Appalachian Trail 2019 Thru Hiker List Update

Appalachian Trail 2019 Thru Hiker List Update

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Hey Oh Randy, no they're coming at you from North Carolina, well, welcome to the another that date for the February 16th, for the Appalachian, Trail, 2019. Through my car class. Everything. Is going great for them out there weather. Hadn't really cooperated, greatly, but hey that's part of the Appalachian Trail right, no, rain no pain, no Mane so anyway we got a long, ways to go so let's just go ahead and jump right into it if. You new to the channel this channel is all about supporting. The 2019. Appalachian, Trail through hiker class and, we, do that by providing you update providing, you who's on that class it's gotten in touch with us who's blogging who's blogging and that's mainly what the class is and what, the channel is about is those bloggers and vloggers, that we, can support of course we support everybody but, we, can only support folks, if they've got some type of social media account for a comment so. If. You've got a social media account and you're. Not in our list please let us know we don't want to leave anybody out we want to support as many thru-hikers as we can so, let us know in the comments section below or you, can go to our. Facebook page at randy no roaming the trails and let us know there in a comment or you can even go to our Instagram account which is ramble just simply rammed in uh the. Best way you can support through hikers is going subscribe to this channel below and hit that Bell so you get the updates whenever. We update the channel and then go to the Facebook. Page where you'll find a complete list of thru-hikers that we're tracking and go. To their YouTube. Page or their, blog and subscribe. To, them and, then you can go make comments, and let's just support, this through. Like a class of 2019, on the Appalachian. Trail all the way to Kentucky or all the way from Katahdin to Springer or whatever, whichever, direction, they're going we just want to support everybody, this. Channel is also about my adventures on the Appalachian, Trail and so you'll find some, of those sections. That I've done and videos. On that as well as gear reviews so go, ahead and take a look at those that once you get time or if you've got some interest in those I'll, be go get back on the trail myself this. Coming weekend, February 22nd. And, I'll be out there doing a section in North Carolina, I'm looking forward to that'll be on that and hopefully, I'll run into some thru-hikers that we're tracking I can get some interviews down there just some interviews and thru-hikers in general and we. Can get a taste for what it is like actually out there on the trail, stay. Tuned to the end of the channel we've got some cool happenings coming up and a lot of news updates, and stuff that's going on out, there on the trail so hang, in there to the end and uh or, you can go down I've done a new thing this time and I'll be doing it forward is. That down description, section is time coded so you can go down there and just click on a time Club code, and you can go to the section of the video that you're most interested in, if you want to you, know skip ahead of stuff. Appreciate. All the kind comments and everything everybody's, been sending, back to me my way I greatly, appreciate, that please. Take that energy that you're sending my way and go. To the vloggers. And bloggers, go to their sites and their journals and do, the same thing with it make comments, and support them and let them know that you're behind them and you're just loving their adventures. Alright. So hiker season, and is, getting in full swing now and we are on the upslope, of the bubble that is coming up let's go ahead and look at the current registrations. Nobo we have over. 1660. Which is up from sixteen, hundred and twelve from last week flip-floppers, we have 81 which. Is up from over 75 last, week and sub, of folks we have 75. Which is up from over. 73. Not a great increase over, from last week so. Of. Course the nobo we figure that those folks would that, would drop off as people by, now for no bows that that starts early in the season they have decided whether they're going or not and they. Have already mostly, registered, by now so we don't expect that to continue to climb like, it had been in the past, flip floppers, and so bows will probably continue to climb hey, their whiskers probably, continue to climb, and. So uh we'll. Keep updating you on on all of that. The. We. Got 58, folks that are registered, on March 1st and I was kind of weird anomaly. Going on there last week they said according.

