Animal Kingdom Live Stream #2 (Regular) - 2-2-18 - Walt Disney Word

Animal Kingdom Live Stream #2 (Regular) - 2-2-18 - Walt Disney Word

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Hi. Everybody its, Josh, with. Resort TV one and we are alive again, at Disney's, Animal Kingdom. Part. 2 hey. We try the 360, it was pretty cool, we're. Gonna keep working the bugs out of it I can't wait to do it on TTA but so. We're back in 720p, and we can see the chat blue Paulo Julien. Bryan. Techtronic. 85 everybody, we are back we are back hey guys ik. Hey. Rachel, Disney Princess katroo check out her channel Jenny. Darren, yeah. Julian. Mad. Mouse I don't know what that is super, enthused hello Jambo Nick Jambo. Nick hey Heather how's it going Jill. Crystal, Veronica. Texas takes that, was incredible, hey thanks, it. Was fun I can't wait to go back and me watch it but. I am we are gonna get some really cool 360, videos soon I can't wait to try a during the day so. You know that the date the date I'm like we can only get over here a certain time but I, think. It's gonna be epic during the day as. Mouse junkie Kayla Michael. Great, Marco kara and Ashley. K. Connor. Sorry. I only caught the end of the 360, no worries we were just, giving it a try there Louis. Conor Ginny, its rabbit Michael, aviation. Welcome back we can see the chat yeah I don't feel blind anymore I didn't. Really have as much to say when I couldn't see the chat. Tragic. Tracy, Alex Isaac. He, says good to be back to normal yeah you know like this is it's, just trying to do things and see how they work, Marv. Johns is with us he's behind a suit Patrick, Mike. 88 hello welcome back and uh hello. Michael, I forgot today was sorry. Not Michael Melissa forgot today was Friday oh how, can you forget today was Friday buddy. LLO. No. Yeah, you can't see her that, was so cool thanks Ben welcome. Back 360, was cool but love the quality now thanks, check. This out this is a good shot here. Hey, Stephanie, how's it going downscale, hello Jackie Peter Pina Craig let's. See the 360, camera oh it's in my bag now I may not get it out later Warner more lit area, yes. We can get it out when we do the mail we. Got a lot of mail cool let's. Go over and see if we can ride primeval world how. Did I forget today was Friday I don't know. Yes. They did that was so meant we were we had a great time we're, gonna go try and ride primeval world Julian yes hey, Sam Isaac, Alicia, Jimmy Morgan, just watching your Q&A while waiting cool Morgan we had a lot of fun with that if you didn't check it out yesterday, we posted, a Q&A the, mouse mouse. Tag. The. Disney tag the. Disney tag oh my goodness it just jumped really bad there's a lot better at 720p, yeah and that one was actually 1080, but the bit rate was low I actually, streamed, at 4k in my apartment, or my apartment my house I don't, have Jenna, you're gonna just have to thought now in my house I streamed it in 4k and but. The bit rate was higher with the Wi-Fi I give. Up just got my transfer to Orlando so happy Carl that's awesome hey hey, Eric Jael yes we're back okay AJ Duffy. Yes. Miss, blue goofy, and Ohio while stuff traps max so. Jenna actually made some new ears. Frozen that, are gonna go up tomorrow on it Oh light up Jerry, so. Check out Jenna's Etsy. Yep. So. Check it out guys here's, by Jenna yes, we're back and somebody said that was a really really nice gift of, the. Thank. You whoever donated, it yes yes. Thank you to who donated it they know who they are and we can't wait to do a little bit more with it, yeah. I was kind of kind, of blurry but we'll get there back. To our normal, Thursday, Friday night yeah but like I said it's, always good to try new things one, of the things I think I love about Walt was he was never afraid to try new things and, if it didn't work it didn't work you try something different but yeah. Innovators. That's right we. Tried one, of Peters favorite rides is primeval world because how much fun we have with you guys oh my goodness we had a lot of fun we. Just meet and somebody said we were laughing somebody said reactions. Virginia when they were we were just having fun not. Hold back, Craig Marilla Jenna can you FaceTime, Rachel so she can also be on primeval world. Actually. We totally should all. Right FaceTime with Rachel, well. Wait till we get over there all, right Rachel get your FaceTime ready, good. Evening guys happy Friday Patrick five dollar donation. Thanks, Patrick, by, the way there was 210, dollars earlier plus 250 in the 2002, night and actually for whatever reason it showed it even though this is a different stream on here yeah. So anyway Thank You Patrick good evening guys happy Friday he says nice.

To See you again you Nancy doesn't look too busy it's not busy at all that's take Josh's apartment yeah, picture. Is awesome cool well. You know this is the more tried-and-true way because the YouTube app actually member it had some problems too live. Streaming is really cutting edge right now and that's not to say oh we're so awesome because we're we're not we're just we just do the best we can but. It's very cutting edge it's, it's, um it's. Just evolving, still so it's something the reason a lot of people are not doing is because of the technical issues but we're gonna keep doing it we love it yep. Andrew. Ah Andrew Lockerbie is in the chat yay oh, he says to Jenna yeah because jenny was the one that was calling him Andrew the model. Remember. That whole thing oh yeah. They don't do fireworks there but the rivers of white show is gorgeous but it does not we can't stream that. It. Does not we cannot stream that, yes. But no it's, magic hours for animal kingdom till 9 p.m. because our website says 9 a.m. oh I don't know downscale that's. Funny it's. Open all night. That's. When there yeah maybe they're open at 9 a.m. this morning that's probably true they. Still show it even though it's over like, even though the morning magic hours are over my, Etsy shop is open that's right Lori's Etsy shop is open Lori. Post what that's called I can't remember but, she she. Sent me a Facebook message about it to. Tastic. Josh's imaginary, apartment hey Margie Lanie how's it going how pretty Jenna will be a pair of ears for, flower and garden will. There be a pair of ears for flower garden. Yep. Oh and. By, the way donated, what the, the 360, came we used was actually donated by by. A resort hopper who wanted to remain anonymous I guess we lost everybody. Hey. Josh and Jim from Sean and Becca 360, was awesome thank, you I felt as if I was in control of the live stream yeah thanks. Becky well like I said it was just something cool and new we tried and you know we'll. Try it again I think it'll work better if somebody did tell me James from all Central Florida told me it, works better in the daylight yeah so that's fine, hey. A glitching gamer how's it going Serrano welcome back what. Did someone donate yeah they donated the 360, cam that we used all. Right I got to get back ahead I'm Maureen Thomas, thank you for trying the new 60 never clear enough yeah you know what's, worth the try so, true trying new things that's how we grow that's right super enthused absolutely, you. Guys filming the last circle of life videos tomorrow before closes, oh my goodness tomorrow's. The last one he's, been telling us for a while huh. I don't know I can't, get over there I know. And. I'm with, my family tomorrow I wish we could have we should have done it on Saturday, Liam, wouldn't have probably sat through it it. Was really cool on the phone not on the Roku yes goofy you know how yeah it would that's the thing and that's I know a lot of people watch this on on TVs so. Anyway so like I said we just, try something new and hopefully it'll it'll work out, can, you guys shout out my Etsy disneystore goods, sure no problem Julian Disney store goods. Okay. Hey. Jenny who did you put Dorothy, to sleep oh I, watched, Cirque I don't know sorry I was, circle, of life for the first time in several years it was sad that was kind of random yeah I must. Have missed the beginning of that conversation so. Super. Bowl I probably won't watch it I'm not a huge Patriots fan I. Might. Watch a little bit of it hoping the Eagles win sorry Patriots, fans. Love. The 360, thanks Laura Bailey and Renae, says dreamers, Empire I'm not surprised so I enjoyed. It always worth experimenting, see if it works thanks thanks, Mike emotion was or. Thanks London Tom sorry and Mike in motion says it was better on my it was much better on my phone than PC yeah, so.

