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No. Friends, it's Alison I hope you're having a super, happy day so far I'm, super. Excited for this video because we are talking weddings. And, in. Today's video I'm literally. Going, to tell you everything, I, can remember about, our. Wedding the planning process, how much it costs. Our vendors, and just, really just sharing our process, and everything, I learned along, the way I know, I watched quite a few of these videos as I was cleaning our wedding and I know how helpful they can be so I really, hope it is helpful for you whether you're planning your special day or you're in the, wedding industry or trying to get in the wedding industry or, you're just thinking for the future, I truly. Hope this is so, helpful and I'm really excited to, really. Share it all. You. Feel. Love. Is. So, you just saw a little sneak, peek of our wedding. Day our friends, over at hey team Kelly filmed. Our wedding. For us which is just so kind of them and they are working on a wedding video and that was my most, asked. Question. And I'm getting questions about this all the. Time and yes I will be posting, a wedding, video, so it, is coming just, please be patient. I promise, we'll share our day with you just a little bit not gonna share the. Whole day through video we're just a little little, wedding video so that will be shared, super. Soon so just be patient, and in, the meantime I have this video for you which I hope you will love just, to give a little background, about our wedding if you're new to my channel I. Married. My high, school sweetheart in, February. February, 2nd. 2019. And that was our wedding day and we. Got married in sunny. Beautiful Orlando. Florida, and we had an outdoor wedding and outdoor ceremony, outdoor reception outdoor, everything. Which I will get into later on in this video. And. Yeah it was just a beautiful day and definitely, a dream come true so it's just a little bit about our wedding, so, as I was planning our wedding and I took, note of some things that I wanted, to include in this video after our wedding was finished because there. Are just some really key things I learned along the way so. I just kind of want to start with these so I don't forget because I feel like it is super, helpful if you're playing your wedding and I'm just so glad we did these things so. First and foremost. Something. That i really suggest doing, right. After you get engaged is to create. A separate. Email, account. That. You can use for all of your wedding stuff so whenever, you talk to a vendor whenever you send out an email that is wedding related you, use this, email so for us we, created a gmail account, that was a best day ever Bickerstaff, at So. Whenever i reached out to photographers, venues, anything, like that i sent, it from this, email so. My. Personal. Email. Inbox wasn't, flooded, with a bunch of stuff and this was amazing. Because it just helped me be so. Much more organized, and so much more on top of it and my personal, email is always flooded anyways so I would just that, would just be another stressful, thing that I did not need in my life while. I was wedding planning so I highly, highly highly suggest, doing that as, soon as you get engaged, and. Then also within, that email I created different, tabs. Or. Different tags or I think they're called labels, in Gmail I don't know it might be different for your email provider but, pretty. Sure they're called labels, for, Gmail. And so. I created one for the venue one for the photographer, one for the deejay one, for. The. Florist trying. To think what else there, is the, caterer and the food, so. Each one, had a different label so whenever I had an email from them and I replied I just dragged it into that folder so, whenever I needed to reference, something I could just go to that exact, folder and everything would be right there all organized, because as you're planning a wedding you're sending all kinds of contracts, and you're going back and forth back and forth so, it's really really important just to stay, organized, and. For. Us we didn't hire a planner, or anything like that so we really truly did mostly. Everything, we. Did have some fabulous vendors. So of course they do a whole bulk of it as well but we did not hire a wedding planner we didn't have a day off planner or, anything, like that so it's really important that we, state organize, ourself. And just made sure everything was in the right place so, that is a huge tip I just wanted to start out with so. Once. We got engaged and. I made that email and I was ready to start reaching out for vendors the. First thing, that, you have to do is pick your venue, which is honestly really. Tough because. At. Least for me I truly. Did not have, a vision for our wedding day I had a little bit of a vision but not a really, specific vision, like I dreamt.

