An Englishman discovers Helsinki

An Englishman discovers Helsinki

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Very. Tamil in Thailand, I'm about to begin my journey to, Helsinki. It's. A cold January. -6. Today. And. The, journey is gonna come and take just, over two hours two and a half hours they think you shouldn't have to live like this like this you just said you, wanted, to live here Wow, for me it's a step up it's like moving from Iceland, to Finland. Gerry. What do you want you want to see the place in that. Hey. Some on the boats ferry, little, bit windy up here but it's been administrate. Spell. It, is still -6, fortunate. It's the middle of day sadly. There. Was a ferry incident between Thailand, and stop, where. The inspire very. Many, years ago went down. Calm. Seas today I'm, gonna guess, I'm gonna happen today. Helsinki. I. Serve. Arrived in Helsinki, just. Met the spawn of adverted, monks or, the spawn of Edouard Mike he looks like a monk. Screams child to be honest but no relation in terms of the artist but. Here we go. -. Dancer. Prancer, vixen. Comet. Cupid. So. My first full day in Helsinki. And I'm. On my way to the Design Museum the Finnish design is, world-renowned. I look, a football. Pitch. But. They've turned it into an ice rink we're. Gonna see me sniffing my ass right now, yeah. It is an ice rink. It's. Right. Next is beautiful Lutheran Church, just. On the way see ice onto the. On. The way to the, Design Museum you know onwards without. Slipping. I decided. To eat only half of the acid at first, but. I spilled the rest on the sleeve of my red woollen shirt. Oh. OS, was, the, horse, leave. Is. LSD. Owners in this brave new political. Environment, is Linda. Sarsour she's. A left-wing activist, she's now the face of Muslim, identity politics, in America, course, the Democratic, Party loves her but, what does she actually believe, assess. It for yourself I. Will. Respect. The presidency. But, I will, not respect. This, president. Our number, one a top priority, is to protect and defend our community, did not to assimilate, and to please any other people, in authority I hope that. We when we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that, Allah accepts, from us that as a form of jihad that we are struggling, against, tyrants, and rulers not, only abroad in the Middle East or on the other side of the world but here, in these United States of America where you have fascist and white supremacist, and Islamophobes.

