Australia : Tasmania - 4wd OFFROAD [2018] | Sandy Cape | Climies Track | Balfour | ALLOFFROAD#140

Australia : Tasmania - 4wd OFFROAD  [2018] | Sandy Cape | Climies Track | Balfour | ALLOFFROAD#140

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So. Port, melbourne. Waiting. To get to, the ferry terminal. Spirit. Of tezi. Gave. Arrived. Before. Us. Just, maybe. You. Monday. Morning, first, and tezi good, night, sleep. Nixon. The train line was view over the ocean though drove, into Bernie head breaky stocked. Up on fresh, foods and. A, couple of things and now we heading. Towards handicapped. After. Checking out rocky cave he, saw. A sign, to. A lighthouse, table. Cape lighthouse, so. We had a quick, look around there. There. Arthur river beach, dragons, on the way to sandy, cape and, was. A good test. For us to make sure that our tire pressures, and everything spot, on, the. Tire pressure for me on the cruiser is between. 20. And 30. Psi, sounds. An awful lot but, it, turns out on, the landcruiser that. Pretty. Much begs out nicely and hasn't given, me any issues, anywhere. Driving. On the beach at arthur river or sandy, cape requires, a beach permit, which, can be obtained at the local ranger station the, arthur river beach track and the, track - sandy cape are classed as hot and should, only be undertaken by. Experienced. Drivers, with, well prepared vehicles, as every, year they are quite a few vehicles lost, when. You get your permit, at the ranger station just. Have a look at the wall and the. Many pictures of lost, vehicles, around that area. After. We left the beach at sundown point we drove a couple of more gravel. Roads towards, ordinance, point. We. Just. Hitting. Sandy. Or on the way to sandy cape at, hazard, pay and. We, just made a. Quote. And, the. Motorbike and apparently. There's. A bit, of quicksand, the, motorbike, disappeared. Up to the handle so. Yeah it could be interesting. We'll. See how that goes I hope. We don't disappear. Trying. To find that. Supported. River Campground looks like it the African savannah here. After. Playing around at the sandy cape lighthouse it, was time for us to find a suitable campground. Fortunately. We, had the whole sandy, cave to ourselves. Not a single soul around and. The. Landscape, and, scenery, is, breathtaking, it's. Like. You said back in time a million, years, we. Managed to find a beautiful campground, right next to the river. I mean, even in Bush repairs. We're. So hold I don't. Know, it'll be an anthem where you drive over it, down. Path to deed no. Okay, while, John jamun finished his tire appears, Dave, and myself decided, to. Have a swim in the pretty. Fresh North, Paris River some. Locals, rigged up quite, a big. Flying fox however, we did, not. We. Spent the evening around, the bush TV and were. Greeted by an absolute, stunning, sunrise. The. Next morning. Tuesday. Morning we just yet sandy Cape we packing our vehicles, because, we gotta. Be tickling Bell for now looking, forward to it but I better. Get my. Recovery. Gear ready. Because. We. Never know what's going to happen apparently, it has quite, a bit of water again there. Definitely is quicksand, around so you really have to be careful where, you cross and, how close you drive to the river nuts before. We start hitting the bell for Trek I'll leave you with a few more impressions of this incredible. Landscape which. Made me feel like I was the last man on earth. Are we making it, we'll. Find out. The. Most of the Belfort trick is pretty straightforward, driving. Through. The open. Grasslands. Which, is quite picturesque, on the first few kilometers, of the trek we encountered, a few puddles, but. They all had a firm ground and we're in too deep nothing, which could get us into trouble. We. Arrived at a fairly decent looking, book and Dave. Being first in line thought he gives straight, on a protocol. That. Didn't, turn out too, well he, took a fairly slow approach, which. Is good because you don't know what's in that bubble however. Really realized, he, wouldn't.

