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Hiking: Recreation or mass tourism? They've parked all over the place. These are the dark sides of this development. That's something you usually see at festivals.

The hiking trails fuller, the hikers younger and the equipment more digital? Do you use apps? - That's right, actually a mobile phone app. And a powerbank with it for emergencies. But what do hikers really need? This is our most expensive one, but this is a vacuum shoe. Yes, that is relatively new. The price is 269.99 euros. Can it be cheaper? Would you say for 40 euros, Can there even be a good Give hiking boot? - No. No.

Or is it? Daniel Aßmann makes himself on the way and find out. Subtitle: WDR mediagroup GmbH on behalf of the WDR Hiking in NRW is more popular than ever. Last but not least through such experiences of nature like here at the Rursee in the Eifel. Then it's called for many, Hiking boots on, backpack on and out into nature.

But so simple it is not these days after all. Apps are supposed to give us show the perfect hiking trail, with our high-tech shoe should walk without pain. What will the hiking boom cost us? We find out now in "Of all things - hiking". Around half of Germans wanders, and often. A good 3 billion day trips The German Ramblers' Association calculated for 2020. Especially among younger people is said more and more often: out of the city and into nature.

Why is it drawn many young people now into the forest for a hike? I think, that we have all lost that. I'm a total city kid, grew up in the city and thus established, Corona has reinforced this. Then you are through the forest this calmness. I had headphones with me and never used and found, that's nice, this music game, that you have through nature. When you hike in the past and today, how has hiking changed? You can see that here, although it's not the best weather, is much busier.

I also found Corona-technical, that the people have rediscovered nature. Nature comes free of charge, but what do hikers let cost their equipment? What do you attach particular importance to with the equipment? High-quality equipment. Nix cheap, I have to can rely on it in an emergency. For a pair of good walking shoes you have to put something down. Is hiking an expensive hobby? I believe that hiking is not a expensive hobby, but it can be. It depends, how much fun you have with equipment and whether you want to.

The hiking clothes from ALDI or Lidl do it too. At least for our areas, I guess. How much did you spend for your hiking equipment? So, when I would add up, I would probably end up somewhere around 500, 600 euros.

There are a lot of little things that come into it: Hiking socks, underwear, trousers, Jacket, mackintosh, hat. And that adds up quickly. When the women have dresses go shopping and have fun with it, that's how it is for me, when I merino wool, can go shopping for new shirts. It's not, because you absolutely have to have it, but, sure, it has advantages, but it's just fun. So, let's get started our hike.

For me with this inexpensive hiking boot, cost just 40 euros. I got myself that one, to see for yourself, whether he doesn't do it too. From shoes to caps: Hiking equipment is a billion-dollar business. The outdoor footwear segment alone makes a turnover of almost 2 billion euros per year. The turnover of hiking backpacks over 400 million euros in 2020. Daniel wants to get an overview.

What's on offer for hiking fun and what does it cost? His first stop: Bochum. In the middle of the city centre a specialist shop, that exclusively Hiking equipment sold. Short price check. 120 euros. Women's clothing, 150 euros.

I still have nothing here seen under 100 euros. Yes, the shorts, 60. So, did we... Now comes another highlight, Attention. What to urgently needs for hiking, is of course also the matching pants. (laughs) That is of course not bad, eh? When hiking not encountered a bear, you can at least feel like this down below.

How much is it? 30 euros for this fun. From fun to special equipment. Besides clothes, there are accessories. Insect bite healer 9 euros.

Sun protection 30, scarf 18 euros. That adds up to a lot. Over 400 million euros a year alone for outdoor and hiking accessories. So, how much is it? 8 euros. The one under here? 35.

Apparently, there are no already makes a huge difference. Christine Buschkamp is the Head of Department for Hiking Sports. For almost 20 years it is in the industry and experiences the change the hiking world.

Your observation: The clients are getting younger and more demanding. That is my memory of hiking. Hello. - Good day. I was just saying, this is my memory of hiking.

That's how I used to be with grandpa and the family went hiking. When I look around here today, what happened to hiking? That's quite different, isn't it? - Everything must be able to do something. From underwear to hats, it can do anything. Then show me, what do i need, If I now, as a normal person as a hiker? What do you recommend, what should one procure as basic equipment? It stands and falls with the right hiking boot. This is that, what you should really pay attention to. The right shoe is based on after the planned hike.

