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Fine sandy beach, fresh sea air and the vastness of the Wadden Sea. Holidays on the North Sea are more popular than ever. Before you get nothing more, you should book early.

A year in advance would be good. A year in advance is compulsory. Awesome. High demand equals higher prices? Is the battle for accommodation causing vacation costs to explode? 185 - 185? What is still in the 185 euros? Is breakfast included? No? And is there even enough space for everyone? We are overrun. We don't appear at all anymore. We're walking on the gums, even before the main season. Daniel Assmann calculates what the North Sea vacation costs. The North Sea is one of the most popular holiday regions for us Germans.

Hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers flock to the small coastal villages every year to find relaxation. What does that make of this region? How is this reflected in the price? We want to know what does a vacation on the North Sea cost? We find out in "Of all the North Sea". The North Sea coast lives mainly from German vacationers. In Schleswig-Holstein alone, tourists spend up to 10 billion euros a year . The place of worship on the coast is Sankt Peter-Ording. Here you will find the longest sandy beach on the mainland and the most overnight stays in the region.

There are around 1 million holidaymakers for every 4,000 inhabitants each year. Sankt Peter-Ording, or SPO for short, is located on the Eiderstedt peninsula. Daniel wants to explore the area a bit first.

The best way to do this is by bike if he can even get one from the 16 bike rental companies during the main season . Hello. - Hello. I saw you guys are pretty loaned out.

We are fully booked. - There's hardly anything left. Awesome. Do you have one more thing for me? - Just like that. If I look at it, it means that these are the last bicycles. Do you even have the chance to spontaneously rent a bike in Sankt Peter in the high season? It is difficult, but it is possible, you have to be very lucky. It is best to reserve.

If you know you have a holiday apartment, you have to reserve the bikes right away. Then we have everything. - Until this evening. There are a total of 650 km of cycle paths on the peninsula. The trekking bike costs 9 euros per day. Where are you from - We come from Finnentrop, North Rhine-Westphalia.

How did you find accommodation? Holiday home? Apartment? We have holiday apartments. What do you pay for it? - 870 euros for a week. Have you ever looked around? The topic of gastronomy or other prices, eating ice cream, back and forth. Do you find Saint Peter expensive or how do you feel about the city? Compared to NRW, where we come from, it is not more expensive. Almost similar to ours. - Why North Sea? Why not the Baltic Sea?

Here is a nice wide beach, no matter what time of year. The Baltic Sea is sometimes a bit more crowded. And here, although this is a very popular place , you always have the feeling that you are traveling alone. How long have you been there? One week? - Exactly.

What do you pay for a week's vacation here on the North Sea? We live in Garding in a holiday home. And all in all ... with an overnight stay in such a small holiday home, 1,300 for living. Daniel's 1st check, the accommodation costs. He wants to know whether the great demand is driving up prices on the North Sea. There are a total of 17,000 guest beds in Sankt Peter-Ording. Most of them, namely 12,000, are found by tourists in holiday apartments and houses.

The Gummersbach family from Siegerland has also rented one. Hello. Hi. Hi. I am Paul. - Jan, hello.

And? Yes, we'll do it later. Can I come in with you guys? You have a great house here. Looks really great. Certainly just as beautiful from the inside.

There is plenty of space here. The semi-detached house has 80 square meters of living space on 2 floors with a total of 4 rooms. Advantage: The family can take care of themselves completely if everyone wants to. This is your living room, yes? (Mother) Exactly. And dining room. Dining room, living room, so together. Super. Wonderful.

Do you have a kitchen too? (Child) cut off. - Super. Yeah nice I can see, breakfast and such, self-sufficiency. Lunchtime too? At lunchtime we make bread on the beach.

In the evening we either get something or we cook a little something. Or pizza. - Of course, pizza has to be on vacation. (Jan) Pizza is standard.

But the highlight is the garden. It's really not small here. That's great. That's perfect for you guys to play football here. Yes cool.

A nice lounger, seats and a beach chair and a huge table where we can eat together. Now you have really great space, a nice terrace to sit outside. I miss the grill. Where is the grill? Unfortunately this is not possible. If you take a look at the house,

we see a thatched roof here, and that's why it's not allowed in the whole area to have a barbecue because of the open fire and the risk of fire. That is a small flaw that you cannot grill. We checked that first, but it is not possible. Vacation without a barbecue, is that a waiver or do you say it doesn't matter? (Mother) Makes pizza.

