August Bushcraft All dayer - OHuHu stove, birch bark & flint, char wood, pancakes.

August Bushcraft All dayer - OHuHu stove, birch bark & flint, char wood, pancakes.

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Hi. Folks I'm Craig Taylor and as always, a huge thanks for joining me here on my youtube channel the bushcraft, Padawan, if, you're a regular viewer off subscriber you know that I like to get out in the woods for a full day at least, once, a month and this is the August, all day, you'll. Also know that rather than just come out into the woods and wander, around aimlessly, I, like, to try and kick things off I like to try and come up with a list of things. That I want to try for the first time, or practice. Or revisit, and this, month is no exception at all so, in no particular order, the things that I want to cover. Off this one things I want to try out this month I'd, like to try achieving. A fire using birch, bark scrapings. However. I want to try and use a piece of Flint. To. Scrape. That birch back and also Flint, and my Ferro rod to, achieve the spark so I don't want to use my knife like I normally do. Once. I've got that fire going, I'm actually gonna be trying out a gift that I was given from a friend of mine in the States, hi Anthony I'm, gonna try out a, wood, gas-burning. Stove never, used one before so. I want to share my thoughts on, using that I, also. Want to revisit the brown, bag water, filter, system I used. It at the end of last year beginning of this year and whilst it worked it. Took a very long time to filter I actually, had be at the inventor, and the manufacturer. Of that brown. Bag Rupert's, actually. Looks at that video on YouTube and and suggested, that I needed to do. Something different at the beginning of the, filtering. Process so, I'm gonna give that the world today. Just. Watching Willis, women-they this the only stinking, muddy puddle, that we've been able to find for miles around she's. Managed to find it so yeah so flint. And birch. Back the. Wood-burning stove, the, brown baguette, filter, once, I've got a fire going I'd like to chair some wood for the first time I've Chad lots of coffe in the past but, never any wood and finally. To top it all off I have brought up some pre-prepared. Pancake, mix and I'd like to try out. Skillett that I got as a subscriber. Gift from a bushcraft, magazine, a little. While ago a mindful. That the, direct, flame from a wood gas, burning stove may not be ideal but I want to try it out and see how I get on so why, don't you join me. Looks. Like this is going to be my spots, for the day first. Thing I want to get set up is this, oh-hoo-hoo. Wood. Gas. Burning, stove. Anthony if you're watching this a huge, thank you for gifting this to me Anthony's. A friend of man I know through, my my, real job through my working, life he's. Based out in the States, I got. Think either was knew that we both had this shared interest in the outdoors it's like started, posting my videos to, YouTube, and he started reassuring, him when we started talking and when I went out to a conference out in the States a few months ago now he. Actually brought along a few a few gifts for me one of which is this at brand-new, never used wood, gas burning stove I think that's how I think that's the matter the wood gas burning stove, let. Me give a bit of context, before I go into actually sitting least over, I. Used. To use stones, a lot, when, I was in the Army I've had hexamine, stoves I've had, traditional, gastos, pocket.

