Animal Kingdom 360 Live Stream - 2-2-18 - Walt Disney World

Animal Kingdom 360 Live Stream - 2-2-18 - Walt Disney World

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Hi. This is Josh antenna. With, resort TV one and we are alive right, now. At. Disney's, Animal Kingdom in, 360. So. First. Of all if you're watching, the replay make sure you subscribe hit, the subscribe button also. Make. Sure that you hit. The bell to try on notifications also. Make sure that you check, us out on all social media and since. This is a 360, stream, make. Sure that you are trying to watch this on a smartphone, tablet. Or. On a laptop, or a computer device. So. Make sure you watch it on one of those devices. Say. Hello just repress alright great hey, guys we're trying to look at the chat here. So. Yeah. So. We're in 360, tonight and, we can't see the chat yet but, we are here and what you can so, you can swipe around I know my hands look funny but you can swipe around and you, can see us we've got resort hopper shirts on courtesy, of the rain waters. And. Then, you can also. Swipe. Around the whole app wherever you want to go you can look at the tree you can, look at the sky you can look at the ground whatever you want to do so. Has everybody seeing us, everybody. And. So yeah, so if you're on a TV right now and this looks very strange unlike, a Smart TV or something, get, out your smartphone or, your tablet and. Watch. On that and then if you want to you can actually cast your. Smartphone, too, you can actually cast your smartphone or your tablet to, your TV, so, that's another way you can do it. Cool but weird at the same time those from John yeah, so. Anyway we're trying something new one, of our awesome resort hoppers got us a 360 camera, and so we wanted to check out so let's head up towards Africa. And. We're actually not able to use this move with this but it's supposed to have stabilization, on it so we're gonna walk. Yeah. Do it. Before. It gets dark let's take a look at Pandora in 360, let's, do it so. Sorry, guys if it's a little bouncy it's supposed to be stabilized, but we can't it's too heavy to use the smooth with this particular, this. Particular camera and again one of our awesome errs what hoppers got us this. Basically. As a gift and they want to remain anonymous but. We're, really really super excited and again that Resort hoppers shirts we have on if you want to flip around you can actually swipe around on your screen and you'll see the resort hopper shirts we have on which we're made by the rainwater. So. Thank you to the rain waters for that that was super cool. So. This was a surprise, that like I said that we got this 360, cam now we're not going to use this on every single livestream ever, because. It only lasts for an hour but one of the things besides, the live streams I'm, actually looking at doing fireworks with it when we have fireworks streams because you'll be able to see all the fireworks, and. Then the other thing. And, the, other thing is that, I want to use it for is 360. Videos because you know there might be a 360, TTA video coming your way. So. In actually on it streams we should be in 1080p right now but. It streams and it. Actually takes videos in 4k so anyway. It's a great device how's, the sound everybody. It's. The insta 360, one. So. Let us know how the sound is guys a. Little. Blurry okay. So. We're if you're if you're watching this on a TV and it's kind of weird we're, gonna switch to the regular stream on the, regular, stream in about an hour at about 7 o'clock well we are going to go ride the Safari in 360, firs and, we've got a lot of things planned tonight so anyway.

So Just kind of stay tuned but yeah so we're, excited. Class. Funny and that's the one thing yeah we're not going to be able to do anything we were to make any funny faces. All. Right I don't. Even know how many people are watching, oh. I. Forgot to mention that the the chat the, video is gonna be about the reason we started late we were actually running a little late we, met some awesome resort hoppers tonight I wanted to talk to them but, also, we. The. Video is going to be about 30. Seconds, delayed because, YouTube has to do some processing to get the 360 together. So. The video is about 30 seconds delayed and that's. Why it's a little bit it's gonna be a little bit behind. New. Rising votes, for the interchangeable, many years I have, but I've only seen them on videos where do you get them are they here yet cuz. I need them. Let's. Go look at these floating mountains in 360, everybody so. They, said the quality is fuzzy that the sound is good. Okay. Well. I set, the stream at a certain bitrate so I didn't know how much the cellular connection would handle we might try it again sometime with, a higher bitrate. 410. Are watching wow that's pretty quick. Well. Hi everybody and again like I said if you're watching on some kind of a Smart TV just be aware that we. Will we. Will be streaming a normal, stream later but I know this might look strange on that kind of a TV now some of the newer Smart TVs will do 360. So. Anyway but, uh oh. Yeah. Yeah mom and dad and Richards they can't, hide it anymore they're on it, Richard. They can watch themselves. So. Thanks everybody and help, Jenna out help everybody out because Jenna's, reading chat and then we'll switch and, let her know if there's any donations, or anything like that so sorry we're not really chat as much. Ok. That's, pretty good quality richard was showing me the stream on his phone it looks pretty good. We're. Already in something. Oh. Yeah. I was going to say you can actually you, can actually switch, at whichever direction you want hello. We. Can action you can actually switch with that whichever direction, that you want on. Your phone you can swipe your phone or you can point your phone. Yeah.

