas Gerais State, where you can find different regional foods and famous around Brazil

Esse gringo é mais brasileiro que muitos brasileiros kkkkkk

Eu conhecendo o Brasil através de um gringo kakakakaka MT bommm!!!

There is a Mercado Modelo in the Dominican Republic you should go there too.As a matter of fact go island hopping in the Caribbean you wont want to leave.

Neste vídeo eu aprendi que o nosso feijão fradinho tem o nome daquela banda Black eyed peas kkk

Mark Wiens, Im Brazilian living un Denver. Come to Denver and Im a hell of a cooker so is my husband. We invite you to Denver. We promise to make a fiest for you and family. Let us know.

Please do come here in North-east India

Que delícia!! I need to know Salvador!!!

5:49 "Ual é Bilau"

We have something called Sorpatel in Goa, India which is also from the Portuguese colonization days. It's almost the same thing - pork, organs and some blood in it. Just amazing how cultures have blended and you have similar food in different continents too.

O olhar dele quando come kkkkkk engraçado kkkk

Hehehe enyewe Kenyan food is boring esp kiuk food

Gisele can get my business any day!!!


Man, your channel it’s the best food channel, amazing food tour in Brazil, I don’t see you in Rio Grande do Sul (churrasco). U ARE THE BEST mark....if you are such a foodlover howcome you so skinny???

Como vou sua esperiencia das comidas ,muito saboroso .beijo adorei de ver saboreado as comidas.

The thumbnail

Wow Nice Video!, I Love Brazil❤️

You are the most cool guy in you tube, i'm from salvador and i glad to you've been here, can't stop to see your videos arround the world, congratulations man, i'm your fan now!! cheers

G'DANG!!! This is the messiest face he's EVA had in ALL the vidoes ive seen of mark. SO! Wid that being said, THAT FOOD MUST OF BEEN SOOOO BOMB!!! OH WOW!! OH WOW!!!! Lmao Im sooo jelly!!!

Mark come to the Balkan route and Chek the food from Serbian I like your videos my friend you are great

Mark, I absolutely love all your videos and watching you eat this Acarje made me actually LOL. I lived in Brazil for 2 years as a missionary and I love the place almost as much as I love the States. The people and food are so amazing as you demonstrated in your tour. If you're ever in Utah make sure to come see me and my family at we love Brazil so much we decided to start our own Brazilian Cafe and import store last September. Safe Travels and keep the videos coming we absolutely love them. BTW I hope you don't mind us looping them on our TV's in Brazilian Goodies, I should have thought to ask first.

Quando os gringos vem ao Brasil e descobre oque é comida de vdd kkkkkkk

Love your facial expression Every time you take a bite!

Como que esse moço não engorda?

I want that grilled cheese curd with the palm syrup

Sensacional, verdadeiro e viciante, parabéns pelo canal e pelo carinho com nosso pais!!

ha ha ha l waiting to sway your head to the left it mean something you are lucky man you eat the world.

Ele comendo acarajé parece eu comendo hot dog em SP kkkkkk

im always watching your vlog, pls come in the philippines, i will show you all the best filipino cuisine, that never taste before...

i love Mark

Poor Mark still speaking spanish in Brazil no one from the staff teached him the basics. Not even google, Alexia nor Cortana. In case you go back to Brazil and Portugal, and Africa, here's the basics: - Muito obrigado = thank you very much - Obrigado = thank you - Brigado = thanks - Tchau = bye - Muito prazer = I'm pleased to/ It's nice to meet you - Gostei muito = I liked it a lot - Amei = I loved it

e em portugal se serve comida brasileira assim?so a merda do rodizio

hahaha I love how you enjoy your food.. lovely people of Brazil.

always and always again i think that you are not high maintenance when it comes to meat.

Minute 11:08 is where Anitta and J. Balvin were making the videoclip Bola Rebola!!! OMG :DDD

Eu acho que eu sou a única da minha família que não gosta de acarajé

*Tô vendo esse vídeo logo quando eu tô com uma fome de 10 mendigos pqp*

I'm happy to learn cultures from your videos. Brazil series is one of my favorite.

Because of Mark I'm going to brasil soon.. Yeay

Funny this... In Nigeria(west Africa... The same cow hoof stew is called "Bokortor" Damn the slave trade man

Mark I have watched just about all of your videos. I love you. I love how you enjoy your food. I just love sweet little Micah,that is my daughter's name he is so cute. My granddaughters and I watch you together this summer. You have made me want to venture out and try new foods.

Cara, me deu uma vontade de comer um acarajé ou um abará ! :(

Same from Canada, how about your Pla champoonut

Falta tomar um açaí kkkkkkk

puts tocando um Pablo de fundo ainda por cima

Love all of your videos Mr Mark!

Very interesting

I wonder how Mark and wife manage eating that much and remain with that weight.

Look at my people! In Nigeria, we refer to "Acarajé" as "Akara". The steamed version called "abara" in Salvador Bahia is called "Moi moi" in Nigeria.

Brazilian food full of pesticides.

Even though i haven't been there i already love Brazilian food, those ingredients & colour.... hope someday i could visit Brazil & gain weight by those tasty meals.

Brazilian food full of pesticides .

I'm originally Afghan, and I love Brazilian steak houses. I can't wait to visit Brazil for some real food and the country's beauty.

Literally nobody: Mark: and top it with a little bit of chilli sauce

Se Deus quizer ano que vem Vou passar umas ferias maravilhosas na bahía no brazil

Moi moi

I think you become fat kkk with foods in Salvador Bahia delicious foods and very fat rs

Comida brasileira é tudoo

I wanna try the local cuisine when we visit ,I have a cousin and friends in Salvador but never had the money to visit, but......I'm not fond of fish. I love feijoada! And coxinha! Acarjé is good. I wish we had the money to visit. Wishful thinking for the close to poor here.

I love all of your videos, but I do love the Brazil series, and the people you have with you, so awesome! :)

Eu sou fã desse cara parabéns pelo seu trabalho.

Adorei amo muito esses... Vídeos... É adoro esse canal.

Use talheres, existem no Brasil taokey

Welcome to Brasil!

Como q ele consegue comer isso tudo???

Watching this video reminded me of Nigerian food, especially yoruba food. The akara as well.

Wow!!! I’m here in Salvador de Bahia now and thanks for this video!!!!!! Can’t wait to follow this tour in the next few days!!!!, Yum!!


I am Nigerian, and I would like to say that there are many similarities between Afro Brazilian food and the food found in Nigeria.

Faltou farinha no prato kkkkkkk

Mark I just found you ,,,, have to catch up .... wow .... the foos look so good and now I have to eat to ,,, 8-)

I love your smile, I put your picture on my wall to remind me to smile everyday, all day like you. I don't know how you do it but it has impressed me.

Amazing prostitutes #brasil


Funny thing- Brandon Lee did a movie about Capoeira (sp?) - and that is who u remind me of- lol ! Him and the "nephew" from Iron Chef America...

@Fernanda Thank you dear!....SOON.

26:27 All Ima say

Bahia os my favorite state from Brazil. Salvador is the best city, even more cultural and diversity than Rio De Janeiro.

Meu Nordeste, meu Brasil

I can’t wait to visit Brazil!, especially Salvador, Bahia! That Acarajé looks amazing

41:10 .. did he just say what I think he said????

Are you high on something?

The "h" is silent. Baa-e-ya.

"Não há inimigo que derrote quem nasceu para vencer"

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