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Okay then I was filming. Every. Keystroke we scare. That's. Good. That's. Good if above this video. Every. Case I'd just go to Utah for sounds I guess do. You like the way like my tongue. Hi. Everyone so, today I'm going to be doing a little bit of a different, video I'm here with one of my best friends Amelia and we're gonna be filling a. Backpacking. Like. Planning, tips we're, just gonna answer your questions basically we, don't really know what language this is gonna end up being, whatever. It is I'll do some titles if we end up talking Swedish or not but this is also like a mukbang we went to max it's. Basically McDonald's, but Swedish so I feel. Bad for everyone who can't eat this. Needs. Hello, me burger green, iguana thief. She. Got me into the green and garlic dip is so, good yeah. I got a BBQ halloumi burger. They, have if you ever come to Sweden there's nothing you need to go to max this. Looks like drive what the hell. I'm. Actually shook they normally look so good what. Is this. Okay. There's. Some pickles, on it and some like onion rings and, to halloumi, things and there's, like no sauce I'm. Certain. I can put like ketchup and some garlic on it oh yeah, and I got an orange cheese / racy person, no. I just don't like fizzy. Drinks very much but. Take. The ideal thing, okay. So how, we came. Up with the idea I guess I mean I don't really I don't even remember who, started talking about it but we were both like what are we gonna do after we graduate and, then we were like we both want to travel so, then I, guess, one. Of us was like backpacking, I got really ruining buff with. You because they. Understand. English. We're. Gonna do that on yo. Yo. Dude, you run the way on mmm, so you're below Kappa. I'm gonna do anyone's first. Man. Yo, we locate the ocean of certain Occidental. Oppa or, do we let its right. Name. Your children everybody I've got ice water ice whiskey legatee bum, and sensor oh but Valley house myself. So Siena, tip never had proper on the door sorry at Sevilla terra baap so. Yeah. Do, it all with my memory for country mr. quest. Best house yeah, so, don't be sad even understand. It no, power helped an Aussie AMA oh never. Saw or yesterday noir gasps I could fit into my back pocket my. So. On oh we appear in mush, so. Nabucco mayhem Anamika miss a robust every vampire for princess yeah. This isn't a max standard. Narrative. Swing. Top. Three places to travel to I think there are asking, where, we would recommend people to go but we haven't been the place we're going so we don't know how is that but, Leon say like our dream places, to go mm-hmm. Has. A forty or so yeah. It's, true, my. Dream place to go like probably, Hawaii, hmm. I'm somewhere in Africa. Yeah. Elektra. Lanka. Yes. Only. One back by the entry point oh yeah, we're older and richer I go to Bora Bora. Yeah. Also. The Thailand has been face where I wanted to go ever. Since I was child but. Mm-hmm it's, very mainstream like, everyone goes to Thailand in Sweden so remember, I do miss take a bus and let's go back Bobby. I'm sorry I must take a boat oh okay, that's gonna take a bath hmm, we must pick up a bar. So. This Ligety, Krabi. Thailand. Mm-hmm, what we both need to cool is back it's me. Miss. Emily, truffle equally / hippie. Yeah. But she did not just now but it. Pook. It and, put it and then what flying will cook it. To. Denpasar. Yeah, we're flying to Bali and, then we're gonna go around Bali I think and then, we're. Going to lose a pin needle which.

Is A eyeliner, to just outside of Bali and, then, we're going to Perry and. Then we're going to like other places in the South of France, nice, monocle. Um. Yeah. You animal. Cannes. Cannes. Can. Video. Hello. Sir welcome welcome to Canada, get off the road, Bienvenue, I'm gonna get, after. That we're going to Venice, we're, going to Monaco as well yeah, hmm, that's when I forgot about my, Instagram story and then we're going to Berlin no, no they were going to at least the Prague ensure. We're traveling by bus mmm. Yeah we're, like wait two and a half months yeah and we've only got free flights, booked it, would be impossible because. I know one of you guys asked me how do you think like about. Traveling, and doing it eco-friendly. Basically. We wouldn't be able to go to Thailand, if we wasn't flying right. I think free flights is quite good for like almost, three months because the rest of the time we're taking the bus mmm, we're, taking bus we. Couldn't really eat from be, some volleyball him, maybe. I have a same person here I mean um that's. My view yeah. This one are really cheap, so most of the time, we're taking the bus it would be like a nine-hour, ride or something like that so, then we've been smart. And economic. And we booked in at night so like from maybe 10 to like hey. Yeah, so. Then we can sleep on the bus if we're able to if we're not able to sleep then it's gonna be a long round yeah but, we're gonna have to it's like sleeping pills or something but. That way we don't need to book a hotel because, we get to sleep on the bus yeah and, we don't like ruin, the day so that's. A good thing we thought about when, air and like in we're. Traveling with Nicolas. Mm-hmm. So, if we're traveling. You, want this bad boy. If. We're traveling from Venice to Prague if it's like a nine-hour. Ride hmm, it costs, us each. Like, three. Mmm mmm, that's like 29, pounds very. Very good price recommend. Recommend recommend. Recommend do. You need to buy Oh V so where ever you are going to, buy, the way I love your video thank you so much um no. You. Haven't looked this up a bit more than I I think it's like 30 days. Yeah. Sure chucking a good food in my mouth, mmm, you did me something bad, I wasn't very good but it was still good so so, in most countries you're allowed to be up to thirty days without a visa and the, longest we're in a country is like 20. To. 25. Mm-hmm, 25 days so we, don't have to get visa which, is so, good some people also wondered, how long we're gonna be in each place, so in Thailand, where there for for two weeks, sweetie maybe three weeks yeah. So, then we've got so, we're traveling around the islands, and we've got a plan actually, so we know exactly how many days we're gonna be in each place, so. We can tell you that early, and. Crabby. For one night because, our flight, gets there at 9:00 and the, boat to could've been and goes at 7:00 in the morning mm-hmm included, way we're gonna stay for a week in PP, we're gonna be five, days and, then cook at four days so putting.

