AMAZON RAINSTORM Crazy Day In The Amazon (Alter do Chão, Pará)

AMAZON RAINSTORM  Crazy Day In The Amazon (Alter do Chão, Pará)

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what's up everyone, it's day two here  in Alter do Chão and we're about to   do a boat tour with a group here. and the  boat tour is going to cost 200 per person   and i think we have to pay a guide 150  but i think that's split between the group here   so we're just on our way now to get on the boat maybe it's down here, there's loads of people  getting on the boat. so i think there's only   four other people with us so that's good. i want  to go back to that island again like yesterday

yeah "ilha do amor". incredible island to visit so that took about 45 minutes right? yeah  and it was like this all the way around, beaches all the way down the coast, empty beaches   the guys just left us here stranded. so even though  we're on the beach we haven't come here for the   beach, we're gonna do a trail now. and the guy said  it's two hours to get there and two hours back so  

didn't know we were gonna be doing a four-hour  trail today. but we did bring our boots so   yeah we knew there would be a trail we just didn't  realize that it would be so long. so this place   that they've dropped us off is actually a  little village, so check out this little church here  "igreja da paz" and then you have  the little houses here, yeah i think   this is like a school area, interesting i  didn't know we were coming to a village man these people live far away don't they carol? yeah   this is way out of the way. i think there  are many villages like this all the way   around here, many different spots but they're  kind of remote. yeah all around the amazon so that's the name of the community here "jamaraqua", "comunidade de jamaraqua" this right here is the little community school   it's called João Paulo the  second, tiny little school that's what the tribe used to make  the fire right? yeah "breu branco" in one of our first videos here in amazon, "breu branco" we  were wondering what it was so there you go   so you can actually stay here as well so that  would be pretty cool because you get to stay in a   community, you have a beach and you have the jungle  all in one. all right trail number 100 of the trip  

i've lost count of how many trails that we've done   wow look at this it's like another  world already, right here and then this so right in the middle of the trail is the ant house. Tanajura house Tanajura, is that the name of the kind of ant? yeah whoa. You can see them with the  leaves. oh with the leaves carrying the leaves, loads of them so this is the rubber tree that we've mentioned on  many of the trails but here the actual container   that would be used, this kind of thing so yeah i guess they cut it here and then this stick ismused for the the latex to drop down   into this container. now it's  mixed with the rain water   so i mentioned in a previous video that Manaus, the  main city here in the amazon was the richest city   in south america at the time. i think  in the 1800s because of that rubber   so we've seen this on our other trails, this is the  kind of palm that you use for like decorations or   roofs. and from this leaf here we made a plate,  so when we did some camping in the forest if   you watched that video that was the one that  we made the little plate bowl with to eat food   the thunder sounds have begun and it has started  the rain once again, i always love it though when   it rains on the trails to cool down, and the bugs  and the birds go way crazier when it's about to rain i think this is like the  darkest jungle that we've been in   yeah. yeah it's super closed look, even from  the top not much daylight coming through

Carol so it's absolutely pouring it down but  we don't even feel a drop. We don't feel anything because   of the jungle, it's so thick here. the raindrops doesn't get to the ground. yeah   but listen to the sound, it's absolutely  pouring it down and nothing's getting through crazy. another monster  tree here, look at the size of this all right never mind the rain is getting  through now, but today we have our coats the rain's not coming through, no haha this is crazy the trail has turned into a stream so you probably can't hear me but this  is the famous tree, famous big tree man it's been raining like  this for like 40 minutes now. I'm tired   you're tired of the rain. yes. yeah this is crazy,  i think this is one of the heaviest rainstorms   that i've ever been caught in.  there's nowhere to go, we had four hours of  

trail and in the first hour it already came. yeah.  just to give you guys an idea of the size yeah these roots are crazy, look at that hole the trail must go on, there's no  turning back anyway because we're   halfway into the trail so just gotta continue so this would normally be one of the viewpoints   but obviously because of the rain you can't  see anything right now. ah finally shelter a little hut, so around here you can also do  camping in the jungle so this would be the   area of the campsite   let's see how much water so we made it back to the community now   back to where we started, and i think  we're going to have lunch right now but   the tour's still going to go on. so i think  we're going to head to a river after we eat i think we need some warm food after that  trail. and some rest. yeah food and rest   so exhausted. yeah i'm destroyed

so all around everyone's drying  their socks and they're clothes everybody got soaked. yeah so it turns out that we're not going to continue  with this part of the tour at this place in the   community, we were going to head to a river and  do some canoeing but nobody really wants to   go in the rain, and we're also pretty cold because  all our clothes are wet and they're not   drying. so even me and carol didn't want to  do the canoeing as well. and the guide said closer   to Alter do Chão where we're staying the weather  should be better, it's not raining there so   we're gonna head there and check out some  beaches. hopefully it's not raining because if   it is i guess the tour's over. yeah i'm so  cold. yeah i'm cold as well. I just want a little bit of heat oh the water's nice and warm. that's  all we got to do just stay in the water  

and never get out. never get out of the water so we've arrived at the beach the guy said  this one is called "pindobal" really big beach   i don't know if me and carol have ever arrived at  the beach in coats before, in raincoat. so if you   watched the last video we were just over there  in the distance on a beach called... was it "Muretá"?

