Authentic Intent Weekly News On Earth Flat Activism Report/Recap live

Authentic Intent Weekly News On Earth Flat Activism Report/Recap live

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Hello. Hello hello thanks. Everybody. For. Coming. By we got a. Live. Hangout here called. Authentic. Intent, we're. Going to try to share some information with you on, my, end. Update. You with. What's. Happened and. What. Will happen in. The, future so. We're, gonna have to apparently. Sign in. Thanks. Everybody for taking. Your time out to. Chill. Out a little bit Elliott Hall saved, a. Link. In the chat for a chill out session. That. Was hazy rooms. It's. Not Pete Rock but. Pete. Rots got some good, information to, share if. You like that jazzy, type. You. Know cigar, filled. Rooms. If you will. That. Base hits you real, good. So. Today's, Wednesday. March. 14, date of our Lord. 2018. I've. Been out of and out of chats all, day today so. Definitely. No. What's. Been going on. Cat. Sighs David, Rocha. Hangnail. Wesley. Stays flat. Earth news talk good to see ya. So. Nothing, too heavy I don't plan to be on for. Too long but I just wanted to give everybody just. You know something. To. Listen to on. Their, drive into work tomorrow morning or, or. Right now I. Do. Have some information to share so. I hope you're ready for that and, I. Got some a, couple videos 'best. Of. For. The most recent interactions. That we had out at the Target, Center. Funny. Thing is is these trolls are trying to take credit for what YouTube did with the, second, part of my. Interactions. With the public at the Target Center and you had nothing to do with it I mean you can, say. That. You. Did and you, can try. To puff out your chest, and, say well we sent. Harassment. Complaints, to YouTube, and. Whatnot. And that's why your video got deleted I, think. There was some funny business with the video. Actually. And, it, had really nothing to do with, you guys. People, trying. To flag, my. Videos and, and that's. Fine you know that's. Come to expect, and it was my fault for not downloading. The video I just ended, up going to bed not. Thinking, twice of, it, and. It. Eventually just kind of bit me in the rear, end and I. Should have saved it, but. As. You. Can see here. With. This. As you. Can see here with this picture I took a screenshot a. Couple. Hours after it finally, uploaded. Onto YouTube. And. It. Shows that it properly, uploaded. And. I. Immediately got a not suitable, for advertising, strike. I clicked. The request, review. And. The. Option. For that I know, some content, creators kind of are familiar, with what that means is. Your. You know what you were saying or, what somebody, said. Isn't. What. They, feel. Is an. Advertiser. Is going to want to promote. So. I got that strike, just. A couple hours after. The video, finally, loaded and. I'm like, are. You kidding me you, know like what is it that I said that, you guys are gonna find. Not. Acceptable, well everything. I guess right, and. So. I got this guy here for you. When. I clicked the request, review, as you. Can see in the monetization, it's, got the triangle. With, the, yellow around it that means, that your video is up for review, but. It. Didn't, give me an option the, the, request, review. Disappeared. On the bottom so. I kept clicking request, review, it went to this screen right here and, it disappeared. So. I never actually got an opportunity to, say to. To. Request, a review or kind. Of raise a ruckus or whatever. So. These screenshots clearly, show that this video had been. Uploaded. Properly right, I. Wake. Up the next morning, and. Like. Everybody else out there you. Check your phone because it's right next to you like your girlfriend, or your boyfriend or, your husband or wife right, and. I. Look. At my channel and this video is still up but next, to it it says upload, cancelled. And when. It refreshed. It. Deleted, the video. So. It's. Kind of like a buggy, thing that just, happened, and that happened before, and, I. Guess. You. Know it just my fault you. Know my bad, it. Was a 90 minute interaction. With people those two girls were classic. The. Guy at the end I think his name was Tyler who, was from Wisconsin that, was a good interaction. But. You, know it happens. You. Know those interactions, happen, it's all in a memory unless you know somebody wants to send. Me a copy, of the video if they just so happened to download, it but this, was actually the only video, that I didn't have downloaded, I waited. And until the next day my. Fault you. Know so. Lesson. Learned lesson learned, in, regards, to sharing, information about, where I'm gonna be. Something. That I, think people who. Do this type of activism. Open. Air. Conversations. Something. To think about you might not want to let people know kind, of where you're gonna be at and where, you're going to be going because. You might come. Across people. Who. Are. Gonna. Call. To the Target Center for example and. And. Say, that I'm gonna be there little. Do they know that. Really. I could care less about your. Sporting. Event, they. Were a Brit the. Security. Team was a bit prideful, thought that I was going there to specifically. Videotape. And, be. A coverage. Without. The written consent of. The NBA right, I'm not ESPN. So. Whoever called just basically said hey you're gonna have somebody who's gonna film inside your stadium so that's kind of what they kind.

