Astrology for the Soul September 26, 2018

Astrology for the Soul  September 26, 2018

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Hola. This is sky pancha with the weekly Pele report, for September 26. Of 2018. I hope. You can hear me I'm. Down here at the confluence, a sacred, spot where two rivers, come together oh yeah. This. Is the rainy season, that, moon going through Pisces just, brought in, the water. Whoa, as she. Became full you, probably, felt that full moon yeah, and now. She's, in Aries. Thursday. She's going into Taurus. Saturday. Moving into Gemini and then. On Monday she goes into cancer, for. The third quarter. Square. To. The Sun not. Only that but she is opposite. Saturn, we're, gonna have a t-square, going on there as. Far as the other planets, are concerned, on Thursday. The, Sun comes into a beautiful. Trying with Mars, really. Nice, I'm, gonna fall off this rock man. Yeah. You. Know and today today. You. Know I mean really all week, all right Venus, has been square Mars. All. Right and it's going on she's slowing down Mars, is you know you. Know speeding, up so you, know they're gonna be you know in opposition for, a while now and I. Mean, square sorry. It's hard, to concentrate man. I'm trying not to fall over I got the, frickin water all over the place anyway. On. Sunday. Pluto. Stations. And, goes, directs. So. Whoa. Nellie. Let's. Look out you, know and on. Tuesday. Mercury. You. Know comes in to exact, square with Pluto so. You know we've got this song squaring. Saturn, ever since, he went into Libra, okay. FD at the equinox now. We've got you know Mercury's. Squaring, Pluto, its. These. Are intense, two what can I say you know Black. Moon Lilith. Whipping. Through Aquarius. Actually. Goes into Pisces by. Monday, and the. Other thing that is, happening is, that, Chiron. You. Know is, retrograde. Backing. Down. Yeah. Chiron. Is going back into, Pisces. So. In April. Chiron. Came forward. Into. Aries, station. To two degrees and now, he's going back into Pisces and he's, gonna stay back you know in there until next year, so I'm, going to talk a little bit about that, and I. Hope, I can find a place that's. Quiet enough. Oh boy. Okay. Well I think I found a quiet spot. I'm. A little nervous, because, I was so excited about this Pele report that I forgot, my tripod. So. I got this camera just. Sitting on a rock, hanging. Over the stream, and if, I lose my phone, my. Camera, I'm, history. Sacrifice. Life. Is full of sacrifice. That's actually a little bit what I want to talk to you about today I, want. To talk to you about this Saturn, and I, know it's a weekly report I know. That, you know yesterday Tuesday. When the Sun was exactly, square Saturn, okay. We, were all feeling. It all. Right it's all going, on and, that. Saturn's, in his. Home sign, of Capricorn. Super. Powerful and strong right now and it's. Gonna come into the you know opposition. Like I said you. Know the third quarter, square moon opposite. Saturn, we've, got Pluto, still, up there in Capricorn, so you. Know this is this. Is the square, between Capricorn. And Libra. That's. Really, challenging us right now and. I just, want to look at Saturn, with, you a little bit today because, Saturn. Saturn. Is a complex. Archetype. Yeah. You. Know he's an, aspect, of life. Of. Our self of our. Soul that. Represents. Form. Structure. Responsibility. Maturity. Which. Is growth through. Time, time. Chronos. Time. And space, they. Make the third dimension, which. Is where we are all now existing. In our, daily consciousness. Maybe. Not our dreams but. I just want to point out that this Saturn, is like so, the. Shadow. Or. So like opposite. Like, all the, other planets, in some, ways I'm only gonna go through some ways okay. Not all the ways, but. Saturn. Okay. Look at the Sun I'm, the center. Right. I am the creative source, and Saturn. Says no, there's external, authority, you've. Got responsibilities. To the community, to the group you've got a job to do yeah. The. Moon, well. I'm feeling, this, way and I want to be nurtured, and I need to take care of myself, Saturn. Says no, I'm sorry you need a job you, need to accomplish, something do, something, you're. In this third dimension of time, yeah. You, know mercury. And, mercury not so much you know an, opposite, of mercury but, Venus, Venus. Sensuous. Physical. You, know, connection. Touching. Feeling. You. Know just really you know it's about relationship. And love rules the heart chakra and it's just like and Saturn's just like duty. Coal. Baron.

