Appalachian Trail 2019 Thru Hiker Class update March 3rd

Appalachian Trail 2019 Thru Hiker Class update March 3rd

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Hey Randy, no here coming at you from once again rainy, North Carolina, well welcome to the February 3rd update, of the, 2019. Appalachian. Trail through my car class if, you knew the channel that's where a lot of folks come to get updates on who the through hikers are where, they're at on the trail what's going on the trail some news and updates a little bit of weather and just other things going on with the Appalachian, Trail through hiker class of 2019, and. What we're trying to do here is just build community, build a tighter, hiker community, take, that hiker community, and help support the 2019, through hikers all the way the Katahdin are all the way to spring or whichever direction, they're going no bows so bowler flip-flops don't matter we want to support them all if, you've got an Instagram, account or, a YouTube. Account or, a, any. Other type of social media trail journals Facebook, then please let us know if we if you haven't already what. That link is to that and we want to make sure that all the subscribers, and everybody that even those that are not subscribers, help. Support you all the way to Katahdin, and back, and back to Springer and just keep, you pumped up all the way so. Best. Way that you can do that is you can go down and you can subscribe to this channel hit. That little bell to get the notifications, and we'll update you once a week on what's going on and, we'll also throw in a couple of my adventures, on the Appalachian, Trail and some other things that I do with hiking along, the way so that's. The best way to support them then you can go to my facebook page at Ram Dino roaming the trails and you'll, find the complete list of all the through hikers and their links there where you can go and click on everybody's. Link to go to them and you can follow them and, take a take, a time to make a comment and just let them know that you're supporting them and let them know how they're doing and that you just appreciate, what they're doing let's. Go ahead and dive right into the update for this week. We've. Got. Current. Registration, no bow is. 1824. That's up from last week from.

1740. So. It has climbed, up a. Little, less than a hundred people, that have since, last week have signed, up a registered, nobo. Flip-floppers. Was 88 not quite not, near as meaning of course we wouldn't expect it to be he was up from Haiti six from last week and suppose our 95. From, ninety from last week so the solo registrations, are picking up somewhat but again just, like flip-floppers, we won't see near as many of those so, we're we've hit the 2000, mark plus so we're about two thousand seven plus own, folks that are registered for the trail, and. That. Is a as, of, today. This morning sometimes, so last week we had, 1916. I. Had. While, I was down at code this past weekend. I spoke. With one of the Rangers down there and they said that the, registrations. Are about 10% lower, this year than they were last. Year and I asked him what he attributed that to and he said that the economy is doing well, more. People are. Not. Between jobs like, is the case a lot of time with people that are in between jobs for. Whatever reason, they. Take off on the trail and kind of use that as a break to regather their thoughts or to get ready for the new job and. And. He just said in general the economy is doing well and people are working so that was one of the main, reasons, he said that he had triggered it too so that's, a good thing that more. Folks are working of course we always like to see people out there enjoying the joy creation, and getting, out there on the trail and just enjoying, everything but. At the same time I'm glad that more folks are working so. While, I was down there this weekend, I took, a peek at the registration, log and we are well over five hundred now so five. Hundred and probably, somewhere. Short of fifty maybe or maybe more than that so in. Any case the. Next we're right in the midst of the hiker bubble and so, there's gonna be a ton, of folks stepping off within the next couple of weeks of. Course we have did max a trail out on March 1st it's maxed out again on April 1st and. Ezra predicted on the 18th its marked maxed out then we may have one, they in there where. We may have a maxout, day but that will probably be it. For. The year and of course the. 50. Is what the ATC, puts the maximum, at so all marks first we had 60, plus people. That stepped off and while I was looking in that registration book I looked at a few, of the names and there's a place that registration, book where people can check. Whether they registered, through the ATC, before, they got there. And there was quite a few that didn't so I didn't go all the way through that book but I did notice there's quite a few that hadn't registered so, those, numbers that that, have given you are taken. Directly from the ATC, website and obviously. Those. Are not completely accurate just because folks don't always register until, they actually get down to, Springer. Or Harpers. Ferry they're flip-flopping, or. Katahdin. Of, course not Katahdin, but they're at the Baxter, State Park ranger, station if they're sub oh so. New. Vloggers that we've got to the channel Paul Allen, is flip-flopping, from Waynesboro, don't, have a date for him Jethro, Boateng Bodine. Is a veteran, and he is a trail. Name of anchor and he's know both v marks, trail, huggin tramps are know Bo late March do, you master groomer instagramers. We've got is Thomas Diggs he's nobody the 3rd of March Tony. Davis he's, also a trail name of Willie longshadow he's number of 19th, the marks Zucco, 47. Understory, USMC. Is a veteran, and he, is know Bo the 7th, of March and Jennifer. Aniston was flip-flopping, from Harpers, Ferry she's, number from there on the 2nd of May.