You Can either just turn it or if you don't if, you want to sit still you can you can you. Can swipe around on your phone in your device so either way you want to. So. Yeah so if you can't. So. If you can't see us or. If you can't see what you want to see either, tilt, your device a certain way or, swipe, around on it or if you're on a computer there's, a little cursor. An arrow box at the top left corner of the computer and you'll. Be able to swipe around on that and you'll. Be able to see you'll be able to change directions so do that. That. Would be that would be like really, that, might really blow, the universe up. Everybody. Liked our Back to the Future references, where we told where we went back into a wall to to, not let, horizons be torn down if. You didn't watch our Q&A video one of the things we said to Walt was don't, tear down horizons, before. You before you pass away well tell everybody that you cannot tear down horizons. It's. Pretty new technology, so if there's any glitches and. We're just want to try it to give you guys something new so yeah. So. Anyway let's. Go overlook the waterfall. Okay, we're not getting a picture. Yeah. So I was gonna say you don't have to worry about like me pointing the camera or Jenna point the camera certain way you can point it you can look at whatever you want to look at. This. Is really cool guys I hope. That hope, everybody's enjoying it. Jenna's. Talking to the phone oh we don't have a selfie mode because they just saw you do that that's. So cool, the. Weird thing is that the app doesn't actually change directions, when I switch my phone a different direction so I have to actually like I have to actually like, pan around on it. Yes. We need jambo to the cast member. Well. There you go everybody. Oh, it. Even shows how many frames per second we're doing. Buffering. Okay why yeah. That. Is weird Richard s picture I think, you have to refresh probably, but that's alright just close, it oh it hit the down arrow at. The left right there and, now quote not hit the X now reload it I. Told. Jenna to reload. Alright, Jenna's watching the chat sorry again that we're not up. To date on the chat as much as we normally are this. Is like I said this is something or trying different and we really just, wanted to try you know different. Different thing here so anyway oh. Okay. Yeah. Sorry guys I'm not sure I wasn't sure about the connection so well well, we're, in a bad spot let me keep moving we're in a two-bar zone here so, give me just a second we'll get out of there. That's. Weird I didn't, know that this particular. So. We're gonna keeps moving. We're. Both looking at our phones yeah. We're. Gonna get out of here hold on just a second guys I'm sorry about the the. Buffering. Oh. I. Bet, it I bet it does. We. Don't even have virtual, reality people. Have two dudes left. Why. Is that having problems of connection right now still that's weird and. We're at zero frames per second right now. For. I don't know how to fix that, sorry. Guys again we're just we're doing our best. Here. You. Oh. Awesome. Yeah just exactly what we wanted. Okay. There, we go it should getting should, be getting better now. So. Apologies if the stream kind of buffered guys for a little bit there I. Said. This is just new stuff but we're really glad to just. Try and bring you something new there we go now we're full signals so we should be good in, about 30 seconds everybody should see this. All. Right are, we getting chat comments. How's. It going. Oh. Well. You sent me an email he wanted to know if we wanted to do a tour of the room but I can't come over this weekend so unless you want to do it. Thank. You, resort. Hopper card for you - there. You go I. Love. Your shirt by the way darkwing duck that's awesome. Joel. And. We. Long we lost it in Pandora so we're good now though it looks like so. Really. Nice well. Thanks for the offer yeah just the schedule is just tough this week.

Hope. You guys have a lot of this fun last couple days here really oh. Yeah. For sure coming from Indiana. Nice. To meet you too, bye Joel again. Alright. Everybody. Okay. So. We're. Gonna Smoove on hopefully all the hopefully, all the. Hopefully. The stream. Is better I saw the framerate was back to normal so let's read some comments okay I. Can. Hold those if you want my bucket. We. Just we just went we just went there it did have some issues with the signal but we're still gonna try it. Okay. Sorry. Hey. Be our fam they've got a great channel be our fam TV check them out yeah. Isaac hi Isaac. Yeah. Hayes, the stuff that we may just have to go all the way down and repost. Your comment guys we kind of had a little issue, there hopefully. Everybody's good on this the stream should be good now. Yep. We got that and we're gonna do that for sure. Muscle. Up er fam make sure you check them out they're a great family channel for sure. All. Right mr. master. Okay. Should be should. Be better now. Yeah. 360p, people, watching that's for sure. Yeah. The, Rainwater's made the resort opera shirts we haven't figured out how to like offer those for sale yet. Because. They made these on a special, machine that they have that they bought called, a cry cut machine a, Cricut. Yeah. Franco. Cricut. Quite. Well. It doesn't look like the regular spelling, of Cricut that's why I got confused, but, anyway so, we're gonna try and figure out how to make these so that we can get Resort, opera shirts for everybody if you want to yeah I love, these shirts though the design is great and they really appreciate them sent him to us I can't we're really excited we got to wear them tonight, yes. If. We can just figure out to say their name oh. Yeah. We'll just send us a addressed. Envelope, I think we could probably take care of that well. I want to make sure we didn't miss any donations or anything I'm sure they tell us that we did right okay. Good. Okay. Yeah mom and dad would have seen it so either we, weren't looking at chat for a long time there so I just want to make sure that we didn't miss anything. Really. It shows it's solid right now on mine but. Jenna's. Is frozen cuz she didn't hit boy. Oh. Craig. W's that's got my VR on awesome. Hi. From Rene and Jaden from Braden Florida, hey guys. Don't. Kill. The. Rain waters made our shirt yes. Got. To meet them one December yeah. I. Know. It's gonna get dark but we're you know we're gonna try to get on the Safari here in a little bit so shout out to Scott and Kathy Josh. And Jenna fan club from Chicago, hey guys. How's. Everybody doing, I wonder. How many people watching I know we probably lost someone the lag but we were up to 400, so. Big. Houses I don't think anyone can donate because, we can't focus. Sorry. There. You can see you. Can see a Everest. Over there in the distance. Yes. They were, yes. Aviation, photography people were so great. We. Had a lot of fun and we hung out with him after the stream for a little while too we, were like the only people left on Hollywood Boulevard that, was awesome. So. Again sorry if this is if this is weird for anybody we just want to try something different oh. Wow. A, hundred, dollars. Thank. You blue polo oh my goodness, we'd go to selfie mobile already himself ebrary you. Want to see art that yeah just switch it around he knows how to do it but thank you so much blue polo. Hey. Paula how much. 50. Dollars from oh, that's, from Serrano. Thank. You Serrano. Wow. So uh-huh right in a row hundred dollars from blue polo and fifty. Dollars from Serrano, Serrano. Appreciate. That very much and. Check out the band here. Very. Cool. So. How's the signal now my phone shows it solid right now but I again I don't know what your experience is so. Thank you again so much blue, polo genis, Gina's is solid here in the park but she's, watching it right now. It. Has a special feature where it will actually, it'll. Delete the phone but for some reason it won't go far enough to delete my hand so. Yeah my hand probably looks like deformed and twisted. And. Oh Richard. So. Anyway guys yeah this is like I said this is just something we're trying and, we really appreciate, their resort hoppers that bought us this 360, campus it looked like I said we're not just gonna use it for live streams we're gonna we're gonna do regular videos with it too, so.