Capricorn. Is the mountain, goat it's. A barren, sign think. Of the top of Mount Everest. It's. Cold up, there and, Venus, likes it a little warmer, yeah and then. Look at Mars, I want. My way I'm, gonna, do my thing and, Saturn. Says boom, you. Know you follow the speed limit or you get a ticket you, break the law you go to jail you're not gonna just do anything you want you, need to discipline. Your impulses. And then. Jupiter. Expansion. Opportunity. Let's do it all yeah, babe an. Saturn, is contraction. Yeah. There's a time and a place for expansion. And you have, to be cautious and, don't, overspend, /. Expand. Overextend. Boom boom boom boom right you, know. Wow. Uranus. Rebell. Individuate. The, personal. Unconscious, that, wants freedom than liberation. And Saturn. Says, you. Don't show up for work you get fired okay yeah you know I we don't need you need to conform. If. You want to be a psychologist. You, get a degree in psychology. Yeah. There's an establishment. Here you, don't just like do anything you want you're not liberated. Basically. Not. In the third dimension it's, like. Neptune. No. Laws no rules no time no space I'm. You you or me it's all love we're all one it's all good it's all okay. Saturn. Says there's good and evil, there's, right and wrong there's, moral, and immoral, there's, you. Know you. Know this is just like practical. Business. Yeah. So, you better get down here out of your fantasies. And out of the clouds and, you, know do. Your do, something, yeah. And. Pluto. Pluto. The, sole. Existing. Yeah. You, know from, many lifetimes, the. Force of evolution. All. Right you know just, very powerful powerful, force and Saturn, comes along and just you know says. Now. You do, this and later, you do that and time is, the. Ruler, in this, dimension. You. Are here, now. A job. It's. Just like so, it kind of. Counter. You know counteracts. Counterpose. Is right with all the other, planets. And. So when it's like really, strong now. It's. Very often experienced. On a consensus. Level as external. Authority. Parents. Job preachers, boss, okay. You know you, know I've got to you know toe the line so. We want to talk about duty. Duty. Just. What is our, duty, to, the, collective. Yeah. You, know you. Know Capricorn, is opposite, cancer. Saturn. Is you know naturally. Opposite, the moon, my. Professional. World lead, responsibilities. And my. Personal, emotional. Inner child, and my, feelings. So. He's our and, we're. Gonna be feeling it right you know with this third quarter square, moon all. Right do I take time out for myself or. Do I just work, work, work. Work and, other, people, now the, Sun and Libra, business. Partnerships. Okay. You know our intimate, relationships. You, know may be demanding. Expecting. Wanting. You, know us, to act in integrity, and, cooperate. And compromise, and show. Up for the other person, so, it's just like oh man. And. Of course you got Uranus, over here you know. Taurus. Aries just ready to just like bolt. Now. You've got Chiron, going back into Pisces, so I think that we're all really dealing with drawing, the line. Having. The limits, and the boundaries, of this.

