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America's News HQ 12/09/17 12PM | December 09, 2017 Breaking News

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Here today to join the President and honoring those men and women who, went through the civil rights era, Infante, for the rights that we have today and we've. Seen that from a number of local and state lawmakers. Though that have decided not to show up today so along. The parade red, the motorcade, route you saw protesters, lined up with signs along, the president's, route turning his back on his. Vehicles, as they drove past out, of protest saying they did want to honor those. Who the civil rights museum, is honoring today but they wanted to let the president know that they did not feel comfortable and we're not happy about him being here and that's what we've heard from a lot of folks here in Mississippi, over the last week is that with the president coming is that it really takes away from what the civil rights museum is, supposed to be doing and then of course the White House as well as state officials here have said getting, the president here that's going to get more eyes on the opening of these museums than almost anything else could and that is how you're able to better, honor the men and women of the civil rights movement wailing, well it's certainly a, number, of the people who are being honored and a number of the people who are honored in that museum, are. People, who gave their lives for. The civil rights movement, I'm thinking about maker Evers I'm thinking about Vernon Dammers, who, was killed by a Klan mob there. We're, hearing applause, in the back of Garrett shot so Garrett, if you can still hear us very quickly I wanted to get this idea through. So, much of the civil rights movement and so much of what was. Highlighted. In that museum. Was the leaders, of the 50s and 60s really. Cloaked. Their movement, in, the. Promises. Of the Constitution. We heard that from Martin Luther King during the I have a dream speech calling the Constitution, in the Declaration a promissory, note obviously, the. So-called, civil rights leaders of today strike, a different, tone that. Being discussed there, or as everybody sort of focusing, on the history here, you. All really generally crossed the board folks here want to focus on those who this is honoring it today, being.

The Civil rights leaders of the past and we do see that along the parade route or the motorcade, route rather outside. That you have the today's, civil rights leaders, the protesters, that are out there protesting the president but folks here from the, civil rights era have said they are showing up today, because they really want to honor those who sacrifice, their lives in. The last 40, 50 years to get where we are today well, it certainly was a long journey certainly. Those. Today stand, on the shoulders of people who went through so. Much I know a big part of the exhibit there is Freedom Summer and, the Freedom Riders who went through Mississippi sometimes, under terrible. Violence Garret Kenny we, are awaiting the president's, remarks you can see the podium for the president in the back of your shot so Garrett. Will let you. Recoup. There for a minute before the. President arrives back to you after, the President's speech and obviously back to Jackson Mississippi for the president's, remarks. In jillion I'm struck, is. Garrett, was talking, it. Is hard to imagine. Except. Perhaps in today's times of a. Situation where, the president is going to give a speech to go on or a group of people and. Politicians. Boycotting. That, speech I mean if you flip this around if, you imagined. President. Obama going to give a speech in Birmingham, Alabama which, he did he walked across the. Bridge and. Imagine. If Republican, politicians, had said I'm boycotting. Going to that speech because I don't believe that President Obama is honoring, civil rights in the right way there, might be a different reaction to that than what we're seeing in Mississippi, I think so and you know the White House is pushed back against, these sort of. Sort. Of portents. Of controversy. By having the president there in Alabama today in the psychotic location, downtown Jackson Mississippi by, saying you know what the president is. Honored. To be there the president, has enjoyed, commemorating. The achievement, and advances, of civil. Rights over the course of the campaign and now the presidency. He has every, right to be there representing. The interests. Of all Americans, and the idea that Democrats, are politicizing this, today, is, something. That's just distasteful. To say the least this is what the White House is saying well hard, to hard, to imagine and you said something very interesting we bring in Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner joining, us now in. Julianne sectors are think the president, has every, right to be there for. I don't know the past 200, plus years of the Republic the president, going where was, always considered, a great honor and suddenly. Now the White House is sort of saying well the president has every right to be there where's. The disconnect I think. That President Trump was sort of in a no-win situation here. He could, have rejected the invitation and, taken criticism, for not taking the opening of the Civil Rights Museum seriously. Enough he could accept the invitation, and. His. Critics use it as an opportunity to revisit his problematic, history with race it's a tense issue for him so, this was always going to be a difficult visit, no matter which. Way he leaned but remember that congressman, Lewis also boycotted. President Trump's inauguration, this isn't the first time that he has wanted. To distance himself from president Trump all right sir just to bring our viewers, up to date you're looking at Jackson Mississippi the governor of Mississippi there, at, the stage of the Civil Rights Museum the. Opening there expect President Trump just, in the next couple of minutes as we continue, our conversation, what, was the political calculus, then Sarah for the White House to go ahead and say as you said it was a no-win situation they. Made a decision on a Saturday, for the president to fly from Mara Lago up to, Jackson Mississippi in the snow no less what, was the calculus, I mean. Certainly this is a historic, occasion this is obviously it's something any president. Or politician, from any party would presumably, want to celebrate it's typically. Something you would not even consider to be a partisan issue it's civil rights everyone can agree that's a wonderful thing it should be celebrated and commemorated, so for, him to be, taking criticism for. Doing. Something that any president would be reasonably, expected to do just shows how deep the animus to President Trump runs in some communities yeah, it, is deep, in fact hard. To imagine the head of the n-double a-c-p. Criticizing. The President of the United States for showing up at a museum honoring those who gave their life in. The, pursuit of civil rights although Derrick Johnson the head of the n-double a-c-p, saying, the president, being there is, a distraction, so Gillian, to say we've come a long way is. An.

