Ancient MAYAN FOOD - Jungle Cooking in MAYA VILLAGE in Quintana Roo, Mexico!

Ancient MAYAN FOOD - Jungle Cooking in MAYA VILLAGE in Quintana Roo, Mexico!

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When. I was in the King tonnato State of Mexico one of the things I was most excited, to do was experience, and eat ancient Mayan, food so, we rented a van and drove to two new hub a small. Mayan, village deep. In the Yucatan Peninsula known. For preserving Mayan, cultural, traditions, if you, love chocolate corn. Tortillas, or guacamole. You, will actually we have the Mayans to think in this, video I'm taking you on a culinary experience, where. Will cook and eat traditional, Mayan, food and Wow, is it fascinating. Okay. We're, all loaded up in the car and by, the way meet, my friend my buddy Carlos were traveling with Carlos and his wife and, Armando. Young and Micah are all in the back and we're driving to a place it's called Tooting, whoo-hoo. I think, I'll tell you it's it's fully, Mayan but. It's about a two and a half hour drive from Playa del Carmen so. We're. Gonna just follow the map into the jungle, we're. On our way though. Hey stop, Oh No, vamanos. Just. Stopping quickly to get some gas to fill up been driving, for about an hour and a half we have reached a place it's called Felipe. Correa, Puente, dog. Wow, it's it's been gorgeous. So far we're really, getting off the beaten path Oh what. Is it. Dear. Campeón ah. There's. A very nice lady who's serving, como se llaman come. On semanas, con. Muchos I'm making a new choice they look like a little, almost. Like a tostada, wrapper. On the bottom and then topped with it, looks like topped with chicken and avocado, lettuce, and, theirs, might be some beans on the inside yeah. Thanks. Man. Here. It is my panucho it's a little breakfast snack. I. Know. Joe I know Joe. Mm-hmm. Yeah. It's. Really good a little. Bit cold but it's kind of cold outside possibly. On the inside maybe it's beans but, it's just a very thin layer on the inside there, but. That kind of gives it a nice kind. Of different, texture.

And, Flavor. To the whole the, whole little. Handheld, treat. This. Was a much little needed road snack. And, we have about 40 minutes to go. We. Made it to two new hoop the, place, that we're going to do the Mayan cooking and to eat is just down the road I think it's about a 10-minute ride from this town but this is a very. Off-the-beaten-path. Destination. I'll. Need to stretch that was almost a three-hour drive from Playa del Carmen but. We have right this is actually a whole eco-lodge, but they also. Preserve. Mayan, culture, here so we're gonna we're, gonna see it have a chance to watch traditional. Mayan cooking and to eat my. Own food coming, up very soon we're literally, like somewhere. In the center of the Yucatan Peninsula we're, right, on the border kind of close between, Quintana. Roo the state. And Yucatan, State. Yes. It's. Some kind of a citrus I think orange juice. Mmm. But it has like a almost. Like a bitter, smell to it slightly. All. That is wonderful, it's. Like it's, like a cross between tastes. Like limey, orange, e at the same time. That's. Delicious. Adria. It was a sour orange. Spanish. Que, bien Essendon Maha yoga. Vienna. Sendou Selva Bonita okay. So we're just walking. Back into, the garden and into the compound, it's. It's. Beautiful back here and there's, it's just a fruit. And vegetable, paradise. Beep. All like tamales peep. This. Is the traditional. Mayan, milpa. Which is a it's, like a whole garden. Complex. Self-sufficient. Vegetables. And fruit and cooking, and I think you anyway. This is the Mizpah and they've, just started the fire you can see the the, logs are burning and then there's a. Bunch of rocks on top of that we're gonna I think we're gonna cook some things underground and, then it's, called. A. Miami. -. Si. Ellos. And they was a boletos look la cama mucho de esto pero. Yo. Cuando yo era Nene, americano. Me gusta it's very traditional okay you saying she was a kid she didn't like it because it was like this. Is absolutely, beautiful to see the Mayan food culture like this right, now they are working on preparing, a few, different types of tamales which. Are traditional. In the Mayan culture after, they finish, wrapping, all of the tamales, in there's. There's both banana leaf packets, and another, type of leaf this. Is that all this is the it's, called the oh ha Santa, and this, is another, leaf that they're wrapping some, of that tamales, in but then right outside is where the pea it's it's like an underground oven. Where, they dig a hole and then they burn wood, and then they put hot, rocks on top that's, that's, all V that's outside that's light, being, lit right now that's getting ready for. The preparation, I'm just getting hunger by the second, but, I so excited. Another. Dish that they're making is called punching it up a bit and it's a pork dish which is marinated in a bunch of spices they just showed it to me they have already pre, marinated, it because they say it takes a very long time, but. You'll find that dish across, Mexico. But. They were telling us that a lot of times it's not made the traditional way anymore it's it's originally, from the, Yucatan, Peninsula area. It's a Mayan, dish and. They're going to be cooking it underground in that that, that oven. The, traditional, way so we're gonna have a chance to try the authentic, version. It's. So hot the immense. Heat coming off of it something, I have to share with you that's really really cool though is you. Can't really see it right now but I might have gotten a shot earlier, where, the the. Sticks the wood was, covering, this entire. Ground. Pit and then the rocks were on top and then they lit the. The. Wood on fire and, they, say that they know that the fire is ready to start cooking when. The rocks break, the. Wood because. The wood has burned enough and then, the rocks fall down to.

The Ground and so they they've just fallen we're actually in the hut we could hear like crack and the, sticks broke and. In, traditional, Mayan they call it wooden fire and this is a very, authentic. Way to cook traditional. Mayan, food. Dependiendo. De la cantidad the, tamale so the look is ever ready. There's. Another version that she's making that's unlike. Anything I've ever seen it almost looks like a like. A potpie or, like a giant, muffin but. She takes some of them ASSA she makes it into a little cup then, she adds in some of this kind. Of orgy I'm. Not totally sure what it is yet, sauce, and then she adds in some chicken, and then, tops it and, then Pat's down some more masa. Cornmeal. Mixture. And then tops it with a lid and then wraps it up into a banana leaf packet, and that's. Another type of my. Antomattei, that we're gonna we're gonna try today. And. It's, the white beans. But. So, cool how you made it they took a rock directly out, of the Pew stuck. It into the pot with the beans and you, could immediately, hear it just hissing as it cooked you can smell this you, can see the smoke pouring off of it it smelled so good probably because it's burning with those spices as well that's. Really cool to watch awesome, method of cooking. They. Took out all the wood just, burning right over here but, you do not want to fall into this pit or you would be roasted, oh and now some giant, looks, like some type of Palmer, are, being covered. Every. Now and then you can hear like a little a little explosion, under there maybe some a rock, exploding, maybe some food exploding. That. Is gonna bake for about an hour and a half that is a Mayan, feast cooking, underground, I can't wait. As. We're waiting for the pube to finish cooking we're actually gonna have a snack and so she's making fresh, tortillas, and that's, just masa I asked her what's in it it's just pure rock corn pounded, with water that's, it and then she makes it into a tortilla shape she puts it onto the hot griddle over fire and we're. Gonna eat these fresh, tortillas, along with that puck sale which is what, she cooked with that lava rock, that hot stone, which she mixed in with those beans this, is going to be our appetizer. It. Has this unbelievable. I'm getting this too I'm bathing in the steam because I want to because, it smells so good it's like this really unique.