We're Excited about that, absolutely. Well, you know like I said the first time we've ever tried it so. Going. Well yeah I heard the groundhog I don't know I saw it you saw the shadow. Well. Richard. Has a past, wherever. He goes. Richard, has a pass it at six Tim ours is a little later at, 6:45 so we may have to wait a little bit to ride it but I wanted to come over here to Africa to show it before it gets too dark so that was the one thing guys I've tried and tried and tried to get an earlier fast pass for this ride but I couldn't get anything earlier than 6:45, so, we're gonna try we'll, see what's going on but we lost Richard, mom and dad so hopefully we can get them back here in just a second hashtag. Fine Richard mom and dad. Well. I don't know I know there's not a lot of people doing in 360, I know that for sure so we're it works we're trying it we're we want to break new ground right, it. Looks like the camera is still picking up the dark in, the dark too so that's good. Yeah. Actually looks like it's picking it up pretty good, okay. Good it's actually. A lot more bandwidth, to do 360, than it is regular video so. Yeah. We're gonna work we're gonna ride it we've gotta wait for our turn. Hey. Laura. Insanely. Good that's awesome. Okay. So. Give us an update on how many people watching and how many people how, many likes and all that stuff make sure you hit the like and all that good stuff and hey subscribe if you haven't already done so we're gonna be doing a lot more 360. Live streams and we're gonna be doing a lot more regular, live streams and 360. Videos and we got all kinds of stuff we can do now so. Yes. Yeah. I don't put that one in 4k oh. You. Were checking for we're, checking for gummi spiders, Richard is on a quest for gummy spiders. All. Your gummy spiders are belong to us sorry. That's that that's that video game reference so. We were gonna see if they'd let us on with your Fastpass I don't know if they will we can go try it where's.

Mom And dad oh yeah they're gonna be with them right. Now okay alright so, here. I am. That's. Surreal I, have. To actually flip though I have to actually flip the screen. Around. Thanks Oscar, $20. From hospital mile that was a PayPal one cool yeah, thanks Oscar we appreciate that so. Well. Hopefully the stream holds up on the Safari, if, not we'll definitely do a regular 360. Video of the Safari. Yeah. So. Anyway we're gonna see if they'll let us on but hopefully. Uh this. Is pretty cool. Richard. You have to let me know if you see any comments here I need to read sorry I'm not reading as many common sizes. If. You see the ground make sure you point your phone up yes. Yeah. And you can actually cast, your smartphone, or your tablet, to, your TV if you normally watch on a TV so. Again sorry for, everybody that is. Watching, on TV that looks weird that's, what you can do. Hey. Yes. Richard, Richard is supporting our theme life tonight which is one of our partner channels so, go check out Mike and Jen from our themed life there are awesome amazing people. Yeah. I know they said he said they were already missing Disney World so. Yeah they were it was awesome to meet them such nice people we had so much fun at a, bb-8. And all the stuff we did. It. Was fun. So. Yeah like I said I can't see the chat on my video which is why I'm just kind of talking and I have to rely on everybody else to read, it to me. I am. In our great-grandmother. Let's. Go after the cast members if they'll let us do, this or not before it gets too dark, oh. Thanks. Thomas yeah, thanks. Here. We go guys. We're. Gonna try. Tonight. What's, that I, don't know it's a good question so Jenna go ahead and ring if you see any. So. We actually. We. Have different times, can. We go on on we have we have fast passes we all have different times we go on in his band like. Yeah. I. Was. Trying to get a video before it got dark thank, you. Thank, you yeah. A nice number. All. Right guys oh. Jambo. Yeah well we'll, have lots more cast members oh. Cool. We, met Nancy enjoy which, is actually Nancy but we had that we got to hear the story about that that was cool, so. Yeah. So hopefully it looks like it's picking up pretty good in the dark. So. Again if the signal doesn't hold out you know just refresh and we'll try and keep it going as best we can. Oh. Really. Okay, hmm, I don't know well. Like I said you know this is just kind, of something cool we're trying and I know some TVs, do it but some don't so. Okay. That's. Got a little dark here. All. Right. My. Dream job. All. Right yes. That was cool I. Asked. A while ago how many were watching and likes I'm sure they responded, but we haven't really been reading the chat so as much so then. You see on there how many watch and how many likes. Okay. Well, that's all right somebody, will tell us in a second. No. Yeah. 456. Okay, cool. Awesome. Awesome all right so here we go. Cool. Yeah. And I am sorry if this makes anybody dizzy I know that it's different you know it's one of those things that. It. Makes. Some people dizzy and some people you know think it's really awesome but I think, it's pretty cool to be able to see all around you. Okay. Cool. Lights. Off cheering yeah. Right. Man. I got dark fast, we. Got on early too. All. Right oh. Yeah. See the frame rate going down, hopefully. It holds out. Now. They can see us there we go. If. It's distorted, it. Depends on where you watch on I think. Like. On the on the phone I think it's just a wider a super wide angle so. What. Five. But. Yeah we're probably probably, not a lot of people streaming in 360, so this is kind of a test we're, probably gonna be a magic came to next week so we wanted to not we definitely want to do this there to try it because that's always you know really, popular stream so we want to try this, animal. Kingdom is such a beautiful park we thought you guys would really enjoy, seeing. Us live in 360, in animal kingdom so yeah. So. Hopefully we can still see some things and. Hopefully the signal holds out. It's. Probably gonna look weird. Because. The TV's it what the TV will do is it'll show the whole. Panorama. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. That'll be cool. And. So this is something like I said is maybe not for everybody but it, adds a whole new, dimension. Yes. Yeah. We're gonna try and see them next weekend. So. Can you guys hear Jenna still alright or not. I. Think. Probably going to talk louder because it's just noisy in there project, up did.

