Australia's Michael Fan Shows Off One of the Most Insane Sneaker Collections Ever Seen | iCollect

Australia's Michael Fan Shows Off One of the Most Insane Sneaker Collections Ever Seen | iCollect

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What's. Going on world I'm George killed and I have a very very special episode of I collect I'm in Melbourne Australia. Melbourne. Right yeah I feel. Boring yeah I'm. In Melbourne Australia with, a guy named Michael fan who I'm, now a fan of, because he has one of the best, craziest. Shoe collections, I've ever seen in my life man, Michael tell the world what we're gonna see here today well. If I get you've worked it to square that of your surprise so hopefully I hopefully that I can surprise you I guess now yeah you surprise me totally. So I know you gonna Surprise them so, let's. Get into it man or let's, go check it out. So. My cockatiel, you have a little OCD in, you by the way you have everything sectioned, off kind of describe what you have here it's, pretty much as I said there's three walls, here on, the lifeline style that we've got some knickers on my wife in, the meadow is central all the general areas and some samples, on the other side of pretty much all the preschool, sips off and on, the top of the shelf it's, pretty much all the game wore shoes for. The first one that we have here is a night, key Arab chambo mm-hmm, this is a big, one boy Scott Evan in 1985. And 1986, season Wow, don't get me wrong I still got the socks here. Yeah. And Scott even started on both shoes my best wishes here and the number 33 and the last one here we got is the micro drone and Game one your drone entertain, this, is their trailer game on, 27th. Of December, just 1997. Jordan. Just signed aside because this, is a game 1-1 so the top box got crazy and stuff so it's very hard to do a signature on it the autograph on side and this, one this is only there to macros and game watch well I hope we caught a flu game car away a tree that's bright and this, is our tree the game 1 1997. Eastern, Conference final, I believe, it is a games right here we go this can. Co literally. Never count code this is a market, role in game 1 pair and 7210. Season as you can see the yellow in here that's because of age move on to this one this will be more story this. Is a Michael, Jordan game over here Jordan 8 we call this color with Bugs Bunny or something.

Like That and this, is their food at Game one on 22nd. April knighting like this right here. Which is the last regular season game in, Chicago Stadium. Wow, and that's also a lot of grass yeah, this also grabbed the story is there a 20. Second approach my wife's personal so, and also this is the first ever that my controlling team wore shoes that I cracked it so. I say that I must have it because, in my life you know I know this is a little thing so I like how you have the labels, yeah I'm the person, that allows you to do stuff things oh well organized, alright so pretty much before I do something because I really love them so I want to make them at high, speed for as possible, so, I put the labels say date and it will just a worn the shoes and sort of the information. This. Is a mock, trial and Game one children at six as, well as four, state championships so just, very important, force and also to my controller as well this colorway is pretty beautiful and. As you can see here, they have an original signature, here but. Just because. Of the lock age just a fade away so the. Mechadroid I'm pullin on the top box so. It's a do sidewall, so, this is actual, microphone and Kim washer, and the last one is actually the mock, Jordan game-worn yet rather than 3, which, is our favorite, cut away the West 7 mm-hmm, alright so this might actually kind of story you, can see the market Jordan stand here and I put a dates as well all right so three 1188. So which means that this, 20th century Game one igniting. A day but. This is not exactly the game date actually. Is that game day etc 3:10. That, need a switch, there March 10th button Lakers just off of the Chicago, codes say that this. Little girl wants to have fun a birthday, gift for hit for her brother. Mmm-hmm, and. This Oscar Mike patron and see what it can give me a pair of your shoes and as a birthday game and the Michael Jordan gave to her yesterday which, is 311. Yeah search, is a son like at that day, crazy and for 30 years sure that they're still in good, condition yeah, but actually the medicine was doped okay, okay, it's. Awkward but our per and it also is toleration, and also, it's, a deuce on you son each one parachute I know the, mostly person needs they actually do their for, signature, ones Michael, Jordan you can see the dots here alright it's really important more on to the nice one here is the Michael Jordan game one internal, one so this is do so I swallow it sign on the other pair this is, 1985. To 1986, season we don't know exactly the game date but this is actually more at that time I think it's still wearable go on us if we can and they. See the signature, here it's a full name as well gold here the micro : mmm-hmm, so we can all see this signature anymore. That's. Truly original and also by the way both, their parents the, Michael Jordan just want that different size not, be perfect like once is 30 at the other one studying at home so I think I have a question, for pretty. Much everyone watching, how, do you come across. Game-worn. Jordan, shoes not, only game warm but autographed, I sure everything, is very because of the law in the passion I love, Michael Jordan so much and we're really really a big fun it's not just because they are rare or it's. Hard to get it started about to get more understanding about Michael, Jordan himself you, see that what's the difference between the generalist and pretty exclusive, and I want to know more about his, personality, stuff, just like at the Jordan one you sir, instead, restarting, and sitting on the hop on post differently, mmm-hmm. That's. A, tidbit. That a lot of people don't know about this right here. So is it eBay and and different things that you're looking at yeah, sometimes, to ebay by the be honest many that I'll stay there like auction house yeah, okay yeah and there are also some friends, okay, there's knowing people yeah that's the key there's a key that's knowing people year I spent, him 10 years together Amazon. On. To some player exclusives. That not. Only Jordan, war but some Jordan Brand members, or I've seen some of these in different collections. But I haven't seen the entire, series. Of them the, first parents - where I put on top mr. Cain's home color with your children 12 but baby lo I liked it the per book the Kings car away which is the white Peugeot the home car away into the away the, black and purple right, and right or a purple sucker so you can see it staged here day which is his number and and that's why I started a hurricane, it's right before this is a light, purple it's, not like Leroy pup would like that hug so, this very beautiful one is still white and purple and you, can see the the. Personal logo here yeah you're at EDD team dam and also one, bucket, in here like a number this, was really cool the break in purple there, might be my favorite one yeah I got three I'm on the side yeah, in this attack see the black white.

