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Please. Join me in welcoming along, with her daughter Peeta, Ani DiFranco oh. No, thanks. The. Mothership. Pretty. Cool. We'll. Just, leave. It like that okay, you. Want to sing a tune. This. Is not from my latest record. This. Is just a song that Peeta and I like to sing together. Are. You facing. East-west, or. North-south, when. It gets cold. Outside. Do. You get brought in but. You get left out you. In the shade it's, something, bigger. But. You right out in, the Sun, are. You down there the, trenches. Or. The top of a, mountain. Either. Way. You better, take your. Lemons. Make. Your lemonade. Have, your rainy parade. If. You felt the longing in. A seed. If. You felt it swimming. And. It's knee. Pushing. Through, into. The light. And. You know what. I'm saying. When, I'm saying, it's, gonna be alright you, just. Gotta take, your. Lemons. Make. Your lemonade. Have your rainy parade. Listen. To the, beating, of the drum. Look. At the smiles on, everyone. Who. Says it's, better to. Be dry. The. Mighty oak trees, are, so heavy, right now they. Could cry. She. Just gotta take, your. Lemons. Make. Your lemon. A have your, rainy Perret. Have. Your rainy parade. Have. Your rainy parade. Have. Your rainy parade. They. Get dirty so. That. Was I was thinking when we were singing that song if. That second, verse have you felt the longing in a seed. That's. You you're the seed that, I was writing about and. Now. You're here singing, with me and this is a song. Then. I wrote for Peters daddy. Long. After the seal is broken seen, you stumble, I seen you Chokin I think I love you even. More. After. Someone. When, sat, on my, broker's cut, a blessed. Think, I love yet even, boy. Can. You hold on to your passion. Now the bleep Bo's got tired EV says, I think I love you even, boy. Well. Boy come, here bring, me back after, when we were slipping, through, the cracks I. Think, I love you even. Even. More even. More even. More even. More even. More, even. More even. More even. More even. More even. More even. More, even. Both. Sale. Sneaked backwards, hell-bent, from. The bay to. The placenta, I think I love you even more. Retroactively. DNA. What's. Attractive. Who could say I think I love yes even, boy. Stars. And. If you desire. Highs blue. Blues I, think I love you even, boy. Oh. Boy. Come. Here bring, me back to, when we were slipping, through, the cracks I.

Think, I love. Even. More even. Though, even. More even. More even. More even. More even. More even. More even. More even more. Even. More even. More. Long. After the, seal is broken seen. Me stumble, you see me Chokin, you think you could love me even, more. After. Someone. When, said on your. Rose-colored, glasses think you could love me even, more. Can. You hold on do you passion. Now we, both got tired asses. Could. You love me even. Come. Here bring me back to, when we were slipping, through the cracks I. Think, I love you even more. Even. More even more. Even. More even. More, even. More, even more. Even. More even. More, even. More, even. More even. More even. More. All. Right. Please. Another round of applause Ani DiFranco Peeta to Franco I. Want. To thank you so much thank you for the beautiful performance, and thank you for taking the time to come and visit with us here in New York I know you have, a lifelong. History in here, in New York but, having. Relocated, you've been spending a lot of time back up here you, were up here a few months ago to receive a Lifetime, Achievement Award. Is that correct right. Yes, one, of those that's always good. Now. I can die it was, really the award of a lifetime is what I'm understanding. Yeah. No that's cool I love coming back to New York I do I do I. Used. To miss it like a person, after I left. And. Now I just like to visit like, we were talking about we were talking all morning off mic so now we get to talk into mics but yeah. Now the whole pace of New York and the just the circus of it I'm like wow cool, gotta, go well. And you're here now for kind, of a wild, event. Supporting. Cyndi Lauper and the the True Colors Foundation. Is that yeah, yeah. Benefit. To. Help, organization. That you know tries to get homeless. Queer. Youth a place. To be and, people. To support them yeah, it, brings me to the first topic that I wanted to discuss with you which is. This. All of these things speak to a career, of. Proactivity. Looking. Back through the, you. Know through the years you you have always been at the the pointed, end of the the proactive, stick and I. Find. That interesting in the fact that a lot of artists, are very reactive an event. Would take place and, there's a response, to it or a tribute, to some tragedy, or some. Sort of reaction. Based, and I'm I'm curious if you can speak about what it's been like to always be in that, proactive. Space instead, of just a simple reactive, space Wow I dig it I dig this the hole the, hole pointed, into the stick, I. Mean. What's. Yeah geez, I mean, I guess. Like. Anybody, I've just been trying. To speak my truth my. Experience. My. My. Thoughts my dreams my. Perception. In my songs in, my writing, and I. Guess. Personally. I'm always compelled, by art that is. Takes, risks, you know so. I've. Always kind of pushed myself it used to be really hard, to be that, in, the beginning, you. Know I I, used. To. Be. At the show tonight know my, mom or, you know will how and what, will happen when I say this you, know what and.