Rule of thumb: For flat paths flat walking shoes are enough. They are available at discounters from 25 and in specialist shops from 80 euros. Those who want to reach higher and on unpaved roads, should rather reach for high walking shoes. They give more support and protect the ankles. Cost: at the discount store from 35 and in specialist shops from 90 up to several hundred euros. This is going to be complicated, the topic of hiking.

Because I need for each the right shoe for every situation. Isn't there such an all-rounder? where you say, he can do almost everything? - There is. Why is this the all-rounder? People wear it to go for a walk, they carry him, around the Kemnader See lake, around Lake Baldeney, but they also go into the Alps with it.

Now the exciting question, We have to mention the price. Because I can already see, the all-rounder costs quite a bit. Right, the all-rounder is 199.99. But the all-rounder can also be resole. - Ah, okay. Then show me now your most expensive shoe.

I'd love to, I have it right here. - Oh, there it is, okay. This is currently our most expensive. It is also rather intended for the more alpine region. That's 269.99. But this is a vacuum shoe.

This is relatively new. And that's when you put it on, After 5 minutes the shoe fits around the foot and encloses the. The vacuum shoe for 270 euros Daniel wants to try it out, of course. How big is the difference to Daniel's 40-euro hiking boot? What do you think, how much did it cost? Difficult to assess. I'm looking at what he has and what he should be able to do.

What I miss so much here now, is just... ...a waterproof label, if there's anything to it. Unfortunately, you can't see anything. - That would go well with the purchase. When I bought it, I was told, should we take the directly still impregnate? Because apparently otherwise water comes through, I think. Yes, I would say, it is not waterproof. Water repellent probably in the first minutes during a shower. And the sole almost looks like like such an everyday shoe, there is hardly any profile on it. - It cost 40 euros.

For 40 euros, can there be any a good walking shoe? No. But what I can say is this, here, 200 euros on the foot: Unlike 40, I'm on the road with now, it already feels different, better, it has to be said. To the first step, I say, I can already say that. And now the terrain test.

It has grip. So, in conclusion, I would say, in terms of size it fits wonderfully. It is not uncomfortable either or something. But when I see the big Vacuum promise to me, I expected more, just from the feeling somehow.

Everyone has a different sensibility. - Absolutely. Then it will probably be on our top seller shoe amount to. What's so, in order to find a price range briefly, an average shoe with you is enclosed? Where you would say, you can sell with a clear conscience, how are we priced there? - I would recommend two shoes. It is not the one, but then I would say, the one model from the price entry for 89.99. And of course our top seller, the for 199.99, i.e. the two models. Advantage of more expensive hiking boots: When the sole is worn through, can usually be put a new one on.

Cost: around 80 euros. Continue to clothing and accessories. Let's start with the socks. 19,99. Convinced me because it says, one sock, 2 layers. Let's see, whether this is the right choice. Here, this is the Classic hiking pants, right? 70 euros. Come on, let's take them with us.

Such a light hiking jacket. Pants. Accessories. Drinking bottle. Come on, I'll take this such an entry-level model with. Because I do all that anyway can no longer wear it so well, we take another backpack, put a few things in here. Now the shoes, these were recommended to me. And sticks.

So, all together. Off to change. * Music * I'll take those too. What's that? Toilet brush. 15 euros. Christine, I've got it. - I am glad. I just got this in the last few metres. What is this? Toilet brush? Nah, the cleaning brush for the drinking bottles.

But for the hiking tour not necessary. - Okay. Then take a look at me. What did you say? - Good choice. I have now also picked up sticks. That was now so felt in the middle price.

These are more like Nordic walking poles. - Okay, don't need it. There we have saved money before. The outfit wants Daniel by the way, but of course still know, what the complete basic equipment would cost him here. We are now at 525.89. - And there's everything you need? No, not quite. I miss namely a multifunctional T-shirt.

Then we hit another T-shirt on it. 525. you are in no time with a few hundred in it. Now we have to add another 35 euros. - Right.

I.e.? - 560.88 euros. Is that also the average? Or what is the average, what people spend here with you, around to dress from scratch? With how many euros Do I have to calculate? I always say a guideline. Between 500 and 700 euros you are equipped. In the past, things looked quite different, like this photo from Daniel's youth. That's how I used to hike, and if you look there, normal shoes, normal trousers, a Rain jacket over it, cap, done. What I want to get at is that in the past that everything works like that.

