Amazon Street Food in Belém - UNBELIEVABLE TACACÁ + 13 Lady’s Cooked Lunch at Market in Brazil!

Amazon Street Food in Belém - UNBELIEVABLE TACACÁ + 13 Lady’s Cooked Lunch at Market in Brazil!

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Hey everyone hope you're having an amazing day, it's mark Wiens I'm in the city of Belen in the state of Para northern, Brazil, in the Amazon there's. Such a streak of culture there's an incredible. Vibrancy. Of. Local. Products, and ingredients today. We're gonna go on a street food tour of Belen we're gonna eat some incredible, Belem, Amazon, Street food we're beginning this street food tour at the market vero pezzo this is one of the the, main landmarks. Of the city it's, one of the it's a historical. Market it's full of food unique. Food from this region of the Amazon I'm gonna share all the street food with you on this bellum Amazon, Street food tour today. Just. Quickly about bellum. This. Is a city. In the state of Para, and para is it's, still in the Amazon rainforest but it's more close towards the towards the coast towards the Atlantic clothes, took card towards the Caribbean, but. This is still part of the Amazon this. Is one of the richest, states of Brazil, with the fruit, with, the natural, resources they're very very well known for the acai the best acai maybe, in the world just, tons, and tons of, freshwater river, fish. We're, just quickly stopping, by the main fish market area this is where they sell fish all from the Amazon all from this region but actually yesterday the day before and I'll link, the video below we came to this market we bought some fish to cook today, we're not going to buy any fish we're going on a street food tour but we're just passing through the fish market it's always good to pass through the fish market. Mostly, fish but they do also have some shrimp they do also have crabs. But. Yeah really, the main, thing, to buy here is fish all sorts of different types of fish. Big. A. Basic. When I'm sorry mini kilos the Steelers. Clunker, skills. 25. Kilo character gemstone. The, way he's like filleted, he's, like staked, out that entire fish yet it's still connected. Moving. Out of the picture section in there's food stalls outside there's fruits and vegetables, there's, herbs there's, spices. Blooming. Spices, this is the tip of me right. One. Of the main ingredients, one, of the main seasonings. And sauces in, this region of the Amazon in Brazil is to, copy and to copy is the manioc. Like a fermented, Nanyang sauce, we will for sure be eating some of that today. The. Spice, is here the chilies I love how they just bottle, the chilies some of them are marinated, again in that who could be there's pepper there's human, there's, coriander. Seeds there's all sorts of different peppers and chilies, and, chili. Powders this is just a vibrancy, a harmony, of spices. An. Incredible. Stall all like natural. Medicinal. Store there's there's perfumes, but then also yeah all the natural medicines there must be like a dozen, different types of herbs and leaves, all for different purposes, that she's sewing as well. We. Made it to the section in the market where they're selling drugs, Valley. Oak. Especially. Used. In a dish called piccata, which is a soup that we're gonna eat later on today one, of the best dishes of this region so the Jumbo Donna has, had a jumbo. Jumbo. He's, just giving us some Jambu, cachaça this, is Casa. Is the sugarcane liquor and jeonbu is a it's, a flour, plus leaves, that, give a numbing sensation. Wow. Oh that's. That's, good that's like herbaceous, that's floral, immediately.

You Can feel your tongue pass, sizzling, tingling. I never, been ditch here. It's. Big so let's. Try and eat soon yeah, I check, it up in beyond local, co-op. Right. Across from the Jambu stop. He is chopping up Brazil nuts we're gonna try those later, but. Right, then the, the man chopping, up the Brazil nuts a, very. Friendly lady she came by with a whole tray of home-cooked. Food she had two different dishes one is the cow hoof stew one is the chicken soup she added in some chili and I think we add in some of the cassava powder, flakes actually it's not a chicken soup it's a beef soup there looks like there's some pasta in there. She. Is so awesome we're eating off of his Brazil, nuts stall booth. Is. So cool the first taste of the soup. Oh. Man, that is amazing, Cheers. That. Is so good Rosa. Rosa you, feel a bit of basil ha, ha ha I got a minute para, he's. Right across from that you know it's. Like talking about this young boy. Shambu. The, the burial at the. Plaza. By the way that soup is just that's, incredibly, tasty it's mediate, Hardy. Buddy. Of a milk cream special, honk obrigada he's, so friendly he just ordered a, half, a shot of Jambu which is the gum bucha shots I did dumb rules just, a sugarcane. Liquor. To. Go with the soup. Immediately. That just numbs your. Immediately. That just numbs your dog oh it's, good, you're gonna chase that with some more of the beef, soup. Soup. Is incredible, Elif ossifer not giving done it could be a possibility that customer, the actual this is the Jumbo flower, but, I'm gonna eat it sparingly because this thing could be really strong. Keep. It on my tongue. Good. Oh. Yeah. Oh, that's, amazing okay take a little more oh. Wow. Through, the flower all. That is amazing, dude I think it might be stronger than sin to UM pepper, Wow. My. Mouth is just like fizzing, and saliva and, like, I can't. Feel it up on my tongue now oh man. And. Like, citrus, juices just flowing from, my taste buds oh yeah. Immediate, like a rush. That, really plays with your mouth back like it's so dandelion. Or someone it's like so similar to sit on Deborah. Mmmm. The. Tender. Deliverable. And, I can't feel my mouth or my tongue right now. That. Is incredible. So. Milky when it's drawl I got the nutrition, the fat the oils, just juicing, out I know when you're in bed em dope how to come. Check him out he's selling awesome Brazil nuts he's, such a friendly guy open, igano then open, god. It's almost like a coconut looking. There's, just Brazil nuts everywhere, in this market and now we just came across it almost looks like a coconut that's where the Brazil nuts come from in the tree they hang in this little pot that looks like a coconut locally, they call the Brazil nuts cast an adult piranha the like, cashews, of Paulo. The. Sun is just all of a sudden blazing, hot so we stopped for a juice she's serving all their sons are different fruit, juices local, fruit juices I ordered that Koopa sewage is the fruit that comes in that giant pod, and. Then they take out the flesh pulp, it's like pudding, inside of that pod and, she's gonna blend that up into a juice this is just the pure fruit blended, no sugar no anything. Oh man, that's so, refreshing it's, cool it's. Sour, and, milky. Sour and milky like soursop, I think I said that already before when you tried to fruit the actual fruit. It's like naturally, milky, sourness. That, is just absolutely necessary. When we were walking around the market in Belen not once two of the, cacao fruit juice from, the chocolate, pod tree, oh. That's. Nice too sour, and sweet okay and then this one is the Baku tea. It. Tastes similar to like. Chi lychee, for me. Sarala. Acerola, no, idea what it even is it, looks kind of like a tomato. It's similar to a very ripe baba. To. Kumasi purpose. For. Giovanni yeah. So. We're just stopping, by on the outskirts, of the market there's an entire food court system. Like a massive. Food court all sorts of local bellum. Amazon, foods from, this state from Papa we're, gonna start. Eating now. Vodka. Come at home before they come around yeah. Yoga, cream in a yuca creamy yogurt so it's amazing is that she, has, arranged. For a. Number, of the amazing, ladies in this market to all cook and all serve us at, her restaurant so she's this. Is amazing, we're gonna try. It. Smells so. Good. Moving. On to the next. And. Then the fourth stall again she's frying up some fish but also frying, up some shrimp, putting, them into a batter it looks like there's some herbs and some things in the batter then she dumps them into the oil oh man, those smells, so.

Good. That's. A threeway. Be. Able to have the language. Director. Amano classic, RPG, attack. I. Should. Put that on. Ice. That's. An amazing dish. All. Abilities, are so, incredibly. Nice and friendly and their cooking, is shining. Okay. Thank. You. It's. Just like never-ending, sea, of cooked, food here the next lady is making jumbo. Rice you know that jumbo flour that we tasted that numbs your hear, about those are the leaves cooked with rice with, us do like a stroganoff, style stew okay. Elliana. Elliana Eliana she, is an amazing, an, amazing. Americans. Open. Igano obrigada, is, amazing, she, is taking care of us. Eliana, is the most amazing, lady ever. She, knows. All of her friends at the market and instead, of having to go to every single stall, to eat a different, dish she's arranged with all her friends to prepare. A dish and then bring them back to her restaurant so we can try all the diversity all the different dishes she. Is. Ilyana this is the best acai in the market appear outside we, were trying to look for the white acai, but it's not season I've never even seen it before but he's had the purple I thought you were gonna have a cup here just, got to when you see us I appear, thing you have to. It's, so good this, one is so thick, Wow. It does remind me of avocado, blend it up I got it so cream it's so rich it's Oh mmm. It's amazing. That's, so thick Wow. That is pure açaí that is amazing, I. Said. Oh well. That's. The spot. Flower. Right we've, stopped over Eliana's a man is. The oldest, the longest. Lady, serving food there for 47, years ladies. Here are legends. Of belem, foods she wants me to quickly try the soup which is jumbo, and, cuckoo P which is the manioc. That's. Sour at first then, kind of sweet. Eliana, is now preparing, her main dish which is like a pie L like a rice mixed. Dish. Well. We'll get you off then man. Shrimp. Mussels and crab which. Is already. Remember. The cuckoo P that we saw throughout the market that's the fermented, manioc. Cassava. Like, by-product, juice, it has a sour taste and, it's used in so many different dishes that, smells so good. Not. A PD mother Felix is Marathi good man, I didn't find a fetus like one. Ah cool. Jumbled. Jumbled. She. Added some of the jumbo Eve's this, is one of the greatest rice dishes.

And, Then she topped it with crab, legs crab, claws and shrimp over. To God, that. Is an incredible, dish they have literally set out an entire like Street. Like. Right, next to the river, buffet, all of the different dishes that we saw being cooked all of the different dishes from her friends she even just told us like it's an honor for them and it's even it's a massive, honor for us to be here the. Different, dish is the cooking they cook with so much passion so. Much love the hospitality, is it. Will it. Touches your heart. This. Is some of the most amazing hospitality some. Of the most amazing ladies. In, the world there's, so much food there's such a variety we're gonna just kind of do a buffet style get plates and just go down the line and get a little bit of everything. Else. Forgot I had stuck, that fork and spoon in my pocket no it's fine even say how is the food delicious. So. Good then this has been like a three-hour. Session, of running around the market from box stall to stall feeling. The love from every, single lady. Wow. The. Batter the herbs the sesame. And. That sauce I just, don't know if I can even come close to remembering all the names all the different ingredients with all the diversity. Of food. Obrigado. Adding. On spring. Going on something unto my boy Oh sesame, seed that, is service that, is, hospitality. I think this is another toque will be paste or something. Nanny acctaste with shrimp in it. I. Think. That's the shrimp with the manioc paste it has it like gummy sticky texture to it that tastes incredible the, fresh vegetables the chilies in there the the fried fish and the to cook beef and the jumbo weeds. The fried grease reversed the shower net of. That book of issue get out of all this is the work from, that that huge fish right. The, Nugget of the pirarucu. It's. So Christian, that fish and soap here it's. Almost like a chicken, like fried chicken. You. Can. Do this, is telling something. No. Idea how spicy this chili is. Oh wow. That's. Great buddy, oh wow. That's wonderful. Hey. Next up I'm gonna try this fish shrimp. Sauce or, maybe I think they're served together I think I'm gonna grab up a. Shrimp. In I'm gonna scoop up if these are shrimp with up he's a fish oh. The, Frog picked that. Like shrimps off you can taste that herb or the vegetable in there go tumble next. Dish is a toast Oh jumbo which is the Jumbo already, tried this is the Jumbo flower but, then the Jumbo weaves also give off a numbing sensation and, that's just like, hold it with John blue leaves and then serve with some kind of like creamy, stew.