Anyway. It's. Actually pretty warm it got kind of cool tonight a bit well rich Dee says go Pat's yeah that's okay rich we, pulled. For a floor that's right a little chilly we still like you rich it's okay he, said go go Pat's it. Looks okay so. That's. Right quest Chester shoutout ya downscale has o has a game and he's gonna put, Jenna and I in there and he has already put us in there in several different segments, I think quest, Chester, calm I don't. Know it's misty can you use the 360, camera oh yes we're gonna use actually I think that's gonna be where it shines because. Streaming, with 360, is hard just because here. I'm gonna show rivers the light a little bit, streaming. With 360, is is really hard because, of the bandwidth that it takes but. Actually, here, we're gonna show this real quick. But, actually, the. The where the 360 cam is really going to shine is when, is on, regular video so like TTA videos, you. Know the People Mover relaxing. Strolls and all kinds of stuff here you can see a little rivers of light oh, and. There's a big donation hold, on it's okay they're, gonna come this way I think so. Winter, repair parts $50. Little. Selfie here thank you window repair parts genna's dark there's, yes but. Thanks window repair parts this, is what gets me through the week thanks to you guys in the resort hoppers, thanks Craig Craig. Rachel, Ruth and Peter thanks, $50 from window repair part thank you yeah. The. Thanks window repair parts and, guys make sure you check them out they're one of our sponsors we just shouted them out on our other stream but there, are one of our awesome sponsors please go check them out. Alright. Let's let's. Move around here I think, they are coming this way aren't they. Okay. Oh. Owen. Okay. Darrin. And Darrin, Kruger with, a $10. Donation. Between. The video from sunny California this, week Julia back at home in North Dakota wearing a parka we, thank you again for your videos thanks Darren.

Thank. You Darren Darren. Kruger, a ten dollar donation, sunny California I bet it's warmer there great. Marco says total, donations, three hundred and thirty five thirty three Wow, oh by. The way I wanted it what. Fifty, dollars from Ben Thompson Wow. Fifty dollars on paypal from Ben Thompson he's, been and add go ahead I'm sure great Marco lab that's at the total fifty dollars on PayPal Wow, I got. A smooth I got a switch around oh yeah, yeah. So. I got a switch back down here there we go so. Yeah so thank you to to, Ben and thank. You to Ben and also thank you to Darren so yeah thanks for all the donations everybody. Thank, you. Alright. Oh, that. Was cool kid our house like has, a nice, little narration there our kingdom a balance harmony and survival, a kingdom we, into. Sharing the Wonder gaze at the beauty thrill at the drama and learn cool but anyone can get some Gummer spot gummy spiders yeah Craig we're on it man. We've been looking every, store. We've. Looked at several different yes, doors this, is three that's a 360, camera for the phone it's Kitsch the video. Or. The phones Oh actually. A aviation. Photography, the camera works on its own it stitches its own video so in other words it puts it all together and one by itself. So. Actually you can use that 360, cam it's got its own battery in a memory card you, can take it without the phone but, then you can't see what you're doing so you can put it on the phone it'll store the video on the phone or, it'll store it on the memory card so. It's really I like that flexibility, of it again, it's 4k and so. When we're not streaming it'll. Do 4k at 30 frames a second with no lag so, I think like, I said some some smooth, walking, videos and stuff like that are gonna be really epic. 8k. Is my favorite hit kit C travels now. It's working Thomas. Firestick. Has two YouTube app now, they want you to use Firefox, or something normally watched on my phone oh yeah they've, had some problems between Amazon. And YouTube there's some bad blood there I don't know what it is about but yeah F, kebab is looking forward to a 360, view on the t3 hey-oh. Because. Downscale. True. Dollar donation because sambo beats me if I don't. Know. On unzoom din still don't. Beat the downscale is. There a is there a cat room in Josh's imaginary, apartment there absolutely is, Joe. Update on Elena she was able to get treatment this week and is getting over the flu she, made a huge decision in her life this week I am one happy mom and keep lifting her up god is good oh my goodness well, that sounds like good news Thank You Julie, for the update and we are thankful for the good decision that she made and.

I'm Glad glad to get the update. So. Thank you oh the Puppy Bowl my wife loves the Puppy Bowl. Yes. Do you wish Justin, Timberlake, had stayed. With in sync and gone solo Jenna, I don't know oh. CSX, Jim hopefully everyone is having a good night dog just got picked up by Grandma she's on vacation dude they're, gonna be down here soon watch, them from cold Ohio just planned a trip in June for me and my mom you guys and Tim, tracker helping keep me in the Disney movie yeah. Cool. Cooking. My fur babies a wholesome, meal their health has improved on, Whole Foods cool. Donation. Total I think it's like three hundred and eighty now or something because we just got the $50, on from. Then on on, PayPal. Does. Jenna do ads for her Etsy it does, she think sending ads help I don't think you do, not. Yeah, that. Would have been good for surf oh by the way I thought about this a Victoria. From NJ loves the regular cami yeah this is just a phone camera now. You. Know what else I want to do I want to do like circle, vision 360, videos with a 360, cam I would. Have been good for circle of life yeah 360, hey. Hey. Guys there. They are this. Is the Murillo family. Much. Better hi everybody. Check. Out the Murillo's that is true, aviation photography that is similar yeah. Alright. So. There's the Murillo family and this. Donation. Total 395. Yeah. So. Here we go I'm, sending a message to you in Twitter Trat we might know, the opening date for Toy Story land cool. Patrick. Patrick and the blockless that's two dollars one word Starbucks. Hold. On guys sorry it's hard to read the chat and do all that stream, inception, yeah that was actually FaceTime in a stream Heather. Everybody. Says hello Murillo family, here. Let's, hold it still for just a second so we don't make everybody sick again pathetic. Who's. Moderating, while they were facetiming hey that's okay. This. Is for work what's your go to Disney. Resort Polynesian. Ready, yes. Oh so. Streaming a live video call this was in horizons look at it yes pretty sure downscale place, this hai route bye everybody. Do. You flip them around oh yeah. They want to see it they want to see the ride they. Know what we look like. Alright. Yes okay here, we go guys. Everybody. Says it how fun hi Murillo say this is we're. Breaking new technology, next technological ground, now today we have our, first 360, live stream and now our first FaceTime in the live stream. Genna's. Live streaming just to the marilla hahaha, at, the private live stream we. Hadn't scan our bands oh yeah we, actually are in the regular line tonight, primeval. World is a steel wild mouse roller coaster at Disney's Animal Kingdom at, the Walt Disney World Resort the ride is the spinning roller coaster purchased from revered, Shawn industries cool huh. Here we go Isaac says. Julia. Says couldn't do the 360 yes, sorry we made anybody sick but we're back and we're gonna do that for the problem won't make you sick if you keep by the there's. Gonna try. To won't make you sick if it's if I get the frame rate and stuff better so, we'll work on it -, rain orders hope you love the church yes we do rain waters high road trip Rachel you.