Of Assumed, is that, I was gonna try to pirate, their, game. I, got. Plenty of streaming sites that I could share with yeah where. You can watch your. Sporting. Events if you want without, a subscription and, movies. Without. Subscription, if, you really want. You. Know just just email, me and. You. Know there won't be a problem, so. So. You. Know yeah, you. Guys won the battle, in that regard, I still. Stood out. You haven't won the war yet we're still pushing forward, we still have a lot of momentum. You. Trolls, you really had nothing to do with that in, terms of getting that video deleted, I think it was just an unfortunate circumstance. Where. The video just. Conflicted. With. It. Not being advertiser, friendly, and I, just think some funny business, happen so. Water. Off a duck's back we're, gonna move on I'm not kicking. My can or anything, we're. We're. Definitely I. Mean. We. Got weird we're not even in spring, yet like officially, it's not even spring, we've. Had some terrific weather, here 40, degree weather. Snows. Milton. The. University, of Minnesota, is, really, starting, to ripen, I really. Feel confident. About heading, and heading out there. Really. Soon, you, know let's just put it that way, and. I. Just hope. That everybody's, everybody's. Ready to. See. Some really good interactions, I got some new signage. Available. I'll share that with you when. I when, I'm out live, not. Going to give it to you now I don't want to give you everything. You, know I want to play. Hard-to-get a little bit so. Allison. Good to see you the trolls have been here. Stick. Around because they. Know we're right. Eric. Is, playing tic-tac-toe, Tim truth I'm. Ready, guns. A-blazing Vinnie TV what's. Happening. Elliot's. In the house. Loco. Tomo. Hangnail. Thanks a lot for coming through. Yeah. If you're if you're up to coming through I'd. Love to. Send. You a hangout I haven't kicked, up Google, Hangouts here but if you'd like to come on and. Shoot. It up kick. Around the the, old. Propaganda. Machine, I could, do that but, got. A few things to share. Also. Westley's. Stay. Says so did you delete the video that you uploaded it's, no longer on your computer well what happened is I didn't. Download it so I didn't save it to my hard drive, it, was just saved on YouTube. I've. Had plenty of people and I have now and. Months ago I did, start, up a D Tube you. Now bitch. Shoot and. Whatever, so you got bitch shoot right so what. Are the first five letters of bitch shoots say. Just. You know look at it bitch shoot. Bi. TCH. Ute. So. The first I, think, that's five letters right bit, bi. TCH is five letters. Funny. You, know bitch shoot is a video, sharing. Program. But, so. Yeah, what happened is I just didn't save it to my hard drive I didn't put it through, the. The rigmarole, I. Didn't. Put it through the the rigmarole. Of downloading. It onto my computer that was the only video that I didn't save so. Hey. It's all good man you got to wake up glow. Buster's good to see ya. So. I came, across this. This. Picture, and I, actually had a conversation with. A guy, who. Was. Kind enough to take some time out of his day when, I was in the hospital at. The. End of January. And, he. Shared hit an idea, that, he had regarding. The. Land that. They show us regarding, Antarctica, and, other. Stories coming, from and Zane. Good to see ya. And. It's. Good to have a visual now so. This, is that visual, right, here. Truth. And in plain. Sight what do you think about this. Truth. In plain sight AE map. McKay. Turn map right. What. Do you think this. Is this, is kind of shooting around Facebook, right now. It's. Interesting because, you got, where. The water could kind of just flow off you, know how like in Minnesota is where the Mississippi River starts. The. Mississippi, River seems to be, endlessly. Creating, water and. So. Where. Do you think for, example the, water is is coming, from and going when. You see it going off onto the side up. In the top left. So. It's just it's, kind of a you know it's, a little fascinating. Idea. Is. That. Antarctica is Antarctica, just. Some. Kind of an, image. Regarding. Flat earth I don't know. But. It's interesting. Allison. Well the Mississippi, feeds off the Great Lakes. Well. It it, kind. Of does but it actually starts in northern Minnesota, and it.

Turns Into this massive. Lake. That leads out into the, Gulf. Of Mexico. Bullet. Good to see you Josh, we'll hope to see at the. Minnesota. Meet up and of, course where else would it be the, Flat Earth brewery. Where. Else would we have a flat earth meet up in Minnesota or, the, Midwest but the Flat Earth brewery, so. So. I just thought that these images were interesting. Something. To kind of think about let's see what this next Oh. A. Pigeon. Has flown into the International, Space Station no, it hasn't Space, Station doesn't exist, space, doesn't exist, space, does, exist, according, to a new survey it's. A success. Yeah. How. Come I can't see it you. Can't you. Just look hot, up. What. Does that mean did. You see that they, are brainwashing, people with jargon, is. A, creation, of the globalist, pedophile. Network did, you see that that, is a fake, truth, seeker right there aiming, to discredit, our message. What. Is all and, where can we find it. 3.8. 972. Hexatronic, all sub degrees perpendicular to, the trajectory I'll, nip Tomita axis relative to 3.4 X and watts is, wrong. And it always has been hold, on a minute if Matz is wrong and shouldn't we. A study. Shows everything, is worse than it ever has been the study shows you, are happy, all of the time nothing. Will ever be good again, depression, is worse, than ever people are now happier, than they've ever been music, and jokes are no longer any good say experts. Three. New species of birds have been discovered, nesting, on the moon the moon doesn't, exist it's just the Earth's reflection. Birds don't exist, they're just tiny dragons, reflections. Don't exist, they're just an illusion life, is an illusion caused, by death, but, how does this affect the economy. The. Economy now can only go, down since. Up was banned the recent, ban on up is causing, chaos at airport result of new directional. Restrictions. Air transport. Is now limited to ground, use only. Listen. Right we, just need to put a hold on up until we can figure out what the bloody hell's going on. The. President, didn't say that the headline was fabricated, urged Oni system, neither does the moon the, economy, is doing better than ever and you, are, happy, you. Are. Happy. If. You don't believe that, interdimensional, moon, rabbits, took control of the economy when, Goldman Sachs was REME agna ties then you're dumber than a space lizard some. Of tonight's news, was entirely untrue. But. What are you gonna do what. Are you gonna do, and. I'll. Probably go to bed and. Then I'll get up tomorrow I love. Breakfast, and well, I might, take a few selfies and then. Just have a little cry, murdering. I'll. Go out murdering, and. Then. I'll come home, and. Dalhouse. Beans. On toast. So. Give the people their proper, credits but. Looking. Up, hopefully. Everybody's, looking up in Michigan, right now, Chinese. Satellite filled, with corrosive. Fuel. Could. Hit lower Michigan, now is that fuel or air compressed. Air I don't know, right. Do satellites, have fuel or is it compressed, air -. Hmm. Something. To look into, I'm. Sure flatterer, is on it on. The case. So. Look up right now in Detroit.

