Authentic Intent - Bringing NASA To A Level Playing Field On A Flat Earth

Authentic Intent - Bringing NASA To A Level Playing Field On A Flat Earth

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All. Right good afternoon. Humans. Of. The. Earth I hope you're volunteering. Over. The next six weeks your, tax information. So. We can continue to propagate this lie. Of. Our. Reality, that we continue to live in thanks for. Coming. By today on. March. 9. Day. Of our Lord 2018, we're. Back at the Minnesota, State Capitol building, we. Have a. Lot. Of. Action. Captain. Kirk good to see you. Yeah. We're back and. So. There. There. Are a lot of, visitors. Here today a lot of schools, it. Was pretty loud here, as, you can see up top here we're. Gonna have plenty of. Mockery. Ridicule. So on. And so forth and then I'm gonna tell them that Santa Claus isn't real and then, we'll. Get kicked out of here right. So. You, guys want a mock and ridicule me, well guess what go tell you talk to your parents about Santa Claus who's, Santa Claus. So. We'll see we'll, see how that goes. Martin. Good, to see you flat. Stuff earth. Thanks. For coming by today we got. Some. New signage, we're, just gonna ask for people to help me out I need. Psychiatric. Help. And. The. Flat earther please help me. Do. You have any wisdom. That. You can help me come back I have. Drifted I. Have. Drifted way too far on that boat on. The. On the level motionless, plane. I'm. Going. Towards the edge. So, please come. And save me from, myself. So. Rob good to see you thanks for coming by I. Love. This channel too. Thanks. A lot appreciate it. How's. It going. Alright, alright. Alright, alright so. Blue skies sailing. Well. I appreciate it captain. Permission. To come aboard sir. Power. Go for him doc, got. Somebody who left there. There, juice that's today and we also have. This. Guy here I got it on my lanyard so we're packed and, ready. To go, could. You tell me what size America, is these are artists. Renditions. Obviously. This is an interpretation of, where. We live because if. It. Wasn't an interpretation, we would have consistency. About. Our pictures of Earth, from outer space right. But. We don't have consistency. Because, Earth. From outer space is not, real. If. Rhinoceroses. How's. It going guys hope. To see down here soon, so I can tell you that. And. Our. Rhinoceroses. The. Great-great-great-great. Great-great-great. Great-great, grandfather's. Of unicorns. Possibly. Could. Be. So. We got plenty of kids here we're gonna ruin some lives. Gonna. Make some kids cry hopefully, ruin their ideas, of outer space. Guardians. Of the galaxy is real. Marvel. Comics give me a proper, interpretation of, outer space and. The. Easter bunnies come into town. Three. Weekends from now, Flat, Earth dude good to see ya. Dagon, Morningstar hello. Chris. Jackson, good, to see you good to talk with you earlier today. It's. Good to hear people. Understand. That bullets kill people not guns. So. As. You can hear there's a lot of there's, a lot of kids here so they got some action Hey look at this guy's gonna take a picture couple. Your, life is ruined. And. Just. We got to start calling out the lies for what they are you. Know. Kind. Of getting. Tired of this place Himawari, good to see ya. Hey. Guys I'm a flat earther, I don't believe in the ball earth could you help me out please.

Do. I have to go back to school. Yeah. I, don't. Believe we live on a ball in outer space. So, could you help me, you. Can okay, all. Right well I hope to see you soon down, here so I can. Piss. That lady off right there. Okay. Yeah I'm live on YouTube right now I got a YouTube channel you want to check it out all. Right I do, too, so. I'll see you down here soon okay mate, maybe I don't know maybe they'll keep you away from me. This. Place doesn't like to tell truth I do so. Hey. Do you see how this is an eight-pointed, star. There's. A reason why it's eight-pointed, and it's. Not because of the MS it's. Not because it's for Minnesota. So. If you have yet to like share and subscribe. If. This is your first time seeing open-air. Activism. For. Flat Earth I encourage, you. To, like, share and subscribe and if you don't like what I'm doing dislike, smash. That dislike, button. Let. Me hear it from. Peanut gallery. And. I'd appreciate that and, sometimes. If you hit the bell again like you refresh the Bell you'll get notifications, of me going live, this. Sunday I, will. Be at the Minnesota Timberwolves game, they verse, arguably. The best. Basketball. Team in the NBA the Golden, State Warriors. Team. Popcorn. Steph. Curry is gonna come. Into town, I'd. Call him team popcorn, because at the second half of the, all-star game he started, out eating, popcorn so, clearly he could care less about the all-star game. The. NBA is the most fraudulent professional, sports out. There. Competing. With soccer, you, know they. Have I, mean if you weren't with you Google, soccer. Flopping. And NBA, flopping, they're pretty, entertaining. To watch, good. Acting. Flat. Accord music good to see you censor. Truth I'm doing well thanks. I'm. Excited to be here we got a lot of schools, here today we've got a lot of young minds. They're. Gonna have their minds ruined, and. Informed. Hopefully. I'm going to start them off on the right path unlike, their school system, and, their. Parents. So. I. Like, the step the, step dad to truth if, you will I don't, like going to the state capital that uncle, Josh is there he always tells us that, Santa. Claus isn't real. We. Never landed on the moon. Outer. Space is fake. People. That work here are liars. So. There's. Your flag of tyranny and. Oppression, for, the United States of America, corporate, America. Yeah. Don't, go to this no go to the state don't go to the state capital because uncle Josh is there. Gonna. Ruin my life he. Ruined my life but. I'm better for at twenty years later right. So. I was reading an article earlier, today, what. Do you all think about the Chris Brown. Article. That was released today he. Apparently took a picture he took a picture now okay, he didn't type this in from what I understand. Stop. Trusting. NASA is what he said so what do you guys think about Chris, Brown. Mainstream. Media, music. Talking. About stop trusting, NASA is that use for mockery and ridicule or, is. It publicity. Positive, or negative doesn't matter. Yeah. This, case I'm. Gonna walk by them again here in a minute I'm gonna ask him a question in, passing. China. Jones thanks, for coming by. On, your cellphone you can always Google Flat, Earth and, get, informed I encourage. People to do that, check out often t'k intent, YouTube. Channel. Frequencies. Thanks.

