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we are getting on this plane right  here we are going to the amazon   welcome to developers america my  friends there are so many fruits   that we don't even recognize there's a bit of  sweetness they're about the size of enhance they have an area of this market just dedicated to  these potions our first view of the amazon river good morning guys we are getting on this plane  right here we are going to the amazon this is a   part of the trip that we have really been looking  forward to we think it's gonna be a highlight of   all of brazil i can't believe we're going to the  amazon right now bucket list item right here here   we go so right now we're flying to belen which is  in paris state and we're gonna spend about a week   in the amazon we're gonna make as many videos  as we can so we can show you a bunch of stuff   there we'll probably have multiple videos every  day so look forward to that so once we land we   will be going to the biggest open air market  in brazil this is a tiny plane look at that i   can barely fit through d and c to the right right  there right back of the plane it's a small plane we are in the amazon oh it's close we're in berlin market this is the biggest  open-air market in latin america first thing we're noticing there are so many  fruits here that we've never seen before   like this when it's red it's good and it's ready  to cook and then you can eat it after you cook it   we're gonna try to do that later but there are  a bunch of fruits that we've never seen before   yeah that type of cocoa actually not a coconut  you break it and you have a very soft pulp inside   and from this very soft pulp you make juices you  made ice creams you made drinks for your skin you   made pretty much everything so this weird looking  one right here is we've been saying that all   over brazil usually in an ice cream form and we  haven't been able to try it yet but we will soon so right now we're in the fruit section of  the market and it's incredible i haven't   seen a fruit section like this like you have  for the amazon there are so many fruits that   we don't even recognize and i think we'll  get a chance to try them while we're here some of them here seem to be a little bit cooked  because right now so you can get three of these   for around 15 rows so that's about a dollar each  that's pretty good that's a good price for those   in peru they're very expensive but here pretty  good deal we're gonna have to eat some of those so something interesting about this fruit section  of the market later in the day you're going to   find better prices because they want to clear out  their stock they don't want to go home with any   fruit so they try to sell it at a lower price they  bring it outside to try to get more people to buy   it usually they have the fruit stands inside but  we're here later in the day so here it is outside   so this is called inga we've been wanting to try  this but we haven't yet so it's going to be easy   pick one don't bite it too hard because  of the the city inside just go to purple   you just eat the pulp inside there's a big  seed just a white part just a little bit on   the outside there's a white fleshy outside  and you just have a little bit of that   it doesn't have much of a flavor right it's  very very very soft so it's a little sweet but   it doesn't have a ton of flavor it's not very  potent with flavor there's a bit of sweetness so you can see it looks like a big green bean  it's just a pod of these fleshy seeds it looks   like a pea pod a giant pizza how do you like it  it's much different than anything i've ever tried   is this this is a fruit this is the fruit it's  like a dried out mango it has like the fibers   of a mango they get stuck in your teeth  but it's very dry never read anything like   that all right keep it open get it up later  okay perfect save it for later if i get hungry   you have this fruit then you can move the cask and  you have that those ones are already toasted this   was a fruit this is the fruit the original pasta  okay we call it oriso okay yes inside of it we   have the seed and from the seed you remove it and  you eat it like a salad and that's where you get   what we call brazil nuts brazil nuts but what  you call brazil nuts is those ones because   they're already toasted okay here in berlin  you can eat those fresh without being toasted can't wait okay now we're going into the seafood  section a lot of fish here we're gonna learn something so this is a very famous fish  here it's perarucu and kind of like bakalao   like bacalao you'll see it all over brazil you  hang it in the sun you salt it and so they kind of   cook it in the same way but he said it's very good  it's even better than bakalao according to him   did you just eat something the smallest smallest  shrimp in the world they are called aviyu   they're about the size of an ant wow they  are salted right now they're a little salty   this is how they serve them there are  thousands in here and you can't even tell   i thought it was like a shredded  chicken or something you   only have this in different times of the year  this is a fish flower a fish flower called akari so they have salt water shrimp and fresh water  in this area and so you can tell when it's a   water shrimp because the  flesh is close to the meat   so he could tell right away by looking at it  if it was salt water or fresh water shrimp straining it or something straining the salt  off so you see these cool looking baskets here   they actually catch the shrimp  that way you'll find these baskets   on the boat and they fill them up with shrimp  on the boat and then they bring this basket   to the market look at basket they just  weave it together so they're all handmade   made with palm waves and they last about four  to five months you can mix those into the acai   okay but those ones you can eat all into the  acai and you eat it like a cereal like yeah so we're trying some tapioca here it's in  this little packing peanut looking eggs   so it's a little different because you'll see  it in different forms ready yeah let's try it kind of crispy it does remind me of those packing  pins yeah kind of like a cereal you can really put   this in milk and eat it like that we have like a  rice krispies and we have seen a lot of people put   putting this in there not a ton of flavor but  tapioca doesn't really have much of a flavor we have now the maniac flower the yellow one this  is more how can i say it's more not so soft as the   tapioca flour okay and you can taste it right  now this is pure gold because braganza produces   the best menu of flour in all the state of  butter let's try this one looks a little   different has a yellow color to it oh wow it's a  lot harder the other one we just tried was softer we just got some kashasa with jambu and apparently it can leave a tingly  num sensation after you have it cheers there it is yes my tongue has a sensation i have  never felt before it's a good one it's like tingly   numb oh i like that you can't even describe that  it's not a sourness it's not a bitterness it's a   it's kind of my tongue is going crazy i i  like that and after another 30 seconds