Reigning In the White House. Arguing. Against, assimilation. Why can't Democrats, find a Muslim mascot, who is not a total, extremist, they probably could if they try. Yo. This. Is his new chair no he hasn't picked one yet dad. When. Pam gets Michael's wheelchair, I get Pam's old chair then I'll have two, chairs. Only. One to go. Erm, in the Design, Museum in center, of Helsinki. Basically. The exhibition. On the top floor specializes, in design. Of California. What. We felt, probably. Or what we probably many, move do realize is how how inspiring, Californian, design has been to all of us from the iPhone. That you may have in your hand is to watch this to the map you might be using as you watch this to, all. Of the computers, chips the banks have been designed in Silicon Valley that enables you to watch this video, just, there's a chair there that I spend way too many years on, basically. In offices in London and around the world. Caused. Me a huge amounts, of backache and but. It allows the user to basically sit on the chair for extended amounts of time because of the ergonomic design of, its. Surfboards. Were obviously designed in California we all wish to get out of the office and Basin as a surfboard just there and. It's. So many design. Isn't, incredibly inspiring, it. Also some the political, design of the basically I've seen. The. Free. Speech Movement in. San Francisco, to. Sadly. The. Pro-immigration. Marin, with a picture of Linda Sarsour that. Isn't inspiring, in my mind. How. Can someone as Pro Sharia, law the pro. Pro. Freedom doesn't, matter. We. Were the guys that would have been chosen last to succeed, we're. From Dennis, it was a dirty it, was filthy, it. Was paradise. No, reason, by doing something that everyone said was a waste of time we handed up influencing kids all around the world. What. I love about this exhibition over here we got these sort of evolution, of the skateboard, I'm going all the way back from the original scooter, which you may, remember from the. Ninth year when Marty, McFly goes back to the future in 1955. That scooter. They're basically, appeared first. In 1950. And then it basically inspired some, generation, of skateboards, many, of which you will know especially night I know as I grew up with skateboards, to, this, moving. On to this and then, basically, the. The. Dog town boy is basically skated on this every kid from the 80s, and, will remember this skateboard, and, not the design in itself by the in the actual shape remember. The rig this you'd, often have a big sort of kick it here and it was sort of front, you know a little bit pointy in the front and. Then of course in the nineties. And noughties we, had this skateboard the. One I in sort of like a skateboard, about although it hasn't really much changed in this one this, the. Last scape what I ever end. But. It's it, is quite inspiring to see this and, it'll see we've got the long board not quite as. Skillful. As. Skateboards. On the wall there but it's still as fun. It. Out on the highway. Looking. For adventure. And. Whatever comes, our way yeah. Obviously. Behind me the design of emoji which is your favorite emoji. Even. Emoji in the comments just let me know which is your favorite. Welcome. To our show hack the planet. I. Have. To say one of my favorite finished. Designers, is arrow on our own you I probably sent that completely wrong but his, round, chair has always been one of these chairs, I've. Always liked anytime award since were in, someone's house they have a round chair it's, the first chair I try to sit on. Lovely. Clock with them with. An unusual. Bird it's, an Anglican, reverse, and. Why. Is it is so angry because, it's works to, destroy. All. Of the pigs oh. Of. Course. Export. That, we give to you to reflect, Pinones, place as a pioneer. Of software. Innovation, indeed, I'm a huge fan we have places yeah yes. So. I'm at this sign. Museum and danced, as a designer Anna or who in the. Design is actually behind me and she's the blonde line it just there the yellow hair, but. This entire exhibition is. Basically. Highlighting, some, of her work as. A finished designer. Some. Of our work is incredibly impressive. I study. Like some of the men's, winter, jackets, and. She's. Got quite a following who started, their career and basically. Japan and did. A little sewing and the. Seams. Just work yourself probably. Getting, them completely wrong but. Finland. Is very proud of this designer Anna. As. I sit inside the ball chair and. I spin around which you can't see. How. Do I had how, it was the design museum for me 12. Euros so, it's expensive, six. Years of you're a student so, we have a fake student card. It's. Gonna be half the price of you. Would. I recommend it yes I definitely would, the California, exhibition, was incredibly.