Charlie, Sheen yeah well, no. He'll say that he got the moon pregnant, that's what they'll have him say I got, somebody pregnant on the moon. First. First. Baby. And. He got drunk he. Snorted. He. Snorted. Moonrock. Right. He's. Important. He's. Important. So. I just thought that was kind of funny today to. See. The. Crisps the Chris Brown. Thing. You. Know yeah I mean yeah we should stop trusting, NASA but. You. Know what's funny is that's the lesser magic, that we were talking about earlier today that's. Why you're, all of your screens, that, you look at whether it be your television, your. Phone your laptop so. On and so on. That's. Why it's black. Yeah. Sure right Travis. Travis, cloud says Chris. Brown woke me up woke me up today right yeah that's all it took that's, the. Straw that broke the camel's back, Chris, Brown thanks a lot sir. Appreciate. You. But. That's their that's their lesser magic so is this is, this a concept, of lesser magic where they. Know the truth. About. NASA. Because. He was told what to say right I mean there's no way. He. As. Celebrity. Can do or say anything without, it being filtered, through, the proper channels, he. Had to have said what he said on, purpose. So. It's it's half mockery. But it's also half truth maybe. It will help people you know get. Out there a little bit, Flat. Earth dude a god bless you too man thanks, for I. Really. Appreciate you guys everybody, coming in and just hanging out we're gonna have we're. Gonna have something. Going. On here just trying to get my trying, to sharpen. Our. Information. So when these kids come down we're. Ready for him I'll. Bring up the Chris Brown thing and be like hey you know Chris Brown says stop believe in NASA why do you believe NASA, right. You danced, so. Oh. This. Chris Jamie Brown says Chris Brown deleted, his. His. Picture well. We'll. See we'll, see how that how that goes. Flat. Earth vegans. Elliott. Hall it's, been a while good to see you. So. Bill G. Yeah. I'm, pacing. Around because if you stand in one place what we found out at the Xcel Energy Center that's considered loitering. So. I don't want a loiter right. So. We got to keep moving we got to just keep walking, maybe. That's what I could do at the Xcel Energy Center and the Target Center is just. Keep walking in a circle because. Maybe. I'll walk this way no since. You mentioned it I'll walk the other way. And. So we're just. Hanging. Out waiting for some. Conversations. Which will happen there's, there's a lot of people here today a lot of kids so. Yeah. The polls switched. Going. The opposite direction now. Yeah. If well, the intricate the, the internet. Connection is going to stay good, if I stay in this general. Area. If, I go upstairs that's. When it starts to get a little choppy, and then I got a reset and then it's just like ah so. Walk. Backwards. Easy. Job you did, you updated. Good. Yep, give. Me up to Europe, you know you. Don't. Feel. Appropriate. You. Idiot. Hey, I'm you know. Your. Job you know, so. You'll. Have to rewind that and play it backwards to, understand what I said. This, is a pretty big building, too so I wonder when.

Everybody's. Gonna come down. If. I play this backwards will, there be a message yeah right backmasking. Yeah if you if you're if you're new to that idea I encourage. You that is a fun little. Little. Study, backmasking. And, music. Particularly. You. Know the classic, is like you know you're Led Zeppelin's and you're beatles. Backmasking. And. Yeah. You know you can interpret it for what you want but. You. Know the occult does like to use hidden. Messages. You. Can even go so as far as Obama. And. What. He was saying yes, we can. You. Back mask that. Thank. You Satan is, what do you suppose they'll be Hussein so, how, long do you think we're gonna go and tell a teacher. Says, stop, recording, us are you recording us stop recording the kids. How. Dare you. What's. Wrong with you how long do you think we're going to be able to go. Are, you recording this yeah I am actually we're. Live on YouTube here's my youtube channel good. Luck with that oh look at this. So. We're going to distract everybody. In. Docking, the kids exactly, take. Me to your leader. Yes. Ma'am. Yes. Ma'am. That. Teacher looks angry. Are you recording us yes. She. Doesn't understand. The. Earth is flat. See. That gives you a smile right yeah. It's. Better than being indoctrinated tell. You that much. I got, a smile for the camera. Smile. For the camera everybody. You've, been lied to bud we. Don't live in a ball. Do, you guys can you guys help me I believe that we live on a flat motionless. Plane and not, a ball. Yeah. We. Don't we don't live on a sphere, in outer space. You've. Been lied to and you're. Being lied to right now in school. Your. School is lying to you not meaning. And. Also. Ask your parents, who Santa Claus is. Yeah. So. Go home go. Home and ask your parents who Santa Claus is I hope you guys are all in on the joke. Easter. Bunny. Ask. Your parents who the Easter Bunny is so if, your parents if your parents lied to you about Santa, Claus do, you think that they could be lying to you about where you live. So. What you should do is you should go home on, YouTube. And, type. In Flat Earth documentaries. What's. That, no. I'm just telling you the truth young lady that you don't live on a ball in outer space and. Outer. Space is fake. Yeah. It is. Nobody. Landed on the moon. Nope. I'm, videotaping. Actually, yeah. I can it's not this is actually public, property, mail security. Oh : okay, awesome. Yeah. And I'll and I'll be waiting for security. Yeah. I do, it's, called Minnesota, statute, sixty six, point. Zero two a thanks, ma'am have a nice afternoon guys, hey wake up okay NASA's, lying to you, we. Never landed on the moon guys. NASA. Is, lying to you and so is your school. Wake, up kids. Outer. Space is fake okay. Outer. Space is faint. Never. Landed on the moon buddy. Yeah. Research, it look, it up type. In a funny thing happened, on the way to the moon okay. We're. Going to wait for security, to not show up like last time. Never, landed on the moon but okay research. It. Heard, your kid you guys are being indoctrinated okay, you're not learning anything, you're. Just repeating what they're telling you okay. School. Is a fraud. Boom. You have something to say to them yeah I do yeah, yeah. If. Your parents, lied to you about Santa. Claus your. School, is lying to you about where you live, yeah. Really man yeah. This is public property, and you need to stop encouraging, lies, okay, sir. Stop. Telling kids Santa Claus is real that's. How we stop this lie. Hey. Kids we never landed on the moon okay wake up. For. You to get kicked out yeah I know. So. You. Can't be bothering. I'm. Walking, around Dave. Wrote few is fine yeah but, they're not approaching, you but I'm openly speaking, ma'am, you're, not approach you. Need to not interrupt them okay, well I can openly pace and. I can speak, yes there's necessarily anything, I can do about it right but, you cannot be sitting standing out here father to the kids we're trying to have a field trip okay, I get but if I'm openly talking to my viewers on YouTube great, but that's not what you were doing you were yelling at the kids, they. Yelled at me and said Minnesota, Minnesota. They. Do that sex, party I know but that's what I do heard it too you know it's Flat Earth ma'am so. I understand, where you're coming from and I, all, respect, what.