Is How much I can do, in a day in, a week in a lifetime and I. Gotta like. Yeah. Not. React, out of fear and. And. Suppress. My. Emotions. And. My desire, for you, know connection. And love in my life. Yeah. But it's like really on the, other hand. We. Do have a duty, and. We. Can fight it we. Can resist, it, yeah. You, know Saturn is not just, the, government, and the police and the, teachers, and the parents okay. No no no ultimately. It is the. Law. The. Law, like. In divine. Law. Like. In fates, yeah. Like in destiny. That's what this, week's mantra, is about. And. Sometimes you know you can even feel that people that, have problems, with Authority actually. Can. Be having problems with the ultimate. Authority as. In. A big ego, that wants to do its own thing and not. Do, its duty, I mean, I just want to look at it you know in terms. Of the, tapestry. Of life, okay. Or, let's bury it like if we are each a cell. In. The, organism. Of creation. Every. Cell in our body has a job it's got a task and, yes. I mean one of them can you know die or, whatever but they can also get infected turn. Cancerous. Destroy. Or you know assist like. You know build, or, destroy, create. Or destroy, so. If we're like all a cell, okay. You know in the body of creator, right. Or, we are a thread, in, the tapestry of, life. We. Do fulfill, a function. We, incarnated. To, fulfill, a function. And that. Is just like what is so freakin cool about astrology and you're. An astrological, birth, chart. Yeah it's, getting in touch with your soul purpose. What. Is your destiny, what, is your evolutionary. Intention. For. Coming out of. Neptune. Infinite. Multi-dimensional. Reality. Down. Into. This. School. Of planet. Earth I like to call it yeah Oh. Freakin. Crazy down, here man it's. Intense. And Saturn. Like I say it. Contracts. It, says get on track. Do. It right, you are either fulfilling, a necessary, function or, your business, goes broke, okay. You know and you, know or you know you fail there, is win, and lose. In the. Third dimension. You. Rise up above into, the sixth and seventh chakra and you, get beyond, winning. Loose, beyond. Polarity. But. The fact of the matter is most. Of our body is below. The. Third eye. We. Are mostly, here, man you, know what I'm saying oh my, god. Yeah. I mean. So this you know this really brings up I, just. Launched, I don't know if you saw the YouTube video, but, myself and, the dream team you, know six other amazing, astrologers. Are actually. Now presenting. A, course. For. You to become your own personal. Astrologer. Now. Whether. It's my duty or not or my responsibility. I am feeling called I have, been asked, you, know to teach to mentor people to. Really bring you, know and what the astrology, chart does and what, you, can. Do for yourself. Better. Than anybody, else. Is, really, meditate. Upon your, chart, meditate. Upon your. Planets your signs your aspects, and, really. Delve, deep, down into finding. Your. Duty, your. Purpose, your. Destiny. So. It's like I'm really excited about it's a full year, course. You. Know so. 2019. Could be like a really huge. Pivotal. Pivotal year for you but. You know just back to this particular time, right now. Chiron. Has gone back into Pisces. Okay. I, think. I think these planets, come forward, into Aries I want to make a new start, you.

Know I've got a new impulse a new soul intention, a new, evolutionary. Need and we. Kind of maybe felt it a little bit since April, and then. Chiron. Says ah wait a minute I better, go back in and check with the boss I. Better, go back in and check with divine intelligence I'm, going back into Pisces for a little while you know what's, like really you know let's let's meditate, on, this and you know cuz I'm gonna be in Aries, for like eight years okay. You know and, yeah. There's, a lot of healing that, needs to happen and there's, a lot of confusion. When. We don't know our. Path our, destiny. Our duty, we, flounder. Or. We try to resist, it or we try to escape it or deny it or, just you know avoid, the whole you, know it's like ah you. Know I'm, not old enough smart, enough rich enough I'm gonna just like curl, up into a little ball. But. We can't be doing that now right Sun, and Libra other people. Society. The world our family our pit you know our partners, they're all like come, on come. On come. On you, realize like almost, all the planets are above. The horizon look, at the chart here at the beginning, okay. You, know the moon's gonna be moving around but really everything. Is from Libra, to, Pisces, these. Are the transpersonal. Signs. Uranus. Is the only one down here. So. It's like the outside, world, is calling, us to, fill. A big, set of shoes, to. Fill a big, role and. It's just like are you ready. All. Right, brings. Me to the mantra, naturally. Right there. Is an, intrinsic. Order. To life. Call. It destiny. Or fate and. The. Sooner, I. Accept. My, role. The. Greater, the impact. I'll make. This. Is the upside. Of Saturn. That we. Can influence. The, course of events on. This. Planet, through. Time in, the future. Think. Of da Vinci. Copernicus. All, the, great teachers, Einstein. Leaving. Something behind for. The next seven. Generations. To. Learn and, grow. So. If we want to really you, know clean our rivers or clean the air or you know you. Know clean our food or you know whatever it, is right, you know order. Order. Is part. Of this. Reality. Yeah. It's not always easy to. Accept. That's. What I'm saying you know that's it that's you you you're gonna repeat this mantra over to myself a thousand, times this week. So, all right you know you. Know so you may have been feeling it's, hard to get out of bed or you may be feeling old.

