Auckland, New Zealand: Walk & Talk through Downtown CBD

Auckland, New Zealand: Walk & Talk through Downtown CBD

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Auckland. New Zealand please. Support the channel I'm. Creating some video content and I could definitely use the comments, the likes and also, the support, so. Auckland New Zealand. Okay. I've just wanted to play it their voices you can see a lot of tourists in Auckland Auckland. Is the. Main capital city of course and, basically right in this spot right here I'm gonna be talking, over everything, I'm gonna be that. You're gonna be seeing today. This. Is by the port and similar. To Sydney. There's a port, with a lot of boats that move people around the, area, Auckland. Is built, somewhat. On a bay I, guess. It is a bay and a, lot, of boats will take people different, directions and you can see quite a bit on the other side of the bay and. Islands. And things like that, Auckland. Is very spread out so basically you, need a car I, was. A stayed, downtown, the first night and I came out of Saturday night actually, I I, had some airport problems so I didn't come in until I. Was, supposed to come in at 5:30 but it was a fight at the airport so, I didn't actually get into the city until midnight, and. Then I was able to walk around at 1:00 a.m. and there's quite a bit in I like walking out. At, that time it, was okay, I just want to show you this real quick this, is the port so a lot of fairies and piers, are all in this area although, you hear some voices too. I'm. Also gonna just play, interesting. Noises a lot of times that I'm walking around that's, just um you can hear wind and, you know traffic honking horns, so. Everyone smile just let the video. Share. Whatever interesting. Stuff that it comes about so. Again here's the Pierce. Again. And. I'm going to be walking across. The street and it's going to get a lot more interesting, for, your viewing pleasure later, on probably, probably. Around minute, seven or so, well. Sorry it's oh, you can hear my commentaries. Until. Then of course but. But if you're just only here for the visual stuff that's when I get more into the downtown part I am. In downtown now but down by this part it's more tourists, walking around and taking ferry. Boats I'm, also keep in mind it's a Sunday morning when, I'm doing this walk, I'm. Taking this walk. So. Okay, so Auckland. Is very spread out I had my I had a car I did stay downtown I did walk around.

But. Then what I really wanted to get to know the city better I. Saw. A lot of suburban kinds. Of things. It's. Very, spread out but it's also very beautiful there's very clean nice, I've, been a little a little bit more in noise, come through here. It's. Kind of interesting over here some people I cut out all, the stuff where you, don't really hear anything so but, I make that make it more interesting to watch I think you. Can see these above, you it's kind of like a rain guard I saw, these aloud in Seattle and I, think, looks like Auckland has some of those things to you this, is kind of trysting to the left. Minneapolis. As Skyway, system, where they bring people from building to building because, of the snow I don't. Know how much chocolate half of that but um but it's interesting that this is a little walkway right there as well so. We're gonna be going into the city there's a kind of some main streets, I kind. Of feel like Auckland, is not quite there yet as, far as the, massive density that you might get in for example Sydney or in Wellington, even in New Zealand I. Think. Part of its because everything is just so spread out in Auckland but, they're downtown the, streets are there and the buildings are there so all the elements are there and this. Is a, Sunday, morning as well so I mean even in busy cities it, can be a little bit quiet on a Sunday morning but. Anyway so I'm gonna just film it and you can see. Everything. That I see, just. So that you know what's coming just to keep your attention a little bit that, I do run, into some different. Peddler, types. There's. A couple here. At Cristiano type so I'm gonna run into a couple of them later not. Much happens there's a little bit of exchange and I want to comment on that because it's kind of interesting the same with the other person too right. Here this is a New Zealand map so you can kind of see all the water all. Around you. Auckland. I went, all the way out to the Coromandel, I'm going to show some video about that later and also pika, which. Is the other side these, are both, opposite. Directions of Auckland to the east and to the west and in you know New Zealand is shaped kind, of like Japan where it's narrow and thin so it, doesn't take too long to get to the other sides, east, or west I'll. Show more of those videos in in, separate. Clips. Okay. And, just. Kind of you know you can see how things are kind of spread up basically so you have these big massive roads. It takes a little bit to cross a road you have the, street. Lights everywhere it doesn't have that you know the small density that you might not have in other places like I would see in Sydney or in Wellington, the Wellington was some kind. Of a Walker's paradise I'm gonna be filming there as well so I have quite a bit of footage there so. Tune into that to look for the good look out for that. Another. Question people might ask is you know why am I doing this why am i filming Auckland. I like. Filming, and recording something, because, it, gives you a taste of what the city is like in the, past you. Know I'm a person that loves travel and I like the sense of space. And location of places. And, it's very it's always been hard to capture those because you can go to a travel. TV. Show, but. Those are always very you know corporate-sponsored and there's a lot of money involved so that usually you're seeing expensive hotels or, the expensive restaurants, but you, know a lot of us don't travel like that a lot of us just like just.