You're Saying so that we can have a good, experience here, please, but. Understanding. My rights, the teachers continue to harass me and tell me that I can't film which I can so, I hope that you informed, them that I can, I'm, talking about you cannot be yelling, at the kids when you're trying to have it or if they come and talk to you sure. But, you cannot be sitting here screaming it gets in. Terms of vineyard I can, stand and walk around and openly speak though right right, okay that's not what you were doing okay we're yelling at the inche intern what did I say, you're. You're, yelling at their you they were up there there you're yelling at them I was at all I have to project my voice so, that I hear me. Sure. Okay. And what, and what Lodge is that it where's the law that says that I can't approach the kids on public property that's, not a lot. Okay. So when you come up but, when you come up with the law on public property in state capital, then we, can officious trust that it's an administration. And Minnesota administration. Okay. Okay. So shut along okay no so you can't get arrested but we can kick you out okay sure there's the difference okay and then I can come back the next day yes. Okay sure. Good. To know what's your name. Okay, all. Right thanks for your conversation, have a nice afternoon. All. Right so now that you, know she. Informed. Us. On. What we can a can't do is good to know no you know now. I can openly speak my mind. Like. It's gonna stop like, you're gonna stop me right. Like. You're gonna stop us, still. Filming. Cry. About it man. Cry. About it it's a free country. Well. We got in what we could. She. Clearly came up as soon as she could so that she could be a distraction, so and, they know my name hey, did you see that they she. Addressed me by my first name. That's. Respectful. So. Definitely. Having an impact here folks. Definitely. Having, an impact. Yeah. Keep talking you guys can keep talking all you want you're. Not gonna stop. It's. Not in did you see that it's a rule and. Not a law and I can't get arrested but. They have to let me in, so. 26. Minutes in. Yeah. I know right like and, then. Everybody leaves. So. We'll. Try to come a little bit earlier maybe like 11:30, or 12:00, I started, at 12:30, there's. Plenty of time how's, it going man. All. Right it's. Going somewhere right. So. I don't think I don't think it would I'd like totally mattered cuz. You. Know. But. We. Affected, them I think I would have probably gotten, in trouble or. Had. More disdain. Towards. My. Actions. If I, would, have handed out my business, card, to. Kids they, probably would have frowned upon that a little bit but. They. Know that. Their. School is lying to them just like their parents did we had a pretty, extensive conversation. On jamie brown's chat. Regarding. The. 12-year lie of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and so on. And. Trying. To like incorporate, that into the. Conversation of. Okay. Well if your parents lied to you. Basically. Your parents. Conspired. With. All. Your friends and family. To. Lie to you about Santa, Claus, for. 12 years grandma. Graham's. Really. Jima. Grandma's. Gonna lie to you about Santa Claus yeah she will hike to you about Santa Claus and so.

If Grandma, can. Lie to you about Santa, Claus and the Easter Bunny and your. Parents, can. What. Do you think your government, with an unlimited source, of. Money. Resources. Television. And, power. Is capable of doing do you think that they're gonna be honest with you, probably. Now that's why there's secret societies, running the United States of America, secret. Handshakes, all across the earth and. The. Drama that happens, in, the political field is a complete 100% fabricated. Narrative, the. Young the Restless. Does. A better job so. Just, kind of you know I'm gonna try to work that into the. Adult, conversations. If you would they, lie we see good, to have you back Josh thanks a lot good to see you in the chat, if. You haven't yet hit that like. Subscribe. Hit the bell dislike, this if you want. But. Sochi, verbatim. Said so you were wondering how long it take you to get kicked out of here so they're watching I appreciate you guys out there too I hope, you go into, the description, section below. And. You watch those videos. How. You guys doing hey. Terrific if. Your if your parents, lied to you about Santa, Claus do. You think your government's, lying to you about things. You're. A scientist, that's awesome, so lemma, yeah. We're back. We're. Back yeah. He keeps here, what. Am i I can't do anything so but. Again that guy he just walks away. That. Guy just walks away. I'm. Gonna really let's just irritate him I'm getting bored. Let's. Remind these kids of. Reality. And. Distract them and. Fill. People on public property. All, right they're gonna take a photo I'm. Gonna, accidentally. Get. My signage. In. The photo. Yeah. Right, looks pretty flat to me. One. Two three photo bomb kaboom. Zoom. In make sure you guys oom into this picture later. Just. Destroyed, your screen, photo. Just. I know right I just destroyed. So. We just wrecked their school photo. Yeah. I know right. These. Kids are so. Trained. And obedient. You. Guys are going back inside oh man I gotta get in there. They're, gonna remember that. Yeah. Frequencies. I know right. All. I got are some skinny. Spaghetti. Arms. You. Know so. What do you want from me yeah they're moving. You. Ruined my field trip Oh No. Or. Did, I make it better you know, little dramas and. Little. Drama isn't, so. Bad. So. Looks, like we got some patrons. In. The. Chat folks looks, like these kids are on, their phones right now live streaming. The video and, they're. Ignorant. To. The law. They're, over there conspiring. Math. You see for. Right. So. We're. Here to bring truth. Wake. The young minds up and also bring, entertainment and. You. Got to ask yourself right now. Am. I. Not entertained. The, earth is round like, a pizza, that's. That's good if you, want to use the word round let's, use proper, vernacular if you think that we live on a ball in outer space. Say. Sphere ball. Globe. Using. The word round is what they taught you in school because it gives you a. Misconception. On what. A circle, is. So. Good. Luck with that. Round. Like a penny. Round. Like. A penny so, what's funny is they. Won't let me interact with the kids you know like off, the cuff but I can interact with adults, right. Even. Though this is. The. People's, building as that lady outside said I. Know. Right let's go backwards. This. Is the people's building. So. I hope everybody understands, that I have a legal right to be here and. If you don't like it you should change the laws. Maybe. You should go to a committee meeting. You. Know it's funny that you know again, people. Have a problem with. Being. Filmed by a private, citizen, but. They're. Okay with their government, spying. On them on a regular basis. Yucking. It up with the. Establishment. Over there going backwards they're laughing they're having a good time they enjoy it I. Filmed. You I did film you, because. We're on public property. Did. You know that your cell phone is filming you right now. Go. Put that in your corncob, pipe and smoke it. Your. Government, is watching you, all. The time I like, I used to like to take my my, phone. In, to. The bathroom with me I used. To listen to music when, I was taking a shower and.

When. I found out that the government, uses your cell phone in your laptop to spy on you through. Your camera I stopped. And. I, put electrical, tape over my selfie, camera and all. Of my cameras. Like. My Xbox, one. Kinect. Did. You know that your Xbox one Kinect films, you. Did. You know that your Smart. TV made, by Samsung, for example, they. Openly, tell you that they send. Your. Searches. And your. Voice, and, your. Camera. Images, to a third-party company did you know that if. You. Don't when I got an in I got a video at the bottom of the description section. So. I hope that informs, you. Haley, Edwards. Big. Brother that's right. Rob. Hey. What's, your gamertag for, what my. Get my gamertag, for. Xbox. 360. I. Think. Is. Not. Sure I. Don't. Play games enough I do. Have a steam account. So. You can look out look at me on Steam my, Steam account is Jay swifty, 81. But. I'm, trying to get away from playing video games actually. They're. A big distraction I, try. To uh. I'm. Trying to focus on you know what I'm doing here a little. Bit more. But. I do play video games I'm not perfect you know so. Teachers. Watching this. Stopped. Indoctrinating. The kids earth, is just as it appears flat motionless, that's right. So. It appears that we have some. People. Who, were on camera, just, recently, thirty minutes ago in, the chat room right now so say hello. To. Those. Teachers. And/or, students. Give. Them a warm welcome. Thank. Them for coming by and to, investigate, where. They live. No, I didn't get kicked out because. This is me. Getting kicked out would infringe on my First Amendment rights, so. I hope you. Understand. What the First Amendment means. And. This. Is public property so, this is a public government, facility, and. In. Minnesota. Statute. Six to 6.02 a, that. Is the law that allows me as a private citizen to. Film anyone I want and. Take. Voice recordings. On public, property and I, do not need your permission. So. I love that law as. Everybody. Should and I hope in the future you guys all express. Such. A law. No. Joke that's, right hey D marble good to see you thanks for coming in. Chris. Brown oh I, forgot to mention Chris, Brown. Chris. Brown tells people, to stop trusting. A NASA. He. Took a picture of sad, comments. So. You can take that for what it's worth clearly you know it's gonna be labeled. As mockery, how dare you say something against NASA what's wrong with you.

