Ask the Expert: New to Touring

Ask the Expert: New to Touring

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Hello and welcome, to the second ask the expert, from the caravan, and motorhome. Um i'm graham turner, i'm, the social media manager. And, over here is. If you want to give a bit of a rundown, of you. Hello, i'm marty spencer, i'm club technical, manager. Uh one of the main things that i do for the club is to. Oversee, the, practical, advice, that we give to, members. Prospective, members, anybody. Thinking about. Having a leisure vehicle holiday. Really. That's good because that's what i'm going to be asking you about um. This, is this, installment, is going to be talking, about, people, who, are, new, to the lifestyle, or people who are considering. Um going touring, or camping. So we're going to run through, the different. Types of. Options available. Caravan, holidays. Multiple holidays, campervans. Glamping. Camping. Then, scenario i'm talking about it's like um, we're talking about someone who hasn't got a caravan, hasn't got a monsoon. That's the umbrella. The leisure vehicles of the umbrella term for, that big amount of different, options. Um. And. I guess if they're considering, that and what sort type of vehicle. Would be best suited. Um. But, what's what's the sort of range of options available, and what the top line, rates. Of. Account. The most, the most, common. Sectors, if you like are campervan, motorhome, caravan. Um. Campervans. We those are the the smaller, vehicles. Um, your typical volkswagen, camper, or those kind of things. They're, they're. Compact. You, they ideally. Suit. A couple. A lot of them will accommodate. Uh, a couple of children as well. They're not, ideal. For, a big family, they're they're a small compact, vehicle, but that makes them very easy to. Keep you know often keep them on your own driveway, they're there ready to use whenever, you, want. Um. Uh, so they suit a very mixed range of views, um, it might be just a day trip to the beach for a picnic. Uh, it might be, a weekend. Um. Maybe a. Uh let's say, perhaps, a keen fisherman. And. You're at work all week, friday night. Take the camper van into work head straight off from work, with all your fishing gear. Um. Drive to a campsite. Following, morning. Seven o'clock in the morning if you want you can be out in the river. That's funny. Things isn't it the spontaneity. Yeah. That's right it's that kind of well, everything's, there i just need to jump in the van and off we go. Um. It's, a very versatile. Um, vehicle from that point of view. You can do. Longer trips with a campervan. Um, there are people who, will.

Happily. Tour for weeks at an end. Um. In a very very compact, vehicle. But you do have to be fairly organized, if you're going to do that your storage space is relatively, limited. Um. So. Two months, in scotland. I i won't say i'm the most organized, person, but. You're right the spontaneity. Thing is, is a great appeal with a campervan. I think. And um, with an awning stuck on the side which we got, a double, space. W, space. Um put a bike rack on the back of it take take your mountain bikes with you. Um. Most of these are pretty good as tow cars as well, so. Why, not. Pull something else behind it stick a boat. Into caravans. Well, you could you could, but uh, i'm thinking more, um, boat. Um. Windsurfer. Uh jet, ski. Um. Horsebox. Uh. They are an absolutely. Fantastic. Way. To support. An active hobby. Uh. Where you need to take equipment, with you. Um. The the van itself is your accommodation. But it it's it's a vehicle, it's it's a workhorse, vehicle remember, where the origins, of the base vehicles come from that they're, commercial, vans. So, they're. Designed, to transport. Stuff. Um. Either inside, it on top of it or behind, it. So they're really really good, for that kind of. Activity. Based holiday. So campervans. Great day trips and everything and, caravans. Um. What what are their best suits what are the pluses and and. What are the pluses of caravans. I think, caravans, really, are. Such a broad, sector. Um. Size. From tiny little caravans, to, absolutely, huge ones. Uh. You can get caravans, for two people, caravans, for, six or seven people. You can get. Caravans. That, are, as expensive, as a motorhome. Or you can get. Caravans, that are perfectly, serviceable, but a few years old, for. Almost next to nothing. Uh, it's the most diverse, sector, from that point of view, and therefore there will be something to suit pretty much anybody. But the. Key. Um, advantages. They have i would say, is, any remotely, modern caravan, is pretty well. Insulated. Uh. And, generally has pretty good heating in it so, they're quite versatile, in that sense of, they're not just a summer holiday. Tool. You want to get away. At easter, or earlier than easter in the year. It will still be quite comfortable. If you want to carry on. Touring, into the. Autumn. It's still going to be comfortable. Even