Age Gap Couple Filipina British: ADIK SI MISTER + MAHAL NYA LAHAT!

Age Gap Couple Filipina British: ADIK SI MISTER + MAHAL NYA LAHAT!

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Good. Morning, surgeon. The. Opposite anna minun comments a surgeon. I'm. Not showing your titties. So, I'll um you know mop along gonna see. John McVay personal comments, pero sometimes. He is complaining cause he bucket Dow minimax. New tag I logged in English, or English in Tagalog. Indeed. Onion in bindi head pero he said thank, you so much, are. You gonna say thank you thank, you guys. Let. Me say thank you for the. Comment, oh yeah. Comments. Are great you. Know I know yeah the odd negative won't, book but, we don't mind that could everyone has an opinion you, know it's there in it's only in opinion, so, it doesn't have bother rose in any way so you, know keep, them coming guys it could about the ugly whichever, you know, just. You. Know you, see what you see we know what we know. We're. In our relationship. It's. Absolutely, fantastic so. Then. There. Was somebody did make a comment saying that the. Young girl. Could, not. Rubbish. You. Know and. The, thing is I've been with me, and now for all this, time. And. All, I can say is. She's. Not a good actress. So. It, must be true she's in love. Here. Only comment saying, die. America. Alarms, our cabbage, and. It's good with sinigang, go yeah, copy just good with sinigang, I love, using, cabbage, either green or red whatever I may sing again, especially. Organic yeah. Love. Watching your veg you love to Nica are into. So. Monica, bubbles and uncommon to see, Jane Marple Unga, Hina Hart Linnaeus, oh so. Tell you alone now, India whole heart. Non-performance, new surge. Ending make her heart know my comments, knew it. Would be nice guys, as. Well if. You're not asleep right. Few. More comments in English, try. To understand. Tagalog. Or beside, yeah you. Know when during one of the other it gets confusing, yeah, so, if, you can do it because I see when you write the comments, you. Do so much to garlic or so much booze I then you go to English and then back again why, not just, English. And. I can understand, that I can give you a really big. Dick. Necessary, John thickness. Of Ababa 7 Comanche. Indian. Item of PP Gillen any. Way too young view this, morning mop illunga, well Anka thought I was appalled. See. Well Lanka that that one poll today, indeed. Munafa, Makka pakka time up along a negative. Are Jelena, Howard Kelly. Go holla at you mo kako it's, all brown ha God I have, my morning face. CJ. By Mona. So my favorite Beruna, opponent, breakfast, now mean, we'll. See you all arrested Oh what time is it now here you, have to tell the time I, told. My little gets up in the morning yeah, come on time is it. 10:00. To 11:00 you, honestly talk now Umaga. Cover. Your Dedes. Over. There I don't asawa. That's. It that's. It. Mister. Break this time, so. Papa Nambu Nahum is a mercury, marble Unga and then later on. Feebly, come, me or my shoe shopping come weigh them. Up us a little warm so I'll, see you later bye, bye. Jan. Crossover. It. Is indeed. Oh. You. Mean it. What's. Up temperature, do you think. What. Is very dirty fingers. 29:29. Today we're. Not sure though. But. Killed. Approximately. Young. Supermarket. Ma palanga is walking, distance and victim AA 10. Minutes water 29. Well, then surgeon, 29. Now as we speak, yeah this. Is why I'm sweating on the mine, happens. Illunga. No. Palanga. You. Don't understand voice what's, Pillai lunga lunga. Already. No she sticks it to you. By. Get. To. Ok. Come. On give us a dance. Y'all. Comes into this music. Hey. Chocolate. Chocolate. That. One that. One that one the, smaller and they, say that's good as will be. Kibbeh. Do. I got, hung up a horn on my chocolate. Controlling. Is her John. Paden. There. We go here. Soon. Ago via honey girl into supermarket, mark Belanger Abilene a homonym apostle Oh boom. It's, una, now. Paquita una cosa. Another. Video, school. So. Washing. Toyou, can say. So. The low but canina young camera. So anyway. Now. Go wash unicorn, Amana holds, na means sa, puso. Comb up washing dito parabolic.