For the boys. The holiday home costs 179 euros per night including a beach chair and health resort tax. On average, tourists spend 5.7 days in Sankt Peter-Ording. That makes a good 1,000 euros in this holiday home. If you want to live closer to the city and the beach, you can go to one of the numerous hotels with direct beach locations.

Daniel now wants to know from assistant director Kathi Simon what it costs to stay overnight behind the dune with a sea view and what extras a hotel has to offer . Hello Kathi. - Hi, huh? Hello. Hello there. Great location. If you go over the dike, you are in the first row at your hotel.

Changing beds is currently the order of the day. Before the new guests arrive, Daniel can take a look inside the room. Cost are we where? In winter they start at 85, in summer they are a bit more expensive. Yes what does that mean? (both laugh) A little more expensive? Are we then at 120? No, at 185 - 185? What is still in the 185 euros? What can I use in the hotel? Is breakfast included? No? - Can we just briefly again ... No, it's really cool, because you can tell here, location, location, location.

It's nice too, but ... The rooms have all been renovated. The location is 1st row. Bombastic. The sea view from the room has its price. Breakfast costs another 17.90 euros extra.

But that also determines the price, above all this location. But it can be even more exclusive. The luxury suite for 2. That is of course great. That's great. Is that where the sun goes down?

Naturally. Over the sea. - Yes, if already, because already. 45 sqm on 2 levels with individual furnishings. Costs per night: 345 euros in the main season.

You are extraordinary and you are in the first row. Do you have to be so extraordinary? Isn't the location just enough? We are a lifestyle hotel through and through, we don't want an XY room. We feel good that way, and the guests feel so good too. And in the end, one must say, the concept seems to work to the effect that if you can offer such a room for 345 euros a night and that is also booked ... Will it be? - Yes. Is occupied again afterwards. - That means we have to get out. Because the luxury suite with sea view is already fully booked for the entire season.

But is the sea view also available for bargain hunters? Daniel's next stop, this skyscraper. Formerly a residential building, now the Atlantic holiday complex. Almost all of the more than 200 residential units are rented out to tourists. So, I'm looking for apartment 151. 210.

Is there a system here? The view is of course great, right? We are now here on the 10th floor. Can be seen. And this is where Alina and Christoph Kleeberg live, at least when they are on vacation. Hi. - Hello. Greet you. - Hello. Can we come in? - Yes gladly.

(Christoph) 1 sec left. Once the mask. The Hamburg couple lives here on 64 square meters. 3 rooms, own kitchen, washing machines are in the common room . The holiday complex advertises its proximity to the beach and its own tennis court. The apartments are offered by private individuals and agents. I'm a bit pleasantly surprised, I honestly admit.

It looked different from the outside. I didn't expect that. - I believe that. The first time it was the same for us. From the outside. But inside, it's gorgeous.

And the highlight here, the view. Here you can already drink a delicious wine. A great view. That's what we love about the apartment here too. You can hardly find that anywhere else.

Tennis court. Table tennis. So, there is something right here, you can do something. That's cool. But it is an apartment that we can cook for ourselves. And don't always have to go out to eat and take care of ourselves.

We booked it for a long time , we can't afford to go out to eat every day. I can promise you, there are some people who say it looks nice, now I'm curious, how much does it cost? You have to tell me. What do you pay for the night here? I think it's 97 euros that night. To be fair, I have to say, there is also a visitor's tax ...

There is also something that we are not quite sure about. But on average we are at 97. Almost 100 euros per night in the holiday apartment or 345 euros in the hotel luxury suite. But how much does an overnight stay in the main season at the North Sea cost on average? A booking portal has added up all the offers for holiday apartments and holiday homes. The prices are mean values ​​from all offers in the high season.

In Bensersiel, Lower Saxony, vacationers pay an average of 111 euros per night. In Schleswig-Holstein the overnight stay in Büsum costs 109 and in Sankt Peter-Ording 125 euros per night. It is considerably more expensive on the islands than on the mainland. An overnight stay on Norderney costs an average of 169 euros. The front runner among the East Frisian Islands is Langeoog with an average of 218 euros. The overnight prices on the North Frisian Islands are a bit cheaper .