Vest On yeah I'm gonna spend my birthday in Phuket which, should be good because there's pretty little places to go out so yeah in, all total, we're there for 16, days in, Thailand, and we've got like so a tip is to look. Up what everything costs and. Then make a day budget, so. Can count, out what you're gonna spend that's, what we did mmm, because I know people are asking about how to travel on a budget I mean we haven't traveled yet what we think we know yeah. Just, go eat where the locals eat like if you don't spend a lot of money I'd, say avoid, the touristy, places because, that's where they're gonna charge you hmm, Oh mommy's, I must go on typically penalty, so, camera you a chef a snack so they live in quail hot mess you, know. Definitely. Hungry mm-hmm. Like. The airport, buy, food before. You go to the airport because it's always expensive at airports and on airplanes oh my god. Knocks. Open after mm-hmm. Queen doors also. Has good NOPD Bobak Ferdowsi, Ivana II, should. Say it oh yeah so first we're gonna be at, this hotel food critic Cara in for. Nine days at Caracara oh sorry, I'm not and, then we're going to the island which is a bit more relaxed. And not so many people and we're gonna be there for five. Days we're, gonna go around and explore on that island which I'm really, excited for mmm, that's maybe what I'm most excited for and. Then we're going to Lloyd's in we. Didn't make in Bali as well in, every person okay, that's good mmm, and we're gonna be the full tour daughter was. Mpletely video auntie puppy what. Day is coming me gonna, have a quick morning, let's. Save on a hotel hmm. I'm gonna be there. So. We think we'll, have enough time to explore, hopefully. And also Paris, is gonna be so expensive so we were like you don't really want to stay there too long because the hotels, in Paris are more. Expensive than than nice hotels. And. That's expensive, so. We're gonna be letter share. We're. Gonna be a shared room so that's, how we're gonna like try and save money when we're in Europe but we didn't want to be in like mixed, dorms, like no doors, what came in mixed, room so maybe, they are called that I guess what. Ba it's mixed room okay minibar, well maybe, we booked with girls, mmm, so, that will feel more safe and comfortable. Go. Get. Em, Nutini. Nice okay let's give a gift or tire or. Sun target, souvenir dude well that's the right hand up Nate, posted. Oysters, hmm, oh that's, recommended Pomona, mmm, well, you do it very. Well. Son I'll give it to you, Prague so we're gonna be there for five days and, then with our interval in for seven. Days oh maybe, I'm do you do mister I'm telling you no no except you can take okay oh no baby yeah we have we. Can go when everyone, well she what she said what, does give up the method of what comes out hmm, yeah we've got two friends who are also going to Berlin. So we're gonna meet them and that's gonna be really, fun, so, now you know our whole trip man. Yeah. We might go to Copenhagen, on the way back um, your honor mmm, what, do you hope to achieve, nothing.

No. Happiness. No, peaceful. Yeah. I. Don't know we just want to like have fun meet, new people explore. New places live, life you know how, did you stop planning a basic, where how. Did we stop hanging we booked place of like a bit plates of meetings. Together not meetings we. Just you can call my sister even, got my manager, you, a just decided. To meet up so. Little planning, we. Did it once, in a coffee house and we were there for like eight hours no it, was a long term. Like. Six hours and we were, the flights and just deciding. Exactly what we wanted and how many days we wanted in each place and it does take a lot of time what, will you have in your backpack I will do a separate video on vacuum. With, me like kind of thing where are you going to sleep hotel, or hostel bought, a mix yeah. Thing yeah. In Europe, hotels. You treated ourselves to, hotels, and barley, yeah mainly most else but a few hotels how, to save up for a backpacking. Trip, I think. Planning. In advance is, the key mm-hmm, like if you were can and money just. Set, decide. That. This, is how much I need to set aside each month for a certain time and then just do it I, don't. Know. Dony. Out that much. Why, do I did you suddenly want to go on a trip I don't, know something, just. Blew in, let's. Go tomorrow. I, could. Eat more money, at all. Why. Did you decide that country, is I don't know that, sheep Thailand, is cheap and it's nice and barley, is like a cool place. Okay. Wish. To be possibility. It, was a good unhandy, route so, how. Much are we spending maybe. Let the theaters and bull window more. So. Like seventy, thousand, kronor which is like. What. Happened, there yeah so seven thousand. Five mmm. We have this thought, the trips gonna go too but we don't know it could be more could be less so. Now's a good time to rub us. How. Did your parents react, when you said you wanted to go backpacking so, my parents were like oh. So. It was a good reaction but of course they're probably a bit worried, since. You're alone, as girls, are you afraid of what could happen in and country, like harassment. Harassment. Her we have already been through harassment. Though like, decon do it at least for Sonia, I would, be a lot more scared I was going by myself, you're an ass yeah. And now I have this bodyguard. With me so, I will always feel sleep opted. Boom oh my v8 it'll sell it oh my me it's not spicy at all yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. You need to do that research, about the country are going to and, look at like, but. Yeah in our country, we have it like a website that says, like oh we don't recommend you go here or is dangerous, to go here so research. On those kind of things and, tips. I'd be cautious here, mmm. Bored. Yeah. How. Easy was budgeting, and. Like planning, tips it's, quite a hard, to budget I'd say you, definitely have to like look, up and, kind, of know what prices they have in the country, and. Then think like probably. Gonna want to at. Least two meals a day and then snacks I'm. Like if you get breakfast, at your hotel or if you don't meet.

