America's Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith 12/28/17 9AM | December 28, 2017 Breaking News

America's Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith 12/28/17 9AM | December 28, 2017 Breaking News

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Isis. Strikes, again the radical Islamic terror group claiming responsibility. For a coordinated, attack on a cultural, center in Kabul. Leaving, at least 41, people dead and nearly a hundred, more wounded, in the heart of Afghanistan's. Capital, good. Morning I'm Rick Levin tall and I'm Julia good, morning to you Bill and Sandra are off today Isis says they detonated. Three bombs at the entrance to the center before sending. A suicide, bomber inside, the attack showing Isis is still, a threat to be reckoned with even with it's heavy losses in Iraq, and Syria senior. Foreign affairs correspondent Greg Powell khat is tracking, this developing story from London, Greg what more do we know about the attack. Rick. We know that it is yet another nasty, incident, in Afghanistan. And once again Isis. There is claiming responsibility a. Shiite. Muslim cultural. Center was the target this time of the Afghanistan, Isis spin-off a suicide, bomber walk right into the center, of a gathering there leaving a scene of death and destruction, other. Explosions, outside again. The latest figures were getting 41 killed at least 84. Wounded. Now she eye targets, have been increasingly, hit by the Sunni, extremists. Isis there, was also a pro Iran, news agency, based there that country, a target, of Isis Isis in Afghanistan started. About 2015. It, has, been growing in strength as it, has been fading, in other, parts of the world between, Isis, and Taliban, Afghanistan still, a very dangerous place Rick Gregg what has been the US response. Strong. Response, we heard from the US Embassy in Kabul where the incident. Took place they, called the attack horrific. Pledging, continued, support from the US while. The u.s. is supposed to be playing a backup, and training, role we have to remember that the Trump administration is, doubling down on this, 16, year long war bringing troop, levels back up to around 14,000. Recently, we learned that Special Forces were involved in something like 2500. Operations, in just the last six months and the Air Force is, staging its heaviest, airstrikes, since, the height of that war a little. Bit ironic the. Gathering targeted. By Isis, today was marking the anniversary in. 1979. Of Soviet. Troops, coming, into, Afghanistan. Probably, reminder, the difficulties, foreign, forces face when they try to tame that country, back to you no doubt Greg Powell khat reported from London Greg thank you. Continuing. His holiday vacation, at his mar-a-lago estate in Florida the president making an unscheduled. Visit, with first responders, in West Palm Beach yesterday where he also tattered accomplishments. From his first year in office Richardson, is traveling with the president in Florida this morning hi rich. Hey. Good morning Julie and the president go into West Palm Beach Fire and Rescue met with first responders there talked about his first year in office it, was his first public. Appearance since. Christmas, Eve he also highlighted, a couple of provisions one of them of course being, now that he's reversed an Obama era order. That prohibited, police departments, from purchasing surplus, military gear or some surplus military year, president. Again detailed other, things like the tax reform law that he just signed and said, it's going to boost economic growth. In little. Did we know where the big companies AT&T. Comcast so, many of this Wells Fargo, they're. Giving thousands, of dollars to their employees, and nobody, saw that happening, but, that happened and. Now, what's happening is many other companies are following suit, so. The country is really just. A big big beautiful, ship that we're turning around. Democrats. Have criticized, that law claiming it's going to add more than a trillion dollars to the national debt over the next decade, and largely, benefit, the wealthy and corporations, the president also talked about a couple of other provisions in that tax law one, that reverses, an Obamacare, order, that requires, nearly every American to have health, insurance and a provision that allows drilling, in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, in, Alaska, Julie rich there's also some new tension, with Russia tell us about that.