Tired. You, just want to be, like a rock, okay, you, know and you, can't and this, can build frustration. So. That we can be in a frustrating. Time you. Know or you can just want to you think that you know you got an idea and it should just happen and then. Other people come, along and go no no. We want it this way you know we want it that way but it's like uh you know I just did all this work you know and. So it's modifying. And, compromising. And this, is part of the new paradigm, you know you, know of Aquarius. Groups. Community. Co-creating. It's. Not always easy, but you know the, effects, and the results, can. Be tremendous. For. Our children, and their children etc. Down. The line, so. Yeah. Fish. Just bit my toe, man. Must, be time to stop. One. More time and I'm out of here okay. There. Is an intrinsic, order. To life. Call. It destiny or. Fate and. The. Sooner, I accept my. Role, the. Greater, the impact. I'll make. So. Hang, in there use. Yourself discipline. Self-control. Grow, up and just, you know say, yeah, I'm, a goat, I'm gonna climb this, mountain. Namaste. Aloha. So. Much, love.

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Been feeling this intensity, the over-arching pressure of 'authority'. Been feeling super rebellious, super exhausted, not able to catch up with TIME, and wanting to take lots of me time instead of working on what I should be.

Kaypacha... you`re absolutely on fire bro !!! Huge Love to you... ...and all the peeps here too :)

Thank you Angel hugs n Blessings to you and yours

rule of law - yep that is where it is.

Sungazing has radically charged my energy and life for the past 10 days.. My circadian rhythm is reset and when I think of HRM who said once we get centered with the sun we won't need to be affected by all these other planets. I really like that mindset because I'm tired of being affected by cosmos LOL!! I'm awake at 5:45am on a Saturday morning for the first time in ages with 8 hrs of sleep. Im rested and ready to go greet the sun and start my day. I am ready to move on to this next level.. Yes Imma be my own astrologer haha! Love you Kaypacha!

WOW!! Love the Mantra

'Fish just bit my toe' divine play.

Hello Kaypacha! I use to follow your reports. Among many things i have notoced that you are quite often comming back to the "new paradigm and times of Aquarius". I have been looking up this concept - or whatever we should call it - on the net and that didn`t made me wiser, because there was a lot of different explanations and theories about it. So just wonder what is your view on this, when it starts or allready started? Have a great day-greatings from the south of Sweden.

its intense thats for sure

thank youuuuu

I loved your teaching on Saturn....thank you for your reports!

Wow @13 minutes very deep insight regarding following our path

much mahalo

Wow. Had a circle last night, and the reading/convo was based around bones - gathering them, moving forward with them - how they are foundational to all. Then just saw this. LOVE IT!

Haha, I actually climbed to the peak of a mountain the day this was released :)

I thought this was your very best work. It really rung the bell for me!

How does one find a role or purpose in the universe in order to accept it?

I love your personifications of the planets. I'm having the most difficult time with a soul mate of mine who is ruled by Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter (Aqua Rise/Merc(12th), Cap Stellium (sun/sat/nept/p fort) and Sag MC/moon/venus going through his saturn return right now... so I can only imagine based on your interpretations what he's going through himself right now

This has to have been the very best report I've ever received. Everything you hit on resonated with my life at this time. Wanting to be the rock and not get up and do what must be done. Hiding away or retreating to a quiet place. But it's taking so long for me to find my purpose here. also feeling that old feeling you were talking about and then the drawing of the outside world and people. The discipline of Saturn is incredible and not being able to have fun and needing to work work and wondering if life will be fun ever again. whew this report confirmed EXACTLY what has been going on! Uranus in Taurus the Earth sign which I am, below the horizon and all the other planets above pushing us with discipline, forwards, back words feeling upside down and conflicted. Whew!

A fish bit your toe Kaypacher?!! That's so funny. Looks like Pisces has something to interject with in your astro report this week :D . Personally I have been feeling all this intense Capricorn - Saturn energy. been driving me crazy. Today, a friend got in touch with me and said he and his wife had been worried about me. And it was true, I had been finding the going a bit tough of late. He was kind enough to offer me one of his therapy sessions for free. Took me back to a couple of intense moments of FEAR from when I was 3 and 4 years old, and facilitated the release of those emotional energies. Been feeling much better about the fact that there's a to-do list half a mile long with stuff not done. lol. But seriously, sometimes the answer might be in accessing the emotional patterns. I mean . . . we know all this of course. but there's that fish that bit your toe :)

Struggling so much with the energy of the contracting Saturn stuff... trying to pull through but I've been in such a neptunian space (not necessarily escapist, but nowhere near as heavy/3d as the saturnian stuff). It feels so dense.