Gotta Pee live trans this, live stream is epic thanks Laurie, and whilst. We're talking about technology did you know that last week's trap stream is available, yes I meant to say, so. Here's our resort hopper shirts. Here's. The resort hopper shirt the rain waters made these oh. Yeah. I think we're okay Cerrano. So. So. Great. Marco wanted me to remind everybody now after, the streams are over guys. We're gonna be able to show you the. Chat is gonna be on the replays so if you're watching the replay you, can look at the chat by clicking the. Closed captioning, button and clicking, English, not the automatic, subtitle, but the English ones so. Great. Marco figured out a way to make, the chat work on the replay as it as a as a closed caption it's kind of hard to read them but it works as a subtitle so, check that out. Well. Did. You find us, we're. On u3 over level. That's. 300. 350. Right now. We do this every week yeah. How. Long you guys going to be in the parks today we'll talk close this. Yeah. They got cars even, I. Tried. The subtitles, and they work good that's awesome. Are, you showing them this check. Everybody. Everybody. Good. Evening do you guys in for it I love Disney animal King and thanks Laurie all. Right oh yeah. You're famous now ha ha hey. Chaotic, home Josh, and Jenna so happy to see you guys again you, make our Friday night thanks chaotic home Cory. Ruprecht, awesome. Great Marco yeah they did a good job, Tony. And Janie Hopper's so that's a cool name Tony and Jeannie hoppers my, wife and I make all last Friday at Hollywood studios and it was a pleasure meeting you and your family Richard yes it was turning, and Jeannie Janine sorry Tony, engineering yes that was really awesome I said Jeannie sorry Janine Tony, and Janine awesome, yes it was awesome to meet you. Oh, wait. What a, great. Job on the chat that's the MacGyver stuff yeah, great Marco actually found a way to capture it during the strings and then, he were gonna I get to like actually repost, it later on to, the thing he sent me the file a, beautifully. Behind you is is why 360, with the Oh funny funny downscale. What. I'm. On the phone on the phone ok guys I'm on the well you, gotta switch back I'll, face him you guys but I don't have face time well that's predation, there, we go. Let's. Add subtitles, is neat they go by fast but it's fun to see yeah aviation photography by, the way if you want to see aviation photography, britt and his and his friends live, and in person they were actually on our live. Stream last week, so. Check them out, and. It. Was really cool to hang out with them yeah so he's done some 360, screaming - yeah, that's. The run guys have a great night with 42 videos thanks Brian -, Wisconsin watch all the time Jeremy Gary and Judy Smith please say happy birthday for Gary, happy birthday Gary. Taking. A couple years off had passes for 20 straight years oh wow, that. Was from Danny man read. Blackfish Joshua so it's. Not the funny little Jeff stop hey it's alright we've been on a several times we haven't I grab no. Virginia. Faster we have we have the gold, one. Rachel's. Have worked for Rachel's to work for Disney she has an infectious, smile. And. Yes it does, that. Was really nice. Love, seeing the marilla gonna, turn the phone sideways oh good point oh. Now. They have to turn your phone sideways. Then, Thompson Oh probably yeah then. Thanks for the delicious there. We go now we can see him slide, screaming. How's. The weather there it's probably like 60, something those. Will display that will be my kid and best friend in September when they come down they'll be looking for you then that's awesome so hi everybody are you going Murillo's. Live from New Jersey. And.

Pretty Soon live from Florida. And. This last week is a band practice, hey band practice that's a good reason though the. Crowd is not bad joke. The. Princess comes to the castle that's funny hi doctor Sir Francis how, are you both doing we're doing great dr. Patrick Stella forages, okay all right Oh Jenna's, got no power. Hashtag. Marilla's why hey this is great while we're waiting for the ride we got we got a whole we got a whole show going on here I mission, my cat - the cat run she wants to play listen to the live stream at the same time. Your, box on, the left oh here. Here's. $20. Leon Smith thank you for coming back in a format I can watch I'll have to work on getting used to the 360 hey, it's okay Liane there's something new something. New so. Yeah thank you okay. Sorry. We got excited. Three. Words now. She's. Being silly, find the Murillo's the merlot family they're on Jenna's phone. So. Yeah so, so so thank you to Lee in Smith we're really glad and we appreciate your donation $20, they, said we're always glad to try new things but you know we'll come back regulars you, will. Never stop doing regular streams that's for sure. Echo. With Rachel sound oh sorry guys a top of Georgia Hospital Center oh please. Wish Reed happy birthday he's such a family met last November, happy birthday Reed yes I remember I met you guys at, Epcot, you. Have to have 377, Oh Rhonda, once every night we have 377. 117, degrees the 78 days out okay how we do Disney that's pretty that's pretty a pretty, cold but they've got a YouTube channel they want to also start to how. We do business it's kind of a cool name for a channel so check out their, new YouTube, channel how we do busy great, Marco says 417, dollars tonight. Thanks, everybody. I'm. Nice without. A. Downscale. Can't do dual streaming unfortunately.

No Dual streaming because. It, only works in one half at a time. Blue. Polo yeah I'm, used to the stare it's okay can't. Wait to do back only 113, days that's the only one place I never went through with animal kingdom hey doctor sir Frances I hope you get to go watching. Guys instead of completing my java program shame on me but I can't help it Julie Julie. Go finish her on this day you can finish it later love. Delay oh yeah Sam that's funny we, want to encourage the 360 dreams Ginny says hey we'll deal with her at all we. Do it all. 377. Resort, uppers on the wall, okay. Don't, stop don't step it might not go over this money. Set. Out the Mickey and Minnie that's right where, on earth are we we are at front evil world and animal kingdom first, day of retirement more, Disney time yeah Apple, AJ I love watching Puppy Bowl as. It means you have to double your phone bill downscale that's hilarious what. Is your favorite value in moderate adore I don't, know value at moderate my, favorite value, Resort is probably a pop century. Part of animation that's more of a moderate now all right and. Also river size for my favorite. Phone. Cards what. Do you think on opinion, on dinosaur, here, we go I like, dinosaur would you show them I. Don't. Think you say enough good. Jenna. Does have a battery, for a film we're good Chester has four yes it's here. Those Disney have a countdown to Christmas for 2018 I don't know a long, time yeah, Congrats on retirement Bob hey Ross Ross, Merrill sorry I missed earlier his comment, Ross Merrill hello hello he's got a really cool little smiley face there we. Do like the Puppy Bowl my uncle with the rap well that's why AJ your uncle is the rep for the puppy boy that's, really cool my wife loves about you tell your uncle my wife loved it I, did. Dinosaur up for the first time in years that was fun and I kept my eyes open my wife hated that one but I think, it's fun I like dinosaur. Tornados. Springs I want to stay at ponies in a river side up a good one shout out to Margaret page read. The horizon was torn down because the sinkhole was found on the pavilion that's actually not true there's. Another reason for that I can't remember a dinosaur. Surprise Sarah yes top of Georgia Pamela. The. Optimum state counts yes it's one of the best steak houses on property, loss. That's the shrug emoji that's cool whenever. I ride from evil which is rare I feel like the ride could just fall into pieces now it's pretty safe Stephanie they, check it quite, regularly Jane, be low sport Arlene warp infinity I saw the groundhogs live that's really cool groundhog, bug-free groundhogs, live streaming, three. More weeks to life signs though, I see the sign again. Callie. That, PSR. Is amazing, thanks for doing this Julian sure Josh. You are missing the majority of my comments, lately oh sorry Renee I don't mean to. Yeah. Sorry I don't mean to all. Right so I Renee, I'm. Sorry. I'll. Be there December 2019, cool Caitlyn, yeah I. Love. Dinosaur about hubby doesn't care for us is it a back problem look good yeah. It. Is a little shaky. We. Actually don't use the fuel rod we have our own Chargers, won the last a lot longer, there's a lot of people like doing that but my charger, has like 10,000. MAh, or whatever you call it just out having yeah. And. By the way if we are missing your comments we are very sorry but just do the best we can. What's one over the Dorsey's e1 boom boom world, part. Of animations a little pricey I've. Never been any gal. The. Old imagination, melissa was amazing, just, go check out a video it's a lot more imaginative than the current thing I like. Primeval world Avery but I know it's like it's a little cheesy but it's fun, it's.

