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You got a sound like no one else that's why people probably like a Blueface cuz you don't sound like nobody. Even. Though if he's off beating, you may not like it but he don't sound like nobody else I listen to music 24/7. 365 new. Stuff in my inbox right, and I just feel like any, time a new style catches, my entire inbox becomes, full of that so, it's been Travis, Scott for a while, now yeah I'm. Ready for blue face just as. What's, up geniuses, welcome back to for the record I'm your host Rob Markman now 2018. Was a great one we're going right into 2019. With a lot of excitement a lot of new orders coming line new projects, that we didn't get last year that, we want to get this year we're hoping we get this year I brought a panel here to discuss it man first up my man from hot 97 heavy. Hitters DJs, and up and downs he has all the dopest records first, shellings, own DJ stacks man what's up walking record, thank you ma'am nah man thank you for coming next up we have in landed records and our I mean, my man is responsible for signing Fetty WAP Kodak. Black show, line mafia, xxx. You name it anything, hot in over the past five years my. Man probably had a hand in it Orlando. Warts on what up man and welcome for the record Oh or. Okay. Finally, last, but not least we have the host of the brutally, honest podcast one of my favorite podcast, it's, the only way I feel like I could get some truth in this, game and everybody lies man, but karlie, hustle always. Wins the truth booth in on his podcast karlie, welcome to for the record thanks for having me yeah how you doing today yeah. So. You know everybody. Had a good New Year's right there safe happy healthy absolutely. We, want to get into this now 2018. 2018. Um passed. Us by we got, some taste of some. Artists of what's to come in. 2019. Who are we really excited about I want to start with which you call the UM who do you see out there that you think is really poised to take over the game to shit, I'm. Really excited about Flip De Niro from Canarsie I feel, like he had a huge year in 2018, with, - leave me alone single, he put out a street, record with Jake rich and then he put out another. Track called feeling like and, I. Just think that he is poised. With his new signing, to epic, and dj khaled to kind of take over the. Game I could, hear him on lots of people's hooks as a guest I can, hear some features I, would love to hear an album, now going, forward and kind of see where, he goes right it was dope. 2018. How - leave me alone kinda, took, off because it really had ladies of his home and started growing and then. It. Found this way to Khaled signs. To be the best and and we see him at the BD Awards, but, you know me, to being from Brooklyn like you seen that you could really root for a guy like that could you've seen that, he didn't skip a step, no to get where he at so yeah he's definitely on my list oh I, want, to go to you man listen I know first of all this man has his, fingers, on the post everywhere. Who. Are you looking at in 2019. Who's, out there what's, the talent, like, I'm. Looking at I'm, excited, to hear rowdy rich album, right, by. The rich playing on somebody, from LA something different, right.

Well, What. You spend a lot of time you, you're East Coast guy man like you know I I know you I mean look man clue. Tapes all of that like when we really talk about street, music and and having your, hand in the culture you've been doing this a long time spending, a lot of time out, la rowdy rich what's the temperature like man cuz it does definitely feel like there's a new energy coming out of the west post, like CDE, who's been running me you, got a good energy he's. Different coming, from I let you know I'm. Excited here. Stax. Man I know you spending all the new records and stuff like that he's always hitting my line like yo you gotta watch out for that's, why I know who, the comeback genius, is when I get attachment stacks but who you looking at for this mom I say, I'm. Gonna agree with with Carly and Oh rowdy, rich definitely, I went, to his show a month. Ago and it was a really good show good turn out good energy I. Also. Gotta say 88. Glam out of Toronto there the weekend down with Sonic, so, you. Know I did a little club run with them a month ago great, energy that the young kids love them they. Got a record out that's movement called little boat and. Then also I say on my list. You. Got a cowboy, from Chicago, God yeah it's called envy me that's the record that's moving in the streets yeah we just did an episode of verified, with him over here genius, um you, know the fans seem to really love that you know what, should take one on a guy, like blue, face, I think. Everybody's, talking about the rebeis checking, out see what this guys doing. Carly. I feel like I seen you tweeting about it because a lot of people were taking them to tears because he. Ain't exactly all, beat. You know they it's, like he falls off the beat and then tries, to hop back on this is very kind of on Orthodox, style but. Everybody's. Talking about this kid do you think he actually has a chance he's gonna be huge because he's making so many people upset at any time anybody is that polarizing. I mean look at 