Understatement, And with that the. President the United States taking, the stage in Jackson Mississippi. Thank. You very much thank, you, and. I, do love Mississippi. It's a great place and, thank. You, governor. Bryant for that kind. Introduction, and, for honoring, me with this, invitation. To be with you today I also. Want to recognize Secretary. Ben Carson, and his wonderful wife kandi, for. Joining us thank you thank, you very caring, I. Especially. Want to thank you. Justice. Ruben, Anderson, great. Man with a great, reputation. Even. Outside of the state of, Mississippi I, have to tell you that, so. Thank you thank you very much. And. You, are an inspiration to us all, thank, you judge and we're. Here today to celebrate the, opening of, two. Really. Extraordinary. Museums. And I just took a tour, the. Mississippi, State history museum and, the. Mississippi, Civil. Rights Museum. To. All who helped make these wonderful places, possible. We are truly. Grateful we, thank you we admire you it, was hard work it. Was long hours, a lot, of money and I know the governor helped, with. That and, that was a great thing you've done that's a great legacy fill right there just. That in itself but it really is a beautiful. Beautiful. Place, and it's an honor these. Museums, are labors, of love love. From Mississippi, love, for your nation, love. For god-given. Dignity written. Into every. Human. Soul, these. Buildings, embody. The hope that. Has lived in the hearts of every, American, for. Generations. The. Hope in a future that is more just. And more free. The. Civil rights museum records. The oppression, cruelty, and injustice inflicted. On. The African, American, community the fight. To, end slavery, to. Break down Jim Crow to. End segregation to. Gain. The right to vote and, to. Achieve the sacred. Birthright. Of equality. Here. That's. Big stuff that's, big stuff there's. A very big, phrases. Very big words, here. We memorialize the. Brave men and women who, struggle to sacrifice. And. Sacrifice. So much. So. That others might live in freedom. Among. Those we honor are. The Christian, pastors, who started, the civil rights movement, in their. Own churches preaching. Like Reverend Martin, Luther King. Jr.. Man. That would have studied and watched and admired. For. My entire life that were, all made, in the image of our Lord. Students. Like james, Meredith. Who. Were persecuted for, standing. Up for their right to the, same education. As every. Other, American. Student. Young. People, like, the nine brave, students, who quietly sat and. They. Said, very. Stoically, but. Very proudly, at the, Jackson, Public, Library, in. 1961. And by. The way I would add the word very bravely they. Said very bravely, and finally. Martyrs, like, Sargent. Medgar. Wylie, Evers. Whose. Brother I just met at the plane and who, I liked a lot I have to stand up please come on stand up you were so nice I appreciate, it, you. Were so nice thank you very much, medgar. Joined the US Army in 1943. When he was 17, years old, he. Fought in Normandy, in the Second World War and when, he came back home to. Mississippi he, kept fighting for the same rights and freedom that. He had defended, in, the. War mr.. Evers. Became. A civil, rights leader in his, community he. Helped fellow African, Americans, register.