if you want to go away. For. Christmas, new year. Um. You might need an extra blanket, overnight, but it's still, a perfectly, that viable. Option, to do, very versatile, from that point of view, and they're really really sick. Um families, i would say. I've also heard of people, using them as a a you know a garden room or an office when they've gotten parts outside, that's. Just. Like that's a diversity, if you're fortunate. Enough to be able to keep your caravan, at home in your back garden perhaps. They really come into their own we've seen this through the kobe 19. Pandemic. With. Club members telling us of all of the wonderful. Ways they put their caravans, to use when they couldn't use them for holidays. Um. So, everything, from. School rooms. Office space. Um. Chill-out, space, for. Yeah, yes chill out space for either parents to get away from children or children to get away from parents. Um. So, somewhere, to hide the kids birthday, presents that they're not gonna find it. Um. Or even just somewhere, to give yourself a change of view. Um. People have camped on their own driveways. Quite a bit. Um. They've been used, as, isolation. Units, for family members. Uh who need to stay apart from others so they really are a very very versatile. Thing in that sense as well, so the larger, vehicles. Um, are what we mean when we're talking about a motor home. Um, they're the ones that have, a a caravan. Like, back. On. A. Van or truck chassis. That's that's really the difference between the campervan and the motorhome. Um, there's some blurring of the boundaries, you could, talk all day about the different terminology. And specifications. But fundamentally, we do with mo time we're talking about the larger vehicles. So they, they share. A lot of the advantages. Of. The campervan, in terms of the. Ease of use. Off you go. Don't have to tow, anything. But with.

Also, Some of the advantages, the caravan, with usually, a bit more space. A bit more storage, space. So, they tend to suit, a longer holiday, a little bit better. And, with, insulation, standards. And heating standards that are also. Very good and allow you. Um, sort of multi-season. Use. Um. The. Leica campervan. You're buying both a vehicle, and an accommodation. Unit if you like and therefore they are they are relatively, expensive, to buy new. Um. But. They'll generally, last, many many many years, and therefore. You can pretty much set a budget. And go out and look for one that meets the budget, and it might be five years old it might be, 10 years old it might be 20 years old. Whatever you can afford. You'll find one, and generally. They don't appreciate, very quickly. Um, so if you can afford to go in at a relatively. High price, you're not going to lose all of that money. Um. Just start. If you can't afford. You can't do the outlet or if you want to. You know, i'm curious. I don't know whether i want to invest, you know a few grand in, a motorhome. There are options, to hire, there are options yes, you um. Try before you buy type things. Yeah particularly both both caravans and motorhomes, you can readily, hire. Um. Depending, on. Where you're going, or. What kind of vehicle you want the prices, vary shop around. There are many many companies, offering. Different. Kinds of service, they're. Very popular, for going to festivals, with say. Um, always good to get to a music festival and have your own toilet. Um. Also, suits, if you're. Also suits if you're perhaps traveling. Uh a distance. Uh, let's say you, you live in. Maybe, south coast of england and what you want is a holiday, in the highlands of scotland. You perhaps don't want to spend two or three days, traveling, up to scotland. And then two or three trades, traveling, back, if you've got your own motorhome. Um. Why not. Hop on a train. Hop on a on a plane. Get up there in a day. And pick up a higher van close to where you need it or of course the other way around if you're coming down. From scotland wanting to go to the, southwest, maybe. So higher can, suit, a lot of different things, but what it's really really good for, is. To see whether. You want to commit to buying, as a try before you buy option, i would. Always, recommend, it i think if you don't have experience, with these kind of vehicles before. They. Just a chance it won't suit you. Uh and it's better to find that out. Uh, sooner rather than later, but more likely, you find it will suit you. But. It will help guide you, to get. The right vehicle. Um. There are umpteen, different types of vehicle. Um small large. Whatever, it might be. And making sure you've got the right one to suit, your needs and what you want to do with it is really important, and you might have to hire one or two. Uh of different types. To. Um, to determine, that, and it's money well spent. What you're really going. On, a staycation, kind of holiday. For. Is not so much to experience. The vehicle, it's to experience, the destination, that you're going to.