There. Is particularly, over Ukraine, where fighting is intensifying, in the eastern part of that country among. Russian bats or with Russian, backed separatists there, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson according, to the State Department spoke, with his Russian counterpart earlier, this week the secretary, also just wrote in The New York Times quote, absent. A peaceful resolution of the Ukraine situation which. Must begin with Russia's adherence, to the Minsk agreements, there, cannot be business as usual with, Russia the Russian government, meanwhile has criticized, the United States and said it must come it's situation, with North Korea Julie. Richardson. In Florida thank you very much Rick. Why. More is now formally, appealing. His Senate election defeat to Doug Jones more. Is now going to court to try and stop the state from certifying. Jones as the winner claiming. Possible, voter fraud and demanding. And investigation. More, saying in a statement quote this is not a Republican or Democrat issue as, election. Integrity should matter to everyone we. Call on Secretary of State Meryl to delay, certification. Until, there was a thorough investigation, of what three independent. Election experts, agreed, took place, election. Fraud sufficient. To overturn, the outcome, of the election. Liz. Harrington is a staff writer at the Washington, free, beacon. Roy. Moore will not go away, no. He certainly won't add this is his last-ditch, effort, the only, card he really has left to pick play because he, lost by over 21, thousand votes 1.5. Percentage, points not, nearly, close enough to trigger an automatic recount which he would have needed to needed, to come in about, a half percentage, point he. Needed to raise a million dollars to pay for a recount himself he only raised about seventy thousand so this is the only attempt. He has but, as you said Secretary. Of State. John Merrill who's a Republican, who supported, Roy Moore in his election has said there's no evidence of voter fraud and he's going to certify the election results, today well not, according to Roy Moore he says there are election, integrity experts, who say there's a reasonable.

Degree Of, statistical. And mathematical certainty. Election, fraud occurred if they also say that the irregularities. In twenty precincts, alone could, reverse, the results, right. And he found three. Experts. It, for this lawsuit that said that there was one. In built a billion, chance that. The. Likelihood. That Jones. Would have won which, doesn't, really had. Said, the test of credibility here because look, this is a guy Roy Moore who when he ran in 2012, before these allegations came out against him only be the Democrat by four four, points, and a very red state so, he's already had problems as a candidate, these, allegations came out to allow a Democrat, to win for the first time in 25 years in the Senate, so really there's. There's, a it's plain to see why he lost yeah. It's just Roy Moore's not willing to accept that well and as you pointed out 21 thousand, votes is, a lot to overcome and that would be a lot of fraud, right. And I mean this is a very red state John, Merrill is a Republican, who supported, Roy Moore he's. Looked at this he said there's no there's. No irregularity. It's just there, were more Democrats, that came out for Jones after Roy Moore was a very weak candidate, with, very, credible allegations, that came out against, him perhaps the even, bigger headline, from this is that, his election complaint also includes an affidavit. From Moore saying. The hunt that he underwent a polygraph, and confirmed. That the allegations, of sexual misconduct with, underage, girls are completely. False that was in his filing last night right. And it's kind of interesting, that he didn't do this earlier, only. Now that it's, been a month after the election, that, he lost that was he was expected, to win he. Should have came out with this before but now it's his own guy it's his own lawsuit he, got. This polygraph done I mean everyone. Can decide for themselves if they want to you know believe the credibility, of this polygraph but, of course he's going to include that because he's trying everything he can to get this reverse but again even if a judge ruled, that the election, there was enough fraud to, redo. This special election I don't think anyone believes that Roy Moore would win he, was a very weak candidate, he only be the Democrat by four points when he ran previously. In 2012. It. Just he was a very weak candidate, and all these allegations against him hurt him even more and I think he would lose by even more well, if the, election. Was reals perhaps that was the real reason for this filing that he was trying a last-ditch, effort to preserve his credibility right. Occasion. Right, I mean that's the only thing he really has left at this point because the. Secretary of State John, Merrill, is not going, to, he's. Going to certify, the results for Jones, so this is really his only attempt, to clear. His name and maybe. Possibly. Try. To have a new, election but nobody, believes that's my president, already said earlier this month.