Almost. I guess roasted. Garlic, but. It's. Like, a really, like umami. Smell, coming off of those beans it's really, really. Unique. Come. Pick them that the day one. These. Are ultra, fresh tortillas, right off the grill when you take one out of that little gourd they're steaming, hot and then you put some of the I remember, the name it's called puck sell and you. Put some of those beans by, the way that, unique, aroma, and, ingredient. In those beans they said is pumpkin seed which is ground up and put inside those beans and then, a little bit of salsa on top you wrap this up a little taco, and, okay. All. Those beans are amazing. It's, so smoky like, intense. Smokiness, from that rock but then you do taste that that variation, of flavor from the pumpkin seems to attach a little bit of a kind. Of earthy. Kind. Of, almost. Like like. Smoky. Meat kind of flavor to those means that. Is incredible. That's. A true buyer. They. Wanted to show us the plant kind of red orange color, and. They use that in a lot of dishes oh. Yeah. It has a little bit of a taste like a a. Little. Floral, Lee floral. Taste maybe a little but. But very light though so, we've got about an hour and a half to wait for the food to cook so, we are just gonna take it easy Micah, is loving it here the, breeze the shade, the. Natural. Fresh air and yeah. This is great we're just gonna relax until the food is ready until, the Mayan feast is ready all oh my God look. At these giant, lemons. Or limes. That, was a long wait but it's time. Look. At that scheme just coming out now. You. Can still feel the heat of those rocks coming, out even after two, hours of baking but. You as soon as he took off those palm leaves you get this eruption. Of, like. Roasted. Leaf aroma, baked and steamed, all in there I. Am. So excited right now and they have a whole really, nice dining, room but the light is a little bit dark in there so I thought it would be perfect to sit outside, sit. Within the middle pass it within the garden that we've been cooking in and that we've just been hanging out in the. Food looks absolutely, incredible, I. Guess. Our eating immediately I absolutely have to begin with the continued that PBS it's a piece, of pork with. All that spice on it you can see all that red orange color which came from that spice that we that, flower, thing. That we checked out and you. Can see all the juices, at the bottom of that plate this, is just I bet it's tender and just. Loaded, with oh look. At how tender that is. Oh. Oh. Wow. I think. There's some red dried chili in there, but. You can taste that little fruit kind. Of almost has a, citrusy. Peppery, component, to it and she said it would be best to eat it with tortillas, and some. Of the onions that, sauce will. Absolutely blow your mind and the, tenderness of that pork and that just caked on spice, oh well. It's unbelievably, good. Put. This into a tortilla. I'm. Gonna add on some of the sea boy yes some of the onions which, they look very purple.

And Maybe they're maybe they're marinated in something and then finally I will add on some of the the roasted, hot chili sauce. She said it's muy picante which is very spicy. Which. Hi, I need. Unbelievable. That. Pork, the. Sour. Vinegar onions. Pickled. Onions, it tastes like burnt chilies yeah. They do have a kick to them excellent. Insane. With, those freshly made tortillas, absolutely. Amazing. It's. Absolutely stunning. So. Incredibly good. Like. I said we've got all three different types of toilets on this plate this is that giant like cupcake. Wow that's heavy this, is that giant one and. This one is a, variation. With, the beans I think those same white beans on the inside and then this one is quite uh quite an, amazing looking, one and something, like I've never seen before wrapped in multiple, leaves there's, beans in the middle with masa around it as well okay I'm just gonna reach in with my hands here and try a piece of this. Wow. That's a that. Looks very hearty oh. It's. Still so hot and, then it's wrapped in that leaf which, is called aha Santa. Hmm. Hmm. So. I mean it's a little bit on the dry side because it's so starchy, and so many beans. And corn in, there but. The flavor I love. The flavor I think the unique thing that I can immediately taste, is that. One leaf all has on top which, has a. Not. Really bitter. Well. Slightly bitter very, green tasting, and. Very. Unique but then you've got the creamy beans you've. Got the the. Very fine corn. Paste, and. That leaf just keeps on giving flavor okay I'm gonna add some of the tomato salsa, onto, this for the next this is the one she said goes with this. It's. A little bit dry but I really, like it I'm gonna revolve the plate, and I'm, gonna try the. Giant, one too which is filled with meat so. I gotta unravel, this. And. This also has that orange coloring. Seasoning. To it as well that jungle, seasoning. Let's. Break into this oh, yeah. It's just full of meat on, all that orange sauce, take. A look inside of that. And. All of that masa, that thick masa, okay. I'm gonna take a center bite so I get a lot of that that orange sauce and some of that chicken as well I got a little bit of all the components on this bite. Hmm. Again, you can taste that. Little orange, red. Fruit in there it, has a little bit of a peppery taste, and. I mean just mild and flavor but. You can just taste the naturalness, of it the chicken the. Corn the. That. Fruit in there it's. Like warming, it's, Hardy, it's filling, it's nutritious. It's. Awesome food okay, and now I have the final tamale, to try which is this, other one and yeah, just I love, how everything is, natural all the ingredients are natural all the ingredients are from right here it's. Eco-friendly. Its, traditional this, is ancient. Cooking and, this. Is cooking using the land ancient, Mayan food and it's, absolutely superb. Same. Types of beans. With. The pumpkin seeds except. This time it's been cooked underground and wrapped, in that masa, hmm. No. Flavor is awesome again. I do. Like it with a little bit of sauce because it's kind of dry but. That's. Just hearty. Filling. Mayan. Delicious, natural food. That's. Outstanding that, is so incredibly, good oh. Wow. That Massa is extremely. Heavy I'm very full after that meal but it was it was yeah. It was delicious I loved. Learning. About Mayan culture and learning about the food how some. Of the traditional, Mayan dishes, are cooked and then trying them the.

Pork The kanita pre-boot was insanely. Good the tamales, were all very unique and also very good but very very filling, and, everyone. Here they've been so nice to us they're, so warm they're so generous yeah. They're they're very very nice people and this. Is just it's. Such a cool place you can come here it's right, it's, I mean it's a little it's quite a ways off the beaten path and that's what makes it so amazing. Here as well you can come here you can learn about traditional Mayan culture you can eat you, can cook this place is an entire eco lodge and it's called Kino cheap on Kosh and I. Will have all the details of, this place and all, the information. You need about coming here in the description box below it's. Been a fantastic time, here I've thoroughly, enjoyed it I've learned so much about the, Yucatan, Peninsula and. Mayan culture just from, one day spending, here and learning, about the food I want to say a huge thank you to everyone here for the extreme, generosity and, yeah. It's it's been a, privilege. To have the chance to hang out here and eat, my own food and I want to say a huge thank you to you for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave, a comment below I'd love to hear from you and also remember, to click Subscribe I'm, gonna be publishing lots more food and travel videos and also click that little bell icon that. Way you'll get notified, of any future videos, and all future videos that I publish thanks, again for watching I, will see you on the next video.

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just found this channel. Awesome makes me so hungry to watch. you are so lucky to eat different types of food. You have your self a new subscriber. Great job thank you.

