ARUBA TRAVEL VLOG! A Week In Paradise | Nia Renée

ARUBA TRAVEL VLOG! A Week In Paradise | Nia Renée

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Saturday. Morning at 5:55. Yes. It's that early all right it is the beginning of a wonderful, wonderful. Week okay, I'm, taking you guys along with me on, a, wonderful, trip to. A beautiful, place you'll. See it when we get there actually. No just tell you okay we're going to Aruba all, right fun, so much RAM, okay. And, I'm gonna be taking you guys miss me so you want to see all the fun that's gonna go down this week, special, celebrations, happening. Mm-hmm. Thank, you for watching bye. See how we can. I'm. Here with my best friends, introduce yourself. Okay. Now. Let me know what you know okay. So. This trip is the reason that we're on this trip is because we have a lot to celebrate yes my, friends and I are doing big things right, we're. Making big moves out of network telling. Us, are telling us your accomplishments, done in there some school, okay. Just. Graduated, from the University of South Carolina. Okay. And you know I'm just we're, working out here for me and not to mention Tuesday. Today's, Saturday but Tuesday your girls turning 20 so we out, here. And. Yeah. I'll come back to you guys later when we have more. When. We start you, know being free. Going, out living, life living. Our best life and everybody. We. Out here and, everything. We. Hear day 2. Picking. It up shaking. Right bitch. Everybody. Else work out so. So. We. Will bring y'all with us later today when. We find out what. The moves are most. Likely going to the beach so that'll be really pretty and. Yeah, see, you later. Hey. Y'all what's up we are headed to the beach. Me. And my friends. How. Are walking everything. Is like pretty much a walking distance here, so no. No, there's, not really a need for our car. Right. Right, I'm. Very nice, I'm just nice. The. Wind is amazing, feels so good. Thanks. But. Yeah you know we queues or whatever. We. Gotta cut down. Just. That, we'll. Bleep that out anyway. It's so. Book. Yeah thank you just. Finished our beach day. Today. I think we got pains yeah, I got, shot yeah, I'm. Feeling that brown glow. Oh. My, god, so. Today, we, are. We. Got a video. We. Went, to the beach we didn't get to do jet skis today though because it closed earlier than we thought we. Got some wonderful frozen. Drinks though they were delicious. I mean, I mean calamari, is some wingnut illegal. Drink legal, drink right Leo drinks, let's, be real, Rico drinks okay.

Right. So, now. We're headed back to the crib it's the night is still young and. Sochi. Will really die yeah we don't family night tonight it's Sunday night you know so we, keepin it real calm and collected, no, kid get to Liddy for Jesus, right. So. Tonight tonight, same night you know. Right. Yeah. The thing I noticed this we've been in Aruba is that. Okay. The. Thing that I've known and noticed, in Aruba is that nobody has a problem looking at you have. A. Do. Not open their mouths they, will look at you look, at you. Yeah. Yeah but we're gonna go have all this fine noise we're. Gonna go have a family game night and the. Night is still young so we finna turn up have a dance party at the house all of us is no school you can hear me the, parents won't know what's up man I was going on. All. Right we'll see you later. Hey you, know I'm all about. Oh. I. My. Good. Morning, beautiful people and. It's day three here, in Aruba. We. Eat breakfast, so. We. Didn't get the chance to do the jet skis yesterday, because, we've. Got there too. So, today we're doing all the water sports and everything. Parasailing. I think two, jet. Skis to, me boobie. But. Then. After, we do that. Well. Actually no we're, going to Eagle Beach to. Do the watersports right, so. We're going to ingu beach to do the watersports mr. really exciting because Eagle Beach is the one was like the blue blue, water you know with like the cool trees coming off the ground and, then at some point we decided we're gonna go to flamingo, Beach but in the scalp I'll. Start. To make. Y'all. We made it to the beach. We. Finna go back. Random, it'll. Be fun, see ya later are they at the beach we've been here are they. Ever. Gonna get out. Tuesday. Boy. Was that some. It. Was a lot but it was super fun and I'm so thankful to be. Tomorrow. Some birthday young. CEO. Then finding, beautiful, people. Today. And. Right, now we're had, breakfast. Brunch kinda. With. The family. Hey, y'all we're about to head out to the beach for. This birthday, dinner. Sunset, birthday, dinner all-white. Affair you know. My. Girl so beautiful. Okay. But, y'all will see pictures on my Instagram, from, this.