President Trump said that more, should concede, after. His loss he didn't do that then and he's not doing it now right. And I think Trump. And the, rest of the Republicans, would rather vote more just go away but I think after this the. Results, are certified today, he. Will go away and there won't be much heard. About Roy Moore we will see Liz Harrington staff writer team Washington free beacon thanks, very much for your time thank you a. Brutal. Blast of arctic air marking. The end of 2017. A long list of cities will be seeing, days of wind chills, well below zero, a live report in just moments, from now plus, lights, out at the happiest, place on earth leaving. Thousands. Of people stranded on, rides at, Disneyland more, on, what sparked all of this plus. What. Are we gonna do in 2018 we're gonna pick up where we left off and get, back at reforming, health care we're, gonna get back at reforming these entitlements, and we're gonna take on welfare reform which is another big entitlement program, we, have tax reform in the rearview mirror, Republicans, are gearing up for a busy 2018. So what will top. Their, legislative, agenda now congresswoman, Marsha Blackburn will, join us live next. The. Power is back on at the happiest, place on earth Disneyland. Losing electricity, yesterday morning because, of a transformer, problem affecting, two major areas, of the park, toontown and, Fantasyland. A dozen, rides went dark and park officials had to evacuate guests. Off stalled. Attractions. Including, the monorail. We. Were the small world and all. The lights go, off. And. We were, waiting how. About turning minute a real unfortunate part, is that's, the most, little. Kid centric, to areas, of the park so you've got a lot of kids who are or real upset. I'm. Sure thankfully. No one was hurt but plenty, were inconvenience, it took a few hours for, the juice to come back on. House. Passed the, biggest entitlement, reform bill ever passed, by a Congress in May, our health care bill unfortunately. The Senate fell, basically, a vote short from, doing that so what are we gonna do in 2018 we're gonna pick up where we left off and get, back at reforming, health care we're gonna get back at reforming these entitlements, and we're gonna take on welfare reform which is another big entitlement program, speaker. Ryan they're, promising, entitlement, reform in the new year but that might, be easier said than done as it, looks to run into, stiff obstacles, from members of his own party, in the Senate like Majority, Leader Mitch McConnell joining me now Tennessee. Republican congresswoman Marsha Blackburn great, to see you again two, days in a row what a treat first, of all why do you think Paul Ryan is so adamant about this. This. Is where so much of the increase in federal spending is because basically, it's on autopilot, so. Absolutely. Members, of the House want, to address the health care issues, Medicaid. And of course I think there is a lot of support for, sending Medicaid, back to the states in Tennessee, when I talk to our state, elected officials they, say send it to us we'll, do a better job and, then, also as Speaker Ryan mentioned the welfare, benefits. Looking. At these programs, looking. At the verification. Process for. Entering into these programs and. Working. On how. You. Go about with. These benefits, being given out and, I, I think that giving. More of this responsibility. To, the states to, social, workers that are in the counties, that know how to verify, know. Families, know, who is truly in need this. Is how we're going to get a handle, on. Making. Certain that the programs, and the benefits, are going to the people who qualify and, to, need these benefits.