But. We're. All and, like I was saying earlier on jamie brown's chat this is the reason why, common. Citizens, aren't told the truth about. Conspiracies. Because. It takes a process, it takes decades, for. People in secret societies, to. Come. To the realization. That they're being lied to about where they live. You. Know. The various other esoteric, exoteric. Messages. That are being put, out there. You. Know what a school. Shooting, for example, means and. So. When you when you just hit. Somebody in the mouth with flat earth you. Know. The. Public isn't able. To. Comprehend, it right. So. Once you smack somebody in the mouth with the globe lie. For. Four people in secret societies, it's taken decades for. Them to. Get to that point and now they understand, now it's just like of, course, the earth is flat like it doesn't spin. So. On and so on but. When you tell kids who are in school. That. They're being lied to by their, school. They. Can't, believe it because. They're. Not brought, up in that type of. You. Know lifestyle, that family. And. It's. Kind of you know it's kind of like this - like the. Beast system, is, showing, its, love. To. People, in secret, societies by, giving, them the truth, you. Know because I mean they they have the truth I mean the underlying, truth is that they're they believe in Lucifer. They. Believe in the god of this world. But. They have the truth and what is being perpetuated, in, schools, is a, lie you are being indoctrinated kids. You. Are being openly, lied to about dinosaurs. Evolution. Outerspace. The. Spinning, ball, everything. Like the, only thing that you can take out of going. To school is learning a language. Learn. A language and, I'm, not talking about maths. You. Know learn Spanish. Or Chinese or. Thai. Or, Russian. Because. Then as you. Get older. You'll. Be able to communicate. With said. Russians. You, know said Asian people. Because. Then we'll. All be, incorporated. Into this melting, pot anyways, and we'll. Probably have you know. Google. Translate, will be like the ultimate you'll, just have an earpiece. Put. It in your ear somebody, can speak their native language, and the. Earpiece is able to. Comprehend. It. 100%. Instead. Of right now you know it's like hit or miss so. That's, good yeah people are letting, me know that they know Spanish, they know other languages, that's great, take. That and use that. But. You're, not going to be able to take a whole lot of what you're learning in your public school system, and, be. Able to bring that what. You're doing is you're being herded, into a particular, class, is, what you're being herded into. So. All of your all, of your friends, in school you guys all know the same things. You. Know when I watch, basketball. I watch. Basketball through, a streaming, site and on. This streaming site. Enduring. Like commercial, breaks and whatnot I get, to watch what they do on the court in between, intermissions, and, a, lot of times. What these basketball. Team what, these basketball, you. Know teams do when, when there's a commercial. Break is they'll. Go out into the crowd and. They'll. Quiz, the. Crowd on celebrity. Gossip and, say. Okay we're gonna play a song for, you, we're. Gonna show you a face, if, you. Can tell us. The. Correct answer for, all these different celebrity. Questions, we'll. Give you a free, Timberwolves. T-shirt or you. Know uniformed. Like. That that's, idiocracy, right, there that's their definition of idiocracy is. Quizzing. People. In America. Celebrity. Gossip. That's. How stupid, and brainwashed. You guys are. That. Is embarrassing. You. Guys don't even know you could believe that you live on a spinning, ball but you don't know how fast we're spinning. You. Don't know how fast the earth is, traveling, around the Sun. You. Don't know how fast our solar, system, is moving through. The Milky, Way galaxy and.

How. Is that even measured, how. Can the, Sun, moving. Through the Milky Way galaxy be. Measured, if we're, all moving together. Right. Think. About that. Come. On think about that if. Let's. Even say that you can measure the Earth's spin. Let's. Say that that's even possible which it's not. How. Are you able to measure the earth spinning, around the Sun when we're all when it's all relative. How. Are we comparing. Our speed, in outer, space to, something. Because. If we're seeing the same stars, over, the last eight thousand, years. How. Is it that, we're. Moving them cuz, clearly it's all relative, then right. So. Again outer space is fake. You, don't live on a spinning, ball and you never seen. You've. Never seen, this. With. Your own eyes. You've. Never seen that with your own eyes. That. Is an artist's, rendition, of where, you live and. Both. North, America. Pictures, are different sizes. Come. On people. If. I. Was to take a picture, of you. Now. And, then two years from now we take another picture. How. Much do you think your physical, features have changed, I mean if you start. Binging, on fast food. You. Know I mean then yeah you're gonna have probably. A little obesity, problem but let's just say you, continue, to live. For. The two, years that you have prior, and you keep your same diet. You're. You're not gonna you're. Not going to look this different. You, know. Come, on like. How. Is it that you can't understand. That. You're being lied to, about where you live. You. Know. Peyton. Says are you on drugs, no, actually I'm, sober, when I do this, I'm 100%. Sober, because I know it would ruin my integrity, to. Be on drugs, when. I do something like this. Even. Sitting at home when I do Google Hangouts I'm sober. Because. I know it would ruin the integrity of, this community, to. Be smoking, a bowl, while. I'm talking about Flat Earth on camera, and. I'm. Blowing, the smoke at. The. Computer, screen, while. I'm talking to you so. I take offense to that question, because. You don't have to be on drugs. To realize that you're being lied to clearly, you're, on drugs if. You. Believe everything, that you're being taught in school, because. That's where all of us in this community were we. All realized that we were being lied to, good. I'm glad, I'm glad you had a good field trip. 220. Feet above us. That, star is eight-pointed, for a reason you should YouTube eight-pointed. Star occult. Symbolism. Your. Your. Government, is. A. Bunch. Of Sun worshipers, that's. Why. That's. An eight-pointed, star it's. Not because of the MS, not because not, because you look at it and there's one two, three four, M's. They. Stand for Minnesota. If. You believe that. You're. Being lied to so. Let you know. Just. A heads up so, if, you haven't yet, like share, dislike. Subscribe I know. There's a lot of people out there that are gonna dislike it I encourage you to voice. Your opinion, use your, First. Amendment rights to like share and subscribe this. Cuz, if you don't use your rights, if you don't use it you lose it and your. Silence is, your consent. To. Being. Oppressed, so. Jared, good to see you I appreciate you. Ruby. Says you're a lie well use, proper grammar. Why. O you. Apostrophe. Re at, least say you are, a liar. But. What, you use there that's improper grammar and I think I'm gonna have to do a grammar class, next. Time I go live. So. That you guys can understand, what your and your is it's an it's there. There and there. Got. Some newcomers to. The. Cathedral, of, worship. Hey. There you go multi Tom your, I. Mean. At least all of us truthers, can agree that. Truthers. Are pretty lazy in terms of their grammar or they actually, don't know the difference between your, and your. There. There and there. It's. In its. Who. What where when and why you. Know I see that so many times in chat. The. Your and your is totally, and they, and they're pretty confident about it too like I see them regularly the, same people.