And The purple as you, can see they use the high quality leather and, it's. A beautiful purple stage lot, of Mack baby stuff because I love the color there's, a Mac baby it showed on a dildo card it's. All white and they called the chain I'm at in here and, a. Little 23, here mm-hmm. A lot, of details on a shoe 1 cell 1 0 so which is it number 10 mm excuse, number and, also another saying, is saturate, this is their true the kind of memory for, my previous personal, assistant, and then we got here, Jordan, to Locard mcbeatty, I prefer, to crack all home-and-away, color with like the side I'll do my best to find the space I try to keep as clean as possible join. My ways as well my favorite model and, it's a low card we. See the the, yelling on the side that's fine and, another chain, alright, and the, poco Jumpman logo for, those in yelling, stuff or whatever I don't care about it yeah no no that's the age exactly. Alright we, purchase a shoe it honor that is fresh here digging at the icy soul and soul of things it just up getting your. Ring because we love it it's just like a family know, how a family I love my wife in the matter she was like, 18 year so 20, 30 40 yeah love her in two more times right, that's the same thing yeah we got seventeen and this, is a mock baby. 17p, as well you see the stage he is bi be the, baby and, TD and the tin and there's a home-and-away, again. Mm-hmm. The. Jordan 19, low-cut, but, this one is not exactly. The 91 this service like a different program I try to keep them as safe as possible why, they're. Like your babies yeah. Yeah yeah, yeah I got so many children, yeah. Deserve. Recorded, a twenty. Three, or four yeah. To go lot of them there's, a stuff on that lots. Of details, in a, onesie and tongue as well in this, one 81:5. But, this is built for sure we know that this one just made for the reading otherwise well followed, and pair games the last night baby I want to show you it's a 22, local, Bracken, parvo the case awake Holloway was, the baby that started, this mini. Series, collection. That you have which, baby did you give first the, Mac baby I got the first one is actually the 17 okay. Yeah the 70 because I. Love, 17, very much back to the day well yeah I got that that's the first issue that I know it's a your Jordan yeah. That's what be honest yeah I don't even know that which ones five we transformed before that I have a better appreciation for, Mike baby peas now that you showed me the entire series, never seen that before, but, one series. That everyone, loves is the very Alan yeah relays Walter great history and be a prayer factor supersonic, stay this is a way by the way oh I got a home as well, these are sonic speed as you can see the chance here, is that you're different you got right here and, on. The other one you've got a 34-year, a lot. Of people saying that this points are fake because back.