Why did it develop in this way? Why is it so technical, become so different? Because we do too comfortable. We want everything simple and light, nice and fluffy, it should all weigh nothing, nothing must be heavy. Perhaps that was also the case in the past not at all so possible. Because today technically we are much further along.

In the past, you just thought about really Technology TV, car thought, but not to the clothing. And now, the clothing already has more technologies. It can already do a lot. So hiking has given me by the way, was the most fun: (laughs) On the back from my grandpa.

From piggyback to high-tech. The changing world of hiking. The equipment is becoming more and more comfortable and expensive. Most people like it comfortable also on arrival. According to a study of the German Ramblers' Association approx. 90% of day tourists travel by car. The result: full parking spaces like here in Odenthal in the Bergisches Land. Hiking guide Hans Weber also experiences the downsides of the hiking boom.

Still making the final preparations? - When I'm out with you. Who knows what awaits me. Absolutely, we go now on a hike, I'm looking forward to it. But we will not be the only ones, right? I have I also wondered this morning. So much going on in this crap weather, you can imagine, what's going on when the weather is nice.

To regulate the mass influx, the municipality relies on barriers. Parking on the street: strictly forbidden. We had just spoken about the parking problem. The municipality has no other Possibility seen more, than closing off the whole street. This in the middle of a beautiful, touristy, natural area, because the pressure was so great.

They've parked all over the place, that was enormous. These are just the downsides of this development. This is known actually only from festivals, where it has to be cordoned off, but the is permanently here? - Permanent. If you look in the back, where she drives the car, all the way over the bridge, it's all filled up. Hiking guide Hans was already all over Europe on tour. Always with him: his backpack with the all-round carefree package.

He knows, What hikers need for a tour and with which equipment you can see every change in the weather and survives every imponderable. What would interest me, what's in a backpack like this from a hiking pro in it? Of course something to eat, something to snack. A very light jacket. Then I for the heavy rain parka.

A completely normal seat cushion, First aid, suntan lotion, Disinfection, tick repellent, Blister plaster, magnesium. Dextrose, the string, for urgent emergencies toilet paper. You have that with you too? - Yes, it has to be there. Ponchos, a biro, high-visibility waistcoat.

There are these packages, it's like a first aid kit. Tape-Band. Do you have such a warm blanket with you? Cold packs, disinfectants. Don't stop at all, listen. What's going on?

You know, what I'm feeling right now? Your backpack reminds me to my wife's handbag. Yes, but it's all been thought through. This is what a hiking guide in his backpack.

And with that, I think he is, quite well equipped. I definitely have that feeling, now whatever wants to come can come. We are prepared. It's a daypack, of course, you also have to differentiate. If you are on a cross-country hike you have more with you.

The catering must not be missing either, of course. In recent years The sales of sports nutrition and energy bars grew strongly. One thing I have in your miracle backpack. One more thing I can to it when I find it. You don't have that with you. This: POWERGEL.

Sounds from the name sensational, isn't it? I would recommend, the next time you go hiking and we walk this route twice, and you're out of breath, then take the stuff and wait for the turbo effect. I eat a banana during that time, then I'm just as well. Good, then I'll get my hands on it again of my banana, if that's enough. And since today I happen to be I don't have a banana, I will probably hard to follow you. Then we go on. - I have to pack up. It takes time now.

Besides the right catering is mainly the right hiking boot is important. How do Daniel's favourable 40-euro shoes in this terrain? Good shoes are very valuable here. - You're on to something. The question with the shoes now here.

I survived, that's good. But what would you say? Such cheap shoes for such a terrain, it makes sense or are they not enough after all? Will have to be examined in the end. You must develop a feeling for it. We have here different terrain, we have here those slippery stones. We have slippery wood here. Root wood, quite dangerous. And now it would be important to know, how the shoes react to it.

Do they stick or do they slip a lot? - Nah, it's already slipping here. Yes yes, that is a very big Problem with hikes, when you walk along forest paths, where there are wet roots. It's so quick, that you practically do this one, and then you fall here on the Coccyx, and that really hurts. And here we have the problem with the stones, there is the sole a very important question.