To The ATC. Website. We had 60, so, no people have dropped off and while I do know people have dropped off and he very well could be that some folks have actually rescinded. Their registration. But, we do have on March 1st 58, course the trail. ATC. Maxes it out at 50, somewhere. Above max there in April 1st we've got 54, so we're above max on, that date and then, March 17th, we're right there at the threshold of 49. So. And. I would expect there to me and maybe another day or two that the trail gets maxed out as. The, registrations, continue, so, the first shelter and there's Hawk Mountain shelter, that, a lot of people go to a stunt to very not - very first shelter it. Is. Kind. Of like it the the 8 mile mark which most, people do the. First day coming in or a lot of people do if. You don't do that no shame in that but a lot of people do that so usually. Hawk Mountain gets pretty crowded so with, all of those folks you need to get the Hawk Mountain early, before 3:00 or you need to stop short there, act. The. Whole mountain campsite, or, there's also an, alternative, campsite, that's pretty cool we'll talk about that that's at Hickory flats we'll, talk about that a little later on in the episode, here. According. To the ATC, I called down there and talked to them this morning 142. People have, stepped off as of this morning and, I'm sure that's going to climb throughout. The day so but, as of this morning about 9:00 o'clock 142. Folks had stepped off so. That's tracking right along with where people. Were registered you'll, recall that we talked about in. Earlier videos, where there was more people registered, than we're on the trail and and. Last week that curve reversed and so, now we're, ahead of that curve so hopefully, that will stay there permanently. Didn't. Add a lot of new vloggers to the community, the. Only one we added was go Joe Joe Joe they're. Northbound, and they're leaving, March. 21st. We, did add a few track blockers, Carl. Harrison, is nobo, on the 8th Jumper. In snot or from last year but they have changed their names they're no longer going my chunker and snot they're going by Mike and Kathy. And and, so you'll find those, track bloggers down there in the description section.

Also. Mike, and Kathy have an Instagram, page that they're doing as well. And. Dojo Jojo. Has. A Facebook, page that they're doing so you can track all those people through their various, social. Media accounts if I've left somebody off please. Get, back to me and let me know we don't want to leave anybody off that's got a social media account that we can track you through and we. Look forward to doing that and commenting, and helping, you out and. Keeping you pumped up all the way throughout, your entire journey. Got. A weather report coming in for this week it's gonna be rain the, next seven days is, gonna be rain it. Doesn't matter if you're in the Smokies, or it doesn't matter if you're just, starting down, in Springer, you're going to have rain with rain accumulations. Of seven, inches or more, so. Of, course we take right. Now since we're not to spread out we're mostly in the south, we. Are looking at the in the Smokies. Around. Asheville and Gatlinburg where we're taking our porch for and, around. Springer, is. Where we are around hell at Georgia is where we're taking our weather reports, for in those areas, but they're pretty much the same I, just saw the Smokies, tonight you gonna have some pretty good wind gusts, vanish, spring you're gonna have some pretty good wind gust, it's. Gonna be the, hot wind, gusts gonna be around. 18, miles an hour and the lows are going to be in the high 40s, tomorrow. It's gonna be pretty windy again with. Wind. Gust as high as 29, miles an hour, and. The, lows, again are gonna be in the high 30s to. Low 40s, so. That's still with that much wind and. It rain in that still gonna be pretty chilly and wet you, don't have to worry about batteries. Freezing, or phones freezing, although those temperatures, will, bring down the. Ability of your phone to maintain a charge and your chargers to maintain their charges but, you don't have to worry about any of your filtration, systems, freezing. Or your boots freezing, or your trail runners or anything like that. And. They pretty much throughout the rest of the week the highs are going to be in the low 50s. With. The lows, at night being in a 40 so that's. Still pretty chilly and. Even, down its Springer, Hall that's pretty much tracking, the same maybe a few. Degrees. Warmer, but. Not a great deal. Appalachian. Trail through hackers on our updates, we've got a Patrick, Noonan is, updated. When he's leaving and that's March 21st. The. Videos that we had had, tons of video there's no way they'll be able to touch on every, one of them but I did want to hit a few of them, hiking. With era gave, us an intro of all, about arrow and arrow is hiking, with arrows, hiking. Companion. So I'm, not gonna let the cat out of the bag if you're not from here hiking with an arrow she has a very interesting companion. I would. Encourage you to go to her Channel and take a look at that, chase. On the trail gave us his big three which was his tarp shelter, we. Had a lot of gear videos out there including some. Gear. Challenge videos of, Bill Baker gave. Us one walking nowhere gave us his entire kit with a 11, pound base, weight all, I got to say is wow I wish I could get mine down to 11 pounds.