Travel, For lots of different reasons and a lot of us just to experience, a place often. On a very on a low budget or, you know I'm not either, lowest budget of a backpacker but I definitely I, definitely, don't spend I don't think about spending a lot of money I just like to experience, a place and just kind of get a sense for it. Auckland, is the, capital, and there's. A woman, from HR in front of me I'm not sure where maybe China, or Hong Kong or. Japan. Korea goes but, basically there's a lot of Asian tourists, Sweden's a lot of them were actually living there you know they're they're actually Kiwis. You. Know second, generation or third generation so. That element is there mock, 'ln has the most of it that I that I'm aware of in the country I didn't see I didn't go to Wellington and there's a little bit but not as much as Auckland I think. Most of them are in the suburbs there's also um Canadian. Population, as well. Lebanon. Kind. Of Arabic stuff, as, well which is also, in Australia. But. Anyways on these streets so you can kind of see there's also you know Mallory's, for New Zealand and aboriginals, in Australia, so I'm kind of comparing a lot to Austria because I just came from there right before right. Before. I came in to Auckland. Okay. So you. Can see a lot of shops there's a lot of tourist. Shops. That's one of the things I noticed is my kid by New, Zeeland t-shirts pretty easily everywhere, so the city seemed, more. Geared to tourism then I then, I thought it might but. It makes sense and, I'd see these kind of homeless guys on the side a lot. Of homeless guys are usually like males like that they like, they can easily. Work and you know healthy it kinda reminds me a lot of the West Coast the United States let's, see you, know like kind of like well bodied, males. Who are homeless I don't see many kids or wives. Even. Those two got you know it's kind of a youth culture so I noticed in Auckland special when I went out on Saturday night it kind of felt like something. I might feel in like Portland Seattle. You know kind of a lot, of young culture a lot of foam like, Portland, it's basically like a college, town that turned into a city and, alcala kinda had that fielded me to you know special announced into the radio a couple, guys on the side I think they're from there Maori so they clicked um. They. Were begging earlier, so I'm. Know. If they're well body internet but I bet anyway soon. These. Guys these people on the side they're trying to help somebody so they were like I kind. Of overheard them I couldn't capture a very well in video but they were basically. Proselytizing. Like trying to save them talking, about Jesus. Is Lord kind of stuff. But. Anyways it kind of its, kind of trysting I guess that stuff is coming typical in any large city get. That kind of a limit, but. But something about Oakland Ken reminded me I always kind of thought it New Zeeland anyways is kind of like the Pacific Northwest, I'm comparing it to my own American, references, but, but. Um but. New Zealand just felt like an. Extension of Northern California, alright, here I just want to show you this guy right here so, this guy just came off the bench trying to talk to that guy. And. Now he's gonna go approach a woman and he's gonna be approaching. Me in a second so here he goes over to this girl with, this lady you. Can't, hear this but you're gonna hear my conversation, in a second. Walks, away from her and, it was gonna come over and talk to me. I'm. Sorry. Actually. He caught me off guard I didn't even see, him coming but the video I can see that little. System. Of dis you know one person after another which. Is kind of interesting that's. Kind of how those, things work anyways, I when. I was in my office I used to I used to live there to. Watch a woman who would always hit up all the tourists you know the same sob story over and over and she, told me the same story twice. And. Like. Within a few days, period, you know like exactly the same story about a about a bus that that, she missed, but. Anyways a lot of these people kind of have their routine, story. Okay. So we're gonna keep walking. But. You can see that by the population, people seem pretty well-off in general. They're. Well off and they're also have that kind, of that I don't. Know just to me just feels like a large. College, town turned City vibe and. When I listen to the radio there's a lot of kind, of like stuff that you talk about in. An academic circle, I guess. I'd call it more liberal media but it's more you know like um, more. Things about you know gender which is very important and it's very interesting but.