Its weird how they cook that food in a similiar way they do in siberia and in hawaii too. (Under the ground) i wonder where else in thw world they do that i bet in greece and morrocco too. :D nice vid mark nice to see you in my land, MEXICO!

Hello, Mark Thank you for this video, gracias Mark por hacer este video. Muy agradecido contigo.

glad they don't cook with a rock in the pot anywhere. There would be a lot of chipped teeths out there lol

Hi ...mark sir big fan of you ...i watch your every video regularly....sir could u know me your video theme music (maxico ) name ...i really like this music ....please help me sir ...its a request ....

Wow looks really good!

Always remove your shoes when on a hammock.

Maya pride

I've been binge watching your videos all day and needless to say, I am starving.

I thought the pigs were introduced to North America by the Spanish?

How do you stay so slim eating all the time? Thumbs up n sub!

lol I just had a big lunch, but the way you eat, with those juices dripping and oil on your face lol, you made me hungry again!

Dani Valent. What is that root that they dug up and cooked with mud? Very interesting!!

Really awesome stuff.

Mark..oh wow.I'm mouth watering

Mr wiens I've watched you for a while now and what i love most about you is you love other cultures and food you are a man of the world your a citizen not of one country but a world citizen God bless you and your family always and may others learn from your goodness.

Your videos have really been improving over the past year! Keep up the great work! And stay innovative in your videos!!!!

But aren’t banana leaves poisonous?

Panuchos!!! Tostadas!

Wow, thank you for this video it's awesome.

Looks amazing there and the food of Course to...

3:59 What was that?

Now I know what he reminds me of? Lol He looks like a tortoise especially that neck of his is long and veiny

Love your videos!. I only have 1 question. Each of your videos you get ALOT of food! What happens to the food you do not eat? Do you take it home for leftovers? Or do your friends get it? Just curious. Thank you for your videos!!

You'll and your wife will love Puerto Rican food

Hey Mark you should take you're fall to Puerto Rico when you get a chance best pork ever

Te falto probar el relleno negro está picoso y sabroso

Mark, great musical selection. I see that you appreciate pre Colombian Mayan food as well. Fantastic video. Thanks.

Hhhh semua enak, hmmmm

you are amazing person! I love Mexico as well, you are  Very honest and refreshing to watch you eat all that wonderful food of the world,but Mexico is my favorite

Love your video!!! Best tamales I’ve had

Mark your mouth is so big that watching you eat with two bites is satisfactory

so ancient

Real cooking is not a drive through.) Thank you Mark for this. My husband is from Ecuador and he makes fresh dough for empanadas. The smell of the filling and the baking just makes me drooool. And most likely all of the beans and corn are non GMO which is another wonderful experience with taste as it was and has been for centuries.

how can he got all that bird view shots? me too old dog to grasp the new trick.

you struggle to be the man you are on the camera and your body language, is the body language of a psychopath :) i feel sorry for your wife and kid

"This fire, an actual Mayan fire! Like many other fires, but this one is Mayan!" :P Great video, I enjoyed it!

how i wish to see sometime your wife and your baby eat before you its look like when you see food then you forget your wife and baby sorry that i spoke my mind

Aye . Mayans cook like Samoans . Even the hot Rock method . But we don't have tortillas. The food looks yummy tho

@2:20 Panocha is the best!!! my Fave!!!

Ive travelled there! Beautiful place. Beautiful people. Unforgetful experience. Enjoy!!! Greetings from neighbouring Belize!!

Loving the production. Those drone shots are great. Really helps get the bigger picture of the area.

Very delicious

Bienvenido a MEXICO la mejor comida del mundo !!

Iam shook of how grateful and humble you are!!!!! I just live evrything about mexico the food people and history:) you are very well educated♡

I must say i get fatter watching these videos cause he makes me hungry the way he eats and the look on his face im like awwwwwwe i want that jus stop

Wow Mexico is mesmerizing almost close to a dream of Alice in Wonderland. Outside it looks as if it were America but go deep it's incredibly unique

Man how do you eat all that man i go to taco bell and have the shits for a week !!!!

Looks like malaysia or Asia

Thanks for your great videos Mark! You're living the dream buddy!

Nunca presentó usted a las personas que prepararon toda la comida que usted se como que más bien se veía que su esposa no le de comer .

Porque no ayuda usted tambien así como se va a comer muy bien lo las personas grandes de edad están preparando . Es falta de res no ayudar no importa que debe de ayudar por cortesía por caballero.

I had to watch this video in the middle of the night ☹️

Wow, I am amazed that you have touched and experienced the indigenous people's cuisine, history and culture of how the Ancient Mayans ate including their natural environment. Keep it up!

doesn't the ask get in it which would be bad XD

Your wife is beautiful

This is freaking amazing! You should travel (I'm not sure if you have) to Jalpa Zacatecas

What a great experience for Mark and his family, to experience what the great Mayan and Aztec  culture was before the invasion of European Spaniards and their religious conquests of a beautiful people . Did anyone notice how human the pig's eye looked at 17:07 ? The pig is an intelligent animal.

Very nice..

How come u never go to somewhere and taste something and don’t like it???

the show isn't bad. the guy is a bit to flakey.

hey when are you guys coming to the Bahamas


So yummy .....neutral cooking Mr..Mark


Greetings from Merida, Yucatan. It's not called milpa! It's a Solar, and yes, this is what we eat every week hehe. The most special one is the PIB, which we eat on 'hanal pixan' or the death's food celebration. That orange 'sauce' is called K'ol, made with chicken and pork broth, Masa, pork fat and achiote. Our gastronomy is super diverse, hope you enjoyed it! Provechito, ojalá vuelvan pronto, un saludo.

I'm a Pacific islander & we cook our foods the same way in an underground oven we call uum/umu.

It's amazing to see this.


Ahí sí me fallaron con los tamales recocidos jeje

I love your videos so much, I have learned alot and love seeing all the different locations you go to. I'm also happy that you take your little family on this trips and I hope you never stop, your little one will get to experience the world!!!! Again, I appreciate these videos so much thank you!!!

Para venir a ver tus videos es necesario traer la panza llena, llenísima a reventar, así no dan ganas de comer lo que tú, y no se queda una con el antojo

Which drone u use? Such nice shots

There are no disappointing videos watching you beautifully explanin the wonderful experience you are having and sharing it beautifully with your viewers. Thanks again for being such a great host to your audience and gracious guest to the people who are blessing you with their culinary prowess. I dont' know just yet which awesome video I'll choose next, but I know how much I'll enjoy it and you especially! You make my mouth water. Thanks so much, my friend!!!

wow.. authentic food. i am all about it.

Eating the cochinita pibil was TRUE food porn

How do you stay so fit when you eat so much yummy food? While traveling?.

Thank you mark !!! Very nice video please say Hi to Micah and Yin

It sounds like you have a mic. in you mouth lol

You eat more everyday but still weak.. Why

Ya eres un mexicano se be que te gusta el picante

How the hell did I end up here? I typed arepas wtf

You can just spend all your time in Mexico doing videos

You rock bro, support from Costa Rica

Mark, the tamales should be eaten right of the heat when they are moist and hot, otherwise the water evaporates rather quickly. That’s why they were rather dry and crumbly.

Please take the mic out of your mouth while you chew.

Every time you made me hungry oh my gosh look everything delicious

Nice men

Lucky you Mark, great, moving on...

