AUSSIE BIKERS // Aussie Trikers Across America // Episode 07

AUSSIE BIKERS // Aussie Trikers Across America // Episode 07

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Sturgess. It's. The home of the biggest biker party in the world each. Year hundreds. Of thousands. Of riders make the pilgrimage to, the Black Hills rally, to. Ride and to party. This, year six, wide-eyed, Ozzy trackers, have made the journey to experience, for, themselves. Bloody. Motorbikes everywhere, absolutely, amazing. Unless you've been here it's very hard to describe people, are pasture, and thumbs up I made is fantastic. Something you you just dream about it, just bikes bikes and more bikes you can never describe in, words what, it really feels being. Amongst it and, ridin amongst in such, atmosphere I come, on the 75th, anniversary of 1.2, million people here this, year were about over half a mere it's a nightmare as it is well the delight was talking about just the whole place is just busing. For 10. Days. 24/7. And it, never ends it never stops. My. Name is Johan, Randolph. Strikes in Australia, and. As it is we got a few mates together to to. Ship, the trikes over to the US to do a road trip when. I Steve Mo Kio I'm the owner of elite products, and my camper trailers back in Australia and it's my fifth trip bringing, a camper trailer to America, today we were lucky enough to have six of these boom, trikes with, the Aussie flags on the rear of them traveling. Down the Main Street of. Sturgis. It's a childhood. Dream to, to. Drive, down the main street of Sturgis, with with your own trike with the old wheels chicks, boobs large Flemish, even, if there was one of the greatest spectacle, of six of its mind-blowing. What we did today is fantastic. The. Trip didn't start in Sturgis but from North Carolina, but the bikes was shipped to from Sydney we. Caught up with the boys four weeks into the trip in the deep south we're. Just. In New Orleans at the moment music. Food. Dancing. People. Watching, we. Love New Orleans New Orleans is always welcoming, to everyone big smiles lots, of hugs when. You look at this group here from, Australia how can you not have fun and know that we're a blend of all the cultures have come to see us and that, live here we've, just done a tour of Bourbon. Street which to me is just unbelievable. When, we first took off from the car park that we decide to all meet at it doesn't take long at a roundabout or intersection. To get lost which has happened to us many. Many, times up the front there I could not tell who was behind me and dark so. Many side streets either, maneuver.

Away Around all those little side streets but luckily we got out without being killed it's, quite this time of day but though nighttime, it's wild it's a real wild place we, created, some attention, something. New, everyone. Was happy, taking. Photos and yeah, I saw Caesar create and some interest here from. Here we go over the waters for longest breach in, a world and then head off up to Sturgis I believe, that that's 24, miles they'll, have a beautiful, ride over that they'll, be able to see all of the birds flying, around and sometimes when you're on the causeway you can have a pelican. Just going. Right along with you as you travel, so I hope that never happens for them to get. From, New Orleans the, Aussie trackers head north into Mississippi, they. Travel on highway 61 also. Known as the Blues Highway. There's. A road called the Natchez Trace channels. From Natchez, up to Nashville it's. Four hundred and forty four miles long one lane is that way, no no. Crossroads you just go 440. Miles in, the, 1800s. It was at the trade route from the north denver south to, Natchez where the port is the trace, is a beautiful, drive you got all those trees that's. Just nice driving, that far. Better than on any other state or other drive them all day every day and, they're, beautiful roads just to travel nice and quiet and nice smooth good waves it's, just a beautiful, area and lovely, lovely rays all the way through it strictly enforced, to keep mile per hour speed limit through, it it's all federal government so if you get hooked at six hundred bucks, so, we won't be going through there today. The city of Natchez is set on the mighty Mississippi. River we're. Doing that tour around to the old part of Natchez then, we go down to the, old port. Area where we, see an old bars and where the old seamen used to work then, we're going to cross the bridge. From Mississippi. To, Valdivia. Then we'll return back this way then we'll start heading north to Vicksburg that's.