Do you notice, for example, when you you're standing on a point like that, that this pushes through through the sole? - Absolutely. And now run in somewhat stonier terrain for 1 hour about such... You can imagine, the stones prick you through the sole.

I.e. from your experience and also with the hiking groups and with all the people, you're on the road with: What do people tell you and what experience do you have, are cheap shoes A means of choice or should one keep your hands off? So with the shoe I am as Frequent hikers absolutely uncompromising. Because that's what I'm walking around on. It has to carry me. It must give me security, must give me stand. It must be when I step into a puddle. I'm going to leave my feet dry.

And there it stops on many inexpensive shoes. How much was your shoe? - May I say that? - Yes. I do at the shoe no compromises. It costs around 250 euros. And how many kilometres has he already got on the sole? Roundabout 2,000 km.

Sturdy soles with non-slip tread and water repellent materials draw a good hiking boot. But what role does the Appearance in the purchase decision, and how does the price of a What does a hiking boot actually look like? That's what Daniel by hiking boot manufacturer LOWA find out in Bavaria, the market leader by its own account in the German-speaking world. Around 500 different children's, Women's and men's shoes in different forms and colours. From the entry-level model to the professional shoe for mountaineers LOWA has everything on offer. What sells best, Daniel lets himself From Managing Director Alexander Nicolai explain. Hello. Hi Alex, greetings. - Hi Daniel.

Boah, that's already here a stark sight: all shoes. But also only from your brand. There are so many walking shoes, why does it have to be so many models? Because there are many customers, the different Have needs.

The customers go in different terrains like mountains or low mountain ranges or flat land. For every customer we want to offer a shoe, who for him creates the best possible experience. It says: "A legend can be not improve. Except in details." The shoes are good, aren't they? Why does it always have to be a new shoe be developed? We try, of course, to make the best possible shoe. And try to find every shoe always develop further, to arrive at the perfect product.

This model here has been around for 25 years. Over 12 million times it has already been sold. An endurance runner that nevertheless is always being developed further. Besides materials and functions the customers decide also according to appearance.

We can here pick one out. What you see here first is, that also the fashion aspect plays a huge role. This is no longer that clunky Hiking boot from the old days, right? The hiking boots have proven themselves in changed in the last 10, 20 years.

And in the meantime there are very sporty shoes, so colour, small details, a little accent colour in the shoe. These are the differences to the classic models that you know. When I look around, I couldn't say explicit, this is now a lady's shoe, this is a man's shoe. At first glance, that could be both men and women wear. Do you sell more men's or more women's shoes? That's almost fifty-fifty with us, partly a little stronger ladies. It's unusual in the industry, but we are very strong in the women's sector.

And difference is of course in the last form. We have extra lasts designed for women's feet, you can see that not at first glance. Then the constructions of the shafts also designed for women's feet. And in colour they are tuned differently.

You can see the women's section here. Petrol with a salmon Accent and then these purple tones, Turquoise, a little sportier or calmer in a light grey. These are the worlds of colour, we offer for ladies. Made the walking shoes in Europe.

It is sewn in Croatia, assembled and processed in Bavaria. The last is the starting point for every shoe development. The better the last, the better the shoe also fits at the end.

Each brand has a different a different fit philosophy, and thereby differ the different brands. You would say you only need try out a brand. But for me as a consumer that is, i have to test through brands, because all have different lasts. At some point I'll be at my brand, where the foot fits best. Yes, you can say that some feet better fit the one brand. Do you also have something for the narrow foot? - We have too.

I mean here now. - Yes, for the Unfortunately, we don't have anything for a narrow foot. Because we produce in Germany, the labour costs are higher. We produce high quality outdoor shoes, and they cost money. The high demand confirms the shoe manufacturer. 3 million pairs are the target, that seems possible thanks to the hiking boom.

During the day here 1,500 pairs produced and delivered to 75 countries. 200 million euros turnover brought the 2020. I'm really amazed that here there is still so much manual labour. I honestly expected even more Production lines calculated, which are fully automated. But when you see how many hands a shoe has passed through in the end, there you can get a feel for it, why it can't be cheap.

But the manual labour is not the The only thing that makes the price. The material should be the strongest withstand loads. A shoe exists here from up to 150 parts, and they are tested extensively. So, here the sole is now practically connected to the shaft. And that is the last decisive Step in shoe making.