Rockets Peak, stoves, and, MSR. Multi, fuel stores avid I've got a gambit, of different stoves, when I was in the Army, when. I started doing this bushcraft II thing I wanted. To move away from that I want, you to be cooking, on, traditional. Log. Wood, fires, in the woods because that was Bush cuffing right that was a sensible thing to do that's that's, going back to your roots not using all these newfangled, stove, technology, stuff and I, still. Largely. Believe that but not as much as I used to do here. In the UK we've had a lot, of hot weather recently, and to. Such a degree that it would have been dangerous, and, foolish, and very probably criminal, to, have being able to starting, any of those open. Fires this. Is where something like a stove would have been clearly very very useful but, I didn't want to just start using, my. Traditional. Or. Should I say my, weathered. Peak, stoves and MSR fuel stoves and pocket rockets and things like that I wanted. To try and still maintain, some elements, of an of traditionalism. Around it an authenticity around it and that's where I think this wood gas burner stove can do that because it would that you are burning it is not fuel. It is not liquid fuel, it is not any form of gas it's it's wood that you are burning they're also much safer, I believe in these sort of the recent conditions we've had because they're much more contained. Everything. Should, combust, down sue to powder and ash, very, little, of it, actually is on the floor whilst is burning it is elevated, off the floor so all in all I, am. Erring, towards, this type of stove in the right conditions, it's not exactly the right conditions, folks we've had a hell of a downpour over, the past week or so week to ten days but, I still want to come out and try, this method whilst, them out in the woods today so enough, of me prattling, on why, do I get the stove cracked open and why do I start and using. It for the first time building this wood gas burning stove fire. From. What I can find them out on my research. On YouTube, and, other online resources. The. Best way of feeding. Or starting. This phase actually from the top down we imagine most of the time don't we that we we start a fire and, it, starts to smolder, in the small flames and then we we pour material, on top of that and the fire grows upwards. What. I'm led to believe the way that this happens is. Actually you put your sticks, in here and you, put them in vertically. So end-on-end if you like let me hold it oh you put them in like that just stand it up then. You actually stat your fire on the, top and, allow. It to burn down, and that's, why there are no feeding, holes in here for you to feed any material.

In Because apparently, if, you pack this tight, enough with, enough dry, material. And you, start it in the correct way it, should actually Bend for a very long time and give off a really really good heat that's, the theory that's, what it says on YouTube wood of course nothing, on YouTube is wrong is it so, I'm going to give that a whirl now I'm going to Pat this as tight as I can with, dry. Thumb. Thickness. Or smaller, sticks, and then I'm gonna start this whole principle or try out this principle, of starting, a fire from, the top down let's see how I get on. You'll. Notice that I've actually laid this stove, on. Its side and the reason I've done that is if it's upright and it's you know traditional. Usage, position, I found. It really really difficult to get those first sticks. Stood. Up because clearly they had almost nothing, to, rest against they kept forming over so. What I've done is as you can see I've laid it on its side. And, I'm placing the sticks in. So. That when I actually stand, this up once, it's much, fuller than it is the, sticks will self support each other and then. There will be in that orb, right end. On end position, that I talked about a few seconds, ago. So. I'm finding it's a much quicker. And easier way, of, filling it up it's probably a third full no I'll. Be very impressed if this burns for as long as the, YouTube video suggests, it will get the dog's head out the way because. It really didn't take a lot of time to correct, the. Amount of twigs that I've collected here it took 30. Seconds, to, break off a few dead. Standing. Twigs. / Frances, and of course a 3-foot. Long branch you can see the size of these that I'm placing in here there's, a very long way. I've. Now been and got some very very fine, pencil. Led thickness, pieces. Of silver. Birch twigs, as, been, get away, has, been modeled the Hapai willow. She's. Going to have a going this stove or as you can see in there was lots of twigs that she likes to eat. Hopefully. The presence of flames will pour off so I'm going to put these very, very fine pencil and thickness twigs into, there and I see now what they mean by this principle of starting, the fire upwards, there's, my fuel on, top of that I'm putting my kindling, and then on top of that I'm going to put my. Tinder. Which. Will be the birch back shape, or. She. Agrees. I've started a fire using birch back shavings, many times before I've got a few videos. In my fire-starting. Playlists about it but, I've always used. My. Knife. Just. Scrape, the, external, back up to fluff it up to get it into that that, dry powder like substance I don't, want to use the knife today instead I, actually. Want to use some. Flint that I've harvested, and. I've. Got a lot of this at home I brought out the smallest slash sharpest. Piece that I can and I want to use it as an improvised, knife. Edge because let's be perfectly honest that's, what they did in the olden days right. Is, much harder than you'd think I've, cut myself on the edge of Flint so many times to think wow that's, that's a razor shot that's like a knife edge and it, is but clearly. The. Way that that blade. Is normally, angled on my knife is very different, to the way that. This is angled, on this. Piece of Flint's that I'm using so. Sniffing. And that InFocus there, it's. Coming up but it's it's coming up very scrapper, it's not coming up in a. Nice dry, form. That it would if I was using my knife but I'm going to persevere I'm going to keep going with this and they have, to use several pieces of birch.