And. If you. Hire a motorhome. Or, use some of the, glamping. Options that we can also provide through the club with. Clamping, pods, and yurts, and. Caravans, that you can hire on site. What, all of those will give you. Is. The feel of what it's like to be, on a campsite. Um. A lot of people. Have a preconception. Of what that's like. It may be based, on experience. From many years ago, when facilities, on site were, rather different to perhaps what they are now. Um. Get out there and try it. It might not be quite what you, expect, it to be and it might be a lot nicer than you expect it to be. Now we put an awful lot of effort into making, the the. On-site, experience. Really great. And remember, it doesn't really matter if you turn up in. A hundred thousand pound motorhome. Or you turn up in, a. Four thousand pound secondhand, caravan. Or you turn up in a. Camper van that you've hired for the weekend. For. A couple hundred quid. You're gonna get. Exactly, the same experience, on site really, because you've got the same view out the window. And that's really what it's all about. Um. Choose the vehicle that suits your needs. But don't forget that what you're actually. Buying into, if you like, is the experience, of staying in some wonderful, locations. That's a really good point actually, i mean we're talking about, people. Getting away, their way, and it's very much. If you want a quiet holiday, if you want a family holiday, if you just want you and the dog. It's all catered, for. We have um, got glamping. Options, with, um. Yurts. Um camping pods, there's tent camping. Um, and we've also, bringing online some, new um, accessible. Um units, so um. Yeah. It's. It's it's it's basically, a really good way to, experience. And try before you buy by staying in these. Places. But also if your parents, have got a caravan, and they've got caravanning, holidays. But you haven't got a caravan, you can stay in one of the glamping pods they can be in development, and then you're having a family experience. Together. I think a kind of inclusivity. Is a real. Uh, theme, for all of this. If you've got. Children. It really suits, it, if you've got pets, you want to take your dog or your cat or whatever, you've, got within, reason. Away with you. That's fine. Um. If you're taking your caravan, your motorhome, away. Nobody's going to stop you, taking your. Dog with you or, any other pet. Um. Not all hotels, will, accommodate. That. Um. As you say, the the whole. Multi-generational. Holiday, idea. You may well find, that. You have. Family, or friends. Who. Have. Maybe, maybe they have a camper van maybe i have a caravan. Maybe you, do or you don't but. You can. Blend. All of those things together. On. Uh certainly some of our sites where we have the glamping options available, as well. And. Staying, together, on site is, a wonderful, experience. It's really really nice. Um. The other thing one thing that, you you, touched on there graham, was. The accessible. Uh disabled, accessible. Uh glamping, options but, i'd also say that, a. Um. Caravan a motorhome, can often suit. Though, anybody, with, particular, needs as well. Um. In. Ways you might not always, anticipate. Um. You can get wheelchair, accessible, caravans, in motorhomes. Um, as with all wheelchair, accessible, kind of, facilities. They, it adds a cost but it is viable, to do. And once you're on site you'll find that, we have, pictures with hard standings.