Dirty, Laundry outdoors gave us their gear list is did Pangaea. Hike gave us his mugs to. His ark blast. Quicksand, on the trail gave us the gear changes they're making, after. Consideration. Of the shakedown hikes that they've done throughout the course of the year, Eastern. Backpacking, gave us a shakedown backpack. Or. Backpacking, trip. Chomps. Gave. Us her cold-weather, gear a couple. Minutes miscellaneous, we had it's, who we are gave us their finances. Not only on the trail, but. How'd it go and take care of finance at home so those are always good, perspective to see how other, folks are doing that we don't get a tremendous amount of those videos so we. Appreciate that is who we are, jersey, redneck adventures, gave. Us a video of getting. Weighed in, and getting, on their way and Patrick Noonan, from Ireland, gave us his time saving, trips on the trail so, by no means that all the videos if I did include you in that that mean, that. I think less your video it just means that I didn't have time to, go pour, through all of those videos that we're getting now that people are getting out on the trail. Hikers. Out on the trail we got underdog, on, the Appalachian, Trail and his last known as of this morning was, at the Georgia hostel, top of Georgia hostel there, a discreet, gap so he. Is going to be a really good personality. To. Watch, this year and to follow because he posts a lot of videos he's got maybe five or six videos, this past week so underdog, we appreciate, you keeping us update and I, continue to do that. Other, updates from hikers on the trail wrong way of course is a my front. Leading edge Intel, right now and he's, hiking with Frank Frank, the tank been, with him since Irwin from hi to, Irwin from Hot Springs and currently he's, an earl in last night he slept under a bridge in Irwin, he, says a week's been good he's had some rains, and. He's, now using an umbrella. He spent Wednesday in Johnson City with tank and he plans to head out Sunday, morning after day, there in Irwin, with Murray so, appreciate. The update wrong, way keep them coming, James. Hikes he left an L gap on Wednesday, and he's, no Bo but he did have to turn home for some injury. Rehab and some gear change outs but. He, has given us his, gear. Updates, and some presumably he's getting out on the trail so we look for his update real soon.