You Have our livestream the festival on okay well we might Oh. Probably. Oh that probably wouldn't be signal in there yeah I'd, be the problem we. Could definitely record, it maybe, even in 360, now, and. Like I said that doesn't mean we're going to do all of our videos and that this is just a really cool tool that we have that's a lot of fun too to, be able to show you every phone it, looks like the frame rates a little low sorry guys, five. Yeah, we go in the back. Leg. Sorry guys on. My iphone six-plus the video follows, where I point the phone in that cool yeah, they visit the video will follow you play phone they go 10, dollars and 33 cents. From Big Al and Mary because we love you Big Island Mary can we pay you to stop the 360, JK. You were amazing to try this new technology, thanks, Big Island Mary gotten sorry if it's making you visit we didn't need to do that but, thanks Big Island Mary, 10. Dollars and 33 cents. Okay. All. Right, here. We go. So. Again if the stream dies just. Let us know or don't, let us know, again, if. The street this is weird for me too because I can't see the chat on my blog if. The stream guys just refresh, and we'll do the best we can with it. I. Won't talk very much dream again during. The ride because I want everybody to be able to just. Enjoy and. Sorry, if it's dark hopefully you can see some we. Try to get on as quick as we could so, anyway oh. I. Forgot to say Jambo going on behind that yellow line friends you have to come back and move that. All. Right guys I'm toning it down so we can enjoy the ride time, to time to award it and 20, my friends I. Gave. You an idea of all the animals we have out here in, and around a wildlife reserve oh we. Got some safety tips because this is a nighttime safari friends we want to pray for any flashlights. Of tigers photography. Any, external lighting of any kind, that's worried that's just a warning signals upon to reserve. Well. Other than no lights friends let's also remember please. Please, remain, seated for our safety the safety of those around us and, let's keep those hands inside the vehicle at all times these, are wild animals out here net after all, all.

That Out the way we have made our way out here into a little teary force plus attempts, trees brush and shrubbery up here in the forest. The. Animals really, can't pause into this one so we're gonna really. Use that, you're gonna have any chance to see them but. Was quite fortunate because here on the right side of the phone maybe, even walk in front of the truck a little bit there just need help out greater kudu and, all about us here friends looks. Like there's gonna stay on the right side now those are female great accoutered prints. They. Don't have any points females don't get horns, male. Greater kudu they see at the edge of his body guide first travel around on his own, well, female American further, travel around of groups roughly 3 to 10 size. Pretty. Good start to our bed, chart out here into the turn first. See. If there might be anything else really bad you know. You, can see something. It, looks like, a shadow up there the business there's a black, rhino in 30 you can see a shadow there more they can see him so. I'm gonna go ahead and bring us a little bit further down here friends because it looks like down by the water here just, along that thought face there's another black rhino just behind, that tree there you've seen. Lucky. To have seen two, black bears there's only about 5,000. Of them left in the world that's. Including, unreserve such as this one. Not. Only do rhinos up from poaching for their horns but they also suffer from deforestation. And, habitat loss, as well. Right. Several, habitat, loss rhinos are not incredibly territorial, animals. As. They do happen to have a territory, dispute writers will settle it without even hitting each other with their horns then we're settled with a jesters. And like, stomping on the ground snorting and grunting at each other. Keep things moving, looks like things are rather.

Calm, Brian, those don't have any natural craters to worry about so they're, deadly, ghosts gotta be about, as. They please, those gratitude is probably gonna grab, a bite to eat. Find. Someplace safe to curl up like it, seems like all the other animals out in the Ituri forest have, already. Yeah. Their. Natural camouflage will help protect me through the night. Oh together. Maybe ain't gonna wait out of the Ituri forest and, Hertz Asahi, River. The. Other things we're gonna keep my eyes peeled just, anything. Could be lurking beneath the murky surface, of that water there. Things. Seem rather quiet, here on the water so far. But. Uh if, you look out behind that I am there with all the trees on it you see a couple of smooth rocks those are actually hippos behind that island there. Want. To listen for those hippos as well, does, it come nighttime. As, if it has have a unique way of communicating, with each other called a please honk. Now. Each individual. Has their own unique, way of police honking just like we each have our own unique way of talking, so some hippos wheeze and hunk other hippos honk fin wheeze some, Hitler says talk some hippos just weeds and all depends on the different. Hippo and their individual, ways honk, and. The more dominant they have both the more Hitler respond to that hippos wheeze, honk so. We'll start off with one hippo, we swung in pain and held down at that hippo is more hippos a response that weeds honk. The, waters might know me the same for those hippos they're all. Know. Many of these great. Beers at all either no crocodiles down there by the water room well. Right everyone remain, calm and remain seated we're gonna be, crossing the bridge where they trotted out yesterday, in, just a moment Thank You Cory what everyone be nice and secure their, jaws are extremely, powerful. Rocket. Hose talk we're gonna go to the door myself, as per square inch, easily. Crush and bone and recommends. Half. Their weight in a single sitting Oh. Mother. And father mother, and father crocodiles, when their young. Are about to hatch from their eggs full scoop of those eggs their job and roll them back and forth Michele, along their teeth aiding. Their young and hatching, a very, gentle, use for the car nose rate that will tell us.