Thanks for doing Mexico Mark, I have always thought that Mexican food lacked variety and refinement. Now I know that is true and will continue to avoid that cuisine. That said, I love the culture and of course your wonderful videos. Thank you.

Soy mexicano y en mi vida no havia visto un tamal enforma como de ollita

Mark, i like your videos, but you shouldn't say foreing language because you are in Mexico, and the subs should be in spanish when you are talking in english...

Sou muito sua fã,mas gostaria que você colocasse legenda pois não entendo oque você fala . Sou apaixonada pelo que você faz . Meu nome é Lucidalva

omg here I am at 12:40 in the night mouth watering

me encanta mexico su comida y su cultura

excelente video me gusta la comida

Mark Call me pls am on my way "there. hehehe

Nice and watch you all the time I go to sleep 2;00 am here in san francisco I enjoy watching you and your family and friends

Marc soy Orlando y vivo aquí en Washington Iowa soy de Guatemala deberías de ir a Sololá o a San Pedro la laguna a probar los platillos deliciosos de nuestro país

It really bothers me how big of bites you take. Just wanted to throw that out there.

I was wondering if there would be spice for you.

Everything is so vibrant greens.

You, Trevor and I would have to disagree about what is considered a light snack. Who can out eat who?

How's your little one? Good I hope.

Mark I just loved the episode with Trevor James. You caused him to cry with the extra spicy seafood.

Amazing video! Thank you for showing people that there is a complex range of cuisine in Mexico. Yes we tend to wrap our food in corn tortillas as much as we can, but as you can see, it's an integral part of the nutritional value of Mexicans diets.

Do you have the microphone right in your mouth?

The guy took that wood ash covered rock and she tongs it into the bowl ash and all. That would be the smoked part. hahah

What a fantastic place. I like the way they grow everything themselves. The food looks delicious.

Hi, thanks you for your Videos's foods, i discover all the worldwide foods so its great!!

Awesome food from Mayan and they have a nice oven I learned so much from this video of cooking differently. Oh yeah Mark whipe your chin it has some sauce lol

I love cochinita pibil

How are you too skinny , this calories kill me


Mark amigo me gustan tus videos, gracias

Acc hate his face

I just discovered your channel, and I gotta say that it is totally amazing, the way you describe things it's really nice and makes me really hungry and by the way cochinita pibil is the greatest thing in the world.

This is mindblowing! I wonder if there’s any Mayan recipes online...

omg I love your videos Iooks so good!!!❤️❤️❤️


They cook like this in Fiji and other Pacific Islands. It's called lovo in Fiji

It looks same we eat here in india but vegetarian ... roti ,cooking in pine leaves .

I knew all the cocinita pooling had and saw in those cooking videos can't be authentic, I'm do jealous right now, I wish that cochinita

Good old fashion American food.

If u can any time u want to visit south India. In India u want to visit state named Kerala. There u got delicious foods in all over. Mainly in Malabar side. Kozhikode is the place that u will get different kinds of food in different taste. U will get owsem.

Does any one know the name of the song? It's an amazing track.

I'm starving I can pay 10 dollars for one of your tacos

Saaaaabrosos panuchossss water in my mouth

Hi Mark, so I have to say how much fun you are! I just ran across you, how lucky am I!! You and your beautiful wife and sweetheart baby boy. So mexico, WOW!! Tacos yum. Happy I found you, now we are in Hong Kong. What a great job. How lucky are you!!! Looking forward to your adventures. God bless, and thank you


Hi Mark. Love your videos. Could you please describe if there was a difference between the Mayan pibil and the pibil in the rest in the country. Thanks

Who controlling the drone?

You need sleep or something

Mark gracias por visitar mi lindó MEXICO

At the beginning I saw a "Star Fruit", which we have also in the Philippines. Then there is the "Atsuite" a kind of plant with the spiny like fruit the seeds inside is used as food coloring when mixed with water...likewise we have that in the Philippines...and also called "Atsuite"....

He didnt like that green tamale lml

Que video tan hermoso. Y aun viviendo en México no puedo creer que hayan dejado tan maravilloso legado en los alimentos. Gracias por visitarnos Mark y apreciar lo que muchos deberían conocer en todo el mundo. Un abrazo desde Tabasco, Mexico.

This is how we cook our food out in the pacific islands,in the ground,some do it above ground,same principal as shown above.

Hello Mark, I just came across your video this week, my exam is going on but I cannot help myself from watching your videos. Your videos are mind blowing.

Recipes would be a nice addition cause now I'm hungry...


That fruit that is used as coloring the meat orange is called "atsuete" here in Philippines. The outside covering is like rambutan and inside of it the small seeds of atsuete.

I am Mayan descent and I am a brit, slavery ....uuuuggg

So sophisticated, magnificent

Wow! The earth oven part is similar to how we cook some traditional food in Fiji!

Thank you!Now i'm so hungry,i'm gonna attack my cat!

U make traveling seem so easy and do you ever worry about crime when traveling

Equivalent to New Zealand Maori cooking. ..called Hangi .

That was not a 2 biter...

My taste in food is mexican, in fact I am allergic to wheat and milk , so Mayan tastes

In Argentina your name is CURANTO, is beautiful food..

You are killing me!!!! Wonderful video. My all time favorite is cochinita pibil

you need to try a hangi....its new zealands traditional earth oven but we do it different, we cook with the hot rocks but instead of taking the burnt ash out we have another hole ready  put the hot rocks in a clean hole, put all the food in baskets, the baskets in the hole and cover the whole pit with soaking wet cloth to create steam then quickly cover it all with dirt....its the way the maori people of aotearoa cook there check it out

Im so jealous

i keep waiting for you to get food poisoning, what is your stomach made of? I'd be Leary to put rock in my beans to cook

Mark, I enjoy your channel. So educational and informative. I love your enthusiasm . . . It is purely contagious


Stop shoving things into your mouth mate you might choke

Very cool video. I enjoyed it very much. Aloha from Hawai'i

I love to watch and learn all about those fantastic places that you partner is loving watching too. ..

Vinca Alfredo starfruit and atsuete are found in many tropical countries not just philippines. move along.

Great Episode Mark Wiens. I'm from the Yucatan Penninsula and this brings me back home as I live in Los Angeles, CA USA. The one thing I would say is watch out for the chili as I know your a lover of it. A lot of the chilis they use in our area is habenero chili which is way hotter than jalepenos. Cheers!!!

Panucho Suena como Panocha jaja saludos.

Watching your video gave me some great inspiration for new recipies :D looks like you had a blast. How awesome to have ancient food :D.

Ugh I miss my aunt's cooking, my family cooks that way. The other secret to it is the soil. If it's dry desert it won't taste the same, but if it's moist and muddy even the soil brings taste to the food :(

Hey Mark you should go to Honduras and try the food ther .

I want some of that extraordinary cochinita pibil!!

Keep up the good work.


Perfect this is real culture food nice

This is a video worth watching

weird all through out your mic placement was good, then you started noshing the food and it seems like the mic placement was bad..

Hooked on you and on the food. Gracias. Been spending time in Yucatan and going back. Would not have known about this food adventure without your vid.. I've stayed coastal and want to expand my understanding of this beautiful area and beautiful Myan people.