it's   like pop rocks i feel like the saliva in my mouth  is just popping around my tongue you can feel it   that is a sensation you have to  try if you come to the amazon   more so this is what it looks like so this  is the flower of the jumbo flower of the zoo i can still feel it in my mouth a couple minutes   later it's gonna last like  five minutes in your mouth so these are also but this one has a lobster  in it and this one has some fruits and lobster crab so here's the fruit  one pineapples apples melons i'm deciding to try the fruit  one i'm making alex try the   seafood one i was just gonna say  lindsay is too afraid to do the   alcohol with a lobster in it so i guess i  have to here it is look at this this is wow does it taste like seafood a little bit  yeah it has a taste of the sea to it you   better have the raft look you smell  it you can smell the lobster in there   i didn't know that anywhere in  the world had something like that   where you can have the alcohol with taste of a  fish in it well a crustacean you have to try that and we always forget to explain it in our  videos because we've done like a hundred   videos in brazil but kashasa is easily brazil's  national alcohol so it is the alcohol that you   will find all over the country in cocktails  by itself and that's why finally while we're   here we're getting to try some practice flavors  that we've never even seen or heard of before   there are only three types of animals or two  types of animals that can open this up a bird   and a monkey and humans it is very hard extremely  hard exterior wow like harder than a coconut maybe   so this is the nut that you get inside of it  this is how you form the nut into this to eat yeah there it is that's a lot of work for  one nut and this is fresh this is not toasted   this fast can you remove it and just eat  it probably healthier when it's fresh   the doctor said you can eat just two of those  per day yeah because they are together wow they   have a lot of fun because it's fresh it's a  little different than when you're just biting   into a nut like we're used to usually it seems  drier that breaks easier this is closer to like apparently you're only supposed to have two of  these a day because of the high fat content that   they have hard to describe kind of watery  you can tell there's some water in there   how much is something like that only two  per day so this will last us like a month two dollars or something like this here  it is our first view of the amazon river been waiting for this day my whole life okay now we're going to look for  some food there is a food area   where you'll find all the restaurants  and stands a ton of people over here   drinking drinking beer having  food let's see what we can find this is where we are going to try real  awesome from the amazon for us here so we're looking for acai and we're going  to try it in a way that we never have before   acai changes all around brazil as we've said  before but in the amazon it is much different   they do it different here and you'll  never guess how if you're not brazilian it's too bad they usually have acai here but they  are out of it so we're still gonna get some food   at this market it'll still be a unique experience  but we're gonna try the special acai later tomorrow another oh wow yes it tastes like uh like  or cineguela or something we were getting it a little south of  here and they called it now they call   it something different up here but this  has become one of my favorite drinks and we have a local beer here boy from brazil very good crisp and refreshing we need that it is extremely  hot and humid here we'll adjust eventually and   that might be why we have one two one two three  four five six it's like liquids for the two of us please so we just got our food this is a variety  of catfish and it's basically the cuts of   the day it is extremely fresh so that's  gonna be very good looks like it's fried   and then we have some beans some rice this  is like a salad more like a sauce and then here we go let's try this  fried fish never frozen fresh it's salty it's so crispy that fried pork we got another type of fish called piscata  there are shrimps on top of it as well this one's a bit saltier so good a little more  rich so they were just saying this fish that   we're having right now is actually a huge  fish and you wouldn't know it by what's on   your plate but it could be the size of all  three of these tables combined they just   showed us the picture looked like a great white  shark and it comes from the river right here so now we're getting to one  of the most exciting parts   of this market these behind me you'll never guess  they're potions potions for different ailments   we're gonna get into it and ask them a little  bit about it i think they have some herbal viagra   so they have an area of this market just  dedicated to these potions there is a plant   medicine and a potion for anything you name it  for any intestinal issues skin issues energy   love is crazy you can find it all right here the  reason we talk about this area it's the people who   sell it when you talk about medicine amazonian  medicine all of those women actually made some   of those this is uh we call it it's like a mix  of herbs a mix of medicine herbs we mix together   okay to whatever disease this is for people who  have strokes you get one of those and you drink   just the tip of it every time per day so  you're gonna get better and better every day that makes you more strong i can say i can  use that word so if you want to marry him   you buy one of those okay you put you put his  name where you put it inside but don't let him okay so these potions there are ones that are  more like folklore they're more like myths   or legends but then there are ones that are kind  of proven to work that they're telling us that uh   the people that live here like them like the  people that are with us they have used it and   it has worked on them since they know that my hand  has been hurting my wrists they gave me this for   my wrist to heal it it's an anti-inflammatory  cream basically so i'm gonna try this and let   you guys know how it goes it says happy 2021  attracts luck prosperity money and good energy foreign um that was such an amazing experience i've  never seen a market like that before   great food great fish amazing market   so far we have loved belem and we have a ton  more to see we've barely scratched the surface   so we're gonna end this video here we already have  so much that we've seen so far today and we're   gonna see some more but that will be in the next  video more to come we'll see you in the next one   so as you guys know we put out videos on youtube  we put out as much content as we can but we can't   put out everything on youtube we also have shorter  video clips and photos that we can't put here   so if you want to see more follow us on instagram  lindsay and alexandertravelbum hey guys thanks for   watching this video if you want to see more videos  like this one click one of these and subscribe   right here because we're traveling all around the  world and we're sharing the whole thing with you

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