Things. Between the trees working, out into the savanna dear friends. I. Couldn't, let's how to may see something. Moving around in distance friends but, we're, gonna hold all the time to anything, until we hopefully, get them here in the headlines on my truck here how many of you that in this sunset, that seems to me help me there sap still see things. You. Guys just going when I standing a little bit longer here in the end working just for the safari oh and if you look at that it. Looks like there's an in colleague Hetal there at the right that. Bovine, you see on the right there at the mast for hunt you can just see it barely there, those. Horns can grow up to six feet long each. No. Thankfully for the end holy cow, better, performs are actually hollow on the inside making, them very device will probably switch back after the run tours. I'm. Still trying to find well. I'm not really fine hopefully, not fine maybe just see any predators and maybe move around I think a, lot, more parish become active at night here's this much cooler now they don't have to worry about this on me now thank you very exhausting, you may even notice there a couple of rather. Fuzzy, looking rocks there on top of that deadly. Those. Are the two. Spot pain as you see if their friends just lying down on top of that in. Well. Capable. Hunters. Although, it seems they're taking a break waiting for that Sun to go all the way down. They're gonna wait for, a night time to fall so they can go up and say they had very powerful Charles, themselves, hanging. This fight is heating started, for the Lions and, it's strong enough to break bone. Began. To smoke. Barrel. And. In the hyena, hierarchy, females I drink the meals even the lowest drinking, female hyenas still, outranks, on high-ranking, male hyena. Looks. Like we have here French I heard a wildebeest raising, about silk Nanak. Turn, it into sleep just yet.

But. The wildebeest, practices, safety, in numbers you, see here all. Those grazing about face of different directions and. When they're lying down this breast they're gonna lie down facing different directions so well thank. You sir they're quite, literally getting each other's backs. Wildebeest. They'll have their own so. They'll be a. Bar. To see people. And. They are viewed as as simple as well, so. The morning calling cattle on the well do you hear to your friends neighbours. But. You can't put cow on a bank so night. Settles in and you're asleep in the end holy candle are you sleeping you're, gonna turn it all you're going handle it's a. Thorny. Brush pin, up. The turf matters another onward - can't. Stop you might in the middle of the night. Let's. See if my lights won't be. Well. But. They're really large and something stands 6 feet tall with the shoulder bone and mantle, walking 2,000. Pounds. The largest antelope in the world. I'm. Just thinking of a large, these are the tallest mammals in the world here the left most I forgot a whole Terry giraffes. Here. On the left still. Up still going. Has, been a long day for the draft lugging around their. Massive. Legs. They. Already stands 6 feet tall it burn it then grew up to a whopping 18, and 20 feet tall. Incredible. Powerful least carry them 10 miles per hour kind of stayed shod for long distances, and can. Run. Up to 30. Miles per hour at, full speed. Even. Still. Thinking. About it like this French giraffes in a 24 hour day you get about 30 min sleep compared. To our. 7. To 8 hours of sleep they, only need 30 minutes. Don't. Need much sleep it's not a good thing that they get that sleep standing up, most, importantly, and, of course importantly as well giraffe gets a few minutes of sleep outside they, don't really Vishal's prone to predators, that may be nearby at all so, they were in the light obviously may be very proto predators and that would not be ideal for the draft. Looks. Like when we come across a, lot of these are bailout, raisers both one on each side these. Massive trees the family needs on you, know they're also known as the upside down tree because of that they're, gonna look just like this for about nine months out here and as you see on the right side it's a mystery about the trunk here why, they had that massive trunk that there are storing gallons, of gallons of water inside, of it. Maybe. Watchers trying to survive the dry season out here at the Savannah itself, but. It can't migrate like all the animals can, and. Have a dad if they're doing. Nothing. At, the water it what with us she, was just rather, quiet. Actually. There's. A whole guidelines, greater, thing goes their lives but. Why just about something this species and they have a light. Pink coloration, to their feathers. I'm. Gonna have that coloration, has a. Mantle. Arms something goes and they are not actually paying birds, laying. Up their pink coloration thanks for a diet full of made of keratin there's a they, get a lot from the shirt they the brine shrimp. Pretty. Much the embodiment, of you are what you eat. Don't. Have plenty. Vanity. Cover please don't. My got. A ordinance, post there on the left let some orange intestinal warden has recently escaped.