Thank you to the hard working , talented ladies making that good food ....

We just came back from vacationing in Cancun. I loved our trip out to Chichen Itza and Tulum, ancient ruins of the Mayans and was fascinated by their culture and wisdom at numbers and astronomy!

love it yeeeee

everytime he uses the drone i play wheres mark lol

We use annato liquid here to make our golden baked pastries

I cant watch the video without my mouth watering everything time

Gracias Mark por visitar mi México y mi. Pueblo chunhuhub Q roo soy afortunado soy de allí saludos desde. San Rafael California DIOS los BENDIGA



I absolutely love this idea of travel for food and document it. Brilliant! I love this guy, such sweet, sweet heart that loves food from all over the world. Just a special show. Thank you! Many blessings to you. Ashland Oregon USA

Wow that rock cooking process

Its really amazing how we see you eat, it,, we can see how delicious the food you eat by just seeing your reaction,,

That is freaking awesome I first saw your tape of when you went to Tokyo Japan and now you're Mexico at Mayans it's cool because the Mayans are my ancestors great job man keep it up

Lol fire pit!!! A pit... Lol

Hi Mark wiens, I've been your a great fan that I use to watch all of videos of different food culture of different countries. I watched Nepal episode too that I like very much being a Nepali..

oooh my good you are so lucky to eat there.. I am mexican and get that food is complicated...

I am so hungry now.

Gee, what a production for a tamale..

After living in mexico for 3 years I now sometimes feel sad for people in the US that have not tried these plates and only know taco bell pr other tex-mex style. People come to Mexico and enjoy the wonderful food

Mark drinks water: *cums in his pants*

I'm an American white girl but I have GOT to say thank you for taking the time to show the TRUE SIDE of Mexican culture!! We see and here enough of bad that gets so focused upon. I live in Washington State, not Seattle areas .... the dry desert farming communities and we have a lot of mexican immigrants from all the different countries and if you get to truly know them ... they are AMAZING people. Warming, comforting, loving, family oriented and respectful souls!!! You show the values they have as well as their AMAZING foods!! Growing up here I had more Hispanic friends than anything!! Every Sunday is filled with music, the smell of grills and food ... laughing and kids playing. Love it, thank you for showing the TRUE PARTS OF MEXICO

I made a bunch of Mexican movies before and I only hear actors talk about panochas? Is that the same thing?? Is it good, how it taste? Just curious?

Im hungry watching Mark eating and a pretty patient wife always beside is I think Mark‘s life is so wonderful

Yummy .. we cook a beef head the same way. It is the best barbacoa you will ever have... Mark dont stuff the whole taco in your mouth. Eat it slower and you will enjoy it more. J/S

Mayan? Where's the hearts of virgins in an earthy blood sauce? This culture is nothing to celebrate. At least the Spaniards came along & introduced "some" civilized culture.

This is probably my favorite of all your vids!

You should go to the north of state of Veracruz and taste the biggest mexican tamal "el zacahuil", would be a great experience and a very good video

big love

Hello try to food travel in north east India

will you all feed the baby...:O

Its called Umu in the Polynesian Culture. Lol. Underground cooking.

My mother is of Mayan descent, so it was definitely insightful to learn more about the culture of my grandparents. Thanks!

Traditional Mayan food but pigs didn't get to south america until like 500ish years ago give or take. Looks good but certainly not ancient. The chicken came to south america maybe 700 years ago. Would have been cool to find someone cooking the meat they actually ate.

Sorry, I can not watch more of this video, it makes me horny the way he talks about food! I keep thinking of women and can not consentrate, god dam it!

Woooooww yummmmmmm pork and atswityyyy

I’m jealous ahahah

Me rei mucho cuando se come su taco de frijoles

I really love your channel. It is consistently good and I have watched several videos already even though I just found you last week.

I want some !!!!

ohhh you should come around day of the death for PIBipollo, its the one that looks like a pie or the square but huge!! my favoritee

I’ve stumbled upon your channel and now I am hooked on it. Great channel and contact and family too. I just wonder how are you so damm skinny, give me your secret cause I love food. You enjoy it all. Love it man, keep it up

Those were orange, but sour orange.

The corn in the banana leaves remind of a dish we call commies in Barbados

ce faci mafoam manici mereu

i enjoy more the village vids.keep loadind

Mark you make me nervous when you go into these remote villages be careful please.

Come to central América

Is there anything you don’t like?

you know which food doesnt taste very good when mark doesnt make the face immediately lol

I like that you enjoy our mayan food.but please come to BElize, where you can learn more of the mayan food. great realy like to see you coming to belize and make video of our food too.please.

Your so cute .. ;)

Your expression after the every first bite makes me feel famished.

1:35 .... lmao the driver doesn’t know how to drive.

Do the mapuche tribe in peru next. Oh my love you do the most unique and most requested but never done! Love it! Thank you!


Yucatán is amazing. Thank you.

I thank you for respecting the food of Mexico. I laugh and sometimes I cry of joy watching you discovering the jewels of the Mexican approach to art/food. Thank you for showing me parts of my country that I didn't know existed.


That music tho...

Lovee all of your videos Mark! Avid fan here!! Whenever I am watching your videos I should be eating as well cuz my mouth is always watering

What they were eating was Panuchos, no panochas. When you heard the actors talking about panochas, they were talking about vaginas. Are you a porn movies director?

I love his face he makes when he eats.

I hope the baby doesn't fall ill in a 3rd world country. Not cool to expose a baby to Malaria, cholera, etc... Just not cool.


Someone give that lady a wooden spoon...

I need tamales now

Guys! Before watching Mark show please eat first, it will make you super hungry

Mark I love your channel. I have been looking forward to see you in latin america. Just wanted to mention that pigs were introduced by the spanish and because of this it would not have been the traditional meat of choice for the cochinita pibil. Thanks again for your wonderful vids. Keep posting.

This is the most disgusting eating and food show his wife and his friends eat properly but him? I’m gagging while his eating I think you need to chew a little smear of the paprika plant lol

One of your best videos

I cant help but notice how the cooking method, preparation process and thatch kitchen seems so similar to the Fijian traditional cooking method in the south pacific

mark, if you like the panuchos, you should try the panochas. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

can anyone tell me the title of music ?

Same face expression as every other video .. makes it repetitive

La auténtica cochinita pibil.... Incluso en el resto de México se consume pero nada que ver con la original

Welcome To Mexico Everyone

so far so good

We have purple onion in México, jajaja it's very common

Yeah you put the same face on everything so we don't know what is good or not

Wow wanna be there!

Oooh this video brought back so many memories of my mom, aunts and uncles cooking at my grandparent's house in Tixpehual, Yucatan. Thank you for sharing our beautiful culture to the world. This is the real thing. My grandpa would cook small green pumpkins in the pib oven...they came out oozing with caramelized sugar!

That food was fantastic. What a honor to be with those native people of the land. In Puerto Rico we use to cook everything 6 feet under the ground. 14 hours. Whole pig with all the trimmings.

Mika is so beautiful. May God watch over him and his family.

You’re little boy got so big. He is Beautiful and precious. You have a special patient wife.

Wow the Mayan food absolutely amazing

Food looks awesome. I suggest that you thank the cooks, as that took a long time, and a lot of work to prepare. Don't under-appreciate all that work involved.