But, You don't always have that dominate, so, much in most. Other cities but in college towns you always do in Auckland had a lot of that you. Also talked there's also another big story about a backpacker, british, backpacker who was murdered. And. That. Story was pretty big news it was all over auckland when I was Syria which was December, this, was December 9 I think that. I was there in. In Auckland this, particular day is December 9 2018. So, that was all over the news at that time and I think New Zealand is maybe 5 million people like. I walk to left its kind of just seen the kind of orange. But. Again you can reminds me of somebody you might see on a college campus like. A little bit of educated, but like maybe. Educated, in a way that's not traditional, so. And. Yeah there's lots of families as well so um kind, of get the whole element. So. Let's see me. See you have the rain guard above us again so this pretty sunny day today, when. I was there that day but. Obviously with those rein cards there must be enough. Rain to warrant them which, also reminds me of Portland in Seattle as well. And. These long rows, to try to cross so even though you're on one of the busiest streets you know we serve these massive. Boulevards, but. I was in a car is like really easy to drive through Auckland because um, you. Know because of that then you have the big tower right there so. When. I later when I jump, in my car and drive around I keep. Going. Across the street quite a bit and I think I filmed that tower a little bit another, I'll put it in another video. Well. Rain guards up above. Good. Bus system. Definitely. Things are geared towards the automobile, so. You might be wondering did I like Auckland yeah. That could like it what. I really liked about it the most was on you just get a little bit outside the city and its really beautiful. Museums, a beautiful place there's, so much greenery. There's. Just I. Don't. Know when I got over to the I guess, it'd be the west side, pika. And you're so area, kairi, kairi I think it's called but, it just it's kind of like lush like, really really lush reminded, me of um the. Parts of the Big Island of Hawaii, yes it's kind of lushness and kind of you know like a volcanic rock and kind of hippie, kind of vibe then. When I went over to the other side the east side. I, went, over bit over by the Coromandel, and that, was actually really beautiful too I mean just driving. On the coastline and just yeah. Actually nusiness is so beautiful so I can kind of understand why Auckland isn't, that's. Kind of cool right there with the tower. Right there. So. Actually you know often kind of makes sense because you know you have the city here but the just. Outside of the city is so beautiful so it's also really hilly with bays and beaches and. Mountains. So. Um it's, kind of I notice that in general driving around it's hard to get around. You. Know just with all the different obstacles and I can see where you'd rather live, in those, areas okay. Yeah. You know it's just kind of capturing a little bit that sounds. There's. Just a lot of those. Are that was I think that was Chinese I think I. May have to play back but. Just a lot of different languages I think. The love it agent, tourism, comes in within a lot of locals or as. You can see more Caucasian. Some. Asians and, Valerie. Occasionally. As well. These. Guys are kind of interesting. So. Yeah those guys are you know proselytizers, as well kind of reminds me of like, college towns you know basically because you always have your hairy, Christians that are trying to give our people you have your you know born-again Christians who are trying to convert people and. You don't really see that so much in other places but it seems like in college. Towns that I always see that kind of element, especially.