From Poachers, poaching. Is an ongoing battle that we face day to day friends. Respect. That we saw some tests here and the orange post right well. For, a mother elephant to bring a baby elephant into, the world takes. A mother elfin about 22 months almost two years to bring a baby elephant into the world and, in that time poachers, will slaughtered, an elephant every 15 minutes calling, about 96, elephants, a day and the numbers, just grow exponentially, from they're. Already, at 96, elephants today there's. Far. More of a loss and. They poach, your stomach area they're making money they. Don't care if they extinguish a species, as long as I make some money out of it. What. Oh I'm, a little bit Wow. I haven't, seen any ll sure but if you're any patient with an arrest sorry guys what do I own you about worry about para the reserve. I'm. Not worried about it I'm doing the best we can I like II always do oh yeah. No. I know it's not good nothing, we can do about it I thought, we find the people that wondered off to what we're doing they were scared off I don't know you, have those nice, comfy rocks there ahead of us a nice natural, rock formation, there just Jets right out of the savanna you probably see from my office on top of those cody rocks there. But. You want to be careful because I have predators like these those rocks as a basis point themselves. Keep. An eye of those wrong chief dreams keeping that happen here the truck in case there's anything there by that they'd be. Moving about. We. Didn't have white, rhino that seems via moving, about there at the right. See. Them walking around there. Wait. Rhinos are a little bit larger, than black - a little bit hard to tell games and how dark it is out but, the white, liner weighs in at about five thousand pounds so just about 2,000 pounds heavier than a black right now. But. All rhinos are capable of charging up to 35, miles per hour there's. A pretty fast we could say how wide, or some right it is. And, I keep an eye on let's go for a walk still make sure that this other, side, oh I'm. Gonna watch out though cuz it looks like there's couple of lions here on the backside of the coppice. Alawite. Nice area that looks like a male line as well. And. Line this is the one to really worry about she is the hunter in the pride. She. Goes out and hunts the male lion will stay home defend the den and, who's young from any intruders, namely being other male lions I'm invited to claim his territory. Meanwhile. Them lionesses, will use. Their excellent eyesight to enter stage about as good as years of mine is there in daytime but at night time is six times stronger than ours. And. They'll use their pet pasta well mines. Have packed Paula's cars i if, I was gonna sneak up on their prey without being heard, I need, to get pretty closer by those needs the best animal, out here in this beta. There. On the right we see lying down there there's a couple of pots of X laying there there you see with the nice white face they're a, bunch. Mike's are very treat that you're only gonna see unreserve, private, property students these animals, are completely extinct in the wild they're. Not ill suited for our world they, just have a beautiful fur coat that is highly sought after summer, so the, posers slaughtered, so many there are only about 20 bucks like stuff in our world at one point. Now, the box wife's numbers are doing better, on reserves again. It was only on higher profits, and reserves like this one is please extinct. In the wild. And, bacon oh wait it's the last mother serve your friends this is Makati play a nice, little expansion made possible, thanks donations, that disney comes to me so funny animals out here the clint very. Much light of the world but freely as a police we, gotta keep our eyes peeled out, here that's. We're considering one of these emails out here in the glen is at first predator, and. I think I see them right now they're gonna be gone right yes I have a truck there if you can see the prints are in the water those three foot tall white, birds over there the ferocious deal about storks they'll eat just about anything they can put their beaks hair would be small male swampers, little snakes frogs if they can put their big around thank you very much.

He. Doesn't say they've tied their truck with these sorters few times. There. We go. And. That's gonna do it for Safari. You this evening Prince we. Don't have any more and all tonight. Unfortunately we're. Gonna make our way back towards, the village but, we do have a little bit more spa a new princess I mean here, in the truck everyone go ahead and start checking yours check your seats make sure you have all your flaws, with you. So. Yeah so we won't know even no, more livestreams to foster no now it's really now it's really bad connection in case anyone is head over to Egypt for the recent. Light show at 7:15. Their. Friends, somewhere. In goes fast we. Can get off the rod there may be a chance of a some place to say when you get over. Me, it'll, be around late. Do, performing, stunts all. Through the evening or, well light. Over. There but. Whatever your pending need you don't, have a fantasy. Ll. Smoke I'll go get my bag on on this evening friends. My. Friends very wonderful, evening. Maybe, it'll improve here in a second well. If you can still see us I'm, real I you, know as far as the darkness there yeah, and just the signal remember, well and this is we're just trying something different and we didn't really know how it was gonna go the, darkness yeah I know, oh and let's read Cory's Cory's. Post that, writer forever. Yeah. Look. We'll make sure that we heat can actually hear. Us. Well. No you just tap the red thing up there the top. Yeah. That's. The cool thing about reading the chat on your on your phone you can see it you can get the super. Chats I'll show up a lot easier. Yeah. Don't. Blurt. We're. Almost out of battery on the 360 so we'll, switch over here in just a second anyway but I want to get out here in Africa. Yeah. But. Like I said I want to try something too and this is not something that but, this is very new technology and, it's the app is going to keep getting better there he's supposed to add live chat to the app soon they told me. Well. In for rides to provides. Any. Ride or relaxing, strolls during the day apparently. It's not as good at night but actually it's really just dark here so. So. We're. Back okay I'm really, sorry everybody, again like I said I. This. Is not a good demonstration. Of what 360, can do I think you saw it earlier if you were here earlier and by the way this stream does have DVR enabled so, if you want to go back to when it was actually a lighter let's go over here where's. Lighter hey Avery so, if you want to go over here or if you want to rewind. Where it's actually a little bit lighter outside you, can see a little bit more of what the 360, can really do that. The Safari you know I know it was dark oh. No. We wouldn't make them give up their one bag. Everybody. Wants them yeah I know. Let's. Greet Cory's shop okay, so Cory during the Safari he sent us a really nice hundred dollar super, chat donation, we thanked, him on the ride but we don't not sure if you guys could hear us so. Then. We're actually gonna have to stop pretty soon but thank you so much Cory yeah. Thank. You so much Cory and that. Was really really nice. Cory. And blue polo and a. Couple, other people have donated tonight Oscar, and and, a serrano there, we can see and actually. We've got good signal to so again. This. Is this is you know something we wanted to try new yeah, and sorry, I can't see any of the chat, yeah. We should we should do the sponsors. Animal. Kingdom is dark at night yeah so anyway hey, I would share if we were there thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Honor, or. Anna sorry thanks. For all you do yeah looking good now thanks everybody and thank you for hanging in with us I'm again, really sorry that this wasn't.