About My wedding and I got it's like I knew I wanted to marry, my husband Brandon for, years, but I just never, really, thought about our wedding that much like the specifics, of it um, so. I really didn't know what kind of venue I wanted, I knew what I didn't, want I knew I didn't want to get married on a hotel ballroom I knew, I didn't want to get married on a barn, I knew I didn't want to get married out, of church I mean I wasn't I could get married on church but there was none not really like I want, it to be really light airy and I love being outdoors and I wanted an outdoor wedding which. Is tricky in, Florida, but. Um, but. Yeah there were a lot of things I didn't. Want in, a venue they're. All beautiful and looking back now I mean I would. Have been happy in any of those I just stated but I I was kind of particularly with the venue from, the beginning um so, when we found our venue, I actually knew about our venue for a while and I just was like I'm like, it's fine it's, okay but I had my hesitations. Mainly. Because it's, all outdoors, and there's not really a backup, option if the weather is not, ideal so that. Was my biggest hesitation and, I, don't. Know but after. Brandon, and I toured it for the first time I actually have a full log of us touring. It um so, you can I'll link all my wedding videos. Down below so you can watch that to see kind of in hindsight like everything, happened but um but. Yeah so I was like all my fence about it and I had my hesitations, about we ended up booking it and we really just felt, the pressure of needing to book something fast because we. Had about a seven-month, engagement, by in Orlando, things booked, up so fast and when you think about it like kind. Of makes sense why venues booked up so fast because, in. A month there's only about four, weekends, so. That's if you want to get married on a Saturday, like that's, only for weddings per month that can be at that menu. So. And, think about all the people in Orlando, there's tons of people tons of people getting married so we, really needed to book. A venue, fast so, we. Ended up booking the, acre Orlando, which is a beautiful venue in, a really endo and. Thank. God the. Weather turned out to be okay, like I am, so thankful, um. I guess, I'll just talk about this Val but that was the hardest, thing about wedding, and planning and like the, most stressful. Thing, for me was, worrying, about the weather and I am like, ashamed, that I worried about it so much but it, was just such an important day and again. Our venue, since we had our guest, list included, a little. Over a hundred people there.

Was No backup if it rained and leading. Up to our wedding the, forecast, said it was going to rain like it was over fifty percent chance of rain and I, actually took, so, many screenshots, a week before our wedding of the weather forecast, because, almost. Every, time I checked it it would change and, it was driving, me, crazy. It. Was just so stressful, and. Honestly. If you're having an outdoor wedding I would, suggest not, checking, the weather because ignorance is truly. Truly bliss, I stopped. Checking the weather about. Like, 30 hours before, our wedding I just didn't check the weather anymore, and I had so much more peace, and I just prayed about it and I felt so much better and I should have done this the whole week leading up to my wedding because I, kept, telling myself well I need to check it because I just want to be mentally, prepared and you, know be able to deal with it but no it's better not to check dumb weather if, you're having an outdoor wedding but. Yeah. It was crazy and so, that was my biggest hesitation with, the venue and honestly. In Florida, you truly, never know about the weather like in January, February and March it, doesn't, rain as much in Florida in summer it means literally every day but, only for a few hours or I mean like 20 minutes it's usually just 20 minute rain showers so I don't, know but Florida is literally like a tropical. Rainforest sometimes, you really don't know what the weather is and there, was a big chance that our, wedding, day could have been, like. 40. Degrees it, could have been really cold for Florida so. We were I was just kind of worried I wanted our guests to feel comfortable, I wanted us to feel comfortable but, God was so faithful in our day and really just provided, the most magical. Weather it was sunny. And, 75. Degrees it. Was so. Perfect it was truly the weather, I dreamed, up and prayed, for and he provided that which was just so incredible and I.

