Americans in KUWAIT CITY (Part I)

Americans in KUWAIT CITY   (Part I)

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Six. Water. So. So. So. So. I get up. Tomorrow. Okay. We're going. Walking. Do not have the right of way. They just don't. So this. Right here, is what we call a bacala. Oh that's the store. Like a bodega. Yeah. It's a grocery store you can buy like a, corning store. All. Right. This guy's staring at. Food, oh me, newspaper. It's like a corner store, oh yeah. Yeah i mean. Water. Coffee. Um. Incline. All right okay, um. They go. They pull up and they hop, and then they like bring me your snickers, and. You know whatever. 250, feels and then they give it to them so. Everything, is. You're you're being served like honk. Honk means a lot of things but, you're listening it's up for 24 hours. He's always. There. Or whatever. That's like my eyebrows threaded. And then over there, there's like. Like different. Businesses. Yeah. So. Pretty cool. Usually, we go walk in we go this way. And even though i know we can see the wildfire. You can tell that there was water over. There. They. Just. Right. And sometimes they go faster. I mean one day i'm like. We're gonna go this way. Today and the next monday. So this road, is. Known. To have helped a lot of like. What do you think. Wow. We're gonna walk on very. Interesting. You could do the. Uh. Renegade. Right. I guess you can. Not out here i don't want to get in trouble. This. Is. This. Time. Where. Is. Hmm. One of the malls. My sister says this is. Kind of a not. Kind of a not a good mall but. Still. Involved. That's pretty. Good. Look if you take the basket upstairs. You can put it here and it will connect to the little ridges and it will lock. It's not going to roll, down no, we're on. An escalator, but it's not there are no stairs, it's. Slanting. It's like a. Ramp. And now we're at the grocery, store section of the. Mall. There's green, tea, listerine. Here. And i kind of want to try it. Now if you see, this number, these prices here. They're in kd, which is kuwaiti dinar. Or kuwait. And, multiply, by, 3.29. That's how much. It's gonna cost. Arabic. Coffee. To. Use. Thank you. Thanks thank you. You drinking, dates. And. Coffee. That, tasted. Like. A cigarette. Butt. He said. But. That tastes. Like a cigarette. I felt that's the worst cigarette i've ever. Drank. And this one right here, she knew what she was doing. When she, had the man give us the sample. I'm going to try to get the full experience. No. No thank you. So i'm playing this game where i'm trying to figure out what the arabic, translation. Is for all of these. Shops. Um. So yeah, here's a view of my thoughts on. These. Starbucks, coffee. Expensive, american costume. Bath and body works. Soap. And lotion. I don't, know. Victoria's. Secret. Only victoria. Knows. We're in a juice, shop, fresh. Juice. The man gave us free popcorn. What do you. Think. Somebody. Huh. The avenues, mall. Grand avenue. We have like 5 000. So. Okay so we have different kinds of food. But i don't know what people want. Do y'all, we have ihop. Do you want breakfast, food. But ain't no bacon. It's beef bacon nothing with salty last time. They have um. We have this place called and i know you're like oh we're in, we're here in kuwait why would we eat. American food because. You're in kuwait, so. There's a lot of american food here and there's some great food we'll get to that later thank you happy birthday. Okay. Our birthday is in july. It's december. But. It's not exactly my mom's fault. You see. My sister doesn't even have, a real, address, for her building, so we can't mail her anything. So. Her birthday card had to come with us when we went to visit her for the holidays. That explains that. Back to the video. Oh, no. I know and then when i said i'm gonna put this card and i'm gonna have it and i'm gonna put it in my luggage. And then one day, i said. I got no money i need to go to the bank. Money. I did that, recording, hey. I took the money out but did not put it back. What oh were you tasty. Oh i get it just right that's so funny welcome, to, kuwait.

Um I was gonna talk to you all about, the money that we have, here. And, um. Even the coins, sometimes, functions. As. Full. Like. I guess, paper, dollars. So right here is what we call 100, feels. Um. 100, feels so this is about 30 cents i think. Um, but it doesn't really matter about the, cents and stuff it really just matters about stuff so, sometimes you go to the, store and say 250, fields so you can either do two, 100s, like these. And this is 50.. So the big ones are 100, this this one right here with this, looks like a uh. I think it's red like this so zero. Um decimal, that's 50.. So this is together. Um, 250, pills or, you can give them, the paper. Uh. 250. It's half so, on kuwait. Money. Stopped recording, uh, it's probably. No probably. But yeah on the point money you'll see like, half. Oh wait no it didn't suck. Like on kuwait money you'll see. One side which is like written in arabic. All, and then, where it's kind of written, in some type of like english numbers that you can or half dinar. So the kuwaiti dinar. One pointy dinar this is the kuwait, one, dinar. Is about. 3.29. 30 cents, us dollars. So the kuwait. Money is a lot, heavier, so you come here. You might. Exchange. A hundred dollars, and get back 60, dinars. Which is nothing. So um well, it's something but you can go through it. A lot and then um so here's some pretty money just in case, um the 20 is your highest one it's about 65. Or so. Dollars. This is nice. And quite money is very colorful this one is about 30. Um dollars, or so. 33.. So it's really pretty so each like unlike. American dollars we'll get some. Show you some money from america. Like america's, dollars. Even the ones. Are very, much almost the same color. You know we have colors here, but in kuwait. The money is. Different colors. Different. Kinds, and. Just, overall. Fun. So yeah. Yeah. Money. I got some money, just some dollars. Dollar bills y'all. Just a few. Nothing major. We're at. The grandmaster. Yes. Um. If you look at the arts over here you can see around the. Doors. Up, there behind, where you can see some lights, that's the woman's for your hope. The prayer hole we're standing, in is the name. Okay. It's used for men. The only times you use them are during the friday prayers. And. Which is a 30 days muslim class. What they do is they split this hole in half. From here all the way to the very end of the mosque over there we have a. Carpets, on the foreign. Men would appear on one side the woman here on the other side because especially during prayer we do believe in segregation. No stranger, man is allowed to see a woman pray that's especially, why they have their own. Prayers. The, this over here, i'm surprised no one asked because every time people ask, they think this is some fancy, chair for like friends of kuwait or something it's just a chair, anyone who would like to sit here is more than welcome to. It's pretty. Comfy. Okay. I'm just enjoying. That. You didn't have any. Statues. No. Objects. A clock i think it was supposed to help us all the time but you know they're useless because we have iphones now. I just thought i needed something, to do with the clock, okay. Tv screens in the. Clocks. So this is actually. Sorry. Is. American. Lizard. Thank. You. You don't like it at all no, i don't know. See mary. Mary had a couple of little lambs. I ate them all. Oh. No i didn't eat them. It wasn't me i don't know who it. Was. A random, person, sorry to. Them. So. You.

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