Oh. I, haven't, felt the numbing yet vegan tastes like the slight bitterness of the gumbo leaves. Any doubt from us are you next having a ball okay sure. Oh. That's. Some beautiful color you cannot get enough outside you and your here. And. Add a little bit of the tapioca which is I think it is a product of the cassava as well but that's very very light like popcorn. Even, after like three plates of food they're still dishes I haven't tried yet I'm moving on, try. Some of the more of the fried fish there's, some cassava and shrimp there's, some more vegetables as well let's try some of this one is shrimp you can see if you look really closely you can see these little baby tiny shrimp dried with, some of the cassava powder. The. Vibrancy, of that shrimp shine. Salted. Drag shrimp like like. Taste like shrimp paste I found a little bit more of that to compete chili sauce which, I wanted to add to the dish. Oh, there's. Two goofy shots you can taste like that vermin again there, will be the fermented, manioc, but the chilies in there. Every, dish different, every. Dish from pot outstate, the. Flavors the vibrancy, the. Amazing. Ladies who prepared the food for us. But. That makes your mouth like that. Just. Gives your meld a whole nother dimension not. Only mouth, numbing but like mind numbing flour this, one is the fried Philly OJ I'm, gonna add some of this relish, to it there's like tomatoes and onions in it and then chase it with a chili. Those. Shows will wake you up. It's lunchtime now about noon or about 1:00 and just now the installs, are just packed this entire area the ambience the atmosphere, the vibrance, the friendliness, next. To the river it's stunning, I'm just blown away I don't even I can't. Even say anything anymore. Thank. You from, our heart she, is awesome. When. You are in Belem like. It's not even a choice you. Have to come see a Liana. Eliana. Kelly and she is. Box. So they call the boxes the Stahl's box, 49. Possibly. The most friendly lady in all of Brazil. Little. Fails was gonna become a patient so boxer, numero C. Numero. 37. Food. Is just never-ending. Auntie, has bu. Djibouti cheer you, know the boutique you dare get on the wall yeah it's kind of like booty t wine it's cold, it's.

A Fruit. Wow. That's, so thick, that's. This fruit. Sour. It's, thick, it's, like parties, Oh men. That is beautiful, try this. They. Brushed it it's this random through another, fruit another, Amazon fruit it just it just does not stop it looks like carrot. Like. Pumpkin, juice. She. Is box number 46, weight. Over to God, cow. Cow cow. Okay. Oh buddy god oh. Man. This, is. No. More, jungle pumpkin, moustache oh, yes. I do. I. Don't. Even know what I'm doing anymore I'm. Just like. This. Has been one of the greatest days of my life with me it's, well beyond words just, yeah. It's not explainable, from the heart thank you thank, you guys so much for arranging, then. Please. Come back right away absolutely. Welcome, back already, I wanna I wanna just stay here. There's. Still head med doing a little dance. From. Here we're walking back to the car and there's, a couple of afternoon, and evening, street foods from, the limb that we've got to try. It's. About 4:00 p.m. just after 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon this, is the, time when, people in Belem eat a dish called pakka and this is one of the dishes I was most looking forward to eating coming. Here. My name is diva, diva. Dumbu. That's, dad. She. Not only has the takaka but she has like some, full. Dishes, as well but mainly we came here to eat the knockout which she's gonna prepare right now I'm ordering a takaka and Amitabha, I love the name sir but you can get so confused. Hahahaha. I. Oh man. This is a. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Dish. One, of the most beautiful, dishes I've seen in a very very long time but this is one of the main dishes of Parra the, main. Soup, broth, is made from, cuckoo pea which we've had already today many times it is made. From fermented manioc. So it has a kind of vinegary sour taste to it but they take some of that soup they put it into the gourds always served in a gourd then she takes some of the manioc, gum like very sticky very pasty that's the thickener, she, adds that to, your soup, so that's gonna make it harder, thicker, richer. Then, she adds in a bunch of the Jumbo leaves you know that jumbo flour that we were eating and we already had jumbo today it's a, numbing leaf, flower. Plant, amazing. And. Adds that in and then, adds in some chili usually just on the chili juice. But we got some of the floating. Chilies, to make it extra spicy then some of the salted shrimp and then fills, your bowl with the. Soups. When people just kind of drink it and you get this little stick fork to eat the Jumbo, leaves mix. That around oh man, you can smell the chilies you can smell the sourness I think I'm just gonna I see lots of people just drinking, the soup first I'll try the soup first just drink it. Oh. Unbelievable. It has this sour vinegary, taste immediately. On my first parsnip. I can, feel though just a slight numbing it's not like a huge numbing sensation but you can feel it your tongue tingle and then the chilies because she added and all of that chili juice and the chilies floating oh wow, that's just soothing.

And Stunning and you can feel like the thickness how are the the. Gum of the tapioca is sort of thickened already. Hmm. Absolutely. Stunning they. Have a texture, similar to spinach a little. Tougher, a little, more not quite as slimy oh yeah oh yeah some of the gumminess is still in there can you see that. That's. Some of the gumminess I'm, gonna add some of these chilies try some that gumminess with a maybe, with a shrimp now dude that. That's. A very salty shrimp because it is a salted preserved shrimp that contrasts, the sour soup fish giggling soup the the, salty shrimp the chilies. I think I'm just a little hook with this dish okay let's try the ah no let's try that too ha. Ha. Ha kind of like a thick, starchy, looking, paste I've never had it before but she topped it with shrimp more of the Jumbo leaves rice, and then we got the deluxe version I think with crab claws I'll. Just try some of the the. Vltava first. While. That. Is like a very sticky. Extremely. Smooth texture, but the flavor is amazing like it's, like gummy, it's. Really sticky not. Quite as thick and sticky as peanut butter but. Like a very smooth peanut butter, almost. Okay, crab. Claw oh. The. Most has a bacon taste -. Mm-hmm. If. You were to eat this whole plate it, would definitely fill, you up. Hello. Don't, touch that with some other. This. Is a stunning, stunning. Dish. Cheers. Oh man, my mouth is on fire she added in so, many chilies to the. Special, bowl of taka my mouth is numb. For, sure one of my favorite dishes in Brazil so far I'm. Just sweating, with happiness right now a guava mia this top of our team are something. Like that agua comida esta money. The. Best crazy, delicious. It's a temper dish if I lived here there's no doubt I would be in the habit of eating at every single afternoon, there's, no way I could not again. An amazing. Amazing, lady, diva. Come, to see her when you come to, bail em over. To God, that. Was spectacular. Wow, what's the next place we're going Rosario, Rosario, we are going to eat Laketown which is like pork and a, type of hot dog there, has ground, beef. You can choose the French bread or the hotdog breath it's one of the most well known street food stalls in the city of Rosario they, serve a number two main things one is like a hotdog with ground beef coffee, one, is slices. Of the pork leg that's a massive, pork, leg they, fry it up they put it in a bun they seasoned it this, is beautiful there's tables along the sidewalk, and chairs plastic, chairs, it.

Smells So good and this is gonna be the final thing that we eat on this tour today they've been serving this for 47. Years. What's. Amazing about food like this about a street food like this is acting every, single culture around the world has some formation, of this meat, stuffed, into a bun with, some kind of mayonnaise e sauces. To go with it. Maybe. Method economists anything, thank you I hope. Efficient, as you avoid. This. Type, of food this type of combination this. Type of construction, is, just it's universal. It crosses, all cultural, boundaries, it can be enjoyed by everyone if, they're beautiful just tucked into a handheld bun just take a look on the inside here that's like a coleslaw all, all of that pork. Anything. A wall. That. Is quality. You can taste the lemon juice on there the lime juice the cole slaw almost like just kind of melts into it now we just need to try some of that sauce. It's. Seriously incredible, it's. So like. Like. Not, complex tasting but just perfect like just as perfect as needs to be this. Sauce is delicious as, well a little bit spicy you taste the sourness of the chilies like though. I'm. Just guessing tofu beef, since. This is a too foofy city filled, with hot dog and full I loved the movie actually sliced the hotdog maybe. Into threes and then, he wiped he swiped in some butter did. You think. There'd. Be swiped, in a bunch of butter and, then fried it on a hot foot and and ground beef right and then the ground beef came on like as a toffee the ground beef yeah what a move what a genius hot dog move unless she's get a look at that ground beef in there just yeah. That is absolutely. Awesome I'm, just gonna go ahead and apply. That, is amazing. Oh the, hotdogs the ground beef has, kind of a spicy. Human, taste the, tomatoes, the onions the. Tukufu chili sauce you're, just gonna want the sauce they just fall out. Myself. I poke you moving, back over to that to the pork sandwich, and this tooth will be hot sauce like it doesn't seem pot at first but then your lips start burning it's actually decently spicy it. Is amazing. I. Want. To fully hydrate. It. It's really good like the hotdoggers awesome - but. The pork the roasted pork which is really the standout. One for me. Here. In a little on the liquor finger. You're. Probably gonna know, it's probably not appropriate but, I would just squeeze this into my mouth that's so good.

An. Amazing. Way to end, this, entire, bellum, Amazon. Brazilian. Food tour cannot, even begin to explain, this. Unbelievable. Day the hospitality. The. Amount, of people that we've met all the way from the beginning of the day in the market to the lunch in the food court to the. Shoe. Cement by the wind, this by the way an ally the final animal all the, pure steak. Then. You shouldn't have a bite yes thank, you we. Got to cheers it. All. Night, with santoku piya. Gonna, shower in that yeah. I just, want to say a massive, thank, you to all of our friends in bedlam and also yesterday, if you haven't seen that video I'll have a link below the acai fish, day harvesting. Acai it wouldn't have been possible with all of them so might I'm extremely. Grateful bedlam. Is amazing, para the food and para is outstanding. Finally one more thing if you haven't already watched this entire Brazil. Food series we're traveling, around Brazil. Just, learning, about the incredible. Diversity the food the people have been so amazing to us I'll have the link in the description box but you can watch the entire playlist all the videos I want to say a huge thank you again for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed, click, Subscribe now and also click the little bell icon so that you get notified of the next video that I publish thanks again for watching good, night from, belem an amazing. City in the world and see, you on the next video.

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Did you visit Lake Titicaca yet Mark Wiens?

Too many FAGE commercials. Not watching anymore!

A melhor parte foi tomando a cachaça... muito bom!!! Very good!!

Miss You Mark

28.00 in indonesia we call it "kapurung"/"papeda"/"sinonggi"

Wonder if the dude ever charfs? Would love to know!