Amrum comes to an average of 141 euros. Sylt is the front runner here with 199 euros per night. With the islands there are also costs for the crossing and higher spa taxes. So, in addition to holiday homes, holiday apartments and hotels, there is usually the supposedly cheaper alternative: camping. Now let's see whether it's the same here at the North Sea in such a hotspot.

The North Sea is full of campsites, and some are close to the beach in Sankt Peter-Ording. Hi. - Hello. Hello. Come here. Yes, short excitement. When did you come to the North Sea for the first time? Do you remember that? That was over 10 years ago. - We still had Jackie then. That is almost 15 years. How long have you been there? What do you have to pay for camping? You have to calculate a five hundred for ...

... 14 nights. - Yeah, good, great. Thank you very much. Here are Bochumers. Of course you have to say hello for a moment. On the neighborhood. Let's see if we're welcome. Do not Scare. I am not there alone.

But I thought, as a Hattinger, you'd say hello to the Bochumers. Are you all right? - Yes. How do you fit together? Are you friends? Are you family? Friends. - Okay. Now here camping on the North Sea. Why North Sea?

He brought us here. Who brought you here to the North Sea? I. - Why North Sea? What's the great thing here? Because the air is fantastic here. You can have a nice vacation here. I've been here quite a few times. Very relaxing here. As a child already with the parents and now here yourself? Always in Westerhever and then always over to Sankt Peter-Ording. Now we are here with the camper.

How long do you stay? (Man) 2 weeks. - Until 08/01 What do you pay for these 2 weeks? What does the space cost here? How much did you take into account? We got about 650 or so of all things. - Per family. With tourist tax and all the trimmings. 14 days camping for 650 euros. Significantly cheaper than a holiday apartment, house or hotel. But also much easier. But the demand is huge here too.

Operator Udo Jensen mows the parking spaces before the next visitors arrive. Hello. - Must be care, right? Who is coming mostly? Who are those people? Do they come from all over Germany? Do they come from us, from NRW? Who do you have as guests here? Actually all of Germany. It depends a little on the times. Now in the holiday season, of course, there is a lot going on in NRW. In order to cope with the onslaught, Udo has opened up a completely new area with even more parking spaces.

Was the demand so high that you could or had to expand to meet it? Yes, for the reason, because we actually also, which one never believed, which was not the case in the past, e.g. New Year's Eve, are usually fully booked and we could always place 100 more places every year if we had them. When you say the demand has been so high.

Couldn't you raise the prices significantly again? Could we, and I have heard from many guests who have been to the Baltic Sea , they have taken advantage of the Corona period and the demand and have shot up prices. Acquaintances were just there, they probably pay half more than here. My colleague and I, however, believe for the future that we have to think long-term. Sure we can collect the money now, but we want people to come back.

That's why we say we're sticking to our line, taking the regular prices we took last year. I hope we get it right. The 49-year-old knows his campers and the region like no other. Udo was born in Sankt Peter-Ording, and his grandfather already had a campsite. You grew up here, right? - Yes. I grew up here. Kindergarten, school, everything.

How can I imagine Saint Peter without tourism? Is that possible? Has it always been a tourist town? As long as I can remember, yeah Sankt Peter-Ording lives from tourism. There are no alternatives here either, unless you work at EDEKA or in the bike shop. There is no industry here.

There is only our vastness, our national park and the guests who want to come here. Accordingly, there are only restaurants, hotels and campsites. As long as I can remember there is nothing else.

Seen in this way, one can say that Saint Peter would not work without tourism? Wouldn't work. I don't think it could somehow survive on its own. Then we keep our fingers crossed that it will stay that way and that many people will come. - I hope that too. Despite 17,000 guest beds, Sankt Peter-Ording is fully booked almost all year round, mainly thanks to the many regular guests.

If you want to secure your North Sea holiday here, you have to book early. The cheapest, but also easiest, is the campsite, followed by the holiday home. If you want more comfort, go to a hotel or holiday home. At an average of 125 euros per night, holidays on the mainland are cheaper than on the islands.

And that is the reason why everyone wants to go to Sankt Peter-Ording: 12 km of the finest sandy beach. In addition to the overnight guests, more than 1/2 million day visitors come every year to enjoy the beach. If you want to have the North Sea beach to yourself, it is best to come here early in the morning at 8 a.m.