As a total goat Capri (ascendant Capri too ha) this resonates SO much. NOW is the time and hell yeah let's climb that mountain!!! Thank you for your weekly pearls of wisdom and humor Kaypacha. You are a gift :) Jah bless, so much love

Gorgeous little Saturn opposing other Planets Arrrrghytypes synopsis

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I said to my partner I feel pulled in so many directions ... to the point of exhaustion.

With that fish biting you, I would say Pisces is calling you.

Thank you so much Kaypacha- WOW did this speak to my soul and help me to accept my role so that I can make the greatest impact! You are just AWESOME!!!!!!!

The body analogy has been a basis in which I understand the universe. As well as the school of earth. Thank you brother

You are born for this

an intrinsic order to life, Call it destiny or fate..well I'm selling my grandmas house she died last yr and had since 1964 ..weird thing is.. it will be sold 1 yr on her birthday to do the paperwork... great pele report ..many thanks for all you do with hope and guidance every week..Namaste ~

This place is the most beautiful setting I’ve seen you film in... where in the world are you?

5 minutes from my place in Costa Rica! Pura vida! Give thx everyday.

Thanks for explaining Saturn in this way. Love to you and all around : )

so much love!!!!

Thank you. A good message; learn your chart, understand Astrology. My friends get free charts & astro advice :)

I actually feel Saturn supporting higher dimensional awakening not reinforcing 3rd dimension restriction. I think the planets all evolve around the sun (the enlightened liberated energy love & light) for a reason. Saturn's restrictive pull concentrates our will to break through to higher vibrations and is a test of whether we identify with 3rd or higher dimensions.

Persimmon: So nice insights !!! Arigato...

Thank you Kaypatcha! I have so much gratitude and am always in such appreciation of your weekly reports that you gift to us all

Thank you for the response...this paylay report hit home for me deeply, as I’m sure for so many others... I am currently a stay at home mother of two amazing young girls and have the responsibility/privilege of being the primary home caretaker of my family... but, this is also not as luxurious as it may sound to some... with my sun in Capricorn, Aquarius moon, Gemini ascendant, being a stay at home mom has been quite a struggle at times, to say the least... I like to be in power and “working” specifically, making MONEY; it feels good to me, but I haven’t been able to do so in the way I know I am “suppose to” for quite a few years now... this feels like such a magnificent and crucial time, for so many of us?! Where personal integrity, big decisions about our intimate relationships and commitments (my Venus is in Scorpio

Well, there are a lot of other factors involved but in general, yes. A good time to reflect on how to bring all the growth you have personally achieved out to the world. Time to heal and teach others how to heal themselves!

Thank you.

Something new .... Toe fishing, hahahaha always look forward to listening and sharing your reports ....

Why can’t we look at this as a communal responsibility to be resilient and get shit done with some order? Help each other and be responsible. Have parents be more like Saturn!

You are the best! Love u and your reports!

I had my fourth surgery (and hopefully last) on April 17th after eight years of trying to diagnose and live with the pain of my health conditions and when you mentioned Chiron retrograding back into Pisces I honestly panicked but your description calms me as I can take this feedback to put everything into healing first, however tedious and painful this process is. So challenging as I'm a Pisces/Aries cusp hahahah and I'm now 30.... My symptoms became debilitating when I was 22 and started the exact date Chiron entered Pisces. Long road. Discipline. Embrace the plateau. Thank you for your generous insights Kaypacha

Huzzah!!! I shall stay the course and do my duty. :)

He moves out of there early next year, will be time for you to reemerge!

I feel this so much this and the past week. Felt so tired and frustrated, but then I decided to drop the frustration and concentrate on what I can do and listen, instead of fighting. Thanks for your videos, they are always food for thoughts

thanks Kaypacha, with Chiron on my Sun, and then Sun on my Chiron, i've had to take time out to rest. but i sure do love the water flowing over the rocks there. thanks for sharing the sounds and view.

