America's News HQ 01/07/18 1PM | January 07, 2018 Breaking News

America's News HQ 01/07/18 1PM | January 07, 2018 Breaking News

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Steve. Fannin speaking, out as he faces a flood of criticism, over his statements in a controversial, new book will, tell you what he says he's now regretting, and his claim that he is quote, the only, person today to preach, the message of trump and trumpism. Plus. Insights, through the newly revealed Justice, Department probe that. Looked at Hillary Clinton's, email scandal and just how did, the FBI and DOJ conduct. Their, original, investigations. NCAA. Director Mike Pompeo, speaks to Fox News and a whole host of topics everything from whether the Congress can save the, Iran nuclear deal to South Korea's pending talks with Kim jong-un's regime, in the, north. Welcome. This afternoon to America's News headquarters live, from Washington, I'm Gillian Turner I'm great to be with you great to be with you at home I'm Leland Villard. So. Far no reaction, from the White House on Steve bannon's, comments, and his regrets. Although we know the president was not happy, with him yesterday President. Trump is back at the White House now arriving. This morning after his working weekend with Republicans. At Camp, David Garrett, any on the, North Lawn of the White, House actually inside where it's a little bit warmer at the press briefing room hi Garrett hey, Leland much warmer in fact this. Weekend was supposed to be about the GOP is ambitious, agenda for, the year ahead but today the White House is spending a lot of time and energy, responding. To the allegations in the new fire in fury book this morning the president tweeted I've, had to put up with the fake news from the first day I announced that I would be running for president now I have to put up with a fake book written by a totally, discredited, author Ronald. Reagan had the same problem, and handled it well so. Will I now. Some of the more controversial, statements, contained in the book allegedly came from Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, is quoted, as calling the president's daughter Ivanka dumb, as a brick and referred.

To The infamous, meeting, at Trump Tower between, a Russian lawyer Donald, Trump jr. Jared, Kushner and then campaign, chairman Paul Manafort as treasonous. And unpatriotic, but we're now hearing from Steve Manon for the first time since this book was published and in a statement to Fox News it's notable Bannon does not dispute, any of the quotes attributed to, him and he doesn't apologize outright. But he does try to offer an explanation saying, in part my, comments, were aimed at Paul Manafort a seasoned, campaign, professional, with experience and, knowledge of how the Russians operate, he should have known their duplicitous cunning. And not our friends, to reiterate those, comments were not aimed at Don junior and he continues, I regret. That my delay in responding to the inaccurate, reporting regarding Don junior has diverted attention from the president's historical, accomplishments, in the first year of his presidency and. I despite all the pushback from the White House on, the. This book today on NBC's, Meet the Press the, author said he is standing fully, by, everything that he wrote, but. If I left out anything it's probably stuff, that was even more damning. It's that it's that, bad I mean it's it's an extraordinary. Moment, in time I think not an exaggeration, and not unreasonable. It's, not unreasonable, to say this is 25th, amendment kind. Of stuff. Fifth. Amendment of course provides that the president can be removed, if he is deemed to be unfit, to carry out the capacities, or the duties of his office and, we should note we have reached out to the White House for reaction, to Steve Mann and statement today and we are waiting to hear back from them now Leland yeah, also waiting to hear, back from Bannon, in terms of exactly what he classifies, is inaccurate because as you point out he, didn't dispute any of the. Quotes Garret any inside, at the White House Garrett thank you back to you if the White House comes up with anything Gillian's got a lot more on the policy, around all this thanks. Leland for more insight I want to bring in Florida based radio host Brian Mudd Brian thanks so much for being with us I want to first, off play, a sound for you from yesterday Camp. David president, Trump says unequivocally he's. Not interested in finding a legislative, solution, or a fix for the dreamers in this country unless it's tied to his wall take, a listen. All, right now we thought. Because he's expressed, many times that the president cares deeply personally. And from a policy perspective about dreamers. Not. Scioscia know that's the case if he's tying it to funding for the wall. Well. There's no question that daca is, a very. Hot button issue including here in South Florida and when, you're talking about the various different constituencies. Something that's important, to remember is that you have a lot of people that are here that have been here illegally and they'll want to see others, that are going to take the appropriate steps and I think that the question continues to be whether.