To Get the same amount but I'm certainly going to still keep, trying using. This piece of Flint here and, the. Birch bark to try and fluff it up into, that powder like substance I. Have. A small pile there it's. Probably. Yeah, it's probably a scent that I would use if I was using my knife, so I want to try and go with that now to see for the same amount of effort using the the, Flint in. Terms. Of gathering a pile, of shavings. There, can. I still is, it large enough other, pieces fine, enough for me to be able to strike my Ferro rod onto it using. Once again this piece of Flint to. Elicit a flame. Indeed. It seems it was which she's there which is wonderful, good. There we go perfect. Try. And keep that going. Close. E today I'll track you that going on this. Tin. Lid here, just. Move that out of the way. Bring. The stove. Back. Into focus there. There. We go, let's. Now drop this. On. Top, of those birch bark shavings. Add. More burped on top of those birch twigs, it's actually more birch bark. There's. That black smoke that's, so. Typical, of. Burning birch bark and. I, just want to keep an eye on this now I'm going to keep an eye on this so. That I can be confident that it's not just the, birch bark that's, burning but that actually those cancel. Their thickness the swings are burning as well and. Of. Course once they start to burn the plan is. That, those thicker pieces. Would start to burn then. No, different than a normal fire I guess you know you want to make sure that warm size. Of few, tinder. Kindling, fuel is burning before you put the next pile on the only difference with this is it's, all in there at the same times all you know at the beginning I'm, not building the fire up once. It started, and building, the fire before we start it, and. That's the uncertainty for me about this. Smells. Great I must. Admit in my rush to get out of the house this morning and, I forgot to actually bring anything to, pop in the pancake so, I'd. Crumbled, up a Snickers, bar and. I'm having a Snickers, pancake, I feel he tastes like I know. What Snickers, tastes like let's see what the pancake tastes like. Yeah, it, tastes just like pancake, funny old thing that isn't it so very very happy with, that, process really happy with the pancake at the end of it. Snickers. And pancake really happy with that dead, simple I must admit I did, mix. Up the milk, flour, eggs at home brought out in a small bottle and poured it into there what I'd like to do in the future is, to actually bring up the dry ingredients or, the flour, powdered. Milk, powdered, egg add water to it and reconstitute. It all in the field, much. More, reminiscent. If you like of a true expedition. Of a true trip out rather than mixing it at home and bringing, it with you but to be perfectly honest what, I wanted to achieve today was, to test out the stove test, out cooking on the skillet it's.