Well. Well. Well, presented. And. What. I give it I give it a five out of five. Definitely, we're saying five stars. Something. I've noticed straight, away it reminds me of Oslo obviously, this is a Scandinavian. City and it is the capital of Finland, but. Even the pathways. Just. Remind me of Oslo it's not a lot of time in Oslo, it's, a city I do miss it's a city. Fond. Memories but. This. Is equally as cold as Oslo I. Yeah. Right now it's about minus, seven yesterday, was about minus, nine, and it's. The middle of the day and it's almost dark. Obviously. If you want to get full experience when, it comes to visiting Finland come in the summer not in the winter like I have to although, of course to come in the winter and head north you will see the Northern Lights potentially. Obviously. You gotta entertain yourself when you're in the capital city of the house-elf, Finland and. This. Is possibly, one of the best things, about finding the rocking horse, obviously. The nightlife is a little bit bad this. Does. Do. Quite well and the top of the hill beautiful, behind this. Just. In this monkey store. This is Sam. It's like ceviche to Simon's business salmon. Finely, cut up, onions. Vegetables. For. 5 euros which is pretty good value considering. I've. Recently been to this. Tasty. Very. Good. Obviously. No trip to Finland. Would be complete, without a visit to, a sauna the sauna was obviously invented, in Finland so right. In the center, of the city there's a big place where there's, a lot of saunas and one must go try it obviously I'm, not gonna take the camera in there but look, there's a lady going in the pool over here it's. Right. Behind me. As cold it's, currently. Talking. About - eight. I. Just. Went inside the Russian, Orthodox Church. Not. Allowed to take photos inside if the tortoise wasn't actually allowed inside properly, because it's. Supposed to be a divine service on even though nobody was in there but. Beautiful church from the outside and. One. Of - this is a Orthodox, Church and right behind me is. Not. 4x Church. At. The top of these very steep steps is the Helsinki. Cathedral. From. A distance it, looks very impressive let's, service just as impressive up close. Like. Such, river. Word, of advice. Finland, is not cheap especially you wouldn't be comparing, it to all the recent places at we no. Point for of a. Liter. Of beer. It's. Eight euros. 98. Euros 19 so. It's. Not. Not. Everything in Finland is expensive, this, is four euros and, I get to the system cache mode so I'm happy. You. May know him as the violinist, however. He's, basically. Back. In the 60s, that sort of represents, the organ which, is kind of strange given the violin is a long way away the. Organ is he, never composed anything about. But. He was violinist, serious. Part usually. Be. Full of. Tourists. On cruise ships they disembarked, and there be thousands, of people hit bases snapping pictures lucky. For me. No. One's here, so. I picked, a cold, day to come here but I picked, a nice day because, nobody is here. Nothing. Worse than going somewhere and it's full of tourists however, I'm. Sure I'm. Sure it's like. The whole windows tourists, as well anyway I a, little bit of a walk from the center but I recommend it. Hey. So it's, three, pop already and it's, just about to get dark, I. Have. To be in a nice weekend, so far I very, much enjoyed it just. A, little bit more to explore and changing. Locations. Because. I wanted to see more of the north side now so I'm going to basically, sort of move, my bags and change. Locations, when. You're in a city for a few more you know, more. Than a few days it's best to sort of move around a little bit that way you get a better sort of idea. Of what the city's about. So. I'm stood here in the Hammer, Museum which is the Helsinki. Arts. Museum they see that's what ham stands for he, obvious really I'm. Interesting. Museum. A lot of lot of amazing, sculptures. Some. Portraits. Some. Arts one. Of the. One. Of Finland's finest, artists, by, 10, euros though to get in so, when you come from the UK where it, doesn't actually cost anything to my enter, the museum's 10 euros does seem a bit steep however. It. Is a nice place. Think, of it as a sort of very small version of the Tate Modern and. You've. Pretty much hit the nail on the head, it is it, has some exceptional, fine pieces but. 10. Euros so. Budget. A little bit steep. What, I like about, Helsinki. And their ice rings if. You have a pair of skates. Just. Rock up you. Don't need to pay it's, sort of a skate, song. If. You want to rent skates of course you have to pay but, this should be a lesson there imagine. Trying to do that in London outside, the Natural History Museum or, Canary Wharf it, just wouldn't happen.