Do Have, to say in retrospect, it, was sweeter. That you know the forecast said it was gonna be so rainy and cloudy that. It turned out to be such sunny and beautiful day because that made it even more awe-inspiring, and. Just like such. A testimony. To God and like his faithfulness, and what happens when you trust in Him because, he truly like only. God, can change and. He truly provided, the most beautiful day but yeah, I had so, many screenshots of the weather and it, changed, so much, like. On this one, like. On this day you. Can see this was the week of our wedding and Saturday, it has the rain clouds. So. That was just it just had the cloud this is on the Apple app and it just had the cloud and rain and then. I'll see you got closer I don't know what day this was the Tuesday, before our wedding be. On Saturday, it has the rain clouds, and, it says. Precipitation. 60 percent. Which. Is just like, Gary. Was. Scary and then. The. Next day it said on Saturday was gonna be 50%, precipitation. And then there's. More rain College rain clouds oh and. Then there was one day on Wednesday, I checked earlier in the day and then it didn't have any rain cloud. It just had a cloud, so, I was like yeah, but. Then you, know that changed again, I. Think, that's when I stopped screen, shutting, it but yeah, actually the, rehearsal, dinner so. Check the weather and it literally said it, got worse as, we, got closer so I was hoping it would get better as we got closer about the forecast just got worse but, again it turned out to be the most beautiful day and I absolutely loved, having an outdoor wedding because, again the. Only I didn't, have a vision but the only thing I knew I kind of wanted was, was. Like a backyard. Wedding like a garden, like a secret garden kind of whimsical wedding. Which. It's. Pretty much what, happened, so my dream came true but, it, really wasn't a specific dream I just kind of wanted it to be like gardening, and just you. Know magical. And all outdoors, and, just like burden. Esque and thankfully that's that's. How it turned out and a guy God is so faithful and, there's. Literally nothing I could have done to make the weather perfect and only he can do that so for. That I am so thankful but, I would say any Florida, Brides who. Are nervous about the weather and think they're gonna be like me and kind of stressing, and checking the weather because. They like to be in control I would, recommend, getting married indoors, but. Again if you're just like really easygoing and, you want an outdoor wedding do, it I mean even if it did rain it would be the perfect day and it would be the best day ever no, matter what but. It does add a little you, know aspect. Of stress especially since we didn't have a wedding planner or anything like that so yeah.

That's. A little advice I have about, that, um. So. Yeah pick. Out your venue and then we, decided not, to do save the dates because our engagement. Was about seven, months and we. Felt like, everyone. Who knew we, just told everyone what our wedding date would be and we. Only had about a hundred guests, so pretty much everyone knew, we could tell because we see them frequently or talk with them frequently so, that, was fine and then we ended up sending our invitations, out pretty. Early so, a little earlier than most, um. And, we. Got our invitations, these aren't them I pulled, them out to show you guys a closer look, we, ordered these from, minted. And, you really, enjoyed it and they actually printed. People's, addresses, on, the, envelope forest, and, that was just that just came with, the imitation so we didn't have to pay extra for that which. Was amazing. So, that really saved us so, much time I'm not having to handwrite. The addresses, and it made it look that's so, nice. And, so professional, and they. Even printed, our address. On the back which, is so nice I don't know if you can see it but. Um like. In the same beautiful font they printed our address so we didn't our return address so we didn't have to worry about that either but. I really like these imitations um. So. We just we. Just said on the front join us for a heartwarming day, full of romance, and magic Allison, and Brandon February, 2nd 2019. The acre Orlando, and we, had our ceremony, begin at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and. Then under that just says reception. To follow and, then, on the back we just had this cute, little picture, of us and then we had everybody RSVP. RSVP. For. Details, our. Wedding web website, which is best day ever Bickerstaff. Com so that was our wedding website and that was also our hashtag. For the wedding hashtag. Best day or Bickerstaff um, and that worked out really well we also had our website, password-protected. And yeah, that. Worked out really well not having to send, out RSVP, cards, it's just so convenient too. And it saves a lot of money to just have people RSVP. Online it's. Also really nice because it's immediate, you know once people receive. The invitation it, can just pop, online and. RSVP. And it's just a much, faster, process. Which was super helpful so. We, sent, these out in. November. We sent them early, you know. Usually. People send out save the dates and then send out the actual invitation, about, a, month. Before the wedding for a month a half but. We sent ours out in November, because we didn't want to get in the middle of the Christmas, card rush we wanted to, with that and send it down Louisville a little, early so that they wouldn't get lost in the Christmas, card shuffles, so that's, what we did and I, just really thought that worked out well while. We're talking about stationery. I wanted to also show you our thank-you, cards so once. Our wedding was over our. Sweet photographer, she sent us some previews. Which was amazing, she sent it to, us the morning after our wedding which was so great and. I. Just got our whole gallery of wedding pictures, back. Last, week so I'm including.