Whole Trip and especially, from today so be. On the lookout, all. Right. Hey. Everyone, good afternoon. We. Just woke up late two hours ago we. Didn't. Get in till 4:30 last night. Party. So, we. Woke up around 1:00 2:00 and. Now, we're out found. A good place to eat. This. Asian. Fusion restaurant. Wonderful. Special that we can afford and, we're. Gonna have a. Beautiful. Breakfast. Lunch type, of situation. That's. What's on the agenda for today. You. Know we. Might go out tonight or we're supposed to do karaoke night so I'll. Probably bring out along for that. Vo. And. They. Really. People. Watching and then later on tonight. That. Was rude we, go. Karaoke. It's. Destiny shot. We're. Trying to be brave. Sorry. Though okay. Thank you. Okay. Right. Today is day five or six we lost track we feel like we've been here forever and. I could let in a great way and a great way in a great way but. Today. We are out. Having, breakfast at the same place we went for the birthday breakfast is delicious. All. You can eat pancakes then. After that we're gonna get on a boat. Bringing, on the boat. And. Yeah. So that's really all that we have planned for today we're getting on this boat we have. Matching. Not matching so we're always red. And, then we're gonna go eat dinner after that some Italian place so that'll be my house. We. Don't be boozy. Yes. Someone check my galley. But. We're going to the people. We're. Going to the beach. Again. Yeah. So today's gonna be a beach day, we're. Going with the family then. Go. Out one last time you know. So, sad but at the same time ready to go home because, I miss my bed, and. Haven't, really slept for, real Ferrell sleeping here because we're going out every night but. It's, a nice last night we're going out so we're gonna make the best of it and we'll. See you later. Everybody. It's. Ok though we'll. See each other again, thanks doing a. Job. With this we're. Walking that out we're, gonna turn on you know we'll. Sleep on my knees I'll sleep on the plane because you know we leave the, entire real, get tired be back again, I. Have. To be ready to be at the airport by 9:00 a.m. so. I'm, in thing anyway. So we've come to our last day, we're, all packed up now. The. Light is off max oh. Really. You're killing, the vlog but. We. Bout to go. To the airport. We've. Cleaned everything yes. And. Yeah. So. Everyone, was great and so, many memories were made. Hey. Yo what's up I am back, in Atlanta. We. Had a great flight made it back super safe and I'm, happy, to be home. Like. I said we were there it felt like we were there for way longer than a week not in a bad way at all but, you know just we did so much I think we really made the most out of it everyone, was so fun and I hope y'all got a little taste of that from this vlog all, right I'm. Sorry if it was a little choppy or if I left out a couple things, but. That's. My first time blogging so I'm, vlogging so, we'll, get better you know I plan, to do more vlogs when I go back to school in. Three. Weeks and. I. Yeah. I'm hoping that you guys enjoyed this I plan to do more with my college friends when I get back and, I'll get better as, time goes along and yeah. I just wanted to thank you guys for watching let, y'all know I made it back safe and.

Like. This video if you enjoyed it if you want, to see more vlogs like this video, and. Hit me in the comments, about what you did like which you didn't like what I need to improve one when it comes to blogging and. Follow. Me on Instagram and be Nia, subscribe, to my channel if you haven't already and, hit them well in the corner to get notifications of whenever I post a new video I will. See you all next time thanks, for watching.

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Living your best life!!

Jasemine Oliviaé girl thanks I’m trying to! ❤️

Fun fun ☺️

I loved this so much I laughed and wanted to cry again! #takemeback!!!

Mckenzie Alexis me too

wow it looks beautiful there!

keis one it really was!! definitely an unforgettable trip


Thats awesome!!!! Yes it was beautiful so glad you enjoyed.

Great trip! Which places do you recommend for a great night life?

K. Mitch definitely make sure you head to Gustos!!!

What hotel did you all stay at? Where are some nice places to party? Like night life, is the night life in Palm Beach or Eagle Beach area?

Where did u guys stay during the trip?

We stayed in a rental house!

Hi! We actually rented a house while there! The night life is definitely the best around the Palm Beach area and our favorite place to go to was called "Gusto"

Aaahh Aruba...Living the doesn't get any better in the Caribbean. Been there twice. Miss it terribly. Wish I was there now. I look out the window and there's snow everywhere and 10 degrees below zero :-(

Love your vlog. May I please ask what restaurant you went on your birthday that had the outside seating on the beach? Thank you

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