A. Lot happens. You. Know when you're like jabbing, at stuff and. But. I would say that the most important, thing that happened, over the years was the people came out of nowhere and said me too or thank you oh my god, and. All, of that like. Hearing. People repeatedly. Say I can't believe you just said that thank, you just. Meant so, much more than all the rest, so. It kind of encouraged, me to just, let. It go all those ideas of what's private, or personal or. Inappropriate. Or this or that or the other it's like it's all universal, it's none. Of its unique. It's. Curious that you said it used to be more difficult for you because I would, almost think that now, is a time. Period of difficulty, for anyone, being proactive there's so much, tension. And, so much pushback to, any push that. It's there. Does. That weigh in at all when you're when you're about to step up and make a bold statement of, like you, said before it was the you know this the idea of all my moms in the audience I don't want to run. Afoul of that but now. You. Know some, fraction, of, others. In the audience that are even more dangerous, than mothers yeah. I. Mean. I. Feel. Like. It. Was really good to just come out of the box with, my mouth and, spirit open and, just. Start, I mean when I was a, teenager. And I, started making my own songs, I. I. Started, pushing against. That wall of acceptability, and what you can and cannot say and can, and cannot be and really. Early on I just, was like you know f it just just. What's. Gonna happen to me let's find out you, know and. Twenty. Five whatever, it's been you, know thirty years later. I'm. In a great position now. People. Know I, mean I weeded out the riffraff a long time ago you, know people, I think. It's much more difficult if, you have. A secret. To. Let it go if you've never had secrets. It's. Easier, it's better you, know you, know people used. To ask me about coming out or this or then it's like I never was I was not in anywhere. So. And I think that that from. My experience, is. Better it's easier to do it that way to just I had. A young. Lady opening, up my shows recently, who's had. Some. Success. With a song. Online and she's a lovely lovely. Young gal and she's sort of just embarking. On a career in music and, she. Was saying oh you know I'm we, were talking. After one, night and, she said I'm pro-choice but I'm so afraid you know I, did. Today I come from a traditional, family I this and I that and I said just say, it just, say it the sooner, you say it the better say. Who you are what you believe what you, think because. From there it gets easier, every day, it's. I'm, gonna change. My plan now that you brought, this up because this, this idea of just saying, I wanted. To speak later, in the conversation about the idea of directness, and metaphor, but. We sort of skipped ahead to that in, in, your music, there's use. Of metaphor, but where you really. Get masterful. Is with just direct, statements. Like, you said I'm just taking, it head-on and tackling. It that way and I'm curious if you can talk about the choices of, when. You want to say something in a very direct fashion, or when you, reach. A little deeper for metaphor, to try and mask an idea or, bow. An idea. I. Guess. I use always, had, maybe. Just such a burning, every. Time I see a. Eastern. Medicine practitioner. And they say who your spleen, whoa, with the spleen I'm like yeah I know you, should see my twenty records, spleen. Music, and. It's just, you know it's just I, have. Such an urgent need, to I. Don't. Know beat back lies, and, silences. That. Often it drives me to just, say, it I. Think. That's just you know. Where, my music is coming from sometimes. I'm. Interested, in. How. Could you say it without saying it or how could you say you. Know, but. Oftentimes I, the. Direct route is. What. Is most appealing to me I used, to get a lot of flack for, it like we were talking about a, lot of resistance, a lot of pushback I when. You were forming. Your question, I was. Remembering. The first time I went to Italy to, play we were talking earlier about touring, in Europe and. This. Was you, know first time I went to Italy was probably, 20 years ago and it was in an age of flack you. Know that I was living in and I. Remember the first interview, I did in Italy and the dude was like, so. Many, artists. You know they, they. Say, they say it but they don't say it they say little metaphor they hint it you just heard. And. I was like that's good. You're saying that's good you know I never heard. A positive. Response. To that before, I just remember, that so clearly, that moment of maybe somebody, thinks that's good. Well. And it's it's curious with, the things that you've chosen to talk about and and you know we spoke a little bit about this before as you said but I was.