Unable. To, use proper. Vernacular. So. There. They are being indoctrinated by, lies. Lies. Lies lies. I don't, care about, spellings. Seek, truth. Yeah. Okay then you should change your name then seek truth. Seeking. Partial. Agreement. How about that. You. Ruined our field, trip, Richard. Good. You. Ruin my day too I came. Here to protest on my own by myself not. To share any information and. You, just show up and. Get. On camera. Kaden. And his friends, good to see you thanks a lot. Who's. Standing. What. Was that, you. See what that says, who's. Standing at the edge and looking angry yeah. The establishment, is the. Establishment, pit bosses we, never landed on the moon and Santa. Claus isn't real. Kids. Look into, this crazy. Man's. Claims. You may be surprised, yeah I mean I just encourage, people you, know. To dismiss, it. To. Dismiss. This information. Is the height of ignorance, if you. Haven't looked into it. Okay. Does. That make sense. Rejection. Of. Information. And. Mocking. And ridiculing it, before you look into it is the. Height of ignorance. Field. Indoctrination. In. Progress. There, are children starving, in this world, spelling. Correct is not that important, in my, eyes well. Then I hope that you're using your money to help feed starving people. Kids. NASA is a toy story and. If. Your parents lied to you about. You. Know Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny what else do you think they're lying to you about, you. Know do your parents tell you their, mortgage, payments, every month. Do. You think your government, tells you their mortgage payments, every month. Couple. Days prior to 9/11, day, of our lower 2001. Donald. Rumsfeld, says, that we don't know where a couple trillion. Dollars went. This. Just up and disappeared, whoops. If. If. You. Were to. If. You were to just kind of misplace. Monies. And. Somebody. Came, to audit you. Which. Is a you evil. They. Would probably have something, to say to you they, would they would probably. You. Know tear your house apart and be like where are these receipts. Where. Is your income. How. Did you buy this stuff. But. The government, they can just do whatever they want they can just print money. Nonchalantly. No. Problemo. Ace. MacLeod thanks a lot for coming out. How. You doing terrific. First. Time here. Hey right on too bad I wasn't there I would have ruined it for you. Oh I'm. Just hanging out and letting people know, that. I need help, yeah. I'm a flat earther I don't believe that we landed on the moon and we live on a ball and outer space, do. You have any information that you can give me so that I can kind of come back to the fold if you will I seem, a bit lost. Yeah. We don't live on a balm am, a. Level. Motionless, plane yeah it's. Never been measured that we are moving did you know that I. Have. A question for you real quick I don't to take up too much time but, the first 12 years of your life you, probably believed in Santa Claus right I. Know. Right but follow me here so like the first 10 or 12 years of your life you believed in Santa Claus right your. Whole family, right, let's say, 10. Maybe, 15 20, family, members conspired. Against. You to. Keep you in the dark about Santa, Claus even grandma.

Grandma. So. Do you think it might be possible that a group of people could. Be conspiring, against us about where we live. It. Could be okay, is, it is it. Yeah. Anything is possible just like me coming up with the YouTube channel where I openly talk about this and I do encourage, you to check. Out the videos and. Explore. Have an open mind. Okay. Well water is always level. Okay. So. How does level, water stick, to a spinning ball. Gravity. Did. You know that that's a theory and that's never been measured. That's, like me that's like me saying the, theory of rhinoceroses. Of the great-great-grandfather's, of, unicorns. Just. Saying. Check. It out yeah. Have a nice afternoon thanks, drive safe out there. Still. Here didn't get kicked out by the security, what. A coincidence. Cuz. This is public property, and. I can do what I want. Boom. So. Good. Little conversation. But. But but but gravity. But. But but but waves. Oh water. Isn't flat water. Is not level there's waves man, there's, 50-foot, waves it, curves. That's. What we get like that's that's like that's that's, the comeback like, really. Flat. Trotter good to see you, you've. Been lied to about everything, plain sailing. Thanks. A lot for coming by man warrior. May. The force be, with. You. Multi Tom. Bill. G Tommy, Lee, salted. Cedar. You're. Being raided. Die. In a hole well eventually, I won't. Die in a building because, well. I might die in a building because apparently skyscrapers. Can collapse. From. Airplanes, so. And fires. So. I hope I don't die, in a skyscraper that got hit by an airplane because I'll definitely. Be. TKO. David. Roche. Why. Talk like that to a child be a better person, yeah, I mean you know. You. Gotta you gotta try to let. Them be kids I mean in that sense they don't know any better they're ignorant they don't know any better, those. Children, children's. And who knows if that's even a children anyways. That. Could be just a sock account saying that you ruined my. Field. Trip it could be P Mars for, cryin out loud. You. Know. Seriously. Could have just gotten I, mean, I haven't looked at the profile so I don't know I don't, know but, you. Know what I'm saying. Could. Just be a sock account. Savannah. Wants. Some attention attention. Seeker. Kaden. Attention. Seeker sock count. So. All. Right so we're about halfway through have. A lot of action so far. These. Gentlemen, up here. Yada-yada-yada. Talking. About stuff that they don't know about, so. We got another hour to, go. Hope. Everybody's, doing well out there. Hey. We're back. Thanks. Man appreciate it, yeah I'm feeling good, feeling. Real good. You. Know once I started. Feeling better and I got back to you. Know eating the way that I can you know I think doing this too you know walking around helps. Gives. Me some exercise. When. I was rung. Up in the hospital, you know I didn't even want to move like there wasn't really a whole lot that I. Could do I had to carry around an IV pole you know like what am I gonna do I can't. Walk the speed that I want so and. Just. Wait till this summer. We're. Really gonna hit it hard at the University, of Minnesota campus. Did. Okay did you know that your whole family was, conspiring, against you to lie to you about Santa Claus. So. Do you think your government, is possible, that. They could be lying to you with the unlimited resources, that they have about, where you live of, course, you do yeah. Yeah. You don't live on a spinning ball young lady have. A nice afternoon. Run. Away run. Away. Run, away, to. Save your, life. Hey I haven't held her ate, Tommy. Lee's see that sad. Smirk. On her friend makes me puke I know right. Ruby. Ruby. You're a fake account I don't believe who you are so you're. A sock account for all I know I. Mean. You're gonna come in here as, a, guy and make. A fake sock account as a female. International. Women's Day was yesterday you should have came in yesterday with a fake female account. So. Are. You mad, Peyton. Troll. That. I. Do. This and I don't sit at home and just watch Netflix and eat microwave. Popcorn. Are. You are you upset, about the law what. Do you think free speeches, let's let's ponder, that for a minute. If. You. Have freedom. Of speech to say what you want in. Public. To. Anyone you want about anything because, it's your opinion your viewpoint, or. Your. Worldview, and. You. Don't use, that. What. Are you well, I think you're indoctrinated and. You're. Brainwashed and, you. Just go along with the, narrative you don't, challenge Authority. And. Just. As long as you have a job you pay your taxes, and you have a. Boyfriend. Who's gonna leave you for somebody else in a couple of years.