69, people, don't like his style they don't like his music but then again he's top. 10, top five number one streaming, somebody's, lying right because he's picking it and listening, yeah I really like blue face I think he's very interesting, he reminds me a lot of some, Bay Area shit that I grew up on when I was a kid. Yes. I know that people love to make the jokes. About him being offbeat, and he does fall, off the beat and come back on but I just think it's interesting if. Nothing else and he owes it to I mean there's a history that you know I think um. 40. Is there's, a master, at that I think when you look at that on, or, be style if 40 is a master, at it if what he is actually on beat but it's kind of this thing we had Ice Cube explain is is this process of like falling. Off the beat and then, catching it and then, you know just kind of doing the swing. With it but you know you listen to cast like T Grizzly right, it has a similar style and sob has. A, similar, style so. You know this is just when that's. As. Far as I'm concerned like I know blue face is from LA but I hear so much bay in him and I hear a lot of bay and a lot of artists actually so. Joke, about the Bay Area style Stax is that something that you could spend in New York the blue is. It picking up over here I think the studio record is moving studio, record is doing really well as a great chorus, now. Back to the offbeat. The, the new generation, now that's second new style to them actually it's rapping offbeat like you, got g herbo I know they make fun of some song because it stays a little offbeat you. Got blue face there's. Another artists, in, the west coast but then. The, kids today that's like their style like it's just rapping. Offbeat but the, great thing about is that they actually embrace, it and they. Just having fun with it and they just put in our music so like, I can't even like not.

Them For that is it a matter of time before because, we saw the post of drinking, this DMS. Usually, Dover we heard your story before when Drake comedy, ends in darkness or something like that you start to see something bubbling your problem with the Drake feature and for a lot of people you. Know a lot of the audience once you get that Drake cosign, yes. They love you and I'm saying like and, he has a record actually coming out with quavo too so he, has I think two big. Cosines, right there so you know, oh I. Want to ask you about disorders from Brooklyn um asking, for Flatbush Brooklyn where, I'm from I've been paying attention to a little bit sign the code that black signed the sniper gang 20. - geez - two g's has this new record alcohol spin the blocks and the black um uh you. Know what what caught me about that record was. On he. Had the same piano sample, that's very Quan wool Gambino's, so, once I heard that flipped it in the way it was to be started I'm like oh shit okay you got my attention, he. Gets on the record and the record is actually moving what's the deal with you - jeez - Jesus, is from Brooklyn bringing, that energy back, you got that Brooklyn, energy young. Boy from Brooklyn that's. Giving. You a different. Side of Brooklyn, right there. What. What, what is it especially, for for. A guy like, you you know knowing that that you know you brought Kodak, over to Atlantic you know Kodak brings to two G's into the fall um, and. That, process is scouting Talent right for a guy like that what. Are you looking for like what what, stands out for you before even the label gets involved creativity. You got you got to be creative, you. Got to sound like no one else that's why people probably like a blue face because you don't sound like nobody, even, though, if he's off beaten you may not like it but he don't sound like nobody else everybody sounds, the same so. When everybody starts, on the same music is redundant, so when you hear blue face it, sounds so ridiculous, to you this. Sounds different to somebody else tired. Of hearing the same stuff, everybody. Sounds, the same. Everybody. Sounds the same way man so are we gonna get this trend of people are we gonna get this track because I did. See this argument going back the blue face is that. Somebody. Said that. It was a staff so somebody made the argument that's a stylistic, choice that. He chooses to rap that way. I don't, know I hear it I feel like no that's just how he hears the beat he don't hear the beat yes you gotta give it his only one blue face though right him you know his him right regardless but it's good bad even like you do like it if you hear him you notice him right, he. Looks the part and the, women like him all right so, he got all that going for him remember this is entertainment, at the end of the day some, people go and listen to music and, learning. Off of it and coaches, themselves some people gonna entertain, themselves in music you got to know who. Foo was. For what I want to get back coz coz coz Carly, had. Me thinkin for a second there there is nobody like him in and if you've seen this game are, we gonna see a lot of people who. Can actually wrap on beat. Purposely. Rapping off beat now is this gonna become the de-facto staff. Then. You're gonna get everybody wrapping off yeah but then it's not cooling, cuz he's doing it this is natural style, right see.