Them In this video in this video so that you can see little, details but um if, you think you kurtz look great to send out just we, tried to get this off our to-do list right after our wedding so we've. Got these from, Shutterfly. Um, pretty. Inexpensive, I love the size of them they're just so small and cute but. I just used this photograph, of pies oh my gosh it's so bright, cuz, my height, but. Hopefully you guys can see it okay, and. It looks really overexposed. But yeah, it's us at pusses image on your screen so maybe you've already seen it but it, says thank you and then the bigger staffs, and. Then in the middle we have another photo. With. Our wedding day and then, over, here it says thank you for celebrating our, bread can't. Talk thank. You for celebrating our, best day ever it with us heart, a and B so, super, simple um, putting. My light pack up swim nice all right pretty. Good um. So. Yeah super simple and, yeah. I just think they turned out really cute and. Easy peasy, so we sent those out. So. Yeah that's. All the stationery, let me think I asked, for questions on Instagram as well so I'll be going through those this video is gonna be super. Long but again I feel like I just have so, much to share with you all um so. I'll be answering those, questions as, well but. I'll show you some other things that I can think of these are my wedding shoes I pulled out. I had some questions about those so, these, are my wedding shoes they're. So fun there. Are these velvet, bow shoes and I got them from ASOS, for. $26. Very. Affordable, um. And. They were pretty comfy I'm not, super comfy but I actually. Changed. Into these for. Our reception. So I just, wore them during the ceremony and then I changed, my dress, and my shoes for. The reception, which was super fun and I just wore these these, little sandals I've had for a long time and, I felt, so, comfy, which was so nice so. Yeah our. Ceremony. Was, about, I, don't. Know how long it was I, think, it was like 20, 25, minutes and. We. Had our youth. Pastor, if as ira fishing, it he was our youth pastor, when Brandon and I first, started, dating. Seven. Years ago so, that. Was really cool um, he was kind of like there when we first, fell, in love and all that good stuff and he really had a big impact on, our, life and our faith because I was such a, crucial. Time, like in our development. Um I, was, 15 Brandon was 17. When. We first started dating yeah, that sounds right so, yeah he just played, a really big impact in our in, our youth so he. Was our officiate, which was so special and we. Didn't really do anything. Traditional, in our ceremony, we didn't have any kind of like. We didn't do the knots or we didn't do the candle, we didn't take communion or anything like that but, we did say our own vows, which was so special, that was I. Don't. Know it's hard to pick my favorite part, of the day cuz there are so many special moments but, that, probably. Was my favorite hearing. Brandon's, vows that he wrote. And he took the time to put together that. Was so incredibly. Special I'll. Insert, a little clip of, his sauce because they're just so sexy relationship. Seeing. You blossom into, a strong and driven young woman. Graduating. College and what I enjoy and admire most watching, you continually, trust in God serve, him and all you do and love others so humbly and joyfully, has, truly been the greatest, blessing ever God. Is probably getting tired of how frequently I thank him for allowing our past across and, pray for you our relationship in, our future I have. And continue to learn so much from you including. How to have fun and most importantly be humble, and better love others you. Are so amazingly, and genuinely gracious, compassionate. And, selfless, and, I admire how you use your platform, and every, no matter how seemingly irrelevant, situation. To, broadcast, hope purpose, and love, of Christ yeah. I was, crying, thankfully. I didn't, ball I was nervous about me, absolutely, just losing, it and just crying, crying crying thankfully, I was able to keep. It together when I was singing my vows though my voice was kinda crackly, I was like, bigger.