You Know Hare Krishnas so. You like you don't, see them in hardly any other cities but you know usually like, predominantly. Western ones. Of, you, know Anglo origins, seem to have, Anglo. Hairy Christians, that have been converted and trying to convert others so anyway. So I'm gonna run into another one later so I'll comment more about him too he's kind of funny. Okay. So I also want to do a plug for my channel so. Some you can obviously if you want to search more for New Zealand stuff from me you. Can always go to the Google as well I mean I'm on the YouTube but um but hashtag. Get. Sidetracked New, Zealand or get. Sidetracked Auckland. They'll, have some of the same videos you, can also just do hashtag get sidetracked and see all of my videos you can just do that in Google you can also disco to get sidetracked on YouTube as well but, maybe it's easier with Google if. You want to see the Sydney ones the same thing get sidetracked Sydney, with, a hashtag in front so. Basically you can find all my videos I, live in Macau just so you have a little bit of reference of me I'm an American person who, has. Been living in Asia for almost. Over, 20 years 22, years so. Okay. So I'm gonna be there so Wendy's Wendy's, hamburgers so, some I hardly, ever see them anywhere so. Way, in the distance way, there there's only guy in orange I'm gonna have a little exchange with him, or, he's gonna have an exchange with me rather. To, meet. Anyway that's that much but is this kind of funny I have. Sang veces that are like. John, nine in a little bit so. It's like I don't, know it's this funny like. You. Know kind of Hare Krishna guy you know he's kind of acting as if. You. Know it's like he's trying to pick you up you know but for the Kate cause of Hare Krishna, it's. Like oh man I think your glasses Wow you know nice nice. Handbag you have to her you know it's just who. Says that but. You know somebody I don't. Know it's funny like how. People get bent. Into something and you know kind of leaves their own identity, and get wrapped up in somebody. Else's cause. You. Know it's like I, kind. Of think of that those groups as well just like you know any other group corporations, and, cults, and you. Know I caught up and in many. Ways thought it was kind of funny because they're working the streets of Bachmann in a Sunday morning so who. Knows why but you know that guy looks. Like a pretty young guy so it looks like he's, you. Know maybe like two. Months ago you might have been partying.

It Up and. You. Know smoking some pot or whatever who knows, so. But there he is there's a Hare Krishna this week and then who knows your from now he could be somewhere. Else he looks like the kind of guy that probably. You. Know is young enough to. Be. Exploring, a lot of different stuff and this is kind of a passing phrase where he's harassing. People, walking, by and. Using. Kind of like, young. Person pickup lines or whatever it's, me trying to run across the street. Okay. So we're gonna keep going through, Auckland, I, hope you get a good sense of the city so before I came I have, some colleagues that are from New Zealand that I work with here in. Macau, and, you, know they don't really say much about Oakland else I caught me yeah I'm gonna see your City I'm gonna walk around, and. You know other Kiwis. You know they'll say oh you know she'd go to Wellington, and I did I can see why nothing. Is nothing to our doctrine it's basically the heart and it's a it's a pretty good place actually but. It's um you know sad is. That you know New York or Sydney. Or London or whatever it's um it's more like well. You see what it is exactly taking, this video. Yes. Yes Saturday night it was. Quite. A bit of young people and they. Kind of drink, like college students and what I mean by that is they was. Like kind of a lot of yelling and shouting kind, of socialization, and people were, who know each other you. Know kind of like a college campus you know like just. Feels. Funny. Because it's such a you. Know it's like a Walkman. Is a, capital. City in a big city by, New Zealand standards. But. It has that element of something that's like. Kind of I don't. Know like if you lived here you'd probably, know. Quite a few people you know like you just would, run, across them enough, times I guess you're. The whole country's like that maybe a little bit it's. Kind of cool right there in the reindeer in the deer. Yeah. Actually you know I can see like when I meet New Zealand people you know I think I can, see it would be a good place for families you can, kind of feel like it's it feels pretty safe like even when I walked around it Saturday at sorry, night at 1:00 a.m. or whatever 2:00. A.m. you know I'd see you know your occasional person who look like they might be, smoking. Some pot over, by a tree or something like that but but, you know that's a lot different than somebody who's um, you. Know shooting up heroin. I'm not saying to here wouldn't exist there I'm sure it does but um but. You know in other cities you can see a lot more kind. Of hardcore. Stuff. Going on - where Rockland seem more like I just, said more like just college. Town issues I think. You can kind of see it through the video you know just like. Young. White kids I turn here to casinos walk down the street and. You. Don't even the homeless population they're, kind, of young young males sometimes. Older males but you know they kind of have like I. Don't. Know the one guy that was asking for money it's because his, cheque. Stopped. Coming, to him but because he moved around too many things it just seems like you know those are kind of like not. Hard core things they're. Just kind of like it's. Different. Just. A little background so I I'm from, United States originally so I lived in. Kind. Of kind, of near the Detroit area but in the, try to live all. Around Michigan though when I grew up so.