Muito legal ... Love Belém do Pará...tenho orgulho de ser paraense

the food looks amazing and the ppl show and put so much love in the food they create.. a must visit

Esa cagada estubo violenta

obrigada pelas senhoras da honra!!!

Muito bom

wow amazing food and amazing people.. the food is so healthy


Hey Mark, how is it going? Are you going to South Brazil? Rio Grande do Sul and so? I'm living in New Zealand, enjoying your videos and I am from South Brazil! :)

Enough with the squeeky toy!!! arrrggghhh!!!!

Vem pra São Paulo Mark Wiens!!!!!

people there speaks Portuguese

Mark, I wonder where you put all that food hehehe, and you don't even look like you gain any weight.

What beautiful people

I always have wanted to visit Brazil and see the beautiful country and now to add I want to meet Eliana and give a kiss on her forehead, she is full of love and comfort like a mother ❤ God bless Brazil and all it's lovely people

Dude I love your videos this is my 3rd or 4th vid, really awesome. No disrespect me and my friends started a drinking game that requires us to drink everytime we hear you say "WOW" . Thanks for the tours and vids keep us entertained \m/

This place is going on my bucket list,wow,bro nice commentry

Full address of the market please

This video should have been broken up in 2 parts for a much better viewing experience. 38 minutes of Mark is just sensory overkill. Love your work, keep at it!

Belé born city! You should try "Maniçoba"...and a fish called "Tamatá"...its like a pre-historical fish...!

They hooked y'all up. I love Brasil.

Everything is yummy for Mark, nothing is not nice

Cade os carros com funk no ultimo volume? kkkkkkkkkskKKK

Belem, Pará, do not stay in Amazon.

Contrastes sociais à parte, este gigante sul-americano é a nação mais abençoada do mundo!!! O Brasil é incrivelmente encantador!!!

You should go to Jamaica! You will love it!

Eliana is a beautiful woman inside and out. Great episode Mark!


Wow An incredible and remarkable food tour with rich culture of Amazon region of Brazil. Yummy food

woww... so many amazing foods and amazing fish in amazing's Amazon of amazing's Brazil... love from Indonesia.

LOve your Vlogs. Learning from you. Lots of love.

I really enjoyed this episode, such wonderful warm people and fantastic food!

I have only one question to Mark Wiens ... How many kilometers / miles you run everyday !?

My God your lucky! I want to go to Brazil Now.....

Love to see mark go deep in Amazons & try their foods. The land of abundant fish & fruits.


In Indonesia "jambu" Is "guava"

I dig the music you use.

love!! ❤❤

Hey everyone Shoe Nice again!!


Pls go the philippines from philippines

Brazil is like india

Love the video

Thank you so much for bringing us such wonderful vedios of different places. you are so energetic and you enjoy each and every culture and place.

Mark! Please, show tacacá to Thainlandese people. Maybe a fusion between these two universes can be a great idea!

I still laugh when he says "Oh Wow"

can u sell gourmia soup maker machine in store pick up walmart and cosco and targer machine maker soup gourmia there please to? big fan kate.

So eager to visit Brazil... wonderful people good hospitality of the people in Brazil

How come u didn't get the big one? U touch but u didn't get????

i am salivating...

That fat pig has some nuts.

Geez... Those Brazilian women are hot! Even the older ones! Those Spanish/African features mix well!!!


Mmmmmm. Oh wow!

Mark you got to pay and be generous with the natives, many of the blogger leave a extra big tip and they don’t take anything but regular street service. as you go into their lives and profit of it

sou d belem do para brasil e gosto muito dos teus videos

Please i need a subtitle un french because i love you

Brazil here I come! I must taste that delicious food.

what beautiful women inside out, so wise and kind

Ver alguem chamando tacacá de sopa é até engraçado rs

Love watching this. He makes all food and any food seem so mouth watering, so unbelievable... Why do I always watch you when Im hangry? ,

Love the island muso

I'd like to know how Mark stays so thin.

Mark's immune system must be mighty af

I feel uncomfortable seeing those fishes sliced like that on thumbnail

I love food!

Maybe you can give them a stickers like "Mark Wiens eat here"with youtube logo beside. It's not to be meaning as michelin stars but you "Mark-out" a place that you shared it to all people about the good food and ambience.

This may be my favorite video!

সালার ঘরের সালা কতখানা খাইতে পারে?

Food looks amazing.. people looks incredibly friendly and accomodating.. love Brazil. Greeting from the Philippines.

wow awesome sweet video mark

i need to start taking some language classes and go eat real food

O cabra pra comer pimenta

Sorry Mark but these foods not looks tasty ...

esse cara e magro mas come pra carai

Aw Mark, I'm so happy to see those videos ... I see that you had a great impression of my country, but also was so much loved in here! The lady (Eliana) in the 13:07 said: "I'm enchanted, in love, I loved their visit!" You are awesome, that's why I watch you for years! Haha

Brazil Nut? Nope, It's Castanha do Pará or "Pará Nut". ¶;D~

Amazing......hey mark what is u n ur wife birthday m just curious

Adorei vc.esteve na minha cidade curitiba

In my city dude! Tacaca is amazing

Mark Wiens, spreading good will across the world.

Dude you seem to happy..

Thanks Mark comes to Brasil! You're amazing!!!

O metabolismo do Mark, é bem acelerado...kkkkk

good vid mark

Try the pizza debonis

Can you please go South Africa and try the pizza

Pará and Amazon are States of Brazil with the best food variety. Delicious fresh prepared food.

My daughters & I are new to your videos & definitely are addicted to watching.. We just came across a video of urs about 3 days ago & we actually binged watching lol. Tour of Brazil so far have been our favorite. Definitely new subscribers to you, rio4food & Ruzania. Thank you for all you do, love your personality... You make each video so interesting.. Keep up the awesome wrk..God Bless you & your family

Mark I have to meet u one day you literally have my dream job well one of them

Mark I am so hungry now

Please go to El Salvador or Puerto Rico!

The Amazon is very rich in nature. There are also many crops. Even a fish is so big. Perhaps because humans are not involved. This is the loneliness of nature. When there are many worlds where humans are not involved, other foods will live as they are. Some people who are engaged in agriculture are aware of the area. The crop does not grow large if it is overhauled. The crops grow strongly when left alone. Even humans are the same. When parents interfere with children from childhood, they grow atrophy and develop into weak adults. Children are free to develop and show tremendous talent. Nature is the greatest God.

That lil plant did something to u

Can you come to suriname they have amezing food

Meu amigo... Nesse dia sua solitária estava atacada, viu...

I love my people of Brazil!

salivaing....ah mark its are too great man....I love your videos....they brighten up my day

does anyone else think this guy is a complete tool?

this my favorit episode,,,great very kind

Pior que na foto da acerola, tem uma pitanga... HAUEHAEUHEAU

I watched Mark when i don't have appetite.....

great episode congrats

no seriously how does Mark Wien get the stomach to eat all these food variance and quantity, wow


if anyone likes Turkish food videos pls subscribe this channel

Man, in first place your channel is very interesting. In second place, your stomach must be veeery big kkk cause you eat a loot of food. Thank your for these videos, keep recording for us. I'm from Southwest of Brazil and love watch your videos and learn more about the parts of my country than I don't meet


Esse video salvou esse o cara vem só no Rio de Janeiro ele ia sair com a impressão que no Brasil só tem feijoada. Fala sério!

Makes me hungry....


Am I the only one who cannot stand your hysterical facial expressions? I cannot even concentrate on the food and the video. I think that even if you taste sand you'll be like "ohhhh waaaaaaw"

I Love his reaction when he taste the food

Wonderful Hospitality

Why do I continue watching food videos at 1am?!?! I always end up SO HUNGRY

Have you ever been faced a strong bellyache during these food trip?

The ladies are so friendly

Wow the Brazilian women are so wonderful and God bless them all

Every thing you eat you make the. Same ( OH WOW!! ) expression, is there anything you have ate you didn't like??

I love Brazilian people very much.

Mark is overdoing the positivity. Lower the gushing. You’re losing subscribers.

Vietnamese eat that kind of spinach green too.

Vatapá is amazing!! It is from my place.

25:02 yeah every asian would do the same thing when we got no tissues. XD

Mark I am from Salvador. You are coming here soon.... I would Love tô meet you.... I really like you. Thank you for the videos.


come to indonesian, and try some food and traditional will love it... and i want to see you in indonesian, because im new subscriber....but always wathcing all your video english language / indonesian language thank you = terima kasih see you = sampai jumpa

I'm loving the series. Ty for sharing this to ppl all around the world. As a brazilian ty all! Btw, please visit my homeland, Sao Paulo!

eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while watching this

You have amazing energy Mark .

Mark Wiens : *Eats Chilli* Oh that's spicy, oh wow its flavourful. Me : *Eats Chilli* SOMEONE CALL 911.

Good morning all , from England

nice brazilian and hospitality...

I’m in love with Eliana

I watched this while I was waiting for dinner so I’m dying (plz send help)

MArk Wiens, You must ask guilherme to take you to Bahia, Salvador. It's another place that I would suggest you to visit. The food there is unbelievable too and it's just another look and trip on how big and extensive the Brazilian culinary and diversity is. They have dende bolinhos, tapioca with condensed milk, coconut milk dishes with delicious fish and shrimp, etc... There are so many things there. Love the amazing work your doing there and this trips to Para and Goias have to be the best I've ever seen. It's awesome to see you showing that the Brazilian food is much more than the typical beef barbecue. Cheers, from a Brazilian guy in Canada.

You also should try corn ice cream in your next trip to Brazil. It was my favourite when I used to live there.

Mark plz tell me how you stay slim and fit after eating so much.

Bini hg pelacur thailand!


Wow that spread was incredible! Such generosity!! Also, loving that joel is a regular on the vlogs now!

Hahahah 24:34

Mark on this food tour you are on another level! I been to Brazil before, but you introduced me to a whole new cuisine.

Brazil is such a beautiful country. It's just unfortunate the people at the top are too greedy, and the political system has so much corruption.

Brazil food looks very clean

Emang selama loe makan ga da yg ge enak ya? Perasaan enak semua

Mark being relatable af doing shots of cachaça in the morning

I’m so hungry now

Excellent ! One of a kind experience --- including the recipes / additional information by the host of this episode from Brazil ! Thanks Mark Wiens !

Amazing brazilian food,,,love from palastin

I want to english subtitle in video clips.

Why does every time i watch Mark Wiens 's Videos, i feel like before he shoots a videoof him eating whatever . he goes for a large smoke of Maryjane

Wow....nice video clear picture with good explanations.. I love your green t-shirt with a wording slogan in spicy, no eating...hahahahaha

14:29 xD

I am from Pará! Thank you for show our culture and our food this way so amazing!

Some people here in America want to portray people from outside our country as someone to fear. But like Mark weins, I have travelled the world and all I found in my travels is good food, good drink and the kindest people who you would call friends after one night. Keep it real Mark.