Stuff I just you, know just like talked, crying, um but, it worked out just fine and, our ceremony, was super special and, then when, we went down the aisle we had rose petals, for people to toss, up which was super, super fun and a. Really funny moment, of our day was, after. We, walk down the aisle, Brandon. He just ran, like, he, pulled me and ran like closer to this house that was on our acre, um at, the venue I think he just started taking all of his like sue like, pretending, he just took off his jacket like he was pretending we were just gonna go you know yeah. It was hilarious it, was so funny, um. That was a funny little moment and then we, just took, pictures family. Portraits Oh something, that we do decide to do was a first, look. So, I actually. Asked, for advice about this on Instagram, and so many, people he made such, good feedback and, there, were some people that was pretty polarizing. There were some people that really gun ho for our first look and thought it was like the best thing ever and there were some people were like no no way like you. Have to just see they're the first time when you're walking down the aisle and originally. That's what Brendan I wanted we wanted just our, first look to be walking down the aisle but as I thought about it more it just made up so, much sense. And. Looking, back now I'm so glad me too the first look and I, don't, think it took took, anything away from me walking down the aisle I mean Brandon, was still so emotional, like tears in his eyes like and that's, in he's. Never like that and so I personally. Think that it didn't take anything, any. Of the specialness, from walking down the aisle and I didn't wear my veil or anything for the first look so I thought, it was really really, special and it helped us save so much time because we brought you able to take so. Many photos before. The, actual wedding which. Was so great and really, helped us save time after, the ceremony, so I recommend. It personally, I mean if you're not into it like don't. Do it but it really provided, us alone. Time and a special time for just, Brandon, and I to kind, of be with each other before our, wedding and we read. Letters, to each other and it truly was just so special and we got to see a lot of the decorations, and decor. Before. Anyone else which was really really cool ok, the next thing I'm gonna share is, the. Price the. Price we had to pay for a special, day you. Guys know if, you're planning a wedding or. You, know about weddings they're, so. Freakin, expensive. I mean, when you think about it and make sense you're throwing a huge, party. For. You, know a hundred people or, maybe even more maybe less so you can you, know spend, a little less, but. It is so expensive but, thankfully I'm really proud of, everything. Like that amount of money we spent I feel like we did a really good my. Camera. Sound recording which is my card. Was full but I'm back, and I, really got to the juicy stuff the, money um. As I was saying I'm, proud, of how, much I nearly spent because we really just didn't want to spend a fortune, on, we still spend a lot of money like you if, you're having to be a wedding you have to spend a lot money there's literally no way you can like, you can't have a wedding for a thousand dollars and invite a hundred people unless. Like you have. A venue for free unless you have a lot of free stuff basically, yeah but. Yeah. They're just really sensitive but I think we did a good job prioritizing. What we're gonna spend money on and it. Turned out okay and we spent, a little over. $16,000, which, is, really. Good for, an. Over. A hundred, people, wedding, so I think. That. Is really nice and um. We. Had we paid for the venue deejay, photographer. Flourish.