To The Celtic states, are free it should be 21 34 so. Why you have the wider Graham is a 34, station owner I said. Because you don't know this is a Sonic's not a Celtics, all right so and, I just got it away cut away this is really hard to get be honest so pull the Celtics won out you see the Celtics. Won gotta rely degree on it and, it sort of it doctor, so. It's doing a bit different and also the stitch on the town here, this array just a logo right, and just like the 34, here and there way on the other side, no we continue, we. Know that it's some Isles got this one the glove go, the similar ones and put the glove here and this is really one, all right so this is Sonic's, home colorway they, go right here and goes, to the pool and, now it's actually wider grain, as. You can see this one is just thirteen, better just show you the Sonics one there's, a sonic stool oh yeah, darker. Green and again home and away Celtics. Mm-hmm. Hey Jordan, hey all, right so. There's ACTRA, rail and PE as well so. Size 14 did, promote and just got sugar right here a we, have more this, back to the box day, all right the Milwaukee Bucks study. Fall here the gray and, a. 16, which. Is really, really good for like a formal, wearing, and sort. Of thing it's it yeah it's really soft, okay. Okay, still with this, is there trader read, and game warm one and, nearly got. 21. A lot. Of people love this point it's like a motor or whatever a motor back one is actually the rail and practice one and the other one is, their desktop, one, this. Is real, and game-worn future. Than choo Celtics. Won. If I yeah we can see 22 sugar right here compared. Sure like not just general race compared, to use like other euro than two criticals. Ooh this one's the Ruby special, to, go Payton lighter here alright yeah normally just a normal. Lighter so this a game wise well back to a box day, Air. Jordan, 15 a lot of people who doesn't really like this but, personally, I love this it's, a love of all the shoes that I have and also. Because the reason why I always, talk to my friend respect, respect. To the shoe respect. To the designer and right back to the holders doctor the store raised or whatever all right now back to the Jordan. 18 from Farber game mister, 1212, is they're all in pain I believe that a railing didn't, attorney dollar, per game during, because, of the birth of his child, this was not his pre exclusive, but I find, this one this is the snow fly.

Corporation. One because, you can see here, regard. Game and stuff, like here and here is that tree probably. The last one I will show you lighting, se the car they said to the back city pool right. In still like this SuperSonics, cutaway we got more here a lot, of people in the store that this issue, f13. To the but. This is not I got number five here so that's, forward pretty, cozy so it's a really big so I cannot fit in my book that's. Why I just I put on the top and, all we got some like the LeBron James Air, Force One please could see the, stage here that's four horsemen and it's Reverend James personal, care this one here, is after the courage this, is Jordan 13 P back. To the Phoenix sign I got some information see they're only three pairs were made and, the one dis game one particular H and this one is set with that stalk. I'm. Seeing even more John. Hancock's, all right here more autographs kind of go through some of those autographed pears so this is the game warden, up on 10 as you can see the ghost on both shoot and the, different in here the Sun King James here. Is actually God, number six here for, just a Ganesha goddess ones Easter back. To the day the mechadroid under the baseball time and, this is just for memory seasonal game if you're game one and also the possible here that, Sun lighting. Netted six team SOI basketball, and, I go mega code and the Scotties happen at the Danish draw man I love sister Sofia okay. Well well my favorite baseball player and this, is his, actual game, used through, really, high-quality one, gotten, like his lucky stage here and also. The number 52, all right and our DMV, that's memorable is causing we've got some macro that stuff on the top as well so this, is at another, Michael, Jordan game washer this, aired on 13 Chicago and it's. Won by Mike record and during the night is 1788 season, and, this is a game one player of 13 so. Almost I can pry it, competitor 30 instead, Michael, Jordan game 1 this is a gaming issue it. Cheated he got game cut away and, this was designed by Maryland this is a protect limited editions, as, you can see on the side is 23. Out of 23, and this, is the front a pair of my, autographed, and Michael Jordan the white Wayne the chosen one is. A corporation one and also the 23, knocked, or designation, on the top box and on, the top of shelf we go from here the og 1996. We, call it Columbia, this is a pretty simple and the size two and a half I'm still doing a little research on it I believe it should be Michael Jordan but I'm not sure whether it should be sauce 12, Hawk because we know my Jordan Amla work studying. Or 30 and a half oh that's, true it's just about Olympic, Luger, than seven so, we know that some. Other characters, got the whole site but, we'll have those two pairs which is for the, motivating. Michael, family yeah and a, Camaro. Those, cherry, baseball game still, says it's a clear and that's, a turf this. One's a Space Jam and this one's account code and this is a game one and, I got a autographed. By CC and this one's not desert that sock and said, we know a chirp is pretty hard to find, we got some Kobe as well another, cobia soul always like one of the greatest player of course this, pear tree, the. Kobe Bryant game won in, 2002. Finals does your son back obvious well and this one is not very cushy one but it's just something Kobe, you know this one right yeah, that's one of my favorite shoes and, off of, my favorite movie as well this is a Kobe. Bryant game wise well, it's. Nothing out quite yet but, this is a hammer down to, tonight you see the Lakers colorway, I thought this one is call this PE as well, Oh am. I map the. Laser the map on the shoe and a different with the January's one to go number 8 here and agency stages this is a caravan Kara Thrace, 2017. You said Conference final game 5 game 1-1 you can see there to go some personal, stuff hand. The right on that's true jump, to this one the home and away, again, this. Lakers, Calloway from the crowd we can see 20, and GP. Gary Payton it's pretty cushy I, got some yellowing on the turbos as I, said at this point a lot of people people, love this model you, know it's, pretty cool back to the day especially a very fashion. Where moto. Now. We have, something. Different here, Jordan hey Chris Paul back, to the Hornet huh, all right so ghost, a piece right here I think. This car will got some general released version, or whatever but, it didn't, have this one to say v3 this is a tree, he's pretty, cool see it's, just quick goes for this one this. Is Mike Jordan Stein marks. Jordans piggy but he was in made of school and, then that's why I watch other Air, Max 90. Is 360, this is pretty cool is there trade because, this is a special one special, edition we, know that this cooperated.