I'm here so early for a special reason, namely, I have an appointment with Sven Conrads. He's the beach manager here and wants to show what there is to be done before we tourists get there. The 39-year-old is not a northern light, but comes from the Ruhr area. Since 2020, the swimming master has ensured cleanliness and the best sunshine every morning . Moin Sven. - Hi Daniel.

Listen, already full of action. - Yes. Tell me, why turned your back on the Ruhr area? I can imagine when I look at this. Is it the landscape or was it the job too? When I finish work, I go on the water, can surf, kite and swim. So, where do you come from? - I'm originally from Essen. NRW, the heart of the Ruhr area. No, the heart of the Ruhr area is Hattingen.

But it's right next door. - It's all the same. Where can I help? - We're going to turn the 1st row. That means we turn them around, in the direction of the land, that the sun dries them off again. If you see rubbish, pack it up, pack it up, then we throw it away. Sankt Peter-Ording has 5 swimming areas that are monitored by lifeguards.

There are a total of 1,250 beach chairs here. The daily rent is 9 euros. * Music * 1,250 baskets. Are you the only ones offering this, or are there private providers? No, with us, as a tourist office, we rent them out because we use the money we earn to finance the beach cleaning, the staff and everything that is added. Set posts, play equipment. Everything costs money.

And you have to finance it somewhere. But I'll put it this way, for 9 euros, if I compare it to the Baltic Sea, Timmendorfer Strand and so on, as far as I can remember you are at 14, 15 euros. Yes, that's true, but we made sure that there is still some way to go to be family-friendly somewhere. That the cost-benefit factor is fairly balanced, because as a municipality you shouldn't make any profits.

That's why we have capped it at 9 euros currently. Is that the big difference because there are no private providers here? Rather, as a municipal provider, you are the one who only offers beach chairs. Why are the prices more humane? - More stable, exactly. Waste disposal is also paid for with the income. In 2020, 400,000 tons of waste were disposed of here. Because there is more and more, the team has obtained a special machine that combs the garbage out of the sand.

Is there really so much to do? Because the lay eye ... I see sand, but I don't see garbage. Actually, everything looks pretty good. You're right. This is deceptive. But because it's our turn almost every day, you can find something every day.

The key is continuity. For example, we need 250,000 garbage bags alone, which we process here on the beach at the individual points each year. 1 million dog waste bags also have to be procured. There are more and more people who come here with the dog. That makes up for itself. The purchase of the garbage tractor alone cost 175,000 euros.

Here. That's how it is. - Crazy. You saw it. That’s less than 2 m to the next barrel. There too. That can not be true.

People, people, people. Awesome. Well, that's a shame. The tractor combs the sand in this stretch of beach for 1 hour.

How much rubbish is there? Daniel takes a look at the yield. * Music * But that's already the case now, if I see it now, then I have to say that of course you now have the feeling: It's not that bad after all. But now you have to put it into perspective. You do that every day. Actually, you should have fun and not clean a section of the beach for 14 days, but I don't think anyone would sit down there anymore. It would be a cool PR campaign to say leave a small stretch of beach like this for 2 weeks.

This is what it would look like here if we weren't there. Definitely worth considering to hold up a mirror to people about what it looks like. But I don't think we're doing ourselves a favor, because in wind and weather it flies into the sea, and we don't want that. Maybe we made a small contribution here. - Ciao. Daniel's next check. What do excursions and activities on the North Sea cost? The classic: the mudflat hike.

Costs: 7 to 10 euros for adults, half for children. And fishing on the North Sea is also marketed as a tourist experience. I am in Büsum now. I'm doing a real classic here.

There is a shrimp boat trip for me, I reserved it online in advance , the ticket costs 23 euros. Incidentally, the shrimp boat trip was so heavily booked during Daniel's stay that an additional trip was organized. On the high seas, Daniel takes the opportunity to conduct a survey among holidaymakers. In this sense, we are all in the same boat, so I hope that everyone will participate. I want to ask for a show of hands.

Who of you thinks that a vacation on the North Sea is cheap? (laughs) All right. Next question. Who of you thinks that holidays on the North Sea are medium-priced? It was more like that now, oh, now I don't know, starboard, port, I can never remember that, but that was more the side. Last question: Who is more of the opinion that holidays on the North Sea are more expensive and that you have to dig deeper into your wallet? Yes, okay. Almost a draw. The small survey, not representative. But half, half. Medium priced and a little too expensive.