We Have. Good, access roads and pathways. And, accessible. Toilets, and shower box so. That. It lends itself to that kind of. Um, inclusivity. As well. But also. Um maybe less. Obvious, things, um. Visual, if you're visually, impaired. Um taking a familiar. Accommodation. Space, with you. Is an awful lot easier than going to an unfamiliar, hotel, room. Um. One of the areas i've heard, about as well is that um. Um. There was a member and, um. They had an autistic, child, and, having familiar, surroundings. Is very important. Yeah, um. You've got your safe. Yeah. Yeah it's a safe space, it's, a familiar, space. And, when it needs to be. You can shut yourself away from everybody, else, if that's what, is, needed. Um. So, it, is. In a strange kind of way, it's a whole day where you're getting out into the in the countryside. And, and there might be. Uh, many other people on site but it's also your private space when you want it to be right. Well we've gone through all the range of different, um, accommodation. Types and vehicles. And. Um one of the common things that brings it all together is, the sites. Um, we've got the, you know huge network of sites. From, you know, five five. Pitch ones to. Hundreds of pictures. What do people do when they get to sites what can they expect. Oh. It depends, on the site of course. Uh as you say we have a very, broad. Range. Of. Our options, available. Um, it fundamentally. Breaks down into two networks. There's the. Shall we say the the, proper campsites. The ones that we. We run ourselves. Which are generally. Larger. Um you're generally going to get. Um. Normally. Full facilities, on there so not just your, fresh water and your waste disposal. But you'll have toilet and shower blocks and those kind of things. Some of them you might find restaurants. On, um. Generally. They're. What we really, focus, on though is the. The environment. Shall we say. It's. It's what it feels like what, you can see. Predominantly. Our sites, are, rural. We do have some that are, city-based. Uh or on the edges of cities. Um, but predominantly. You're out in the countryside, and really that is the. The main appeal, i would say, is the fact that you, you may have, a scottish, lock in front of you or you may have a view from a a. Cliff top over the sea. Or you may have. Um. You may be on on a. Beautiful, countryside. Surrounding, you and you really have that feel of being. Part of the environment, that you're in. Rather than, the, comparison, perhaps of being in a hotel, room, where. You're, in. Generally, speaking, an urban environment. You feel. Constantly. Aware, of other people, very close around, you. Actually i mean but but, for people aren't being on side before i mean is it you know pack them in, do you get a lot as many people as possible, is it very much not, yes, um. We. Try to. Uh, try very much to avoid, that. Uh, on those larger, sites, yeah you will tend to get, um. A row of pictures, but it hopefully, won't be well after row in straight lines it'll be much, better landscape, than that. How fast. You will have separation, between them yeah, you. You should even if the site were absolutely. Full. Uh, you should always be at, least six meters away, from. Uh the next caravan, on motorhome. Uh in terms of a sort of wall to wall distance. Uh, so, it is if you like naturally. Distanced. Uh you're not, living right on top of each other. Um. The other network, that i mentioned is are what we call certificated. Locations, and these are, small sites where you, you'll never have more than. Five caravans, remote homes on them. Uh they tend to often be on farms. Um, sometimes, they're a field behind a pub. Which is very pleasant. Um. Sometimes, there are visitor attractions, and things like that. Um. But particularly, the farm-based, ones. You may well, have. Really quite sizable, field available. With only five caravans, and motorhomes, in it, uh, you could be. Tens. 100, yards away from your neighbors, if you if that's what you want. Um, and your neighbors, actually are probably more likely to be.

Chickens, And ducks, than cheap. Than they are another caravan, on a motorhome. Um, so if they're very much that kind of engagement, with the, with the environment, you you really do feel that you're out in the. Uh. Rural, splendor. The smaller ones they don't necessarily, have all the facilities. And just, but you know someone, fresh to this, like, yeah. It varies, actually. When when i first started. I. Which is a long long while ago now when i was very very young. Um. That. Certificated. Location, cl network, really was, a field with a tap in the corner of it it was, a very basic. Provision. Uh and, you. You had to take everything you wanted with you really, uh so you had to have your own toilet facilities, on board and that kind of thing. Um. Over the years, people. Have. Changed, perhaps slightly, in what they, expect, from even those smaller sites, and what you find now is that the majority, of them have a. Mains electric hookup, so you're not reliant, on. The limited, power you can get from a 12 volt battery. And, a good proportion, of them have. Uh toilet blocks on even on those very very small sites. So they're becoming, more like a miniature, campsite. Than a, as i say a field with a tap in the corner of it. But they haven't lost that, charm, of. Being. Small-scale. Um. Typically, rural-based. And, that feeling of almost. Staying with, with somebody else staying with the farm. With the farmer or whatever it might be. Okay and that so, those are good for people who want, quite, um um. You know um. Probably the quiet. Role to type, um, experiences. Family kids. Do. Sites have facilities. For for them as well. Yeah, a lot of them will have, uh playgrounds. Uh, so a handful of them have, uh, restaurants, in bars. Um. But, i think, really when when you're talking of kids and caravanning. Um. The. It's a, one of the. Characteristics. I would say both from my own experience, and what i've, seen of other people. Is. Actually, once you get kids away, in a caravan, or a campervan. Whatever it might be. All of a sudden. Something quite strange, seems to happen. Um. I've never quite worked out exactly what it is, whether it's something to do with the scale, of the. Accommodation. If you like a caravan, is a bit more of a sort of it's like a child-sized.