Not The best the, best theming but I think it's a lot of fun, mark. I've been trying to get a shout out for over four months I'm sorry Margaret oh my goodness sorry, I'm this guy think we said your name before I know I've seen it before I look, forward to this every Friday it's my tradition now until I go to Disney it keeps me excited it's my trip for did, you guys be in favorite diner land this changed Indiana Jones glam nobody cool I. Know. You don't you're fine but I got it okay Byron a. Baronet. Renee I know Sofia can she watch me for all the time. The state of corn out a friend of an animal kingdom Kidani love them wolf i watch, you both on all the rides since. I can't go on rides due to the broken tailbone oh my goodness. Dr.. Messed up, Wow, doctor sir friends are starting to hear that hey I can watch my dreams come true. All right so this is gonna be pretty cool guys. Ben. Jacob says Kelly Maynard Oh agreed dinosaur. Is over a. Dinosaur. Over Indians okay oh. This. Is his son from Solano son says hi and hi to the Murillo's again it's, a high Solano son, that. We're gonna ride. I. Don't. Listen any podcast, Josh but, Jay rnj would be at Disney and for weeks hoping to say hi yes Jay we want to meet you for sure so, Jay just say hi to us when you get here for sure let us know where you're gonna be. This. Is gonna be from evil world good night Patrick hey, k ro ay kar, live check them out Lewis hello. It. Always thinks any of their zones is better okay cool I love Indiana hey Mike thousand how's it going Rachel's, going to Disney tomorrow y'all we hope to meet you yeah. Yeah what month are you visiting. I've done now he's done poorly in cuffs infrequent, auto animal kingdom Coronado Beach at all seems. Wearing jackets it's a little chilly but not bad, the. Suites are expensive Nancy for sure Byron Byron a robber. A good evening from frozen upstate New York sorry we missed you too pop the doors ray yeah we are, we're just back for another visit we got the same a few weeks ago though glad. You guys talked to a lot of the livestreams I've lost her boring these are like we're there Morgan thinks I was, trying to get a shout-out on pimp live stream the other night but a tracker, never, got one oh well I thought I'd need. A collab with Shaun and sheep that's funny Oh negroland. Roku I don't I don't know them I'll. Just run some from evil big is there a lot. Marilla's. Live. Getting. Nervous just about to watch you guys want a ride yeah crazy. High. From Boston Lindsey hello. Ferrari. Racer, can an admin or someone tell me what ride this is this primeval world, filming. On 360, and post it later yeah I can't film it now that we're streaming on the same phone. We'll. Do that another time oh, you. Have given me shoutouts it's just in a while, aw thank. You I'm in peace how thanks Margaret we don'twe hey we're, so glad to uh you, know give you guys shout outs we just have trouble reading all the comments sometimes but we do the best we can it, has a cool house if. You commented earlier I apologize, for missing it but wanted to shout out about, Disney demystifies, books only just started but I love the author's writing style Corey Ruprecht loves Disney. Demystified, yes please check that out one of our sponsors he's, ready threads, up he's. Only started volume one but he loves the style cool have, you guys been provided the fight of passage yes. Only once it's amazing. Donations. Over $400, old, school stream hashtag old school cream, depending. On the rides crazy. We've. Ridden fly to Pastor Jim, $417. Jose Eber captain I don't, know if the vehicles can hold over 400 we'll see. It's. The only way to get records to donate oh yeah. So we. May have to do a donation sometime they do a good job all right guys I got to skip ahead here. No. This is as big as a gift. I'm. Actually gonna turn it off when we go on because of the thing because it'll die. Not, the stream the smooth I got to turn off this move here in a second, alright, hold on guys I can't. Read comments. Try. Not to die, fast. I'm trying to watch watch your hands down. We're. Good we're, good. No, I just mean I'm gonna try out this move okay.

I'm Not gonna be able to read all the comments right now, so. Murillo's are on the ride here - we rode on the ride so technically we've actually got 700. Here. Somewhere. Nice. Here. We go. Then you got the Murillo's how they found you guys they found us on the hurricane hermo live stream. Hold. On a second. All. Right now I really can't read the comments. All. Right sorry I think it's a little shaky I'll do the best I can. Hold. On I gotta get my hands, on. Josh. In Genoa read more comments after the ride Mike I will not. Hey. At least you can see. Back. Cracker Timothy. How. The Murillo's doing. That's. Right Mike hold on to your hats and glasses Nikki, looks so cool it, is cool yes. Sorry. Already. Yes. 360 oh this would be great. Sorry. Guys. Everybody's. Like lol lol the. Bruno family's made it guys. There. We go we are okay, and, so is Richard. Richard. And, Richard enough. Alright, there we go okay, we're good and, everybody. All. Right. You - OH. There with my coat. Alright. No one threw up yes let's go again. Okay, so I have. To have to this move this backward that's a recent move hold on let me face crime Morello. Is live is like picture-in-picture that's, awesome. Marella. Is live is like picture-in-picture. Jenna. Did great but Rachel Oh Jenna. Did great but they said Rachel's hair is a mess oh that's funny marks not. Rachel. Sarah looks fine, Reese. Move this move Oh. JL, sorry oh. Yeah. There, is a really nice message though. Hey. Atwood says just, wanted to say, how much I appreciate you, guys I. Have seen several channels struggle with live streams you, do a great job Thanks okay. So. Everybody say bye to the Murillo family, oh. There's. One of the dogs. No. That's so good, okay. Hold. On the block I've got I gotta go. All. Right here we go oh sorry. Bye. Everybody they say yes I mean they're still gonna be they're still gonna be watching but but, yeah, so anyway. Murillo. Hey. Shana's oh hey, it's Jane in blue how's it going we met them last week but, I says bye love the puppies, I'm. Better it was I'm betting, for me it was more fun to watch than ride yeah it's, a fun ride, bye. Food. Show that's who choked. Timothy. Rainwater says by Murillo's, if. I was watching the ride 360, on VR I would be dying would that be yeah so. Hi Shaina, and blue hello. Wait, wait wait buh-bye husband, Cory bye. Stream hi chat, with. The 360, working okay you'll, be able to go on more rides live yeah and actually warp, infinity um when, we do regular, videos with, the 360, it will work really well to my, luck says by Murillo so yeah I can edit them a little bit more maybe, I can figure out a way to cut out my deformed, hand too.