Thanks for an AWESOME video............Am Hungry Hereee.

FYI: Mayan people use a CLAY COMAL to cook tortillas, that food looks delicious.

Very interesting never knew about the Northern Mayan( Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Old Guatemalan territory) culture cooking methods only down south in Guatemala, GREAT video.

I found your videos and have been binge watching them since! Love the foods and places you feature and your face just says it all!!!!

fake smiles

muy bonitos e interesantes videos saludos desde san Leandro ca usa

Awesome video!, Achiote flavor and color is extracted in many ways, my Grandmother use to put the seeds on cooking oil for a few minutes until the color and flavor came out, then she would use the oil for frying, salads and or general cooking.

Mexican food with Mayan influence ..not much, but there.

00:50 I thought Micah grew hair. It turns out to be another baby on board

Anyone notice his shirt lol

How delicious the Mayas ate

That is the real ancient mayans

That is truly ancient

i would pass that dish with the rock in the pot to cook the beans which were taken out of the fire. bet you those beans are super gitty.

I bet that waiting to get the food cooked for 2 hrs was more tiresome than the 3 hrs drive, and love the way you wholeheartedly eat that meal

love you always u are ALWAYS very humble and make me hungry all x

It’s so interesting to see the tour guide’s bilingual references by naming things in Mayan and in Spanish. Mexico has the best of both worlds. It’s incredible to see the integration of two different cultures, yet it’s also possible to see its components reflected in wonderful things, like the food and the experience. Thanks Mark!

how they buried everything there interesting never seen before cool

Truly enjoyed watching this! Thank you for sharing your experience. I often cook with Achiote but never knew where it came from. Very proud of my Mexican culture

Like your videos, but please mellow down on your mouth, you swallow food as though you had an alligator mouth.

Mark looks like he smokes weed

His facial expressions are everything!!!!!!!!

Where I live in Mexico we make panuchos with cochinita pibil

I really appreciate you, thank you for your work, my respect.


Remove the leaves next time

And ypur supose to put some pf the beans on the tacos

You were not supost to eat the leaf lol i bet it was strong

I love this video

Mark is a guy who respects all the cultures and traditions.....really Grool guy.... Great+cool =Grool

Mayan food is as unique as The Maya civilisation!!!!!!!!

Mark Wiens, you have such an amazing and wonderful life.... travel and food with your family, that's LIFE! if only i have all the resources and chances to just travel and be with the amazing foods anywhere I go.... i will definitely suspend all that i'm having right now. but of course.... i wanna do it also with my husband and my son. you are such blessed and wish u a long life ahead. and thank you for sharing to us your experiences in your travels and with the FOODS. not to forget.....the CAFFEINES.

such an amazing food, i love the way you eat, its awesome.. feeling hungry me now

achiote don't taste good mark lol we use to play with those as red lipstick lol hahahahaha

Wow I have been intrigued by Mexican food. But this Mayan way truly blew my mine. Thanks Mark

Every time he eats its like a kid opening a Christmas present lol.

I am Mexican and looking how our ancestor cooked is just amazing.

If im not mistaken that orange sauce inside the giant tamale is called Amarillo in Oaxaca

Ur son be like... I m the most travelled kid in the world.

Did you drink any coffee down there

They are oranges, probably the sour or oranges you had to drink as well. They sell them a lot at hispanic markets in the states :)

Beautiful people. Beautiful country. Beautiful food. And Mark you made getting into that hammock look really easy LOL

20:18 even for a Mexican that’s a lot of habanero. Hahaha, take it easy man.

I live in the Yucatan Penninsula and it makes me so happy to see you and your family enjoy the food of our ancestors. Btw, what you saw wasnt a lime or a lemon, its called Naranja Agria which translates to sour orange; its a special orange used to marinate dishes such as the cochinita pibil.

Dude no one wants to watch you stuff your face and chew with your mouth open and say oh

Why are you always smiling

Well that was awesome

I love my culture it's great all round especially the food!!! I grew up eating it and I'll tell you there isn't much I really like as much

You are simply amazing


645 people don't like this video, they must be KFC lovers.

Mark you are awesome mate. Love your videos, you live to eat as it should be. Keep up the amazing work.

Atsueta (anatto seeds)...we used that as food color to our food...but chldren will often used and played with it like nail polish

when she put that rock in the food there is a lot of ashes and might be sand. his facial expressions are same even when lying.

There's more to seasoning food than salt and black pepper.

Micah sooo cute

Doesn't the ash get into the beans?

He's too excited over every single thing. She's literally making tortillas and he says "OMG she's pounding dough to make CORN tortillas WOW" Also pls do not have hurt feelings i still ❤️ u

pupils dialated at 14:17 u can just tell its good

Your facial expressions are epic. :)

You are a badass my friend awesome video

Where did the Mayan/Aztec/Inca civillazations disappear to? Hint: who was roaming around a body of ocean half the size of the world using waves/currents/winds/clouds/sun/moon as their navigational aids. The cooking method stretches across from SE Asia to Yucatan Peninsula

u are a global citizen lots of respect from india ✌✌stay blessed always

What an amazing experience for you all !!

I am watching this video and I am already taking notes on integrating this to one of my English classes with my middle school students mainly because this is educational and eye opener and promotes tolerance of the diverse cultures of the world. Interesting, indeed! Keep it up!

I absolutely adore your video's! Little thing; the souds that leave your mouth while eating... really really really gross! I hope you have better manners when you are eating with unfamiliar people!

Thanks for sharing your videos sir...

Oh hoho ho oh oh

Omg his face is to much lmao

Why don't you try the Pilipino food

very similar to my Tongan tradition thanks for the vid i had no idea the mayan also cook in the ground oven... and similar foods thanks bro

this is on my bucket list. i wanna eat something in the traditional way like they did back in the day

Thanks to Mayans for their existance

I have seen this guy have so many food gasams that I am exhausted. Agent 86 out


If I were a Spanish conquistador back in those days, I would have spared the Mayans instead of butchering them. Just because I'd would become addicted to their food.


15:12 when you said the beans had pumpkin seeds. Im allergic to that but I wouldnt mind getting a rash for those frijoles. Omg. Lol

I'm amazed that in all of your Mexican videos never once did I see sour cream. I couldn't eat a taco without it. Or Modelo beer

Mark's stomach must be made of steal

Wow it reminds me of home polynesian way of cooking.... exactly the same

This is the first video I have seen of yours. I love how u get so exited over food. Your awesome

Tómense un shot de tequila cada vez que diga traditional

the way the Mayans cook their food in the earth is the same way the ancient Maoris of new zealand and other poloynesian island countries cooked their food, just wondering if theres any ancestry connection with both people..... interesting

Wow Never see She cookie Amazing I want to try camel there I love it

Panuchos freshly made are heaven!!! I married into a Yucatecan family and have traveled down to the Yucatan Peninsula twice in the last two years and I just LOVE everything about it (except maybe the heat and humidity). Panuchos, salbutes, relleno negro, queso relleno, huevos motuleños, pibes, kibes, tamales colados, tamales torteados, omg just everything!

Can't forget the cochinita pibil, sopa de lima and papadzules!!