Three-mile. Is, tracking. With fresh. Ground, fresh. Ground is coming into hog print gap so we assume that uh that's where three-mile is is approaching, hog pen gap. Jersey. Redneck adventures indicated, to me that they had ran into fresh ground as did, Artemis, and and. Jersey. Redneck adventures, is going to be at nils gap gonna make their today for a Nero and then probably a0 tomorrow. Artemis. Should, be coming she's, past Neal's gap and she's somewhere between Neal's, gap and Dick's Creek and we're looking forward to her dropping. A video today. Sometime. Or. Tomorrow, so, artemus ooh she's, another personality, out there that's gonna be really neat to follow as. Are, they all but she, tends to post a lot so Artemis we look forward to that post so, that's all the folks said that's, not all the folks that are on the trail but, that is all the folks that we've been able to track that have posted since our last update. The. Only one that's off the trail that we know for any great length of time is maybe wanders and she's. The Facebook personality, and she is off the trail on a cruise for a few weeks with her husband so Mimi. Let us know when you get back hope, you have a good time on your cruise and. Look. Forward to you getting back and getting your land legs back up underneath you start. Next week we have Dudley, do-right on February. 17th, H Fernandez, on February, 18th, Kraig Mane's is starting, his yo-yo on February, 20th hallo, starting, February, 18th. Outdoor, adventures, is February, 23rd. Richard, GAD is naboo, he's February. 21st, stalling. Bear thru-hiking ventures, is February, 18th. Wonder, Woman Christy and that in Lynn is nuovo February, 21st, so, we look forward to all those people getting on the trail out there and starting, to update, their blogs or blogs and that's, supporting you all the way so good luck with those guys look, forward to that a little. Bit of news from the trail, fresh. Ground and the Leapfrog Cafe, Bolivar any kids are is started, and they. Started, out by bringing food to folks, at Gucci Gap and Artemis was one of those folks there and that's, like a mile and a half walk off the trailhead and they brought fresh pancakes, bananas. And coffee so kudos, to you fresh ground for doing that and all, that you do I know those folks on a wet and rainy chilly day. Appreciated. That at Gucci gap. Today. Fresh, ground is leaving it noon from. Woody gap and he's going to be heading up to his next stop it's hog hog pen gap and, he'll be sitting up there for another day or so and. He also he's got a special, helper with him personality. From last year and that's PT or otherwise. Known as probation. Termination so PT, we, look forward to seeing you and your adventures, there with fresh brand with, you helping, him out and folks. That ought to be really, interesting, with PT, and fresh, ground all teamed up together so, go ahead and check out the Petey's, channel I'm sure he'll have some updates. On what's going on and possibly some interviews, and of course fresh ground has his Facebook page so check that out as well. James, hikes he didn't want to send us a warning about, mice in the bear boxes, down in Georgia and even, up getting into his gear on the cable he had a lot. Of food. That got contaminated. From, mice getting into it he. Had his food in the bear boxes, that are down, in Georgia and. They. The mice even got into it down there somehow so there must be a hole in the bottom of those beer bottle bear boxes and, he had his gear up on the bear cables. And. Even though they have a chipmunk. And mouse guards, on the little metal discs that all, the cables supposed to keep them from jumping it if you've ever watched the acrobatics, of a squirrel you know that a squirrel, or a chipmunk and, get right past that so the. Moral that is you need to take everything, food, toothpaste. Toiletries. Anything, that smells, taken. Out of your pack put it in a separate container somewhere if you have a canister put it in a canister a 100 200 feet away from Kent or take, your bear take a bear bag and hang it somewhere where away, from camp because, even. If you put it on the cables it's not safe I've been a victim of that myself here's, a picture of my pack that, I had, everything, in my pack was I stayed in the shelter but I had this home on the bear, cables, and they. Got right in this pouch the, bad part about it is that the little rodents. The. Pack the pouch was not a zip-up pouch they, could have climbed in the end but no they, had at you and make a new hole into it and they don't make a neat hole and, that's, where I put my water bottles so now I was worried about, contaminating.