U visit eat from the dirtiest countries in the world


I think you should visit saudi arabia and try The traditional food you will like very much ❤️

One of the best episodes ever! Makes me pine to travel to Brazil and eat at that mercado. Such wonderful ladies! Thanks Mark et al.

Ele come tanto e fica tão magrinho, como kkkkkk

Jambu jambu jambu.....

You eat so much. Why aren't you fat?

Mark I am so proud of you and the success of your channel, your content is excellent, your personality comes out in every video, I wish you continue success in you career.

Not trying to be disrespectful but who is Joe. How is he associated/related to Mark?

Gosto muito peixei

See see fishy

You can almost see fish walking around the streets wanting to be eaten.


Cara, esse doido é uma máquina de comer! Ele comeu coisa que nem eu comeria ahahah Eu acho que a Eliana apaixonou. Muito bom. Minha Belém. It's a wonderful place for everyone to know. I wish you like it. Regards from Belém do Pará! ahaha

All i wanna see is neymar dude☹

Wow. So beautiful! I love it. They must be some of the kindest people on Earth! I would love to visit.

Coloca legenda em Português por favor, ainda não terminei meu curso no Fisk kkkkk

@Eskitenc É, eu vi aqui e pelo celular não tem como. Mas se você tentar em um computador ou notebook dá certo, pois tem essa opção. Abrçs.

@Eskitenc Pelo menos no computador dá certo, não sei pelo celular.

@Eskitenc Não cara, você vai em Legendas>Traduzir Automaticamente>Escolhe o Idioma Português. Pronto.

@Alisson זוכה ainda ta sem legenda em Português

@Alisson זוכה ainda não tem em português

é só ativar as legendas em português nas configurações

the food will kil you mark

Hi Mark. Love to see u visiting different countries and trying their traditional foods. Will u plz support my channel. We husband and wife are struggling YouTubers Plz we need ur support. Plz promote us.

Showoff is here again.... Mark weins... He eats and his artificial reaction for views.

Apparently i was thinking of amazon shipping and not amazon river. I was thinking if you can order fish from amazon with free shipping lmao


The Rosario Lanches sandwich eaten at 34:07 you can tell are just going to be that extreme fire power! Damn those look good!

man is an international tourism ambassador making me add so much to my bucket list. From Kenya!

" I'm sweating with happinesss" Mark Weins ebulliently assert as he eats the succulent soup.

me encanta brazil

Great Mark, thanks again!

Cara conheceu as melhores cidades da Gastronomia do Brasil agora deveriam ter levado ele no Rio Grande do Sul também aí ele ia ver o lado sul do país que é muito lindo e tem a culinária muito forte também. I love you Churrascaria EUA Estados Unidos.

Would love to try those Brazailan tropical friut drinks. Looks yummy!

As I am immensely salivating from observing the eclectic Brazilian succulent foods, I am so hungry and loving this series Mark Weins. That fried fish and shrimps look delectable!

Dude, never see Mark so happy

Thanks for visit my city man.

Borrrrrring video

Love all your videos. God bless u and your family.

This represent Brazil more than Soccer and Samba

On your next video could you please introduce the people with you,I havnt been a subscriber for long,so don't know if they are friends or crew,many thanks,avid watcher and hungry subscriber..kelly.xx from Colchester England.

great experience! I love your videos!! im from southeast of Brazil and never had the oportunite to try some os these north food like tacaca e tucupi. looks delicious !!

Ebaaa veio ao Brasil

Plot twist: The chili sauce makes you trip hardcore

MALL OF BERLIN click the link below

thank you mark for sharing this amazing place,people,hospitality,kindness and food❤️

Brazilian are so friendly..Food and view are awesome and beautiful.But hear about bad security in Brazil and now change it?

So many new things in now in my mind


so many rare fruit dan fish, damn, I'm hungry.

Wao, incredibly looking Great. Love to watch your videos mark. May Allah bless you. Much love and respect from Punjab, Pakistan.

Come to Suriname!

Wow everything looks so healthy and natural. Love this episode !!!

Man I'm jealous Brazilian people are awesome

jesus dude,.. how can you eat so much food on one day ? thats crazy ! i love it to watch your food tours, and im wondering ever again, how you can eat so much, and stay so skinny..... wow..... greets from germany

Amazon :-)

brasileiro é muito simpatico. Força Brasil. de Moçambique Africa

People in Brazil are great people.Nice!

Comeu feijão branco com carne seca e começou a suar!

Food looked delicious and healthy

Wow these women were amazing so friendly, I will definitely visit them when I travel to Brazil

@markwiens we have this flower in

This is one of the best video i've ever seen in this channel. I can't described my feelings but i'm so amazed! Thanks mark. Hope you will come back here in the philippines.

This man is bringing all calture together Mark is sign of unity among different nations....brazilan people are natural food lovers..amazing hospitablity brazlin people are frindly love brazil all the way frm pakistan...

In Seattle...all of these street food dishes would costs you $20+


that tacaca soup looks like ambuyat from borneo or papeda from papua dish

I'm wondering about the logistics of getting to all these places. Are domestic flights cheap once you get to Rio?

So she arranged a buffet LOL, Loved this video, First time seeing all those lovely foods.

Every Brazilian men say my vagina tastes like honey prawns. Thats very flattering


Your travels are always interesting

Wait... Let me bring some snacks...

So amazing, thank you

"Caralho, tem uns dentão irmão" Camocardi, Guilherme

you are nut too

Amazing people, very friendly like in USA (sarcasm).

How Brazillian women get thicc

It's Pará nuts

Mark Wiens = Rock Star

always hungry

you have the longest stomach in the world

lot's of fructose :D...check you triglycerides mark..:D...great video btw...

Thank u Mark to respect our culture, our food and our country. Amazing video from Belém, i love it ❤️ kisses from Rio

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love living in Thailand but I grew up in an area of New Jersey (USA) where Brazilian and Portuguese immigrants settled and I so miss that food....OMG...I need to get some soon

eu amo vatapa e tacaca

What’s up guys! I just uploaded my first Food Vlog! Please head over to my channel and let me know what you think, thanks!!

You know your life's going great when every couple months you can say "this has been one of the best days of my life". Godspeed Mark.

OMG! My kind of food right here!!!!

Quem nunca provo açaí de Belém tem quem provar, o verdadeiro açaí com tapioca

i think they were kinda high at the end of that market

Amazon pantry in real

i've never seen him not like any foods or drinks XD

Whoa What I am shocked that the best of everything i watched. Love Brazil and everything I saw.

This food just have in Para. Friends because de culture of amazinia ...the southbrazil Don't have this food.


I like Elliana

The whole video sut in one day so you eat continues tell me any time face stumak problem like loose motion

I love your videos! I would like to know when the video of Belém comes out with the Portuguese subtitles

I'm full just by watching it

Need to find restaurants that’s close to those foods in MN! Anyone know any restaurants?

Just realized when you ate the gummy cassava dish tacaca, that gummy paste is similar what the Indonesians know as papeda. We eat them with ikan kuah Kuning (yellow fish stew)

come to BOLIVIA please!!!

- A diversidade cultural do "nosso" Brasil é fenomenal ! - Um Brazil tipo exportação !

verdade,tu es de onde?

Mark is there any plans to visit Poland??? You will be amazed with food!

Wow, the country on my bucket list

Coloca legenda em Português !!!!

esse cara deve ter cagado sangue no fim do dia.

Pena que ainda não colocaram a legenda em português.

Where do you put it all ? , Fab

Na foto não era acerola, era pitanga.

I'm so hungry now thanks to you haha Seriously great video

I love these women at the market. Want to visit Belem just to meet them and eat their amazing looking food.

Wow!!! #LadyElliana is such a sweetheart and a Happy soul!! I love ❤️ it!! She’s such a people person...

19:33 song ? and 24:38

That 2nd lady looked so proud its nice too see

They are so friendly n warm people. I really want to visit Brazil. From Indonesia

Brazilian dishes look like Asian dishes i thought its more likely European food

I can’t believe

How can he eat that much? I would've need medical help.... I love Brazil, I'm Angolan and been to Brazil maybe 15 times. it's like home.

good job mark, am from the philippines, love all your videos, with special mention the brazil experience...michael franks song really is true, that when in brazil, time just stand still....

long live catholic Brazil. .love from India #John ❤


2:02 that fish had human teeth!

Her and her colleagues have been waiting so long for Mark to visit ^_^

Wow.. You are very lucky man Mark. What a hospitality .

Man I love ur videos but ur facial expressions when u try something gets on my nerves lol

oh wow.

Thanks from Vietnam

"I dont even know what im doing anymore" lmfao I love Mark.

Mauth watering my Filipino deaceant goood vid very delicious

Dude u should ask ur viewrs like pino zuarez pay pal to give a 100 dollars tip would love to see the restaurant owners face after 100 dollar tip

Mark could do a special on all the different brazilian hot dogs. Hahhahahahahaha. The world would blow after that. Not even we know how many versions there is.

This place is magical. It is amazing how delicious the cuisine of this city is. Very lush!

I know they left a big tip. Wonderful food.

Hahaha, Mark is losing the brazilian jokes. Eliana pours the tucupi in the pan and Guilherme says: "it helps the relationships, right?" And she answers "yes" laughing. Implying it helps man do the "stuff", if you know what i mean. Brazilian people JUST CANT HELP BUT JOKE WITH EVERYTHING!! We make fun even from our problems. And you have NO IDEA how we LOVE making friends just for a nice talk in a line or on the bus or whatever, and after just everyone go their way. In my city Natal (i live elsewhere) people love to know of the outside world so much they go out of their way to help outsiders to find the way or something. Eliana is sweet. Guilherme is amazing. Thank you so mucb for coming here, Mark.

I see 673 dislikes, why? Whats not to like. I find this more interesting than the show Munchies. I like real food and real cooks. You dont need to be french trained or attend the culinary inst of america to be a good cook. The portions were actually filling.

Please visit Philippines

Whoa a 60 lb piranha.

Only (?) “you’re a thin man” all that food and no weight gain

He's doing exercise routine.. you can watch him work out.. he's a healthy guy..

Thk you for having such quality videos and I’m loving er’thng Brazil

So emtrei no video pq e na minha cidade

How many days it takes for you to digest all this food? Because the things you're eating here in Brazil are not light food! :D

Yo estare el otro mes en belem ya que mi mision sud sera ahi y me gusto mucho saber donde estare☺

What a Nice Guy, Mark Wiens.

This is where I am going when I go to Brazil. Thanks, for showing us another face of the world Mark

Sadly its very expensive.. Brazil is huge. From Rio to Belém it costs about 300,0 USD.

Hahhahahahahah Parecia uma boca de gente.

How Brazilian women get thicc

@Edvan Suzarth venha visitar Belem algum dia

- Salvador, Bahia, Brasil...

Kukkupii ..

start eating now? after the soup, the drinks and fruits you've had?