With The PlayStation the, Sony and, they made 24 pairs but that's a normal edition, and this one is a special edition only made six pairs in the world, so now Michael is its player exclusives. Game-worn, autograph, is that just your thing when. It comes to shoot collecting, Maori, because of our eternal race as well okay yeah as you see this war is there pretty much all the January's just. Accept some samples. Here this one is very pretty important. To me because this one was not released in Australia so, I tried to find a way to get this one asked my, friend, and my best friend it's a shrimp my wife's friend they just say that the white akin to the ruffle for me because it was released in China this, is the first time he did it ruffled because he's not asking her hat yeah and then a nice day I didn't expect, that and then I say he told me that I went, to Rocco I can get shoes for you so. He asks for one day off from his work and a lamp outside because you still have to learn both sides to buy shoes that's what your friend this is true friend I'm big a fan of four, and three this, is the sample, you. Can see the back here this is from 1999. In this, easier. Than for white salmon sample and, you can see you can touch it this is like Crossing oh yeah, who the made of a lighter, and it put a jumpin logo here this, is their trader nighty, nighty night January's, I can. See the, code is different yeah material. For and I put a Nike sushi, yeah alright. So a lot of people say that we prefer Nike, swoosh, fact because it's a respect to oh gee and, we won't, like everything, in step reset to say my Shoji the originals, but, personally I say that respect. To the Rachel as well as the Rachel stuff we need some change sometime exactly. This is the latest one this is the. J th I, haven't. Won any other just to receive that cup with this before and I. Love this cooperation, the three is actually well my favorite as you see there crackitus to Jordan's game once grace the only one that amazed I love, but I don't have one sir you know the DJ card a couple and obey the best music mm-hmm, the right of Qatar wine what, take.