House. Or whether it's the. Fact that within, that relatively. Small space. A family really seems to come together. Uh. You can't. Realistically. Put the kids to bed, early in the evening. And. They won't, hear you, talking or watching the tv or whatever it might be. You you tend to all get up at the same time you tend to pretty much all go to bed at the same time. You tend to do things together. Um. And with kids, that, even means, helping out with the setting up of the caravan, now i could. I must have been, probably, seven, i would think probably when i started. Um, and i immediately, wanted to do things. I wanted to help, with. Um. This is how you get the kids to wash up this is this work. Exactly. You get sent off to refill, the water container. Or, to empty the waste water, or you help with leveling, the caravan. Or you. Help with, when you're about to set off. Back home or on to the next site, you, you, you need to check that all the lights on the, back of the caravan or the road home are working and. You can't see that if you're the driver so you send the child to the back. They tell you if the lights are working and there's so many different things, that you can get. Kids, involved with, it's an adventure, to kids i think it's it's because i i've witnessed it myself i've been part of them. It's it's like, it's all these, washing up isn't washing up when it's in a campfire. Caravan. You know going on a little adventure. It's perfect, so i mean, it's good for a family holiday and bringing all that together is an inclusive, family. You know, it's it. And yeah there are other things that we do as well often on site where we may have if. So many of the sites, you can, observe. Wildlife. Uh so often there'll be information, available, it might be an information, board it might be a children's, worksheet or something like that that you can get. And, to, go out. With kids who maybe, haven't, if particularly if you live in an urban area maybe you haven't seen, a lot of. That diversity. Of wildlife. And to go out there and explore. And find things you haven't seen before. And that applies to parents as much as it does to children. And, it is just a wonderful experience, to. Um. To see that, experience. It learn about things together. And it, is such an inclusive. Activity. It's. All about. Living together and doing things together. That's one of the real. Benefits, of um. Touring, and. The sort of staycations. That we're offering, i mean we hear that a lot and we know that we you know we do ourselves. The other thing is our little furry children, um. You know we're all dog friendly i've got two whippets, um, and they love going out in the camper van um. But um we have facilities, specifically, for dog owners don't we as well. Yeah, most of us our, sites, have. Um, dog walks on them, um. Facilities, at some of the sites as well i'm looking forward to tell them, well the thing is i mean, from personal experience and i know that a lot of our members are dog owners and, um, it's a real, bonus, that you know you can take your dog on holiday with you, um, because, kenneling fees, i mean, for two dogs for, for a week, it's hundreds, and hundreds of pounds you practically pay for a holiday. Uh and that's that's a real, um, um, bonus for ozo. The other thing is, freedom, i'm wearing. The t-shirt. A hard cell here, um which is the glamping proposition, where we've got the glamping, pods and the yurts. Um, we have a. Portion of doors which, are dog friendly as well. Even if you're not going in your own um. Leisure vehicle, and you're staying in one of these, um you can actually take your pet as well, okay then martin we've got some questions here from, um. Members that we got through facebook. So, we're going to go through these, quick fire. And, starting. With. Right, do, you need a special. Driving. If you start. Not necessarily. Uh, any, standard. Car, driving license, will allow you to tie a caravan, and allow you to drive, a motorhome, or campervan. The. Key difference. That kicks in is if you gained that license. Before, the start of. 1997. Is, no practical. Limit on how, large a caravan, you can tow or how. Large a motor home you can drive. Um. If you, got your, normal driving license. After the start of 1997. There are some restrictions, on just how big. Uh a combination, of car and caravan, or how big a motorhome you can drive. That's something that we can, uh talk you through. You can have, those, more restrictive, licenses, upgraded, if necessary. But you would have to take some training. And you would have to take a further test. So anybody, below 40. Basically. They would have to do that anybody, over 40 they can drive. But only, if they wanted, to, tow. A really. Quite large caravan, probably with a 4x4. Or if they wanted to drive, a, larger, than. Normal, motorhome. Cool. That brings on to a very good question so.