Capable Of making a of. A combination of them all of my skills are capable of making a pancake that's me next time I come out then, I'll switch up and add the variable, of mixing. Out in the field but for now if you'll excuse, me I've. Got Snickers pancake, to attend to. As. I said earlier on in the video in the introduction, I've, charred. Cloth, many. Times and had some real success with, that but I've never charred wood so. What I've got here as, several, pieces of very. Very, punky. Eldar, I actually, sourced earlier on in the week when. I was out walking willow so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to break those down into manageable chunks, gonna, pop them into my, fire. Kits which doubles, as my charring. Tim, I'm. Gonna tuck into a second, pancake and whilst am devouring. That I'm gonna, pop the tin, on the. The, wood burner and chow myself some wood for the future. For. The eagle-eyed of you watching this thinking it, doesn't look like he's got a hole in that check off him you'd. Be absolutely right, he doesn't have a hole in that check locks in if you look up in the top right-hand corner of your screen now, you'll, see a link to a previous, video I've made why. I explain, why, I don't have a hole in my chat often. As. I said earlier I've never Chad wood before so this, has been on probably, the same amount of time that I would share cloth, which worries me a little bit because clearly there is far less bone, mass. It's, a cloth I am worried. A little bit whether or not this is fully charred but said let's, let's, do the grand, unboxing. And see what we've got inside. There. We go there's, a few pieces and, just notice there there's still a little bit of. Just. Inspecting, so, you'll see a little bit of the natural. Wood color but. By and large all of those are, pretty. Much, no. No no no no they're. Pretty much charred, so I guess the acid test is now will. They catch a spark let's find out. Now, you can see hopefully. That. Costs back very quickly. And. He's, burning well. Another. One ticked-off quite pleased with that, quite. A basic thing to do towered and I've never actually done it's never bothered trying, before so I'm, pleased on the first attempt I was able watch. Your head out the way I was, able to achieve it and I'm gonna go to the vet cease afternoon with a charred. Dog's nose. There, we can see. There's, almost nothing, left at the bottom of this, burn now yes, if I blew hard on so I could probably get a few of those twigs, to glow again but. There's. No substantial, heat coming from it whatsoever so, let's have a look then at the, the, ash signature. That, it's left behind it's actually have a look at, what. This is left. That's. There, that you can see in the center of the screen you'll have to look closely that's. The ash residue of, that. Stove, it's been burning wood for. Pretty. Much an hour fact I think it's a shade over an hour by one or two minutes that, is. All that's left that to me is pretty remarkable, when you consider that. It was burning for an hour it. Burn, long enough for. Me to cook two pancakes. Jasin. Wood and I would have had plenty of, time to also, boil some water made. A drink made a pasta dish or something like that and that, is, all that's left you know it's it's, not even, a handful. Of ash that, is left so in terms of from, a fire management, perspective from, a safety perspective from. A Leave No Trace perspective.

That's, Not bad going when, you consider what a traditional. Open, fire would, have left behind I'm. Knocked down and open fires I'm still going to use them they'll still probably be my preference but, I have to say having never used this type of stove before, that. Is a huge. For made a huge, tick in the box from a time-saving, perspective. A resource. Savings perspective. And also, a safety and leave no trace perspective. There. We have it folks another. Dana woods subtly, coming to an end a good day though enjoyed, it and. Everything. That i set, out to achieve that, i was that. Was possible to achieve i did. Those. Of you the good memory may recall me saying i want you to. Go. Over my brown, bag filter, technique, and process. Unfortunately. The water sauce that I normally. Use in these ones is no longer a water source it's just a hole in the ground even. Though we've had quite, a lot of heavy rain in the past week to ten days it. Clearly, hasn't been enough yet to, fill that water table, up given the the weeks in the months are very dry. Rain, free weather that we've had but not to worry I'll, put that on the list for next time I'm out all in all that really really really enjoyed, today that, stove Anthony. If you've, got this far in the video if you've been watching this video and if you've got this far in the video a huge. Thank you for giving that to me I really really appreciate, it and I, promise you if ever we're on the same continent, in. The woods the, next pancake is on me okay thank you very much once together that's it really appreciate, it enjoyed. The rest of the day as well the stove was a knockout pancakes, were lovely. The. Showered enjoyed, and the the. Bull's of that working, didn't, need to say you know I thought it would have needed to take much longer than the, charcloth did but that didn't seem to be the case at all so. Really pleased I've got the experience of doing that as well. As. Always, if you're not yet, a subscriber please. Do click that bun in the bottom, right hand corner of your screen and, you will become one thank. You as always for watching, if. You want to leave a comment then do so below either on Twitter Facebook, or, YouTube and once, you finish watching this video do, me a favor get. Outdoors. Practice. Those skills and. Push your boundaries see, you in the next video Cheers.