And what's on the cutter for the money? The safety nets are hauled in. * Music * Not caught a cheap price. The children get lessons on fish and fishing. Freshly caught crabs are prepared for shrimp fans. We're entering the port. How did you like it?

I thought it was great, interesting. Was fun. Have you been there with the whole family? Yes. With my parents and my own children. What did you pay in the end, all together? Yes i can tell you 105 ... 104 euros. 104 euros. - For 4 adults and 2 children.

OK. It's handsome, isn't it? Yes. That's on vacation, then you do something like that. Here 104 euros, there a little, there an ice cream, eating out and so on.

Does that add up quickly? In any case. But that is the annual vacation. And then, I think, you can do that too ... You save on that and you work for it.

North Sea tradition on the fishing boat is part of many vacationers. But Sankt Peter-Ording also stands for a modern water sports lifestyle. In addition to the beach vacation , concerts and sports competitions attract numerous visitors.

Daniel books a kitesurf crash course. 1 hour of private lesson including equipment costs 75 euros. * Music * Will teacher Lasse Hofmeister manage to keep Daniel on the board? Hi Lasse, howdy. - Moin Daniel.

You can pump here first. - Yes Perfect. Pump until you think the kite is inflated. Great. May accelerate directly.

In any case. What are we doing today? Sure, kite is on the program. But what are you going to do with me? You have never been to the kite. That's why we would try to teach you the steering movements with the small kite. Then we go straight to the water. Then let's see how you do.

Let's go straight to the water. That sounds good. But first there is a lesson in kite steering. Which line makes which movement with the huge stunt kite-like sail? Daniel manages to get the kite in the air. Let's see how he does in the water.

* Music * was nice. But stay tuned, it will probably go further. Well then, Daniel, show what you can do. * Music * Yes. And to the left. It doesn't really work out yet.

But Lasse still wants to let Daniel get on the board. * Music * In front of it you stand in the foot straps, left and right. There you see a Velcro fastener.

If you get in easily, that's perfect. Is good? - Mmm. Then you can go out again. Then you take this with you, then we'll just try for fun. I have invested 75 euros here for getting wet once.

But it's a lot of fun. Let's see how it is now. Now we're going to get on the board. Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes.

Very good. * Music * And this is how it looks when a professional glides through the water and flies over the waves. If you want to learn kitesurfing, you should register in good time. The courses are fully booked for several weeks.

I have to say it was worth it, even if the success wasn't very high. But it was fun. - Me too. - Thanks very much. Then come home safely. Ciao. - Ciao. If you just want to relax on the beach, you don't pay anything. Bathing is included in the spa tax. It costs 3 euros per day in Sankt Peter-Ording.

What about eating and drinking on the beach? Daniel checks the prices in the beach restaurant. One sees such pile dwellings again and again on the beach of Sankt Peter-Ording. They are the symbol of this place. Sometimes there are toilets in there or the coast guard.

Or a restaurant like here. So I wanted to see what the prices are. I can imagine that this exclusive location will definitely be paid for.

* Music * So come on, let's take a look at the map. I put it this way: no starter under 10 euros. Already going well. Soup 10.50 euros.

Fish dishes start at 20. Meat dishes ... Rump steak 29.50. The classic original Wiener Schnitzel from veal 22.50. So ... I think you can see quite well here: cause and effect.

Behind is the cause. And here is the effect. Well, you can tell that the location is of course cool. You have a direct view of the sea.

But that is reflected in the prices, it has to be said clearly. What about the drinks? Cappuccino, 3.90. I usually know around 2.60, 2.70, 2.80. But good. 1st layer, 1st row, nothing more is possible from the view. Do you have to be willing to pay that. That's why I take a portion of cream for 1 euro.

Nah, I think I'll have a drink. I still enjoy the view a little. The food in the first row on the North Sea has its price. If you want something cheaper, drive a few hundred meters away from the beach inland. Daniel got an insider tip.

Not necessarily North Sea flair, but there should be real North Sea cuisine here. The North Sea romance ends here a bit. I'm in the middle of the industrial area.

But there should be a little hidden culinary highlight here. A fish smokehouse with freshly caught fish. * Music * Pollack fillet 13.90. Sailor skewer 12.90. Matj plate.

I would say now ... Here too, fried potatoes, everything. The side dishes around 2.50. I don't have the feeling that we have a large tourist surcharge.