That's What I'm saying I'm naturally doing, I feel like he's naturally, doing it and, the fit and and I don't think it's not wrong with it and I, think everybody could agree I think he gets whack when, all of a sudden that becomes the style that's like bro you don't even here to be like that you don't even rap like that but you're doing this because you think this. No one gets you want I listen to music 24/7. 365 new, stuff in my inbox right and I just feel like any, time a new style catches, my entire inbox becomes, full of that so, it's been Travis, Scott for a while, yeah, I'm. Ready for blue face justice. You. Know I want, to get that taken on this, dude he's excited, excited me, this year. When. J Cole came out with the 1985. Record, and he was kind of you. Know scolding. The generation, of rappers here comes this cat out of the ybn camp court day with. A response, to cold, right. Away and given his perspective, and given a young, news perspective, and then he dropped the record like comic fool he dropped Scottie Pippen, I, like, what ybn Corday's like I'm super, excited for like a YB record a project, I'm this year's anybody else checking for him right like what do we think of called a I think. He's dope I like. The kid you know like he's in his own lane like I think. He's focused, he knows what he's trying to do I feel like he's very confident, himself and I think that's very important, as an artist nowadays, so. I think, Namira, came out as kind, of you, know the, star out of that camp initially, and then I kind of feel like Corday is now slowly. But surely kind. Of stepping it up and he, looks like an artist that's gonna be around, for a while not, just you know one-off single or whatever and that's no shade in the mirror right you, know look man that I see what they're trying to do over, there what they're actually doing with the why being care but you know I had to admit to the. Mirror you, know cuz I'm gonna take. Just. Man the man when I seen the mirror I didn't. See all of this with his first single I thought it was gonna be a one or done situation I thought it's gonna be a viral. Record that, he was going to drop and we, were gonna be over a part of the the, the, appeal of a mirror in the Middle East first off right was, that he has, this baby face like he actually looks 12 years old he, was talking so reckless, with, all this gunshot like it just made you look like y'all is he for real and I, didn't see a whole lot of longevity, in that but I had, to give it up I'm like well, you proved me wrong you actually had a vision, for, your camp the whole time um we. Met, on like video games what's. Up about one of the things is and I always say this and you guys could agree or, disagree I, think, chordae. Crap. What. The style is that he, can always rappin I always say that rap is if you look at rappers who have 20, plus year career, they. All could rap, in the debt with the time so be it the jay-z. Be. It of knives even though that new knives album, didn't. Happen yeah. UTI, you know saying the dive shop like, no, matter what I think guys could rap will always be able to put out albums, no matter what the style is called a kind of reminds. Me is that I think Kendrick will fall in that Lane I think Cole will fall in that Lane absolutely, like my mirror and the other one and. We got it ain't got a lifespan right things just doing, was cool. Right. But. The other dual core today is really, skillful right, so, he could keep elevating. I think. He got a long a lifespan and, both of them I think and I have a great career actually. So. Let's talk about some of the women out there too man uh Carly. I'll just start with you like is any women that we should really be checking for I got a couple on my list but I want to hear from you today buddy we should be checking out and how the hip-hop R&B you know just in our world sure. I mean I know young amaze been out for a minute but I'm still very much focused, on watching, her star rise, because.