Facebook, We added La Hines and Christopher. Are hiking together there no Bo 14th, of April and, also. Jethro Bodine has. A Facebook. Page that that. He included there so. If you're a current to, vlogger. Or a blogger and I didn't name you there and you're new to the channel then please get back to me and let me know if I left you off and you told me then. I apologize for, that keeping, up with a lot of folks here so I may have left somebody off so please don't, take offense of that get that back to me and again go to the Facebook. Page Randy, no the trails where you'll find a complete list of, over 200, places. 200. Channels and social media accounts and folks that we're following. This. Year in 2019. Weather, report we got coming up and this is gonna focus, around the Springer. Mountain, Franklin. And Damascus because we do have wrong way is up but he's just north of Damascus, of, course today is gonna be rain most people are off the trail because it no no is it rain but, we've got some bad weather some cold weather coming in, with. This rain is a lot of people got off the trail but after, the after today it looks like you're going to have a great week of sunshine at least for most, of the southern portion of the trail through, the end of the week the, weekend, looks like it may be wet, and. In some places a little. Further north. North. Of Georgia it, actually you may have some rain coming in on Thursday so. Um. You're, gonna have about 50 percent chance of, rain coming, in on the weekend, from. Springer, and about 70 percent chance, around. Franklin, and Damascus coming, in actually coming in on Thursday. Franklin. Temperatures, are going to be cold at night it gonna be in the low 20s. With. A. 16. Degree, forecast, for Tuesday, that's. The, temps of spring or Lowe's or still be below freezing in, low 20s and, first. Of the week you are going to have highs in the mid 40s in the mid 50's, and, then wrong way around, which around around Damascus or, north of Damascus. His temps gonna be about 5, degrees colder, the, first couple nights of the week so it is gonna get below freezing well below freezing so, things, like your Sawyer, squeeze or other filters, run, the risk of freezing and damaging, them and they're not operating properly are. Not filtering properly, of course your phone batteries, your batteries. Of packs, are. Gonna, be, depleted, so you want to sleep with all that. Including. Your shoes, or boots unless, you want to wake up in the morning and try to get your wiggle your toes. Into. Some ice blocks so I'd recommend sleeping, with those and putting everything down the bottom of your. Your bag or your quilt or whatever you're using. I've. Got lots of videos from people that are doing their final videos, and gear videos I won't go through all those now. Because. We're concentrating now more on folks that I don't they're on the trail and. We'll do that so Sarah hikes she's over Blood Mountain somewhere around Neal's gap and, she's possibly there waiting out the storm Artemis. Is taking a zero at the nock and her, new shoes that she got in Franklin she said are doing her great and she. Is getting ready and getting pumped up to hit that big climb out of the knock head. Toward Fontana, so heartless we're glad to hear that your shoes, are doing good and everything's, going well for you and just, keep on going girl, you got this. Eric Camus is picked, up his tag and he is no, bow from Springer, traveling. Outside the bats they are past Long Creek Falls and they are probably at or almost to Neal's gap, banal wrong. Way is in, Grayson, Highlands, and he is staying tonight and today at the general store they're waiting. Out this winter storm and, he, found a tiny hostel. Last. Night of night before last and you've heard of tiny, houses where this was a tiny hostel, and the. Owner had, left the door open for him and it. Was free for him to go inside he, had a room with Windows, he had his old, privy there the. Name of the hospital hostel. Was Virginia, Road 600. Parking, lot restrooms, so got, a weird name for a hostel, but, you know you really can't beat the price so I'm not sure if wrong way is gonna give it five star review. Or not but hey any port in the storm right wrong way so let. Us know how that went on your own your videos, Jersey. Redneck along, with AOL, or getting their hold up and Franklin waiting out the storm and, they're at the budget in or over at Baltimore Jack's hostel, and they'll, be starting back on the trail tomorrow after, the storm passes. Traveling. Outside the bats they ought to be somewhere around Neal's gap Mike and Kathy, have stepped off from Springer, pork, chop his last known was cold spring shelter, so he may be coming in to the dock now hopefully, it is to be getting out of this storm that's coming in overnight out.