Immediately, In. Preparing, for this conversation. Just. Went, through the entire catalog again of flashing. Back bless your heart. Live. To tell the tale. But. A couple of things that caught with me were this directness, and, you, know I mentioned before something. Like gratitude. And. Recently. Of course me too has, found, a life online, and this sort of understanding. Of, women. Not being alone in these situations, and men as well in fact. But. I mean anything went back to was an early, 90s, when gratitude. Spoke. Exactly to that topic, and. You. Know another example would be like to the teeth this. Is something that is decades, old at this point but it's still modern-day, prescient. When. Something, happens in the world that you have spoken, or have tackled, directly, on that, flashes. You back 10 years 20 years into, your career how, does that land for you how does how do you process something. Like me - in light of the fact that twenty years ago you were standing up shouting, exactly, these words. Mmm. Yeah, sometimes, it's a little heart sickening. You. Know to, the teeth that you mentioned is a song about gun. Violence. It's. So long I wrote I don't know pushing, 20 years ago. When. I thought. It. Was completely out of hand. So. To pull that song out now and, play it is, you. Know kind. Of devastating. It's just. But. Things, do, change and, often, you think. You. Think this is just, the way it is we, just have to accept this is the way it is and then overnight it's, not you. Know and this me too moment. That, we're in you know I think it. It. Really speaks to how much. The. Dominant, culture. Is. Sees. Women, now compared. To, when. I was writing, that song even, you. Know the. Fact. That we're hearing women, give, voice to their experience, as. Though. It matters you know. Because. They're becoming. Human in the. Dominant, culture, and, now. We have to accommodate. That, experience. And those people in those voices, and those stories, you. Know it's one more voice. In the in the chorus one more person with a seat at the table you know and that's incredible. I've, seen a lot change. In. You, know I've, seen the work of feminism. Take. Hold around, me you. Know from. When I was first stopping around, saying. Stuff in my songs I've. Never and i've, actually on, that tip you know i've never felt a more receptive. World. Around, me for, a lot, of my feminist, ideas, you. Know so i actually. I'm. Very hopeful. Right, now you. Know I know it's a time of great peril. And. I. Don't mean. To underplay, that and a time of great, pain for a lot of people but I think that, the possibilities. I think there's a it's, a transformative. Moment we're. In especially, around, gender. Politics, and. There's there's more of that on the new album binary, which by the way in addition, to this incredibly. Proactive. Career. It's also an incredibly prolific career, in, the fact that is I read, somewhere, that it's the 20th studio. Album and I read somewhere else that it was more, than 20. 20. Albums 20. Yeah I know what the hell that's. Amazing. Yeah it's at least 20 there's, 20, of those suckers. Yeah, I don't know a lot of songs kids change the game though I've, slowed, right, down. But. But but not, for lack of just, still, creating amazing artwork, there's a great great album here and more, stuff, speaking, to what we were talking about a immediately. Play God jumps, to mind maybe. You could talk about that song and how, the. Nexus and Genesis of all absolutely, thanks. Yeah. I mean I started writing that song as kind of a bragging, I was, like what if I what. If I was like, you. Know. Cross. Between. Howlin. Wolf and Missy Elliott what would I write, right now you know and I, started, you know. Talking. About my life as an emancipated teenager, you know I was on my own at 15, and. You. Know never. Got nothing from nobody kind, of you. Know and then the. Spleen took. Over and. Something. Inside me just felt as, I. Was writing this. Dragging. Verse about. How. I'm, not a child, and even, when I was a child I didn't get a chance to be a child and I was. Not. I was. Contributing in, society. I was a part of society real, early on and then. You know my brain just sort of flicked to that too and so you cannot, treat, me like a child you know you tell. Me mm-hmm. What. I can and cannot do with my body when I should. Reproduce when. I you. Know if.

