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Join us in today's episode in which we're visiting  Highclere Castle also known as Downton Abbey.   We're strolling around the beautiful gardens and  are having a traditional English Afternoon Tea.   Oh my God, we are here. Lady Mary, we are coming. How stunning is this? Do you think Thomas will welcome us and offer  us some tea even though he can be so nasty? We finally made it! I'm so giddy, I am so excited  because - yeah - we we've rescheduled Highclere I   think three times. And now it's finally happening.  Yeah we made it. Yeah, I'm so excited to be here,   to see the house like in the flesh is beautiful.  Yeah. What's your first impression Joerg? Ah, it's   amazing. It's beautiful. And we booked Afternoon  Tea here as well. So that might be fun. Yeah, I'm  

already getting hungry. And I already you know, I  spotted the bench where they always sit, well, we   will show you. And those of you who are fans will  know what what I mean. So let's go have a look.   We're going inside of Highclere Castle first  because it's still early so probably less busy.  

And we're not sure if we will be  able to film in there, probably not.   But we will try to film as  much as possible of course. We just came out of the house and as expected  you can't film in there - no - which is,   well, very unfortunate but - yeah, we  would have liked to show it to you. Oh yeah   because quite frankly: How did you like  the house inside? It was amazing. Yes!   The rooms are so airy and let in so much  light, the windows let in so much light. Yeah.  

And the the size of the rooms, just  stunning. Yeah and the staircase is   really - something else - something else.  It's really beautiful. Yeah. And by the way,   I just, Joerg missed him, I saw Lord Carnavon  - who owns this property - who owns the house   and yeah he left in one of his vintage cars which  was too funny. Yeah. And yeah, there's also the  

Egyptian exhibition - because everybody should  know the 5th Earl of Carnarvon - yes - was the   guy who financed, let's say, um who was it Carter?  Yes, Howard Carter. Howard Carter who found the   tomb of Tutankhamun. Yes and some of you, if  you're new to our channel, I lived in Egypt   as a teenager with my parents for some years. My  parents actually stayed there for 10 years. So  

Egypt is very special to me. And yeah, this is the  place - yeah - Lord Carnavon - he was - actually -   was part of it - was involved. Yeah, part of the  amazing story of a discovery. Yes. And if you're   not sure if you should visit this place. You  should. Yeah, come early - yes - so you will   be the first in the house - yes - then you really  can enjoy it because that's what we did - exactly. We sat on the famous bench that you all know  from Downton Abbey. Yeah. And as for the rooms,   we should mention which rooms from Downton  Abbey you can actually see in the house.  

So - you can see Lady Grantham's room  - yes. Lady Sybil's bedroom -yeah.   The room where Kemal Pamuk died or slept in  - yeah. Then um - the big living room - yeah,   the library - yes - the library. The dining  room - the dining room and the beautiful   drawing room - yeah. And of course apart from  Downton Abbey other rooms as well which are   beautiful. I mean there are several hundred  rooms, imagine that. And there are also two   I, I think one is a cottage and the other one  is called lodge that you can book for a stay.  

I will link it to you down below. It would  be on my list to stay there with Joerg   and because I think if you book a  stay there, you might be able to enjoy   the estate and have it to yourself like at least  in the mornings and you can film a little bit   and pretend to be Lord and Lady Grantham. I  don't know. And there are also several events   throughout the year and we noticed drinks  on the bedside tables in the bedrooms so   I don't know whether they have  guests but that would be something. It's time for our Afternoon Tea so we're here,  it's called the Coach House - yes - is that   correct? We're at the Coach House and we booked  one gluten free Afternoon Tea and one standard   and we have something quite exceptional for me  because I usually don't drink alcohol but we have   champagne and I have a sip or two  although I usually never have it. Why not.

This is Joerg's Afternoon Tea  which well, you always start   here with the lower tier which has got  sandwiches, then some cakes and last but not least   a scone. And this is the gluten free Afternoon  Tea, sandwiches: cucumber, this is salmon,   this looks like coronation chicken  and this is egg mayonnaise. Yeah. I've got cake as well and a scone.

Whenever we go and have Afternoon Tea we never  have anything else to eat apart from breakfast   because - it's usually enough - it's too much. I'm going to try my gluten free scone now and  I always do it the Devon way. This is the scone   and I always put clotted cream first and then  jam which always, it's a thing for debate on   this channel because people from Cornwall  would say 'do it the other way around'.   This is just the way I prefer and honestly I don't  really care whether it's Devon or the Cornish way,   I just love it. And Joerg and I are German so  it's fine. How do you like your scone Joerg?