Roaming, Is it should, be at Neal Gap Craig, mains last, known was it good, Hospital he was doing a interview, with Zed and then, Zed was supposed to get him back out to wine and stairs so he could get back on the trail and get, on up towards Sylar, bald shelter, I'd, say hiker he is back on the trail after an injury being down, for a couple weeks and Knoxville. Saw his last on his ice water shelter in the Smokies bear. Bag he's somewhere north of our mountain so he's passed 100 mile mark he's possibly in Franklin, it, should be at the NOC any day Julie. Be somewhere, around Neal's, pjo matey he's passed a hundred mile mark and he's probably in Franklin, now and taking the day off and joined some. Time with his wife Richard, gab is somewhere, around Neal's, his last known was gutes gap shelter, hot, mess hikers she stepped off from Springer hiking, with finger toes stepped off the Springer Dudley, do-right in dynamite they are past Unicoi, Gap Wonder. Woman or wonder women they are resting in helen georgia and underdog, on, the trail is somewhere in the smokey so we had a his usual, six. Day a week update, from underdog so he must be somewhere in the Smokies without any type of signal, so if, I missed your update I apologize. For that let me know a lot, of folks that could, only go back so far before I had time to get this update out today. Folks. That have gotten off the trail applesauce. He's, off the trail and of the pork chop an applesauce duo and he is probably, not coming back so he's going to be supporting, pork chop as. Porkchop heads up toward Virginia, for a while, so. Applesauce. Would appreciate you looking at the pork chop and we in Georgia you while you're out there and and, just, look forward to what what's going on with you later on and then also we lost from fad to Katahdin, he apparently, just, started the trail and had, some type of accident, I'm not sure what it was but he indicated, it was a fall because he said watch where your feet are and watch your footing so he must have got hurt somehow. We. Don't know where that's at but sorry we're sorry to hear that from. Fact to Katahdin, and hopefully, if you're gonna get, back on the trail you're let us know but let us know that you're all healed up and you're good to go for for, everything else. My, car starting next week we got bearded, servant, hiking northeast starting March 9th these nobo Jerrod's 80 is through hikin nobo. March 5th, boho, berry only 80 is nobo the second weekend marks, Method Man 80 I don't have a date for him that he'll, be starting. Next week and read urban draw he is no beau the 3rd of March so, good luck to you guys and, keep us updated keep, us posted, news, from the trail Otzi hiker we already mentioned he's back on the trail dumper, from last year finished his hiking over here in, Virginia, in oz who. Is from the hiking, saber channel, helped. Him do that and so thumper, got it done in 365. Days so, appreciate. Or. Congratulations on, that thumper, and you, also have the record for the most zeros, so he had 170. 0, days from the time he summoned it to the time he came back and picked up that lek last, section, so so. Thumper. Congratulations. One. Of the things that they noted, to to me while they were in Virginia was, that the blow downs in that section was terrible, up there there's somewhere around mile, 575. And, they. Just had some terrible blowdown so this has been a terrible year for blowdowns.

Some. Of that has been because of the government shutdown that we had they drove maintainer couldn't get out there during that time. Ornaments. They told me earlier, this week that she when she was coming up through the Alberta mountain area in North Carolina that she had had terrible blow downs, and. That was even blow downs with bushes. Like rhododendron, bushes through the green tunnel and big trees so I, did. Get a report from somebody, that they were starting to clear some of those rhododendron, bushes so, hopefully they're going to get to those big trees as well and, just remember along with those blowdowns, the more blowdowns, you see the more dead. Files or Deadman's you're going to see hanging up in the trees or you can expect. And. It's the ones that you don't see that caused a problem, jersey. Rednecks had one actually fall out and hit their tent in the middle of the night and so fortunately. I just hit the side of the tent the corner, understand. It didn't cause any real damage there, but had. It hit. Across them where they had been sleeping, or something that could have been catastrophic, so, uh Jersey, rednecks were glad things worked out the way they did so. You guys that while you're out there when you get picture shelter or. Hang your hammock make sure there's no dead man's over you look up in the trees really well because when, it gets windy and these storms come through up there they're going to come out of the out. Of the trees, and there's no telling where they come so be careful with that and you, know it's, better to get to camp, during. The daylight so that you can look up and maybe determine, if those limbs. Above you that are still connected or, rotten. Or not so just, try, you best to do that because uh you. Know if you get hit and head with those you're done. Then, several folks also trying to navigate through the dead man or the the dead falls the the blowdowns have torn, gear and everything so if it's one that's really, difficult. It's, good that you're trying to go through it rather than make a new trail and causing. Damage, and violating. Leave No Trace principles, but, you. Know pick your you may need to just carry your pack and instead, of carrying on your back and may need to carry it in your hands to get across or if you're with somebody else maybe hand it to them and and to keep from damaging equipment, you know your equipment while the. Materials. We have now or good materials, in there they're lightweight. And waterproof, along with the lightweight comes.