Proceed, Any further forward. He managed to reverse back, out and, no harm side a little bit of water in, the footwell was, done, you. Can see how death is turning, the steering wheel left to right to, gain a bit more traction for the tires. We. Then all took a different line which, had a fairly, firm bottom, and wasn't. Too deep. It. Was time to hit the last obstacle of the Belfort wreck which. Are the very long mud, puddles the, deepness obviously. Depends, on how, much rain there was before, fortunately. We hit it when it was not incredibly, deep so, we, had, no water ingress in any of our vehicles. This. Is a straight, forward section, of the Belfort, wreck, the, underground, is fairly. Hard there. Are some rock. Steps rocks, and, ruts in it but. There's. Plenty of traction. Little. Souvenir. From. Birth or after. The Belfort wreck, we decided, to, give the old town trip of their for a. Quick, visit. Seems. Like someone's living here. Not. Sure where. Gets. Us oh. Did. You bring your flashlight. Joanie's, you find. In. Fact all people working here. That's. It. Yeah. Follow drop it's hard, to. Serve. It like rust. After. Our expedition, in the mining, tunnel we headed to Karina has it got already quite late we, thought about staying there but, they can't grant was fairly, packin so you. Decided to head, on, and. Safari only, carries. Two vehicles, we, had to wait a little bit for jontron and. Visited. The historic, graves which, just. At the ferry. We. Still hadn't, isolated. My locker issue we, decided, to make our way towards, Granville, Harbor the, start of climb is trick and see. If we can fix the locker and then, we could commence climbing. Okay. We have to started climbing and. My. Real loca is not working and it's fairly, late, so. We. Decided. We. Would have to drive to Zia. Tuesday. Morning, I don't know how. Early. Very early shitty, night. Super. Windy I thought, my whole stretcher. Is taking, off. Yeah. Unfortunately I, figured out yesterday, doing, a fairly, steep climb that my real loca is not working we had a look we isolate, the issue it's not a leaking, airline it seems to be something internal pitches not good - but I had, a quick chat with tjm, and we. Heading, now towards. Auto Burnie TJ, and Bernie who offer to look at it right away. First. A, LED. Afternoon. 540. We. Spent, the past two, days nearly, in Bernie because. We, discovered, little, insulation, problem with my real lockup and. Dave. Had, an, oil leak. In. One of the bypass. Hoses, it's. His first trip out, so he didn't get a chance really to to, test it before Michigan. You shouldn't do I should put lockers in the week before but anyway. That's what happened so we, went back to Bernie, and. TJ. And Jimmy, from TJ and Bernie helped. Us out greatly they're fixed, my locker insulation, issue and. Also. Help us out with Dave's ranging, once. More we were on our way to do the climb is tricky as. It was again fairly late in the afternoon we, decided to make, a camp at Le Oh God. The. Next day we started fairly. Early in the morning to commence, our drive, towards. Granville hava and start. Climbing. It. Is one of the iconic tracks on the tasmanian, west coast it links trial hava to Granville, Harbour and is around 18 kilometres long even, though it is regarded, as a double black diamond trek with, well modified, vehicles, and experienced. Drivers, the, track can be conquered without, too many problems, however. It, is a remote track without, cell phone coverage so. It is highly recommended to. Undertake, this track only with well-prepared, vehicles, and in, convoy. When. I did climb is the first time three, years ago, the, weather was abysmal, even. Though they had heavy rain the past two days on, today's, trip the weather was perfect.

And Climb is you will traverse a variety of terrain, from, rocky, sections. Over there Chia granite, boulders, to, muddy, stuff and a, few river crossings you. Will also have quite a few rocks, some are quite deep and off camber, to, negotiate. As. Always. The, steepness of the terrain and, how deep the ruts are is very hard to gauge from a video there are certainly some decent. Ruts and, little. Rock steps in there a few off-campus. Sections, but, with correct replacement, these all can be negotiated fairly. Easy. The. Climb is Trek winds, through the mount hems Kirk regional, Reserve Bank, emsco, which, is 7-under 21, metres above sea level was, achieved the first sighted feature of the island of Tasmania by, Abel Tasman on, November, 24th. 1642. We reach one of the main obstacles, the, Granite, Creek Crossing please, had changed quite a bit since I last done. It first of all there is now bypass, bridge so, if you don't feel comfortable doing. This obstacle, you, can bypass it but also some of the big boulders, had been removed out of the waterway. But. We first had a quick stop here for lunch and I decided, to go for a quick swim in Granite Creek which. I have to say was, freezing, cold. And. As you can see here I slightly, screwed up that line my rear wheel just missed a rock by, a few centimeters hence. I scraped my rear bar a little and the passenger, front wheel climbing, then step became, fairly light. I. Thought. I tried the harder line here I knew. I would, end up in a bit of a side angle, but. Yeah, became. A little bit uncomfortable and, I, didn't, want to risk it so I reversed, back and took. The obvious line just straddling, it 36. Degree side angle feels a bit funky. We. Did a little detour, driving. The Federation, mind trick however. I, would not recommend it it's super, overgrown, so, a lot of pinstriping. Going on and probably. 3/4. That meters before the trek ends anyway you, see these very deep ruts which, would. Cause certain, Penner damage, if. You feel like walking it is a reasonably. Short walk. Up there there's, an old mine, site with some old foundations. And, stone. Walls if. You decide to drive there is no turnaround, point you pretty much have to reverse back that very, narrow point for quite a bit. It. Was time to find a camp spot and hence. The weather was very. Very. Good and there was hardly any wind we, decided. To stay, at full bit rock, it's. Certainly not something I would recommend on. The most days due, to the, change of weather condition, and if it's windy there it will be in very unpleasant. Thanks. For watching the first part of our Tasmanian, four-wheel-drive adventure, if, you, enjoyed the video please help us subscribe. To our channel and like, the video have. You had any memorable, experiences on. Any of the tricks we have done let, us know in the comment section I'm keen to hear about it keep. Your eyes peeled for the. Second part of our tasmanian, adventure, where, we going to be tackling, Lake Cumberland Trek supposedly. One of the most difficult wrecks, in Tasmania, we. Will be visiting, Montezuma, Falls we will be doing the Ring River Road we will be getting lost in the handy tombs and driving, the Bellingham Traverse we. Also having a look at Jacob's letter and quite. A few other things so keep, your eyes out it's, going to be again a super, episode. You.

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Please enjoy Part 1 of our Tasmanian West Coast video. Have you been in Tassy? What Tracks have you done? Did we miss something? Please let us know in the comment section. As always please share and like the video if you enjoy.

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Exceptional Video Stefan! Both in content, music and editing, really stepping up the game. Your 105 looks fantastic, i am regretting getting my 100 IFS, its like a car compared the 105 with lockers :( All you guys on 35's?

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The white one? That was sold a year ago, needed more space in the back when going with Family and it needed to much effort to keep reasonably reliable so settled on a Landcruiser. There are a few vlogs explaining the reasons

My first big 4x4 trip was the west coast of Tassie in 2013. Scored an article in 4wd action for it too. Climies track is my favourite 4wd track ive done and Tassie is definitely A grade adventure. Looking forward to part 2.

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