Not. Really not really not actually, cut off my hand Margaret. Says Josh and Jenny you're so kind thanks Margaret I'm. At work oh hey Shannon, was telling us how she goes at work and she like is supposed to be doing whatever is, that she's doing at work oh I think at a restaurant oh she, looks up and down you at the restaurant there. Lady. The Tramp come out in three weeks yeah that, was such fun what, do you guys plan on doing next maybe mayo will see Rachael. Rachael was about to be crying during. Lighting. I mean laughing what. Am i spelling wrong oh that's funny, hi. Haha thanks guys thank you resort hoppers that was Austin just like we were there for a bit I'm, cool there, might be a way to put the resort tv1 logo where your hand is Britt I would love to know about that yeah and, by the way let's shout out our partner channels real quick. Yeah. Our theme life. Has. A great partner channel Mike and Jen they're awesome people and I know they were on earlier but I think they've been pretty busy this weekend bye, nice. To meet you. Yeah. Thank, you. The. New Resort hoppers guys we met him in first and nice nice girls I think, this part doesn't get enough love for the most part it has them attention, thanks to pandora but has a lot to offer yeah right, in 360, would make me go blue, shout. Out to my seven-year-old Morgan, Morgan, Murray cool hi Morgan so. Anyway, let's, finish our. Our, partner, channels so, our theme life Rachael. Murillo a Disney. Princess cutter and. I know I say that wrong I'm sorry couture anyway. Is, it court or a court or before, couture. Okay I'm not French yeah okay. So anyway so that's Rachel Morello and Disney Princess Couture and then, also we, have, we. Have our. Central Florida we. Have. Let's. See CFO Park copper we, have by a free project, we. Have, Mickey. Or. Not Mickey. Travels that's that's a sponsor, messengers live sorry, maskull, News live and. What. Are the part of journalism in listen I.

Always. Forget my brain is not working or it is please to cut him up here Sabrina, F thank you yes at Sabrina F I got them all magical news live our theme lies DPL studios all sensible order Sabrina, F Disney Princess Couture and buy a pre project thanks Nick I'm so sorry. So. Yeah I'm in the bathroom just checking, in not, using the bathroom though, Santa's. On the bathroom watching our stream alright so let's do this podcast and. So yeah. Jenna Gordon stardom Jenna hasn't gotten to talk much on the stream yet. I'll. Help you Bible. Stuff we're gonna try there's everybody say hi say, hi Jenna. Hold the people. All. Right so we have, Mickey. Blog calm, and Mickey, travels calm for the best and free Disney planning, advice so check them out to help you plans that your trip they have awesome articles. To help you plan your trip and then they can also help you book your trip and, it won't cost more than it would for a trip that, you would pay for a normal DC trips and they'll, help you out so it's awesome and, our. Next one is window, repair parts dot us wait what, that's, a right you're right okay I don't. That. Us use the coupon code resort tv-14, twenty, percent off your purchase and they just rode primeval, whirl with us guys so that's the Marilla. Obviously. Awesome. Show. Them live on the stream soon yeah they're, coming down here to live the. Window repair parts dot us use the coupon code resort tv-14, twenty, percent off your purchase and then, our next one is neverland mercantil calm. They, sell Disney inspired bath frostings, they're amazing, and. I have done two unboxings, from them also. That's why I like thumbs up if you did. So. I've done two unboxing. From. Neverland. Mercantil, so check them out also Rachel at, Disney. Prince princess, couture she also did an unboxing from. Neverland mercantil, so they, have really cool fast, frostings, like meet me on main they. Have met imagination, returns they, have a new one happily ever after it's amazing to check them out they'll, say yeah they also have some, jelly soaps that are new and then they're going to be doing a body frosting, too which I did on my unboxing that's awesome use. A coupon code resort TV one for 15%, off your purchase and, then, we have dreamers Empire comm, Dean's. Been on here so, he has a YouTube channel and he livestreams what twice today already. In, Minneapolis, so check, them out subscribe, to their Channel and then, he also has a podcast. And. It's called happy. Boys podcast, taffy plays the podcast, and if you want to be on the podcast you can go to dreamers Empire calm, and sending, a message yes, you guys here Josh I did. So. It's dreamers Empire calm so go check that out and also dreamers, Empire on YouTube yes and we're gonna be on their podcast - okay. So then the next one is Beach home coke and they. Have an Etsy shop so check them out they have a, lot. Of different. Antique. Things so they have some Disney antiques. They have old books dishes. Lots. Of really cool vintage stuff, so check out thanks. To us. So. Check them out guys they also have an Instagram and, a YouTube channel so. Go subscribe, to him and then. We have. I. Love. This shirt by the way the rainbow I know. Gina's. Got one - it's just dipped upper i know i i'd some I'm a little chilly yeah okay so the next one junco, and did you do there yeah. And but um they also have, what 15%, off right you percent off if you use a resort TV one as. Your coupon code yes we're. Finished reached two other sandwiches. That's. Ruined Disney song. All right okay, guys Beach um Coast last, one now that one is hang, on hang, on. Disney, demystified. Did, they get it, did. He do it demystified, yay, so, check them out they have an. Ebook, ebook. So. Check them out they have really cool stuff about different. Things about Disney. Like. Josh was telling us about the Haunted Mansion how Walt, Disney was gonna be one of the character. Who's gonna be the ghost over to go so that's right because it's going to be the voice of the ghost - Paul. Frees the current the guy who's actually video, stars yeah so check out that book guys cuz it's awesome Josh, how's that I need to read it - and it's only $4.95. Which is an awesome deal it's really pretty cheap it's cheaper than Starbucks it, really is, all. Right so that's all of our cool sponsors, we love them all so much guys. Sponsors. It's. My year before before, you get the mail out let me show them the 360 okay. Thank. You. What. Creaking are there they're closing down the other thing thanks.

Dad Thanks Heather. Did. A great job big, outfits in a lingo time that's, right. The. 360 cam was still a still it was still on can anybody still see us could, you see Josh's, bag okay, so here so. This is the 360 cam. Can. You see it okay. Here, I'll show you how it hooks into the phone - I can show you the bottom of it. Right. There okay so it's got a lightning jack on it and so. It plugs right into the phone so it also does video when it's not plugged in but. You can actually see the video of course when it is plugged in now you can't stream with it unless it's plugged in right so I can't do like a stream on the 360 and a stream on the regular phone I have to do you have to do one or the other but anyway so this is the this is the insta 360, as a camera on this side and. A camera on this side that's. How you get it yeah, and it's very little it has you, can see how wide it is it has a battery. In it so it works a little as a memory card in the bottom you can put wherever it is somewhere, oh the memory cards down there it's kind of hard to see, anyway. Yeah. So anyway but that that is the insta 361, is there only for iPhones this one it does, out there right, up Jerry a so. This this is actually. They have an Android version too this, one is only for iPhone because as the Lightning jack that, they have one for Android and it, has its app and like I said it's new technology it's only a couple months old so, they're gonna keep improving the software and. You'll be able to you'll. Be able to amazing. Julie during them all yes wait wait wait what lol it's so tiny yeah so this is this is what we were streaming with earlier so, yeah anyway. Quickie. So yeah, alright. So we'll put that away but so people want to see the 360, camera, that's what it looks like so thank you to our anonymous. Resort hopper for donating that oh look that's a really cool carrying case too so, you just like has a little carrying case you just put it in, the case. Yeah. Yeah, the mode might be got a pan door at night awesome I love that so stay with us guys it's, light here so we can actually see them and I think I'm gonna have to get my cookie I bought a long time is it wider over there it might be, we're. Gonna come over here. Come. On over here guys. We're. Like Goldilocks no. Not here just, right there we go okay, I got the people I got the people so guys stay with us we are gonna go to pandora after this they.