I Must reproduce, or you know this is. The. Kind of way. That women. Still you, know are treated in society is, as though they are inferior, as though they are children, you, know so I, I. Think of reproductive, freedom, as. A civil. Right you know I think that we need to talk. About it that way address, it that way I think we could. Use. Another constitutional. Amendment, to guarantee, women. Civil rights. And. ID. So. The. Song just sort of mutated, into a. Women's. Civil, rights anthem. There's. A lot of. It. Speaks to the the, title, of the album binary, there's a lot of dual meaning, and I find that interesting and that that story started, in one place and ended another, to. Talk about the the concept, of the. Entirety, in the album being, binary, and and what that means where that's where that's coming from yeah. Sure. Here. At Google, I mean. Binary. To. Me. First. Of all is not I'm. Not really, talking about either/or I'm, talking, about both always, you. Know I, I. Had. A run-in with the internet a few, years ago it came and found me in my house and bit, my head off and. Chewed. On it for a while and. That. Was sort of the. Beginning, of a lot of meditations. On consciousness. For. Me oddly. You know these ones and zeroes came. And. Changed. My, life and, hurt hurt, me bad and um. I. I. Started. To look at the whole world as made. Of relationship. Basically. That. Every, anything, that looks to be a singularity, is really a relationship. Everything. Is, two, things spinning. You. Know from, our atomic structure. You know to the, planets. And the stars there. Is this fundamental design. I think that is made. Of relationship. You know and I'm kind. Of us I'm fascinated, by quantum, physics I don't understand, it of course but. I like to read about it and you know, it's quantum physicists, I think. Through. A. Long. Trajectory of masculine, science. Have, come back around to sort of the reality, of the mother that nothing, exists, on its own only, in relationship, do, we you. Know I mean. We. Are just there's, an infinite field of possibilities, until. Something. Is observed, and they. Will go on to tell you that observing, something affects it that, observing. Is. Interacting. So, with interaction. Comes existence. You know I guess that's basically, then. Of course it's you know it's not disconnected.

With My feminism, and I. Think. That that kind of the. Ways that my brain has been spinning for the past few years kind, of weaves through this record so. That's why I took that song title to title the whole record. When. It goes even further than that because. This is a very interactive, record. For you I think in the creation right there's a lot of collaboration, on, this record and even, on the technical side more collaboration, than I think you've done in the past how, was the process of making binary. Different. Or familiar. Or unfamiliar, or taking, a risk yeah yeah yeah. Well often, I make, records by myself I crawl, into a hole depending, on what's happening in my life and. Make. A little record or you know I I, track the songs with my band but then I foots on my own and finish, it or something, solitary. The record right before this I, did. A lot in the, wee hours you. Know when the kids were sleeping in, headphones and. This. Time you. Know my, youngest is four four. And you know I, just. I needed to re-enter, the world and, interact. With adults and, creative, beings, and people who would bring ideas to the table other than me so. I I, tracked the tunes with not just my core band rhythm, section but a few. Other musicians. That I love, Ivan, Neville in New Orleans where I live and Jenny, Scheinman a beautiful, violinist. From out. West. And, then I just started calling up a lot of other brilliant friends. That I have I just don't, didn't, want, to be alone I wanted. Community. Back in my life. So. There's a lot of beautiful players, and. I. Had this kind of experience, of like the best Christmas, ever again and again where you. Know I. Sent. Justin, Vernon a track and then my present, comes in the mail Bing you know and I get to open it up and see this, beautiful chorus, that he sang on my song or it's just the. Most wonderful presence. Came, back to. Me from my friends and and then. I even, went one step further than. I've ever gone which is to have somebody else mix the damn thing I've, always just do I can do this okay that sounds good right you know. And. You. Know so my records, over, the years are unique. You. Know and. Expressive. You know and suit but you, know. Having. Brought, a. Creative. Mind like Chad Blake to, into, this project to mix it remotely. Once, again I just sent, him raw tracks, and I, got back mixes, was. Breathtaking, for, me I was like oh wow, what, if you're not crazy, and you, didn't just write the songs and, so, you know and and you came in with. An objectivity, and, a and a skill, that I. Could. We'll never achieve and mix it in perspective different, perspective. What. What a gift, wow you can, really do things in the mixing as it turns out you know so. I. Don't. Think I'll ever go back to ya, but you know I mean I've been thinking, about it lately you know the emancipated. Minor thing when you're just I got. This you know and you're just taking care of everything you know, now I'm 47, and I'm like I don't have, to do that anymore. It. Took me a while to let, go. It. Also, I. Found, that in, listening, to the record it's, it's super, broad. In style. And approach and there's some stuff on here that is very. Classic, Ani DiFranco, style. There. Are other tracks on here that are nearly, hip-hop, songs. And. Then like. Spider, is kind. Of this other