Didn't. Work as perfectly as we, thought we should have remembered that the Safari doesn't work at night but, on the stream anyway Johnson, Jenna it's okay if you didn't say Jambo I know the restraint rebels yeah thanks, Nick, for understanding. 360. Would be cool for relaxing stroll yeah we've, gotten gummy bears cool I think it's cool that you're trying something new thanks Mary Ellen this, is the inte bomo the boho this is the insta 361. So. Yeah so anyway sorry. If it's physical pixelated, if. The samples under 360 would work any better I'm not sure this is this, is actually, the. Best camera for iPhone I think but. But, I don't know as far as anything else so. Yeah yeah, it did where. I'm using the insta 360, app because it's the only app that will work with this camera I think still. Fuzzy okay, so. Anyway, are you guys going to par me but we probably will you never Kayla. Said you guys never know how things are gonna go til it's all good going, to go it's all good things. Yeah. It's why that's right it's better than anything on any other platform thanks big out Mickey. Oh yeah we're going to do this thing personally I think the 360 cam should be used every other week or every two weeks for a lot dreams you probably do rides on the 360 ya know I think you know we're we, just didn't know how it works so we're gonna we're gonna figure out how to use it but we are gonna use it yeah and. It will get better Josh, and Jen are apologizing, for daylight savings time. Yes. I'm sorry it's dark guys. Anyway. All right so let's do the sponsors so, I appreciate, everybody's, patience, and those of you who are still with us I know some people said it was kind of difficult to watch but we really appreciate you yeah, yeah and that's awesome we apologize for the darkness I'd, be like apologizing, for the wind right so, but. And. By the way I want I want to make sure our resort. Hopper the, one who donated it who wanted to remain anonymous like, I want I want that person, to know that we really appreciate the place and, we are gonna use this and this was just a test and we didn't think about the Safari being so dark so. We are we're gonna hit, me you, saw it though because it's been 360. 360. Beat up 360. Smack, down 360. Smack down but. No but. The person who bought this again it was so generous guys this is an expensive camera and that person bought it for us and like I said they want to remain anonymous but I know they know who they are so, we're thanking them and like I said we can't wait to do this on the t/ta the, railroad. Jungle. Cruise any, any ride really and the safari during the day would be pretty cool too so we're, gonna definitely do that girl monorail, during, the day my Safari would be really great so, we'll do that for sure alright, maybe a surprise stream or maybe just a regular video all, right guys so. Sponsors. And then we're going to switch back to the regular camera because this one's actually just about dead that the 360, has its own battery yeah so, it's actually close to dead it lasts about an hour so here we are at 7:00 so anyway. Mickey blog calm and Mickey travels calm for the best in free vacation, planning advice and. Make sure you check them out you can go, to their website Mickey blog comm for great Disney articles, you can also go to, you. Can also go to Mickey. Travels calm to book your vacation, Mickey travels calm book, your vacation it's, a cost the same as a regular Disney.

Vacation. What happened sorry Mary, Clark says you can find the mouse family, with this. We. Can totally find the mouse family. The. Mouse formerly it said find the mouse family it's in 360. Anyway. This is really cool I can't wait to do more with this camera so, window. Repair parts us, use, the coupon code Resort, TV one for, 20% off your purchases window repair part us Craig, Rachel Ruth and Peter the whole family they're gonna be down here pretty soon and, we can't can't wait to. Share. Gummy spiders with them and also, just to you, know to hang out with them in the parks but go check out their web site window repair parts us, and. Again they sell window repair parts door repair parts all kinds of stuff well that's weird, I'm doing my hand, and it's a little bit behind on the cam prep so it's like whoa. Slow. Motion here it's. A slow motion Perrotti job alright, anyway. See. We're gonna make up for all that for all the technical, difficulties, with with the yeah with, with the silliness yeah so definitely check out window repair parts us, there's, the hand, again 3d finger 360. Fingers. Alright. So window repair part us, and also and. All the sponsors are in the description they're linked in the description, Neverland, mercantile, calm as Neverland, mercantil, calm, and. They do disney inspired bath frostings, like churros, meet, me on main street imagination. Remember, they, need to do a Horizons one actually. Okay. So it's going to be horizons. So. Horizon. So. Window no. It's. Already we only did window repair part so that's Neverland mercantil, calm, and they do disney inspired bath frostings, maybe my brains in 360, we do disney inspire bath frostings, there's a resort TV one shirt right there there's two resort TV one shirts as, you can see them because they're in 360, right now. Oh you've got stuff on the back too I got. Some resort offers here what, have you got in the back I couldn't see it Oh Tibbits, John and Cheryl awesome. Yes. John. And Cheryl we got to meet you in person and. We don't have to sing your resort hopper card through the through the overseas oh. You. Guys have been watching us for so long my goodness. Oh. I. See that, he's. Not watching I know cuz he's in bed yeah. Tom. It's, so nice to meet you oh my goodness so how long you guys here for. So. Guys, this is this is John and Cheryl from. The UK now we're in the UK are you from, Leicester. That's right because I had to learn how to pronounce it Leicester. That's. Awesome. Well. I knew when I saw resort CV shirts coming up I was like that's, got to be somebody we know oh.