Actually By the way we, have tested pandora on the phone the phones the, phone does a little bit better at night 360, is tough at night because it's a lot of light to capture it all at once but 360. During the day is gonna be amazing so, this we're gonna go to Pandora here in just a minute Milton, -, that kids working mom and dad stare, at the phone. Was. It Joe. The. 360, video is still showing up as live now Oh interesting. Okay I. Cannot. Turn that off right now unless I in this. Because. I think it was having trouble. So. Sorry. Guys ought, to say after late I'll have to send you all the t-mobile, sell quality Mouse on my phone oh that would be really cool he did Bret from aviation photography, did t-mobile. Signal, quality maps pandora. Has some problems now it works on this on, this stream, but it didn't work on 360, park, close at 8:00 okay so you better write mail time so we can get over there alright. Guys so here's our first one it says happy Valentine's, Day oh happy, Valentine's Day, oh yeah. It. Says today brings thoughts of you and there's love and everyone oh love, Margie, and Hershel why, are you in Herschel to Josh and Jenna hope you have a nice Valentine's Day, love, to watch you on Friday nights on the stream how is the baby doing he's doing very well thank you I'm going to Disney World November, 9th through November 21st, maybe, we can meet up on Friday the night talk. To you soon cool yeah, Margit Marjorie and Herschel yes I'll be nice to meet you guys and. By, the way we're not gonna read comments for just a second then we can get the mail read. And everybody who sent us mail thank you we have a peel, box the moderators can post in this in the chat so here's this one there's Mickey ears. Check. Out the back. Sabrina. Oh Sabrina made us this car hey thanks, Sabrina there, you go thanks dad yeah that's, better. Sabrina. Here hold on a sec okay so. If you go to Sabrina's, channel you can see a little bit better what she looks like what that is her and looks like one of her friends so go and open it up okay there great Marco posted the address yeah. Guys we love getting mail yeah so, dear Josh and Jenna we both love your live streams and videos and are happy to be Resort hoppers we, hope we can meet you one day because you are very nice people my, new best friend Michael, loves watching the videos you post and we are sending, this together my, new friend Michael is very interested, in your videos from your fellow resort hopper Michael.

And Some. Rina YouTube. Channels, Michael Moreno and Sabrina okay. Cool. YouTube, channels weight loss adventure, and Sabrina cool, here's another picture there, is Michael and Sabrina so. We didn't know that was Michael until he opened the the, thing is that Elvis gaming channel is that his thing or is it too late there's, a weight loss challenge channel. There. Are six people still watching this 360, stream I wonder, if they figured out that it's over. Maybe. Somebody just left their browser window open on that. Can. Somebody by the way go onto that 360 stream and just tell everybody we're on this stream now haha can I can't I can't stop it you tell that was a funny face I just made I can't, stop it and has a hit, that. Was even worse I can't stop. Can't. Stop the stream until we stop this one I think the. 360, stream can't, stop the peel and oh that's, Justin Timberlake yeah oh yeah the 360, stream doesn't end it, never ends it's an infinite 360, stream resort. TV one logo in the middle of the chest on the jumpsuit than all the sponsor patches how, great would resort hoppers look at Tomorrowland Speedway hey that's cool okay. Alright here we go. We enjoy Friday Night Live every week we get together and watch you both and wish we could be back with. We. Could be back there with you all hope, you enjoy our gift to Cole's and can't wait to see you again the rain water Tim Pollack Keeley and Courtney, yeah and this oh here this is this is us with them at ponies and that was not during a stream was, before a stream we, got to actually have some time to chat with them and they were the ones that made our resort', hopper t-shirts. Yeah. Yeah you can see it perfect, so that is the rain waters family, so. This is the shirt that they made and, they even got the pretty much the same the, same font as what, we use on our logo but then they have the monorail like. Monorail, no monorail, and they have the parks and Jenna's got the pink one, so. This is these, came in the package that card came in the package with the shirt so thank you rain waters so. We're, gonna try and figure out a way to get the shirts available for sale for everybody but, in the meantime we do have our spread strips so check that out, but thank you to the rain waters for these awesome shirts alright so the next one cracks. Me up North, Dakota, and a blizzard guys. That. Is awesome I love it North, Dakota in a blizzard. Okay. Uh. Hi Josh and Jenna this is Darren and Julie Kruger from the Deep Freeze state, of North Dakota, oh yeah we're just talking to Darren earlier he gave us a donation we, really enjoy the live feeds on Friday your videos help speed up our time of waiting to go to Disney World we are booking our trip this February to go in 2019, of February, for, eight days wow that'll be great so. About a year yeah, so yeah it'll be here before you know it we're, sending two shirts of our. Hobby we do in the summer time, dirt track racing that Darren races we figured we would trade you shirts but, we live too far away from each other oh so, here you go please enjoy the shirts it will mean the most to us oh for sure thank. You so much Darren, and Julie please, take a picture with them on okay. Jenna. Made a picture of the others. I. Don't have it yet. So. Here's, the back. Oh wow. They do. Dirt racing right that's fancy and then here is the front and to tie it a little bit it was a little big, that's.

Cool Though yeah. Really. Cool so thanks guys sorry it's a little blurry there. You go oh. Yeah. Thanks, so it's Darrin and Julie thanks, guys. Over, in says this 360 stream still going on I think, though it's not actually showing any video because the 360, camera is off. So. There's Darren and Julie yeah. Darren and Julie cool this fresh up car. Awesome. Well hopefully we get to meet them when they come in about a year. Can. You take a picture together of you two in the shirts okay screenshot, oh you mean right now but, we can actually do that also you know. But well we can do it like this to speed shot it's, kind of hard to get it all out there I need a selfie stick yeah we're, going to do a picture later wait. Wait 360, in the bathroom yeah no 360. Is off but you can still move the camera around somehow that's weird okay. I wish I could stop it stop. It there's a cabin, very, cool. Yeah. No selfie stick says, it's. The Thomas, Lincoln family cabin, from, Lincoln City and yeah I've been there hi guys thought you would enjoy this cool bit of Indiana history, we visited years ago maybe, you've even been there too yeah living in southern Indiana happy Friday happy lifestream, bill and Laurie it back thanks, but they literally, send us a card every week we love it thanks, Bill alluring and Laurie has her Instagram, or not Instagram Etsy Etsy. And, Bill has his bills odds and ends YouTube channel so check out he just post another video every, Friday and so, check out Bill's odds and ends on on. YouTube, and also Julie's, Instagram oh is, it closed hopefully they'll let us in Pandora if not we'll have to yeah sorry I didn't think about that time, went really fast. That's. The problem with the winter is that it closes early hey from Scotland hello it's got home life ok so that's pretty ok, hours. Okay, hi. Josh and Jenna we walked through every Friday we love Disney and we. Love the live stream my grandson, Aiden wanted to send you a special drawing Oh from your resort hoppers bonny and Aiden are not earth urban, thank you for all you do we appreciate it very much. Thank you guys here's, the drawing we're gonna look at here in just a second. This. Is front this is by Aidan oh look at that, he. Made us some resort TV one drawing yeah. I love it he did our logo with it with it I can't see it a tree, oh and he has all the parks here it's. Kind of hard to hold, it still for just a second that's right so. This is like this is like very similar sure these are the parks right here very cool, props, to dad yeah he's the lighting manager very. Nice drawing Aidan good job. All. Right we have one more guys, so. This is the regular YouTube app we're using the streamer and we have one more car. Yeah. We like getting all this mail this is really cool I love all that level the pictures and drawings and handwritten notes and there's big Maksim Mike. In motion yeah dear. Josh and Jenna thank you so much for bringing all of us to the parks every Friday it's. A great way to end a stressful work week it's so relaxing to stroll through the parks with you and your family I have included a few vintage, postcards, to add to your collection to, say thanks I have, also included a picture of myself and my wife Barbara.