Dresses. Outfits. I'm, really, thankful that we, were able to spend. That. Much and not anything more because again it's just really important, it really expensive and there were just other important, things we wanted to use our money and resources for so. Yeah I actually made, a video, about, playing, a wedding on a budget and I shared some really helpful tips on there so I will also link, that below and, just make sure you check out my other wedding related videos because I hope they can help you and maybe you can find out some more helpful info everything, I said in that video is, what we we, ended up doing that and that helped us you know maintain. Our budget and spend what we did you, know one big super, important vestment, I believe is. Photographer. Because. Someone. Someone said this to me when I first got engaged and it really stuck with me and I thought it was really good advice you know everything. From that day you. Know you. Won't have anymore. You. Know like the food you will have that anymore the deejay you won't have that anymore or the, flowers, you won't happen anymore but the pictures, you. Will have your, whole life and you'll have those to look back on your whole life so I do, really, think it's so important, to find a photographer that. Aligns, with what you're looking for and you do invest in that and. When. You think about it photographers, makes. Them so much time. K'naan your photos, and, video, videographers. Say since so much time working, on your videos and photos and. Those. Memories are what you can look back on for here some years to come so, over, anything I think this is an investment, you should make it's for photography, and videography but. That is coming from me and those things they're very important, in my life overall, so maybe. I'm a little biased but I think those are really important, but a big, money, singing tip is you, know to purchase. Photographer, who does a, la carte, a services. Is, it all a car I said this wrong the last time and I still don't know how to say it one second please hold card. Ala. Carte not a la carte a silly, me so. Try. To find someone who can do all the cart if this is what you want this is what we wanted and it worked out really really nicely so basically, our photographer. Was just there for four, hours, and. That, was all we needed I really, just wanted daylight, photos I don't really need photos, at night of people dancing, I'd rather just have like some video clips of that and just some Polaroids which, we had a Polaroid camera and. Yeah. So we just booked her for four hours and she captured the first look the ceremony. Cake-cutting. Our, special dance says and, then she, left like as we began our reception, so it, worked out really really perfectly, oh and she captured, some stuff of me getting ready as well and that's. Really all we needed and we have, seriously. Hundreds. Of photographs just, from those four hours because, wedding. Photographers, capture. You, know over a hundred images, per hour or your wedding day which is so amazing um. So, she did such a great job and we loved her wedding photos and not saves a whole bunch of money you know I saved almost a thousand dollars or. Maybe even more than a thousand dollars just by doing all the cart because usually a normal wedding package, is eight hours so, just cuts. It in half and worked out really nicely okay. I really, been talking to your guys's ear off but I wanted to answer, some of the questions I, got. Because. It, was just so much and I don't know I don't. Want to miss anything, oh this, is a fun question. Lexie, asked, how did you get him to know what type / design, of ring, you wanted, so. Basically how did you hint to your man that, you wanted a certain kind of engagement rings so, Brandon. Knight again, we've, been, together for seven years so we, talk about everything like, he. Knew what kind of wedding ring I liked for years like he, just knew we talked about it and I sent him pictures and, all that kind of stuff so for. Us we're just really really close and really share everything I, just, put, it out there I just told him um. But. I'm. Like honestly if you guys talk about marriage I don't think it's rude or anything to. You. Know. Ask. Her, like you, know talk about it and just be honest, and open about it. But he definitely picked, out. Everything. Else and my, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law, went with him to like make sure everything looks good I guess he, brought them with him to the to. The jeweler and stuff and I. Knew. I wanted oval, just simple, classic, and yeah. Really good job so yeah.