But. It's, kind of nice, drink it right, next to the main station, let. Us know for the kids to play in right. In the main square. It's. Nice. All. Right so. This is not my phone Oh. Check. This out I. Can. Open it with my finger braces. Now, question. Whose find the sins I open it with your fingerprints. Do. It do, it so I can see. Let's. See. Now. I'm gonna do it with, my fingerprint, I. Can. Do it from your friends. It's, ridiculous. Okay. So here I am a cold January. Afternoon. And, I found myself in this reptile. Park. And, the. Name just here, and. What. Is amazing this, place has every, deadly, snake you could possibly imagine and, some of the various, reptiles I've, ever, seen, example. This guy. Just. Behind me a muster, the. Problem is the, lack of English in this place it's. Supposedly. Moranis. Brannad, ceremony, according. To the stats here is, less than 15 of these in the world I mean, this is extremely rare creature and there's a visit back there where. This thought to be less than 200. In the wild I. Mean. This, is a phenomenally. Interesting place. 10. Euros for students 15. 13. Euros for adults. It's. If. You appreciate. What reptiles, and Wildlife this is phenomenally. Good place I mean it's not massive I, think, I'm half way around it at the moment I could, be surprised but I. Every. Single display is just there's. There's something amazing inside, every cabinet, obviously. I would prefer these things have been the world but the reality is you, can't. Have. The a lot of these animals now in the world their, habitats, have been destroyed their, habitats, are being destroyed by man and. The. Only safe, place for them is places. Where there's not. Ideal I know but. It's. Better that they are here you know, sort of, incredibly. Clean environments. And well, looked-after than. Basically. Being. Eaten, by locals, or think. All, their habitat being cut down by people, with chainsaws, and then burnt, alive. This. Has. Been one of the highlights of Helsinki so far I'm very impressed. So. This beautiful, is it from, Australia, and it's. Sniffing, me through the glass as you can see there's a little bit of a gap here and it's, using his tongue to. Basically sort of sniff me out. Clearly. This is a. Non. Shaheed, lizard. Because, there's. A fair fee is the only any cabinet. I've seen was a few scratches, imagine. That. I see the scratches are on the other side so, it's this guy scratching, with his amazing claws, and. He's. Inquisitively. I mean. They did the eyes insanely. Beautiful and. That tongue I mean right. Now he's he's, sniffing, me. Trying. To figure out what. Sort of what am i. Realizes. What I am these are. Intelligent animals. Am. I a threat. My. My. Friendly to him on my potential prey to him. But. He's inquisitive, people easy he's inquisitive, about me as I am about him.

But. Just, looking into his eyes he's I mean when you look into any animals lives there's a connection there and, that. Is a beautiful animal. Right. Behind me is the only, sad thing I found about this place. Beautiful. Beautiful bird but, and proven. Smart a, lot. Of interaction, going on here. Playing. This toys but. At, the same time because. Of its have natural habits and Africa is being decimated. It. Is now in the middle is now in captivity where, I convinced. This, bird could have a bigger, captivity, this is the saddest thing about this place the. Reptiles, find. Bird. This, bird is screaming, for more space. So, that was my tour of the Tropic area and I. Have to say this is truly an amazing place. We. Have some of the deadliest snakes and, the deadliest reptiles, you, could, possibly imagine. I mean everything from the Black Mamba to the Green Mamba to, Komodo. Dragons, to, rattlesnakes. It, is phenomenal. Like. I say the only negative is seeing. The birds in, in, its little prison, it's. Clearly very intelligent, animal but if, you ignore that. Because. I know it's clear how clean all of the tanks are they. Are doing a phenomenal job, this. Is, yes. Is worth 10 euros and. It's. Incredibly. Insightful and lucky, for me, majority. Of my time here I've. Been the only person here there, was there was a little kid here earlier making a little bit noise but once they left complete. Silence and, all I can hear is the animals and, they've. Got obviously, the bird that keeps making. Noise although. I, haven't. Yet got, him on camera making noise which is a shame, maybe. He's gonna make this so like goodbye to me right now let's see. Bye-bye. Anyway. I give, this place five, stars. Hey. Your. Cards, thumb assume aligning Laska Vario Clube i was. Asking. If this was the finish. Which. Judging, by your response I, assume, it's not so, hey so guys, a. Very. Cold day as per usual it is January after all I think it's about, minus. 6 today but, I'm reminded as I. Walk. Past this shot what. It's called it's. Called Fargo. It's. Possibly one of my favourite films. By. The Coen brothers probably, probably their best film actually correct. Me in the comments to be disagree on that one but I still. Haven't seen the TV series, I hear you. Mcgregor is supposed to be good that's one for me to watch, when i get back to civilization. My, civilization, I know Finland is civilization. But. Today is as cold as Fargo I know a lot of the people originally, from Fargo land which. I think is Minnesota. Originally. Came from Scandinavia so, maybe there's a connection. I'm. Sitting here driving, doing. All the driving man, whole, away from Brainerd driving, just trying to, chat. You. Know, keep. Our spirits, up fight the boredom of the road you can't say one, thing just in the way a conversation, oh.