I Personally, think that she's been very disciplined, and careful, I know she, turned down some big bags when, her record. Was out and she just wasn't ready for that and I. Think she's very slowly, and methodically been, putting out records and I feel like 2019. Is an album year for her and, I. Believe, that she's going to take it to that level she she younger. May is amazing, because I think she found something, that worked if you look at streaming. Numbers her YouTube numbers I think, most people will associate, her with oh and, if you're only like casually, paying attention, you, don't know but every. Time she comes to genius the traffic goes through the roof every time she drops a new, video is 10 million plus um I. Think a lot of people wrote her off is this the do you, still see life for. Young. MA I mean, skillful, as well this. Is from Brooklyn you know working support, was. Never over when from Brooklyn. Absolutely. What do we think of at stacks I know you were not had something, off air an artist, that that both you and I are excited, about coiler, a yes. You got the new record out huh D yeah yeah a quarter rate out of New Jersey I've, been I've been watching her for about a year I've been seeing her grow she, did rolling loud I think about a month ago and. I think she's in the right right path right direction, so, I think you. Know she might have some big features coming for this year for 2019 so, yeah, how do you record his dope. Knock. Yes that's a woman not oh no oh when. Has, anybody heard of when, out of Portland now if. You haven't caught, wind, of this story. When. Freestyle. White girl from Portland blonde hair um super. Dope neurosis, she, put out a freestyle, and it. Went viral over, some with the rumor that she was Haley that she was Eminem's daughter and. You know how the internet goes if one person, say it and it gets retweeted enough, then it just becomes the truth I. Hit. Them up and I said yo did you plan this because if your plan is his expert, marketing and, know she was frustrated her team had nothing to do with it it just was kind of a lot I took on the life of his own but, with that I feel like it now everybody's, watching, all right so, what's the record are you guys up one with have you been checking out wedding lately oh I've, been checking her here and there just not too much but about paying attention in there yeah I'm actually, sat with her not too long ago she, went viral before, with another, sort, of I think on Twitter and Instagram to another freestyle maybe here. I. Think. That she really has. A lot of respect, for hip-hop I think she understands, her her Lane as a white woman in, the hip-hop space more, than most. And. I really respect that about her I think she just just. Wants to grind, it out and really earn her stripes which i think is dope and she can rap and so. I think it's just gonna be a, brick. By brick for her as she builds this I think, she's patient it's interesting yeah we, had that same kind of conversation and you.

Know There's a privilege there's a certain privilege that comes we'll be in the white artists, and especially. When with so much of the audience are white. Kids themselves and yeah people. There's. All types of shit. In the game and politics, in the game that are very real and then sometimes, it boils down to people just support, people who look like them is just naturally attractive the answer and if she plays the game right and if she kind of has respect, for it the way that she has been moving she, has a super bright future, I feel like oh what. About summer Walker some Walker has. Been emerging man do we like what someone's doing she's dope be. Right there yeah she's. From Atlanta Georgia I believe yeah yeah she's official I'm, gonna live been listening to for the past six months who, don't we fuck with we like everybody here now let's get to the shit does anybody that we just absolutely don't believe music is creative, I have, to let people create normal. Okay not like. Another. Artist I would say Donny lay I think she's dope okay I think, she's gonna have something for, 2019. You, know she had the remix with Oh baby they came out was such a layup man because, he had the records called Oh baby now. You don't get a little baby or babies what are we doing but she's dope I like Donny wait and you, know I'm she you know she's a dancer, songwriter you know I know she got an award for writing a song I believe for JLo on, the undercard, EB with Khaled record book but, she's dope she's talented and, I think she got some some stuff. Coming for 2019 for, this year you know what fuck I'm fucking with Mellie dawg yeah he's good too I think I think Mellie you. Know I was a fan from from I see Frank she did about that yellow remix I found, out about her and she did I see which was super dope. Shit. Talk I was like oh shit she could rap rap. Like, oh you rat rat the English and Spanish yeah English, and Spanish and then she. Showed up my mix album on, with, the shits and. I think I think she bodied, that like I would and Loki. I'm. Gonna get killed I was more excited about that than the, drake and meek mm-hmm, featured the drinking meet record kind of let me down low when. I heard the melody that energy on that shit was like all the way up what. Do you fucking with melody - yeah I know Miley shops - rgo shops to a goyard.

