AMERICAN VILLAGE LIFE near USA-MEXICO Border Wall at Douglas, Arizona (Ep 11 / Eng Subtitles)

AMERICAN VILLAGE LIFE near USA-MEXICO Border Wall at Douglas, Arizona (Ep 11 / Eng Subtitles)

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And the houses beyond that wall are in Mexico. I am using this to cut off... This is another tool called 'Rake'. And then, this is... I really had a great time driving this tractor today. It was my first time sitting behind a tractor's wheel.

We are going to a place known as Douglas. This place falls on the Mexican border. And we are going there for the breeding of our mare (Female horse), Rosey. I can see Mr. Chahal's truck crossing us.

It's great to see an Indian name on a truck. I was right. A 'Sardarji' was driving the truck. It was very nice to see a 'Sardarji'. I am here in the US for the last two and a half months.

It's the first time I'm seeing a 'Sardarji'. I am feeling good. I had crossed such truck stops and similar rest areas when I was on my hitchhiking trip in the US. That was in 2018. Today, I am feeling so nice.

After so many years, I'm seeing yet another rest area. And I'm getting to see so many trucks again. It's totally a different feeling seeing so many trucks parked here.

There are so many people in this country who migrated from India, especially from Punjab. There are so many Sikhs who drive these trucks here. In a way, they are a part of this country's economy.

This is a great feeling that we, Indians are contributing a lot for the betterment of this country. When we are travelling from Bangalore to Mysore, and the areas covering the vicinity of Hyderabad, are somewhat like this. Similar stony cliffs, huge rocks. Rocks of different shapes and sizes. The famous scene of the movie 'Sholay' was shot somewhere between Bangalore and Mysore.

This reminds me of that. Leaving the highway behind, we are now on a road. This area looks like a village.

In this country, villages are not like ours. Back home, there's lack of facilities. Here, it is okay. Not that it's very good with a lot of facilities. Helicopter service is available here. Isn't that great? Anyways, I'm getting an opportunity to see the village life of America.

Here, the villages are called 'Country'. We have reached our destination, and the horse... ...started dancing at the sight of our vehicle. I mean, started running here and there.

We have to breed our mare with that horse. She will be here for 7 days and then we'll take her back. After some days, maybe around our 'Childrens' Day' or so. I'm not aware after how many days horses give birth to their young ones.

Well, everyone travelling with me are out of the vehicle. See, how excited he is. I'll show you just now. After coming to America, that was my first handshake. Great! That's our horse. Yes, Sir. He is too excited! Mexico is on the other side.

You can see the mountains there. We are very close. This place, where this breeding center is, it's right next to Mexico border.

The houses nearby are just like those scattered in our Himalayan region. The children are very eager to talk. Just like ours when they meet a foreigner. The only difference is that here, they are speaking in English.

And they're asking such questions to which I have no answer. There are some others too like... I can see two elderly people, perhaps a couple. They are perhaps talking about me. They're on my right side. I'll show you if a get a chance. Yesterday, I was talking to Dan. He's my host.

I was telling him that I was unable to control the horses. I feed them daily, I stay around them. I want to be their friend. But they don't come near me. Sometimes, they come so near, that I feel scared, especially of the big horse, Prince.

He told me that in such situations when they are near and you are scared, then you scare them. The best way to frighten them is... They are animals and suddenly... They see you as smaller to themselves. He told me to become bigger. That means... Raise you hand like this. They think, "Oh, what happened!" "He is bigger than me."

And in this way, the animals get scared. And even now, when I took out my selfie stick, I raised it in this manner. Actually, I wanted to take a good shot of the horse.

But when I did this, the horse stopped and turned away. This reminded me of what my host, Dan, told me. I'm sharing this with you just to help in case you get into such a situation and have to scare the animal away. By doing like this or something else, maybe you can scare them off. Maybe! I am saying 'maybe' because I told you what I was told. You must keep yourself ready for such situations.

Else, you may be busy doing this, and the animal may take you for a ride. Yes, Sir. How are you? Alright. But excited! All that area, They come under Mexico.

We're travelling along the border line. This highway runs parallel to the border. The mountains you can see on the other side, The whole area...

That whole mountainous region comes under Mexico. America or the USA has only two neighbors. Canada in the North, and Mexico in the South. Last time when I was in Canada, I was watching USA from the Niagara Falls, and today, I'm in Douglas, which is the last city in this area. After that is Mexico.

Behind me is the border wall constructed by the USA. And the houses beyond that are in Mexico. Well, it's time to leave. Thank you! I have no idea whether the border is open or not due to Covid, but, that's the border indeed. We came across some border police personnel.

My friend requested them that we want to click some photographs. He said, "My friend has come from India and wants to take some photographs." They said, "Okay."

"But don't stay for long, else others may come in too." Well, border police were not that bad. Their behavior is subjective, though. Sometimes, they turn quite arrogant and sometimes they are good as well. Mostly, they are good.

India has so many mines, so many open cast mines. So many... In US, the copper mines like this... They have all been mined.

After mining, this has been converted into a tourist attraction. Passers-by stop here to click photographs. I'm just taking you out of the net. The board there reads, 'Scenic View'. Its history is written on this. Isn't this a great thing? We also have so many open cast mines.

We have coal mines and some others too. I wish, even we could come up with such ideas. But nothing fruitful has been done... Has not turned out yet. I hope it'll be done.

And if this is done, I'll be too glad to promote such activities.

2021-07-15 12:34

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