You Should ask your subscribers, to send you their favorite on-property, photo and add them to a photo album so you can carry all your hopper friends with you thanks, again Mike LaVista, Mike, emotion oh thanks Mike that's, a really good idea send, yours in your favorite vacation pick at Disney with us or to us and we can Nick and make an album I love. I'm. Going to show you the picture of Mike. And Barbara, so. Here they are in front of freedom. Laughs. Very. Cool and then they sent us some vintage poster, oh my goodness look at this one, DisneyQuest. Wow. I, missed, this inquest that was really cool oh. Wow. I really, like that when I love the retro Epcot, oh my goodness Mike this is awesome, huh this is presented by United Technologies. Animal. Kingdom which is where we are. Very. Cool thank you guys. So. Thanks to everybody for the awesome meal very, cool. You're. In my letter hey Mike emotion we read, all the letters and we appreciate that was a really nice little man, I love those postcards, oh I've that living C's one really brings me back blue. Is with me hey blue Shana and blue yeah cuz she was by herself at work now now blue is there - hey I'm. On the tin I'm on the 10-degree stream all I see is Jenna's nose Jay. That's funny, how. Did I guess. Yes. That's a good idea Mike, and Darrin says we were very happy you liked the, postcard in the shirts yeah we absolutely did, thank you very. Much. Everybody. Who has sent us send us man and I think they did see the picture yeah all right Pete DisneyQuest in the Nuba yep for sure so. Yeah. I don't know if they're gonna let us in or not let's, try it, we're. Finally making it to the parks for a week starting tomorrow if you're interested check out our Instagram page started. For our upcoming adventures, our www. Family from Andrew Collins cool. Alright. So here we got Laurie loves sending, mail and Sheena and blue miss Disney bad. Jenny. You haven't had the stream very much once you take it yeah. We. Seen the picture oh good Darrin that's good, well it looks really good and we're glad we were glad you guys send us that yeah don't get Joshua soon hey by the way smash the like button guys smash, smash like. Button because, uh because. We're up at 150, likes right now and we appreciate, everybody. Hitting the white to show us that, they are having a good time tonight yeah super. Enthused says that's not our Dino no that's not our Dino. Thanks. Avery. Move. On move, it on over ya big I'll just said that put, the heart if you love Josh and Jenna I think J thanks Jay I was gonna say he's, the one that usually posts that I appreciate, very much hopefully. Get to meet having this family I know I hope so too. 151. Now awesome. Working. This evening love, watching you guys to get some good feedback we're, getting lots of Hearts thanks guys. Oh we got a lot more likes too yeah hi guys sorry we're late went to blue gate buffet, for dinner oh I missed, blue gate having. Disney withdrawal already on us awesome oh, thanks. Guys what the heart thanks for the hearts so. If we missed your comment during the mail time just repost it we, can't read all the comments during the mail yeah sorry okay this way josh is gonna have to call derm to come kill the first. To infinity, and beyond stream Oh. To get rid of it cuz it won't close okay, sorry. It took me a second I. Will. Be back in June for two weeks hope you'll run into you then that would be awesome Ashley. You. Read my letter oh I. Thought. You're throwing your coke away. Strike. A pose. Just. There's something behind, you, watch out.

Dino. Is eating Josh's hair. That's. Not our Dino expression, or Dino. Paula. Rainwater says Greg we can make you some shirts we are trying to find a way to get Josh and Jenna a file so, they can mass produce them, for everyone and make money to help the stream costs, as. Well and it's a very nice design oh my goodness. I asked that can we get a file. Like a JPEG or a, graphic. File so we can try and put it on a shirt. Well. And if not I'll talk to my graphic design person. Who made our logo. Robert. Torres and see if he can maybe, make his own version of it I don't, mind paying forward a little bit because I think it's a really good design. Tracey. Says well they're vegans Josh so you're safe that dinosaur. Vegans. Too. Much too much too much bloopers, Isaac says. There. Can never be too many bloopers yeah hey let's go dig some stuff. Oh. Big. Al says we also need them for the cat from the dogs yes we need to make a resort, TV one doctor responds. Sure it allows that if they do I'm gonna get one okay Liam has his Resort TV one shirt it still fits yeah. We. Actually never got him a resort TV onesie a resort. DV 1 B. 1. Z, this. Stream cheers me up well that's awesome Margot, dig. Some stuff big outside. We're. Not gonna we're not gonna make it Peter's bed. Wish. We were there miss being there love you guys oh thanks Bruce. Great. Shirt design it is yeah. Everybody's, gone cuz we closed yeah, thanks. Trying to figure out what's on your shoulder they're. Not. In on, pant or not on Pandora. We're, gonna try to go back to the Pandora but I don't think they're gonna let us go oh sure. They're going over there to read them all but it's so dark uh-oh, you can't really see it sparkly. Sparklies, in the tree very, cool can you guys see them I don't know if you can see them kind of sorry. Yeah. It's kind of downscale and see them are getting me laughing oh that's awesome Timmy. Thanks. Guys Mike emotion says thanks guys what a wonderful, livestream hope to drop I have, to drop off have to get up early for work oh yeah Mike, my thanks for the awesome shirt yes, in the meal actually, he. Sent us the postcards, Mike did my commotion oh yeah Berenson. Is Mike suppose, thank you see I need direct I need Josh I forget sometimes too but no thank you Mike for the awesome yeah thank you I got up at 4:00 guys. So. Love Pandora, was amazing, experience it was right, so. There's like nobody here. Yes. My, favorite right there's the Safari yeah we, love the Safari. My. Dachshund, can wear size. 2 t-shirts. Oh, that's a good idea Mary I didn't talk about that Jenna. I am sending you a surprise in the mail oh my goodness Rachel I can't wait you don't, have to do that oh. These, are so sweet so guys this is your relaxing stroll with like literally nobody but cast members in the picture that's right big ounces have we've raised 42 thousand eight hundred dollars for Jennifer job. Thanks Big Al you're so sweet so. Sweet yeah I. Actually. Got, off work a little bit earlier than I have in the past it's been slowing down a bit so I got to make some ears yay so check out ears by Jenna they're going up tomorrow that's, right yeah yeah yeah didn't mother get them all you can yeah get away you can I like hotcakes just came and check out the red shirts like the Spreadshirt, site shop Spreadshirt, calm, slash resort TV one that, the link is in the description, you can go buy a shirt the resort hopper shirts we're gonna work on we don't have those up yet but, we, are having a bunch of other shorts up we even have a my shirts Oh Craig, wants to know if you make a 4x4, hooch and their dog yeah, we'll try I.