Or Not we, can take a path towards, legal citizenship, for. Dreamers and make, it copacetic, with his base that, has been interested. In people, that are going to take the legitimate, path along. With what he was elected for which was border security and if you take a look at the first, we have approximately a 70%, reduction in, illegal, activity, at this other border we are saying that the prototypes. Are on track for the wall but at the same time we don't have all the funding that plays so there definitely are more questions than answers at this point but I want this is clear, though Brian that we have any of the funding in place and I agree, with you you're right to, point out that you. Know strict, and stricter immigration policy. Border security is the, president's, prerogative, it's, really, he's got a mandate, at this point it was a core campaign. Platform, issue for, him that got him elected but, just, Friday the. Administration, threw out this new 18, billion dollar number for the wall it, seems sort. Of a at. Best. You, know a high mountain. To climb between, now and January, 19th to get that amount of money in place so, when he ties it to, relief, for dreamers it, seems like he's saying he doesn't really care. Well. There's something that's interesting about the funding that's been strategically smart, right along a lot of people thought we didn't have the funding we needed for the wall well, the president. About, a year ago not long after he was inaugurated actually. Issued an executive order, with the very with the timeline and it called for a series. Of prototypes to, be vetted, for, potential, construction for, the eventual, wall and what, we saw was that he got the necessary funding, for, those prototypes and everything, is on track whether, the number is 5 billion 10 billion 18, billion dollars up to this point he has been able to incrementally. Receive the funding that is required and I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't the next approach you, don't necessarily need, every, last dollar in this, budget deadline deal but, if he has enough to continue down the path then. He can continue, with these incremental, steps and he might end up with his long-term objective, and who knows he's, crafty enough he might just find a way to make, Mexico. Pay for it after all, well. We'll see about that I, wanted. While you're here make sure that we get, your your, take on what's happening on the ground in Florida right. Now you know Floridians, are going to be hit especially hard if, you, know if there's a government shutdown because, as you know. States waiting for disaster, relief in the wake of this atrocious hurricane, season, that just passed so can you tell me the sense you're getting from folks there now, how they feel about this is there a lot of anxiety. Actually, I've detected, zero anxiety, our local, economy, is the strongest, it's been and, the. National economy since runkis it's been in 12 years our local economy is even stronger than that and it's healthier, than that actually because the last time we had this type of growth which was 2005. It was built on the housing, bubble here in South Florida and that, ended up creating an era of. Unsustainability. Within, our housing, market and within the economy and I was just talking with the. CEO, on Friday of the Palm Beach County, developed. Business development, board in what we've seen is that our. Local economy, is being built on tech jobs biotech, jobs not, just the service and tourism jobs and underfunding, I haven't, come across anybody. Now one listener, that it has expressed concerned about a potential shutdown okay, Brian. We've got to leave it there but thanks, so much for joining us today Brian Mudd we'll talk to you again thank you for having me back preciate it coming up right after our show this afternoon at, 2:00 p.m. Chris Wallace has an exclusive interview with former, Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, you, don't want to miss that.