The more precise here the sole is put on, all the more precise and beautiful the shoe is then made and decides at the end about the product. Here, that also sees everything now quite precise, I'd say. This is a cheap shoe. Shall I say? But don't start crying. 40, right? - 40 euros. 40 euros. 40 euros is of course a price...

Since costs with us already the materials more. This is how the price of LOWA's best-selling model together, which costs 200 euros in the shop. According to the manufacturer, 50 euros of this for the production costs, most of it for the material, the rest are labour costs. Approx. 30 euros of the price cover the Distribution and development costs.

Approximately 84 euros from the retail price go to the retail trade. 32 Euro VAT makes up the rest. Remains, by LOWA's own reckoning, approx. 4 euros profit. Daniel asks again. Then remain at the end so 10 to 20% profit over.

There you draw yourself the shoes off, right? 10 to 20% would be fantastic, but we are at 2.3% here. - Okay. But this year should be actually become good for you, When you the boom, don't you? Yes, outdoor is a trend at the moment. People were in the home office, were at home for weeks, and they are drawn to nature. But does it have to be the 200-euro brand shoe? Or is it enough to start with also the discounter model? We have 3 experienced hikers with cheap shoes around 40 euros. For 2 weeks they were on the road with it for us.

Now Daniel gets himself the result of the practical test. Maybe we'll start with yours on. Yes, how did it go? (man) Easy. A lightweight hiking shoe, well suited for flat surfaces. However, in mountainous terrain would I would prefer another shoe, which has a firmer sole and above all firmer hold on the sides.

For short hikes, easy terrain, they are suitable. With my I find it a disadvantage, that there are not in half sizes. And that you can put the insole cannot exchange, through a Orthopaedic insole e.g. They run large. - Okay.

Otherwise, I am satisfied, They are also waterproof. Has rained a lot, never wet feet get. So far all is well. - Super. And you? - The same for me. For short distances or on level ground The terrain is good for walking, it's a very light shoe, soft material.

But on scree, in the mountains, it is not suitable. For me it feels like we, I include myself in that, that we say, the cheap shoe is okay now. But if we really would go on a hike, we would buy an expensive one, right? Because in the end he did not brings what one would like to have, namely stability and strength. Suitable for everyday use by beginners. If you want more, you have to pay more. The brand shoe costs 5 times as much, delivers thanks to more support with higher quality material and probably lasts longer.

Not only shoes, but also hiking trails need to be nurtured. In NRW there are more than 50,000 km of official hiking trails. For the most part, namely 40,000 km, The Sauerland Gebirgsverein, SGV for short. The association is based in Arnsberg. * Music * The more than 30,000 members come from all over NRW. Daniel meets waymarkers Willy Verbanc in his precinct in Arnsberg, to help him with his work.

Hello Daniel. - Spick and span, tidiness is a must. Yes, it always mosses over, all year round is also humidity in part. You have to clean up so that the hiker knows where to go. Not that he runs in circles and cannot orientate himself. - Yes. What else do you have to do? - I must Cut free if something grows too much.

Replace the adhesive labels, when they are broken. Remove old markings or attach additional ones, if any are missing. If, for example, Hattingen would like to make a hiking trail, does she have to call you too? - Right.

So, if anyone is planning a hiking trail, then there must be be involved in the SGV. We are also happy to help. It is that the way must first be conceived, it must be digitised. Forest and wood is written to, therefore, nature conservation authority is written to. And when we have permission and the hiking sign, there is yes different hiking signs.

If there is an already prefabricated There are hiking signs, it's not a big problem. When a new hiking sign must be made, the Upper Landscape Authority must be informed, they have to approve it. What if a tourism association e.g. says,

we definitely need hikers in the city, this is just a huge boom topic. Let's not call SGV right now. We just do our own way. What happens then? Good, the path is not approved, that must be demarcated. Because the Upper Landscape Authority is responsible for. This is not possible, must be done via the SGV run, at least in the SGV area.

Background to this law is the duty of care. It ensures that nature and residents are protected, as the quality and care of the hiking trails is ensured. Willy checks and repairs 68 km of hiking trails in its territory, partly with digital help. Here is the advantage, here are 2 QR codes e.g.