into, that spectrum in a very indie rock kind of way where. Did where. Did the diversity come, from from this album was it out of this collaboration, or were, there trigger moments that were like hey I'm gonna go in this direction for, a reason. Yeah. I mean I like and. I've been hearing it from others that this yeah that there's, sort of diversity. Of the sounds. On this record and the and, I think that has to do with Chad, and with. You. Know the people that I worked with the musicians. Helping. Me translate, my songs and. Fully. Helping. Me manifest. Them fully, I think, that I've always written, really, in a diverse. Way. You, know I never. Kind of want to write the same song twice so, I'm always let. Me write a song standing, on my head, you know with, you, know a bucket, on each foot and see. What that turns, out like and so. I've done that all but then you. Know I think then. I just, play it like I always do on whatever is sitting around and, then. I just sort. Of mix it so you can hear everything and, but, I think when other people, come. In. And enhance the, creativity. That, exists. In the you know in the seed of a song and they say well this sounds to me like, we. Should go over here and look I have a I, have. An arc we can go over there you know and so, I think that, these. Songs were more fully realized in, their differences. Then, then, maybe on other records, well. I'm happy because. It, does take a lot of the music in a new place and. Speaking of the new place you spoke of a little bit of the internet coming to bite you a few years ago. Skipping past that I know that for binary there, are some, videos and we, were speaking about it before these were things that you would sort of independently, done wondering, if you talk about what it's like to be as.

We Said before sort of an old-school artist, approaching. That way and being thrust into the situation, to where maybe. Now just, an albums not enough yeah. Yeah. That, seems, to be true I think. I'm just a folk singer you know I'm a working musician and, playing, live, for people just being gathering. With, people, I've I think. The. Sort. Of fundamental. Reality. Of music, as a social, act is, really, how I feel it and that's what inspires, me and, so. I think I'm most inspired onstage. You. Know spending, an hour and a half two hours with people and. The. Kind of connections. That you make and, the kind of less alone that we all feel when we walk out of there and the kind of. That. Is what I live for and. The. Rest of it I don't know it's all changed, around me and I'd, be the last to really know you know I think it that's. One point in the 90s, people were like ani how do you do it you know show. Us how it's done and I'm. So far from being that guy anymore. I'm, an old lady and I have no idea, how. You. Utilize the technology and. The media and you. Know. To have a career in music in, the 21st, century I just, know, that I like to play for, people live. And. If I can just do that and, pay, my rent till I'm dead I'll. Be okay when, you were saying before that you felt very flattered. By your audiences, enjoying. That moment with you and participating. In that moment with you I think, it's very common for people to go to shows and the first thing that happens is the phone comes out yeah right we were talking earlier this, morning. And. I was telling. Matthew I have, noticed, this last, couple. Of months being on the road. Last. No, phones, no. Phones. In, the audience almost no phones which is. Noticeable. I feel. Like my audience were sort of the last of, the to, bring to live you know the show through the phone and, and. When, it came, into, this the, space of my shows I just like, I, guess this is the world now this is. There's. Nowhere to go that this is not the world so. All. Right and then, these last few months people just I got. The. Feeling. Like people are haven't had enough I've. Had enough it's like I want an hour and a half of. Being, in a place and a time with, the people that I'm with and, it just it was like look. At you guys. There. Hasn't been one glowing. Blue face tonight. Congratu-fucking-lations. We're. All here. Maybe. The the. Escapism, that the phone, initially. Served, is. Found again in putting the phone away and actually being a part of this yeah well we got deep, we got did you guys miss the whole conversation that meant anything, because. We get what's going on in new music, and who are the groundbreaking. Young. Artists, of today. And I of course PETA, will teach, me everything, I need to know eventually, about that but we. Were wondering. Together. If this. Absorption. Into the gizmos this, endless. Distraction. And entertainment. You, know is, has. Prevented, a generation. Or two of, groundbreaking. Music, you. Know you are not bored you are not desperate for. Connection, so. You don't have to go into your garage and, invent some convoluted. Way to. Connect. You. Just. But. But, we, were we. Concluded. This, morning, or at least we left off with well, maybe. That maybe, we're. Moving past, the. Endless, days of absorption. May that in itself is becoming boring, for young people, so maybe. That. Next. Awesome. Band or artist or, what is is right around the corner now. Well. The speaking, of next is a good stepping. Off point so I will say that those of you who have questions in the audience if you guys want to make, your way to a microphone I encourage you to do that no spotlight. Right by the mic there but. Before we get into that I would like to talk a little bit about next, I know that next year has a lot, of interesting, things queued. Up, specifically. I think babe, Fest is coming to, New York yeah.