Once. A sacrosanct, position. In the government lawmakers. On both sides now, issuing, directives. To special counsel robert muller via. Cable TV appearances, caroline Shively with what we know so far and, who lawmakers, say should. Be in the council's, crosshairs. Hi Caroline how do you Leyland today Democrats and Republicans, cranked, up their fight over, what the Justice Department, should focus on in the Russia investigation. Potential. Collusion with the Trump campaign, or how, the department, handled information, about the Clinton campaign this, morning Republican. Senator Lindsey Graham asked, why not both. If. You believe Robert, Muller should be looking at the Trump campaign, count, me in but, if you ignore all this stuff you're blind by. All this stuff senator, Graham means in part how the DOJ, handled information, coming from Christopher, steel steel, is the man behind the, verified, bombshell, dossier, on President Trump put, together before, the election one, of the sticking points for Graham Steele's, research, was partially, funded by the Democratic, National Committee and the Clinton campaign but, the FBI still considered, putting him on the payroll for more information, Graham. And other Republicans. Including, the president are also complaining, about how some Justice, Department, officials allegedly, favored, Hillary Clinton over mr. Trump while, those same officials, were part of the team investigating. Clinton's emails Graham, hit that topic hard this morning and Democrats. Blasted. Right back I, want. A special counsel, to look at not only how mister still conducted, himself what, the FBI did with the dossier, and I want to find out if the lead investigator. Of the Clinton email investigation. Had a political, bias against, Trump for, Clinton, to the point that it was a sham investigation. If they are investigating, Hillary Clinton it doesn't take a genius let. Alone a stable genius to see why they're, being badgered by the White House to do it it. Stalled this public fighting privately, a special counsel Robert Muller continues, his investigation into. Potential collusion, between Russia, and the Trump campaign, and whether, it led to any obstruction, of justice. Leland then we've heard the president pretty vehemently. Deny all of those claims Caroline Shively, in Washington. Caroline thank you this, Muller probe, is separate, from a pay-to-play, investigation. By the FBI that we're just learning about that's. Looking at the Clinton Foundation, and their behavior, over the past few years, joining us now Washington, free beacon contributing. Editor and author of Clinton Inc Daniel, help our good to see as always my friend. Based. On your, reporting, and, looking at the Clintons what, is there for the FBI to be investigating, right now so, this appears to be narrowly focused, in the sense that it's only has, to do with the time that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and it has to do with was money given to the foundation or did. He did money go through the foundation to influence, Hillary. Clinton's activities, as Secretary, of State so, it's it's the foundation, has been around for since Bill Clinton left the White House basically. Even before it was. The. Thing that everybody's mind goes to would, be the uranium 1d, and in, the donations, to the Clinton Foundation are there other things that, as you looked into there's, other cases that people, gave money to the Clinton. Global Initiative the Clinton Foundation, and then. Got, preferential. Treatment when all these emails came out during the campaign. We. Saw that people who gave money had. A direct line to Hillary Clinton so there was a whole, exam there are many examples of, people who went through people. Close to the foundation or working for the foundation who then in turn said hey, Huma. Abedin, here a Hillary Clinton here's somebody that we'd like you to meet with and they, had a direct line question that's that's in, a way standard, in politics, perhaps it's gross but it's it's not uncommon, the, question is regain Washington, did they give money that then influenced, an opinion that's I think a little harder to to. Pin down necessarily. An IRR isn't necessarily the the you. Have, the quid and you, have the quo the question is do you have the pro somewhere. In the middle to link. Those two it's a corruption investigation essentially. It's noteworthy that.