A Shout out to DJ Kali you know that you go to find here you don't read it and the my son is a true probably the youngest point, of work. For. The Jordan wants here that's all my favorite mm-hmm, and I know this one is saturated. We call it banned oh yeah, right we loved it I was here and back. To the day this one was Santa two daughters history. A shame and then, now it's reading of, high-priced, reselling, price this is not very special but this is also a limited. Edition, I think it goes through sold in pairs obviously. Only in Japan so that's why I want you to talk about this one. Air. Jordan, my team this, is my first pair of Air Jordan alright back to the day in 2004. And so the rest of the wall you have tons of xi, ovo, don, see you don't see i just want to do it a couple the. Match with my vice and speaking of your why your wife has a pretty, awesome collection as, well her favorite sure is therefore this one number, one because. As. I said I am a Papa soccer she's. A pink, sucker okay right so, you love the pink and you can see this wow it's really really beautiful this colorway it's like a bubble and then like a pink I don't, know how they describe a crack tonight but, it's a really cool one the second one will be this one the German 7 it's really fresh and Shiro sorry as well but if we try to keep that clean as possible and. This, one this must be a top three the Air Jordan for, we call the pure money and we love this the, brilliant brain stuff it's, really cool, number four your Jordan won also. The pink the last one that I know favorite, is this one. Don't. See mm-hmm, l.joe. Don't you pink, yeah. You, missed this one a lot so, beside their exclusive. And the, general is also, cross some original, stuff even though. That because of the age we can all wear them but, I still love it. So. You've inspired to why she has a nice collection yeah, better. Than most guys you. Have a crazy collection, but also your. Kid has an awesome collect that's right just, a part of this circus, no often we just start to buy the Jordans, and all the Snickers what like, it was born and, you know luckily you can see the new both sides and to see three until now he's wearing Tennessee.

This Is already funny with this a made, Nike. Air. Force and my. Friend just to draw this picture for me just do the hand made, hand pant this, is that roof of my son's, favorite toys they got to take Ted who are a cat and put, my son's name Erik here as well even, has Jeremy Scott sneeze you know Jeremy Scott and these two coaches and other forms, as well and for the easiest because it's really comfortable to wear and one, little case this so I got some spare pairs for him different, sizes but, it is all retail, price it's really say that inspired by me is almost there, the first word and my son just make, out it's actually Jordan that, was very very funny. So. For the jerseys they don't have show money so I got here instead trader. Saccade. A pen, the. Practice one this is a practice one one it's not game one in the Sunburst scorpions, well it's a practice. Jersey and the shots as well it's. Pretty good and. This one is that tree. My. Wife sports the gifted that I give it to her this is a Steven, Kerry game one in 2013. Maybe. A playoff, she is there to a big big fly of Steve and Gary and this one is not a game war one but this is a gaming issue to. Kobe Bryant number. 80 is pretty hard to get and it's. Very beautiful the Lakers home this is the alternative standard game in, surgery the u.s. 22, the. O'Neill's shoe. And it's, under Donati to a number one take and, also HOF, 2016. Here's a special one as I said my love is the sport fan not. Just a basketball, and the baseball in slope link form, no whines oh my, gosh shoemaker yeah, mega shoemaker No, can, we keep this show it's, actually because some like accessory, here it's on the top of the show because some like the video tab this is all about Michael Jordan it is a really, interesting one I assure you this is the. Swiss gems booming, testing, trip I got, it from the head turner company, directory, and, I think they told me that they only have seven, copies I think right here is her God just, wants to print box I love this box is really you. Know that hey. Yeah, that's right and I'll just cost, figures. And, enough crack that here. Because the NBA players. As well and her by the, Kobe, Bryant oil, and, micro, dump cost just, even carry mm-hmm. Here is one thing I, want, to mention this. Really interesting one is surgery from this box you can see her made in USA, and. This is Steve and Kerry can use the mouth guard Wow and. A bottom that's all the air always the certificates, I'll show some of special, ones this is what we call the photo matching, right. So you can see this little brown gems, she's done 13 game what shoes for the match to 2013. General, sakes and, they have the photo match here it's a Michael Jordan one. That's a for. The signature, another. Back this, is pretty much for the game used as you can see April, 22nd, 1980 sway, here's. A laughing, that I'm not sure you guys he's here this one it's. A pair of shoe as well the, name of the shoe the Moto is called a catapult, right so this is the mailman. Preschool. See the. Special thing is area this is signed autographed, a better memories also number two study - yeah and the thing is really I want to go on I just want to evolution, oh wow, yeah, you guys are spoiled I love your program and, have people's stuff because. The thing that touched me is actually my, grand march is possibly because of the corn cancer yeah yeah that's right so yeah, I really want to support you guys so yeah I just want to you oh I'm, gonna have to United States yeah appreciate. It Mike I appreciate you doing and then it's been a pleasure coming, to Australia, you inviting, us down here to check this out man you have an amazing collection totally, welcome, yeah yeah, I hope that I see you guys soon in to check out all more. Stuff.

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Omg. I’m replayed to Nathan Berhel

“I have general releases too” *pulls out Kaws 4s*

Straight banger!!! Coiski dropping the heat as always!