To Vote organized. Boycotts, and, investigated. Grave and justices. Against. Very, innocent. People. For. His courageous leadership, in the civil rights movement. Mr.. Evers, was. Assassinated. By, a member, of the KKK. In the. Driveway, of his own. Home. We. Are deeply privileged, to, be joined today by. His. Incredible. Would have somebody that's loved. Throughout. Large sections. Of our country, beyond. This. Area. So. I just want to say hello to him early. Merly. How, will your morning thank you so much, highly, respect it thank you me. Thank. You Merlin and his brother, Charles, Thank, You Charles again for. Decades they have carried, on medgar's. Real. Legacy. And a legacy like few people have and few people can even think and. I, want to thank them for their tremendous service to our nation. Less. Than a month before mr.. Evers death he delivered, a historic, televised, address to the people of, Jackson on the issue of civil. Rights in that, speech, he said the following the. African-american. Has been here in America. Since. 1619. This. Country, is his, home he, wants to do his part to help make this. City state. And nation a. Better place, for everyone, regardless. Of, color, or. Race. Medgar. Evers loved. His family, his. Community in his country, and he, knew it was long past time for his nation to. Fulfill its. Founding, promise to. Treat every, citizen, as an equal, child, of, God. Four. Days after, he was murdered, sergeant. Evers was laid to rest in, Arlington National, Cemetery. With, full, military. Honors. In. Arlington. He lies besides, men, and women of all races backgrounds. And walks of life, who. Have served and sacrificed for. Our country. Their. Headstones do, not mark the color of their skin, but, immortalize, the, courage, of, their. Deeds. Their. Memories, are carved. In stone as American, heroes. That. Is what Medgar, Evers was. He was a great American hero. That. Is what others, honored, in this museum, were true. American. Heroes. Today. We strive to be worthy of their sacrifice we. Pray for inspiration. From their example, we, want our country to be a place where every, child. From. Every background can. Grow up free from fear. Innocent. Of hatred and, surrounded. By love. Opportunity. And hope. Today. We pay solemn. Tribute to, our heroes. Of the past and dedicate. Ourselves to, building, a future. Of freedom, equality. Justice. And, peace. And I want to congratulate your, great governor, and all. Of the people in this room who, were, so. Inspirational. To, so many others to get out and get this, done this, is an incredible. Tribute. Not. Only to the state of. Mississippi. A state that I love, a, state. Where I've had great success. This. Is a tribute, to our nation, at, the highest level, this, is a great thing you've done and. I, want to congratulate, you, and just. Say god bless you and God bless america. Thank. You very much thank, you thank you, all very much.

President. Trump wrapping, up remarks, at the Mississippi. Civil Rights Museum in Mississippi, History Museum, they're, telling. The story of Medgar Evers and Payne honor to. Both his widow and his brother who are in the crowd as. The president had just taken a tour of the, museum there, and as you point out Jillian not only is it the Civil Rights Museum but the Mississippi, History Museum and Mississippi. Taking. A step towards dealing with some, problematic, parts of their history and confronting. It honestly. For the lack of a better term they have built the state has build the museum as a vehicle, to sort. Of reconcile, certain. Elements of its past that were challenging, and the president, and the White House have said all, along were, here this weekend to honor the Civil Rights legacy, of Jackson. Mississippi but, also to. Highlight and honor the history of this very important, southern state and today. We saw the emphasis, in this speech was really on the civil rights movement, I noticed. You, know the president took great care at the opening of the speech to hit on the made some of the major touchstones. Of the. Civil rights movement in this, state he mentioned things like dismantling. The Jim Crow laws ending. Segregation, promoting. The right to vote in his. Own way pushing back against, the theme from his critics which is that he's not at all in touch with the the. Thread of that movement, that is alive in the United States today I think that was the the big the. Big message, in. Sir this was a this, was sort. Of a traditional. Presidential. Speech that we would have seen at an. Event like this in the rhetoric was a little different, than what we normally hear from President Trump to sort of the speech patterns god-given. Dignity for, every soul a future, more just and free and I thought he began, in. A nod this is video of him earlier touring. The museum it, was it, was pretty poignant that. He sort. Of specifically. Brought. To, everyone's attention and offered even let applause for, Medgar. Evers brother. And, Widow. He, was very careful to stay on script to maintain that somber, tone recognizing. That this was not a moment to go, off on any tangents, that were political, he's received criticism for doing that in, inappropriate. Context, before but, you notice that he spoke a lot about racial, issues of the past and, only vaguely only, conceptually, about the racial issues today or the future talking about children of all, backgrounds deserving. The same opportunities, but he didn't really wade into, any of the racial, you, know touchstones that we have in today's society really focusing, on, historical. Racial issues yeah a little, a little different than his predecessor, who had no problem weighing in on today's. Issues a little, different I want to bring in Robert Pattillo he's an atlanta-based radio, host and civil rights attorney, Robert. Thanks for joining us that's what we're having me so we're talking here at the desk about how the president, didn't, really. Address. The, strains of the civil rights movement that are alive and well today he didn't mention black lives matter, he didn't mention Colin, Kaepernick's, kneeling, campaign. What. Do you make of that this was centered in the, past do you think that was the appropriate tone for this event well, I think it was appropriate for the president to attend despite the protest but I do think was a missed opportunity for, the president to lay out what his agenda actually is you're. In Mississippi, were Jets Mississippi, has a 5%, GDP. Is 51st. In the nation in. Economic. Development he, had an opportunity to lay out exactly what his priorities and what his agenda will be for the future I've, never heard the president accused of being scared but he seemed scared to address issues of right now I think.