Michigan. March. 24th. Through, the middle of April, you're gonna start getting debris, from, up 8.5, tons Space Station. Chinese. Apparently, don't have the proper. Trajectory. To keep this up in space. So. It's just going to land in America so we're. Bringing. All of our work. And. Exporting. Our. You. Know our monies, if, you will because, we don't want to hire Americans, why would we want to hire Americans. Out, to China and what, China is going to do is they're going to crash, their. CGI. Satellite. In. Detroit. Michigan. Reference. Here, is an illustration of. Tiangong. One. By. The manufacturer. Okay. Folks, this. Is your first time here, and you. Haven't seen open air activism, regarding. Satellites. And outer space I, encourage. You to check out some of my previous videos I'm. Joshua. Swift from. Authentic intent, I appreciate. You coming by. This. Is a CGI, image. This. Is an artist's rendition of. Tiangong. Manufacturer. Cast okay, so, they can't even give us a genuine, picture, of the supposed, satellite. That's. Going to crash. Into. America. March. 24th through April 19th. So. Michigan's. Gonna have one day to get. Their 420, together because. It's going to end at April, 19th, so good, for you Michigan, hopefully, it's all squared. Away and, you. Got your depositories. Ready to go on April, 20th. But. Look. Up because. You're. Gonna get rained on by. 8.5. Tons of metal, and sheetrock. Come. On. Like. You. Know I go out into the public and I talked to these people and, I. Blatantly. Say satellites. Don't, exist, I give. Them this, picture, right. Here. And. You. Know it's. People. Want to believe this that's fine you know if you want to believe that this picture by Jonathan, McDowell is. A, real picture that's fine. But I hope. That the people out there who just kind, of stick to YouTube and make, their YouTube videos and have, their Google Hangouts that. When, you when, you. Bring. To their attention that satellites, don't exist. It's. It's. Blasphemy. Because, they're holding a cell phone and where. Do we get GPS. But. When you have a picture like jonathan mcdonald is showing and, who. Who. Is this guy. Jonathan. McDowell has his Twitter at Planet. Four, five eight nine. Who. Is he, why. Was he special, enough to, display. This. Fake CGI, satellite. Who so, they have satellites, in outer space orbiting. Earth to, take pictures of other satellites, I. Just. When I'm when I'm out in public I just want people to explain, to me how is it that this. Is this, is a real, thing, when you really start to investigate, this. Another. Thing - got, got another article lined up I'm shooting from the hip we'll just bring it to you real quick here. This. Is from the Daily Mail and again. Please. Check, the description section. All, of these articles in. Addition. To other information, if you're. New to these types of subjects, and you want to stay in the closet and you don't want your mom and dad to know, you. Don't want your aunt and uncle to know, all. This, information is in the description section, below so please collect the links get informed, Daily. Mail. Solar. Storm. That. Is set to hit Earth today. Could. Trigger a stunning. Display of the Northern Lights. Here's. Where to see it. Liars. You're, a liar. These. People are liars and they, continue, to propagate their ideas. The. Sun is not bigger than the earth that, you live on, ok, I don't, know how big the earth is. It. Is a level motionless, plane if you're new to this subject. Doug. Linden, for, example, who, has been trolling me on Facebook, a. Father. Who's, upset, that I actually cut, his son's. Field, trip short last week at the state capital, a lot. Of people aren't familiar with this I have shared this with some people but. There is a father out there, who. Messaged. Me and said 190. Families. Are, quote. Out, $26. He. Used his maths and. Sent. Me a quote bill to, say I owe him, thirty two hundred and seventy-six dollars plus. Legal, fees, because. When I was at the state capital, last week, sharing. My information. He. Says that, his, son told them, that. They, had to cut, their field trip short. They. Were unable to visit, a particular. Exhibit. If you will at the state capital but because, of me right, because. Of a flat earther. So. He sends me a bill of just, under thirty three hundred dollars I'll just use that number for everybody. I. Thought. That was a ludicrous, statement for, him to do that my reply was well, seven. Months ago I had parents just like you trying. To exasperate. Exacerbate. Their, idea. Of what they think their rights are and what. My rights are and I'm still here. And. It's stuff like this this article, that I'm showing you right now that, gives. The fire under my ass. To. Continue, to go out and. Share. This with the public. So. That's. That's, public, information, he. Shared his information. Publicly, on the, video that was deleted his name is Doug.

Linden. Li, nder. On Facebook. From. Owatonna, Minnesota. He. Thinks I'm gonna pay him and. 189. Other families. $26. He. Clearly, is unfamiliar, with the First Amendment. I'm. Not I mean I'm not getting sick of it that's that's him you know that. That's people who are upset, that. There are people out in the, world, who. Understand, their rights and, are. Getting tired of this. Constant. Yearly, thing oh it's Christmas, oh it's, Thanksgiving. Oh Esther's. Here oh it's, the Superbowl, oh it's you know it's just come. On. If. We didn't live in such a rigged, scripted. Reality I won't have problem, with it if, I could turn on ESPN. And watch a real genuine. NBA, game. That. I knew was being played, authentically. Then I would. But. I go out because I want to inform the public. So. You, know it's it's like they know not what they do, they. Don't know why they're. Complaining. And sending complaints, and privacy. Warnings. To, me through YouTube, they don't know why they're doing that. They're. Not informed. We. As a community of. Truthers. Who. Feel that we have come to the epitome, of truth. We. Know, that the earth is a level, motionless, plain. You. Know is there an ice wall, does. Water continue. To flow forever, for. An infinite, amount of you. Know of space. You, know. You. Know these are all these are all theoretical, yes. But. What's. Not theoretical. Is the earth being level motionless, plane that does not spin, in outer, space, and. Again. Flat. Earth Society is. Propagating. Lies, does. Not share, with you, what, a proper, true. Genuine. Flat Earth or would, we. Are not a disk that's going, up. That's. That's that's, you know we're, not we're not a disk that's going. Up in space. Okay. Space. Does not surround, us. The. Earth land. Or water in in, my opinion, okay. I'm gonna you know let's lose some subs here folks, in. My opinion, the earth and the water travels, infinitely. That's. Just that's just how I feel I just don't think the land and the water ends. Now. Do I think that they're holding. Land. And. And. And resources. From us 100%, I do I think. That we are in a particular zone where, we can't explore. Any further. You. Know but we don't have that. We. As civilians. Don't have the ability with. Our monies and our. Resources, to be able to travel out, because. The establishment won't, allow that there, they're very privy. Why. Is this here. They're. Very aware of what we're gonna do the only way that we could as a community, let's say that we even wanted to explore. The North Pole, Antarctica. You can have Antarctica, math power land, sell. As many t-shirts as you want man. You. Know do what you got to do I, could. Give a rip about Antarctica. I want. The North Pole okay. You. Give me the North Pole that. Gives credence to the rest of society to, show us that hey we know what we, need to explore, the Antarctica, then we. Need to go south. But. As for me and my house. We. Need to go to the North Pole and find out what's going on up there and. So. When, we travel, up there and we, find out what's going on and, whether. It's a Lord of the Rings type of deal where you got all these, you. Know Mount Meru and. So. On and so on. Let's. Take an airplane let's take a glider, right. You. Know that, and that's a fascinating topic. In, itself, again. If you're new here if. You're listening and you're hearing my voice and. You don't know who I am I. Openly. Talk about these things with the public, I. Want. You to know I want you to challenge, the. Narrative. This. Sounds crazy I know it does but, they're, hiding, more land from, us.