Well Here's the problem it's a bit of a hiccup because first of all as we know it's going to be an election year Republicans. Need to come across as United considering, the fact that you know tax reform was was a tricky. One but they successfully. Passed it so ride on that wave rather, than remind, you. Know remind, themselves of, how they were. Unsuccessful, in passing healthcare so ride, that positive, wave and if for, entitlement, reform to be a success you need bipartisan, agreement, and so here's Mitch McConnell, saying that basically he's not even gonna take it up in the Senate so then it begs the question isn't even worth the fight let's listen about I think. The Democrats are not gonna be interested in entitlement, reform so, I would not expect to see that on the agenda and, what. The Democrats are willing to do is important, because in the Senate with, rare exceptions, like the tax bill, we. Have to have Democratic involvement, so. Could you get Democratic. Involvement, in this no. I think you can get you think that involvement, in some of this absolutely. Because, what. Are the what, are the American. People interested. In same, thing Tennesseans, are interested, in truth, fairness. Stability. Consistency. In these programs, and making. Certain that health care benefits. Are going to people that need them via the Medicaid, program, this, is something, they want to see done, properly. And the, states are, going to do a better job of, those. Services, delivering. Those services then. Having it done by a bureaucrat. In Washington, DC so, I think, there's a little bit of wiggle room there and yes we. Can make some progress and, also. One, of the things that we hear from the American people every. Single day. Fight. Waste, fraud, and abuse in, government, because hard-working. Taxpayers, are sending their dollars, to, Washington. Into state capitals, in the city halls and what, do they want they want the money to be spent, where it is supposed, to be spent and not wasted, so, Paul Ryan wants to reshape Medicare, as you just mentioned Medicaid, and. Welfare, programs okay. He. Doesn't have his own party to back him up I mean for the most part is. It a battle worth fighting with, House and Senate Republicans, and is, this a battle that, you know Democrats are going to want to, revisit, because when it came to health care clearly Democrats. Didn't want health care to be touched so how do you then get Democrats to agree to to, reshape Medicare. And Medicaid. You work on things one, item, at a time and, you. Fix issues, and problems one, at a time the, house has done a good job of that we've passed well over 400 bills. The Senate's taken up about a hundred of those bills and I think 70, have made it to the President's, desk toast, it to our good friends in the Senate just pick up the face work. With us on this and let's, drill, down on, these issues, now, is not the time to tweak around the edges now, is the time to make certain that we are focused on fairness for. Taxpayers, we, are focused, on fairness, and delivery, of these benefits, in these programs, to, make certain that, those who truly need, the benefits, are going to get the benefits, and, it's. I think it's the compassionate, thing for us to do and it will be a heavy lift I think we're up to it all right congresswoman, Marsha Blackburn thank, you very much good, to be with you thank you good to see you Breck the number of immigrants, entering the u.s. rising, to an all-time high in 2016. So what's fueling the rise and what could it mean for possible, immigration, reform and you could call it Express Checkout a woman goes into, labor, inside.

A Market. She, cashier told me all she. Wants us to call the 911, one she's like I think I'm having my baby. One. Baby just couldn't wait for the hospital, don't you hate when that happens as a woman gives birth right, in the middle of a grocery, store, biggest. Nightmare surveillance, cameras, caught the woman stumbling, to the ground inside, a store in Fresno, California, and, that's where volunteers. Stepped. In to the rescue helping, a woman deliver. The baby even before paramedics arrived. Cook. Says oh my god she's having the baby so. Then I run and then I see the baby coming out I tell, the cook oh my god bring me the scissors from. Where I don't know just bring me scissors because the first thing I thought is that I had to cut the cord it was a scam what did I have. We were like oh boy oh my, gosh, mom. And her new baby boy were taken to the hospital we're, told both, are doing well in fact the store is now accepting, donations to, help the family, could, you imagine would that be the first thing that would come to mind where are the scissors is that, if, you saw a woman giving birth on the floor where there's a hardware section of a Sears no you aren't, stop it no stop my mom was shopping for sleds no. No. I almost actually gave birth in Columbus Circle because, I thought I was tough baby 3 well you miss much, faster, you missed a golden opportunity yeah I sure, did, so we had to drive the wrong way into, traffic to, get, to the hospital I bear with me you may have noticed, winter. Beginning. With a deep freeze for many parts of the country record-breaking. Cold gripping much, of the eastern half of the US and on top of that areas. Along the Great Lakes are dealing with major snowfall, several, feet in some, spots temperatures. From Chicago, to Boston are well, below normal with, wind chills that could dip well, below zero, Mike, Tobin, might be a block of ice by, now braving. Those brutal elements, live. In Chicago I'm glad to see you're still okay. Mike. And. If I was a block of ice that have a lot of company about 30 million, people across the