Said, He's a bit he's a big guy yeah. House, hunting is going a little slow but we're still looking. Reso. All, the tree shows going on guys. So. If there's a problem you know Jenna and Josh will solve it okay. My. Job was okay this week it wasn't as bad it was so well stressful, but, I did. Get off a little earlier so that helped. Do. You make an extra extra extra tiny, one for my dog. For, tiny baby do you want to show it or no we, can show it can you hand me your phone we'll try and stop that other stream while you're while you're reading comes in, the back of my back. No. The big one. We. Had a super Moses, speaking guys I don't wanna be screaming three six people we're not actually screaming 360, don't drop my camera back there. Second. Don't. Worry I can't Beach home Cabo okay thank you okay, is. That I have a great job for you I'll interview. Okay Colby tumko. Update. Still haven't gotten a job yet, no maybe YouTube it's my Colleen amazing, building we're. Gonna go watch the show guys. Down. Oh. That. Was it guys yeah, we've seen the free show before very cool down. Down. Feel says the park closed 30 minutes ago and Resort TV ones like whatever. That's. Right downfield. So, now people talking about shirts for dogs idea for you many, years there's a clipper elastic, band for. The preferences, tada, do, it do it girl no one else. Stream. Is still, open. Alyssa. Said they walked upright when it was indeed Oh too. Bad we, just did that too. All. Right guys we're gonna try to walk over here we, can't. Get in Pandora maybe we'll go in the shop with, that. Let's. Not forget to smash smash smash the, like button that's right Bri am TV you guys check them out they have an awesome, YouTube. Channel. Wait. Wait wait wait what I've been watching the three things you've seen for the last two. Second. See both streams live now who do we want for the Super Bowl um I. Say for us for me they give me - no I totally. Agree we're from Indiana so we're like huge culture but. You know they're no good right now apparently, they don't do those projections. When it rains we found that out when we were there Sunday oh sorry Brit what you guys could have seen it, Jenna. Can you make Disney Disney. Wars for our fur baby did, we do. The oh did the ear I could, try. Wait. What. Hey. I just saw you guys I was with my elderly mother, hi. We. Love to say hi there, are four thousand eight hundred and fifty-five views on that other stream Wow, and. Stuff. And. Stuff. You. Still watching which. Richards, still watching I, actually. Turned um you, guys actually off now so you guys you were those of you guys who are who, are watching it it should be ended now well, we'd love to meet you too Julie yeah, it, was are they coming down uh Julie, Hadley.

Just Says I'd love to meet you guys oh for sure I'm. Gonna put your phone back in your bag okay and. We. We, adopted a banshee Oh, downscale, two dollars sambo said donate or do the chicken dance, honestly. The chicken nail oh. Now. You have to be bullet telling me Esther do both you have to do both oh by. The way though um we were like three, away from a thousand, followers on Instagram so if you haven't followed us on Instagram do, it do it do it please so. That's one of by the way that's one of Liam's new things now he'll. He gets excited and he'll watch this show like Mickey Mouse : do it do it do it do. It do it and I pull the leaver I don't, do it do it he does the arm - he does like. Also. Well you must have got over the internet because I did it. He. Probably did he also says the Mickey Mouse go-getters on the clubhouse like this they were like go go go and he was like. Big. Outside, totally on. That's. Right he's, a cutie yes. Yeah, the other day we talked we had him at Epcot and I was like rubbing my hands together I think I had crumbs on him or something so he was copying me and then he kept doing it the rest of the day it was so cute he's just like ravenous - hands really. Mash. The follow button on Instagram, that's right. Is. It okay. We. Want to see you tonight again. All. Right guys. A, thousand. On Instagram do we make it all. Rachel, says two more subscribers, till four hundred, guys, subscribe, to Rachel, Disney Princess Couture guys check her out I said it Couture that's did it. Get. Up her followers. On YouTube guys. Do. You think next time you can do the mail in Cantonese. Probably. Not. Yes. But no. I. Can't. Dance either no way I tried. Sorry. Guys it's super dark okay. I gotta go you guys are headed to a place I can't see yet oh yeah no worries if you don't want to see it yep I don't blame you or just don't watch the screen and what's the chat yeah. And. We are actually we're like we're like we're. Like 50 or 60 away on Twitter too so you, know follow us on all the things. Shana. Wants to know if we saw the picture of us, but she posted. I. Did okay I. Think I liked it okay I'll have to check again okay, I did like it but I think I hit the like button I think. Okay. Guys we're gonna go over here. And sort, of see sort. Of I. Love. The sound you guys over the sound is good tonight you can hear. Looks. Pretty nice tonight it

2018-02-05 01:12

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I watched this on Sunday through my chromecast - good shout about the subtitles. That's cool.

Perhaps I’m crazy

Great Marko figured out how to make this work for us! Yay! :-)

And I just got to the part of the stream that you explain the chat....

I’m so sad I missed it but I went clubbing lol & got super lit, I’m watching it rn & the 360 live stream was super cool!

Glad you had fun! The 360 stream was fun for sure! We had a few problems, but we'll get them worked out. :-) Thanks for watching!

Thanks for a terrific live stream from Animal Kingdom last night. It was great seeing you test out the 360 camera. I bet that would work great on TTA. Thank you for reading my letter live, I really appreciated that. Have a great week and I look forward to next weeks stream.

Thanks, Mike, and thanks for the letter! I can't wait to try the 360 cam on TTA. Definitely going to try that next Saturday! :-)

love this


Hello!! I'll try to make ot to the next one haha

Very cool! See you next time! :-)

Watching it At almost 6:AM from TX with my coffee ☕️

ResortTV1 It was indeed

Very cool! Hopefully it was a good start to your day! :-)

Hi Josh and Jenna! I'm sorry I missed part 2! I caught about 30 minutes of part 1 but I was driving and couldn't say hi!! The 360 was so hard to see at night but I LOVED the idea!

Hi Daphne! Yes, the 360 didn't work well in the dark, but we're gonna do some non-live video with it during the day and see how they look. Also, we're going to do more tweaking and see if we can get the settings fixed better for live streaming with it. :-) Thanks for watching!

Your both so amazing and enjoy watching. I can live out my dreams watching you go on the rides. After my Hernia surgery in 2013 the doctor who did that fractured my Tail bone at the same time. I sure miss the rides. Never been to Animal Kingdom. Wish my parents never moved to Ontario. Sure miss all my cousins back in the UK. Can't go back due to all the problems. Hope you both have a fantastic weekend. Cheers.!

Thank you!! Glad we can virtually bring you to Disney! Sorry again to hear about your health problems and so many doctor mistakes. Hopefully, we can lift your spirits a bit though! :-)

I love disney's animal kingdom at Walt Disney world have a great weekend

We do too, Lauri! Thanks!

Sorry I missed it live. I'll watch it all the same though. Nice upload as usual.

Thanks, Geoff!

Great live stream, Josh and Jenna! Animal Kingdom is great! I really like Expedition Everest and Kilimanjaro Safari!

Thanks, Avery! :-)

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ResortTV1 perhaps that’s why they call him “the great Marko”

Great stream, liked this much more then 360 stream

Yeah... we're gonna keep working on the 360 behind the scenes, but this one is definitely higher quality. We're going to do some regular video with the 360 camera this weekend (non-live videos in 4K), and they should look much better. :-)

Aaaaaaw man I missed the LIVE!!

Sorry you missed it!

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