Right Oh Mellie's. Dope Mellie got our new she has a new R&B song out that's. Pretty dope but what I like about Mellie is that she, could do English, and Spanish and it's like she could spit for you in English and she could spit for you in Spanish and like. She doesn't sound cheesy most artists nowadays I try to do both sides. They, sound cheesy sometimes, but I think Mellie's don't know. She's gonna be able to get in where she fits in across. She. Wants to go into the Latin trap side and she can go over there yeah she's, a good. Spot yeah Oh what happened there or did she try to sign on or. Somewhere. That's not. Little. Florida, boys got a chrome. Want. To talk about okay. -. Artists, um albums. That were looking forward to next year. Kanye. West right I. Feel. Like we talked about him all year, and most. Of us had nothing to do with the music, kissee, ghost he dropped the yeah album it felt like those kind of came and went for. The most part and all we saw it was the Trump now, we see the the Drake Kanye, beef but, Kanye, promised, us an album around Thanksgiving, and, pushed, it back to the next shit do we think Kanye, could redeem himself with, a new album do. Because. It kind of feels like musically, I mean if I'm good but I'm gonna make it now things in this place to make something that's created, as he was making what. What what does he need to do what what do you think Calle needs to do musically, that kind. Of brought his line he could do I just think he was at a point in time when he was making great music and he's not at that point one can't, make it you know he's. Not the guys the magic, right now, oh I. Love, you had a great career already sometimes, you gotta know when you. Creativity, in thinner more now you're not making music for the masses now you're just making music for yourself, and for that little fanbase you got left which is cool but you gotta know what you're doing he still got a big fan base. He's. Not really giving them what they want, so I mean Kanye. Kanye. Zoo is already a brand right so it's like it's like what branding, so it's, like clothing like or cars. Like they're, so big and the. Minute they drop something people are still gonna look, at it talk about it purchase, it they, might not be excited. About it I mean not like excited it might not be fully, satisfied but, they're still gonna support because, of that name and that brand, um I, think Kanye, he's, gonna be okay but he's. Not gonna give us that feeling of graduation, or late registration days, you know I'm saying well I'll take the life of Pablo feeling, like. There's. A good you, know wait what he got and, said I love it like, I was confused because I was like a lot of people thought you and Erica / did were you able to play that in the, concert during a sense that what was the reaction of that record it's a, big record in the clubs and you. Know when people are having fun and they drunk and chilling you. Know it's easy to sing along to it's, funny I know it's a little disrespectful, to women but the, women are actually singing. The whole song loud and clear but you know it's just a fun song, it's little pumps on a little problem as a great fan base so, so I don't doubt that right because it's hard to argue with that because you out there and in the beat to the record is cool. That record could exist that's, not what I want from Colleen oh yeah I mean that's not what I go to Kanye, for like yeah let that be pumps ragged and. It'd be cool but, Carly you you think he could come back you think you think Kanye, got yeah I do I really do I just he's Kanye West I mean I understand he's problematic, and has all these issues and I totally get that but I also know that he's, the same genius, that made so much of that music that we've, been enjoying for the past decade. And some change and I. Thoroughly, believe that, he if he keeps the right people, around him and that's the big, question mark then, he could make some brilliant, music again and the way the internet moves the way the world works now you're just one song, away one. Publicity. Stunt away from, returning. To the top of the game oh I always say that's the hardest like never, underestimated. Our toises career, at the moment cuz every artist is always one strong away from you, know coming back and making that hit or just, destroying yourself completely.