It Was a missed opportunity, well, Robert you mentioned that he sort, of laid, out his priorities, for the future, what, were those well, during the campaign president president. Candidate, Trump at the time and our president from he, went off on his tangent. What the hell do you have to lose to the african-american community but, since becoming president he hasn't, laid out what he's going to do about infrastructure. What he's going to do about the, attacks on the child, tax credit what he's going to do about the, Health Education Act which is going through the house right now so he needs to make these things clear too but back against some of the attacks that have been growing against if this was the opportunity, just. To get in we only got about 30 seconds, although I did see a tweet from the president, a couple of days ago where he said African. American home ownership is the highest, it's ever been is that sort of a, push back on these, folks who seem, to say he doesn't care, absolutely. And he has to highlight, that those. Gains unemployment. Is down homeownership. Is up the stock market is up talk about those things that was in venue for this I also think it was a mistake to do this during a closed session instead, of addressing, his critics, open yourself up to the public president, Crump can't be scared in a back room by itself talk to the people who don't like you all right robert, pardillo he's gonna be back with the political panel coming up we thank Sarah Westwood, as well, with the Washington Examiner Robert, good to see you stick around thanks all right coming, up into the final campaign weekend, in Alabama for Democrat. Doug Jones and Republican, Roy Moore to push for votes we're gonna take a look at how this controversial, race is shaping up, also. As Palestinians. Clashed with Israeli, forces for a third, straight, day after, President trumps Jerusalem, announcement, Israel. Targets Hamas rockets. Rocket. Targets, in Gaza we'll go live with you to Jerusalem, stick with us, -. My Palestinian. Brothers and sisters I can. Tell you with complete confidence. That the United States is, deeply committed.

To, Achieving a peace agreement between, the, Israelis, and the Palestinians. Voters. In Alabama head, to the polls Tuesday, and, one of the most controversial, and closely watched elections, we've seen this year Democrat, Doug Jones is hitting hard on accusations of sexual misconduct, against. Republican, candidate, Roy Moore but, Moore, received a major endorsement from, the president with, just days to go before the vote we've got team coverage on the ground in Alabama Peter, Doocy is following, the Jones campaign, and evergreen but I want to go first to Jonathan, Serrie who's in Montgomery, with the latest on dredge, Rory Moore what do you got Jonathan. Hi. Gillian was speaking at a rally in Pensacola, last night President, Trump made reference, to the very. Hotly, contested Senate. Race going on in the neighboring state and he urged, his supporters in, Alabama, to vote for, Roy Moore take a listen. The. Future, of this country cannot. Afford, to lose a seat in the. Very very close, United. States Senate we can't afford it folks okay. Attorney. Gloria Allred who, represents, a woman who claims more sexually, assaulted, her in 1977. When she was 16, says, a paid forensic, handwriting examiner. Has determined, a note, and signature, in her high school yearbook indeed. Matched, the handwriting of Roy Moore however, the accuser, Beverly, Nelson, says she, added her own note, below more signature, to record the date and old, hickory restaurant. But. Because Nelson, had not pointed, out her own handwritten. Portion, of the note during her initial. News. Conference, last, month the. Moore campaign, says that this casts doubt on the authenticity, of the entire note, and the, authenticity of, Beverly. Nelson's claims, and the, more campaign, is calling on attorney Allred, to turn over, this yearbook, to a neutral, third party so. That an independent, expert. Can evaluate, the, signature, and the note Gillian thanks. Jonathan, Leland, closing. Arguments weekend Peter Doocy following. The Doug Jones camp there in Alabama, Peter, how's the Jones camp dealing, with the Trump, endorsement. Leland. Famous, Democrats, are descending, on the Deep South hoping to help the Democratic, candidate who is hoping to flip the Senate seat that Jeff sessions held for, 20 years candidate, Doug Jones is going to have a pair, of potential, 2020. Players by, his side later on today Senator Cory Booker, will be with him for an event at a Student Center on Alabama State, University's, campus in Montgomery, and former, Massachusetts governor, Deval Patrick. It's gonna be with them about three hours from right now in Selma, but Doug Jones a prominent. Attorney from the birmingham area who touts his prosecution. Of Klansmen. Who bombed a black church in birmingham. As a major, milestone in his legal career is still, answering questions, about a very controversial. Mailer, that went out to prospective alabama. Voters, it has a photo, of an, african-american man with a raised eyebrow and text, that reads this think. Of a black man went after high school girls anyone, would try to make him a senator, well Jones went on an XM, satellite radio program, called the Joe Madison, show and explained himself like this he says quote that, mailer kind of speaks for itself, you know maybe we could have used a little bit different language but I've been working in the criminal justice system, as a prosecutor. For a long time and I've spoken about this issue before, the, Jones is also taking its negative narrative about more, to, the TV airwaves with this new ad. Roy. Moore has spent his entire life using. Whatever position. He was in to create conflict and, division in order to promote his. Personal, agenda and in the process, he. Has demeaned, so. The. Citizens, of the state but. Despite what you hear in his TV ads folks Roy Moore has never, ever. Served. Our state with. Honor. Something. You don't hear in that ad released last, night by the Jones campaign, is anything about how the candidate, is pro-choice even. Though that is the position that conservatives. Have been trying to define, him by in a state that is overwhelmingly, pro-life. Leyland all. Right Peter Doocy on the trail with Doug Jones more, from him throughout the day Peter thank you, Gillian, still. Ahead our next guest will take a closer look at this race in Alabama how voters are responding, to the allegations against. Roy Moore we'll, also take, a look at firefighters in California, who are working to protect homes against, these raging, wildfires. That are threatening a lot, of the Los Angeles area, our own will car is live on the ground and he'll bring us the latest stick with us.