Um, You. Can just talk about it that's just how I would do it I think it's I don't know you can Pinterest, you, cannot buzz open. Non-secret. Pinterest, board and pin. All the rings you like so that maybe he'll look on there cuz I know that's pretty well known among guys to check the girls Pinterest, board so, maybe do that so. Someone asks did you have any plan just in case the Florida rain decided, to make an appearance and, again, our venue, truly. Didn't, have a back-up plan we. Did however purchase. A clear, wedding. Tent rental which honestly was so expensive that was a big part of our budget it was I, can. Go look it, was so expensive like you would never think tents, are the expensive, but it does make sense because it's a lot of labour more than anything because the tents are big we ordered a 30 by 30 10. And. We loved the clear and then I also added market, lighting to it so that really, hyped up the price but, um, yeah. That was expensive but it really did provide some peace of mind in case it started raining because again there, was no other, option, they were indoor sections, on at, our venue but they were all tiny they, were all super small so no not everybody would be able to fit and in, one of the indoor sections, we had all of our food and for food we just had a big buffet, of. Lots of different yummy, stuff and that was good and buffet is save money as well so, the tent, was. Just. To give you an idea because I know like, this would have been helpful to me if I knew how much a tent was just. The tent itself. With, the market lighting was. $1,800. One. Thousand, eight hundred and. Twenty-five. Dollars and, 18 cents yeah. So expensive for a 30 by 30 clear time with market lighting hmm. Yeah lovely but. It did provide a comfort, piece of fine and honestly it looked really pretty even though it didn't rain I think tents are really beautiful um. With the lights and just I love the look of that so, I'm, happy with it and we've still had all of our tables for our reception under there and the. Market lighting, was really nice touch but yeah other than that other than the little small tent that wouldn't be able to fit everyone. We. Had, no backup plan which was very nerve-wracking, but again, thank, God everything, got to be okay someone asked did I cry absolutely. I did but thankfully not like a, baby. Oh I love this yes what, was your first dance, song oh, my, goodness our, first dance song was, take, the world by, Johnny, swim, it is such, a beautiful song so, beautiful I absolutely loved that song and it's just I knew I want to not to your first dance song well far before we were engaged so, that was nice at least I knew one thing. We, got engaged um so that was really sweet and then for. The. Mother-son. Dance. Brandon, his mom danced to my, wish by at Rascal, Flatts and, then for, my, father-daughter. Dance we. Dance two daughters, by. John. Me. Love. That song, that. Was also a really easy choice, and then I surprised, my mom with. A mother-daughter. Dance she was joking about it before the wedding she was like oh we should have a dance I was like haha yeah, like. Know, that. I surprised her and it was awesome and this. Song makes me cry. It's called mamas, song, by Carrie Underwood and I surprised her with this song and it was a sweetest, thing ever. Such. A sweet song I should listen to it it's basically just saying like. Daughters. Growing up but, it's. That, Carrie, Underwood's like singing it as the daughter and. Hi-hi, husband, just. Close the door. So, that was just a really sweet moment, and. Release. Me song and when. She's like he is good. So. Good. I'm a really good singer clearly, um, when she's seen singing that my, mom was like come here Brandon and then he started dancing with us they were just great um. So that was super fun but, yeah those were all our special dances oh I want to share the song I walked down the aisle - so. Before I walked down the aisle we played. Love, like this by luring Daigle and Brandon. Said that that song was the key names so emotional, it is the most beautiful song, it's a worship song so it's about God but, also it's about like for, me it says. So much about like my family and just our friends and everyone, loves us because it says, what. Did I do to deserve the love. But. Throughout the whole song it just said what. Have I done to, tease our love, like this and it's just so beautiful it. It's. So emotional me I don't know why. But. It's. Just such a sweet song and just so true like there's, nothing better in the world than being loved, by by. People in family. And friends, in. God more importantly. And. This, song was just so beautiful and so special so. I was really special and that played, while our family, was walking down the aisle and then. This. Beautiful song is why I walk down the aisle - it's a golden childhood, from, the Cinderella. Live-action, movie. It's. One of my absolute favorite songs it is so lovely so whimsical, and the. Flower girls walked on to this song oh we didn't have a bridal party by the way I think I left that out we, had friends get ready with us and just be with us the whole process but, we decided not to have a bridal party and that worked out really well and it, was still just just, special, um, so.