They're. Hiding, resources. You. Know they're hiding all of these things they want to control your mind and. Where. You live is a perfect, opportunity to do such a thing. And. So. It appears that we have advertisements, with the rest of this. Everything. Here is my, own personal opinion. This. Criticism and. Feel. Like it's news reporting, and it's teaching. Research. All falls under. Copyright. Information. And. So. It's. It's difficult, to communicate, these. Ideas, to the public and I hope that I've. Been able to convey, that you know you had sunroof, guy I'm. Holding. A sign research, Flat Earth. He. Tells his friend, the driver. Hey. Open your sunroof, so, I can tell this guy to. Bleep. Off, hey. Bleep you bleep. Flat Earth and. Bleep. The horse you rode in on man. That's. Their science, is I, didn't. Even have to talk to this person I, just. Held a sign saying research, Flat Earth and. So. I hope that helps people understand, that you. Know I can be as nice as a dove or. As. Aggressive, as a grizzly, lion I, can. Be John Smith or, I, can be Dell. You. Know I can share. Poop. This concept, of where, we live, in. The, most respectful, manner and. I, understand, I need to be respectful, because of what the, message is that I'm conveying, to these people, whatever. It is that they want to call me throw. Stones, at me. Hang. Me on a tree, that's. Up to them I still, need. To. Be. Calm. Cool, and collective. So. I can be any of these other characters. Or people, that. Are out here in the foot and the Flat Earth community. But. We all you. Know Dell and John Smith they play the game I play. The game, it. Doesn't, matter how much these people may disagree with us we still need to have a respect, and empathy. For, the. Public, knowing, that this type of topic, is going to blow their minds. Like. If it's gonna it's gonna scare. Them. It's. Good jog, something, in, their sub-conscience. That. They don't want to go to and, their, first, initial, reaction is, name-calling. In ridicule, and mockery. And so. Hopefully. We. As a community, here, particularly. In the Flat Earth community, but as people. Start to to, gain more truth about. Their surroundings. It's. Gonna have to come off YouTube I know. You know, that. And. I would love to have people, at, the, Flat, Earth Meetup, when.

We're Just kind of hanging out or whatever. Get. An understanding. That you. Know hey, let's, let's. Get together at, the state capital you don't have to talk. That's. Fine just, your, presence, being, there is, important. Enough. Not. Everybody, needs to be on camera. You. Know there's going to be people at the Flat Earth meetup, when when I finally introduce people that are going to be there I'm, gonna, say hey you know what let's set up a table over here I'm gonna do a quick 10 minute video, show. Everybody, around the Flat Earth brewery. Let's. Do like a two-minute, intro. Of the, people that are here, and the. People that don't want to be on camera you kind of just kind of go over here you know. But. Your. Presence, at, your. Local State Capitol, is. Powerful. That's the intense, I've had, people over the, last couple of weeks which is kind of bizarre because, I've kind, of been against, t-shirts. But. Having. 6. To 10 people or so in the last two weeks kind, of say you should get a t-shirt. And. I say ok I. Guess. You know yeah ok I'm. Starting to kind of lean a little bit towards a t-shirt and, I. Think this. Idea of authentic, intent, could be used as kind, of a pun, you. Know hey I have authentic, intent. To. Wake you up you. Know, I have authentic, intent to wake you up I. I'm. I'm, authentic, intent, are you, you know I don't know I'm just, totally, blowing this stuff up off of my head but. It's. Not about me I don't pick this channel, name to be, about me doesn't. Have anything to do with my first name, it. Doesn't have anything to do with who I am in, a. Sense of like me personally. But. My heart, desires. People. To. Know the. Truth about where. We live. And. I. Saw an interesting visit, video, Eastside, Illuminati, good to see you side. Hope. You're going, to come to the Meetup. The. Power of, authentic. Intention, there you go. I don't like t-shirts I want a hoodie yeah yeah. I mean you. Know it's, just we. Could come up with so many ideas because. We all have authentic, intent. You. Know that's really what I'm trying to convey is us, as human beings in this community, we, have authentic, intent. Authentic. Means, the. One and only, um.

You. Can't copy me I'm original, and. Intent. Means. That how, you're conveying, your message. Through. What you want the result to be in, a. Manner of speaking what, is what is the end result that you want when. You talk to somebody about Flat Earth. You. Know. Do. You want them. Is. It a means of you know I've thought about this a lot as a Christian, I want. Somebody who you know I want. Somebody to become a Christian, so they know how much it can be discus, life can be difficult, right. Because. It's not a cakewalk that's, for sure and. And. I want you to struggle with me to know that you, have to put some of the things that you like to do aside, and, focus. On things that are important. Like. Talking, to people about. Why. It is you live the life that you do, and. We live the life what, we do because. We genuinely care about people. Happy. Ray what are you. Doing. With authentic, intent yeah. You. Know why, this. When. I came up with this channel name it was not about me it, was trying. To convey, a pun, if you. Will. You. Know it's kind of like a. Picture. Frame. A, judge. Says. To. A picture. That. You're guilty and. The. Picture says I didn't. Know what I was doing judge I was framed. Right. That's, a pun, and. So. With, authentic, intent, it is. The. The hearts intent. Because. The more of these people that we wake up, you. Know I mean. We're gonna have people that. Are genuine. Instead, of these, George. Soros crisis. Actors, that are being, hired. Cents, are true if you should have a picture of something bad with evil, intent than a picture of, authentic. Intent. Elliott. Hall AI yeah, we get into AI. For. Sure I have a video in the description section, below regarding. Sofia. Artificial. Intelligence, and the mother goddess I would, highly encourage people, to check that out. Another. Video, that. I want to share with people so they can have a better understanding, of kind of where we're at as, a. Commonwealth. Of flat-earthers. Is. This. Interesting video, right here. As, a. Physicist, dr., kay takashina, knows that even the simplest phenomenon, can produce great complexity. You. Just drop the water on the surface so you have three phases of matter coexisting. And interacting, with each other already and the question is what, happens, and why. Drop. Water on a heated, surface and it, slowly boils, and evaporates. Heat. Up the surface some more and the water sizzles, away, instantaneously. Keep. Increasing, the temperature and suddenly. The, droplets, coalesce, and float, above the surface this. Is the Leidenfrost, effect. First. Described, in 1756. By a German doctor Johann, Gottlob Leidenfrost, the, effect only occurs, when a surface reaches, the temperature so, hot that. It creates a thin layer vapor between, itself and the liquid in effect, insulating. It and dramatically, slowing, down any further vaporization. Although. It's a common sight while cooking it is something that is commonly. Dr.. Taka Sheena's own interest in the effect didn't start in the kitchen friend of mine emailed, me a link to this.