"Ponta do Muretá" "Ponta do Muretá" yeah so that was just over there this one's quite  different, that one was deserted   you can obviously see there's more  things here for tourists though   for tourism. i guess you can pay for one of these  usually, get a meal, drink right on the the ocean ocean? the ocean. yeah. why what did i say? it's not the ocean. oh yes it's not the ocean haha, i keep forgetting. yeah right on the river. so the spot here in the corner is really  cool because we're on this cliff edge   hadn't been to any beaches like this yet in  the amazon region, huge cliffs. see all these   rocks that have broken from the cliff. and at this  side there's no wind, that's why we came here  

i think it is a bit warmer now right? carol's  shivering while i'm asking her that yeah i don't know i'm still cold. Your still  cold. yeah that's the tough thing about this   region because if you look at the weather  forecast it always shows thunderstorms   but obviously a lot of the days it's sunny.  but it's because even though it's sunny in some   parts there's always thunderstorms very close  by, so over there it was raining like crazy and   from what the guide said in the center it's  not raining at all and it's very close. so   you can never really know, you  have to go out and hope for the best so we're back in Alter do Chão now, the center.  so obviously the trip didn't go completely to plan  

normally we'd still be out there. usually  it would go to the beach that we went to yesterday   "Muretá" and you would stay there for the sunset.  what do we do now? go back, dry, take a warm shower   it's gonna be great. yeah. and then later  on we'll probably go out to have dinner   and see the center. yeah we haven't  shown that yet so we can probably show it so this is the main square at night, the  other days that we came here it was more   lively wasn't it? yeah because it was a sunday  and today is a tuesday so it's not   as lively as it gets on the weekends. yeah  so usually all these places here are open   selling food, there's like chairs  and stuff here for people to eat   and i think we ate at this restaurant the other  night there but look how cool this one looks   i don't think it was like that the other day,  that's probably for christmas as well. and yeah  

we're just gonna decide where we're going to eat  today. we found this spot here on the main square   there's less tables today because it's raining  out there. and what's the name of this spot? "mae natureza". "mae natureza" oh yes it's here

and i think i'm gonna get this here "dadinhos de tapioca" 29.99 and i'm also going to get a "isca de filé mignon" 34 reais. so they're both entries but   yeah i'm going to get two entries.  do you know what you're going to get? Pizza, Margarita Pizza 34 Reais. oh the medium one. yeah. okay. so what's  that drink that you've got there? caipirinha. caipirinha? yeah with Pineapple and mint

Pineapple, mint, and Cachaça Strong? No. No? Carol wanted a strong one. it's fine. lots of cachaça. if I drink a strong one i will be sleeping here on the table so this is the filet mignon, the beef. really  tasty, they have some sort of like veggies on   there i don't know what it is. and there's also  some cheese that carol's been eating. it's good? It's so tasty yeah yeah the beef is really tasty, really  juicy beef. and this is carol's monster   cheesy pizza. so it turns out they didn't  have the medium size, they only had the   the "grande"the big one so yeah  carol is gonna eat a lot today. Not a problem

and the last dish has arrived so this is the   tapioca. like some rectangle square cassava  block. and then they also brought this dip here which is pineapple and it has some  spices in there as well. let's see how it tastes Whoa it's really spicy. yeah it has pepper on the sauce yeah but there's some other spices  in there, that's not just pepper   usually in brazil things aren't that spicy,  but this is really spicy. it's good though so we were about to head back home and then we  found out that apparently there's some sort of   local party going on here so i think  we're going to check that out. it's a kind   of music from this region, what's it called carol? "Carimbó" yeah it's supposed to be very interesting   and a beautiful dance as well. and  that's from this state of Pará

yeah so i've never heard of it, never seen  the dancing so yeah we're gonna check it out so that was a really cool show, didn't do much  talking there because the music was constant   but yeah really interesting to see, those people  sure know how to dance. and the music was   interesting as well, i like the trumpet saxophone thing   i thought that sounded really cool. and i'm  not sure if there's gonna be another video from   here, we are gonna be here tomorrow still  and we did want to do another tour but the   forecast is looking terrible. so yeah i'm  not sure if we want to pay for a tour again   to get caught in some crazy rainstorm. and we just  had an amazing time here it's just been a really  

surreal experience if you watched all the previous  videos near the manaus area. yeah just so many   unique experiences here, done so many things that  we've never done before. hopefully you've enjoyed   all these videos from this amazon region and i'm  pretty sure it will have surprised you, especially   the fact that there's these beaches, yeah just lots of things that even i   didn't know existed here, so if you did enjoy  them just drop a like to support us as always   subscribe like see more videos like this follow  us on instagram and we'll see in the next one

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