It I don't have to talk eat it man, see. How you like it. Just, total, silence two. Can play at that game smart, guy, just. See how you like it. Total. Silence. Basically. I'm in the hipster area of Helsinki. At the moment it's just kind of north of the center. Nor from the railway tracks across the river and you get to sort of where the hipsters are how, do you know it sisters, tattoo, shops. Coffee. Shops are called Shoreditch my, place where I'm from and. Record. Stores. All. The giveaway signs that it's hipster bill but apparently, on Monday. Which today is none. Of these places are very fit and things are only open Tuesday to Friday around here. It. Seems Monday is a bit, of an on day in Helsinki. Three. Museums I've now tried to go to I closed. This. Is quite difficult when you're walking around it's now currently, minus 10. I'm. Freezing. Yesterday. I managed, to. 11. And a half 12 miles almost according, to my health. App on my phone. Today. I'm not sure I managed that with the cold, it's. Minus 10. It's. Minus 10, without. Wind and when the wind picks up is you can probably hear in the Micra friend gets a lot colder. This. Is the see just. To give you some perspective on how cold it is well it's kind of the s3 to. The sea sea, is. Basically, just in, front of me for. The vestry sort of river inlets. Unimaginative. Depending. On the tide will depend, on if it's fresh water or sea water but as, you can see, some. People have been ice skating. One. Of the things you can do when you're in Helsinki, is obviously visit, their music center now this received. A lot of Inu money but. It's one of the better things you, have ever done although a lot, of it was from. The majority of it was from I finished. Tax payers and, donate. Donors I think I think, it costs a hundred and ninety million this complex you, can imagine. The. Barbican, except, make it beautiful then, you might be you, might be, sort. Of close to imagining, what it's like and, the nice thing is the area. Is, circular. So. You can sort of even, if you don't have a ticket you can look in and you see what's going on. But. They've. Got a lot of. They've. Got a lot of musical gigs on at the moment. Not. Cheap there has, to be said and. Tonight sadly is sold out so, I won't be watching unless, they. Sent they say they unless. Someone has a ticket and seems, unlike.

Monday. Is not a day to go to museums, forth, museum I tried today and. It. Is closed and I, thought a trip to any City would not be complete without, a trip to the Natural History Museum as. You've probably seen in a lot of my videos they tend to visit the Natural History Museum in each city as much as possible, I, heard. Good things about this one, this. Is a moose and a couple of giraffes on their balcony, but. As per usual it's, closed so, advice, if you're looking to do all the museums do them Tuesday. To Sunday, don't. Try Monday, tomorrow. I won't get a chance as I'm flying. Off but it's. A shame really but oh well. So. That's my trip to Helsinki, thank you for joining me on the on this journey, thanks. For watching right away all, the way to the end of this video, it's been a long video I know although I. Keep. Trying to edit these videos there's. A lot of footage that doesn't make the cuts. Helsinki. Would, I recommend it definitely. Perceptions. Of Finland, before I came here good, design, nice. People at, home of the sauna the. Home of the Moomin. Mickey. Hey Kenan. Have. My perceptions, been changed no I had. I, always. Assumed the country would be. We've. Filled, with good people good design. What. I what I was very surprised if it was just how. Stylish. Everything, is it's very modern place. It's. A beautiful city I do want. To come back in the summer, simple. Reason most. Of the days, in. January I only, seem to get about three to three hours maybe four hours of daylight, if. I'm lucky most, the time that's been if. It's been clouded over it feels like gets dark a lot a lot. Earlier. But. Yes I definitely come back. I'm and. I'd like to see the rest of Finland anyway so if you like this video click Subscribe here, just, somewhere around here and. I. Hope you can join me on another journey so, next time.

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The Masonic symbols indeed are everywhere. The new Denver Intl Airport especially is a disgusting place symbolically. But by their hand gestures it's quite obvious and easy to see who all of those politicians, musicians and Hollywood actors work for.

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+The wondering Englishman Yes, We are awake

I heard the Murals at Denver had now been covered up or painted over but the symbology of the design remains - I have never been there but I would like to visit just to check it out. And yes you are right about the Politicians and co.