When you talk about us being cells in the organism of this world it reminded me of an experience I had last year at Red Rocks in Colorado. I was at a concert and feeling overwhelmed by the energies there of all of the people. I sat down and prayed to Source for guidance and protection. When my prayer was finished, I sat up and I saw things differently. I was perfectly calm, no emotion, just an observer. I saw everyone as cells in an organism moving around each other. Some were sick, some were infecting others, some were healthy, etc., but they were all doing “their job”- doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing. And I felt my consciousness go up above everything, and I saw this universe within another universe within another universe... up up up. I saw it as perfect and I felt peace. Thank you for the reminder today. So much love for you and your work.

I love you, sweet man!

When are you coming to teach down under in AU and NZ?

I feel it ... total mind f@#$. Confusing times.

Lol I'm use to being a rock, mars retrograde in the 12th, taurus rising. I wonder if anyone has had Chiron transit their 12th house? Especially if you have mars there. Or if you've had it transit your 8th Saturn, Neptune or Uranus? I feel wounded enough in that house after Saturn return and now Saturn aspecting Neptune, don't think I can take much more so hoping is the 'healer' aspect not more wounding. Was like going from sane reality into one of those mirror scenes in haunted house where you being chased

What a wonderful report!

Morning Mr.K love the location, your analysis your howling!. Alice in Wonderland is the book to read now. reminds me of what is happening at the moment ’out there’ specially the Mad Hatter.. ‘ more tea...?’..

Sorry for biting your toe.

It is quite different interpretation of the age Aquarius, of the fool who goes forward in creation, I see around me a Saturn energy as you forecast!! It is not natural law it seems to me, it is destructive to Gaia to women who love but not bullies hot colders, (folks who spoil the compost bin by putting the plastic bottle in and hurts those who say no to that). Saying no to this destruction of gaia when done in a refuse reuse recycle way, rich "green" pop ecology, on line incomes and fuc- those healing with hands.. ie/ if you want the job (working for self is work! a job is not always! I get a lot hate as not 'suffering in a low payed job'). Unless my role is to be poisoned by putdowns and being part a group only if agree ALL they say and do. Oooo it hurts, when relax I say YES. and often trust untrustworthy, yet who to trust.. Nature and yoga keep me open and some that openness seems to be seen as weakness. Oh ommm. I am a wee Pisces. The fish that bit foot maybe saying the way you interpret symbols at times ambiguous to point only soothing the 'being' hurt to except it. Or just responding to the stars. Where be free will to form Agreements not be passively controlled as can not have a preference for yourself, that is never against others, not made a rule for all! as we must come together in differences to be free. Ommmmm

I am A goat! and I am climbing this mountain! ;) Love Ya! Tom! made my day! ;)

LOL! That fish bit you is like the Age of Pisces not wanting to let go. BTW, Time is the 4th dimension. No big deal, but I thought I'd mention it. For instance, height, width, depth, or X,Y.Z axises make up 3D space. And time is the variable 4th dimension. So if your foot was not in the XYZ coordinates at the same TIME, dimension as that fish, it would not have taken a snap at you. Hope that makes sense. Always spot on as usual! Thanks!

That's so weird, right after you recited the mantra the first time, it was like you were in the room talking to me directly. It was weird. I was still processing this when the fish bit you. So funny. This report is so right on. Thank you. I suck at understanding the science of astrology, so these reports are so helpful.

Saturn needs a good hard stern lesson in chilling the fuck out.

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yeah, we're all getting bit on the toe by Pisces.

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With Saturn as my chart ruler this was the perfect lesson for today! Thanks!

One of the best ones - really enjoyed this. & you watch yourself on that moss man, it's slippery! You yourself appearing very Saturnian here - I'm seeing you in a high glass corporate building in a suit - haha! I have venus saturn & the moon all huddled together on the edge of pisces so slippery moss is the least of my worries! Loving it! (not so much this past week >:-| )

Old cranky task master Saturn..on my last Saturn is in Aquarius..??serve the whole flock..everybody's spinning out..

South node Aquarius..freedom..surprise..

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This report hit me hard. I've got a lot of stuff going on in the 9th house. Moon, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus all influenced by Jupiter? I am learning still

Best is to get a personal reading. On kaypacha website there are many amazing people

Don't fall off the rock for us - geezus....!

