Amorphis' Santeri Kallio on Queen of Time, composing and touring in 2019 | Moscow 2019 (Eng., sub.)

Amorphis' Santeri Kallio on Queen of Time, composing and touring in 2019 | Moscow 2019 (Eng., sub.)

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Oh. This. Is Santa Carla from amorphous, readings, from Moscow, and. Greetings. To all the mediator, listeners. Since. We started. With a discussion. Of you, just coming back, from Samara. But do you usually have time to like walk around or you just it's. So crazy, rollercoaster. In. This tour we've had pretty much time because we've been using. Airplanes. A lot to slowly wake up very early and we've pretty, much arrived, pretty early when. You do the night train and stuff it might you. Might not have that much time but, it's. Kind of a sacrifice you have to decide. If you go to sleep to, have a sleep before the show, and the whole day or you go to the sightseeing, so it's. Kind of a sacrifice, every time you do - today I didn't go anywhere because I've been here so many times in Moscow but, for example inna a rather, important. Vladivostok. We took her I would. Say like if, Paul. Sightseeing. We. Saw everything nice. Nice, I never, been to the, Veloster talking. About. Queen. Of time can. You. Tell. Me a bit more about this. Idea. With, the orchestra from, what I understand it was, producer. Who kind. Of was. Organizing, that no but I. Mean. That's kind, of I mean I see a certain. Interest. Many, musicians with, working. With a big. Like. What what, do you find in that and do, you have any faster plans I don't know Blaine, well. We, its, logistical, are pretty difficult to flavor, the orchestra, or lacquer. Well. It depends, but I don't know we've been talking about it here the leaders in Altru because there's there's kind of a synthetic elements, in the music or ethnic elements. Whatever. LMS, but. At this time it, just felt right we'd be a little bit scared to put. Up, like. A real Orchestra stuff, to the albums that we we don't wanna sound like, a. Symphonic, to. Symphonic, metal. Or in the worst case scenario Simpson or, because. We we have our own style which is not that maybe. Not that massive. Not. Nothing like it has nothing to do with classical, music government's but I think, the time was right for, us. To say yes -, yeah I'll get started already 100 Red Cloud with we had an illustrator, who made, some small things. But they didn't, mix the they. Are pretty low e that makes I'd say in under the Red Cloud but it would could we enough time I think. He had great connections, to the Turkish, us. String. Ensemble I'll, be using it with or hablando and, some, others we, thought that the airless it's let, let let's. Let him to do whatever he wants, because. We what, after, working with - almost we pretty much knew that he has that he's. Not gonna pull. It all. Over the place are. Still gonna play the main main, music. Will be a more I, don't. Know it's. Bubbling. Under years and years and years and now, now the function that's. That's. It's time to do. Something, something. A little bit differently, I think it was definitely a risk. And but it was. It. Was definitely a good thing that we did it because the queen of time sounds really unique because of the real. Element, real real instruments. And. Yes. Because from. What, I imagine, like most of your albums are produced by amorphous. At. Some point at some point you like. So. You don't, have that many cases, when you invite, the exterior, producer. Like I mean at least like I see he like kind of taped the last album so we. Use, like that currently, and I'll tell you something I think produced by a former. School spirit from. Sweden and then. We had the two on Alan I'm only person time when they were silent chef Emme yeah, from, England, and. Then. There, was one period of time where we only have, we produced it ourselves I don't, know if we produced anything we just recorded, the album's by ourselves but whatever there is we we only did that then we gave it to the sound engineer. Then. Whoever. Wrote the song to do the, mixing. Environment. And say like okay let's do. That. We. Didn't really produce, anything yeah it's just we just made the albums by ourselves, of course they talked about a little bit of the things like the deal could be growling, up it, will be melody singing, or solo here but that's basically more like an arranger.