It's Just very volatile, right now, now. Well you know hopefully Kanye, kind of come back and yeah. I don't necessarily need the graduation, sound from. Him or even looking for that but just something, that he. Always seemed like when, he was at the top and that his best that he was pushing the boundaries forward. And now it feels like a lot of following. What, other people do and also rushing, music, outlet felt like yeah I'm. An charlemagne maybe has, said it best he said that Kanye was the type who would, be a perfectionist on the record right like I think he mix power like, 25. Times before he put power out as opposed. To now it seems like he's just making a record of throwing it out making a record of throwing it out so it's a different process he's like trying to respond to the times though because I feel like that's how people are making consuming. Music I feel like he's trying to challenge himself to be what it is right now and it's unfortunate, because it's, not his best work, but. That's the consumption, cycle, but by that I got. A lot, of music comes out one, person who doesn't, need to follow the consumption. Cycle at all is Rihanna. Right. Are we getting Rihanna album this year. I mean, I know, they, said that she's working on a reggae album that's the room was there a game, like afro beat yeah cuz, I have a few friends that you know see. You wanted to take time because that means it's gonna be good and isn't it creating, cooking it up yeah so. She's creative. You you you vote for taking, time, absolutely. Which album how do you balance that especially, like I said all you're working with a lot of young artists, you're you're kind of see but there's different type of artists if you a young artist and you're trying to make a name for yourself of course you have to drop, faster, did you cope with the cycle there's, somebody like Rihanna has to put quality out cuz there's only one Rihanna and, we waiting for I think like when she comes out the music has to be something that's great. So something, great takes a little longer than me okay. Same thing would um but like Kendrick right think. Punch from TDE said Kendrick. Is not dropping a hapa no time soon continue. To kid listening to damn so, I know, you. Think them Kendrick albums are easy, to make no they. Great because he puts time effort, skill. Determination. Into those albums that's why they so, magnificent. You're not gonna make that album, of six months it's not gonna happen ooh artist has a luxury, of being able to spend that much time on their music though and that's the crazy thing it's like you have to be very established, like that in order to spend that much time or, else if you're not like in the cycle in the cycle and people forget about you and move on so it, concerns me about how we're building our next superstars, we're not giving them time, to create and when I work in the album past one cycle yeah now, that album comes out the singles and then that's it before. Will work the album recycles. You get three singles that work the whole album so you get a couple months of work album people get to love the album live, with it and then, see what they like about it and I was one, week the next week somebody else got somebody else comes off so it's parts it comes to music and really love music, it feels like that's what Travis Scott is doing right now he just announced a second. Leg of this tour like, it's red you know they're special artist that you have to be a artist of a certain magnitude to be able to get two legs of its, oil or Travis, Scott start it from the bottom right and worked his way up, he. Got his look right he, got his swing right he got his music, right and he got his business right and then he's tickets to the next level a lot of artists sing smarter. And dedicated, enough to, do what Travis Scott did Travis. Scott didn't come out and blow, up that didn't happen for him so what, about a guy like cuz. I hate all of this and and and I actually agree with it all but a guy like Drake, I feel like he's an anomaly, because, he. Feels, big. Special, on the level of the Rihanna's, de kendrick lamar's like he's up there elite artists. Of this day but, it feels like Drake is never out of cycle like you know when he wrapped up his last scorpion. Toy he said I'm coming right back at 2019. I'm gonna drop something else and if it ain't features he's. Gonna drop a project. Right. Away this, is with Drake built, a magnificent. Team that's. Helping him create, all, those magnificent. Music so, while he's on the road he has people working some. People don't. Have a team like that Drake has one of the best teams ever making music, executive. Producer, producing. Writing. Making, hooks that's, why he keeps on turning. Out this great music because he has a team. Doing this for him and they are very skillful, he.