There's Not a lot of Democrats, over, the past couple of days who are rushing to the defense, of the, Clintons, although, they are trying to make it not about the Clintons more, about the president, take a listen to Adam, Schiff. Are. These reports that the Justice Department at, the president's, urging is now investigating. Hillary. Clinton again that. Would be a violation of all the protections, we put in place post watergate and no, one should imagine, that if that's the case that. The president won't similarly, badger the Justice Department, to investigate anyone. Who runs against them in 2020. So. We've heard the president often. Say the Clintons should be investigated, that Clinton should be investigated, do, we have any idea, if the Justice Department, is investigating the Clintons because of what the president said or those, two things just happened in, a, vacuum we. Don't know it seems likely that perhaps there's some sort of connection what's interesting I'd say about Adam shifts calm insists he doesn't say the. Clintons did no wrong there's, no basis, for an investigation, like this he's. Only he's, only attacking. The basis, for the investigation, not, the, fact that there is an investigation he which is I think a difference, in the campaign and the campaign Democrats. Were more will to stick your heads out stick their necks out for the Clintons the Clintons now they're. Dead they're dead dynasty, essentially. Politically, and I think you're seeing that in the Democratic, response which is which is short of a difference there yeah there's, no there's nobody coming, to the Clinton's defense really as you as you point out even those who are are, making it about the. Politics of this look. Look, forward, here bees as I talked to Robert Driscoll yesterday, a former. Deputy. Attorney General he, was saying essentially that oftentimes. At the FBI and in the Justice Department, you. Are kind of damned if you do and damned if you don't because you know that things were, done, that we're wrong and at, the same you think there's a crime and at the same time you know that if you open an investigation you're, gonna be accused of playing, politics, so does that mean that the US attorney who's running, this out of Arkansas this investigation. They, pretty much have, to come up with something to prove that it was in politics, I'm, not sure about that I think they can say it's, clean or not but I do think that there is certain, pressure on them to find something what's, weird about the president. Trump's position, on this is that he, was obviously, through the campaign suggesting, that there was corruption that that Hillary should be imprisoned. But. After. The campaign there was a moment of magnanimity, where, he did say let's, go I'll give Hillary Clinton a break people sort of laid off her and then things heated up for him and he went. Back on the attack on her. I. Mean if you think about the campaign where he was where he was leaning chance of lock her up and then, it sort of moved, through and people in the crowd were chanting that and then you move through that those moments of Magnum. Investigate. Investigate the Clintons he. Hasn't quite gotten back to that sort, of angry. Corruption. Side lock her up there is a difference, but it it does you wonder sort of did, he get new information to change his mind we, don't know did. His own position change to change his mind we, don't know it, does make you curious, well as you as you point out there's a lot there's, a lot for the email a lot of emails for the FBI to go through all, right Daniel good talking to you as always thank thanks my friend Gillian pushing. Back against, claims of President Trump is softening his tough stance on North Korea UN Ambassador nikki Haley affirms there is no quote. Around for the Trump administration on, this issue they, remain committed to denuclearizing. The Korean Peninsula for, more on this let's bring in Molly Henneberg Molly hi, Gillian, the US ambassador, to the United Nations nikki. Haley says there may be a time when the u.s. talks directly, with North Korea but before, that Haley, says North, Korea would have to stop its missile testing and be, willing to talk about banning its nuclear weapons, we're. Trying to do is make sure we don't repeat what's happened the last 25, years which, is them start to act like they're coming to the table then, ask for a lot of money and then then cheat their way through we're gonna be smart this time we're gonna make sure that whatever happens. Makes, the United States safer, and make, sure that we do noogler eyes the peninsula. This. Follows comments, by President Trump yesterday, at Camp David that, he would be willing to talk with North Korean leader Kim jong-un, but, that the US has a quote very firm, stance, toward, the Hermit Kingdom the.

President, And Republican, leaders met yesterday to discuss the, agenda for the year and part, of that meeting included. A briefing, by defense, secretary, James. Madison. Trump said it would be a quote great thing for all of humanity if a, peaceful, solution could, come out of talks with leader Kim. He. Knows I'm not messing, around I'm not messing around not even a little bit not even 1%, he. Understands, it, meanwhile. In Iran Iran's, Revolutionary, Guard loyal, to the nation's supreme leader Ayatollah, Ali Khamenei, says. It has ended, anti-government, protests. That began on December 28th protesters. Rallied against, price hikes high unemployment and, official. Corruption, Iran. Blames, the u.s. Israel, Saudi Arabia, and outside Iranian opposition groups, for fomenting, the protests. Which, the CIA director, denies. False. This, was the Iranian people started. By them created. By them continued. By them, demanding. A better set of living conditions and a break from the theocratic regime that has been. With them since 1979. 21. People were killed and hundreds were arrested during, these protests. Jillian. Thanks for that Maui. Chinese. Rescue officials say the entire crew, of an Iranian oil tanker. Is missing, after the ship collided, with a bulk freighter and caught, fire the crash happened, just off, China's, eastern. Coast you can see some of the pictures. From the Korean, Coast Guard there Chinese, officials, say they've sent cleaning, vessels to the scene in the South Korean Coast Guard has, sent out a ship to, look for. The missing sailors, as well. Coming. Up after the break another, day another. Multi-million, dollar lottery winner why why. Not we'll tell you where the brand-new. 570. Million dollar Powerball, winner comes from and after, frigid, winter weather causes, hundreds of flight delays this weekend anger and frustration erupting. At one of America's busiest airports.