Possibly That's, the big idea babe, fest in Central Park well that would be no, I hope. Anybody. Who has any contacts, with the summer stage people. Start. Pulling your strings now but. What else is coming up for for, 2018. Book. Book. A book, what. Kind of boy complete. Census. Spelling. Spelled. All, correctly. Like. I'm writing a book I'm, trying to write a book and. We. Are we talking to Nate narrative, well. We're. Talking memoir, oh. But. Of course it's all made up right we all have you. Know we're all just making up the story but. Um I'm yeah. I. Is. An, idea that I floated, for years, you, know back. When, I was you. Know the groundbreaking, indie, girl, the. Concept, was more like part, manual, part, memoir this, is what happened this is here's, some tips on how of. Course that moment is long past. And. I'm just. Just. Writing stories. In. A different format, it's, totally, different from, songs and, poems, it's. Crazy. To me and it's all called writing because it's just feels, so different in, its process but, I. Don't. Know I just, looking. For challenges I, guess as a writer so, that's, what I'm up to you well when you finish you'll have to come back and we'll do this all again okay. Cool let's take another question from Mattie. Hi, I had a bunch of questions but when I saw you saying mafia I, flashed, back to 20 years ago in my hometown seeing, Adelaide great Chris Whitley perform with his daughter Trixie, on stage probably. Around the same age as Peter and. So I'm kind of curious if you could talk a little bit more about the dynamics of, family. And music who's nudging who to perform together on stage how does that decision get made. How. You draw a line bouncing. Exposing. Her to the public on a stage two, photos, versus. Helping. Her find her own voice and, her art and her craft for, about, her music future, yeah cool cool, um, well. I guess first of all I start, with she I start. With her what, she wants you know she's, been touring with me a lot you know when she was a kid she was a road baby till three and a half and so she's, pro at. The touring, business and at, some point more recently she started saying. Mommy. I want to come sing, on that song or that okay. All. Right you know don't push them on stage but say, yes if if that's what they choose and. It's. Sorry. Pete if that we're talking about you, but. It. Made all the difference for me as a working. Musician, mom, because. Music. Was my first baby you know and, the. Subsequent, babies that have arms and legs they date and they not well for. The guitar I, mean. They could be playing happily, force, if I pick up the guitar and try to do my thing up they shut, me down, shut, me down, no, drifting. Off mommy, into, your world me. It's about me now and so. That was hard as an artist you know. The. Little guy I have a 4 year old son and he's the same way now, but. As soon as PETA decided, I want, to be a part of that then. It became our thing it, was not my thing anymore and. It. Changed, the. Whole atmosphere around. Music which. Is just thrilling, to me I mean I love. To sing but I love to sing with my daughter even, more you, know so yeah, now that we can make. It something we do together it's, opened, up a new, whole. New era for us. Thank. You for your question let's take one from this side hello. Hi first, off thank you so much for coming, I truly, believe you are one of the greatest poets of our time and, don't actually have question this is a statement I'm gonna embarrass myself I apologize I was. One of those kids I grew up in rural Michigan, I was the G in LGBTQ I didn't. Have anyone to talk to and your, music got me through and I. Would not be here today without. You so I just want to say thank, you thanks me and I'm gonna get, off because I'm probably gonna yeah. I'm, gonna cry with you. Yes. Yay, yay. - realness, and being your whole authentic, self thank you for that moment of vulnerability, yeah.