Yeah, Just. The flower girls and then I went up to a golden, childhood runs, drill. I'm. Gonna play the part that climaxes. There's a part in the middle of the song that kind of climaxes. And that's one aisle so, Brandon oh I need a box so Brandon, was, turned, around because out our venue we didn't have like a door that opened or anything any kind of reveal thing so, after a love like this by Lauren Duvall Brandon turned around and, then the best man um we. Had a best man um, he. Which, is his brother he, turned Brandon around when I was like okay turn around because I knew the song really well and I knew like when I wanted him to turn around, so, he turned it around like right, when this song when I reached the top of the aisle and this song climax. And it turned out to be really, really, perfect. How. Magical. Is mapping chills, oh my gosh it's, so magical what. I would listen to this song like driving to work or you know driving anywhere it and I would just start crying, thinking, about that moment when I turn win, for and and turned on and saw me walking down the aisle and oh my gosh I could come now again that, not. Has to be one of the best moments of our day was just that moment with, that song playing and just everyone there oh my goodness so special. That, moment and the vows were just incredible. And especially, because the, weather it was just it was the most beautiful day, like the birds were chirping and. So. Special, and like those. Moments on your wedding day make, the whole planning, process so. So. Worth it because, Brandon. Died during. The palin planning process we were almost like, this. Is crazy like this is not worth it we need to just go elope like let's go to the courthouse let's just do this and like save, all this money save all this time and save all this energy I'm. At those moments. Made. It so worth it and I know your special day will have those moments as well and I'm so excited. For you, um. Another. Things I want to just touch on before I, call. This video quits, because it's so long gonna be an hour long um. This. Happy place design, thank. God for her she. Is starting. Her wedding. Design. Company, and really and oh and she is so talented she she. Works as a display, artist she, historico Urban Outfitters now, she works at anthropology, at Disney strings, she's so talented and, she helped with all of our decor and I'll, insert a ton of pictures here and there's a ton on my Instagram, as well but this happy place designed, if you're an early I don't and you're planning a wedding. Definitely. Reach out to her for decor she has a ton of rentals, and you can rent the pink Alison couch those at my wedding and, use. It I think your wedding then he's so cool um so, definitely reach out to her she's incredible, and, someone, asked who walked me down the aisle my dad, did, and. Then. Someone. Asked did you do something, old new borrowed and blue no, I didn't, do any of that traditional, stuff it, just didn't, mean anything to me so I didn't spend time on that someone. Asks do you recommend a long engagement or a short one or, does, it depend on the couple I think it depends on the person, like what kind of person you are but honestly, if anything, I would have had a shorter, engagement. I would not want to get engaged any longer the. Only thing of a venue that's tricky, because the venue's do fill up so fast especially, an arm right kit but, if anything, I would have had a shorter engagement, but I just love being married and you, know I'm just so thankful we didn't have any of the longer engagement cuz it's so special being married and even. Though it's lots of plan I never felt like we were you know riding. Behind or anything like that you can do it done in three months if you just spend time on it you know and if. You have a year, engagement you're just kind, of procrastinating, or just way mean um so, I like short engagements, personally, but it does depend on the person okay. Last question I'm gonna answer sorry, I might just do a whole different separate wedding, Q&A. Because. There's just a lot more questions but I feel like I touched on a lot of things hopefully.

Because It's been so long, last, question would, you do anything different on your wedding day honestly, no, and I feel like is so cliche all the wedding videos I watch for like this they were like no it was perfect just the way it was but truly it is like it is such a special day and even, if everything, goes wrong like it is the best day ever good you're marrying the love of your life I've good, some seeing this because it's so stinking, true like, weddings, are so materialistic and. I feel like a lot, of times the focus and heart behind weddings gets lost in just the, industry and just the material, desires. In, our. Lives and I'm totally guilty of that as well so. No. I would not do anything different the only thing I can think of is just you. Know the weather and that. Outdoor, wedding kind of thing but I loved it I'm so glad we had an outdoor wedding but, that was the only thing where I was like tricky. So yeah, it's, gonna be the best day ever and I really. Have this one this video was, a help for free for, you it was really fun for me to film, I reminisce. And just think about our day so, thank, you guys for watching I, hope you enjoyed and I will see you super, soon.

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