That Is even website yeah we Tamaki, Nicola here, mechanical, started, putting, beer. Yesterday your material. Stereo shepherd dragged, you're bringing, plastic, cutlery so, we can always like, have. A spoon if, you want to buy a yogurt that doesn't have a spoon in it you know you gotta think about that you're gonna be smart. Are. You vlogging yes, I will be vlogging and, I. Will probably bring my laptop so, maybe. I can get some vlogs up from when I'm there that's something I'm worried, about like how is it gonna go for my youtube channel when I'm away because. I probably won't have time to pre film lots so, there. Could be a gap of, like one, and a half month where I don't upload we'll, see. I will keep you updated on Instagram our culture, today, I don't really want to see the culture in the place with going to hmm. Aren't, you scared to go backpacking and, no I'm not I mean no, not because I'm going to a friend I think if I was going alone, I'd be scared but, now I'm just excited and, obviously. I know me, too there, are dangers, like anything, can happen but like I can get run over by a car at home as well so yep. But, yeah. Okay. So, now we're just gonna do some tips. Because I feel like this again video is getting better long okay so 10 tips or five we'll see okay, first, upset. Don't, let, it, do. Your research, look. Um, how, the country, it's like for example laser paste we're going to your, aren't allowed to go in with like bare legs or stop like, you know shoulders. And so like that you need to cover your skin I'll be selling out like homestead, stuff Indians. Damon only kaonashi little school. Just. Borrow money so, make it poor look I'm a sharpest in the air and I flip course all about sleep uncle vikon. Free check, if you need a visa, you, need to find what vaccines you need to take in beforehand, because some. Vaccines, are like all you need to wait this, certain amount of time then you should take another one to fill it up so. Definitely, be out in good, time enrollees, are, a good backpack, that's comfy, and, probably. One that you wait to wrap around your waist yeah look. Up the, flight people, that are flying with how, big of a backyard out of brain so does mean, the people. On. The company, that you're flying words website, like a bag allowance. Depend. If you want to get a bigger bag and have it checked in or if you want to have, a small bag so you kind of have it always with you. We've got we've got like, a small, bag each mine's. Like 30 litres which isn't like that small how big is yours yeah. 25, and then we've got a big one which is 70 and, we're gonna share that and have our liquids in that and that's, gonna be our bag, that we check in. Yeah. I think all I'm, thinking like can be Internet we, don't really know what we're gonna do with that but you can get SIM card there mmm. Apparently. And. That's a lot cheaper to get sim card there so then you can have internet, like. Even, if you don't have Wi-Fi there which, is good because then. You can research, and like look on Google Maps but you said something you, could download Google.

Maps On offline. You need to get this app called, map stop me and go, check which, is apparently barley. And it's like uber, but it's on a scooter, or what indeed but it's good job big pal that's cool so, exci currency, to see how. Much it is in your in, your currency. Yeah, credit cards apparently. You're supposed to have at least two credit cards in, case, you lose one okay, we'll, get robbed all right then I guess that was it and. You. Will see us in. Europe. And Asia. We've. Been filming for over an hour and it's gonna take me like 50, days tether, this video so we're gonna go now I hope you enjoyed it and yeah I will be vlogging on. Our trip and I will do be doing more videos like a 4-hour trip like packing. And tips. On what to buy like. A whole and, so it's gonna be fun and we're so excited. We're going in two months I mean. Done diplomat ha ha ha, so. We'll. See you in those videos to play slide over Amelie on Instagram and following, me as well if you weren't already thank, you so much for watching thank you for being on my channel well. I. Hope, it wasn't too annoying, with like the different languages but let, me know what you thought if you would have preferred this video to just be in Swedish, or like. It was ok by talking Swedish sometimes in my videos I don't know let me know what you think but yeah I'll see you in my next video bye. Any. Girl for make off.

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