The Issues and he tried pretty. Hard then. I lived out in New York City for a few years and every time Cisco for a year and. Those were back, when I was in my 20s so so, I definitely, am, quite. Familiar with what city living, is like as well so I, lived, apart like to the Nachman kind of reminds me a lot of Portland but Wellington, reminds me more of Portland, Wellington, is like all. The, all. The, alternative. Culture and all the vibes and everything like that just the way that people are Portland, OR even much, much more so like a, Wellington. In Portland in Melbourne were kind of all similar, and. Then. Actually even even. The rain in Auckland in Portland it's kind of similar wasn't. Raining when I was there in Auckland but when I was in New Zealand it kind. Of like trickle down rain a little bit and nobody was running to get an umbrella or anything like that okay, I, kind of want to talk about my personal, feelings about maybe the future of Auckland I think the future is probably pretty, great, museum, is this, so. Something. Really intented, and beautiful about it just. The people are really amazing. It made a lot of really nice people there, that's. Also kinda reminds me of that you know. Kind of a smaller town nature of it you. Know people are. Just so friendly like just right at the airport you know people were kind of kind. Of chatty and talkative you. Know so like when I finally got out of the airport you, know there was a movement on the bus and you know she was trying. To help me find a rental car and you know like ask me about all the details of. The of, the fire and, what. My experience was at, the airport things like that and then got, to the car rental place and you, know it's kind of ready for um you, know. Probably an unfriendly person who was tired in it 1:00 a.m. 12:30, or whatever but. That guy was kind of like excessively. Happy like just yeah. Yeah I got a customer and. Yeah. So just like stuff like that just I don't, know just everybody a mad didn't all style to you, know a stated host the downtown one was a whole style another, place they stay in hotels too but um just, know. Just the way people are. So. This little street is interesting, so this was like, a tributary like a side. Street but. You know just got your park benches and and when I get down here there's a little tour group and that's. Kind of tempted to just kind of blend. In with them and see what they're talking about but um anyways. You're gonna hear them in about a minute or less. Sometimes. That kind of stuff, spacy, aware how much you're actually missing how much is actually there like just like these buildings like that building on the right and particular your, the way they're curved and just the color that you know kind of blue actually. Both buildings you know I can see there's some good architectural, gems there that have you, know been there for a long time and like that guy was saying those other buildings are protected, so I'm, sure there's some pretty interesting history, in in Auckland that, I probably wasn't even able, to skim, surface it, must.

Look Like some needs Ali stood like, this pretty early there's. All these people that are out you know having a nice Sunday, brunch. But, they miss things I walk out of this you. Kind of see them back into those you know massively wide boulevards, again and. Kind. Of out of those little quaintness, of that kind of stuff but. But they're kind of mixed in so you know they're they're both they're, both there and this one has you know the benches that are there as well so it's. Not like I couldn't sit back and, enjoy. Being, an Auckland because there's a lot of stuff that has to offer. But. I did want to mention that he's. In general needs a museum, The Times, the other test that I saw we're all kind of cool. Like I just kind of liked him so. You'll, see later but I might have some videos going up - coromandel and, it's along the way there's some pretty interesting towns, that. For. Example Thames. It's. Just like halfway to the Coromandel, which is this peninsula, that overlooks the other side of Auckland and, like, Thames is this a town on the map of New Zealand it's just one. Of you know thousands. Of towns. But. I put that on YouTube as well later but. Basically it has you know like all these bookstores restaurants. It's really lively, downtown you notice people everywhere and I, was there also in the morning as well on a different day of the week and, you. Know I just kind of like okay you know like like. Often is pretty cool and I can see why is the capital and it does have quite a bit of like, the features seem like it's probably, quite, amazing, for it I mean I think, people are going to be cuter to be drawn to New Zealand has, a lot to offer as a nation, as a as, a country, the. Beauty of it is incredible. You. Know nothing has the, skeleton. Or the structure of something that's gonna you know as, it, did two fights more I think it would be quite, an interesting City I mean I look you know just look at these streets you know there's like businesses, that are all going. And you know it's not all boarded up like you might see in some American, cities you. Know it is the capital city after all so um that. I but I'm just in general you know I can you see and I just saw like even those smaller towns like Thames which. Is nothing, you know it's not a tourist there's nothing. That's. That, makes that one stand out more than anywhere, else it's.