3:22 “The Horizon”, for the protection of the Baltic Sea with its 4225 plates.

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Thank you! That’s exactly the info I was after :) Any reason it’s 4225 plates?

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30:23 I heard it represents forest, but it doesn't look like forest though.

I think I found it. At the end of the third paragraph "The relatively dense cluster of pipes had transformed into an airy, free shape suggestive of a birch forest or the Northern Lights. The nature feeling was enhanced by openings and rich texture on many of the tubes." Northern Lights makes more sense to me.

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I plan to return next summer :) Always impossible to see everything! Just a shame I picked Monday as the day I thought I would blitz the museums - usually a good strategy in a lot of cities as they tend to be quieter on Mondays - seems Finland has learnt they are too quite on Mondays so have given their staff the day off! Thank you for kind words and thanks for watching :)

27:46 it is the sea and across the bridge is the Hakaniemi market!

It is indeed! Although sadly I attempted to go into the market twice while I was there... both times it was closed! :)

31:25 right next to my house lol

Jean Sibelius wasn’t a violinist, he was a composer.

Helsinki was always part of "Finland", whether it was under the swedish kingdem or an autonoums grand dutchy under Russia, the city was always in the Finnish mainland. Finland only became "Finland" proper in 1917.

Nice place to live!

Fair play and I appreciate the info and you watching :) thank you

The wondering Englishman I believe he’s more known for his piano skills.

A violinist and composer - I did state that :)

Yes you should return in summer, Helsinki is a busy then with a lot of outdoor life. And the days are long.

Nice video! Hey if you're coming back in summer you should try out "Suomenlinna" (The sea fortress in Helsinki)! As well as taste some Fazer candies, most popular candies around here. Also I can recommend Åland archipelago, northern Finland (Lapland) and lakes in Eastern Finland (for example Saimaa). Also I should mention that mooses can be seen everywhere in Finland, but reindeers only in the North.

Thank you

26.22 Right behing you, is a Lutheran Church. The Helsinki Cathedral is a Lutheran Church (thugh build in the russian period), because the biggest Church in Finland is the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELC, my abbrev.), one of the Protestant Churches. More than 90% belonged to the it for long, most of the others being Orthodoxe. Now Lutherans are around 80% officially, though many (most?) belong to it mainly for the marital and burying benefits etc. Both Atheists and Christians who see the Church too atheist are leaving the ELC. There IS another Orthodoxe Church in the downtown of Helsinki, just behind the Lutheran Cathedral from where you are standing. So no wonder you mixed them up. Just that one (Agia Triada) is very small. About the size of the main tower of that Helsinki Cathedral. Why is it so small, i don't know. My guess is it's used by the other Orthodoxe groups except the Russian based, who go to the Uspenski, the Finnish Orthodox too. I could be wrong, not going to check any source for this info - too lazy :) Just take this info with a question mark. You'll notice the difference of a Lutheran and the Orthodoxe Church inside, for the Orthodoxe Church has the icons - a big 'no, no' in a Lutheran church. The decorations are much less in a Lutheran Church: very austere. Angels, stars in the ceilings (maybe outer domes too), crosses - is about it. Or was for long. In the 20th century, maybe a bit before, a little more allowing attitude gained ground. This one, beng a 'tourist trap' (to put it unkindly) has yielded to, OK, we can put the 12 disciples there. For long the rule was 'You shall not make an image (of God)'. So many kinds of pictures were forbidden, and the old ones from the Catholic period preceding the Protestant time, were taken off, mostly just covered with paint, chalk etc. Now they have scraped off some paint and other surface materials, revealing the paintings in many old medieval Churches. Which aren't that numerous anymore. This was said to be following Luther's teachings. Just Luther put it interestingly: The pictures are OK, they are quite fine. Only they are not necessary.

Uspenski Cathedral (Uspenskiy Sobor in Russian. Because this Orthodoxe Church was Russian bulit in the Russian period of Finland, 1808-1917)

nice video man! greetings from finland!