Knew How to pick the right people to help him and that's his, skill and then that's why Drake is at the top of the game do, we think we'll see one of the rumors about Drake, and you know updates for life though you mentioned EXO earlier we, know the weekend is working on sale as well, and weekend again is one of those artists that take a lot, of time with, his project there's always been this this this room over of a Drake weekend, reunion. That, we quite, haven't gotten yet. You know I'm saying um do. You think it said you think we're gonna get more trash on the weekend and Drake um, I, mean I don't know man I mean, 29th. I mean 2019, right now is unpredictable like past years so I mean. One of my favorite records of all time not all time but like that. I like was cruel of like, Drake, in the weekend so if, they could come out with like another record like that or just a body, of work like that would be fire but I don't, know it's because, you, know Drake is working on his album the weekend, is working on his album so sometimes. Schedules, conflict. When two artists with that major platform, you. Know trying to work together it's conflict, sometimes let's. Just go around just, things you looking forward to. We talk about the biggest artists right I'm, the type I'm not gonna lie like my, favorite, albums. Are normally. Not the biggest albums like you know I'm, 2018. I was the push of tea I was, the Nipsey Hussle guy. And, you know love - the world you know scorpion, would had some cool joints on it but they weren't that to top my list I always maybe. I'll root, for the underdog but in terms of you call these any albums. That you really looking forward to next. Yeah yeah. I mean I hope. That Frank Ocean drops an album I'm, you know it's kind of Captain Obvious but, like I love Frank Ocean I want to see what he's gonna do next of, course I. Guess. I'm not getting my Kendrick album. Sadly. Honest. You might get a catchy. You. Know it might be around marching all of a sudden he'd be like I got it work, and then you, know I'm. Still holding out for Kendrick, me too and there's. A kid that's, brooklyn-based, now his name is cautious, clay if, you've heard about him but he's definitely more of like a R&B. Pop alternative. Hybrid, and his. Songwriting is great and he plays multiple instruments, and, I'm really excited to see what he's gonna do in 2019, don't. Owe anything. We looking forward to just, coming yet I mean. Kodak. Black on my Kodak black season again, he. Just dropped the new and gay artists. Got a key problem that's. 22 little, fan P&B, rock. Mafia. Okay. Anybody. Else that you're not working with rich. Looking. Forward same thing Roddy rich, 88. Glam, this. Kid Thutmose. From Brooklyn he's. Dope you, know and also this other guy of pink sweats pink. Sweater yeah really, good R&B, guy though. She's got some common with pink sweater yeah think so it's. Hard to do I'm, really looking forward to this on, schoolboy, q a bow mm-hmm, I think, Q. Again is one of those artists, like might not be on the level of, kind. Of the Rihanna's, and that we were talking about what definitely, a guy that takes his time and goes against, the every time he doesn't, go with the flow he creates his own and I'm. Really looking forward to what he has to say especially since we, lost Mac Miller you know that him, and Mac were really close. Yeah. I think that's gonna be dope I really want to hear this Rick Ross project, this part of Miami - look. I don't need no tract nothing, from well I just want all. Soulful. Luxurious. Justice. Li-mei, bad news lay back yeah. These. Type of beats you know saying like, if Ross, could give me one of those man I think Ross could, drop a phenomenal, project this year and I'll, definitely, want to shout out two chains and and wild. Lady - man I know why lay every. Time we turn on it's whether he is. Retiring. Oh Oh, quitting. But I want to see him use that ship and make me a super, dope fire project, like you, know he can. Cool. Anything, else everybody else good we, could I think we got a cover right yeah we don't got to do no more episodes we just wrapped up 2019. In one episode but listen I definitely, want you to check out, Carly, hustle on the brutally, honest podcast, right is that we. Weekly bi-weekly now, bi-weekly, yeah weekly okay, so definitely check that out a lot of good information there, check, out all right and then the Gregor's you never know who he's gonna be signing next no you wanna know who's not just following him on the gram see what city he's in he started getting a temperature, check you know saying I'm I'm a DJ stacks man from from hot 97 have.

You Hit his own DJ enuff what up now. And you're right up and down every week guys from downtown, went over the club you really, keeping your pulse on what's going on in city man so I hit up all the time that's a fact well the time to talk like y'all this is what's moving I'll send him a video send, me a song so you know I was a DJ that's my job right like you, know it's to be on top of the, music the, culture, just like Carly, says she listens to music 24/7. Checks, her inbox like that's, what we love to do so you, know that's my job is to be on point as a DJ and making, sure I support, the upcoming not just the artists that I beard but the upcoming artists as well you know yeah, for, sure man yeah you're absolutely doing that and you all are you are welcome, on the show anytime. Oh make, sure all the orders you signed come up here, I'm not exclusive, every time you understand, what I said now, but that's it man that's for the record man thank you leave your, pics in the comments man 2019 who didn't water she looking forward to who's. In the wild as you look to fall for even. The Thomas man will talk back peace.

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