Thanks for your videos Mark. This is so beautiful and mouth watering as well. Also as I am watching this video. I cannot stop thinking about how good God is. I live in the USA but seeing videos like this brings much joy because I just think about the creation of God. 1 Timothy 4:3-4 But God created those foods to be eaten with thanks by faithful people who know the truth. Since everything God created is good, we should not reject any of it but receive it with thanks. God Bless you all in Jesus name ❤️

wouww these people consuming the most of the shrimp population of the world..! they are eating Shrimps like bread :) what a good way of living :)

I would love to try that cacao beverage ❤

This is one of the greatest food tour ive ever watch on mark wiens .amazing .

Pin me

Hi bro I m big fan of u how r u bro Ur videos super bro

good job

Expression king


Mark wiener licks a hobos asshole in his next vlog check it out

Mark, this is my favorite video you have ever done. I have never heard of many of these ingredients used in these recipes. You went off the beaten track and discovered something inspirational. Most fools are sitting at home taking advances, you and your boys are taking real chances. Keep living it up 100%!.

Im glad other people are seeing how we see Brazil, thats the cool thing about the internet, the good and the bad... it opens your eyes to so much when you put the effort like our friend Mark here has. one love!

Let’s be honest we know they made fun of him on how he drank the shot of liquor

They don’t have any ice for the fish market what happens when it gets 95°

Where is you're wife and son?

This was a really fun one. I love all the locals

طريقة التذوق والانبهار عندك تفتح النفس lik

11:30 - That oil looks soo damn clean man. i buy fucked up oil from store.

@17:20 all that food here in California would have easily cost $180 and probably wouldn't have tasted as good.

WOW, wow WOW....Everything looks ssooo GOOOOD!!!!!

Eliana you have a radiant smile ❤ so much love for brazilian people..

Love brazil from Indonesia!!

Love it

I miss Anthony bourdane. RIP

Americans are racists.

"feeling the love of every single lady...." (i just had to ...hahaha)

very colorful market!!!


@Mark Wiens , it's time to stream your adventures man.

I love this guy’s enthusiasm with every bite! Makes me hungry

One of your best video I saw!

How have i not seen this before, this is absolutely fascinating.

Thank you Mr.Mark Weins for an incredibly satisfying exploration of the immensely diverse Brazilian cuisine. I noticed how much you pay attention to details around Brazil that are very important to see. Please do keep up the impressive food tour videos Mr. Mark Weins. There is definitely an exceptional amount of improvement of quality in your video editing.

I'm Brazilian and I'm so happy you went to the different regions to try authentic food. Tacaca is amazing! I could easily live on this!

the videos in bahia and belém have much more interessing food than the stuff in southeast and southern brazil, which are quite bland food (they're more arkansas than thailand)

1M of visuals in a week? How is it possible? HELP


Hlo a malayaali ..but i like your vdo ......and i have a channel ..pls support my channel also dear frnds

That jambu numbling thing reminds me of our childhood that we used to eat just to taste "the drizzling war inside our mouth..Of course its our traditional dish of the Mizo from Mizoram, India and my mom loved it

Take a break from all these travelling Mark. It's beginning to have a toll on you. You are aging faster. That's a really beautiful place though


açai e vida kkkkkkkkkkk

What is that yellow sauce?

This was amazing!!! As much as I love all your food tours around the world this Brazil/amazon series is the best!

Vero- peso e suas gostosas. Ótimo

Thank you for showing how amazing my Brasil is!!!


InshaAllah.. I will visit Brazil one day!!

Brazil is blessed with naural resources! Incredible food .. Love from India..

I can't believe you came to my city to show to the rest of the world the true brazillian cuisine. Inherited from the indigeous people. You represent us very well on your show and i am much more fan of you right now! Thank you!

Yes, because it's pretty strong hahaha

Woww.. everything look so interesting ❤

Oh wow

Damn!The hospitality is another level。Bless you Eliana,one of the most amazing people ever!

i love the friendly market ladies!!! They are so hardworking and excellent with their cooking! OMG! I wish them all the best. The market portion of this video made me smile all throughout! Goodness.

13:23 eleana is the most amazing lady ever. So how about his wife ?

If you ever find yourself on the island of Nevis in the Caribbean, I'd be honored to be your food guide.

Hey Mark, just wanna say a big thank you to all your vids and the work that goes into them. I've watched many of your vids, but mostly watched the Taiwan vids and when I got the chance to visit Taiwan last summer I had your vids on repeat and traced all your steps and ate what you ate. Did not disappoint. Much much appreciated, from one foodie to another.

Thanks Mark, I will add Belem to my future travels.

Love the reggae music playing in the background . Good food good music.

"Comeu que suou!" I from Pará and i love this video!

hey mark :D yeah ty im having an amazing day! your videos are absolutely awesome you look like a person who really enjoys what hes doing that makes your videos so positive and warm! you are such a sympathetic and pleasant person and u always look so happy xD to watch your content is one of the most satisfying things to do for me! thank you

I want to vome here with my friends please tell me the info

Helo beautiful Brazilia

Please can you do a live chat

I’m a new subscriber and I’m so hooked, now I want to go to Brazil

4:00-4:02, cut the sound and make it my Message ringtone

U eat a lot... But it's not seen on body....

Just subscribed mark....loving yr channel...thanks ..respect from the u.k ..GAV.

Drinking game: Everytime he says Oh Wow everybody takes a drink


38 minutes and not one big fat Brazilian booty

The food ranger light

Those shrimp

Wow this is really cool n nice video

Great video and I just know that Brazil has so much amazing foods and friendly people. All these time I’ve been told that Brazil is not a safe place to visit as there so many pickpockets and thieves.

No ice anywhere

Not looking appetizing...

mais paraense que eu que só tomo açaí com açúcar kkkkkk tadinho imagina a dor de barriga de madrugada depois de comer tudo isso de comida pesada


One of the best in Brazil series! Thank you Mark!

Is Joel running security for you


07:12 like vocalist linkin park

I don't like sour food so I don't think Belem is for me but all the dishes look vibrant.


When are you going to El Salvador

Electric daisy

Mark your brother looks just like you, he even speaks like you!

Wow Beautiful people maybe my husband is in Brazil. Wonderful looking food.

Oh my this wanting me to visit Brazil. Their food and hospitality rocks

Wow, I’ve never been that far north of Brazil, a comida parece boa...the food looks good!! I think Belem is on the next list of traveling!! Muito bom Mark/Guilherme!!

Mark you are such a SUPER NICE guy. I can't describe how much I enjoy your videos. I also share appreciation of the different foods the world has to offer and it is so enjoyable to watch and enjoy your videos. NEVER STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

I love this series really I wish to go to Brazil someday!!!

People thanks to all good coments becouz im from Brazil

Ohhhhh you come here Brasil

I like the way elliana smiled


every time you say wow its makes me smile salivating to taste those food

I absolutely love your energy and the way you are so social with the locals of the places you visit! Keep up the good work!

No entender

So incredible ❤️

I have lots of friends of Brazilian they all friendly!

Thank you for acating our sensational food, I speak for the whole Brazil .. every state has its personality .. You provide us with my experiences and tastes ... I love you

Mark visit El Salvador in central america!!!

The orange-colored fruit juice look very strange. However, most of the foods do look very yummy. The brazil nut was also very good.

Plastics are harm for earth

Like from tamilnadu india

Your videos are transfixing. There is heart and soul in your work. I enjoy how you portray your love for the food as well as your love for the people of the area. What a treasure I have found in your productions. Thank you so much.

love ya!

brazilians are lovely people!!

What is the guitar music called playing in background ?

Everywhere the food is prepared so cleanly.. amazing stuff. . Yummy

This Brazilian food tour is one of the best you have made! Amazing food


hey Mark, really amazing people and food, long live ladies

Mark in the market

Eliana and the other ladies hospitality was amazing. In my culture, it is important to look after people because the worst insult we could ever receive is for someone to go away and say that we didn't look after them. Well done Eliana and the ladies for representing your culture in such a heart felt way.

Beautiful women

Ele gosta de todas as comidas, e eu tbm fico só desejando um tacacá com bastante camarão

The best YouTube channel

Brazilian food looks so good Mark you are great


Yes indeed I am most definitely going to Brazil during the Christmas Holidays and I will be eating at that place. Truly awesome.

No wonder they look so young!

Everybody is talking about the hospitality which is very true and common in all Brazil, but all the portuguese speakers here are laughing of the stuff the guy say about the fish in portuguese XD "CARACA TEM UNS DENTÃO IRMÃO, CARACA!" KKKKKK btw, if you learn a bit of portuguese before you come here, you will see we are very funny people too, we are always making jokes. haha

noticed that Mark hardly drinks any alcohol across many videos I've seen where he is offered.

Very nice but in Portuguese men must say Obrigado( because if you ask the verb who did say Obrigado? He said Obrigado and not she said Obrigada in the Portuguese language because is from the Latin of dialect dialects of north Galicia Spain Spain Iberian Peninsula that is Spain and Portugal and "The land of what became Brazil was first called Ilha de Vera Cruz ("Island of the True Cross") by the Portuguese captain Pedro Álvares Cabral, upon the Portuguese discovery of the land in 1500, probably in honor of the Feast of the Cross (May 3 on the liturgical calendar). This name is found in two letters, one written by Pêro Vaz de Caminha, another by Mestre João Faras, both written during Cabral's landing and dispatched to Lisbon by courier (either André Gonçalves or Gaspar de Lemos, chronicles conflict)" however, if you are men you must say Obrigado and if you are Female Obrigada. you should not use it is incorrect grammatical if you male but unfortunately many people that did go to a high school stealing make this grammatical mistake, therefore, I would like to apologize for my sincerity when you speak in this thermos is like you are an illiterate person ... Jose Soares ( Cabe Verde Islands Praia Island) Residence Bern Switzerland

I guess that the braziliam food is amazing as well as the people live there. proponho tambem que venham conhecer a gastronomia De Moçambique, Africa.

All ladies so humble and all foods are mouth watering

U r awesome...keep it going some more videos from India...

9:44: Acerola... we have them in Florida and we call them Barbados Cherry's. Yummy when ripe. Not common, but I have my secret spot where I steal them from my neighbor who doesn't know what they are! shhhhhhh.

Very good brazilian experience!

Please don't give same expressions for all food ....


Can’t wait to visit Brazil

Please Mark, don't blur the images too much. And don't roll the camera so fast. Best wishes.

Parabéns pelo seu canal

I wish i could sit near you that time

Lots of love for ELIANNA from India.

Those 13 ladies are ANGELS.Love from India.


you just ate the good and the best except the Rosary snack. has many others better. Thank you for showing Belem the city of the portal hose of the Amazon. I invite you to know the candle of Our Lady of Nazareth you will be surprised ✌

Eliana e um amor de pessoa,

Your so likeable , amazing and wonderful person! You make everything so interesting and I keep watching ur videos ! It’s all so amazing and I appreciating it

it's so interested

I am a Belém citizen, and I'm very proud of my city, thank you for this video!

Amazing galore of foods, fantastic video, never fail to inspire...

subscribe to my channel if you love food

This guy can pack it away!!! I love watching him eat!!!!


Thank you for learning and speaking some of the local language, Mark. It makes me sad

Those women at the market are brown and beautiful!!! ♥️

Great video Mark! I’m from Brazil currently living in Germany! I’m really happy that you had a great time in our country! While watching I realized how much I miss this great variety of foods, fruits and definitely the awesome people who live there! O melhor do Brasil, é o povo brasileiro! Thanks for sharing this experience and for reminding us, Brazilians, how amazing our people are!