We'll Find out if the situation's getting any better or just deteriorating. And. Remembering, a TV legend who leaves behind a, legacy of, laughter. And one heartbroken, older brother. 4:29. And we're gonna round it out before you tonight, with. The number 33 now. For your winning Powerball, number it is 26. Tonight. All. Right one, lucky. Ticket holder woke up more than half a billion, dollars, richer this. Morning, suffice. It to say it was not Jillian, Turner or myself, there, was a single, winning ticket for Saturday's 570. Million dollar Powerball jackpot. It was, sold in, New Hampshire kind. Of cold up there so we'll see if anybody gets out of the house today to check their numbers that drawing comes one, day after a single winning ticket was drawn in a 450, million, dollar Mega, Millions, jackpot, making. It a billion, dollar weakened, in jackpot, winnings and we. Didn't win the Mega. Millions. And, the snow has cleared out of New York but travel delays linger. On in some cities at JFK International Airport, passengers, facing. Major, wait times hot, tempers, flaring all over the place as mistakes on the tarmac lead to ever more, slowdowns, Brian. Dennis is all over that story for us. To. See your inside, thank you thank you thank you somebody, likes me. Yeah, a travel, nightmare we guys and a deep freeze is a surefire combo. To a bad weekend, and at one point Julianne the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey which operates, the city's transit hubs had to stop planes from arriving at JFK, yesterday travelers. On flights were stuck on the tarmac in their, airplanes four three four, five we even saw 20. Hours or more yesterday according, to one tweet now some reporting, no, bathrooms, no water, and no food people, have slept in the airport, for two days the, problem is that there was a backlog, of flights following, the storm on Thursday so then when too many flights landed, at the same time yesterday. Overwhelming. The system, and there were not enough gates, the Port Authority had to bring in portable, staircases, to get people off the planes, and onto. Buses to them bring them to their terminals, once, that baggage claim well that's when another nightmare ensued, people, waiting, for hours to get their bags in fact many people left the airport without them or they arrived at their destinations, like Europe to find that their bags never, made it to the trip now the following, this, following a collision, between two passenger, airplanes, which collided, on the tarmac at JFK, yesterday no, one was injured all in all 94.

Flights Were canceled, yesterday. And 17, flights were diverted huge. Delays and in a statement the Port Authority, says things. Are improving this statement just coming out saying quote JFK's. Runways, and taxiways are fully operational airlines. Remain, in recovery, mode rebooking, passengers. From canceled, flights and reuniting. Passengers, with their luggage frigid. Temperatures continue to cause equipment, failures and slower than normal operations, customers. May experience, residual. Delays particularly. For, international. Flights, now the unusually, and dangerously, cold temperatures. Had effects as far south as South Carolina. Georgia, and Alabama more. Freezing, rain could make for icy roads, tomorrow, expected. To make traveling, treacherous, just, in time for the national, championship, game by the way for. The football college championship, game which will be in Atlanta tomorrow, night now these are the current windchills by the way we're talking about negative, what, negative 2 in Boston, 4 degrees in New York 4 degrees in Pittsburgh good. News is that that temperature is actually going to get better and by better 30s. I guess that feels warmer considering what we've been dealing with over the last two weeks so much of the Midwest and Northeast guys. Thanks. Brian I'm a New Yorker I just want to say I'm not taking, JFK airports, word at face value I'm. Not, buying that they are fully operational today, but thank you for that report. No. Comment. All. Right moving on longtime, actor, and comedy, legend, Jerry Van Dyke has, died. That. Was Van Dyke in the CBS sitcom yes, dear he was of course best known as Luther Van, Damme in the long-running, comedy, series coach the. Acting bug ran and Jerry's family his older brother legendary. Actor Dick Van Dyke and the two comedic. Giants often worked together to bring all, of us so many laughs over the years Jerry, Van Dyke was. 86 years old. Seems. To come every hour almost new fallout, from Michael Wolf's tell-all book fire, and fury now. Former, White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon, says he regrets his delay, in speaking. Out about quote, inaccurate. Reporting, although he doesn't make clear what, he thinks was inaccurate. In a statement Bannon, also says my support, is also unwavering. For the president and his agenda as I have shown daily in my national, radio broadcasts, on the pages of Breitbart, news and in speeches and appearances, from Tokyo and Hong Kong to Arizona, and Alabama, bring, in our radio, show, host Alex Lawson and Larry O'Connor, full disclosure Larry used to work with Steve's he have some insights. Here, from. The writer as much as as much as anyone can have insight into Steve bannon's. Personality. Here is this as you read this statement and. He's issued a couple first Axios, then to us is. This about him being genuinely, regretful. And feeling, that he needs to apologize or is, the guy who's the original honey badger trying, to find a way to save his job yeah it's curious Leland I mean I've got to think that if he was genuinely, sorry for what he said he, would have immediately jumped on one of his to Sirius, XM radio, make.