This QR code can be scanned by the hiker and can report an error in the path: Tree fallen or signs are missing or anything else. I can say the same, Ran out of provisions? - That would be nice. No, but that ends up with us in route management. The path management knows, which marker is responsible, and who will make up the shortage quickly. That's when you realise again that hiking has arrived in the 21st century.

You can tell by the clothes, everything is becoming highly technical, every garment must be able to do something and also the signposting must also be able to do something. I can scan everything and can give you digital info directly. Hiking has changed. - Yes. The marking work costs the municipality 15 euros per kilometre. Then the hiking trail is official and approved. But there is also the Premium variant: certification as a quality hiking trail from the German Hiking Association.

The experienced an ever greater demand after such special quality paths. A well-known example: the Rothaarsteig. Over 20 criteria must be fulfilled by a quality trail: close to nature, variety in the Landscape, adventure opportunities and much more.

According to a study the development of the Rothaarsteig cost around 1 million euros. The annual maintenance and marketing costs are 180,000 euros. Almost 4,000 euros have been Certification as a quality trail for the Rothaarsteig. This is where you want him? - Yes, exactly. - Okay. It is actually already also once been painted here. Yes, but we don't do that any more, we're just sticking.

Painting in the past was the problem, we had wayfinders, was called the former, today waymarkers. We had Rembrandts there, who did it properly. And there were Picassos, who painted a little more freely, and that is better with gluing. The weathered everything a little bit.

Exactly, you would have to Regularly repaint. Stop, stop, stop. - I see. We have to clean up first, so that the glue holds better. You see, now this is a Signs also already gone. - True.

Shouldn't we even allow a joke? - No. Absolutely not. A little closer to the other, please.

Afterwards you hear in the news: Hiker walks all the time in a circle. Order is a must, also a few metres further for the next task for the waymarkers. Some old hiking trails are to be demarcated. Because the Mountain Club has clear targets and goals.

We have at the SGV the "2 to 1" rule, i.e. when a new hiking trail is comes, two others have to go. And there we are with the fact that also the unattractive ones get away again. In the past, people used to say, The main thing is to get from A to B.

Today it is like this, we want to have an experience outside and also see something, and then such paths fall away. That is why we thin a little bit in this respect, i.e. the quality becomes higher, the quantity somewhat depressed. Okay. Willi, thank you very much, was really fun. And I also find my way back well, because You have marked everything wonderfully. Thank you. Take care. - Take care. Ciao.

In Germany there is a network of approx. 300,000 km of marked hiking trail. To find your way around, use the many people the smartphone. When you the signage, is that so your kind of orientation or do you use apps? Exactly, actually a mobile phone app, komoot, this is the most common app. It has every little path, and you never get the feeling to be lost. Actually also a powerbank with it in case of emergency, if there's ever anything.

That way you are safe on the road. In the past, you did more with a card, and Today, a lot is done with apps. We do both. - Better safe than sorry, right?

We are oldschool. When I think about how it used to be was, then one went off and hopefully knew the route. That has changed, because in the meantime there are apps, where you can be routed, where you're told, now turn left.

I use mostly, after many attempts, there are many apps, Outdooractive, Garmin, I now use komoot. I could say, for example, we are now standing in the middle of the forest, you don't know any more, where to go from here. When I'm at home and I know I'm on my way here, I download beforehand the cards to my mobile phone, then I don't need reception, then I only need GPS data. The market leader among the hiking apps is komoot with over 10 million downloads. Navigation through individual Regions costs 4 euros, for 30 euros you get the whole world. Hikers can choose their routes either freely select or look at popular routes in the Suggest surroundings.

For the routes even metres in altitude and degree of difficulty. You hear on the other side: I want to go hiking, because I want to get into nature, I want to switch off. Then I have the mobile phone in my hand. Is that a contradiction?

That is a question, you're asking the right person. I refuse to use my mobile phone, for example, this is absolute madness, navigating with the mobile phone, loudly, next path on the right, next path on the left, that would be terrible. This must be a tool. But through an app like this, are thereby not the roads even more crowded, because all people have the same ways run? - Clearly. With this, people also dare hiking too, who cannot read a map. Crowded hiking trails are primarily a problem in the Eifel National Park.

The local recreation area is considered as a top address for day trips in NRW. Here is the crowd of visitors in the past year increased by almost 60%. Ranger Arno Koch is paying attention, that all stick to the rules. Hello, greetings. Nice that you Thank you very much for taking the time. We want to look at the dark sides of the hiking boom. And here it already starts, right? Yes, we have many visitors, we always have many visitors in the national park.