I'll always do it the other way around. You,  you do it - jam and then the clotted cream. See, that's good. So we have 50/50 on the  channel - yeah - and you can't hurt anyone. Joerg is having my champagne and you can,  you can see it on your face, be careful.  

Joerg, we have to get home. Yeah, we get home. You know what? Maybe they have a room for  us. We just stay on the estate and when   they close the gate we're still here.  So maybe we're lucky. I always think  

the Cornish way looks so messy. No, it's  the better way. Why do you prefer it?   Because the cream is more delicious  then. You might recognise this 'Help our hospital and you are  helping our boys at the front'.  

Wasn't that used in one of the series or one  of their Downton Abbey Specials, the films?   I think it was. If you want to have some peace  and quiet book a late Afternoon Tea. Ours was   booked for a quarter to four and now we are  the only ones here. It's actually really nice. And that's the Rolls Royce by the way with the  Lord in it. He's driving, he's driving off.   We're quite full from the Afternoon Tea -  yeah. How did you like it? It was good. It   was good - yeah. I would have loved to have it  here on the lawn. Yeah with a view of Downton -  

of Downton Abbey - or Highclere Castle. Yes, that  would have been smashing. So there's room for   improvement. A little bit yeah. Maybe we have to  give a kind of suggestion to the Earl of Carnavan.   Who we saw again, he was standing  next to his vintage car. Yes, they   are really nice. Yeah and one of them is a Rolls  Royce even if let's say the figure on the front  

is a jockey on a horse. Is it? Yes, it's not  the usual Emily. Oh. So that must have been   from one of the former - yes - earls. Yes it  said the car had it has an interesting story.   Yeah. It was built for the 6th Earl of  Carnavon - yeah - and then it was sold to a,  

to somebody in Denmark. Right. And then  the Danish guy sold it to a German guy   and the German guy sold it back to the 8th Earl.  Yeah. Wow, that's funny. Or maybe they tried to,   to like hunt it down to get it back. I'm not so  sure because the 8th Earl is much into old cars.   Yeah. And the interesting thing, is says  the number number plate - yeah - because   the number plate is the, was the old  telephone number of Highclere Castle: H204.

We have to go home. Yeah. It will be around  between, three and a half to four hours so   yeah. But it's worth it. It's so worth it. So -  so the day was just amazing. I think even if you   haven't watched Downton Abbey, you will love this  place. Yeah, yeah no. It's wonderful. The building  

and the house is really really interesting. And  if you are a fan of Downton Abbey, I think you   will love the house even more. Yeah. Because the  rooms, I honestly, I didn't expect them to be that   beautiful. And we think it's always so nice coming  back - yeah because there's always something going   on here. Yes, for example this weekend they've got  a concert - yeah -which is like the Last Night of   the Proms where they play all this kind of old  songs like 'Rule Britannia and I think 'Land of   Hope & Glory'. So very very British. I bet that's  amazing - yeah. I mean with the house in the back  

and there's just, they're currently setting up  the stage. Yeah. Obviously the house isn't open   every day but there's just, I think what would be  amazing would be to see the Christmas decorations.   Yes. The only sad thing is, you can't film it. But  I think it's a wonderful experience. Yes it is. So   I think this wasn't our last time so. We'll  see. I can't wait for the new film to come out.   I just love the series, I think it's so well  done and yeah. We hope you liked the video and  

we'll see you again next time. Take care.  So yes, take care and see you soon. Bye.   Bye, bye bye. The Earl is coming back.  I don't know, is he coming back, is he   driving off? He's just making  a drive by. Is that the same   Rolls Royce - yes- we had we had on our wedding  day? A similar one yes. Yeah gorgeous, I love it. There's one thing we want to do before we leave.  Well, we left the Estate, the Highclere Estate   and parked here at a car park which  leads up to Beacon Hill. I hope this is  

the right way. It's supposed to have a wonderful  view towards Highclere Castle. And yeah,   I'm a little bit out of breath because it goes all  the way up but it's good. after all that Afternoon   Tea stuff. So you need to walk uphill for quite a  bit and now we'll see. We're at the top of Beacon   Hill now and this is Highclere Castle but we're  not sure if it really comes across on camera but   you can clearly see it and there's also another  folly over there so it's nice coming up here.

So if you're fine with walking uphill for a little  bit, it's definitely worth checking out because   there are no people up here and yeah, now we can  go home. Well, we have to go home unfortunately.   There are several walks around the Estate. You  can find them on the Highclere Castle website   so that's probably really nice looking into. And  I hope you can hear me, it's pretty windy up here.   Yeah, so that's it for today and  we hope you liked the video and   stay tuned for more and yeah, until  next time. So, see you soon. Bye.

2021-08-15 13:58

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