u.s. right now are enduring a windchill advisory, in the bad news is it's not going to warm up before the new year you, can be glad you don't live in Minnesota International. Falls Minnesota the, self-proclaimed, icebox of the nation set, a record at 37. Below Hibbing. Minnesota set. A record that stood since, 1964. It was 27. Below it is now 32, below, sadly, there is tragedy, out of Hibbing Minnesota it, was a fire that started, in the home of a retired fire, captain, that was just the day after, Christmas when the fire started, sadly, another. Child who was caught in that fire passed away it's a total of four people who died in the home of that retired captain. Grandchildren. Were visiting, one, grandchild. Survived, that fire, oftentimes. In weather like this it is the effort to, stay warm that causes the tragedy, space heaters are often the culprit and it's not necessarily a space heater itself those things draw tremendous, amount of electricity, oftentimes. It's the the extension, cord will become a source, of heat people, sometimes will splice the cords together the splice itself, can become an ignition source particularly, if you do something like put a rug, over the top of it so be very careful if you are using space heaters in this weather one group of people enjoying, the weather are the people in the record, business a towing service out of, Iowa. Says their calls. Are up about, three three. Hundred percent triple-a, out of Chicago says calls are up on one hundred ninety two percent that's, because you got a lot of batteries going down and people don't want to change their tires in this kind of weather Rick well Mike I know firsthand it could be painful standing, outside for an extended period of time but there's also a concern about frostbite, for people in, this condition, in these conditions then, the interesting the, interesting thing about frostbite, it doesn't hurt at first you don't feel it as it's setting in but to give you an idea just how nasty frostbite.

Is The doctors who treat it are the doctors who work in the burn units, and they say that the people who are most at risk are the people who can't come inside particularly, the homeless that's why the shelters are staying, open and a lot of these places. That are socked in by the cold the other group of people that end up with the frostbite, cases are the people who don't take it seriously, the doctors in the burn unit say oftentimes, the people they treat went out for a quick errand they didn't take any cold-weather gear with them the car breaks down now suddenly you're in a life-threatening, situation of, course a recommendation is to always take, the cold-weather gear with you when you're out in the cold weather and again the key about frostbite as, it sets in you don't know it the part that gets frostbitten, has long been numb by this time it starts to freeze up yeah Rick, so Mike go inside, good. Job you. Got it thanks. Pal Isis. May be losing its grip in Syria and Iraq but today's terror attack in Kabul shows it is hardly out of business, we're going to be discussing the ongoing, threat there next, plus, the White House reportedly, mulling, acting, alone to write new rules on health care but the president has also been talking about working with, Democrats can he do both a closer, look straight ahead. We. Have a saying that will be much better, whether. It's block. Grants or whether it's taking what we have and doing, something to. The. Trump administration is, considering, rewriting, some healthcare rules that would basically make, it easier to buy plans, without all of the Obamacare, mandates. But, last week the president, was suggesting, working with Democrats on, a. Bipartisan. Issue. Blake Berman of the, Fox Business Network is live at the White House Blake what's the administration, looking to do here either, Julie essentially got a rewriting, of the rules that the Trump administration is, looking into they, say that this will lower, cost with health care plans, basically. Because the Obama care mandates. That are wrapped, up into the Affordable Care Act law won't, be associated. With those plans this is expected to take shape next. Month here, at the White House by, an executive order cutting, into, and around the edges of Obamacare. Is the new course of action for Republicans, after they failed earlier, this year to repeal, and replace, the health care law and the, president, continues, to tout the, recent repeal of the individual, mandate that, is in the tax bill. Included. The repeal. The. Most unpopular which, most people thought it better. Now. You might remember these cheaper plans without, the mandates was a sticking, point for conservatives. Earlier, this year when they were going through these health care and negotiations, they contend this allows for more tailored, plans that they say will bring down the price as well however critics, Democrats, in this case say. That the cost will be made up else elsewhere, and they say that. This will leave a huge hole in some of those plans Julie what about talks of a healthcare compromise. Well. Republicans try to go at it alone earlier, this year by repealing, and replacing Obamacare. But. The president, sent out a tweet earlier this, week in which he suggested, potentially. Working with Democrats going. Forward he said in that tweet and I quote here based, on the fact that the very unfair, and unpopular, individual, mandate has been terminated as, part of our tax cut bill which essentially, repeals overtime Obamacare, the, Democrats, and Republicans. Will eventually, come, together and, develop, a great new health care plan now the White House has also said that in 2018, they will look to shore up the health care markets but.