Since '20 but again extremely much more, we have 1.35 million visitors. And one or the other is not so familiar with the rules from the national park and then throws a cigarette butt. There are lots of things, that we control.

The National Park was only founded in 2004. Ranger Arno has been there from the beginning and has been experiencing it ever since, how hiking and change the hikers. Those who come here are already much younger than those in the past. So now come young people here as well, more pictures are taken. Then to post them on Instagram and show it like this? - Exactly.

You notice there too, that the young people, to have the perfect spot, because you want to get likes, here perhaps also go over the parapet? - Yes. They're already setting the scene. One or the other even drives with the car, tried to drive in, because he saw it once. A picture where then with a drone a car somewhere was filmed in the national park. But these are all things, they don't go well. There is already a change.

They come, they get younger, the hikers are getting younger. And it is also more with media and with photos and stuff. Are you also allowed to pay fines? pronounce? - Yeah, sure.

We always try it first with a verbal warning, and then I have one of those yellow Card, I'll be happy to hand them out. It will say "Caught". As a rule, this also works. Of course, if someone now by car to the National Park I can't tell what happened. come with the yellow card,

there I have to impose a warning fine. 35 Euro fine for driving in the forest. It gets really expensive, when fire is caused or an animal is killed, that will punishable by up to 50,000 euros. But Ranger Arno here has also many funny stories experienced with visitors. There was once a hiking group at the research station, that was six women.

And they were in a very good mood, had some champagne there and were also smoking. And how I arrived, was the greeting: Here comes our ranger, the Stripper, that's who we booked. Yes, I had to spoil the mood and say, nope, the empty bottles gone, stop smoking.

It was fun, but a bit of a time get everything in order. But did you watch have it taken or did you show then after all? I laughed about it for a long time. They were also in a very good mood, so everything was good. And have also done what I wanted, so everything was already good like that.

Arno, now we're talking all the time also of a hiking boom, but really experience I don't do it here. We are quite alone on the road here, right? More or less yes. We have few people on the road here today. We are in the week, and bad weather is announced. But that is also at the same time my tip. Better to come here once a week come when you can take leave. Then you can experience that, what we have experienced today: a quiet day, where there is not so much going on.

For recreation it is much more pleasant, as if here a lot of people are on the road. But i.e. during the holidays or also at the weekend etc., you can also say, that this has been has become significantly more? - Yes. I was now Father's Day Thursday Above at the car park and I sent away 500 cars, at half past eleven, that's a lot. And in the area is then also extremely busy.

On a day like this I would not stay here to relax. The National Park invites visitors, on weekends the strongly Avoid frequented paths and also times to surrounding areas. Daniel is lucky, that there is not much going on today. This is how he gets into the undisturbed Enjoyment of this view. Jo, Arno, that looks natural sensational. * Music * There, too, you can discover the hiking boom great.

If you take a look here or if you too would like to take a look: #Hiking, 5.2 million posts. #Wanderlust, 131 million posts. And that's what you see, that this is a huge issue.

Here it is relatively legal, to take a photo and upload that too. Do you also have situations where you you realise that you're crossing borders, because you just would like to take a great photo? Yes, here goes a peg to the top of the rock. And then there are those who think, they must then be go into the last corner. And take another photo there. - This is the right place to be.

Wow, that's dangerous. - Yes, that's right. And that's where you have to intervene and say it can't be done. Hikers who simply walk through the middle of the forest, scare away animals and destroy their habitat.

Therefore, in the national park and in all other nature reserves: always stay on the paths. After all, we all want one, enjoy nature. At the latest since Corona hiking is booming. While the rush some communities to their limits, Manufacturers and dealers are pleased from hiking equipment about good business.

Elaborate equipment can quickly cost several hundred euros. More and more and especially also younger and younger hikers are drawn to the outdoors. Because the nature experience on the 50,000 km of hiking trails in NRW it's all free. Hiking works today just as before, but the significance has become another. The quality of the hiking trails has risen sharply and also the comfort in the clothing. For occasional hikes are enough for me cheap hiking boots from and my daily outfit.

When I go hiking regularly I would invest. Especially in good shoes. Thank you very much for watching.

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