I Hear, that a lot and it keeps it keeps me going through. The hard moments. That. Means the, world to me. For. Me to you thank. You as well but I want to kind of know about your how, you feel about your brand from. An external standpoint. I kind. Of see you have this personal, brand as I've. Been. In this side of you all of these years you. Now have a business, brand you, have this cultural, brand as well and, you. Also now I'm hearing you have this other thing that's mommy hood that, might prevent either the, evolution, of or the, building or separation, of another brand what, is your brand mean to you and can. You share your thoughts of that over time, yeah. Sure. Let. Me see I, think. What. I tend to do is not think, about it I. When. When you were. Talking. About the elements in your question. I. Was. Thinking about a store I hear so many wonderful stories from, people who have intersected. My music, or my brand even, I. Heard. A story you, know and I get these. Letters and, and that. You're just like food for, me you know that that nourish, me back, and I. Got, a letter a little while ago from a mom who. Is. A. Fan of my work and, she had a righteous, babe, sweatshirt. You know with the logo. And. Her. Young daughter said. To her mommy, is that a girl or a boy you, know striking, this muscle, man pose but with a skirt, you know the little logo, that. Started off as a picture of me hamming, it up you, know I hate cameras, so I'm gonna do something ridiculous, and then that became the logo and that became the brand you. Know righteous, babe and. So. Here's a little girl who I don't know talking, to her mom who's, found, something, in my music mommy. Is that a girl or a boy that's a girl sweetie, and, then, the, little girl said is she so so, so, so, strong, and. Her. Mom said yeah she's, so so so so strong and she. You know and this is all in the letter and then she said there was a pause and, her. Five-year-old said. I want. To be like that, and. I thought whoa a logo. Hmm. I, and. I don't think that that's gonna inspire, me to think about it or how can I tweak the logo or how can we work, the brand to make. More, value, for I just. Try, to. Do. What I do and be Who I am and write the. Best song I can be and give, it in the most honest, way I can in whatever moment and hope. That these. Peripheral, things like. You. Know the idea of righteous. Babe Records and the, look of that logo, and will do their own work, around. That you know if I just stay focused on what I know and, what I'm, good at that, you, know those those peripheral, things like the righteous Bay brand I mean we are trying to put. A festival, together and. Maybe I have, been inspired by my new team to contemplate, it more. To. Try to reinvent righteous, babe and what does it mean to.

Stand At the intersection of, art, and politics, and who. Else can we help or invite in or what, other communities can we help. To. Bring closer together to make stronger, through a festival. Through a branded, festival, you know so. I try. To work with people who do understand. Such things and can you. Know build, momentum around them but for me I just try, to you. Know focus, on being an artist and, a. Mom. What. It's, it's curious I'm gonna follow up on her question if I can because the the, label came out as a function of need right you, you, created, it not to hate, we're gonna make a ton of money by releasing albums but because you needed a way, to get your music out and I think what, I have noticed is even, with other artists, on the label it's it's, not out of hey we're gonna put this out and make a ton of money off of it but it seems to come from this, music deserves it and, I wonder if that functionality. Speaks, to to, what you were saying as far as not having to worry about developing, the brand just. Doing, what needs to get done yeah. Yeah, it's, one. Of the great ironies of my existence, if you're me is this, label, entrepreneur, that, has followed, my name, for. 30 years and it's, so. Not. The point it's. Like so far. From, the point, that. It's it used to really bug me you know I mean of, all the things that you, know songwriter. Activists. Some Sun entrepenuer. Huh. You, know okay right I guess, I started a record, company, but. The whole point was really. To avoid, the music business you know the whole point was can you just. Make. Music your job without, having to. You. Know. Get. In bed with business. People profit. You know bottom line. Oriented. People. Not that the music industry, is full of bad people they're good. People. It. Just I, think. I was such an idealistic, kid, that it's sort of I looked at you. Know the intersection, of sort of business and corporate, culture and and art and I see commodification, I, see everything, beautiful.