Paper In Physical, Review Letters by Hina, linka entitled, self-propelled. Leidenfrost, droplets, the, paper reported, a way to move beads of water across a heated, surface covered, with stare like ridges, as the. Droplet encountered, a ridge the, flow of vapor beneath it pulled it up and over even, when the surface was on a slight incline with. No moving parts the process could potentially, be used to cool an overheated, microchip, inside, of a computer and it looked so interesting I mean you have to try it right, so. Dr. takashina, and a group of physics undergraduates, at the University, of Bath got, to work building and testing different ridged blocks, right, off the bat the team noticed a chocolaty, thaw this, deeper. The angle may seem to be able to climb and this, led them to wonder what else would affect the droplet ability, to climb so. Very, high temperature, the. Droplets, become completely, levitated. And there, they, can't climb, very, steep inclines, at all the steeper sample they flying is achieved at, a lower temperature here, the droplets were in a hundred percent levitated. They, still had contact, with the surface and this allowed them to grip its teeth but, as the team started using temperature, to precisely control, the ascent of the droplets, they, noticed up depending, on the temperature, of the block the water would move in different directions and. This, is completely unexpected, and really cool when the surface was heated over the Leidenfrost, point the, droplets curved to the left if they were under they veered to the right there, must be something in the structure, of the surface upon, magnifying, ridges the team noticed that they had small grooves which, we think is responsible, for the directionality, and as one might expect from a team of undergraduates, a creative, idea to hold, if. You arranged the blocks in the right directions, and you put balls in the right bases, it. Will work. Behold. The, light across Maine. With. The water is, immediate. You can see it you can hear it can we use this, event to. Engage. People, who are, otherwise not so interested, in science. To. Which we say full. Steam ahead. For. Science friday i'm luke grassland. And. So. That video is four, years, old but. It's. Trending on Facebook right, now. I've. Had that video saved. For, a couple of days now I saw it. For. Probably. About a week ago. Antonio's. Uber ads earlier, today shared it and people. Thought it was a fascinating. Video, I. Also. Think, it's pretty interesting now. What does it convey, about. Flat, Earth you, know what does it show. How. Water. Moves. In. You. Know. The. Physics, of water well. The oceans, average. Salinity. Is. 62. Degrees Fahrenheit. 17. Degrees Celsius. So. Clearly. The, ocean, is not can, is, not showing. This. Physicality. That the video showed. But. What it does show is, that water. Can be manipulated. By temperature, and. So. If water is capable. Of going uphill. Whether. It be due to temperature, or not. There. Are physics. Regarding. Water that, defy, the theory. Of gravity I.

Hope. Most people understand, that you are not able to go out into outer space right. And, experience. The. External. Part. Of where. We live or what we're being told we live for example. And. So. When. You see a video like that where, the water is on a. Flat. Pan. Where, the temperature, is elevated. Water. Can have different characteristic. But. The ocean. Typically. Is significantly. Lower in temperature, than. What we were being shown, so. Not. Only is you, know can this. Not. Only can this experiment, kind of show that gravity, has no effect on. How. On, how the water is, being. The. Physics of water are being displayed. On. A flat level motionless, plane here. In our atmosphere. But. It also shows, how it can't be. Manipulated. On Mars or, the moon or. Anywhere. Else because a lot of these do you know these experiments. Clearly were being done inside of a laboratory or. A. Controlled, environment if. You will. And. So most of the temperature, of the water on. A massive scale whether, it be the Great. Lakes or the ocean, for example are. Always. Showing. A level. Flat. With. Waves you know if you will but. They're. Not curving, over a ball. So. Newcomers, to, my. To this channel. You. Know check out the chat. You. Know, these. People in. Addition to who where, I'm at are here to help you are here to answer your genuine, questions. We've. Been able to kind of discern. A, troll. Question. To, a genuine, question. And. So. I know I've interacted with a lot of kids in the last couple of weeks at. The state capital. This. Is a very, difficult, thing. To wrap, your mind around but. Remember. For. The first 10 or 12 years of your life. You. Believed that you were on a ball. So. When. I go out into the public. You. Know I'm genuinely, trying, to draw people, either. Into, this channel or other channels, on YouTube, that. Are conveying the same type of a message I have. Links in the description, section below earlier, today, Patricia. Steer, and mark Sargent, were live on, flat, earth and other hot potatoes. That. Link is in the description, section below don't. Take my word for it listen to what these people in the chat also, have to say about these topics I. Did. An interview with Patricia, last year and. I was outside late. Summer. It. Was great to talk to her and to and to be able, to share with her. My. Opinions, and my views. About. What's going on. The. Hortie see the Hori sheet so. You. Know check him out he's got the fibre flat, curious, project. Going on, where. What he's doing, is he's paying five paying people five dollars, to. Watch the. OD DS top. 5 flat earth. Observations. And, getting. A reaction out of them or he's. Doing, other means. Of paying. People to, observe. Flat Earth material. So. That he can just wake those people up he's, using, it in an indirect, way as a. Means to wake people up. There's. There's a lot of. People. Out there who are who, are genuine. I mean. I just. You. Know I get that why does it matter bit, I get that I understand. I get that ok why does it matter what's the big deal. Ok. Take, your question. Of why does it matter and, let's. Bring it to this, community, and let me show you the people that are putting their time and their effort. Into. Waking you up and, have a better understanding of, where you live how about that. You. Know. All. These people. Whether. It be me or glow Buster's. Jaren. The. More guile, truth. Is stranger than fiction, marks, are generic Dube. Hori, sheet, you. Know Zane. I mean, gosh. You know I just could just look, at the chat and, you, see all the people, who. Have a desire, on, their own personal, level, to. Show you and, introduce you, to the truth. So. If I've ever interacted. With you and I've handed, you my card, or. You've. Gotten the DVD, and, this. Is all new to you this. Is not a game this is not humor, an, anecdote. A. Joke. This. Is real life this is this, is really happening we are really being lied to. Why. Is it that if. World. War two happen, the way that they tell us in, school. And. Hitler. Was who, he who they say that he was. Why. Would we take people. Under, his reign. Bring. Them to our country. Start. Ins and start NASA. Think. About come on think about that we're. Gonna take the most vile, people, who've. Treated other human, beings. From. What they told us in our history books and, then. Turn them into, leaders. Of. Space. Exploration. And MKULTRA. Mind control so, we can have a better understanding. Of. How. To. Understand. If you will the, American, human mind does. That, make any that's like making you know Jeffrey, Dahmer the, leader. Of the Boy Scouts. Yeah. Sure come on over Jeffrey, Dahmer. You. Want to be the head of Boy Scouts yeah come on over Manuel will promote, you will give you a group of 12 young boys and. You. Can take them off into the woods with no supervision yeah definitely, here you go and, you.