As You know Julie 2018. Is an election year that could be a very. Tough bill tough. Pill rather for many conservatives, to swallow considering, they ran on repealing. And replacing Obamacare. And, not shoring. It up and stabilizing. It Julie. All right Blake Berman, thank you very much thanks. Dozens. Are dead in the Afghan capital of Kabul after suicide bombers, attack a cultural, center Isis. Claiming responsibility. Showing the terror group still poses a threat despite. Its losses in Iraq and Syria retired. Lieutenant colonel stop man as a former Green Beret he's now president of roof, top leadership Scott thanks for being with us hey. Rick happy new year same, to you sir so, coalition. Forces we know killed tens of thousands, of Isis, fighters but clearly you can't kill them all, yeah. Absolutely longest. War in our nation's history and, hats off to the work that's been done against, Isis and this is a threat that, follows, a doomsday, prophecy, Rick and they believe in it strongly and you. Know just taking landmass, away from them will not defeat them they'll, withdraw displace, to other countries like Afghanistan, and they'll set up shop there. But not just Afghanistan, they have safe haven elsewhere. As well right I mean do we know where they are and how they're able to continue. To recruit, yeah. Absolutely I mean they thought they're operating in the southern Philippines they're, operating, in Libya I mean they have a presence in the West in the United States 25 to 30 percent of the foreign fighters from Europe have returned home, so. They're able to displace in a range of places but the other thing we need to remember Rick is that these guys have taken a major blow in 2017. And they're gonna be very eager, to reassert. Themselves and, show their relevance on the global stage in 2018. And I think that means them hitting us at home even. More so than we've seen in the past well that's frightening. It. Is and and understand, that, Isis.

You Know if al-qaeda practices, terrorism, Isis. Practices, horror ISM what they like to hit us not you know at the World Trade Center or the USS Cole they, like to hit us where we live work. And play and that's what I'm thinking about as we go into this new year is what does it mean to you your family you, know my friends and family on Main Street not, necessarily, Wall Street because that's where these guys like the target and show, their relevance and we've seen them, very. Active online, with. A virtual, caliphate, and that's a presence, that really can't apparently, be wiped clean. Absolutely. I mean look at Omar Mateen conducted. The second worst mass shooting in American history at the pulse nightclub, just an hour from where I'm sitting right now he, was radicalized, trained, and employed online. And they did Facebook, live messages, from the nightclub during, the, shooting so I mean that capability, still very much exists, and I would remind every American, right now you, know to just keep your head on a swivel during, New Year's and New Year's and understand, that, these guys are going to come at us with all four feet for nothing for if for no other reason than. To reassert their global relevance Rick and they're gonna do that by trying to hit us where we live work and play what about their, tactics, Colonel can we expect some kind of change, in, tactics I, think. What we're going to continue to see is you, know we got to stop calling these lone wolf attacks I mean this is a very coherent, strategy which, is centralized. Vision. And ideology. With decentralized. Execution. Where you have you know guidance, and inspiration coming. From places like Kabul online and then guys like Omar, Mateen who take those instructions. Online and, then execute, you know mass killings, attack. Schools rock, concerts, that's, the new distributed, form of terror and we've got to stop calling it lone wolf attacks and give, the credit it deserves because, it has a whole new implication, for us as citizens local. Law enforcement and, local politicians, this is where these guys operate and as you mentioned at least some of them survived the battlefield, and managed to make it back to their home countries. Can. We except salute those guys, are. Bound. To kill, again or is, there even a chance at reforming, them I, could. I would say we should expect to see those guys again after, the Afghan campaign against, the Soviets, I mean the core group of al Qaeda came, from the foreign fighters who returned home we've already seen this from previous, wars in Afghanistan, where, foreign, fighters who go away inspired, to fight come back home they set up shop and they wage war and foment instability in their homeland we know that a lot of the attacks in Europe Rick have. Been caused by returning, foreign fighters and the bulk of the bloodshed, has, been caused, by them and if history is our guide we, had better pay attention to these returning foreign fighters even if it's just a handful it only takes a few for. A major attack to occur so, former. Lieutenant colonel scott man it's happy new year with