And Vital come out of the underground get commodified, and die you. Know and I thought ah I, don't, want to be a part, of that process even if it serves me you know I just I find, that to be such a bummer. What, how. Else could. It be done you know so the point was really just. To. Never to I mean, for me to just follow my teachers, you know the people that really. Made. My world bigger and. Less. About myself instead. Of you. Know you should wear this and play this song and make this happen and do here's how to you know it's just like I don't want to think about that I want. To think about something meaningful, you. Know so. Yeah. I guess it was just like a it, was a problem-solving. Process it was never about running, a record company but, about how can I dedicate, as. Little. Energy in, that. Direction as possible. We. Are running close to time so if you guys have a couple more questions with taken please, all. Right so that actually dovetail perfectly with, my question because I'm curious you said you set up the record label not out of the joy, of wanting, to run be a business owner but just to you, know improve your direct connection with the audience and be, able to get your music to more people and I'm curious if like now, speaking, of the ones and zeros do you feel like that's still working or do you feel like you're sort of inevitably, in an embrace with Spotify. Pandora Apple, music Google Play Music whoever and. If, you were a young artist starting, out right now would. You try. To leverage those or would you still try and do the whole thing yourself I. Mean. There's, so much to, know and, navigate. Now you, know to have a career in music and I. Certainly, don't think I'm. A voice of authority or, knowing, necessarily. My. Basic. Approach is to just let, go you know, to just let, go to. You. Know as the, music. Business and, the world of, you. Know changed, around me like let go of, the old and. There's. Music free now and can, musicians, have a, job. Of music, if it's just, free and you can't commodify, it at all or how do you and and. The little guy is struggling. So, much and and you. Know people have asked me what I make about these streaming you, know and these and. For. Me I think you. Know I just have this sort of really, basic. You. Know primal. Approach, which is, acceptance. I can't. Control. How. People get, their music I. I. Just, let, it all happen and, I, hope that, the. And, I. Have found, through, this just sort of ignorant. But, but, faithful. Approach. Of I'm going to apply as much consciousness. As I can. Through. My work and, hope. That that comes back at, me from the universe, you know hope that the universe has a place for. Me in my art. It. Has found. A place for me so I'm one of the lucky ones I mean maybe it's easy for me to speak, in such trite terms because, the universe. Has held, me and I'm very lucky. But. I think that when, you are in the groove when, you're in the flow of, yourself. You, know of whoever. You are and whatever you have to offer. There. Is a place in, the universe for it you know so to. Calculate. You. Know what obstacles. You know. Change the flow or guided. Or. I, don't. Worry about that I just worry am I being true to myself am, i giving what, I have to give am i, listening. To. You, know the. Voices that guide me. And. So. Far it's it's worked out. I. Don't know if that's an answer but yes, thank you thank you, well. And I want to thank you I want to thank you for your, time to come here and and be with us today I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness, in this conversation, it's really been a pleasure.

And. And I hope that everyone else would join me in thanking, you as well thank you very much. We. Are running close to time but I'm wondering if you would do us the honor would you mind performing another song yeah well play one more excellent. Thank you so much. Where's. Peeta you are saying. Yeah. Here we go. So. Yeah. So. This is that song play God that we were talking about. Intergenerational. Feminism. I. Was. Done, 16. Showing. Up for class I, was, out there in the ring learning. How to kick some ass I, was, done at. 16. Using. My mama's, key, it. Was all on. Me. It was all on me, were. No free. Rides were. No I use. I. Pull. My. Way yes, I paid, my dues, and. I showed up to, enlist, on the first day of recruits. How. About, you. How. About you. And. I my brother's. Keeper. Every. Chance I can, and. I pay my. Taxes. Like any working, man, and. I feel I've. Earned. My. Right to choose. You. Don't get, to play God, man. I do. You. Don't get, to play God man. I do. You. Get to. Run over, into. Your special, way you. Get, much. More much. More than your say, government. Religion. It's, Sarge's. Patriarchy. I, must. Insist. You. Leave this one, thing to, be eat me. Oh oh. Yes. One, day ee ee ee oh, oh. You. One, thing to, me EEE. Oh. Leave this one. Thing. There's. One thing that. A man needs to. Be, truly free. This. Is the. Modern world and that one thing is money. But. There are two. Things that. A woman, needs. Control. Over. Her. Own body, he. Is I pay, the. Price on, top, of everything. Each. Month, a bill, each, month of. Record, name, and. Each see that. Dies I, cry and, I bleed, so. You can, tell. Me now, you can't, tell me, you. Can tell, me nah. You, can't tell me. I have. A soldier. It's. My blood that slows I, gave. My. Life so, that this tree can grow. You, don't know. Creation. Like I had no so. You can, tell. Me now, you, can't tell me, you. Can tell, me, no you can't tell, me, you. Get to, run a bar in. Your special. Way you. Get. Much. More much. Fun and yes a. Government. Relief. German. Soldiers. Patriarchy. I, must. Insist. You. Leave this one, thing I, ve b, ee oh. Oh. Yes. One, thing to, me ee ee oh. Oh. One. Thing to, me ee ee ah. Ah. Yes. Leave this one, thing. Cuz. I'm my brother's, keeper. Every. Chance I can then. I pay, my. Taxes. Like in working, man, and. I feel I've, earned. My. Right to choose. You. Don't get, my god man. I do. You. Don't get, to play God, man. I do. You. Don't it, play, God man. I do. Ani. DiFranco, Peter DeFranco thank you both very much. You.

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