Know Have fun hope. All you kids you know come back safely and. We'll. See you in a week. That's. That's what that's like and. We. Take that information that, were given from school, that. We promoted. And, and. Save, these men. From. What. Would be considered. Life. In prison or. Their. Own electric, chair and. Said. Here you go here are the keys and, we're. Going to give you you. Guys just do your own thing we'll start it up we'll call it NASA, you. Know never. A straight answer. And. You. Guys explore, space do your thing and. You. Let us know how that all goes. That's. Malarkey. Why. Anybody. With their own common, sense out, there would. Never give. The, keys to these people, why. Would anybody do that. But. We did and you guys, believe it. Right. You guys believe we landed on the moon from. These very same people we promoted, who, previously. From, what history tells us, murdered. Six million Jews. That's. What we're told. Neil. Armstrong, sucks ass he's. A liar and I tell it to him in his face. So. Boys, and girls ladies and gentlemen. You're. Being run by. A. Bunch of people who had previously. Been. Part of the, most. From. What. We're being told. Satanic. Group on earth. That. Got turned into NASA to deceive you. And. P. Mars says Santa, Claus isn't real, you. Said that P Mars not me I hope a bunch of dads come after you with pitchforks, and. You. Know fire, like. They came after Frankenstein. But. You. Know that's another thing too is. On. This channel what we try to do is we try to mix things up you know I got some new signage, we'll. Try somewhat. Of a Socratic. Message. The. Next time we go live I'm. Not sure I you know I still want to be Joshua, Swift's, I. Understand. My Minnesotans. They're passive aggressive I need. To be a little more aggressive so. What. Works in the UK might not work here, in Minneapolis. Right, these. These, people here in Minneapolis, Minnesota they, just you know they. Need a little BAP, on the head what's the matter with you. And. So. What. We did in the last you know week or so with the interactions, was the whole Santa Clause bit asking, people you know, if they believed in Santa Claus and. Assuming. Right. That they believed in Santa Claus for the first 10, or 12 years of their life, well. What makes you think that they're not lying to you about stuff now I mean, your whole family, conspired, against, you. Parents. Conspired. Against, you, knowing. It's like a parent, knows when, a child is kind of around that age where. You don't bring, up the Santa Claus bit. And people. Know that, when. You bring up the Santa Claus bit a. Parent. Will look at you and say hey let my kid be kids that's, my responsibility. To. Let them know, okay. What's, wrong with you how dare you say that. Corporations. Know, that. They're riding, the lightning, if you will of Santa. Claus for. Their, own personal income, midnight. Garden are good to see you. Wrench. It up everybody's arms if you if, you don't have a wrench. It. May. Or may not be anything personal, it might actually be because. You just haven't said anything, you. Know I appreciate. All the 4750, people that are in here right now at. 10:23. Central, Standard Time. In. Armed society, is, a polite society and. We. Do express the Second Amendment here, on this channel. Clearly. We express, our. First Amendment right, just. Don't be belligerent if you're a troll and you want to come into this channel use your original account, P Mars I appreciate, you coming. In, Tim. If you want to come in Jim panda if you want to come in all, we ask is for you just to use your original account. We don't need socks. Sock. Accounts aren't any fun. You. Know. Test. Vision you know no we don't hate you. We. Just. Need. To vet you a little bit you know nothing, no. Big deal. Looks. Like. My. Internet's is struggling, a little bit but. David. Romero how do I get a. Wrench. Just, like that but good. To see ya thanks for coming in this. Is my original account. Positively. Godless, says. It. Is it. Certainly is and, good, for you. Good. Good. For you, and. So, I. Want. To share this with everybody. Here's. An interaction, that I had earlier. This. Sunday. Some. Two fine gentlemen. Allison. You know I had, Mediacom. As who the. Monopolized. Internet's. That I subscribe to here in my area I. Did. A speed test and I'm only actually able to get up to 20 Meg's. I'm. Capped. At a hundred, Meg's pay. Eighty two dollars a month. But. In reality when. I'm downloading, stuff let's say like I'm downloading a file or or whatever I can. Only get up to 1.8. Meg's. So. Guy. Comes out and tests. My. Cable. And everything, he actually makes some changes outside, because, he noticed that some of the cables outside were kind of rusted and said.

You Know this might help a little bit but I mean it's not going to be anything like super, drastic, right. But. Really. The Wi-Fi, router that I am currently. Prescribed. To is. Probably. The culprit and. So I might have to in the future. Get. A new Wi-Fi, router. Because. It seems, like the one that I have right now is really only capped at 20 so if I get a or better. Wi-Fi, router I'd be able to and, I'm, sharing Wi-Fi, with, somebody else here in the house. So. You. Know kind, of splits off but. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Prescribed yep. Nice. One PG. So. I, just. Want to share. This with everybody maybe. Maybe. Not you haven't seen it and today we're in downtown Minneapolis for. Geez. When. When you start going live just. To let you know and you start your own YouTube channel, I, think. A lot of us as as kind, of human beings we don't like the sound of our own voice. And. So, I. Just. Encourage you everybody, to kind of get over that and, not. Worry about that, in a. Sense you know not really worry about the sound of your own voice. Whether. Or not they believe there's, a car in outer space, if. So. I'm gonna walk away. Because. That's, beginning. You. Got some lively ones coming down. Hey, guys doing. Hey, guys doing. Everyone else. Because, believe there's a car in outer space right now I. Know. It's believed inheritance plan, well, you might want a research and bud ridicule, before investigation, is the height of ignorance. No, like we don't believe in that but we do believe we live on a spinning ball. 9/11. Was a false flag, because people. That's the sacrifice. Yes, you're on it right now live. Hope. You guys don't mind yeah my opinion about the nose. Is. If. They want to arm the public I don't. Think that they're going. I just think that's gonna be too difficult because especially for southerners, and people up north yeah. There's, something that's gonna happen and, I think there will be a time and maybe flatter this, type of master. Telling. Us that there's a car, and outer space right now. Cars, in Arizona. Lose, her sight eaters have been 120, 49ers. Off across other streams, Avenue, when, you're in front of soliders, as my little Ewok excited on the cross, Avenue. You were talking tenderly. Any. Questions. You got like, curiosities. Did. You know that the. Furthest, we've dug as human beings have been about eight or nine mile. So, how do they know that the center of the earth is, four thousand miles away. That's 8,000, miles so for. Example. This guy right here. Between the top and the bottom is 8,000, miles the, center is forked out. Well, we've only gone eight. But. Yet they show a section, of the earth if the show each core it's. Like where do they come up with that looks like they've never been down that deep. Yeah. Those sonic things don't we go so far they, don't go that far yeah it's, like come on it's. Sunday right and then they do the same thing they, do the same thing with planets, and it's. Like they've never been there but, yet they got all the information on it it's. Kind of like you're Santa, Claus. Well. Genesis one it's Sunday right so I'll give you a Bible, verse we, separated, the waters. So you got the water here on earth what. If there's water above, us. So, a glass dome. A wall, above, us you. Know the Milky Way galaxy the, picture of the Milky Way galaxy what. A vessel rip in, the dole where.