a major asterisk. Over, your shoulder head. On a swivel yeah, I hear you thanks very much sir yes. Sir. Calls, for overhauling the immigration, system could, be gaining, traction as, a new report shows the number of immigrants arriving in the US last year hitting, a record, high, william, la jeunesse is live in our Los Angeles Bureau. So William what is the impact of this new report. Well. I'll tell you the findings, will certainly be part of an upcoming debate, in Congress over daca and immigration, reform so the numbers include legal and illegal, immigration, and it is based on the US Census it shows, 1.8. Million, new, immigrants, settling, in the u.s. in 2016, highest. Level in US, history and 53. Percent higher, than, just five years ago when, the recession hit and many went home because they couldn't find a job now, this is for 2016. Last year, of the Obama administration. When, there was virtually no interior enforcement or, worksite enforcement, no visa overstay, prosecutions. And the border saw that surge of Central, American women children families the. Increase was also driven by more guest workers more foreign, students, and a change that allowed the spouses, of visa, holders, to work which of course encouraged, more, relatives, to join green card holders, here, in the US Julie, and so.

Where Are these immigrants, coming from and well the numbers shape the political debate that's a question well. The height sure, well the high levels of immigration create. Winners and losers winners include owners of businesses will get more cheap labor consumers. Will get lower prices losers, could include taxpayers and American, workers when competition drives, down wages now, compare. 2005. To 2015. Mexican. Immigration was, cut in half 400. To under 200,000. Central, Americans up by, a hundred thousand, Asian, immigration, almost, double African, and Middle Eastern immigration. Also about, double immigration. From Europe flap, now, some like the president argued that immigration. System, here needs an overhaul. We. Should probably shift, our focus more, in favor of a merits based system so that we can ensure that the individuals, who, come to the United States who are brought to this country had, the skills and the abilities that they need. To serve to, succeed in this country. So. The Center, for Immigration Studies which is a DC think-tank. That this study will spur debate Julie, William Lajeunesse thank you very much Rick. There are more claims of bias against, Special Counsel Robert, Muller. Muller. I have said since day one since he was appointed he's, bad news he's. Out for a scalp, he would love to get Trump scalp is. There. Enough evidence to, back that up our panel, will debate it Plus this. Talk. About Robert Muller Republican. Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida, is now actually calling for the special counsel to. Be fired after, basically. Saying that his bias and the Russia investigation. Is abundantly, clear listen, to this the. Swap of washington, DC the biggest alligator is, a politicized, FBI. And Department of Justice and that's why we're fighting hard to make sure that we've, got a fair, and equal opportunity. For all sides to be heard it's just outrageous to, see this biased, Muller probe continue I mean if Bob Muller were any more biased we'd have to give him credentials, for the mainstream media. Doug. Shown is a Fox News contributor, and, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton and Chris Wilson, as a former campaign poster for Ted Cruz now the CEO of WPA. Intelligence, Wow, all right so I've heard it all I mean we've heard about the purge we've heard about political, bias I mean Chris, when appointed, we all knew Muller was a friend, of James Comey and. That did raise conflict-of-interest, questions. But now it's taken a whole new turn. Do. You think that he himself has, demonstrated political bias. Well. I don't know that I would say he himself, has but there's no question there his bias has been in that has been discovered. Amongst. People that worked for him I mean just, from the contributions side amongst. People work from 12:00 to 1:00 they gave to Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump it's really difficult to for them to be able to claim a lack. Of impartiality. At. This point just because of so much that has come out having said that I, disagree. With the congressman, I think this is probably the best thing that could have happened for Donald Trump in this situation, because. Has got to go above and beyond now to appear impartial and that probably puts a puts, Trump in a better position the, president a better position they would have been otherwise Doug do you think this puts the president in a better position by people basically calling out, Muller. For being politically, biased and calling for him to be fired by, the president, I think I think, the facts are gonna take this where it goes I mean one, of the big questions, we have is what are we gonna hear from, general Flynn, who's pled guilty and, the, Trump administration is.