You're. Happy and you. Know it clap. Your hands. So. Yeah. So stop. Whining about me being here how. About that. This. Is my life and I, enjoy it and just. Because it's not your life. Ladies. And gentlemen out there. Doesn't. Mean it's wrong. You. Know a lot of people do stuff. Because. They think they're good hearted people. Like. They think like if they do good things they're, going to gain approval, by. God and. That. Couldn't be any further from the truth so. Even the people that go out and help the. Poor and. You. Know they're part of like the National, Guard and they're like hey you know what I really want to help people I want to be a positive. Influence, on humanity. It. Doesn't matter your good, works are filthy, rags in, front. Of God. So. What, is what I'm doing, any worse or, better, than, what. Your. Governments doing your celebrities. Your. Good workers, who. Work for like UNICEF and, various. Other Red. Cross. What. They do is no different, than what I'm doing right now. What. I'm doing. Though. Contradicts. What all of those people believe. Almost. Law. Most likely all of those people that I named off from your Red Cross's to. Your UNICEF's, and, so. On and so forth believe in a ball in. Outer. Space, we. Landed on the moon, we. Can travel to Mars. Those. Pictures of Earth from space are, real. So. They're all in this little group, you. Know and for me to come out and and, go, against the beast system, the grain. That's. What makes you upset is, because I'm telling you that you're being lied to. This. Right here is a lie, eight-point, start. So. I just encourage you to you know find something to fight for I mean. What are you fighting for really, you're, fighting for your next ten dollars so you can pay your Netflix, account I need. To get a job so I can sit on my butt and play video games all day, gosh. And smoke pot. Real. You know and like that like that's contributing. To society it's, okay cuz, that's where your government wants, you that's you know that's kind of an idea that I've come up by I've thought about why. They're legalizing. Marijuana. It's. Cuz it just creates, a bunch of just lazy ass people. You. Can use it for meditative, purposes, if you use it sparingly, you know maybe like once or twice a month and, use. It in a spiritual, regard. You. Know I'm not encouraging. Smoking. Marijuana because it does bring your spirituality.

And Your reality to just, a head, like boom this. Is real you. Know, and it helps you reflect, on, the choices, that you're making in, your, life. But. If that's all you do, sit. Around and you smoke pot. You're. Telling me that that, lifestyle. Is better. Than what I'm doing so. I'm just trying to lay out a foundation. And understanding of. What. It is that I'm doing is. Better. Or worse, than. What your friends are doing or most. Likely. Typical. Americans. Right. Sir. That's. Right never, landed on the moon sir wake up okay. So. Chill, with a pill hey you know what I got I'd. Really probably, I'm. Gonna wait till I go to the. Campus. But. Look what I got I. Got. A red pill dispenser. From. A troll. Haha. Isn't that funny so. I'm gonna use this at the U of M campus. You. Want a red pill. Pez. I know, right so. When, I go to the U of M campus I'm, gonna offer red pills I. Thought. That was kind of funny. When's. The last time you saw pens seriously. I. Mean. For me it was probably like the late eighties I mean. I got out of the Pez industry. Real. Quick and. Then I got into those like. Sugar. Straws. There's. Intense how. You doing hey. Just. Looking, for some help I don't believe we live on a ball sir in outer space like, we've been taught in school. You. Do okay so I'm a flat earther I think that we live on a level motionless, plain you, have any wisdom that you can give me can you prove to me we live on a spinning, ball. It's. Never been measured that the earth is spinning. Okay. Can you explain how please. Okay. Huh. Okay. Did you know that that pendulum was pushed to, start spinning and it didn't actually start, on its own. Okay. So why would you have to push something to start it if the earth is spinning shouldn't it just move, automatically, like eventually. Okay. So do you think that they could have created the pendulum, to always, do what it does kind of like a grandfather clock for example, they. Wouldn't do that right. Well. What on what basis, would you lie to a child for 12 years that Santa Claus is real and then tell, them that he's not don't. You think you're good. There's. No fantasy, sir that's part of why our country is the way that it is. No. I'm not off-base Santa Claus isn't real sir and your government's lying i. Mainstream. Media does. Yeah. Will you ever will you ever see mainstream. Media news say Santa Claus isn't real no, they propagate, it and say that there's Santa Claus is sleigh on. Christmas. They do yeah, and so. If you. Were lied to about Santa, Claus because. Your family conspired. Against, you what. Makes you think your government's, not conspiring, against, you sir. Exactly. Because gravity's of theory, sir and not real. No. You need to you, need to stop, being indoctrinated a. Gravity. Is a theory sir it's. Never been proven. Can. You please prove to me how gravity is real. Gravitational. Waves but. It's not real though it's a theory they admitted as a Theory's no. It is it is it's defined, as a theory, sir. It's. Not it's. Defined, as a theory. That's. Like me saying the, rhinoceroses. Are the great-great-grandfather's, of. Unicorns. You have no rights to publish yeah I do you see you don't even know the law I don't, need your permission sir, on public property Minnesota. Statute six to six point two zero to a fine, go, look it up good, go go research, that good, live. In your fantasy may you live in your fantasy world survive in your fantasy world I'm grounded on the earth which is yeah which is the song which is buoyancy, and density, you weigh more than the air around you.