Fish dishes are always a bit more expensive. I would like to claim that here you pay similarly , for example in the Ruhr area. I find it completely humane.

Daniel takes the sailor skewer for 12.90 euros. Bernd Schröder has been running the restaurant for 35 years. He was born on the peninsula and has seen how Sankt Peter-Ording has changed over the years.

Hi. Wow, it was great. But frankly: Was that a TV portion? - No, it's always like that. I didn't get it open. - That's how it should be. Then we are satisfied when the plates look like this.

Really tasty. In terms of price, I also think that you don't put a large tourist premium on it. No. We've been here long enough to be able to do this. We keep our old contacts with our wholesalers , and that gives us different prices, which we pass on.

You have to say that you already have a special situation. Is not now 1st row North Sea. No, it is not the 1st row North Sea. But already ... not everyone has a restaurant with a park view. We have a balcony, you can see the whole park.

We leave out the "space". That’s the highlight here. But you have to make your name for you to be found here. Yes of course. Well, we've been there for 35 years and people know us.

You saw a lot. How has that changed here? Yes, it is like that, Saint Peter has ... I do not want to say, changed to the negative. But yes, if you know old Saint Peter.

How was that? Yes, they were big lots. Can the locals still afford apartments, land here? No longer works? - No. One can not. Even as an entrepreneur, I couldn't afford an apartment here. We have up to 2,500 commuters here every day who want to come in here. Be it cleaning companies, gardening companies, everything has to be clean. And that's every morning.

Sankt Peter-Ording is approached like crazy. And all out again in the afternoon. That's why we do it so that my people don't finish work until half past seven, then they can drive through in one piece without traffic jams. Locals have ... don't see any country here, I'll put it that way.

Of course, that also has an advantage, you have to say. Tourists bring the money and also give you your job. Yes, we live on it. I mean, well, everyone should see Saint Peter once. I also have nothing against it.

But these same masses, even now during the pandemic or now that this has been lifted, the easing is coming. We are overrun. We don't appear at all anymore. We all go on the gums, even before the main season.

When I'm out and about, I have the feeling of space that it gets a little bit lost. I feel relatively relaxed, I have to say. As a local, I see it differently. That's so. Every guest says: nice. Extensive beach.

Then I tell them: come in autumn or in winter, how spacious the beach really is. The best time for me is January, February. Then Saint Peter is my Saint Peter. Daniel wants to know from Christian König how tourism has changed the cityscape in recent years .

He markets 300 holiday homes and apartments in the region. For someone like you, for whom real estate is the business, how do you find the development in Sankt Peter-Ording? There is a lot going on. The stock is constantly being renewed.

And the face of the place has changed a lot in recent years. Va also considered over the decades. How do you feel about that, or what is your opinion on it? I am not completely neutral. But I would say that I think that what is being built from scratch now is more beautiful to look at than what was built quickly in the 50s and 60s. Is that necessary too? The guest who was here in the 50s, 60s, 70s, is that the same guest who is here today? We still have the guests. But one can clearly see that there is a trend towards increasing demands on vacation, and rightly so.

Is the annual relaxation time where you want to pamper yourself and where you want to live better than at home. We see that again and again. The new buildings, the really chic newly built houses and apartments, which are also the more expensive ones, are the first to be booked.

Would you say, if you asked specifically: Is tourism crowding out the locals? Uff, that's a political question. I really can't comment on that, actually. I think that the jobs depend on it.

And tourism, especially when it occurs in large numbers , naturally also has negative side effects. But basically we all live from it. If we were to reduce tourism, we would have to accept that many of us would lose our jobs and have to move further away than now, outside of Sankt Peter-Ording. Den Kult um den Küstenort vermarktet auch die Touristenzentrale. Kaffee für 6,90 Euro. Socken für 9,90 Euro.

Oder Kerzen für 4,90 Euro. Im Souvenirshop gibts jede Menge Urlaubserinnerungen und -mitbringsel für SPO-Fans. Hier, Sankt Peter-Ording für zu Hause. Mal sehen, was es alles gibt.

Kerzen. Handtücher. Tourismusdirektorin Katharina Schirmbeck ist hier die Chefin. Hallo. - Moin Herr Assmann. Grüße Sie. Hallo Frau Schirmbeck.

Super, was es hier alles gibt. Das ist wirklich enorm. Es gibt nichts, was es nicht gibt von SPO. Das stimmt. - Wahnsinn.