It To make that statement or utilize, the power of Breitbart, news to make that statement that's what was very strange to all of us is like that many people were saying well you know this wolf guy you can't trust these quotes okay but Bannen hasn't, disputed. The quotes and I, don't think the president knighted States would have made that, completely. Unwavering. Attack, against Steve been in the way that he did if there, was any guesswork involved here if there was any doubt that Steve Madden did say what he said so to me this looks like damage control, and it could very well be a react, to the, Breitbart board and other people, Larry's soul of other people involved with Breitbart lyrics olive is the CEO and president of Breitbart saying Steve, you got to fix this because I don't see how Breitbart news exists. With, the kind of animosity that we see right now from the president United States and the president isn't rolling his statement exists, with Steve Annan with the connect as long as I see Alex, brings up sort, of as much of a crisis, PR question, as it does a political, question which is as. An old friend of mine said if you're gonna eat pork, enjoy, it a Jewish, friend I will say I should, add if. You're gonna apologize why, not just come out and say I was wrong I'm, sorry, I've learned from this versus, this sort of quasi. Minefield. Of an apology you got to work through it's, a good question I mean I think maybe there he knows that there are tapes that there are notes that this was accurate reporting, that his apology, has. To take into account the fact that wolf. Could come back with more and. Also, I. Think. That he's just not maybe he is the original honey badger but, I don't think he, has, a good idea of how to get out of a quagmire, of, this size, because all he's done is extended. The story he hasn't, said that anything, he said was, wrong or he was misquoted so. I think it's difficult, to say it's a work of fiction but. Then you have Steve ban and apologizing.