Nominative, Don't say okay I just. Gonna iron them, and that's, it Cassie you weather don't, say you okay. Sobbing. On of me John is Alana, down so I, suggest. Hornaday, to Srilanka me Madaba, para. Nom, and save, over. People. You're. Addicting, reading. Why. Bulgaria. It's. Nice here. So. Somebody. Just asked. Us. Why. While. We come to Bulgaria. Simply. Because we, got an apartment here, the place is so lovely. The, weather is, so. Fantastical. And. What. Can, you say sir done. It's. Very relaxing. Stretch. Work, hard. And. Just take, a big. Chill, up a couple of weeks why. We. Have a swimming pool we just enjoy ourselves. You didn't need to show me Russia's office and. Just. Have, a wonderful time. Chilly now yeah. Though, is it really, it's, the. Sea. Right next to us just. Two minutes down to the beach or. We can just two. Seconds into the smooth pillow from our dog it's, absolutely, brilliant. Plenty. Things to say you know to go about we. Just chill out enjoy, that's. It, that's. It that's our answer why, we choose Bulgaria. But. My dream vacation that, Agha is going. To Spain, I. Never. Been to Spain and many people, just spin, is so nice so. One, day. I'll. Be coming, for you Spain. So. We're, going to swim up along God you namaha. Same. Bikini. Line you know so dope opposition, Yuna. The. Bush I'm, going to the pool area. Pool. Area, para Maha Wi-Fi, yeah cool, but. I'm a buffoon, a comment. Well. Uncle Depot. See. Say. Young say you on pole. Palanga. Maraming. Maraming salamat, elegance. A support on Bonita, a new sake but, mama Holly new socket maraming, maraming salamat, Elega. Nasa, 30. 3327. Tayo, pala, clean and polakov amelia, nothing wrong I mean Salaam alaikum, I. Am. So grateful side numafa Lanka if, a totally not in tow at community, health I knew ma palanga, Hindi Telugu my inspired, na, i perpetuate, on youtube, so maraming, maraming maraming. Salamat. A later. Come. On open. It saw. Some fire focus in Agrabah. Shorts. Momentum, it go the. Methylamine, button. Yeah. Come. On surgeon. So. Cobalt Allen camisa. Beach. Down in our complex. Like. Five, minutes. Walk. The. Two young South Kona bikini, from. New look at Napa short. That's a surgeon naka. How. Do you go that rush guards, the RushCard alley yeah he does two things. Surgeon. Protects. You if you're surfing, the new-fallen you, hit the coral and. Also. Stops. You getting stung by jellyfish, yeah, that's right. So. Ito yung beach near a detour. And. Later on my Blanca I will show you the other side, of, their Beach.

The. Headlock had guy hit my in it also. So latina long signing. A girl I wanted to because you know oh-ho-ho. So. It'll you other side non vanilla. Soweto, your Beach. Mas, Madhumita, Oh Tito craters the other side. Come. On. And. Eat Oh Marissa and Cielo dito. And. Little aha miss apartment. So. My Hopalong gothic I'm gonna have me for, our. Dinner. Krylon. Committee toe down in the bottom in our complex, customer. And it was in a restaurant and, it. Was Sir, John Williams Otis virginity. To you Nicole. Nikita. You know ramming, bases. Welcome. Back a. Malala. Van Coon Amanda bar so. This is the restaurant. The. Restaurant is. See. Fuchsia, you in a pocket ah cosine you do, business. Um the restaurant is almost empty. Hello. Hello. So. The, food is here what did you order. As. Usual. Java. And, I, did, order amulet. Just. Like an ordinary eggs, fried. Egg. So. It will mean you needed Itamar palanga, your restaurant, Nadi call it st. Nicola. And done. What. Is here. Yeah. I, got all the pizza. So. Pizza, price. And. Look. At that, John, thank, you, can. We get a plate. I find. A new taste because, they both sweet. Corn and pizza. Against keyword. Good. But. Those walking out. Rico. No. A'chicken. Melissa. Hommies our restaurant. Apostle Hamming mug. Dinner. Sonali. The Nahanni supported, my hop around God as. We. Will have our coffee and. Chocolate. That's. Our dessert. Hmm. So. Once I get the money. What. Are you doing, you're young. And. She promised me earlier. And. I have that thing so I can show them look at this guy's. Look at these chalky, walkies. You. Know pocketable consign, yo canina your family, na mean better. Wind it up eating. Her. Up. Buzz. Around I'm, a Latino before plus I say. 1000 chocolate, can. I have that and, the. Chocolate, called. That. Woman oh, I. Don't. Know how to pronounce that about if, you know how to pronounce this in K unum Harlem. But. This, chocolate is the best. Very. Good. Would. You like to say good night. Well. Here, in Bulgaria. Sign. It out we, don't have the pudding. Bye. Guys, okay, get up Draco. Okay. Marveling, guys good night I will see you in my next vlog, please subscribe. Looking. Forward to all yours, comment. And.

Like This video bye. Remember. Hit. The subscribe button. Because. Not. Yet for, in the future, one, of our lucky subscribers. What other prize. So. That. Day, keep. Hitting the bottom.

2018-08-18 18:34

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Hi Mia. This is Imelda nakatira kmi ng husband ko na British guy Gaya mo rin na may age gap rin. At nakatira kmi sa Lincolnshire sana ma add mo ako sa fb at gusto kong makipagkaigann sa ito. Dhil wla pa akong kaibigan dito more details sa Susunod kong message God bless you thank you

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Alam mo araw araw akong nagbbasa at nnnnonod ng vlog nio swerte ka at Ang asawa mo perpcet kau sa usat isa bpkabait ni john

Me i never comments to any one bad because i don't like to heart same bady. God bless all people of the world

Hello Mr John & Mrs Mia, God bless you both & your family

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