So. What is it with us why you why, you want to work now, and, well. We just needed some check change well, it started actually already a circle, in. 2012. Or something when we asked Peter tag from, hypocracy. To. Produce a circle I think. A little bit got stuck, to our own methods. There's. Nothing. New coming out you know we did, eclipse. Describe, water I know Eclipse I'll adorn the sky for children the. Beginning stands with the same method with. I think we started to get bored with you and we also kind, of probably felt that, at. The beginning of times that with. This method, if. We keep on doing this the same they are gonna be pretty similar, all the album's also. We knew that the lyrical context, it. Wasn't about the Kalevala, character, who's already decided, that let's do something else asked let's, go let's. Get out of this box so, it was the right time to stop. But, also when we changed the neutral context, it was also right time to stop. Using the same method to. Recall. Produce, by, amorphous, method, I was, working with. There's. A hard-working, man, he. Was like oh my god is today's last like 15 hours he. Was working all the time on that. He. Kept the Helsinki, and, we I. Think, we recorded, something like four. To five weeks in helping kids, now. He was working. His ass off and, then. We went put the dirt then he started to mix it in apples. Remember. Where it was not it was somewhere Carcassonne is freedom. And. Then. We went to the address when he was mixing it was it was a lot of fun you know he he. Brought. Of. Your, ideas we have a lot of art of especially he tried. To make us sound more heavier with a heavier guitar sound. We have a couple few ideas. And. Because we were really happy with Peter after. Circle we, wanted to go even, deeper. And. As. A sense. Because. His his peter is also a musician is very busy all the time and is running around the globe all the time with parents, but. Is is sitting, basically, in the studio. 365. Days a year, so. We wanted to get, go get one, like. An even, deeper production, was. How. Long does it take to. Normally. Always, some of his album takes like five five. To six weeks, it. Hasn't changed even, even when we produce, it ourselves, and. With Peter and, Williams, all the different unnoticed begins is that he went what the mixing face is quite short you. Know because he's been doing. It all the time during the recording so it doesn't last like not only the mixing would before. Ten. Ten songs plus couple bonus songs would take about two weeks like, a song a birthday or stuff, like that ten, days but. I think yes does it faster because he has as he see uses assistants, who, make the dirty work you know clean up the tracks and all. That kind of sit, and. Yeah. It's fun it's nobody. Actually knows because we don't know what he's doing in there let's, see in the studio when we are not there because, we go back to fame and it keeps working with. Choirs, and with the real, instruments. And I guess musicians, but, I would say it's probably something like six weeks and, it has made like five weeks and years. It. All it was already employed a lot of times five weeks was the classic times on, the latest album there. Is a, song. And these. Also imagery. Of, NASA. Like, it's. Kind of becomes, a fight. Of faith no yeah yeah exactly we work with, fallen. Wha the, pulmonologist yeah. We. Actually sent, him like we did without a great club but we sent him some.

Translated. Texts. So. He. Picked up, as. We all can see he, picked up the beam to. Be you. Know very strong, focus in. The rubble so yeah, I scored it well. We. Are quite happy that the zombie turned out to be so good because if it put up it's a bonus track it wouldn't have made any sense that we have that. Like. Art it's, about to be but to be is not an album we are happy that it turned out so well that is it's, in the album and it's actually the first. Song and it's also first, song we released and. Tonight when we play in Moscow it will be the first song of the set. And. May. Have collaborator, who write the lyrics, he's also an artist right. Econoline. And he's a performance, artist I think he's a painter. Sculptor. Isn't. He. Also make their blog, about. The phone. Actually. It's a funny story it's, our senior, itami, is, from Latvia in from in London and he. Said to us when we were thinking like we need somebody to wrote the lyrics and, he said like in Aswan and a guy from, from. This one town near near his hometown and. That. He's been. Investigated. Is it known it's not the right worth exploring, Kalevala, you know all his life and his his, living. Like as. A artist, and. He said like when they were young, is cool that people are, getting middle of some. Mathematical, class, then what's out of the window and he was there. Naked. In the snow you know making some performers, polychaetes, you know. With, that with the reindeer stuff. You know, and. So. We immediately. Thought that, that. This is a very good idea for us because we are looking for. Something. More than. Just. Plain. Normal. Popularities. About. You. Know I think. That we. Also gave first. First paper wrote some some. Like. Sonic warriors is about Kalevala sky forger is about the, giving of times about Karabakh our goal is not about color, so. We kind of like that we, moved, away from, koala, with him so, this really professional, we love to work with him and sometimes. He joins us to show how to do the performances. So he can do anything. No. Now he's been doing like a performers. Performers. Stuff you know talking. And acting. And, stuff middle. Of descent I think he was with us in an.