Love this video showing the bounty of the Amazon and the grand hearts of Brazilians there. I visited once and dream to return. Take an easy boat ride across the river and you enter Amazon jungle paradise!

Not a good idea watching this vid on an empty stomach!!!!!! My mouth is watering so badly now!!!!

Never see food like this. Very unique & rich with local wisdom. God very generous. He give us various heritage. Nice job Mark....

OMG, I'm salivating!

Como o Mark aguenta comer tanto? Só de olhar eu já me sinto preste a explodir.

"agora eu só cometo crimes gastronômicos" kkkkkkk 5:56

Thank Mark...I Follow you in many country,... God bless you...hugs

Thanks you só mucho,for visit my place.Belem of Pará

Adorei conhecer seu canal!!

I have to figure out how to get here. All the way from Atlanta, Ga. I love food and I love to cook. This would be paradise for me.

This was so beautiful and touching. It moved me emotionally. The love for food and people was overwhelming.

What ever othes says. Me : Obrigano Obrigano

i swear thats matt stoney's long lost brohiem lmaoo

25:13 that's look like a good and flavour food!

Só é triste ver o gringo ter que por a bolsa na frente, porque tem ladrãozinho zé ruela.

Aaaaaa carvalho, não creio que ele veio na minha Belém.

Gilherme is like a drug dealer of food.

Hello, Good Job! Please, Go to Fortaleça, Orós, cities on northeast Brasil, you will eat Fishes, Baião de Dois, Carne de sol . SDS Wilton

Sim,esse é um lado negativo do Ver-ô-Peso,acredito que foi mais tranquilo a visita pois ele estava acompanhado por um bom número de pessoas. A parte mais perigosa do mercado é a do calçadão onde fica a parada de ônibus.

OMG hot and spicy yummy food blushing

Assalam u Alaikum & Hello dear nice video and good 2 see you in Pakistan now all over the world

Nice to see Bruno make an appearance!

So much happy with your visit, because you met, showed and loved the way of the PARAENSE! I'm citizen of Belém and i'll always be proud of my city and State PARÁ. You guys (i mean any single human) should know our beaches of freshwater and marine, they're SO AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL, i'm sure you guys will falling in love with our nature and culture (Carimbó, techno brega, pavulagem, Círio and marujada) too! Ps: Take a look on this islands: Algodoal, Cotijuba and Marajó

Esse cara conheceu mais do Brasil que eu

I know I’m commenting a lot BUT, how do you taste anything with all of the spicy heat? It seems as if the spicy heat would prevent you from being able to taste anything!

:-) :-)

my city is the best ❤️ amazing food in Belém

Eliana é um amor de pessoa. Trabalha com amor!

dou moral pra esse cara, ele come tudo sem dó e não quer saber kkkk sem frescura!

Just loved watching the whole video.. Very nice lovely and friendly people and very nice dishes..

How could someone dislike this video


Deu até orgulho do meu Pará


poxa minha cidade é maravilhosa.........

Thank you Markus for coming to Brazil the American people always welcome.

what a beautiful people ❤️❤️❤️ soon i want to the Brasil

Lovely people' from their heart's

Very good Brazilian

I love your Channel

o da foto da acerola é pitanga!

How is Mark able to eat all this food and not get fat?? I gain weight just from breathing


The right is *CASTANHA DO PARÁ*, not's Brazil


Brazil people are very nice and beautiful there food is one the best

My city

Plz stop saying oo waoo ...its like you are lying

Please let's take a minute to appreciate the amount of food they put in the plate hahahahhahaha oh boy, I love my country so much ❤❤❤❤ best food, best people ❤

Eu moro na frente do cacada da diva, Todo dia compro maniçoba lá

Sou brasileiro de uma outra região, meu sonho é viajar pro norte e comer tudo isso

You’re so good with spoon! Enjoy it life’s short!

Onde encontro açaí aqui em Londres? Where can I find açaí in London?

A foto era de pitangas e o nome era acerola. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Muito bom, parabéns pelos vídeos

Que lindo ver essa recepção Brasileira. Estou amando os seus vídeos. Brasil

Triste é ver que esse cara conhece mais o Brasil que eu..

The best food.

Nice Video Mark...I miss Belem specially the Night life more safe to stroll than Santos Brazil..Whenever I have a shorleave in Belem I always go out and try out their local cuisine and beers....

Meu Pará❤

Não é puxar a sardinha pro nosso lado não mas o cara gostou da recepção ele é bem animado.

Chegou a nossa vez, mas ele gostou mesmo foi da cachaça só não engorda porque não quer.

Corrigindo! Não é "castanha do brasil" e sim: Castanha do Pará". Há muito que deixei minha terra. A culinária paraense é de dar água na boca (tacacá, peixe frito com açaí, maniçoba, vatapá). Parabéns pelo vídeo, e o respeito pelo povo paraense!

Man!! The Ladies are super awesome, just Motherly! My God!! I am absolutely speechless... For sure, want to visit the place to taste the delicacies!!

Your wife will be like, ' and who is that Eliana'.

Uma pequena correção. Não se chama "castanha do Brasil", mas castanha do Pará.

9:44 the photo is from pitanga and not acerola

Love it Mark!

oi sou dos estados unidos e estudei português por um mês....mas na minha opinião, meu português é bastante bom. Eu quero praticar com você porque em outobro, eu vou viajar no Rio para dois semanas. Da-me uma mensagem.

Never thought about but now i understand why we called them "paranuss" -> para nuts in Germany

Obrigalo obrigalo wkwkwk

Ainda lembro daquele jornalista dos Estados Unidos na copa de 2014, criticando o Brasil, falando que a comida daqui, é repetitiva e sem graça. Os gringos vem para o Brasil, e pensa que só existe Rio de Janeiro, depois sai falando bosta! Olha o quanto nossa culinária é variada, rica e gostosa... BRASIL NÃO É SÓ RIO E SÃO PAULO MORES!!!

Thats Love it reminds me of the Woman in my Family

who can br my tour guide in brazil?

Food ranger or gtfo

Finalmente um vídeo com mais gringos do que brasileiros nos comentários!

Tucupi é o poder

Hooo gringo pra comer q só a peste.... kkkkk


Is Miriti dont buriti

Fico emocionado de ver a generosidade desse povo...!!! ISSO E BRASIL, E O BRASIL COM S....!!!

In Indonesia jambu = guava, Love Brazil from Indonesia

Qual a pira desses cara ai, quando vamo no pais deles eles querem q nos falemos a lingua deles, e quando eles vem no Brasil e fodase , eles sao obrigados a fala portugues no Brasil

Castanha do Pará

Brazil is a land of abundance i think i am Tariku from Ethiopia

I am amazed that the video is very good and nice to see


O Brasil tem a melhor comida do mundo , nos que nao valorizamos nosso país, nossa cultura , apesar das dificuldades somos o povo mais feliz e hospitaleiro q existe

Excelente vídeo! Só comida boa do Brasil preparada por brasileiros! Comida boa, carnes de peixes frescos. Sabor inigualável das especiarias e das frutas exóticas que só existem no norte do Brasil.

Esse cara não tem B.... não, oa vai gostar de uma pimenta !!!! Vazei dele rssss

Kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkk

Now I’m looking for a holiday in Brazil. It looks awesome out there especially the people.

Thanks for showing Amazon food.

I love Brazil


how do you stay slim with the amount of food you put away? Black people or all people of colour are so welcoming, generous and friendly

Mark Wiens is an amazing human being really. So seemingly incapable of bad vibes.

Foi em Belém sem ser assaltado?

I’m starting a new cartel. I would like to hire the guy with the machete cutting the fish.

Que Inveja

Please let us know the cost of the dishes are.

Ayyye nice

phillipines next destination please.

Babalu kaw ba yan?

im sure thats hungry now.

I'm not a chef or someone like that but I'm interested in food around the world this Chanel is amazing. I'm from peru, I like your Chanel thanks for sharing your videos

Brazil is a dangerous place for foreigners. There is a reason why it is on America’s do not travel list

Why you are so skinny???? How? Como Voce e Tao Magro????

mh...oh wow... mhm Does everything tastes the same?

I am Montagnard indigenous love those fresh fish grill or steam so tasty.

Acerola cherries are good for you....lots of antioxidant

OMG Just looked to buy some jambu .... 70$

A maior flora e fauna do mundo também , sem contar a natureza que está entre as mais belas e os recursos naturais sendo o mais rico.

Exatamente! Na verdade eles tem inveja de coisas que eles não tem!

Aproveite e conheça outros estados do brasil e você vai ver como o brasil tem uma cultura muito variada em cada estado do brasil.

whats city is the richest and best to get tropical fruits Belém or Manaus??

You should travel to india to the Northeast region where you can find variety of foods of tribes

Very friendly people and lovely!! I would love to visit 1 day !!!

So fress fish in market traditional...litle same with market here...

Give me some!

5:20... don't know how to hold a spoon?

How come your so skiiiiiiiiiny?! Need some deworming?!

Brasil es inmenso, saludos desde Peru

OMG!!!!! Men me gustaría estar alla y comer de todo look DELICIOUS!!!!

Incrível como nós brasileiros não conhecemos nosso país!!! vídeo incrível e o cara super simpático!!!!

O cara viciou em tucupi

U should be working for CNN parts unknown since anthony bourdain die.

Os paraenses são gente boa! Abraço aqui de Manaus!

Tanta comida gostosa e o nosso povo fresco fica botando defeito é dizendo que é nojento comer nesses lugares. Duvido que o riquinho brasileiro vai comer em lugar assim.

Brazil not only in a football even the food is a delicious.

Amazon is amazing...what a diverse food,thank you Mark for showing this..

Great Video! Thank you for sharing, can you post your gears?

passaram perto da minha casa

Matéria muito boa .

Yum and I’m in love with the people there I’m ready to pack my things and move there asap

Sera que depôs de tanta mistura deu dor de barriga nele ?

Creio que nosso amigo Carioca desenrolou bem esse banquete aí, Rio4food representou Forte abraço

Some of my friends are working in brazil..they say that people are thrre soooo..very friendly and lovable...greeeting from Germany

Why are you not getting fat?

molho de pimenta feito com tucupi e pimenta cumari , é muito saborosa

Ur awesome Mark

Amazon is food table of the world as well as lungs of the world viva Amazon

Minha cidade é foda...melhor comida do Mundo!

This is my dream man.. im working so hard in its been 2 yrs ..but now i dont have money 2 go my own country

Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm mm MMmmmm Mmmmmm MMMMMMMMMMMMM

Mark.. please let us know bout cost of the food you had at avery travel and cost of travelling to that location.. it might can help your page follower if they interested to visit this places

eliana is just gorgeous!!!!!!!

Looks like an amazing place and healthy foods

Some say...  Geographically Undesirable"

Mark has a stomach of STEEL!!!!