Thanks for watching :) Greeting from the U.K.

I must congratulate you. I tend to lose concentration watching videos less than 20 minutes due to my ADD but this one was really well organized; kept me engaged from start to finish. I didn't even realize the whole thing was an hour long until right at the end :D

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That’s amazing to hear James :) Thanks for watching and for the mind comment. How did you find the video and what brought you to the video may I ask? More videos to come :)

An interesting tidbit of sauna trivia: There's actually a sauna in one of the gondolas of that ferris wheel @24:45 (one of the darker ones, the other one is a champagne lounge)

I missed that! Maybe next time - but thank you for pointing out to other people. And thank you for watching btw :)

That’s amazing info :) What a great project those 4225 donors must be very proud :)

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suomi suomi on suomi malainen

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Well I'm glad you managed to wake up from your coma - Jerry Seinfeld ain't that bad! But each to his own :)

Great Video! Watched through my the whole hour (Edit) Im English and I go to finland every year it’s such a nice place to visit, I usually go up north and see the northern lights

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Musiikkitalo is inexpensive place to go listen music and other some other acts (Even compared to something like London Philharmonic Orchestral). Visiting the Opera house (Opera, Ballet or musicals) costs about 3 times more. Usually concerts have some free seats but it is good idea and easy to buy e-tickets from internet and then just show them from your phone. and in case you decide to return to Helsinki. E-tickets are available for all kind of concerts but I don't know any single place which would have all different events in a calendar. Other interesting places that you might be interested could be the the Kaisaniemi botanical garden ( and the winter garden (

Some great advice there on Music events Pauli! When I return I’ll try my best to go via these websites and book in advance if possible! Thank you for watching and thank you for commenting!

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Thanks for watching :)

Hello The wondering Englishman! I hope this message finds you well. I am a producer at INSIDER, and I recently found your amazing video. We would love to feature some of your clips in one of our videos about Finland! For a little knowledge about us, INSIDER is a part of Insider Inc. Most of our video traffic comes from our Facebook pages, where we have over 50 million followers. We’ll be sure to give you a clear, onscreen credit on all your footage. Please let me know if this is okay with you! You can also email me at Thanks! Monica

Hi Monica - this would be fine as long as the credit is there and it’s just clips rather than the whole video :) I look forward to seeing your work!

When was this? I am just wondering as we didn't have -6 degrees C in October... We don´t even have it at the moment in December.

Most of the major museums in London are free - maybe you missed them? Natural History, Tate, National Portrait Gallery; Science Museum, V&A, British Museum; etc Although there will often be sections in those museums that will charge a small extra fee: due to being a special display for a short time etc.

This year.. it’s still 2018 unless I slept through Xmas!

BTW, are museums really free in London nowadays? They weren't when I visited the city a couple of years ago. And another BTW, in my opinion London is not really cheaper than Helsinki. Some things are - others not.

Thank you for the reply. So this is from the beginning of the year. Still, a good video!

January - took me a while to upload!

Everything should be open on mondays. It was probably some sort of holiday in Finland that Monday

Check their websites - most are closed - here for example

Tropicario is a pretty amazing place. The numbers refer to how many are known to be kept in zoos. The bird is really sad but I think it was donated to the owners of Tropicario by some person and they really had no other place to keep it...

Pleased to hear the bird is a rescue bird :) The signs said known in the wild I thought?

Please, leave the politics out....

You can’t wake up without Politics impacting your day. Everyone of my videos has Politics embedded. No one will ever agree with everything you say so I don’t try to please everyone or keep it PC. Which part of my Politics did you disagree with?

Reindeer lives more north than moose. Moose lives in forests, reindeer in the mostly woodless plains of Lapland. They do go use forests as well, but spnd a big part of ther life on the open, where they can better see the approaching predators.

Thanks for the info :) and thanks for watching the video - it’s appreciated

Nice video, thanks. As an inhabitant of Helsinki metropolitan area I like to see these travel videos about Helsinki because you foreign video makers show my home area from a different point of view. Come here again in summertime!