Vehicle Matching. Is there a, vehicle, to, to. Caravan, ratio. How does this work. Yeah um. What we tend to call outfit matching with a particular, car, is suited to tying a particular, caravan, is one of the. Main, topics, that. Our technical advice. Service, helps. People, out with because it can get a little complicated. Partly to to find the relevant, facts and figures about the weights and capabilities. Of the car and the weights of the caravan. Um, the principle we work to is that, clearly. You need to be safe. Uh you need to be, legal. Um, but we also think. It should be a comfortable, toe. Um, often you don't really want to push the, capabilities. Of your car to the absolute, limit. Uh because. That isn't going to be. Uh the way to have, a pleasant holiday. We, go through all of that we look at what the car manufacturer. Says. The car can tow. We also apply some guidelines, of our own, that, are particularly, relevant, if you are, new to towing. Or you have relatively, limited, towing experience. And we look at, one or two. Issues, around, performance. As well so we look at the power of weight ratios, is, a rough guideline, of with you, whether it's going to be. Uh, capable of getting you up hills and that kind of thing, so there's a whole, series, of criteria, we would look at for that, and how would i find out if my um, nissan micro could tour, a 10 ton truck you know. Where would we go for information. It's really really two ways that we we offer a service to help with that one, is available. If you're, a member of the club, uh you can do all of this online. We have we have a. A database. Of, cars and caravans. Uh he's got i think if i remember correctly. About 130. 000 different types of car on it. And. Uh. I think. I think around thirty thousand types of caravan. Uh, so there are. Huge numbers of combinations. That, you can match up and it will give you an indication, of whether they they, are compatible, or not. But if you don't want to do that yourself. Or, if particularly, if you're. New to this kind of world and you don't know the term, knowledge and you don't know the, guidance, that we would normally apply. Then, pick up the phone give us a call, and we'll do it all for you. Um. We'll use that same database. But you tell us what you've got or what you're thinking of buying. We'll go through all of the numbers we'll do all the calculations.

And We'll give you the guidance on whether we think it's a good combination, or not, right. Next question. Um. So driving. Um. Is it easy to drive, while you're towing. Anything. Any any topics. It's, probably, easier, than you think it is. Um, it can be a little intimidating. Because it's different. Um, it's unfamiliar. Most of us. Uh. Are, used to driving probably. Your typical, car, you're used to having, clear visibility, to the rear. You're used to, being very familiar, with where the corners of the car are. When you put a caravan, behind it all of a sudden. You can't see is clearly behind, you're. Gonna need almost certainly extension, mirrors on the side to see past it. Um. And and you're very conscious, of that big white box behind, you if you like. Actually, what you find. Is, in, almost, any circumstance. It's easier than you think it would be. Out on the open road it's really no, great challenge at all. If you're in heavy traffic, you sort of changing, lanes on the, on on a busy deal carriageway, something like that yeah you've got to pay a little bit more attention, you've got to be aware of the size of the of the. Caravan behind you. Um. If you're in a parking, area in a confined, space, then, yeah. There's. A little bit of new skill that you have to, uh develop, particularly if you need to reverse with a caravan. And that's really where. It's well worth thinking, about perhaps, uh taking some specialist, training. Uh something again that we can facilitate, for you we run a network of training courses around the country. Um. Not necessarily. Essential. But if you want to learn how to do things, right. And if you want to move yourself up that learning curve a bit quicker. And particularly. If you want to build up your, confidence. Uh it's a really really good way. Of. Uh, in, a day or, a couple of days of training. Will really really help. I think take away a lot of those initial nerves. I i, think i think it's a confidence, thing, it's not, hugely. You know, difficult, and, it's all about having the confidence. To be able to do it and i think, the training courses that we're