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Oh thank god for you Kaypacha! I could finally exhale once you started speaking. Definitely feeling all of this maybe too much. Thank you for everything you do. And ps...... I don’t care how many times you say you know or how you word things. You are on point every single time man!! Preach it however you want because you’re speaking true! I happen to like how you speak though.

What a Beautiful place, I just love it!! ... anyway they sound like parents and kids!! lol I want to leave now to travel but responsibility keeps me at my workplace...UGH!! I call Mother Earth the school of hard knocks!! And I'm an Aries to boot hahaha


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"we are mostly here" hahahaha

beautiful place...anyone else want to go rock hounding there? :)

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Fish bites the Healer! Chiron back to Piscis (20:30)

I'm 50 years old now and I still have no freaking Idea what the hell I'm doing here on this planet with all those mad people. When you are little people ask, what do you want to be when you grow up? Besides the fact that I want to be nothing more than myself, I have no idea which profession I would like to practice. And to be honest, I should not even think about being stuck in that rat race every day. I would go crazy. So in a sense I am glad that my body is sick so that I do not have to participate in the rat race. I have enough to process the horrors of my childhood.

LOL! I love you man! and that fish

I've gotta write (it's my duty) how grateful I am (and many others) that you do your duty Kaypacha! Lol, thank you so much for your dedication for sharing this astrological knowledge and wisdom. Your shares really do inspire me in my life, and I know they inspire others. So again, thank you so much for being who you be, and I say the future is seeing what we see.... Thanks brother. Peace ~Nathan

Again your lovely face..come to Calgary

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All this Capricorn is dragging things it feels like to me.

Quiet? Not!

Who cares about sound. It looks like a little pocket of nature heaven ♡♡

Saturn is Satan...

No Capricorn in my chart is this why I am still floating ....

New Paradigm Astrology I wondered about that because I have Capricorn in the 11th but no planet there so maybe that’s what you’re talking about, Kaypacha? Also, I have Saturn Retrograde in the 1st house in Pisces at 25 degrees as my Ascendant. I’ve felt more like Aries for last couple years, maybe my ascendant has progressed there. Moon in Aqua. But that dragging feeling has been there lately idk.

Haha! Everybody has Capricorn somewhere! It rules one of your houses and the affairs of that house are ruled by .......da da da dum...... Saturn (which everyone has somewhere too)..... Ahhhh! No escaping Time and Space while here!

Su Sunny Su Hansen I don’t have any Capricorn either.

All of this is so new to me. And I'm loving it! It's so wonderful!!! Thank you so much

Angel Blessings

So much love ! Great point ! The sooner i start greater impact i’ll make ///// wonderful

beautiful! haha thank you Kaypacha!


Fish food? ... hehe... you must've looked delicious to the lil one. With Love, Always xxx

That symbol on your shirt. Is it makua’s sacred geometry?

Love you Kaypacha!

Merci Kaypacha !

Oh boy! I am a Cap and my partner is a Libra. I feel we are kind of squaring each other .


I always love watching your videos especially when you're filming near water because I watch while taking a bath. I laughed so hard when you that fish bit your toe! I was really feeling all you said that that happened and oh my days I laughed! Thanks for the insight and the laughter - both are very much needed right now :)

Thank you for this! Have definitely been feeling Saturn's support and scrutiny this week. Hope your toe is feeling better! :-)

Loved your closeness with the camera today, it made it very intimate.

You crack me up man. Love Wednesdays because of your readings..I’m on fast track transformation the last year , the most intense awesome full of shit storm, ride of my life but I’m getting the slivers of light for my snake on the rise. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Thank you Kaypacha. Sooooo much love. ❤️

thank you for doing your duty kaypcaha! as we participate in the chain gang on planet earth let the "chains" be energetic communities of support so we can pass on the knowledge in the Great Work. so much love and sat nam !!! using my capricorn and saturn to guide these times...

I am a goat! Im'a gonna climb this mountain! Love it...

funny how they spray chemtrails around powerful times

I am in love with the picture at the beginning of the video. Please? Will you tell me where you got it? I must have it, it resonates with me very deeply.

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