For It at the same time. This. Was the quote from, President, Trump the tweet that he put out I've, had to put up with the fake news from the first day I announced that I would be running for president now I have to put up with a fake book written, by a totally, discredited, author Ronald, Reagan had the same problem, and handed it handled, it well so. Will, i Larry, it's, some level when. You have a book like this and you does. It help the president to keep fighting back about against, this or is, he is Alec saying also just extending, the story yeah I think I think the president has played it right in trailers I don't think it was right to you know threaten the publisher with a lawsuit and and try to squash the publishing of the book this is America, and people can put, out books with ridiculous. Exactly. But, listen. Many of us on the on the center-right people, who were ponded, talk radio hosts we we. Begged president. George w bush, to be able fight back against the median fight back against critics like this and he never did he's a very honorable man but he was a very silent man defending himself it's great to have the president push back and fight the way that he does but what it reaches a point and I think it's reached that point now where he has to say you know what I've, said everything I want to say about this book it's fake it's ridiculous, now we're gonna move on and do more for the American people just like we did in our first year and by the way everyone check your 401k because it's looking pretty good right now now, looking. Looking very good. He's. Tweeted that in fairness he's tweaked that a few times Alex you're, shaking your head here, Democrats, seemed to at least for the past couple of days not, really been able to figure out how to respond, to this book oh well, the way to respond, to this book is to step back let. Steve Bannon, say his piece let, President Trump say what he'll say, extend. This story and create, the chaos that. They are creating. Right now I mean going into what's coming up to be an incredibly. Complex. Showdown, on the hill around spending, this, is not. Increasing. The, leverage, that Mitch McConnell and. Paul Ryan need, to, get something past the finish line when, it comes to a spending bill very, quickly Larry on the other hand it does basically take Steve Bannon, and Breitbart. Off the table it protects. Trump's flank in a very interesting let's say in a weird way lelee you're absolutely right in a weird way this book has in fact it's it could help the Republican, establishment more, than anything else and. For the people who were true believers who really loved what Steve Bannon had to say they should be the angriest right now and that those. People that's. Breitbart, space those are the people to go to that website and by, the way why did Steve Bannon give this exclusive, to Axios. That's. A you know, establishment. Kind of website give it to your own website let them get the traffic well maybe. Maybe there's something to do that as your is your point Bannon. Trying to save himself more than anything else or than the website, he works for Alex Larry. Always good to see you gentlemen thanks so much Julian, thanks. Leland Iran's, Revolutionary. Guard Corps claims, they've brought an end to the anti-government protests, across the country and they're also pointing a finger directly at the United States and its, allies asserting. The US and effect is masterminding, these protests, occurring. Halfway across the globe. Powell is on top, of this this afternoon following the latest details live from our Mid East Bureau Connor what, can you tell us. If. Dylan does anti-government, protests, in Iran losing, steam in the last couple days and appeared to be over at least for now the Iranian. Revolutionary, Guard claiming, victory in, a statement that they put out earlier today in blaming. The recent unrest not on the economic, situation but on the United States Israel and Saudi, Arabia at, least 21, people during, the class are during the protests died. During, clashes, with security forces in some 1,700, people according, to the latest numbers coming out of Iran, mostly. Young university, age students, were arrested. Now, unemployment. In this group is really. Really high and that's key the main complaint, for the demonstrators, is, the awful state of Iran's economy which. Is plagued by corruption in the low price of oil but. These protests. Weren't just started. By young progressive, or urban, audience but instead by conservative. Critics of the, current government led by Hassan, rouhani who in Iranian. Politics, as a reformer, and not a hardliner, in the, recent, days government, supporters have also taken. To the streets in, support, of the government large rallies, across the country have also sprung up and oh, now we're beginning to see a question of what happens next does this bring about any real change in Iran Jillian.

Thanks. For that we'll. All. Right, from Iran to North Korea, as the dictator there, is reopening. Channels, with his nations neighbor, to the south why, President Trump is claiming credit for the fall on the, Korean Peninsula. President, Trump suggested earlier. This week that his tough stance on North Korea prompted. The upcoming talks between. North, and, South Korea slated, to happen on Tuesday, earlier, this morning UN ambassador nikki Haley added that the president's, comments show strength and are actually helping to keep the, world safer. We're. Not gonna let them go and dramatize, the fact that they, have a button right on their desk and that they can destroy the America we want to always remind, them we can destroy, you too. Okay. That's fair I don't think people would argue with that right Dean. But, sorry. Everyone this is Dean Chang senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation welcome, I'm so eager to talk to you that I didn't even bother to introduce you but welcome to the program so what do you make about these comments from nikki Haley coupled, with the comments president, made, yesterday at Camp David where he said the. North and south wouldn't even be talking if it weren't, for us for the United States and our involvement here well I think it's always very dangerous, to try and ascribe, motivation, to anything North Korea does but. It is true that talks, were suspended for two years and they've, started again. Certainly. Since President. Trump seems. To often, have, a somewhat. Self-centered. View of the world I'm not surprised that he would ascribe. A lot of the credit to himself well he also said yesterday in response to a reporter follow-up question that. The United States would get involved in these talks we take on an active role when the time is right what, does that mean well, I think that that's actually very consistent, with long-standing American policy.