That. The propensity for them to get torn easier particularly around trees and things like that so just be careful that we don't want anybody, tearing. Up their equipment and causing. Them water. Problems, on down the way. And. Then also got a report that if anyone, out there is associated, with the Nantahala hiking. Club the that, maintains, the trail. From. Not. Sure somewhere, around widening, stair, gap to the knock that, the, Siler ball from the silo ball shelter, to the knock the. Privies, are in terrible shape they, are maxed, out to the top of. The Privy and there's no compost, there, so. It's. Only gonna get worse with the bubble coming through we appreciate, all y'all do as trail maintainer, but just let you know that that, is a problem and, maybe. Y'all know y'all were probably busy with blow downs right now I appreciate that but maybe. If we could get to those privies that would be wonderful. One. Of the thru-hikers said they. Is approaching, the Smokies was telling me about the. Issue of dehydration. And that. Can be a really debilitating. Thing. That can occur you know that was that's one of the places where a lot of people try to cut their pack weight is by cutting their, water. Down you know they only carry one liter or a liter and a half of. Water. And the. Problem with that is if you don't have a big, enough supply, then. Rather. Than taking the time to stop take, off your pack take out your filter, filter. Put it back on put it back in your pack and then, get back on the trail, well that just takes a lot of time and people just they, don't want to go to the trouble because it's just not convenient because they're right in the groove but but, you get dehydrated and. That can lead to terrible. Terrible things it can cause a you. Know I mean it'd be so bad is to cause organ. Failure it, causes malaise you just don't feel good you're not hiking as well it. Could lead to death, or even worse you having to get off the trail so, please, stay hydrated. If you don't have at least 2 liter. Capacity. To, carry 2 liters at your, next trailhead, or next place Pete please pick, those up so, that you have that the. Ability, to carry that much water, so. That you stay dehydrated, even the winter heat when it's cold you need to be drinking a lot, of water so. That could be a problem and I, hope you'll do that now. Some pretty cool happens coming up a big Blue Mountain gear is a gear manufacturer, and they're collaborating with us on a gear giveaway, so, stay tuned for that and I'll be coming up in a couple videos, met. Lots of folks from the channel. Community, and also just the hiker community, in general and ADCO this past weekend I'll be putting together a video for that and. In the meantime you could go check out quicksand, on the trails video, he did a good one on the Hat CO there. At Amicalola State Park the Appalachian, Trail kicked off for 2019, so, we had a great time and look, forward to sharing my. Video with you, guys. From harken sailin, channel has created, yet another challenge. So. His challenge, is really an actual great one and. This helps the trail and hikers, alike and that is he, has, challenged. Everybody to pick up ten pieces, of. Debris off, of the trail so, that the trail maintainer x' don't have to do it and to keep it out of the way of hikers so don't, pick up something, so big you get hurt but. I'm gonna add to that and Ozzy, likes. To kind of one-up everybody so, I'm gonna one-up the one-upper, and I'm gonna add to that or. Include, with it that the debris. Can also be a piece of trail trash so, pick up ten pieces of trail trash each day or as you go and deposit those in the next trash can you come to it the next trail bed, so. There, you go and I'm gonna add I'm, gonna meet that challenge and when I go on my hike, hopefully. This coming weekend and I will video. That and show you proof to you cause, that I did that and I'm gonna name three.

Challengers, I'm going to name Artemis, is going, to be my challenge. Challenger. And I'm gonna get a twofer with Jersey redneck so there's my three so, you guys pick up some trail to breathe as you go along, and. That'll. Lead me out - like I just said I'll be heading out hopefully this weekend, in North Carolina for a section, hike from deep, gap, to. Rock gap so stay tuned for that be putting out the video for that. Don't. Forget down in the description, section, I've got hikers helping hikers I've got links for those and we added one this week and that is wild adventures, and, they're helping hikers up in Virginia. By. Providing trail magic and they're teaching children, and, using. Allowing. Children to participate, in that trail magic and. They're teaching them all about the outdoors. Fishing. And just hunting, and just camping, and, especially. Hiking. And hiking on the Appalachian Trail, they, are close by the Appalachian, Trail they've, done a lot of section hikes on that so they, are training up the next generation of hikers that. Are coming up and folks that are gonna be cleaning. Up and supporting the trail and helping us as we, age so, we. Appreciate that wild adventures there's a link there and I hope you'll go and check out their web page and subscribe to that well. That's about it for this week I appreciate, you staying tuned, and, as always appreciate. You they will see you out there.

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