Thanks for the nice comment - I intend to :) Stay tuned for that video ;)

Oh, so that's what ISIS stands for.. Maybe the are just misunderstood?

+The wondering Englishman Happens often, huh.. Oh well, keep up the good work and thx for the effort in any case!

Ahh international species information system! For once I thought one of my videos that doesn’t mention ISIS!

+The wondering Englishman: 40:25


The music is horrofying and no clue of the history... back to school!

Nice video! Interesting places you have visited! Just one correction, Helsinki is not a Scandinavian city. It's a nordic city tho. We are not part of Scandinavia ❤✌

Some of the people are very Scandinavian but yes I agree it’s a Nordic country. Thank you kindly for watching. Hope I can bring you on board for more videos In the future :)

51:30 "Ehem, hei jätkät onko tämä suomalainen laskuvarjoklubi?" Translated "Ehem, Hey guys is this a Finnish skydive club?" I just don't understant why Finnish soldiers were using AK-47's in the cartoon. Never used in conflicts, or in army. Basic service weapon is RK-62 in modern army. Ofcourse there is large variation but I said basic.

I give you effort for trying to translate everything to finnish but there is no need to. Finns that actually use youtube and browse internet are more than capable of reading few lines of english and understanding the meaning. Youtube translate seems to be a bit broken for finnish.

I simply added the English Subtitles - Any Finnish Subtitles (I think) is YouTube translating those original subtitles and if its automatic - they probably do it badly - apologies about that! But thank you kindly for watching and also the kind comment - More videos to come.

You really r (you know like California) a arsehole (british. You know)

Haha! I don’t think he lands in Finland in the episode :)

Great that you called out Linda Sarsour (cockroach) crazy islamist. Liberals shouldnt accept her as an ally

at 3:30 those are people that have donated to charity cleaning up the baltic sea

Thank you for this info :)

Will call her out all day long she is a disgrace and helping to destroy the west! Thanks for commenting

Sibelius was a composer, the most liked composer, esteemed above Beethoven, Mozart and Bach etc in the Anglo Saxon world. He was a failed violinist ie not up to standard to become a soloist. Look up the pronounciation. Brian Oosterbeek Netherlands.

*I'm aMERICAN and i despise aMERICA and i despise Fox....Finland is the greatest...america is not worth defending or protecting*

It's not that Helsinki wasn't a part of Finland, but Finland didn't exist as an independent state before 1917. Before 1809 Finland was simply the eastern half of Sweden, and from 1809 til 1917 Finland was an autonomous Grand Duchy, but still a part of the Russian Empire.

the funny thing was when saying she shudnt be in the museum was that there was a kungklux clan dude in the next picture. I think it was more satirical art section or something seeing as the kkk dude was depicted as black and the muslim girl had American flag as her burka...

+The wondering Englishman there is nothing wrong to call Finland a scandinavian country. A lot off similarities.

The map you show of Helsinki, is actually only the city center. Helsinki is a lot larger that's shown on the map there.

Very true - although wanted to give perspective on street layout :)

Hahaa suomi perkele

1:35 the ferry was MS Estonia

You should visit in April or May in Finland in a spring time, when everything gray and Brown chance to blooming green and a summer finaly begings. The other great season is autumn expecially in the northern Finland., if you like to see ruska colors of nature.

I think Finland is probably a country worth visiting in all 12 months of the year. However, I appreciate you pointing out April and May as favourable months to visit. I’ll try my best!

Suomenlinna is indeed well worth a visit - I envy the folk who live there :).

Helsinki municipality has around 600k pople and the "metropolitan area" has about one million people. There are 4 municipalities in the metropolitan area, including Helsinki.

Thank you for the exactness and also watching :)

Zoos are depressing..

Sadly reptile houses like the one in the video are in a way necessary as many of their natural habitats have been destroyed by humans. Many species are barely existing in the wild in recent years.

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