Ich stelle mir die Frage, ist Sankt Peter-Ording, wenn man das so sieht, noch eine Gemeinde oder eine Marke schon? Ich würde sagen, wir sind auf dem Weg zur Marke. Wir befinden uns hier mitten im Nationalpark Wattenmeer. Dh Natur und Landschaft steht auf jeden Fall im Mittelpunkt. Aber auch das Thema Nachhaltigkeit, was damit verbunden ist.

Gleichzeitig wollen wir uns als moderner Urlaubsort positionieren, sozusagen auf dem Weg in die Zukunft. Ich hatte eine Sache gesehen, die hier. Die finde ich ganz nett. Die Monopoly-Sonderausgabe im SPO-Design mit Bildern und Namen aus dem Ort kostet 44,95 Euro.

Daniel lädt die Tourismusdirektorin auf eine Runde ein. Sehr gastfreundlich, die Würfel. Ich mein, so soll es auch sein, im Urlaubsort. - Genau.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8, 10, 11, 12. Kurtaxe, zahle 200. Das ist nicht mehr so gastfreundlich. Aber die hat ja einen Sinn, die Kurtaxe. Was wird denn davon alles finanziert? Die Kurtaxe, die Kurabgabe ist sehr, sehr gastfreundlich, weil sie ausschließlich für unsere Gäste eingesetzt wird. Die Kurabgabe basiert auf einem schleswig- holsteinischen Landesgesetz und dient der Finanzierung der "Kur- und Erholungsangebote".

Beispielsweise die Strandnutzung, dass am Strand alles in Ordnung und sicher ist. Aber auch die freie Fahrt mit dem Ortsbus. Dann gibt es kostenlos viele Kulturveranstaltungen. Oder Fahrradtouren, Wanderungen, die man als Angebot nutzen kann. Rund 54 Mio. Euro hat die Gemeinde in den vergangenen Jahren in die Infrastruktur investiert.

Für das Jahr 2021 sind noch mal ca. 10 Mio. Euro für neue Pfahlbauten am Strand geplant. Ist das überhaupt noch alles nötig? Weil ich höre, wenn ich mit den Leuten spreche: Man findet keine Unterkunft mehr, SPO ist eigentlich voll.

Wieso müssen Sie so noch investieren, wenn das Dorf oder die Gemeinde eh schon voll ist? Sankt Peter-Ording ist wirklich sehr stark nachgefragt. Darüber freuen wir uns natürlich, ist auch wunderschön hier. Wenn beispielsweise Ferienzeit ist in NRW und Sommerferien, natürlich sind wir dann hier sehr, sehr gut gebucht.

Oder beispielsweise an Pfingsten. Aber das Jahr hat noch mehr Monate als nur die Sommerferien. Natürlich wollen wir auch in der Nebensaison ein attraktiver Urlaubsort sein.

Und wollen gerüstet sein für die Zukunft, deswegen müssen wir weiter investieren. Inwieweit steht man in Konkurrenz zu anderen kleinen Gemeinden, schönen Gemeinden, auch an der Nordsee? Wir stehen da natürlich in Konkurrenz. Wir haben den großen Vorteil mit dem wunderbaren, 12 km langen Sandstrand in Sankt Peter-Ording. Da kann uns kein anderer so schnell das Wasser reichen. Aber trotzdem wollen wir immer modern sein und im Trend sein und das größte Stück vom Kuchen abhaben im Zweifel. 1 Mio. Touristen pro Jahr bringen das Geld nach Sankt Peter-Ording,

aber die Einheimischen auch teilweise an ihre Grenzen. Denn der Urlaub an der Nordsee war noch nie so beliebt. Die besten Unterkünfte sind schnell ausgebucht. Je näher Strand und Meer sind, desto höher die Preise. Wer sparen will, geht in die 2. Reihe und versorgt sich selbst. Die Nordsee ist wirklich entspannend.

Wir sind in der Hochsaison hier. Und obwohl Sankt Peter-Ording komplett ausgebucht ist, kann man sich aus dem Weg gehen. Preislich gesehen bin ich von SPO positiv überrascht. Ich hätte gedacht, dass so ein Hotspot im Preisniveau etwas höher liegt. Vielen Dank fürs Zuschauen und bis zum nächsten Mal.

2021-09-10 00:23

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