Go. Buy a clue for a thousand, sir or, get a lifeline, have. A nice afternoon hope, you stay safe this weekend. Give. Me a break. Gravity. Is a theory. Not. True if, if. Gravity is not a theory, and it is true then, rhinoceroses. Are, the, great-great-grandfather's. Of unicorns, okay. That's. My theory. Unicorns. Are real they're, just they just evolved. Into rhinoceroses. That. Guy loves his science, I. Know. Right I'm, trying not to I'm trying to stay you know legit you know but this. It's a different animal if you guys come out here and get. Off YouTube and start talking to the public about us not living on a spinning ball, then. You. Know, you. Just you can't comprehend. What it takes to do this okay, because. When you're face to face with the enemy and, they're. Telling you that you're full of it. It's. Not like being trolled on YouTube, you. Know it's, just not it's different. It's. Not like playing poker online when, you play live it's, different you, played differently. You. Know they. Want to tell you that you know rhinoceroses. Are ancestors, of dinosaurs, dinosaurs, don't exist they're. Alive, you. Need to research that. First. Dinosaur, bones weren't mentioned until the 1850s. 1800s. Spaces. Fake good to see you I am back, we're. Back. On. Authentic. Intent we are just. Sharing information. No. Big deal. They. Are not the enemy they're. Just victims we need to respect their struggle hey I get it man I was, on Jamie Brown and I, said I really started actually waking up three or four years ago so I have empathy for these people but. When they keep talking about how we live on us on a ball in outer space. The. Earth is flat the, earth is flat not a ball. Then. That's. When you kind of really start. Yeah. I don't need your permission Payton, so to figure that out geez, you. Guys do you know you do a lot of research you guys think that you have have. It all together, out, there. But. Even that old man he thinks that he knows what gravity is, gravity. But. He doesn't know that I can film anybody I want on public property so. Put. That in your corncob, pipe and smoke it. Thanks. Jamie Brown preciate, it hope. Your activism goes, well you don't have to probably be as aggressive as I am but. You. Know these. Are my Minnesotans. I guess is kind of what I'm saying is like. These. People, we. All grew up in. 8, months of winter you, know it's. Always cold, here, and when, it is nice outside it's. Windy, you. Know, it's like we can't ever have a nice day and then one is nice again we. Have mosquitoes, you, know. So. It's like we, get to stand outside without being bothered by bugs, and wind. Like. Two months out of the year so. We all kind of understand, each other you. Know. I'm saying so. You. Know when you do your own activism. In. Your country you know those are your people. You. Know so you, got to talk to them in a manner that. Will. Get through to them I, could. Sugarcoat, and say the same thing over. And over again and. I'll, bet you because everybody is a human being they're all gonna give me different responses.

You. Know. Some. Will be like how dare you say that you know and it's night but I'm talk to you really nicely. I'm. Trying, to impart, some some. Words here, please help me. Please. Help me I need, help. So. Plus, you know. Come. On we're trying to have some fun you, know. Trying. To keep it real you, know like this is this isn't a joke. You. Know people don't get it, you. You were lied to by, your family, about. Santa. Claus and the, Easter Bunny, for. Like ten years. You. Know, so. You don't think that twenty people in your family. They. Can keep up a conspiracy, but your government can't, know the hell they they're just they're. Incapable. Of keeping secrets, from you, they're. They would, never tell you one thing and then mean a completely, different thing right, called, lesser magic exoteric, esoteric. They. Would never. Give. You a language, which, is called math. With. Different. Drawings. Of symbols. Those, are just symbols we, give them authority and. Intent like the number five, six. Seven eight you know just. Like ABCD, efg those are just symbols but. When we put them together, they. Make a sound right. Math. Is a language just, as much as your symbols, with English or any. Other language. Funny. Thing is is that maths and, numbers, is, universal. You go over to Thailand people know what numbers are, you. Know they don't have some crazy-looking. Symbolism. For numbers they know what the number five looks like and how. To add five, plus five. Now. You give them English yeah they're gonna have some difficulty. But. You are being indoctrinated into. A language. Called. Maths. You're. Gonna turn around and tell me that you're a scientist. But. Those numbers can't, be used as, a. Means to propagate. An outcome. That they, want. Come. On. Think. You're so smart with, your, education. You. Are literally being if you got your education, in America, you're dumber in in. The public school system. You're. Dumb I'm sorry you're just you're indoctrinated, I got. My education in, public school too. Fortunately. You. Know through, the help of others and my, humbleness, I. Somewhat. Have been breaking out I've been realizing. New, information. And I'm able to take that in and not be prideful I. Swear. The average IQ here, in America, is 80 to 90, that. Is not good that, that. Is. That. Is 500, years ago the average IQ I betcha. Was. Probably like 130 140. Ace. McLeod still, hamming it up with. People. I can't see the curve from, a plane. Hmm. I know. Right, yeah. Check out the high-altitude balloons. Check. Out high-altitude balloon, images. Tommy. Who. Is it. Teddy. See, Teddy. C has an interesting video, showing a, rocket. Going all the way up to the dome and hitting it I mean. You. Know there. Now may not be true how. You doing. Good. Man yeah I just need some help. Need. Some psychological, help I believe we don't live on a sphere, you know. Like a ball in outer space like we were taught in school I think it's a level motionless, plane then. We're not spinning. How's. That grab ya. I don't. Know I didn't know what to think either until I actually looked into it and. I. Realized. That high-altitude, balloons.

Like, At a hundred and thirty thousand, feet show. A level horizon. And not, a curve. So. Google that high-altitude. Balloons, Flat Earth men have a good afternoon, enjoy. Your time here. Check. It out. The. Conversations. Good. Good stuff. Good. Stuff on the chat room ladies how you doing. All. Right yeah first time here though, okay. All right and enjoy your time. Enjoy. Your time. The, dome. I hope, you're having a good time I. Am. This has been an enjoyable. Time. With you guys and with the public, I. Really. Do I have empathy for the public I I, know where they're coming from but you know sometimes you just got to just say. Dude you know what I don't care what you sing, you. Know you kind of got to be a little aggressive with these people, here because, they think they know it all you know, as much as they think I know at all you know right. They. Think that they know it all and, so. Yeah. A funny thing about that is, the the, Florida, shooting, you. Know all these kids they want gun control, but six weeks ago they were all eating Tide Pods. Like. That was the thing to do. Hey. Let's, eat Tide Pods oh. There's. This next, cool thing let's, talk about gun control now all these. Sixteen, year olds are. Professional. Gun owners now you. Know what we should do is, we. Should teach, kids how to use guns in school how about that. How. About we have a class. Where. Kids. Between. The ages of 13. And high school learn. How to respect. Firearms. And, stop. Being afraid of them how. About that. How. About we show kids how to use a gun because. When, they're 15, years old they're taught how to drive a 5000. Pound automobile. That's. Traveling. You know something. Like. 60. Miles an hour. Down. The street. 8,000. Kids between, the ages of 16. And 20. Day. And automobile, accidents. They. Want to know what's up so. So, why don't we taking cars away why aren't we in an uproar, about vehicles. Ban. The car exactly. You. Know. Exactly. How. You guys doing good. Just, looking for some therapy you know some intercession, if you will maybe. Some help I want. To be just like you guys again I. Want. To believe everything mainstream. Media tells me. So. If you can help me out I. Want. To go back to believing everything about school and. Dinosaurs. And. Outer. Space. No. All. Right well I asked. So, nobody wants to help me. Looking. For help you. Know I'm here to help them. Right. I care, about them, enough, to. Come out here, with. This sign and. Challenge. The narrative. About. Where, we live right. And, nobody. Can come here and help me so. It looks like my job is, here to help them. So. Who who cares who who, cares about who more huh the, truth community, or your government. Give. Me a break. Helping. Hands. Helping. Hands. Just, trying to. You. Know. Ask, for some help so, we're trying to do. Is. He filming us I am. Filming you you know you're live on YouTube right now I'm filming you. Check. Your hair. Are. You taking pictures of us no actually you're on camera. Live. Live. Live live I. Challenge. You kids to do a school, a test at school measure. The curve exactly. But. That's why we have, scientists. You. Know I'm. A lazy American. Ace. MacLeod. Okay. I'm a lazy American, I don't have time for that, hey, nobody got time to measure the curve ain't. Nobody got time for that. So. What, we do is we promote. If you will. My. Unintelligence. My laziness, my. Lack of motivation if, you will and. We. Hire, scientists. To do this, okay. Who, may or may not be in secret societies. But. That's. Besides, the point right. We. Have. People, smarter. Than. Us just like at the end of idiocracy where. He's. Labeled. As the, smartest, per hey on back bud. Security. Never came and talked to me that's weird. Still. Here. Yeah. That guy came up to me yesterday and, said. I wasn't allowed to do what I'm doing right now but I am.