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I'm absolutely thrilled you enjoyed the stove! I love mine. Very easy to carry, very easy to use, very easy to fuel, and next to nothing left behind when you're done. If you're at LS next year, we'll have to do a bushcraft lunch in the parking lot! You bring the pancake mix. ;-)

loved it craig I have one of them myself I love it and the thing I like most is that once the wood bernes down it just about becomes smokeless good for stelth camping thanks again for sharing buddy

Hi Lawrence, hope you're keeping well? Thanks as always for supporting my channel by watching and commenting, it's really appreciated. It's good to hear that you also find this type of stove to be of use, I'm confident it will become a staple part of my kit when I'm not planning on having an open fire.

I have a robens wood stove, there really good and efficient. Great vid as usual. Thanks

Thanks for the feedback it's much appreciated. I 100% agree on the efficiency of these types of stove, if you're not yet a subscriber, it would be great if you were ;-)

Those wood stoves look great, I seen one in action at the bushcraft show and it's on the shopping list. Great video, all the best dude

Thanks for watching, commenting and the kind feedback, it's really appreciated. Do let me know how you get on if you decide to get a wood gas stove. Please consider subscribing if you have enjoyed my channel.

Great vid, I've been using my stove in the wrong way, thanks a million

Hi Steve, it was great to read on Facebook that my video has helped you overcome some challenges you'd previously had with your wood gas burning stove.... onwards and upwards!

Great all-dayer Craig. That's a decent wood stove mate, definitely a winner during the summer months, I haven't had a fire through the summer (less my alcohol stove) due to the extreme heat we've been having. Looking forward to the colder weather coming in. I'm glad you got on with the char wood, I prefer it to the char cloth, I find it more robust and one piece lasts longer, plus its free. Thanks for sharing, buddy, take care.

Hi Andy and thanks as always for watching. I think I can safely say that this stove had earned its place in my Bergen when I'm not planning on having an open fire.

I did a video on the wood gas stove a few weeks ago saying about it's proper use. You do it so much better than me.

Must be good having a four legged assistant to help you out! Looking at wood stoves at present so handy to see your thoughts on this one, leaning towards the firebox at present though. Enjoyable video again, take care out there.

Hi Trev thank you for taking the time to watch and comment, it's really appreciated. I'm not 100% on these things, but I'm unsure as to whether the firebox stove is technically a wood gas burner, I've never seen one with a double wall construction which is what I think it would need to channel the air / gas. Please do correct me if I'm wrong, as I'm keen to expand my knowledge in this area - cheers! And as for the four legged assistant..... she's more hindrance than help

Very good. Very informative and educational. Thank you very much

Thanks for watching and commenting Thomas, I'm glad you found it useful.

Great video Craig. I’ve got not one but two of this type of stove. That should be enough of an endorsement but I will elaborate: the longest cook time I’ve gotten has been 45 minuets. This was more than enough time to boils water for tea and cook a meal. The rest of the time I used to boil more water that I put in a 1.5 liter container (wrapped in socks) to use in my sleeping bag and I had water that only need rewarming for breakfast the next morning.

The Bushcraft Padawan Thank you for your reply and I’ve subscribed to your channel..I know the editing takes a lot of time and videoing makes even simple tasks more complicated (at least it does for me) You’ve got great content keep up the good work.

Hi there and thanks for dropping by my channel. I too was pleased with the burn time of just a single load of small twigs, very economical! If you're not yet a subscriber, it would be great if you were ;-)

Great video as usual Craig. My Woodgas stove fits into the MSR 775ml Stowaway or the Zebra billy :)

Very enjoyable mate. Just for info I sit my stove in a MSR stowaway pot 775ml, a perfect fit and great space saver. Just watched a few from your back catalogue. It's easy and relaxing watch. Cheers Sel

Another very successful "Bushcraft All-Dayer" mission, with all available goals achieved, well done Craig. Never tried a gasifier stove, but use a similar packing technique with my bushbox stoves - never even thought of putting the stove on its side though to make it easier to pack, thanks for the tip.

Great video Craig , liking the stove , it seemed to work really well

Really excellent video mate, been using a very similar cheap chinese wood gas stove for over a year they are brilliant, using a flint for striking a ferro rod was new to me, and really good supervision from Willow too

The wood gas stoves are fantastic. But using your ethos of traditional. Look at a Firebox stove. Packs down a lot smaller and easier to refuel.