How do you and your wife stay slim eating all this food lol. Go easy it will catch up with you. Make sure to eat loads of fruit and veggies and drink green juices and plenty of water to clean your pipes, blood and gut after this global eating trip. See it as a well deserved body detox.

The best food is prepared in leaves

Why do you always eat like a pig the foods not gonna run away

Grasias por disfrutar nuestras comidas y costumbres disfruto Como lo hashes

Came across your channel today and I’m hooked lol love it


Yum Yum



This is the healthiest and cleanest food you've ever eaten...

Just amazing to see how they are still keeping up with the tradition!

Mexico episode is my all time favourite. Beautiful Mayan culture

nobody wants to see your face or your stupid grin. just read the comments

I rather see less of your face and more of surroundings



hi Mark, you and Ying are wonderful couple I really feel the love and respect to both of you and I admire you because of your passion in eating, and every time I watch your blog I really enjoyed it, there are lots of place in the Philippines that you can enjoy the food. :)

Those bean tacos look so Good i would go to eat just that

Addicted to your videos, theyre so awesome! 8-)

Awesome video but, that seatbelt up next to the babies neck like that could actually partially decapitate him in a car crash. Anyway, the food looks absolutely amazing and has the freshest ingredients I’m sure! Gotta love once in a lifetime breathtaking trips like that.


Please visit El Salvador one day! So much good food and culture that goes overlook in Central America

Haja barriga pra tudo isso hein!? : )

I am... so jealous lol

Mike have you seen bhakari ?

So Mark, why is it that you and your Male Guides always pig out while your Beautiful wife and Son starve in the background?? JK...I know they eat, but you might to think about showing how they are enjoying the cuisine as well, so that folks won't think you are Rude, Crude and Socially Unacceptable! Lol. You do a really great job btw.

Love you Mark

Hahaha his “mmmmm” ‘s

Have you ever visit Puerto Rico?

Looks great! And yea, as soon as ANYONE in the Americas says "pork" there is no historical authenticity to the dish prior to 1539. May be cooked the same, spiced the same but piggies are an old world animal.

As always Mark, koup Jai lye

Masa is made from nixtamal, which is the dry corn quickly precooked with lime (calcium oxide), rinsed and rubbed so that the skin comes off, cooked again until soft, and then ground. Not dry corn mashed with water.

He’s a weird looking dude

My grandpa was from chinà nueva leon Mexico, any information would be appreciated

why are you not fat?? but oh Gosh the foods you get to eat while in Mexico... love

why are still thin?? all the wonderful foods you get to eat.. yum

why are you not I couldn't resist. all the wonderful food you eat. ugh the perfect life.

I love Mexico! it's an amazing place. wish you would do one on Aztec food... please lol

my family from Guatemala amd was searching mayan foods. Great video much appreciated and now im hungry lol keep it up amd thanks again

Mexico seems very nice place to live. I don't know why Mexicans want to live in a country where Trump lives on.

Wow is it not so appetizing?

Love the video and your cute baby...

I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! watching these epic adventures of fantastic eateries around the world. I’ve seen a lot of people try to do these episodes, but fall short and flat because they don’t have your story telling abilities! I feel like I’m right there experiencing the sounds, flavours, and aromas that you are describing. The pure joy and expressions on your face tells it all. It’s the next best thing to being right there. AWESOME JOB!

I've read on several occasions in archaeological papers that True Maya descendants have little presence in mexico, the people there are mostly a mix of different indigenous groups, where you'll find true Maya people is in Guatemala, the Maya capital. Good video as always, but make sure you present the facts correctly. Just remember that in Quintana Roo, mexico, in the years 920 AD the classic era of the Maya, the Maya collapsed and they completely abandon that area, and 100's of years later the Aztecs and Toltecs moved in and built upon those areas for close to a thousand years where the Maya had long abandon that area, so in that area where you where at, it was purged of any Maya people, and today it's mostly a mix of indigenous descendants of Toltecs and Aztecs living there, which is still so cool.

Like a Hawaiian imu,that’s how we do Kalua pig.but we cover the stones with banana leaves,and crushed banana stumps.wrap other foods with ti leaves.

Pretty sure you can get better Mayan food further south of Mexico. El Salvador or Honduras, maybe.

Was he suppose to eat the leaf?

i swear, sometimes i am sure of it, that i get a whiff of the delicious smells from the food you are eating...thank you so much for sharing your experiences, Mark, Ning, Micah and friends x

You have such zest and gusto for life. Glad I found your channel.

annatto in my country philippines we are using that also for making some color in our dish.

your son is so cute,he look like his mom

he cant be an alpha male.that boy got some sugar in his tank

Loved this video and once again, you make things I don't enjoy like beans even look great lol.

He dared to explore ancient food. Appreciable.

Mark Wiens eating is in a savage way.

Mayan girls are freaking CUTE.

Eat sooo much good food & still stay skinny!!


mark, you should do central and south america adventures next, then after that do the carribean islands, you should visit puerto rico my brother, im 100% puerto rican, i was born and raised in the states, although, i went to puerto rico every summer growing up to stay with my grandma, you would love it bro!

The food of nature, this is beautiful too see, I thought having a baby would make me whole, but cooking like that would make me happy to feed my family like that.

Mark you need taste Pozole, is a dish of a another world!!!

it looks like starfruit juice

enjoying the videos but the chewing.... omg. ahhhhhhhhhhh. makes my skin crawl, haven't been able to watch an entire video to length bc of it....


Mark has mastered the *eating, first expression after taking a first bite face.

His smile is just a little too wide to be human.

I am so in love with my culture, I have tried google search for an experience and I'm so glad that I came upon this video. I have tried to learn about my culture by cooking Oaxaca tamales. Is it safe to travel to this area of Mexico? My parents have discouraged me from going. I would like to go with my husband, I want him to come and learn about my culture with me.

Yummy Mexican food Iam getting hungry

CHUNHUHUB NO es el centro de la península, cheque el mapa y verán que el centro de la península de yucatan es TEKAX DE ALVARO OBREGON, YUCATAN

Oh my gosh, my mouth watering

mark lmao,afterr sippin on that you looked as if you wanted to throw up.

You have no idea how unpleasant is to see eating and talking in front of the camera

youare a great man Bro, I hope one day you Come to My country East Timor

Lol I'm watching u guys also on TV long have u guys been u tubing an vloging...let me no

Hey Mark I really enjoy watching all your videos boy u crack me up your son an wife are guys totally rock

Is there a video with you and The Food Ranger , the two of you running wild in Mexico?? If not ! Then you my friend need to make it happen!

Ancient MAYANS did not eat animal products or the disease causing diet of carnivorism, this perversion started in the 1960's. *From birth, you are indoctrinated to worship the man-made construct of Heaven and Space (Fiction).* Jesuit Creation Stories (see crypto Jew): Theoretical Science, THEO means God: *God Science* Space (Big Bang) ATOM, remove Electron create Explosion Creation Science, CREATION means God: *God Science* Heaven (Holy Spirit) ADAM, remove Rib create Women *The State Sponsored Religions are Atheist and Theist, both opposite sides of the same coin, and both pitted against one another.* Atheist The Jesuits, invented Big Bang, Spaceballs, and you an Ape like creature who requires the consumption of Flesh and Blood, to grow your intelligence, and evolve beyond your animal cousins. Theist The Jesuits, instruct you to obey God in Heaven for HE has given you every Clean and Unclean animal to be your food, for it is the creation of the Flesh and Blood that makes you one with God.

thats my babies name. trip out

can you please visit grandpa from grandpa kitchen??? That would be amazing!!