Yeah. Well. And I actually had that one on earlier and then the Rainwater's they made these I haven't we, we. Haven't figured out how to put, this on this website yeah cuz they made it like on their own program. We're. Gonna we're, gonna try to do that but yeah I have that one on tonight and she gave me this one so I had to switch but yeah that. Is so cool so you guys are here for how long again, another. Week Wow okay cool. Oh. Well. Think thank, you for chatting with us and comment on the videos and everything is so yeah we chat with you guys all the time it virtually, so it's nice to meet you face-to-face. That's. Awesome, oh yeah. Thanks. John and Cheryl bye. Alright. So that was John and Cheryl from the UK Lester. Lester. The UK I got it so, yeah awesome, really nice people so nice to meet them in person like. I said they've been watching us for a long time so it's really cool him to meet them. Yeah. Very. Very close to the beginning they've been watching us for almost a year so I was, on Neverland mercantile comm and they do Disney inspired bath frostings, and you can use the coupon code resort TV one for, 15%, off your purchase on Neverland, mercantile comm it's blurry I'm sorry. So. I, showing. Good signal maybe we can go over it maybe let's I guess we can go over into Africa or something but it's kind of, let's. Finish the sponsors and move on yeah yeah so anyway sorry, if it's blurry guys but we're gonna finish the sponsors and we'll start with the new camera but, that. Shows clear on my screen, I'm like what so Neverland mercantile calm then also dreamers. Empire calm dreamers, Empire calm and they did some live streams earlier on their YouTube channel which is just dreamers Empire on. YouTube they stream from the Superbowl missed, a couple city, so, check out dreamers Empire on YouTube and also dreamers, Empire on. The. Website, dreamers Empire on So. Dreamers in Prior comi has a podcast the happy place podcast, that he's gonna start pretty soon and. We're gonna be on there next week we're gonna get on his podcast well, we're, gonna record it next week I don't know when he's gonna put it up but we'll tell you so, we're gonna be on Dean's podcast, so please check out dreamers Empire calm, and go subscribe to dreamers Empire, on YouTube and also. Siletz dreamers Empire also check out Beach home CO Beach, home Koh has their Etsy shop they have all kinds of vintage stuff they have like Disney, stuff dishes. Crystal, all kinds of old, books, that's. The old Mickey Mouse and Donald and all the kinds of Disney character books and really, a good price is three or four dollars for these books and probably, close, to what they would be if you bought them new now and that these are the vintage ones the golden books yeah so, really cool it's not just that it's a lot of stuff so go check out Beach home, on Etsy and, YouTube. That's right they have their YouTube channel and you can use the coupon code resort TV one for 15%, off your purchase on beach home codes Etsy page low-battery. Police charge okay so we're almost done so, that's Beach home CO and again. On Etsy and also on YouTube and then, and, on Instagram and also, check out a Disney, demystified, author David, mom power Disney. Demystified, on Amazon, he has two books and the, links are in the description, Disney demystified, volume 1 and volume 2 Vulcan Valenti, I can't, talk without using my hands volume, 1 in volume 2 on Disney, demystified they talk about all the things we didn't know about the parks like, for instance like again Walt was gonna be one of the voices of the. Of, the Haunted Mansion he was gonna be the ghost toast and. Just things like a haunted mansion was arisen gonna be super super scary and then they decided that wouldn't be good for a Disney ride, so. They tried to do a mix of scary and funny so. Anyway that's on Disney demystified and again they're, $4.95. For the e-book so, go check out Disney demystified, and that, would be on, Amazon, so that's it and the battery's, about to die on this 360. Cam again you're gonna be seeing you're, gonna be seeing a lot more of this so definitely go check it out I do we. Don't do so. And, like I said we're gonna be doing CTA, videos are gonna be doing walkthroughs and everything but we'll still do regular videos too so we're, gonna use this just like we use this move and everything else we're gonna use it to the best of our ability so anyway, awesome, awesome so we're gonna come back in a couple minutes on the regular stream so. Look for the look for the animal kingdom stream part 2.

And. Also while we're gone everybody find the mouse family. Find. Them now now. Alright. Guys. Wish. Yeah we're gonna sell flesh so. Thank you for the everybody's, donations, anything we really appreciate you guys and we. Can't wait to start the stream again and like I said. We. Will be able to see the chat next time again all these things are gonna improve this is a brand new stuff yeah, so, the. App that the people that made this instance. Recently, a couple months old they said they're gonna keep improving the app so this is just a test. Alright. Guys so for now have. A great big beautiful tomorrow.

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Hello Resort Hoppers! Thank you for joining us for this first test of 360 Live Streaming! We are going to keep working on it and learning how to best use this amazing camera!

YAY! Animal Kingdom!

Yes! Did you like the 360? It still has some bugs, but we'll get them worked out! :-)

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Oh wow. I hope everything is okay with your family! Thank you for the kind words about the 360. It is a work in progress. We now know that it works better in the daylight, but I think it's gonna be awesome once we get the bugs worked out! :-)

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No. There aren't any jail cells under the castle. Just maintenance tunnels.

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Yep! It’s always fun to try new things. I’ll try a few different settings and keep testing.

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Insta360 One for iPhone.

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Thanks, Kay! Yes, we definitely want to try it during the day next time. Honestly, the Safari isn't much good at night, even in person. I know they can't add too many lights for the welfare of the animals, but there's not much to see. We'll make sure we do it during the day next time. :-)

Wow this was so cool!! I never saw a 360 livestream before. I really loved it!! Can't wait for the 360 videos as well! I will be in Disney next week, I hope I'll get a chance to meet you

Thanks, Celina! We hope we get a chance to meet you too! :-)

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Thanks, Richard! It was fun to try! Definitely worked better when it was light, but really fun to do! :-)

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It's fun for us to see what it looked like to all of the hoppers out there! :-)

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Thanks, Steven! I'll keep trying to work out the bugs. :-)

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That's probably what happened. Technology will get better as cell service gets better.

This was so cool. I can't wait to see the results from you video this Saturday. I have to buy one of these!!

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Thanks, Jacob! If you think that's great, wait until I do the non-live videos in 4K at highest quality! I'm going to make some of those on Saturday. :-)

I'm excited to try it on some rides for sure! I'll be able to bump the quality up quite a bit to 4K as well.

ResortTV1 Can't wait that sounds awesome! Thanks!



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