Cracking little stove that......belting out the heat.

Great video

great video :) like !

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate you watching and commenting. If you're not yet a subscriber, it would be great if you were ;-)

Hi Craig! Successful day! I enjoyed watching you firing your OHuhu. It looks pretty similar to my wood gas stove and I love it. Once it burns, no smoke rises and it is very efficient. I like burning pine cones. They ignite pretty fast and don't leave too much ash. But I have to try your method next time. Stuff the stove full with twigs and burn it upside down. Seems to be more relaxed, because you don't have to throw on more fuel constantly. Even thou my stove has a little gap where I can feed it. I also use a heat resistant mat (carbonfiber) under the stove to protect the underground. It is normally used for welding and soldering. Something like this -> Have great week. Looking forward to your brown bag video, because I want to get one. :-) ATB André

Hi Andre, thanks as always for watching and commenting. Good idea on burning the pine cones, I hadn't thought of that.... I'll give it a try next time I'm using the stove, also a wise move on protecting the ground with your heatproof mat

the gasifier stove fits snug in an MSR 750 ml seagull pot for storage..

Thanks Ziggy. On the day I shot this video I carried it 'loose' in my pack, however I plan to see how and where it fits into my cooking pots before I use it again. Thanks for the tip and please consider subscribing if you'd like to see more from my channel.

Hi Angela and thanks for watching and commenting it's really appreciated. On the day I shot this video I carried it 'loose' in my pack, however I plan to see how and where it fits into my cooking pots before I use it again. Thanks for the tip and please consider subscribing if you'd like to see more from my channel.

Thanks for watching and commenting Sel, much appreciated. On the day I shot this video I carried it 'loose' in my pack, however I plan to see how and where it fits into my cooking pots before I use it again. Thanks for the tip and please consider subscribing if you'd like to see more from my channel.

Cheers Craig .. Another great video ! I'm a big fan of the Solo re-gasification stove and would highly recommend. I've never tried charwood for fire starting so it's on the list for this week. Thanks again buddy

You are right the Firebox is not a wood gas burner (unless I have missed a something somewhere!), been trying to locate the OHuhu model here to have a look at so far to no avail.

I bought one of these stoves, something like $16 USD on Amazon. Absolutely fabulous! I sautéed some wild mushrooms, then boiled a 6 cup pot of cold water in my coffee pot (it took 8 minutes). As a bonus, deconstructed it fits perfect into my bush pot. What a cool find. Thanks.

I'm glad you've also had a good experience with this stove. I wish I was a confident in my mushroom foraging/ID skills! Thanks for taking the time to drop by my channel, watch and comment, it's really appreciated. Have a great weekend

Thanks for watching and commenting it's really appreciated

Thumb's up video. Thanks for sharing!~John

Cheers Jon I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for watching. If you're not yet a subscriber it would be great if you could hit that subscribe button so you don't miss out on future videos

One of the best review and demonstration on how to use this stove.. i have one but not exactly like that and love using everytime i go out into the woods..!

Thank you Joselito, I really appreciate that kind feedback and thank you for taking time to watch the video. Do feel free to take a look around the rest of my channel and if you like what you see hit that subscribe button so you don't miss future videos.

Can you char pretty much any wood and get the same results? I char cloth and that works great and I’ve never seen the charred wood before. Cool video. I have a Toaks wood burning stove and I’m thinking of getting one of these Ohuhu ones as well. Looks like it works great.

Hi dvrapant and many thanks for taking the time to drop by my channel, watch and comment, it's really appreciated. I'm not 100% certain in 'any wood' can be charred, but my assumption would be that if it is in the correct 'rotten condition' then it would be possible. Let me know how you get on if you decide to try it for yourself. Thanks for the feedback on the video, I'm glad you enjoyed it, do please consider hitting that subscribe button if you'd like to see more from my channel.

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