Just A place but. Um but, yeah this is like I don't know things feel, more, like. Humidity oriented, and lively, and it feels like New Zealand embodies, that quite well I guess, that's the thing that kinda reminds me of that college town mentality you know just also like you. Know how to, educating. Lis improve. Yourself, as a, nation, as a person, as a society, you, know that those kind of things seem like they're those are a debate that people are always talking about and. Even with a backpacker that that was. Murdered. Which. Was a big news story when. I was there was um you know people are really care about that issue you know they really think, a lot about it, when. I can fire back to my home state of Michigan you. Know I remember you know like they're just you. Know who knows how many people are murdered every day with the, violence and the guns and the drugs and, crack and everything else so you. Know what's growing up there in the 80s you. Know be like every day in the newspaper would be like Oh a student gets shot and killed you know but but most of the people at Michigan not really care you know it's just that's. Just happens Detroit we don't really care but. In you know New Zealand it's like I. Don't. Know it's like they really seem like they really you know try to take care of their. Nation. Their people themselves and, you know even that one guy who's asking. About his um I said. His. Checks, they get stopped coming you know like probably that. Lion probably works in easy and it's like okay you know you want to help out those other people and okay you know feel sorry for you so you. Know let me help you out which is probably why there's you know like this. Able-bodied. Man. That are kind of like sitting in the corners that you know that are in there working prime. You. Know I don't know so who knows but. Uh anyways. Anyways. There's something, interesting about aqua and it's um, think it's gonna keep drawing people, in, you. Know internationally, as, well. Okay. We're getting pretty close to the video so to the end of the video so at least you're getting a sense of Auckland I hope. You've enjoyed it please support my station I'm, gonna be doing lots of other cities as well when I travel, some. Places I might be able to get back to you you know who knows so. I'm you see that it was definitely worth being. There of course you know it's like on the other side of the world for me and I. Hope you enjoyed this video as well. If. You liked it you know like it support, it make, a comment let me know that you liked it if. You. Don't like it there's not much I could really do I mean all. I'm really doing is just you. Know commenting, and walking around anyways. Pod. Is for my voice I. Picked. Up a cold above New Zealand and now I'm back in Macau and, and. I still have the cold, but. Um, so. My voice has been kind of cracking up as well as they trying, to speak today. Okay. Here's some audio. But. You know basically there's that much audio that I'm able to collect a lot of witnesses kind of noise.

Cars. And. In. The wind alright, so um I hope you enjoyed it this is get sidetracked and, I mean often, again. Check, out my other videos where New Zealand I hope you at least gives, you a sensitive are thin I haven't really seen too many videos quite, like this but. You get a sense of the same please subscribe to the channel and show some love and some support.

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Wellington is the Capital. I made a mistake saying Auckland. Corporate Center, perhaps. I can't edit it without taking the video down. I'll leave it there, maybe it'll create some comments, which can put me more in the algorithm for other viewers to see this ;)

I think it would be of benefit to aim the camera towards yourself when you don't have to show your surroundings.

Ah, tried to save as highest quality. It didn't make a difference. Maybe it has something to do with my own YouTube settings though.

I might delete this in a minute...I'm going to see if I could get a better quality video.

That was a quick response! Just put the video up! :) Hope all is well!

i live in auckland and your totally right at 19:30 about knowing so many people! Even though you would think of a city over 1.5 million people it would be rare to see so many people you knew, but in auckland it feels like you almost know of everyone though a mutual friend or something and so you do frequently see people you know or know of all over town

One more thing, I've been told the rain guards is there to prevent the UV lights from coming through. NZ and Australia have the highest rates of skin cancer in the world due to the thinning of the ozone layer above those two countries and they're trying to do everything to cut down on the effects of the UV light waves.

Thank you for captioning your videos! As a deaf individual, it really helps me understand what's being said.

Thanks, Ted! It also takes a lot of work, so I'm glad to hear of the appreciation. I must say I've recently got far behind on them in the more recent videos though...

Cool video. What a lovely city we live in!

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