We. Don't live on a spinning ball in outer space ma'am, you're being lied to like you were lied to about Santa, Claus. So. Yeah that tour guide. He. Couldn't, really do a whole lot. So. We're back you, know. Santa. Claus how you doing ma'am. Right. Um. I'm. Just kind of looking for some advice I. Believe. That we live on a level motionless. Plane you, know like. The earth and the earth doesn't spin, like we're taught in school, and. Outer. Space is not real, and we. Never landed on the moon so, I'm just trying to encourage. The, public to help. Me come back to the fold, so. I'm not such a black sheep anymore do you have any, advice. To give me that you could show me the earth is a ball and outer space. Well. I mean may or may not be but I mean I'm just you, know, I'm just curious. Yeah. Oh. Well. I mean there's some, circumstantial. Evidence out there and in, Minnesota under, a court of law circumstantial. Evidence can lend you in prison, so. I mean you, don't you, know try to and. If people don't want to help me then I'm here to help them and hopefully, in oh sure, yeah sure. Thing. Yeah he's gonna come down a. Guy. That gentleman's gonna come plugging. You battery. So. That's. What you're getting today folks. Yeah. Why can't I get a good satellite, connection. Some. Of that. Sure. Would be nice wouldn't, it, be nice to have, a connection. So. I can't spam, my. Information. Hey. I'm Joshua hey thank you you two men yeah so, I know it brings to the capital with the message or. The question, well it's warm yeah. No. It's not but you know I mean you stay over for two hours you know just get to you do. You do you go around to the various, government buildings like over in Minneapolis you mostly in st. Paul oh oh. Okay, sure yeah no I usually just stay here because it is the capital building a lot. Of tours a lot of new people come in you know who first, time they want to check out the capital building and it's public property and. I'm allowed to livestream. And videotape. People absolutely so, I do actually, that's, the University, campus during. The spring summer time and talk to college students, and, I, go to Lake Calhoun yeah. So. Yeah. Sure do you think man but yeah I came over here to meet a buddy of mine he. Works. Over here I'm. Over I'm actually so, like my girlfriend's, in the hospital, of our regions right now you know always having issues. With, with. YouTube and stuff so could you ask me the question again I'm wondering what. Got you started in, your and, your question, here it is question, what you were taught before, sure, yeah well it's kind of like a process. It. Took 9/11, you. Know from that point to just encourage. Me to question, the. Integrity of our government sure.

Sure, You. Know looking into the moon landing. And. Just. Kind, of where we where, we're at as a human, race and. From. That point you found. Enough evidence, that you're pretty. Well convinced, you're just asking other folks you know like yeah, yeah. And you. Know from high-altitude balloons, that. Don't use a gopro fisheye, lens you. Know make the curvature, type of deal yeah right one hundred and thirty thousand, feet high, altitude, balloon it shows a level horizon, so, there's no curvature, yeah. I you, know I'm just from flying in a plane I don't. Say. It's so massive it you can't tell the curvature. If. It is that massive. Why. Is it that we we don't have a theme like that would be a pretty good picture. Of the earth yeah. So with. With, us looking at the moon right we. Know kind, of a good size. Of the moon right right right so, when, you're on the moon isn't. The earth supposed, to be six times bigger than. The moon I don't. Know you're. Telling me I well I'm just saying this is coming, from school, and what we're taught so. I'm just regurgitating. To you what. You already know in your subconscious. So. If that's true that the earth is six times bigger on the, moon, shouldn't. The pictures, be. Significantly. Bigger than what we're shown I'm, not the same size as the moon from Earth oh yeah. Yeah, I mean yeah it doesn't look like it's this massive, I mean do you think like if, the moon is that small from. Well. I guess I'm, wondering that like so. Isn't. Isn't it. Not. Just like here's, photographic. Evidence here, is is, a, claim we've made. Isn't. There a. Kind. Of, gets. Irritating, yeah but. Yeah. So you're saying that if, if the earth is a ball then everything, else has to be a sphere well I mean it's just from astronomy. What we scientifically. You, know researched, about how, what's Michigan plans what's we the, signs. Of the community okay we can look. At and and, see in, their, own works you, know that that this is how physics for a piece of the laws of physics these are you, know what.

You Can observe and other planets and all and and and and that what we figure, it would also, be relevant to our planet I'm just wondering like what are your thoughts on. The. Physics argument, hmm that's too sure well from, what, I've under come to an understanding, of is that. There's a firmament, over. Us yeah, so, if, you want to call that like a glass ceiling a, dome like ceiling. What. We see in the sky is, just lights in the sky okay so, they're not physical. Objects, that can be. Landed. On we, can't go there and in. From what I understood, is that space. Is water and. So. What we're seeing those lights in the sky is actually, just. Electromagnetic. Waves. That, are being. Revealed, through, the, firmament, into our atmosphere, okay. Yeah I mean so remember in science, class, you, go to the Science Museum and you, have that flat, metal. You. Know that flat metal plate and then, you have your violin, string yeah and then you put your violin string up against it and it depending upon the type of sound you make the. Sand is going to create a particular, pattern. Or whatever and so. With that being said the. Star court stars in the sky the lights, in the sky are all, unique, to their various. Electromagnetic. Construct. Kind. Of the same idea you, know like, they. Have a particular, vibration to, them yeah so let's say you, know they'll say that's, Venus, that's, Jupiter you can see them they're round and, they're revolving. In our solar system yesterday, well that's not even. The basis of that conclusion, it's not true you know that there is there is a. House. It goes my buddy hey hey Josh I'm gonna take off Josh Booya, good talking to you yeah you to know I do have some, information for you got a YouTube channel so right on second, thank you take care may have a good one thanks fellas. All, right well challenge, Tim. So. Those are. You. Know those are just my opinions, and. My observations. About. Where we live a lot of people might not think outer, space is water. So. On and so forth but you know. The. Waters separated. From the waters right. It's. Pretty. Compelling. Verse. In, Genesis. 1. So. But. I've. Got about 20 more minutes, thanks a lot King appreciate. It I hope you. Know I hope you know I'

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Lol if the earth is flat, why can’t we see more than 10 miles ahead?? Tell me because my parents “lied” to me. Ha left you speechless • • • • • •

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