Como é rica a culinária brasileira

Gandiya sala

Que rico se mira todo, wow m sorprende tanta variedad de frutas en Brazil, Saludos desde Mazatlan,Sinaloa Mexico

Too good

sure to go to Elliana stall amazing honest good heart people

They are high of that jamba leaf and fruit

Sou de Santa Catarina um dos lugares que eu queria conhecer Belém do Pará , ótimo vídeo

Hi mark..everytime i watch ur video i feel hungry..its problem for me hahaha

Bievenido amigo

Brother if u want to know brazilian street food you sould visit every state... couz every state is totally different from one to another

Amazing vídeo!

Everytime I watch your videos,you make me hungry

ผมก็เป็นคนไทยคนนึงที่ติดตามคุนมาสักพัก ฟังรู้เรื่องมั้งไม่รู้เรื่องมั้งเเต่ก็ดูมาตลอดไป ชอบเเนวการเสนอเรื่องราวต่างของคุณ !


How he does never get fat?

This guy is way to enthusiastic

I was there great place

Sou paraense e aqui e um calor só no tempo e no coração

Yummy Brazil food

wasay its wild berry i drink it so much

I'm going there. Would u recommend a good food tour in brazil

That food is good i see real strength in that food man.

I like all this special seafood near Indonesia food some tropic to but am curious Taste with flowers.Indonesia no have

i am TUNISIAN and i love Brazilians i don't know why but somehow i adore them met some of them in EUROPE and they are so friendly and humble .

Que manjares brazileños buen video

o famoso Filao .... tomar no cu

seu morto de fome filho da puta ! .. te achei

947 dislikes!!!!! Can't believe 1 dislike for this..may be they are vegetarians who never tasted a single shrimp...

You have the most ridiculous look when you taste food

Fantastic video Mark!!! Thank you so much for your hard work!

Lmao bro you look like a snake dislocating your jaw while eating that hot dog with beef

I had to watch again to comment: 8:25 -- Brazil nuts are only found in the Para state and no where else in the world, even in Brazil. So the name "Castanha do Para" means "nut of Para", which is a fitting name since it only grows there. The name Brazil nut was coinned by americans, who could not say "Para" in a more appealing way. A little sad for me.



Comidas afrodisíacas fazem o povo feliz.


is that same jambu like in indonesia?


Brazil are wonderfull watching from biafra nation

Salamu alaykum subscribe my chennel

Oh wow oh wow oh wow. Dude i live your videos but man please stop with the oh wow and every bite you melt into the table. Take a shot everytime you say oh wow id be drunk

Jambu is Guava in indonesian

Good foods

paraense abaixo do peso é paraense "doente" rsrsrsrsrs

I live in São Paulo, Brazil, and have never tasted those foods before, but just watching this video made me want to look for a restaurant that has those meals around here. Thanks Mark!

I see a lot of similarities of Brazil and the Philippines. Careful of that flower though.

share it not only yours

Brazilian Hospitality from the heart.

Mark must have one of the best digestive systems in the world .

Mark, come to Kerala,India...Will take you around and show you our best unique foods

the brazeelians are friendly peope.

such amazing ladies and omg the food and fresh fruit n herbs. i would be in heaven there.

Must food

The foods are mouthwatering damn delicious!

Wow! Definitely going to Belem!

Masha Allah very nice video God bless you all

@Mark come to Nagaland.. (Northeastern part of India).

I am just wondering you eat så much but you are not fatty at alls How is that possible ?

Mark "Obrigado" Wiens!

3:10 ,like our minister from Indonesia

Mark is the most affectionate person towards any culture as well as their food.

Mmmm I have my mouth watering....

God bless me if im there tasting all kind of food..I'm just dieing to have the those beautiful items mouth watering love those country foods a lot... Mark your blessed those chef ladies so happy and honor let the world know even they are best chef... The Iliana lady shes so kind and good from heart introducing her friends nd dishes too... So sweet of her

Nice fish,


I never seen such love and hospitality, I’m excited for Mark. Peace from Baltimore

Mark since visited Brazil you should've skip across the border and visit the three guianas ( British, Dutch and French)

@ 9:44 we call it cherry in Jamaica also know as West Indies cherry, Barbados cherry....I love it

Badass place

Hallucination 12 hours later

Tucupi sauce is the key in amazonian food.

i gotta say this is one you did was really great, i had to leave all that food you were eating made me hungry lol

that looked so good i was like dam i need some food now.

in indonesia jambu is guava

Love From Bangladesh

السلام عليكم ورحمه لله اخي العزيز انا صادق من العراق ما اسم هاذهي الدولة

Este tipo va a salir con una diarrea de allí.... cuando uno como comidas exóticas normalmente el estomago no aguanta todo ese material que le echas.... suerte amigo.

Very good

the food she prepared looks like a food we have here for our pigs...i feel nauseated right now

amazing video ... really loved it

Козел самодовольный, меньше себя показывай, больше по теме.

Kapan ke indonesia lagi bang

Saudades da minha cidade

Amazing food,amazing people..respect from kuala lumpur Malaysia.


Wooow... Hope to visit brazil.. Incredible foods! Lots of new things to be discovered!!... Thanks to this video.. There's a wonderful place outhere..

How do you not get sick??

ankasa Mizo pawn kan nei... a phak ve lawm.. hrethiam che

Ohh man your are every where uhh ... amazing thanks for showing Brazil... Love from India

I hope everyone is makes me sad to know that the rainforest is on fire. That was one of the destination on my buket list. I was inspired by mark. Thank you


The most luckiest stomach in the world is yours.. Love from gods own country kerala india

Love from Panama

Those food it’s mouth watering, hooh! I’m feeling hungry right now, every dish looks delicious

I love spicy!!!

They are amazingly sweet people. Wow!!!. Foods looks so good.

he is a happy person, he can eat endlessly

Keep episode within 20 min or make parts

His face expressions tho

Mother's cooking always the best..

Waw Mark nice video

Ujarku rika mangan apa2 a ora nana sing ora enak ya... ekspresi ne enak terus... hmm...

Brazil nut with soup disgusting

Everything is wow its so amazing this mofo likes everything

Brazilian beautiful people, kind and full of life.

Do I feel like visiting now? oh yes!!!!!

U cant imagine how im be happy to see u tasting br food. I already saw all your videos, but is so funny see how the brazilian express her self with a ppl speaking english hahaha come to south of brazil tast some bbq and other foods ! Keep doing this amazing work that you do mark! Huge hugs

Hello mark love from pakistan

Amazon food is amazing

Ai e trocas de favores !

Marco é um cara legal!!! Já virou até Brasileiro, né, Marquinho?!

No wonder Pele, Neymar, Ronaldo, Ronaldhino and the whole of Brazil play such incredible football... It all comes from the good food and love they enjoy at home... I'm so happy to see another side of Brazil... Simply beautiful.

That food different different

He sniff for sure the Brazilian staff he is very happy

We don't testify

He tell us ouao ouao ouao

MARK faz um Fantástico Trabalho de Divulgação do Brasil que torna o Trabalho da EMBRATUR parecer um trabalho de Micróbio!!!


hope you do not get it bad

Mark, Sonny is very fit in cultural food trip, i think, your gesture fits for a cultural sports.

There isn't much Amazon,everything has got fire and the Government don't have interest to protect it.

Beautiful People, delish food!!

Sou de Belém, parabéns pelo vídeo estou muito feliz de ver esse documentário sobre a culinária de Belém do Pará-Brazil , agora com esse vídeo deu muita fome .

this man must smoke a lot of kush his eyes are red like a stoner and he has some serous munches he never puts on a pound ha ha

All the ladies are gorgeous. Wow

Food culture is soo amazing. You forget about everything bad happened and you’re in heaven

I'm from french guyana,and we have all that too

Existe um ditado no Pará: " FOI AO PARÁ, PAROU. COMEU ASSAÍ FICOU ".

What a wonderful episode!


Awesome video! Loved it.

Love watching him eat his eyes smiles when he is eating

Maravilhosas do ver o peso representaro top,top

Pena que só posso da um joinha ,vc é muito fofo em todos os países que tem passado, eu assisto seus vídeos, amei seu vídeo no México

Meu Pará minha Belém, obrigado por divulgar as nossas Maravilha paraense, felicidade pra você e muito sucesso em toda sua trajetória de vida

Authentic hospitality ... all the way from New Zealand to Brazil, a lot of love and respect to the people !!

beautiful ppl,gorgeous foodz and amazing hospatility man...

WOW super!!!!!!! Great ------

Omg barazil. Danger

Brazil has a lot creole cuisine.Anf all of their roots are based on Portugues spices and seazoning.

Just many varieties.....amazing Brazil

i'm here parana brazil, but i'm kenyan

tacaca is top top top

amazing!!!!! definitely going on the list

Tacacá is the best dish ever made! I love it!

Cade os paraenseeee

say hi to me mate.

nice video !!

2019. H2O

If you'll eat any thing bad will still say wow and more of wow Just change your channel name to "just wow"

Love #Brazil from #Pakistan Lovely peoples

Thanks Mark... we like your videos.... always the best..

Amazing! Me sento muito orgulhosa de morar no Pará! ♡

Acerola is in the cherry family on of my childhood favorites and still till today

Maybe I miss it but have you ever explore Jamaica Food

It's amazing how happy and healthy everyone seems to be. There's probably little if any diabetes or heart disease in the Amazon!?

Please please please stop talking with food in your mouth it's so rude.

Precisa conhecer o Piauí você iria adorar nossas comidas típicas

i love ur alll videos mark sir...i love fooood shows...But ur the best ...

A comida brasileira é otima, e falta muitos que falta você experimentar. parabéns ótimo video.


How come youre so skinny mr.mark wiens while you vlog mostly food. Maybe You dont enjoy the foods you taste

Awesome video, hope you enjoyed the food and hospitality of Brazil. Well done mate!

Hell yeah that most be the heaven

Ótimo vídeo!! Temos muitas variedades...

l love brasilian women

Mark simpatico

I'm laughing with Eliana, she is so funny ! It's a pity that this video don't has subtitles

I want to travel with Mark!

I love it

Mark, i like all your vids and i wish i can emulate your lifestyle, travel around the world tasting all sort of exotic food .... Mark, you are a millionaire are you, if not how can your afford such lifestyle. Can you share your secret about your travelling.

fizzi-ing N saliva-ing...

Yeah the phone looks incredible,but let it out in the open for the flybto s*** all over it and getting some kind of worms It don't look incredible

Mark, I have been following your videos for quit a while, I think this is one of the best!...Just tell me, do you ever get sick?...Or can you digest whatever comes your way?...When I grow young, I want to be like you!...Love your videos!...Saludos!

Love from Somalia. Brazil is my next destination for vacation.

That's just cocain (jk) I'm sure it's not

Man, you should rank the foods from 0 to 10, I think that would be amazing. Hugs from Brazil !

does it have prime

Mark Wien, I noticed insects appear not to be visible in that market, was that truly the case? No flies? no bees? If that was truly the case, can you please find out how they achieve this insect free environment around all that fishy food? Great post. Thank you.

amazing mark

Confirmed why I will definitely be in Belém ou my next trip to Brazil!......,..