running this isn't the hard time this is just a fact it just gives you that space. Off-road. So basically, you could actually, you know um, in a a safe environment, you can confidently, you know do these. Maneuvers. This is the thing that people always, most worried about what happens when i have to empty the toilets. And the answer, is all of the waste, is contained, in a sealed container. You remove, that, from outside. Of the, of the vehicle. Comes out through a little hatch inside. And you carry or wheel it away. To a disposer. Point. And. You, take the top off a spout, and you pour the waste away. It's gone in seconds. It's. Generally. Um, combined, with a chemical, in the waste tank, that. Means. It doesn't, smell, in this in the way you might anticipate, it would. Uh, it can even. Be blue color if you wish. It's like. It it's, to summarize, it's very simple it's a cartridge, in some sites we even have, machines that do it for you you just get the cartridge yeah and it switches it out all gone bang. Boof. So, it takes seconds. I don't know that i'd say, it. It's not the kind of thing you necessarily, do for fun. But, it's really. Not, a great problem in the grand scheme of things. Yeah it's clean. It's easy. It's very quick, get the kids to do it they'll love it. Um. So. Um. Finally, um. Who, who who are you going to meet, on a site what sort of people. Uh, campers, caravanners, motor farmers. Um. We're talking about a bit of myth busting here martin. Um there's. Perhaps, an, impression, that it's all an older generation. That's very definitely, not, true. Um. As, i said earlier, it. Absolutely. Suits families. That might be parents and children, it might well be grandparents, and children as well. Um, but certainly. There will very very commonly, be children on sites. Younger families. Certainly, it's a great way, for. Younger families to spend time, together. And, maybe, have, more holidays. Or longer holidays, than they can otherwise, afford once you've got your leisure vehicle the marginal, cost of using it, is not that, great. So, why why only have one holiday a year let's have a. Few long weekends, as well. Uh, and maybe an autumn or a swing spring holiday, basically. What, i found.

Personally. Um. Is it's there's a sense of community, and that's really, important. It's. It's um we're a club. Um, we're all stakeholders. In this organization. And, um people have a lot of pride in in in the sight, and the reputation. Club and. Um, we've got, um a community. Called, um club together. Which is on our website. Um, and there's a special, um, staff new new to caravan utmost, coming section, on there, where um, people, who, go and ask questions, and the community. Actually, support, with the answers. As an organization. We are. A, community. Very very much. So, the people you meet on site may or may not look quite like you, they may be older younger whatever. But, they all have the same motivation. They want to be out in the outdoors. They want to be. Experiencing. That. Freedom, to, pick up on what it says on your shirt. Uh. And. They very much, are. A community. Who will, step in and talk to you and help you and provide you with advice and guidance. As will we as an organization. Ourselves. Um. We're here, not just. To. Sell you stuff, we're here to. Help you enjoy what you're doing. Uh, so if you have questions that we haven't, answered, here today. Go on club together, and, other club members. Will i help you, find the answers you want. If you need help with things like. Outfit, matching. Or the technicalities. Of driving licenses. Or tire pressures, or repairs, and servicing, and those kind of, more. Technical, issues, then we have a technical, advice, line. That's open to anybody you don't have to be a club member so if you're just thinking of, buying. Uh for the first time or you're wondering whether your car could tow a caravan, that kind of question. Pick up the phone talk to us. Drop us an email. And. We can give you that in-depth advice. Without, there being, a hard sell behind, it because that isn't what we're about we're about. Helping, you, have the best holiday, you can, thank you for joining, us, i hope you decide. To. Experience, a staycation. With the club. And touring. Um. Tuning through our next um. Um podcast. And our next i'm streaming, we do these every month. Um, recommendations. Are working for the next, that's the expert, topic. And. Thank you once. Again. You.

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