Hey. There Gillian the fire crews, are making a lot of progress but we're not out of this yet there, are strong winds expected for the next 48, hours we'll have a live report coming up next. With. Only this, weekend, left to campaign in Alabama both the Jones and more campaigns, are trying to shore up as many last-minute. Votes as they can joining, me now for analysis on, this from Politico, is campaign. Reporter, Dan Straus dan thanks so much for being here in studio thanks for having me you must be relieved to be back from Alabama leave the last few days to, the candidates, yeah yeah well. You've. Identified earlier. This week this kind of narrow path to victory that, you can kind of carve out for the Democrat actually, doug jones what. Struck me about this is that it actually doesn't involve focusing, on hammering, judge, more over, these sexual, misconduct. Allegations, lay, that out for us what do you think the path to victory is so the essentially, it's not a very wide path and the. The idea is that the, allegations, against more will fuel themselves, and so Jones needs to offer a choice. That's open, to moderate. Republicans, as well as Democrats and. Swing. Voters in the state the. Idea is that if Jones. If these persistent accusations. Against Jones against, Moore don't go away in the next few days Jones, just needs to. Present. Himself as, a appealing, alternative and what about the african-american, vote we're seeing a lot of evidence that both candidates, are kind of there on the ground trying to get the vote out for, them, something, like 26%, of the electorate there and the state statewide. Is, african-american right. And what about that I, hypothetically. Jones, doesn't need all, 26%. But he needs a strong portion. Of that electorate. To turn out for him and that's why we're seeing Cory Booker devil Patrick, John. Lewis and other favorites of the civil rights and african-american community come to campaign for Jones in the past in the last few days before the election all they were getting out the vote but the president, also doing what he can for Judge Moore I want to play a sound bite for you yesterday from the president's rally in Pensacola, take a listen to this, we. Can't afford to. Have a Liberal, Democrat, who, is completely. Controlled by Nancy. Pelosi and Chuck Schumer we, can. His. Name is Jones, and, he's their total, puppet and everybody knows it he will never ever vote for us so. The president, clearly staking. Out a claim here, that we really shouldn't focus on the sexual allegations we, need to focus on political expediency. Policy. Alignment, get. A Republican in the seat and look that might be the decisive factor in the race president, Trump is incredibly, popular in Alabama and anyone, he endorses and backs that's gonna swing a lot of voters, well. What about also the. Fact that he has apparently, been out on a limb for weeks sometimes. By himself, you, know for, Roy Moore he has at, a time when a lot of the party backed away sometimes.