Under, A Red Cloud special. Soap show in a culturally. Celtic it's also a week he. Had like a performance, and he was with us in that we, have time for and, how the guys fall. And. Somewhere else and I think I'm, not sure but I hope that we will join us also in Cusco next year when, we this. Year when we need a full, we enough time for beginning. Yeah. Yeah. What we have a clean up time specials show in a promised. The rockin in post right details it gets the same weekend, arnica, will be there oh. Yeah. Why, not though it's all each other Hanukkah will be there performing. The. Songs she, wants. Probably a long story. We, don't we haven't really planned, it is. Very. Interesting yes always. Long, as challenging, to play the whole song all album, in a row I think we play it in a row normally, we do. Not. Waste, time. Circle. Circle, we played in a first show we did in circle. World war we played it, as. It is you, know in Helsinki and, I don't read well I think we've played it when we did, damn it the hell the Helsinki cultural week we played to under the red cloud as, it is and. Now we're gonna do at least two special, shows there might be more but so, far I think, I haven't seen there's. A problem. What, was your, personal. Way, into, music and like how, did, you start pretty, basic pretty basic stuff when I was serving four. Or five years old I had. A big, sister and Big Brother and when, they went they started to play piano so. Obviously. I couldn't. Avoid it my. Mother keeps saying I wanted to do it with of, course maybe I had some as. A four year old some, sort of that to. Me it's like it's fun it's. Not actually font. Scale. Son, yeah, classical, music this was in it yeah. It's late seventies, it. Wasn't. Abandoned. Then I moved to the blues and pop and, rock. And the finally, today I started. To charge the bats pretty. Basic story well I learned. Piano first couple. Years classical. I think was 11 then I said like, these this. Is boring, and then I. Got, a blues teacher who taught. Me a bogey bogey our stuff and. Then I went to the pub jazz, was, a school, and. There I learned a little bit of the theory you already know the theory is you'll be playing piano classical.