You dont drink anything with the food?

I accidentally came came across your channel and loved your beautiful videos! Also very educational my grandchildren are learning! TFS

I watch food channels when im hungry

Brohter Don't eat pork..

Awesome job..

THE WINNER ❤ I'm living in Cancun, but in my day off I LOVE to go to Valladolid or Izamal. The jewels of Yucatán

Any human flesh on menu?

Who vaccums the crumbs b4 returning the rental? Why is the tribal myan wearing pink moccasins?

Wowowo ymymym food good mark love it food

I just love your excursions to the different countries and the delicious food that you are exposed to. I laugh when you make those faces of deliciousness. Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? We also have the most delicious food in the world. God bless you in your travels with your family and the crew.

Everything about this is awesome

Mexico has an immense diversity of culture and food.

I am sick of his facial expression. It sucks . And why cant he take smaller bites

Mark you look like you fack it or trying to egsagreat how come you cool with hot stone right from the ash straight to the pan and try to cook instead of putting the pan on the fire and cook as usual that hot stone got a lot of dert ash and other thing shouldn't be in the meal this is my own opinion i just hang and write this i don't know what going happen let me keep waching if change mind i let you know

Just discovered your channel! And I’m in love!! I love you video still, your personality and your love for food!!

You should of put chile

Every time you take a bite, I feel like I can taste what you are eating smh I’m such a food lover

We need to keep our culture alive. It’s so sad that Mexicans in America grow up not knowing themselves, our abuelos, our tradicions. It’s so sad...

Stay healthy and eat a lot mark, love your channel

Can you please take smaller bites seriously

This was an awesome video to watch

Go to el savodor

They're indeed purple onions and are marinated with vinagre and usualy Habanero Chile

WTF with that bite !! 15:30 no way to eat a taco like that just if you want to dye


God Bless you Mark Wiens & your lovely family - Thank You for featuring Mexico


i love this video amazing we love you

Please let your friend know that the "V" sign is an occult in its core. Make a V sign with your fingers, then cast its shadow on the wall and you will see the outline of a horned "god" found in witchcraft.

No doubt that Mayans had rich culture. It's when there was scarcity the things they did are blood curling. Other than that food is great I'm sure.

The food looks so good!!

The subtitles are useless.

Subtitles in spanish ??

Most people would freak TF out watching a rock picked up from the ground with all kinds of dirt, charcoal, sand, and ash tossed into a pot to be mixed with your food, but Mark gets excited! This is why I love watching this channel!

Great that you shared food from a very under represented culture

Love your village food videos!

Dude that was mouth watering, reminded me of the Taco made in India with kidney beans at Taco bells ;)

You need to take smaller bites before you choke and also enjoy the food longer.

your videos are so hot .......havent seen one from uganda. am not ugandan though

Quiero comerrrrr yummmm

I love your videos man But you need to do Salvadorean food if you aver in California stop by my restaurant in San Pedro California

Sad when you think about how an entire civilization was erased from history and only small fragments of the past remain. There is an indescribable melancholy

you're always so exited to try a new meal! its awesome !!

I love this experience !!

I love your expression on your face everytime you eat and your family stay blessed..I love your videos

what a hard work and a waste of energy (human and natural ) to cook so little .

How unique

Mayan food looks great.

Wow that’s so much work for a meal.

I wouldn't want my beans being cooked on a rock straight from the ashes & dirt. I dont wanna be chewing on dirt & pieces of rock...How can they eat it like that. Omg...

Watching you visit Mexico and trying all these different foods is making me just want to go visit Mexico and my family again last time I went I was 5 and now I'm 18

I’m Mexican and I didn’t even know those Mayan tamales!!!

One bean fell off of your tok-sal

what a hard work and a waste of energy and time (human and natural ) to cook so little .

You make me so hungry for Mayan food.....yummmmm

I love your face whenever you're eating something, my friend, I'm Mexican and the only thing that I missed from México when I moved to USA was the food. I still miss it.

Cochinita pipil.need it bad.

I love how immersive you get when visiting places!  You find great spots and it's not the norm that caters to tourists.  You go for authentic and just dive right in!  Love it!

great video ! love the music

There is a traditional Mayan dish called Dzik like a sal picon. You can use beef but a small forest deer is the traditional. First time I went through it was mid 70s and roads were a trip. You did so well on this. Thank you.

I need learn how to to cook the traditional Mayan food

Hey try Bamboo chicken at Vizag, India


21:44 was he suppose to eat the leaf? Lol

Have you tried the traditional cooking of Guam?

la hoja esas son buenas para envolver el pescado save bien rico.

lol the maca

Me encanta que vas a lo mas original, se vende mucha comida en la calle y algunas de ellas son malas, pero ir a los lugares correctos cambia la experiencia, un abrazo.

15:54 We call that Natta here in Jamaica. Used as a food colouring here too.

You are eaty person mark ohhhhhhh

That must be where Hangi and Umu came from, it is believed that some of the Pacific Islanders came through South America.

I don’t even know how I ended up watching your videos, but you just got a new subscriber

Why does his eye balls always look like there gonna pop out his skull even times he eats something no offense just an observation


Stupid talking sense.

Your facial expression while eating looks funny

Why he always opens his eyes after eatting

Nothing I ever did before in my home country

oh that was something else Mark! Fabulous Maya culture and cooking. It's on my bucket list! ~ squeeze lime

I m 4rom india

greatest mark

3:35 in da morning watching your videos make me hungry!!!

Micah looks like the boy from the golden child lmao

mayan food it's delicious. ..

You have the same facial expression and the exact same reaction to every single food you try in your videos. I sincerely doubt you're being genuine in every single one of those.

The ancient pyramid builder are the ones calling themselves afro mexican. And they still look like them.

your son super cute !!!

Mark took fine dining to a whole other level! Great vlog!

UFFF!!! PIB!!! that's the best dish everyone in Yucatan is waiting during halloween season

i really like food but seems like too uncomplicated just to make food

I'm at California and since you like food go back to azcapolco to try the petroleras very tasty I bet can eat one

I live the Northeastern part of America where its not always easy to find Mexican grocery stores. But I found a Mexican deli where they make the most amazing roast pork that is sold by the pound. I try to make it at home but its never as juicy or crispy.

Amazing mark always amazing

mexican said they dont have maya blood

México it's beautiful and full of magic places, food and people. ✨

You should come visit and do a video in New Zealand

panucho   ,,,, I want panocha

This is an inspiring blog! I loved it! Makes me wanna go and explore the world too. Thank you

I absolutely love your channel honey

This is off the grid as it gets. Awesome video thanks for sharing! Everything looked so delicious, wholesome and pure.

It's crazy the people don't look Mayan wen you look at the painting they made on the walls in the pyramid

Mayan food my people meal!

Thanking you for sharing this...I love how honest you were about the food...Very enjoyable video ( Also loved the lady's food you bought at the gas station...Looked delish. :)) #ManyBlessings

i really like food but seems like too complicated just to make food

Robert Larios good

Missyou Simbolon uncomplicated is good no ?

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