Now Turned. Around and said may well be lying about everything so we need to hear what he has to say we need to hear what mr., Papadopoulos, has to say and we need to see what the facts are there. Are certainly troubling, questions, I can't deny, that about the Justice, Department, and FBI and perceived, bias I have more concerns frankly, about the FBI than the Justice Department, but there's certainly been some appearances, that are very much less than ideal but Julie we got to let this run its course and we, need to see where, the evidence takes us rather, than worrying about politics, let it run its course that sounds like a virus, and. You know, it's. It's, law. Enforcement, it's justice, it's not a virus it's, the American Way you know unfortunately Chris, though I mean never before, has the FBI that I can recall, been more politicized, I mean and you know unfortunately since, James, Comey is firing and Robert Muller's appointment, to investigate, it became a huge. Issue but. There has been proof, of political, bias within, the FBI, but. You, say not necessarily, from you, know Muller himself, so then is it enough for him to recuse himself or do people just let this play out as Doug, pointed, out well. I I think neither one I'm not sure that he needs to recuse himself I do think it is important, though that he is able to illustrate, that he is taking steps to make sure that bias is rooted out if he doesn't do that then frankly any any results of the investigation, would be dismissed out in and out of hand I think that's what you hear Francis, Rudy saying the other congressman who from, Florida who was last night said that this has gone above, and beyond in terms of the kind of bias were seen I mean Francis roni former ambassador the Vatican is a very serious member serious, person and he's not just out there throwing out for talking. Points this is he's. To this he's concerned about what he sees coming out of both the FBI and the Justice Department in the investigation, in general and I think the point is if Mueller does not take steps to, illustrate. That he is he, is, routing. That out from any any, results.

Of The investigation, that and, it's gonna be a problem yeah, you know Doug this week we've heard calls, for a purge of the FBI with, congressman. Matt gates actually going as far as to say in that interview that the purge is already. Happening with. Deputy FBI director, Andrew McCabe announcing, his retirement I mean are these just, staffing, changes or are we seeing an actual purge here, well. I I don't think we need, purges. Anywhere, in America, that is also not the American, Way but, if mr. McCabe retires, I think that's probably a good, thing if. Agents. Truck is investigated. Fully for his texts, to, agent, page or to lawyer page, also, much the better I like. Every other rational, American, and very, troubled, about political, bias in, the FBI, and I, support, efforts to clean that up but I'm not for purges. Or shutting things down I'm, for, letting. The, really. The Inspector General finish, his report, which, should be out in I guess late, February, or early March looking. Forward to that report because we've waited seven months all, right Chris Rose Doug. Schon, thank you so much Rick. Thanks, so much the Trump legal team gearing up for a fight why they're ready to attack Michael Flynn's credibility. Plus tourism, in Napa on the decline after historic wildfires, what, wineries, are doing to assure folks they, are very, much in business. We. Have a lot of hope because employer, keeps a job the building is coming back up we are still making wine, so. It could have been worse.

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