That's, A theory an idea yeah, so type in galaxy. I. Want, to get fish from and. The, Bible talks about. All 40 times. But, now you have to define circle, and and sphere they knew what a sphere, and a ball was but, they never saved. Sphere. Or ball they just say wow I mean. In all pizza is round a plate, is it. Talks he differentiates, between, circle. And later. On and I'd say he talks about throwing a ball. So, he does differentiate. It's not something. That I have to encourage, people with but what have you find another believer I would, like to you know just kind of encourage them on, my youtube channel description. Section on the way bottoms, is a really good article that explains the, biodiversity. Um. He's. Freemason, it, sounds likely because. Presidents. Are a selected. Not elected. Our, votes don't come and I wish I could convey, that in, such a serious. Matter. Because, we have no choice like. The saying goes if. People. Had the power to vote the government's, would, when. People. They wouldn't have anything to vote for. So, I don't think anything about politics, man. Ameena I think about them from you know standing in the back. It's just like The Young and the Restless. It's. Not anything to be. People say that I'm taking this too. Far but, we've been lied to where we're at. And there are no atheists, unflattering. In. This community of people who have. An understanding, that the earth is a level bull she was playing on my. Youtube channel is probably you, know at times yet on, Friday, when I was at the State Capitol there. Were a hundred people. All, those people believe, in a creator, now. Whether that's the biblical creator, or not they. Believe that there is a God, so. When people who are atheists, investigate. The. Idea. They. Realize that. That's where evolution. And so your governments perpetuate. A lie in school and, so there were honest people in. Government. Really. Yeah. But, it's funny that they will say Darwin's, theory is fat but yet they still hold theory, behind, it and the. Theory really isn't it. Hey. Thanks. For stopping guys. Got a month to go man. What's, cool about your open. Okay, I got, eating you and them to do this sometimes. Well, that was really a nice talk yeah. It's. Not all mockery and ridicule folks, there, are really, people out there who. Have. A genuine, interest in. The. Things that are going on in this reality. You're. Gonna have the mockery and the ridicule though you, go out in public. You. Talk to your friends, and your family. You'll get ostracized. You'll. Have aunts. And uncles. Not. Want anything to do with you really I mean. You. Know they'll help you out right. If. You ask for the help or, you you know advice. Or whatever they'll they'll go that route but. To. Have conversations. About Fox, News and. Alternative. Viewpoints. Our, educational. System, and. Flipping. The coin and saying well what if. Why. Is it you know like okay why is it that humans, have been around for such a long thousands, and thousands, of years. We. Just came across dinosaurs. In the last 200. You. Know. There's. A game plan with. These people. I'm. Just, saying investigate. It you know I'm not married, to these ideas. You. Know I'm just saying you. Need to step, back and. Not, take everything that you see and you hear. From. Mainstream. Media. In our educational. System as. The. End-all to be all because then you really are. Dogmatic. Yourself. You're. Part of your own personal religion. That you've created. That's. All I'm saying, you know it's. Taken me years, to. Get, to where, on that. And. I'm not perfect, by. Any stretch of the imagination you. Know. I have my follies. But. If. You've, spent, any amount, of time in the educational. System, and you and you think, you. Young, kids oh my gosh I just wish, that. You would just not. Immediately. Mock, and ridicule something. That goes against what you're being taught right now, but. I can understand, where you're coming, from because I, used, to have the blue marble, on. My. Computer, screen as a screen, saver. You. Know it's just I. Just. Want you to kind of just slowly. Wake. Up I guess you, know. Just. Start thinking and, in. Challenging. The idea. That. You've been lied to I. Mean. I mean even to step there and say like um I've been lied to really, like what do you mean. Yeah. You've been lied to, you're, currently. Being. Deceived. Because. It has to get to that point. Where. You. Start to really, doubt. Those. Around you. You. Know this, guy right here I mean, look, at it I. Had. This on my. Screensaver. 60-inch. Lg. 3d. TV. A. Beautiful. TV I mean it was it created, everything. I wanted it to create in terms. Of entertainment. Passive. 3d glasses the, same glasses that you wear when you're in. Movie. Theaters. You. Didn't have to pay extra money for. Like charging. Your glasses. So. I connect, my computer.

To. My TV. I. Thought. That I really actually thought. Three. Years ago before I went to Thailand. This. Was a picture of Earth from outer space. Okay. I. Thought. That I really I, genuinely. Thought. That. And you, know you go through your your, motions, you just kind of live your life and and you, never think to you know go, back and, hey check out stuff and. Investigate. And be challenged. Because. You don't have anybody to challenge, you. You're. All the same. It's. Like that Kurt Cobain quote. That I put up on my last video when I was on poncho Pete's. You. Laugh at me because I'm different and I laugh at you because you all are the same. You're. All the same you have nothing to offer me you can't challenge me. And. Then. I look at this, and. I, realize America, is a different, size. That's. Not where we live. If. There's two contradicting. Pictures. That's. Not taken. From. A different angle. I'm. Talking. To you out there who. Have gotten, my card and are, new to the subject, and you want to mock and ridicule me. This. Is not the same picture. Look. At the size of Earth from outer space. You're. Being lied to. That's. Not the same. And. You. Know that and. I'm. Here to break you out of that. I'm. Here. To wake you up that is my purpose as. Much. As it hurts. To. Know. That. This. Can't. Go on anymore. This. Isn't going to happen anymore this isn't going to continue. This. Is that where you live. I have, so much empathy, for. You, you. Think that you're gonna come at me and say I. Feel in and, say man. I feel sorry for you man, like. You. Really believe that like how could you how could you believe that I'm sorry, I feel sorry for you. But. That's not it. We. As a community as, a Commonwealth. Of Flat Earth have. So much confidence, in, what. We're conveying, in the message, that we're showing that. This, is not real anymore. This. Picture, that you see in front of you is not, where, you live. And. You know trolls. You. Know you know who you are you know I'm not gonna stop. You. Know I'm gonna continue, to go out there and I'll say this too I'll say this in public I, remember. When I was at Lake Calhoun, and. I was doing this because I checked my videos, I. Want. To know who's listening. And you know what's going on. But. I heard P Mars. Mirror, my content, on his channel which he's done multiple times. Right. He. Said if I continue, to do this, I'm. Gonna, become pretty big, it's. Not about me but. I remembered, him saying that. And. This. Is gonna, become big, this. Is going to become popular. It's. Not about me becoming popular, it's about this topic, becoming. Popular. That's. Why I chose the title that I chose for this channel authentic. Intent. Because. This idea of, going out into the public is, going. To become popular. You. Know it's not about us as people, to. Make money. Yeah. There are people believe, me I know, I'm. Not. An idiot okay trolls, and everybody else in this community and, everybody. Else who's new to this community. Yes. There are people who can see this as a means to make money I. Get. That and to make a living and so on and so on. And who. Will take who, will take. Advantage of this, Zubaz, you know members Zubaz back in the 80s right which. I still had a pair of Zubaz not.