That We want to let Seoul, take the lead we, don't want to get out ahead and at the end of the day the, Korean, situation. Is between North and South Korea we are allied, with South Korea but we are not the determiner. Of whether, there will be peace on the peninsula I think that's an important reminder you know as much as the president and the administration and. Every administration, is. A key player we're not the arbiters, of ultimately. What happens between those two nations as much as we'd like, to be there's but what do you make following, on that so, the president has now agreed. Secretary. Mattis has agreed to delay these previously, scheduled, military, drills that they do periodically, on the peninsula with, South Korea until after the Olympics is that a concession, is that a, strategic. Calculation. What do you make of it well if the North Koreans are going to throw, out a. Positive. Action, like, reopening. The hotline it, serves. American, interests, to. Coordinate with South Korea and make, it clear that we're not going to be stoking, the fires at the same time it is important. To also recognize there, is an alliance there is a combined military structure, if the exercises, don't happen before the Olympics I think we should expect to see them in full force after so. It's more of a not. A concession, but a sort, of calculation. That based, on the they've. Given a little so we'll give a little a little bit of that I think that you, do want the Olympics to occur in a positive, environment, the. North Koreans certainly have the ability to disrupt, war even. Worst threaten, the Olympics, and, at, the end of the day it is a relatively. Minor timing, issue okay, let's fare on the Olympics one final question if the, North manages, to get their athletes to participate which, i think is a long shot according, to experts on this like, yourself right now if. They participate does, that provide. Us with the. Rest of the world with a security, advantage, meaning does it mean they'll be less likely to start trouble at the Olympics if their athletes are participating. Maybe. On the other hand we've had incidents in the past where Olympic. Athletes, have defected, so, if any North Korean athletes chose. Not to go home I think that at the end of the day you could wind up actually, with the situation, might even be worse off that's, really interesting I for one certainly had not thought of that thank you always bring a good perspective to the show we appreciate it Dean Chang hope to talk to you soon thank you thanks. All. Right been covering this as well the Attorney General's, decision to allow federal and marijuana laws, to be enforced well. Now there are some states and legal marijuana businesses that. Are playing defense what's. Next. In the, pot debate in California. Welcome. Back on this Sunday, legal, marijuana businesses are really scrambling, to, figure out what's next for them as attorney general Jeff, Sessions isn't letting up on his decision to allow the DOJ, to go after dispensaries. And growers using, federal law our will, car live in LA where they just legalized recreational, pot. Last. Week hi we'll. Try. It Leland and recreational, marijuana sales, are rolling out in some California cities, this weekend, but there's still a lot of confusion, about how federal pot laws will, be enforced moving. Forward, eight states, plus, the District, of Columbia, have legalized, recreational marijuana, including, California, this year on Saturday. Sales started, in San Francisco and California Democrats. Say they're ready to take on the Trump administration on, another, controversial.

Issue. And. Now of course we have another, barrier because they're always hurdles, and barriers with. This crazy, person in just Jeff Sessions who. Wants. To take us back to the 1950s, and you know what he doesn't, know what. Is going to hit him in terms of the bipartisan, backlash. Against. His. Ridiculous. Announcement, the other day that. In. Response, to on Thursday Attorney General's sessions, announced the DOJ was ditching an Obama era approach, that essentially, dictated, a hands-off, policy the. AG issuing a statement which in part reads it's the mission of the DOJ, to enforce, the laws of the US and the previous, issuance, of guidance, undermines, the rule of law and our ability, of, our law enforcement partners, to carry out this mission Republican. Cory Gardner from Colorado though takes issue with that the. Conversation, we had that, was specifically, about, this issue of states. Rights in Colorado. Until, he lives up to that commitment I will. Be holding all nominations, to. The Department of Justice. Aside. From politics, the question now how will this impact recreational. Pot businesses. Most are taking, a wait-and-see, approach Leland. Yeah, also as you note though both Republicans, and Democrats here, in Washington, outrage, on it so far I've yet, to see one member. Of Congress really, come out in favor of Jeff Sessions on this will car in Los Angeles will thank, you, Gillian coming. Up grab. Your gloves where you can go to see this frozen fantasy, land cuz it's not cold enough here don't wait for me I'll be right behind you.

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