The End of my water bottle, when, I stick it back in that pouch as I'm walking because, I stick it with the mouth. Piece, in toward. It so that, kind of bothered me throughout the rest of my hike worried about getting contamination. From the. Mice where they had crawled, all in that pouch so. Hang. Those bags or, put them in a canister somewhere, well away from camp, also. Undermine me if you didn't know about the Appalachian. Trail kick off at Amicalola, Falls that's, March 1st I'll be having an update, on that a little more explanation about that later in. A different video. But that is an Amicalola. Falls State. Park. They have 42, tent spots of which 15, are already taken so you, need to call up there and get your tent spot reserved. I don't, know what happens with overflow, yet I'm sure they have an overflow place, so I'll be finding, that out and getting out of information, to you as well as if there's any cost. During. That Appalachian Trail kickoff there's lots of classes you can go to of. Previous. People. That have been on the trail and vendors. That are up there and it's just a good time for the hiker community, to come together and the first. Hiker. Community, get-together of, the year that I'm aware of so I'll, be there looking forward to meeting people and meeting subscribers. And folks out there and just, doing some interviews and just being, a part of in the real world of the hiker community, so y'all, check, that out if you can so. Cool happenings, in the channel this week appreciate, the conch, at out from a bearded, servant, he's a great guy very kind brother and I just appreciate, that, bearded. Servant, hiking, sailor wanted me to mention that he's got a video on vlogging, and he posted from his previous through hike so. That can be useful for folks, this year that are vlogging, Scott. Kent a subscriber. Come in a bit rather than staying at honk mountain you could stay at Hickory flats which is at Mile 6.3. And. That's about 1.8, miles south, of Hawk Mountain so, some. People like to do a little more than that but that may be the perfect mileage. For you for the first day from, Springer Mountain right out the gate particularly. If you've, done. The approach, trail or if, you've, hiked. In from the parking lot which adds an additional mile, to. Your. Walk, so that would be at seven point three miles so they're, hick'ry flats they have it's actually a church sponsored place. And they have the, church oftentimes, lead water there for you but, they have a shelter. That is a very large shelter, that. Has some picnic tables at it it's got a you know it's like a big pavilion, and, they have a large grassy area there and the biggest thing is actually I have a flush toilet there so. If. You don't want to make it all the way to Hawk Mountain or you're, going to be getting in late that might be an option for you that you might want to consider. Doing. I'm. Starting to new sections, to the channel this week and that is my. First one is hikers, helping hikers so those are going to be leaks for, other, hikers, that. Are helping hikers out there but also for, hikers that are going to be on the trail that you can go and help so, for instance I have a hiker, focus, from SWAT Suliman a link, to his webpage where you can go and find the status. Of most. Of the folks are on this channel, and. Then also we have trail, magic that you can do from home, these. Are the station. 19e, where, you can go and go to the web page and you can buy a, port. For word beer to somebody or you can buy breakfast, for them a snack or you can be my bunk space form so go and check that out I've. Also included a link to hiking with air which is a WWI. Outfitters. Dot code. Combat. Co, Co where. She is selling t-shirts for, through hikers with, it says that I planned route through the 19 through I kurz and she's. Not only supporting, her channel but part of the proceeds will go to the hiker community, and, then Sarah hikes also, is they through hiker this year and she started a children's, teaching, channel about the 80 and.

Then The other six I'm starting as a trail magic notice, so it's going to be I'm like for it to be kind of like trail magic, central, so if, you are a viewer, subscriber. And you are going to be doing trail magic and you want people to know where it's at, then let, me know, we'll get that, updated. Quickly. Through the community, tab on, our, channel and so. We won't have to wait to the end of the week for an update we'll just do that right away. For. Instance we'll be updating fresh ground and, then. Also you'll. Notice this week if you're a subscriber they, are a they did the green updated. The green we're gay and they are a branch, of a rural ranked Rangers which is kind of a a, group, of folks. That get together and, they dress up and believe, it's Revolutionary, War or frontiersman. Outfits. And kind of do. Things the way they used to do the old-fashioned, way so they cook food, over. Dutch ovens, you know cast-iron, oven over open fires and they're doing a big hiker feed like. They've done in the past two years they plan on doing that at burning town gap in North Carolina or March 29th, and March, 30th, they'll, be having homemade chili vegetable, soup biscuits, in a Dutch oven over an open fire and lots of other items to support the hike so, if. You're a through hiker plug into that there. At. Burning, town gap on March 29th, and 30th and. They've. Also let, me know that so that there's not a duplication, of other people doing. Trail. Magic in the same area, so that we we, don't have a redundancy, and we get spread out there, and then that way that people, can have trail magic and numerous, places throughout the trail all. Right folks that's it for this week, appreciate, it if you don't want to watch the whole channel you can go to the description channel, of course by now you have already watched it but if, you skipped ahead then you've already found the time. Coding there so I hope you enjoy that. You. Can subscribe to this channel by hitting my face in the Endo's or going, up and hitting the bell right there and subscribing and we. Help you do that support, everybody all the way to Catan or all the way back to Springer, it's, always appreciate, you and we'll see out there.

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