Yeah that's a

Make money for your corporation or Trump will come personally fire you.

mike bibby fire

Click on the "CC" on your screen. TURN ON SUBTITLES

Heat overload!

Where this guy get his cash from? Sheeezzzz...

MJ wore a size 13 for one foot and 13.5 for the other.


That is one rich dude

Who’s going to be the person to tell him they are all fake.

Appreciate it!

Why do ppl like having game worn sneakers lol never understood that

Go to Marshall university

One of the GOAT collections

Best collection on you tube. Tired of everybody showing yezzys

ray allen 16s are so sick

best j's collection ever!!!

This was legendary. Best episode for sure


How'd this Australia Asian guy get his hands on all these PE and Game worn sneakers?? Impressive

Cool shirt bro hook me up xl lol dope kicks

That mike bibby collection go crazy..i dano about them game worn AJ'S tho

Lebron shoes are better.

This episode was too dope!

Rob Cortes his whole fam got the heat ..wife and kid collection is better than most hypebeast

He shouldn’t have sole swapped those game worn 3s

This channel should have waaaaaaayyy more subscribers

Awesome vid and it's good to see your attention to detail for your collection,makes me proud to be a sneaker collector,shout out from the Bahamas bro,I agree with you unbreakable,I notice that he said bred not flu games

Of course he drives a Maybach

I wonder if his middle name is "Jordan"

wow alot of worthless sneakers

Muy buena coleccion

I can’t understand what did he say

the guy from sneak peek have his own channel OK I meet him before at sneakercon cool guy

I smell a battle between Perfect Pair and this dude right here!!

Loved how he said some young buck tried to say his Ray Allen Celtics PE was a fake and he was like "This is a Sonic's PE."

Lots of “R’s” and “W’s” were slayed in this video

General release he says... pulls out banned 1s

Raul Moreno perfect pair loses this one

Glad to see the 3s i swapped in the video!

Them ray Allen Sonics

We can’t even get damn near a picture with Jordan, and yet, this dude has tons of AUTOGRAPH shoes by HIM! Amazing.

Michael Fan

This is utterly insane. Perfect Pair is proud of his PEs but this dude has entire complete sets of them.

Cool seeing sneakerheads not in America #international

do money kicks!

Nice on Michael Fan, great to see such a big collection in Australia :D

Feel like he outshined KennyG even though he has a smaller collection


Yao Ming really did loves jordan

I need the bulls air max uptempo 95 color and I’ll have all of them in collection as well as the Carolina color wag

humble custodian.

We’re did this nerd get all these shoes ? And 2nd of all I don’t believe he has a wife Lol

Yo his collection is more dope than the bull shit we've been getting from nike grs nike stop playing!!!!!!!!! Those bibbys pe is fckn fire!!!


He said he has a GR wall. And he got Oregon duck 5, banned 1's, slam dunk 6, the just don 2, kaws 4's and mad other stuff lol. Dudes collection is amazing.

Goddamn, a true sneakerhead museum

I bought a pair of cardinal 7s about 3 months ago I thought I'd Neva see them again on someone else

John Manalo ayyye I see you John!

WildDanHibiki trust me the shoe was worth more with the OG cracked and crumbled sole than it is with the sole swap. OG collectors rather have everything og no matter how it looks

Keshaun V he had to. It was a cracked and crumbled

It looks crazy how those old jordan shoes looks sexier than any of these new retro OG releases. I mean the shapes of each shoe looks different from todays. That Jordan 3 white cement toe box is niiiccceeee.

Dope sneakers and interview

wow great video this guy lives around the corner from me

Ray got Game Box..

Dope dope dope dope!!!

His collection puts most elite collectors to shame and he is more humble and educated than most of them. He could just probably buy whatever he wants just to have it but it looks like he has taken the time to very carefully educate himself. He appears to have a lot of respect and reverence for the game. I love this video

Hey what's up Michael love ur collection man I have a 2009 Hof autographed jersey 3/23 upper deck very rare let me kno if ur interested u seem like the perfect guy that would love it I've had it since 2009 still in original box needs to be framed and admired.

best collection I have ever seen. Speechless....

"Back to the day" lol. What a nice, respectful guy. Great vid

That might be the sickest PE collection I've ever seen. Super Dope....Australians get down apparently.

