American Road Trip l California Las Vegas Canyon Antelope Yosemite Travel Vlog Part-1 Silicon Valley

American Road Trip l California Las Vegas Canyon Antelope Yosemite Travel Vlog Part-1 Silicon Valley

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It’s been a while we are planning for a road trip across american states And here we are excited to start today. Our plan is to drive through California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Page & Navajo Nation All together its around 1600 miles. Finally, we are starting our trip today from SFO which is also known as silicon valley We are starting from the iconic Golden Gate bridge. We reached here in the morning Unfortunately, the weather is bad here today. we could not really see the amazing view of this Iconic bridge Its too much fog, and nothing was visible its very disappointing that we could not capture the full pic of this Iconic bridge But still the feel we have standing in front of this marvelous engineering Icon, can't explain in words.It’s just amazing.

This is a classic example for how engineering technology motivated people around the globe to develop themselves. The United states of America built this Iconic bridge across this Pacific Ocean in the year of 1937. Building a marvelous Iconic bridge that resist against all these bad weather. like heavy wind and earth quake in 1937 really shows the glory of Americas advanced civil engineering technology.

This bridge was built under the guidance of Mr. Joseph Strauss & team. The little island in the middle of this Ocean is called "Alcatraz island." It is notoriety for military jail. People would say, if you are a criminal you will be taken into jail , and if you are a criminal inside a Jail , you will be taken into Alcatraz jail. This is fully isolated by Water in SFO Bay. Alcatraz was used to house soldiers convicted of crimes as early as 1859.

In 1962, three criminals were escaped, and later a movie “Escape from Alcatraz" was made based on this story. It’s a quite morning now, and not many people around here and we noticed this man roaming around. This man seems like a homeless guy, we were really shocked by seeing such people in America, they are not like the street people we are commonly seeing in India, they usually behave decently, and not attack people. Since there are not many people around, we should be careful too.. hence we decided to move away to be safe. "Lets play a mass BGM" We are now driving on top of the Golden gate bridge its an amazing view that the fog slowly made its way and the red huge towers are clearly visible for us.

Its an Amazing view. Even though its little disappointing We decided to go out of this place now "That's fine, we should accept and.. "move on." We started the car and decided to go to.. our next destination called "Lake Tahoe."

Its a hill station surrounded by lakes it’s another beautiful place between.. California and Nevada. "We are now driving on top of another long..

bridge called.. “Richmond San Rafael Bridge”. "Its not an Iconic bridge but..

this is around 6 miles long bridge.. running across Pacific Ocean." This is also longer than..

Golden Gate Bridge. "This bridge was constructed in 1953." "In India we could see lot of these Iconic.. infrastructure.. being built recently, however..

America built all these huge.. infrastructures long ago." "By noon we reached in Lake Tahoe, this is another beautiful place.. maintained amazingly. This place looks similar to "Ooty"(India). "This place also surrounded by couple of..

viewpoints,towns to travel and hangout. "We are visiting these places one by one." We saw this interesting story written on this visitor center wooden sign board. Read to know what happened to this board Interesting..but.. by reading this story, its little scary that there not many people here and there are bears around us and we need to leave now...!!

"We also saw an amphitheater made of.. woods in this forest." "We feel like this is open to public to.. conduct programs,gathering Etc. "I wish if I had a mic here."..!!

"After Lake Tahoe, we are travelling to.. another beautiful place well known for.. it's natural beauty called "Emerald Bay." "It’s a hill area & we are driving through.. different American landscape."

"This place looks similar to Kerala (Southern Indian state)." "But a little different terrain compare to other places in The United states." "Since it’s an unplanned trip, we did not.. have much time to explore fully."

"So we decided to go to the top first. There other options also available .. in this to explore." "This island in the middle of this Lake.. is called "Fannette Island", there is a Tea house called.. "Mrs. Knights tea house."

(Owner of Vkingsholm). "This tea house was constructed in 1929". for Mrs. Knight to enjoy ..

the scenic beauty of Emerald Bay." "The other options in this beautiful place.. are Hiking Kayaking & boating." "We can Visit island using these options. "We can see couple of boats in the lake now" "Also interested people..

can do trekking here." There are many hiking points around here. "We reached on top of Emerald Bay..

view point.The scenic view from this.. top point is really amazing." "Many tourists visit here to take picture.. and to enjoy the natural beauty." "Its so nice to see the small island in this..

lake. Behind that you can see the.. beautiful mountain." "We took coupe of pictures and videos..

from here." “We are now travelling from Emarald Bay.. to Mammoth Lake". "We are sure that not many people.. might take this route." to travel to Mammoth Lake."

“No one actually have to.” “Yes, “ No one really need to use this route. “It’s an amazing route,.. Let’s see that view” “Yes” "The interesting part of this route.. for this road trip is nothing other than the..

beautiful landscape." "It’s so nice to drive between these.. mountains and see how the color of.. these landscapes are changing."

"It was yellow for long time,then changed to brown and then to green, its nice to drive through these different terrain." "Hello Guys," "We are on the way to Mammoth lakes from Lake Tahoe, and parked the car here for a break." "Nothing more to say, its just..

amazing view around." "Its not fully green", a road surrounded.. by many mountains,and trees."we believe. no one lives here as it’s a forest area."

"They built a beautiful road here as well" "There are many vehicles on the road." "Looks like the trees are burnt due to fire?" Or may be because of the climate." “It feels like a little bit snow could make this even better ah?” "it could, but also its not that safe to be..

here for long time, lets get out of this.. place before getting dark right?” "Okay, lets meet at next destination." "While travelling we were listening to.. “Sancharam episodes” by "Mr. Santhosh George Kulangara" in YouTube. "Its an amazing feeling and he is so much inspiring all of us."

{Car play} Even if we ride for very long distance in one stretch in America, we will not get tired, its mainly because of such a great infrastructure they build for driving. There are no traffic signals in highways. Also, the Car is fully automatic, and cruise controlled - that helps to relax our muscles in long drives. "Finally, the Day -1 is about to end now,..

another half an hour to reach the hotel." "Sun is about to set back to west. "Yeah, Sun is going back to home."

"Correct, he is raising in India now." "We are continuing our drive through the.. same Landscape, we can see, more.. vehicles, homes etc.. Looks like we are approaching to a town now."

"Let Sun go back to India from America, its time for us also to take rest now, so we already booked a room in Hotel Shilo Inn -Mammoth Lakes. we almost reached there now." "Room looks great , due to covid, there are rules to follow, they put the Key in a cover and handed over to us. "So, this is the room, There is TV, Couch, not much costly and looks very clean" "we paid around 173$ and its worth" "We have to see how to operate this "There is an Oven here" "Cooler is here" "Ironing station is here."

"Okay, Let us take rest now.. we will see again, Bye for now." "Lot more to come in next episodes".

2021-10-30 23:21

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