I'm sure they don't spray all that produce with pesticides..

Love from tunisia

Te falto el picante

Oh wow. I am literally salivating.

Please god tell me the guy you shared the little flower fruit thing with is your cousin...because Idk what else he could be with that exact same 2 looks you give after tasting a food!

Brazilian lifestyle is growing into better systematic living lifestyle of making the world a better place.

Mark Wiens for the world's ambassador of peace

wow!!! sooooo amazing people. Food is Love

this is where neymar,pele,ronaldo,ronaldhino and more legends born

Question is there anything that you try that is not good? Seems like you love everything you eat doesn't seem realistic!

Wow... really super...

Hey Marc, I'm huge fan of you, I'm from Brazil and watching your trip here, did you came to Pantanal?!? When you need a guide here in Pantanal just call me and I'll be there. Love ya.

Ben n co Channel is a great youtuber too

When are you coming to Suriname?

You look like piggiesshit

Amazing video, I am a proud Brazilian Woman. Mike you can visit Suriname. Here you will have so much fun and also eat a lot of food and diversity of culture.

Mark's digestive system must be pretty happy, because every day he gets to eat these strange, tasty, and good for you foods.

Oh wow..

in the Philippines that nuts they call it PILI,

Nice,just too much face!!! and too much smiling; we come here to see the food,not to see you ALL the time; sorry,bro.

Foi necessário um turista vir aqui filmar pra eu conhecer esse lugar apaixonante.

this guy never stops smiling. Just once start the video with you stuck in traffic XD

I can feel the LOVE Love you Brazil and the beautiful ladies in the Food Court, ♥️ from Jamaica

Coming from NZ love love love your guys shows, thankyous for sharing with us

Everything is good to this guy! He knows some of that food is nasty as hell!

I wish America had more kind people like those wonderful ladies

Essa comida deve estar uma maravilha

Cupu Açu que delícia

O Pará é muito rico um estado muito rico eu queria conhecer essa terra abençoada

O brasileiro pode xingar o Mark, que no final ele vai mandar um "Obrigado, obrigado, você é incrível"....kkkkkkkkkkkk... Esse cara é demais!!!

Belem that's amazing I love the diverse and unique locations you go to.

Mark Wiens, how lucky you are to taste all these wonderful dishes. You glutton you

I am going to Belem in January!!! Não vejo a hora! I will definitely go to this market

Goood goood exelente

wish i was there

Brazil is to South America like what Thailand is to Southeast Asia. Splendid hospitality.

I envy your capacity bro. f i ate like you i'd be pushing a wheelbarrow with my belly in it. Amazing metabolism. lol

This video makes me wanna go to Brazil and try those looking delicious food myself in those exact locations.. ^_^

Heeeey my city!!!

You have enjoyed everything .

caralho como eu amo esse cara

Qdo chegar em Belém vou ir conhecer Eliane amor de pessoa ♥️♥️


@Vinicius Alexandre governo anterior , porque nessa gestão o Hélder tá fazendo uma ótima gestão

É assim mesmo, Belém é uma cidade com um potência turístico incrível.....infelizmente isso não é aproveitado em sua totalidade. Nem o governo dá o incentivo e investimento suficiente para isso.

I'm Surprised you don't weigh 100 kilos...Really

I am a big fan of Mark Wiens videos,, i was also dreaming to be a part of his journey for food.. but his video made me overwhelmed. i love the way it was done.. the love, hospitality and friendliness of the people of amazon or the whole of brazil was the one shown in this video,,food was just second. i hope that someday, i will be able to meet him and his team. but that would only be a dream for now, i am soldier from philippines and watching his videos completes my day watching one or two of his videos. Goodluck and God Bless you more!!!! to the People of Brazil,,,Long Live!!!

What are don't look exactly white

I dont know why but i cant stand ur face and ur expressions....ur gonna get fat

égua, esse bicho come muito!

I have to plan a trip to this location

UaU! kkkkk +1 Sub

I think I was at ver o peso the same day! hahaha I love Belem! Ver o Peso is really awesome but there are soooooo many amazing places to eat in Belem! Belem is a last frontier when it comes to Amazonian gastronomy

and that thick yellow dish is called vatapa, the yellow comes from dende oil and is generally thickened with bread

Hey i'm brazilian from Pará. It's such an underrated state when it comes to tourism, Everybody goes most to Rio or São Paulo...great to see ppl visiting mt state :)

Eu sou de Belem e estou feliz em ver esse video no seu canal.

I'm from this city (Belém) . Many Brazillians travel to India or southeast Asia to taste exotic food. If only they knew they can taste exotic culture and food without leaving Brazil...

Parabéns ao Mark Wiens! É vergonha para os brasileiros. Ter de vir um estrangeiro para mostrar as boas coisas do nosso pais.

Can't believe you tolerate the depletion of the Amazon..

Esgotamento da Amazonia é uma ova! A amazonia é o celeiro do mundo!

she is the most energetic cook I've seen ...

they are too polite, not insulted if you bring your spoon and fork

Now i would like to go to bBrazil

They respect every cultural but the black culture

How do you get fat eatin all these food?

Watching you makes me so hungry , how in the world do you stay so thin ??? I love spicy food grow many kinds of hot peppers. Have Ghost , shot one from africa in the Habenero family but bigger , hotter. Great Vids. Ol Bear.

Tô aqui por causa do Rio4Fun ♡

Minha cidade natal, meu Belém amado ♡

Mark please put an Arabic translate

My mouth is watering

Everyone u ummmmmmm. I feel I am speechless

Mark sou teu fã, obrigado por ter visitado minha cidade, grande abraço!

Os brasileiros falam as palavras repetidas vezes, como se ele fosse entender pela repetição kkkkkkkkkkkkk

Eat anything and say that was disgusting ??

How does he stay so skinny?

My name is Belem and I got triggered how he kept saying belen

Olha o ver-o-peso

your face looks so fake

Beautiful people,can’t wait to visit Brasil

Ne gülüyon aq sürekli..


Puro tragando este guey

Achamos uma utilidade para coca-cola, guarda tacaca

Live it, thank you, And big thanks Brazil

Ladies and gentlemen those are my food

omg you visited my state

Espero que venha em Manaus Amazonas

Nossa região e abençoado

How do you have a permanent smile on your face??? Is it the parasites in your bowels making you so happy for food? Lol jk, love your episodes man always have a smile on my face watching too

Amazing hospitality, one of the best travel food vidio ..

relaxa juliana

I was born in benevides. Ano que vem to indo visitar belem novamente..

Very nice seen

Mark I would love for u to go to Nicaragua. Corinto, managua, Chinandega etc. To try our food. Must try : carne asada, nacatamal, bajo, vigoron!! Do it!

Que abundangte o rio de Amazon!Mais de Nero de Egypt and Yangtzi de China.

So much love

Belem is amazing and unbelievable. Best food of entire Brasil

Mark, I gotta say: this is probably your best vídeo ever!!!

Go to El Salvador

que rico comen en brasil.

The food looks delicious and plentiful and the people are delightful friendly and beautiful inside and out, the hospitality and friendly essence is so welcoming. Food comas all around they didn’t want to go back because they didn’t want to leave. I love the commentary from these people

looks like you had some very happy making food there great video :)

He doesn't have. Any sense to identified the food quality it's nature of fruits having different different quality .but. You having ability to judge which one is. Good better and best

I think I just had a spiritual exprience

The best

Sou do Amazonas, mas comigo não tem esse negócio de bairrismo, não. Vou resumir o vídeo com um trecho do hino do Pará: "Tudo em ti são encantos vibrantes."


Venham conhecer o Brazil e trás uns gringos solteiros e bonitos ricos por favor kkkk

WOW!!!! Mark Wiens, thanks for showing us this side of Brasil

Wow Brasil...!!!Yummy...

I am from southern Brazil, I still want to know the north of my country and taste this cuisine and culture so diverse from this large country. I just had lunch, but seeing all this diversity is making me hungry!

You need to put subtitles whenever there is another language is used beside eng

I like joe a lot but theres one thing i wld like to say about him,i dont know y i feel dat joe always overacts when faced with d camera.he behaves normal but as soon as he sees d camera in front of him he overdos his smile n expressions which seems fake to offence,but dats wat i noticed.

ty for comming....

como eu amo meu Pará! minha cidade querida

ויתעצחב יהוה בליבו וגאד שמח באמונ

These ladies rule the world. ❤️


African roots beautiful to see the evolving of it but yet still the same...

The Best food in the world, but cheap!

Manaus and Belém, the paradise for those who like fish!

Moro em Belém e vc é sempre bem vindo

Meu país é maravilhoso! Quanta fruta! Quanta comida fresca deliciosa!!! Que saudades

My Brazil is amazing


How is he so skinny eating amazing food all the time???


Out of curiosity how much do you support the local businesses. Even if they say no charge because at the end of the day if it werent for them you wouldnt have your footage.

Now I want to go to brazil!

Wowww Woww wowwww. I want to eat where ever you go. My mouth is watering! Lollll

Muita gente sai pra fora do Brasil pra turistar . Pagar mico lá fora.aui tanta coisa boa pra ver pra comer. Eu amo meu pais.

From which country are you mark wiens?

Wow makes me want to go to Brazil

Casava and Tapioca is Same.

I invite you in ziro music festival, Northeast India. Believe me You get amazing food you never had tasted. It started 26-28 September every year. You get scenic beauty and combination of paddy and fish farming in Same plot of agriculture land.

Tingling plant in our village call yokhung. It's flower is yellow colour. It's flower and leaf give tingle to tongue.

I love Pakistan

Visit Ecuador!

He cut the fish just like chopped up onions

Acerola juro que é pitanga na foto pelo menos kk

Maravilhoso... Valew

please go too west africa too you are real head master to évery coutry for all discovery for food plx go to africa west africa plx

OMG!!!!!! Stoooooop it!!! I am hungry!!!!!!!! Awesome!!

plz come in india state manipur. iam big fan of you. if you come plz msg to my channel.....i like vlog wit you. i wait you at airpot... before you come one message ony channel.....

i think that numbing flower has you high lol

dude your killing me im waiting on dominos chicken bacon ranch sandwich starving and now i want to move to every country you've been to

I Love Belém ♥️

Love Belém from Pará Brazil ♥️

I'm booking my flight right now to come to Brazil I love seafood I hope y'all have a 12 pack of Heineken beer waiting for me

Very big fish Regards, Vijay Nanavare YouTube Channel -

Mark ....can u see the Epidermoid Cyst in your eyelid's? Just watchout your cholesterol.

Brasil tudo de bom

Vou visitar esse lugar,,,,,,,

Oh, when I went to Belém do Pará I didn't know this amazing market. It made me want to know. I remember some amazing flavors like Jambu and Tucupi. What an amazing food. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

So many flavors yum yum.

i know what gona stand on you gravestone .....UHMMMMM it tast so good ;) i wish i was with you ....

Minha amada cidade, saudades da riquíssima culinária!

Amei seu vídeo!!!

@Diana Althea Yeah, I was working there for only three days and couldn't extend the trip.

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