Fire fire fire!!!!!!

How in hell does he display them without fear of a catastrophic accident, like a fire+sprinkler+smoke and ash combo? Or a suddenly jilted wife? Now I know why he said he'd love her til she died, lmao.If it was me, I would live every day in fear of what might happen to my unique collection.

I love how Jordan brand has made people around the world connect together, great collection my brother. Those autographs take me back to my childhood watching MJs career, no one will ever be as great. MJ 4 lyfe

Wait,does he wear his shit

If I was dudes friend everytime I came over I would put a adidas shoe in his collection everytime I came over.

He just shit on a lot of people’s jordan collection,and some of the shoes he has in the “gr” area are still rare,lol. Also he said Scottie pippin mad funny. You think he would still like his collection if it came out tomorrow that Jordan was a murdering rapist.

Autographing goes way back,now days is a authentic unless it's autograph

Hey Michael Fan you interested in OG nike air force 180 pumps? legit brand new never worn pumps!

Plus he's sad he can't wear his kicks, mad respect for buying to wear.

Jesus Christ my mans got dumb heaaaaaaatt

I thought Jordan only liked signing left shoes

Amazing collection.

And in this guys dungeon I bet he has Michael Jordan

Michael Air Jordan

those PE's though...

Imagine holding onto someone else’s used ass socks and being proud of it

whats his instagram?

This was an awesome vid. A true collector.

Michael Fan's a Michael fan!!

am a Fan of his collection


The gift just wondering.... is it just me or he just dont really like the mailman shoe? Since the Jazz and Karl Malone is the grratest rival of MJ and the Bulls thats why he gave it as a gift.

He said he would still love his wife if she start to yellow like his sneakers, that's so beautiful lol

17s are my favorite too! I have a whole collection of them!!

He has a "rerry" dope collection lmao

Collection is flames

Now this a collection.


Cool Asian guy

Mike baby Pe’s

Wow this is crazy !!!

Go to Philippines and Look for sneakers collection of BigBoy Cheng....

Best collection ive ever seen y’all shoe tubers better step it up a few notches he just made most of y’all look bad im just saying...........


John Manalo you the man for that props

wow. speechless

maybe you should also put some price sign on every amezing sneakers that this guy has... or maybe the next videos or something

Crazy Rich Asians

he gives jumpman bostic a serious run for his money..... I don't know but this guy may have rarer shit than bostic. the two guys together are amazing

yall think his collection is better then perfect pair collection

So much passion. So much knowledge. Respect

Respect, great collection and not a dush like famous collectors.

Imagine that. Grown ass men talking about ugly ass sneakers as if we’re as important as pussy. Smdh

18:32 the real heat

This man got dat HEAT,for real,for real!!!!!!!

Amazing stories behind every shoe he truly has a passion for collecting

Australian and Chinese accent mixed is hella hard to understand at first but after the first 5min i noticed you don’t have to fully understand what’s being said as long as you can hear certain words explaining details on sneakers. I think sneaker head talk is a language in of itself. Dope collection and hella knowledge behind each item. Good lookin out

Wow! Speechless.

So glad to know Asian are a part of sneaker history. I would love to see a movie about far East sneaker head collector edition of the whole wide world

Only gives Perfect Pair a run for the $$$ on Jordan’s . . . Perfect Pair has more than just Jordan’s from lebrons, Kobe’s, air max, adidas, yeezy, etc. Fan need to expand into other shoes as well ain’t just bout Jordan’s

united center not chicago stadium

ching chong ching chong open your eyes


Hudge peice of NBA history

I bet he has a Lamborghini in his garage

michael fan is number one michael's fan

First off .. bruh rich

Freaking amazing. The concords though.

So basically he’s a rich Chinese man that just goes to auctions in buys game worn Michael Jordan sneakers.

That’s not bad but if I kept all my shoes since early 80s I would of had bigger collection but I don’t and didn’t

To me it's absolutely retarded to buy shoes that's you're never going to wear.

LOL you think pussy is important?



Such an amazing collection and what a nice guy!

All I'm going to say is #Respect

Tell me Khaled sent this guy some shoes

Good see China man with real jordans

Amazing collection. Those 3’s though. Those look like the pair John Manalo swapped.

I thought those were the pair you swapped.

"i like the bring bring"

Zac S it’s not just “someone else’s” socks lol

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