A Very historical, town there's. A major major, battle, for the civil war in that area. Found. A big spirit under siege for over two months by the northerners. And a lot, of history there and though the beautiful, Memorial. Park dedicated. To those battles. It. Look good for me let me. The. Further we went under, the harder you got it, wasn't the rain that bothers you it's, more you can't see where you're going and if, the Rope disappears, in front of you because it's all just water that's. When it becomes a big infant, interesting. But if. We set it out under an old petrol station for for half an hour when he, de Stauffer bitten we were good enough to do battle back on we, might have Y up the road into. Clark. Style we. Found a, place to stay for the night and then we went down to Ground, Zero Blues, Bar Morgan, Freeman owns the establishment. Of the building yeah, we, didn't see in that Nike that he was paid it, was very light back and very bluesy nice. Place and the, people were very friendly. I. Enjoyed. The music I mean to my country and Western and the bit of the Blues and apparently, blues and that type of music in a town is just a big thing that the music, that was fielded. Effort, everything was was worthwhile pushing, on that day. We've, up stones and, stumps, stumps. Being. What. If I said three o'clock in the morning would I be telling the truth Tim. The. Crew departs, Clarkstown, with a sore head or two but, it's only a short right up to Memphis, Tennessee home. Of the blues, Memphis. Fantastic. Place got a lot of history in the area we. Actually went out and stayed pretty. Well across the road from Graceland. Had. A look around the area rode. Into the famous Beale, Street, in the afternoon, had a look it's. Just unbelievable. There they block off both ends of the street so you can't get vehicles are in there and people, just wander up and down the street go, into the bars check out the music plenty. Of attractions air in Beale Street very very nice place it's, a place you got to visit when you got a chance and, it's, not just all, about Elvis. It's it's really the, home of the blues and their, guests that's why they call it you, know route 61, the Blues Highway and, you. Go from town to town and you, you really feel the characters louder as. Much fun as Memphis was it, was time to get back on the ride as the rally in Sturgis it was only a few days from kickoff. It. Was a interesting, morning, like you, didn't know if you ride into more rain or not. Actually, for, the first time for a long time a bit cold now we actually go, into a triac. Lyman tanned yet. More rider, friendly, that way we, decided, to ditch the interstate. When we found few few back ways we, headed, up through, the Ozarks, and. Sort. Of mountain range the, waterways, right, over the top of the dam. Very. Good country roads very, wine the nice twisties, just. Slow flowing. Country. Roads not a lot of traffic and we had a ball where to ball if, you stay away from the interstate, you you. Really see the. Real people, in the real towns, and the, little corner shops and all those going that things it's.

Just A whole a whole different, experience and that's what the highlights, is and that's what we what, we try to do from here on, plain. Little hourly, trips. On backroads. We may not cover bigger. Days and bigger balls but it's it, just keeps more interesting, than thing going on ain't estate and getting, from A to B. We're. In Springfield. Missouri and, we're at the route 66, car. Museum, and about to have a look at all the cars in there and we just came down part, of the old 66. And, it's. A quite little part of the town, I will, route 66, in the car museum, and just looking at some of the old cars. Around. The place some. Beautiful, um, convertible. Back in the 20s and 30s. Fantastic. Collection well, just love the old ones with the running boards and the big guards big straight over to can't beat them it's just magnificent. We're. Standing, in front of, a, Batmobile. As you can see this, is our first real, touch of route 66, have. A great time enjoying, things and. Carrying. On we've. Done a lot of camping on in state parks they're fantastic. Places camping, we had this whole, campground ourselves and chips ie there was a Motorhome about 100, meters away from us and the bloke who was living in his motor home come over his fire started talking to us I'm so glad that you guys around, here traveling. The world and believing in folks, like us because, we appreciate what, you're doing more. Than what you know he, was a real character he, lived there for about 14, years in this pit Motorhome, he, was. A drunk and, he was it smoked. Dope. Once. Upon a time this was a place, full, of money. And private. Planes and. Weekend. Getaways. But. We. Have 10c to. Not. Value. What, we have and, then, we figure out what. We really have he. Was just a character he and he is the like that were camped, on he called it Greg's like his name was Greg and he said it's more like you can do what you want here so just a funny, night. It. Was time to put in a couple of big days of riding across, Kansas, and through Nebraska, is big wide-open country, and, if you're like farmland, well there's lots to see and if you don't like farmland, well. Maybe she could take a plane while. I got a CD at the, endless country, roads. You. You get to one horizon and then you. Follow, the road to the next so it's just, beautiful, scenery. Lush. Green country, a lot of lotta intensive, farming, here but, people. Are just blessed in and living it in an area like and, which. Been nearly two three days just cross cancers, in, Nebraska.

You. Meet some pretty amazing people on the road to Sturgis this. Man was headed there himself and put on an impromptu show, for the Lance who's, a bit of a carry to a couple of hours of Johnny Cash music and, sort of a hotel in place, called, Chadron, which, is in Nebraska, I've, been coming to Sturgis for about seven, years. Johnny. Cash tribute artist, and the cold hard cash show in. My band I've been to. New Hampshire, live been at Daytona, and I'm in the Galveston, that I've been disturbed as many many times and, this is the true, bike rally because has the best rides for. One driving. Up to Mount Rushmore into. A crazy horse and, I'm, going, to Devil's. Tower you. Can't beat it Florida can't beat that you can drive along the beach in Florida you can drive up and down the street this, is the West this big and and, our highways go everywhere, they, go through some of these beautiful, scenery you'll, see in any place in the world and this is this attracts, bikers, but you, know everybody. In the world should to. See the beauty this place. This. Morning we left Chadron Hurley's morning 8 o'clock this morning we're, heading up to war via, the Badlands, in South, Dakota looking. At our map here working. Out where we're going to go we go up here then travel up through the Badlands up in the wall better. 50-mile ride weather is warming up Suns. Coming up so, very nice day. Badlands. Is bad land that's just nothing can grow there just just. Stony. Formations. Or rocky formations, of Earth tall motion just everywhere, just spread, out over the whole area and, nothing. Will ever grow there but it's spectacular well, worth the visit. We're. At the Badlands National, Park. Pretty, stark pretty amazing place it's, nice to see some corners, there's. A, lot. Of straight roads in. The US but it's nice to be, able to sort of just. Write long and Roy through some corners, with it's, pretty amazing type, of, landscape.