Piano And. Some. Called. Wealth. Music. Theory and, something. Too. To recognize. Force. With. The air and stuff but no, I'm just normal, basically, normal. Piano lessons, till. 18 years old undeniably, what if or. 2000, 18. Amorphous. Usually. But. When, you read, about you something all journalists. Kind. Of define. The genre in. A very different, way, that. I was wondering like, I guess, you don't want to anyhow, like, label, yourselves, to, any job but I. Was. Actually wondering like do you have any, influence. Is already like favorite bands which are not like which. Probably wouldn't spring to mind when. You talk about, rock. Musicians, so like I don't know metal music, like what what do listen to me well they fenced. It I never listened that much metal except, when I was the argue eighties and. I still listen those bass are they playing the radio as it is your opponent Zeppelin, all right pal. Yeah, I don't know it changes, a lot sometimes but I, think in our band we like pretty much all kind of music in. The tour bus which. So we stayed, in a tour bus rhetoric, I don't agree, it. Was a couple, nights. Nights, out of 35, when we were actually listening metals, it, wasn't like, pretty. Heavy metal, it was more like eighties. Metal. But. A deal or old, rainbow we. Were mostly listening pop music, or for at, least. Kind. Of a retro. Music bits that's a library, I like. A ballplayer I like all, kind of Museum of disco, music or. Psychedelic. Music or, progressive, music, and, if anything which is cool about, jazz but it has to be cool, and it, can't be boring, it. Doesn't matter what it is but. It's there's so many heavy metal bands nowadays. It's. Very hard to find other interesting ones there's. A lot of similar. Sounding, bands at the moment especially now that the glam rock came back sometimes. When I was in the radio understand new new like a retro glam, rock band it's really hard to know who are these guys because you already know ten of them who's going to pretty much the same sound, also. The speed metal is coming that you might have some problems, too. You. Invited master band from, sound but, of course there, are so many cars who stands out only, David won't stand out and that the interesting, ones and. The. Bass which are not boring, they stand out that's the, universal. Law, boom ah whoo yeah. I'm. Quite. Fascinated. By, left rows from Norway you know it's, pretty good that, they're getting better and better all the time and they're. Our friend friends of ours before we they're like almost, 10 years ago did, two tours in a row they were supporting us in Europe and Erika. I think. The newest new stuff starts, I start it's. Getting really. Really good. It's almost been good but it's you know Wender, because. It gets deeper. And more focused, all the time also. The new. Well. I. I'm excited. To hear the new tool album, I haven't heard it but it's probably gonna be good, I would. Take it wife guess but, I would heard it yet, and. What. Else something's there need so I'm from Sweden that's kind of like a progressive. Metal stuff but it sounded for very interesting, somebody. Was listening it in our backstage, in the European tour I think. It was also I think. That they've also found, found finally, like. That. Gold. And Google's how the chairmen say. Okay. What's. What's in the future, that's. After. Tomorrow, after, st. Petersburg show we, go back to Finland and I think we have a two. A three, weeks, break and then, we go to South America for. The first real South American, tour I think last time we all had at some tryout, for six or seven, shows now we have like 12, so. We do Brasil El, Salvador, Bali we are Chile. Colombia, Mexico. Hopefully. About and, then we it takes like three weeks then. We have one month off and then the festival season starts, we do most. Of the weekends, in a summer in Europe and. After the summer we go to, America. To do a second, leg of the queen of time North. American tour, we. Know there with d'Alene and I'm, naked from. Miss, Barragan. It's. Like 30 shows and I I haven't seen the schedule after that but I think we're gonna. Fill. Up the rest of the year with another. Finished shows maybe from, pre enough time because there's we, only need, 10 and, in. A. Beginning. Of 2020, we. Are planning to do a second, European. And there we have our 30, year or so anniversary. For. The bat so maybe we start another for an, immersive no animal to be honest it's too far but there's.

A Lot of options and. Probably after that some album what we did in the past is also has our anniversary so we can try, to think about that or. Normal. Option would is also to go to the studio I'm making an album but. Everything, is open we are now only. Focused, on touring. Our asses, off and play the queen of time to as many people as we can in, a short, period of time. How. Do you feel I mean except, it's a dumb question because, like what. Does everyone, always answers, differently, what what is better during, your, recording. Which. One is fun, well. Which one you, like more, touring. Absolutely, sorry I don't enjoy recording. At all of. Course it's very nice when it's done and, practicing. The songs are very nice, but yeah to actually, record. It and. It has to be right and it will be there forever and, there's nothing you can do about it it's it's, not funny, I don't. Enjoy that always possibility yeah well, think about it if you play a solo for the album it's there for. Till. The end of time if, you, it up you lose it it's, it circuses. There's, a lot of stress there's. A little. Bit of creative creativity. Depends, with. Me are normally improvise in the studio but I have some lines at all the solos everything, are in protest. But. To make, the decision, of the final decisions it's not fun because, we, are making art but. But but eventually. I like Tori because there you can a little bit. You. Can improvise and in fact be creative, and. You can also as, a band try to be as good as you can you know playing was okay, but before. Recording, you have like also like a creative, process - oh. Yeah. We have to practice, the song so you have first we compose the songs when we practice the song then the producer. Cops'll did we make the final changes, yes so composing, is also hard or like you that's very hard, also but once, you get to the once. You get it going it might be actually pretty easy and fun but, sometimes it takes a hell of a lot of time to get it going. Might take like a month but. Uh I think. They're getting better with that - you know. The. More you stress about it tomorrow in, even more trouble you, will be because. It's actually the real work. Like. You create. The whole music and then the text. Yeah, first it's well written the text might be there normally. It is because petka super fast if, we ask him a context, did not come in a month but do. Post, the songs that record the album it takes total. Process. So. You do it like parallel. Together. Sometimes. Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes, sometimes, he came up with the corset even we don't have a single song yeah. Okay. Thank, you very much. You.

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Hahaha, his story about leaving classical piano because it was boring

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