You Know the president was out there is the lone survivor, saying, you gotta vote for this guy and. That too is probably gonna help him you know congressional. Republicans aren't, very popular in Alabama but President Trump is and privately. For weeks now present Trump has wanted to say something, for more wanted, to go out and back him and. That, really is the only endorsement. More needs in these final few days and so. Much so that the president felt, the need to do twice right, right I mean he wants to hammer home that message yeah all right Dan thanks for joining us that's right Leland. A Fox. News Alert is the Israeli Air Force has bombed Gaza, in response, to Palestinian. Rocket, fire this of course following. More unrest, with, president, Trump's Jerusalem, announcement, that happened earlier this week protests, continuing, in Jerusalem. In the West Bank is well David Lee Miller live, in Jerusalem, where it is already Saturday, night good, evening David. Good. Afternoon Leyland two, Palestinians, were killed in those air strikes as you mentioned, those air strikes were in retaliation for, rockets, that were fired from. Gaza, into Israel, Israeli. Military, says it was targeting, Hamas, weapons. Making facilities a weapons, warehouse, as well as a military, compound. Meanwhile. In Gaza and throughout much of the West Bank demonstrations. Took place throughout, the day in, Bethlehem and other cities Palestinians, threw stones while, Israeli forces responded, with rubber-coated bullets, and tear gas there, were also clashes, along the border with Gaza ten Palestinians, were wounded by Israeli, gunfire Israeli. Officials say the military is trying to exercise, restraint Hamas. Spokesman responded, by, saying and I quote the. Fuse of the Intifada or uprising, has been lit and will continue until objectives. Are met in Jerusalem. Outside the old city about, a dozen people were arrested for holding what authorities called an illegal, protest the, crowd of about 60 was dispersed, with the help of police on horseback, overall. It appears though, that the demonstrations. We've seen today are, less. Intense, than what, we witnessed during the last three days that, said, the latest report says about. 160. Palestinians. On Saturday, were injured. Meanwhile. The harsh rhetoric from world leaders condemning, president Trump's, Jerusalem. Declaration, continues. Turkey's. President said today and I quote the, fate of Jerusalem, cannot. Be left to an occupying, state that, has usurped, Palestinian. Lands. And now, a senior. Palestinian. Official, is confirming an earlier, report, saying. That the Palestinian, President Mahmoud, Abbas, will. Not meet, with the US vice president, Mike, Pence when, he visits the region later. This month Leland. All, right Dave. Miller in Jerusalem. Where the third intifada has not broken out despite those promises, from the Palestinians, David thank you the, issue David, talked about it vice-president pence his visit to the Middle East will, be a hot topic on Fox News Sunday tomorrow.

More On the fallout from the u.s. decision to, begin the move of the embassy to Jerusalem, Chris Wallace. Talking to ambassador nikki, Haley about, that decision about recognizing. Jerusalem, as the capital and, also, about, what that means for. What President, Trump calls the ultimate, deal check, your local listings for time and, of course channel. Strong. Winds are fueling the flames across Southern California today, with little relief in sight six major wildfires. Have burned most, of the week as firefighters face worsening, conditions, throughout, the weekend Fox, News's will Carr is live on the ground in Ventura California where, this danger, persists well, does it not. And. Gillian. The good news is fire crews, are making progress here, they've upped the containment numbers, with this fire this fire now 15 percent contained, after these flames raced, through these communities in Ventura, burning, so many homes to the ground nearly 500. Structures, destroyed, here, and this has all been dependent, on those Santa, Ana winds that really whip through this area earlier, this week with that in mind I want to draw your attention to these palm trees which burned, in these fires you can see the winds really, not pushing them around very much so far today that's great, news also, firefighters got really good elements yesterday. Take a listen to, what they had to say. With. This breaking weather as chief Brown mentioned we've made good progress but, that progress is limited. To, those areas that are safe to fly in we. Identify, priorities, on the ground as we can around. The map but. What changes, those priorities, as I mentioned, before is, the smoke the density of the smoke at, the wind speed and other, other, incidents, or new incidents. Fire. Crews also making progress with the lilac fire, in San Diego County that fire now 20 percent contained but it's burned more than a hundred, structures. And again this, entire region, in a red flag warning, up until Sunday, night so we're not out of this yet Gillian. Thanks. Well Leyland. Well. We've been hearing about this is a problem, for a long time US Special Operations force is becoming a go-to option. For. Just about anything around, the world they joke that they are now the easy, button, after the break the toll it, is taking, on our nation's, toughest, heroes, and the threat to national security.

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