Well Looks like moonscape, actually yeah but, if anyone's been to Western Australia just think of the bumble bark was very simple to, think a lot of it was to was used. For the Second World War for bomb, practice of shooting to the pilots. I've. Done it three times now, and it never never stops, amazing, me the place that I see before, major rock formations, and how it's all come. About I just cannot believe it it's just a magnificent. Place to store fruit if you, haven't done it you've got to feel it that. Sort of place. Leaving. The Badlands winds of only one thing next, stop is the Black Hills rally in Sturgis. We. Are now currently, in Sturgis, South Dakota that's, the biggest bike rally in the world, unfortunately. Words cannot. Describe what. We're doing and what we're living and what this place is because. You get half. A million of people coming. Together, enjoy. What they do it riding, their bikes their try anything. On wheels this, is my first trip to Sturgis so four times I broke my own Harley this time I got my trike it's. Just as good as ever just a magnificent. Place like, 500,000. Bikers in one place but, all they had here to enjoy themselves with snow it, can't get any better than that can we camping, here at hog, heaven campground. Probably, two. K's out of the middle of our Sturgis, nice little place, I've been stated before but I stayed next to it and we, used to sneak across the back fence from the previous accommodation. And come to this place all the times and it, was a greater that's got got plenty of bars got, music, on at night chomskyan, massive, massive area we can camp anywhere you want there's no restrictions, on you just, all grass or green grass love, the area so where where do join us he having a great time as you can see in the beanie and beautiful. Today, we're lucky enough to go into town we went out to the Buffalo Chip it's a massive. Big complex, people, camp there. It's. A full village, on itself I judge that's a town it's got everything there you don't have to move from the Buffalo, Chip it's, all there and, also we went visited, a full-throttle, which. Was burnt down two years ago in. Its original position it's, now moved about seven, eight miles further out of town and it's starting, to take shape as, it used to be. Tonight, we'll take it slow and steady, hour-by-hour Beebe, idea. You, can't say you've seen it all until you've spent a night out in Sturgis, during the rally. It's, a great place to have a drink and let your head. Our, last night was just a wandering around town checking. Out men the numerous bars. Just, music music, music loud, music soft, music every, toilet music but. Become it be every type of site you want to see it gets a great, fight. The. Black hills is known for having some of the best riding in the world, we, done a 320. Kilometer loop today treble. Down through Custer, down, to custom national pie we did the noodles travel through the noodles at fantastic, rock. Formations, and tunnels, through the rocks and the, needles apples and other amazing circle formation there and the, way it's just all there, sticking up in the middle of nowhere all those rocks and tunnels. Carved through for the roads just. Give. Them amazing country, for riding amazing, landscape, from, one extreme for the other then, we went in a custom metal Park I've been there that's my fourth time in customers bow I've never missed seeing a bison until today last. Time there would have been two to three hundred bison, on the side of the road now today we seen one so, I'm not sure whether they're all in hamburgers, or what I'm not sure what's happening with them all but and they're gone well. I did see one here I saw it from the top as we came in and then, I had the weight of it to do he's been walking up behind us so we were lucky to catch him but, yeah through that marvelous, country just, changes, from green grass over, the by somewhere till just. Met range and pine trees and, through the Black Hills there it's just. It, was just a totally different experience today, you're up there riding around with a group of friends on your trikes there's.

Thousands. Of people on motorbikes, and everyone's, just out cruising, around enjoying, the scenery it, was just a brilliant day counting up there and soon Mount Rushmore on. The Troy then we come back up through iron range that was absolutely, fantastic. Ride everything, you'd want in a motorcycle ride it, was great, absolutely. Brilliant riding, everyone, had a bowl everyone. Was courteous, just. Free-flowing. Roads and having, a great time enjoying. The scenery, and. We'd come back up here to Sturgis, it's. Just on 320. Kilometers today seen, some beautiful places you. Can't describe unless you do, it yourself I. Was. Attending a funeral, of a good friend of ours, Greg. Hurst part. Of the celebration, of his life was. About. That, trip in 2016. About Sturgis, and the trip to America, and all the things that it, was a highlight, of, his. Life and, for temporary Australian, for what he didn't did how he cared about Johanna. Myself put our heads together we come up with a group of people and. Within, 14, 15 months later here we are in Sturgis, we've done it do it while you can because you, never know what happens tomorrow or next week or the year after you don't want to end up sitting in the corner and. Regretting. It one day I should, have done and I didn't know what ever selves, so live life to the fullest, and. I die happy. Tomorrow after. This trip because that's, one big box ticket, this. Ride is dedicated, to Greg Hurst to tell you the truth yeah.

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