The Zubaz that they put out now because those. Those. Aren't authentic, Zubaz. I wish I would have kept my para su buzz from back in the day but. If. This isn't gonna go away you. Know it's, not bell-bottoms. It's. Not boy bands. It's. Not Zubaz, it's. Not good eighties new eighties, movies, you know mark Sargent I don't mean the thrill mark Sargent under the bus but the. Eighties as a collective. Was probably, the best, azzam. In terms of movies. 1999. I mean that's the year I graduated high, school. But. It certainly isn't the pinnacle, of Hollywood. Movies that's for sure. I don't, think that you can really pick a year. You, just I don't I don't think that you can pick a year, to specifically. Say that you. Know this is the year for movies it, has to be a collective, and. There's. Something about the 80s we're, better, off dead one of John Cusack's. Better. Movies, Underground's. Cult, classics, for sure but. This. Isn't like that this. Topic, isn't, like that, five. Hundred years ago let's say let's say let's even put that out there and say five hundred years ago right. Would. I be somebody, that, would be promoting, the ball earth. You. Know. We. Have trolls, and we have people out there who. Would even convey, the message, that. You. You. Are an auto hoaxer. That. Means that, if if, somebody, came out with an idea and. Said. And, gave, you enough circumstantial, evidence. If, you will, that. It's true, you. Would just fall for it. This. Idea, with Flat Earth. Wouldn't. Have gone away and I think a lot of people probably. Got murdered, for the idea of flatterers, back in the day. Because. They didn't want to switch over and I, think a lot of had to do with it with the Catholic, Church, trying. To convey, the message that we live in a ball earth, because. They. Knew that, it would promote something, in the future. When. I was on jamie brown's chat, a couple. Of days ago on thursday, or friday when, i was going to the state. Capitol, building. Somebody. Had made a comment and i might actually just share this chat just. In general so. That people can have a better understanding of, of everything, much. Like with poncho peed i had a couple of comment i had a comment. For. Sample. Comment. And Antonio, super, axschat from, earlier somebody. Said, yeah. You know I used to like authentic, intent, but once, I heard his conversation. On Pancho Pete's not. So much anymore and. It's. Like why. What. Did I say. You. Know what did I say to draw you away if, you will. I'm, not here to be liked by everybody I'm, here to share. Me Joshua. Swift, through. The channel, of authentic, at 10 so. That people. Have a better understanding, of who I am and, I, shared the chat, that I had with Pancho Pete which. I encourage you guys to check out it's. A long it's, pretty long it's about six hours. But. That. You get a better understanding, of who I am. You. Know I want. You to know who I am I want you to feel comfortable I want, you to at least know that I'm. Consistent. You know I'm, Who I am, you. Look at the trolls you. Can trust who they are right you, can trust that they're assholes you. Can, trust that they're Richards you, can trust that you can't trust them. Right. Appreciate. An ally at all yeah, it if you're not familiar with who Pancho Pete is the link, is in the description, section below, continual. Basic. 24-hour. Hangouts. Encourage. You to check.

Them Out Luna. Moon. Kisses. To you hugs hugs good, to see you in the chat and. So. With Jaime Brown. Somebody. Brought up that. To. Me because that I'm an American and this person who was talking is in is, in the European, area. Though. Your forefathers. Must be rolling over in their graves. To. See everything, that's going on I mean they can't fathom. The. Ideas that people. Are coming up with like and so. On and so forth. Kind. Of had to correct him. Know. The, forefathers. Agree. With what's going on this, country, the, United States of corporate America is destined. To fall it, was, created. To fall. There. Waiting, the, people, who wrote the Constitution and. Everything. Else knew. That. Where we're at now was. Part of the game plan. The. Enemy of this world knows, that, what, it needs is. Stewart's. To. Write what, needs to be written, so. That in the future things. Will be followed, through. Now. They're not rolling over in their graves they. Know exactly what's going on they. Knew that what they were doing at. The time in, the 1800s. In this country, the, United States corporate, America, they. Weren't gonna see their plans come, to fruition, they. Knew that, it was going to be hundreds, of years into the future. But. What they had to do was. It was a plan. They. Were characters. They were actors. You. Know. Playing. Their role. Subtly. For, some others. Elected. Put, him to, positions, of power in the White House. Powerful. Positions. To. Play out their roles. Everybody. That you see on TV has. A role, to play. Your. Newscasters. In your local news. Organizations. Are. Reading, from the script on a teleprompter. They have plausible deniability if, you will they're. Just reading from a script yeah. They're part of the plan they're, part of the, establishment. Idea. But. Bryan's court did they'd be considered. Innocent they're just reading from a teleprompter and, you're, gonna hold them those. People accountable. You can't hold those people accountable. Larry. Good to see ya I enjoyed, our chat yesterday. Love. Your brother hope you. Hope. You're doing well. Utes. Thank. You for. Stopping. By but, it. Just it kind of took me aback a, little bit when. When. When, people just. In general I think there's a lot of Americans, who kind of say gosh. George. Washington. He's probably rolling over in his grave right. Now so you know all the stuff that's going on right now. No. He's not, he's. Applauding. What's. Going on right now he's, probably. Encouraging. He's, saying gosh. You guys are like five years behind the plan you. Guys are slow. What. Are you doing we're we're supposed to be here, you. Guys are still you guys still haven't taken away their guns yet. It's. 2018. It's March, you. Haven't taken their guns away yet, how. Dare you. These. People are part of the handshake, Club okay. I. Mean, come. On. They. Have more, organization. In. Their. Group. Then. Truthers. Do the. Unorganized. Truth. Against. The organized, lie. Okay. Put, that in your corncob. Pipe and smoke it, Americans. The. Unorganized truth. Versus. The organized, lie that's. The American. Corporation. Right there that's, your United Kingdom. You. Know that's. British. Columbia. Canada. Mexico. That's everywhere. We. We, can't get our, together. Wait. They. Want, they. Want us. Up. Against, each other. But. They're all part of the handshake Club right. You. Got Chris Brown, tweeting. A picture. Okay. It's a picture whether.

He Took that or not who, knows, okay. If. You're a young adult and, you saw Chris, Brown take that picture he. May or may not have taken that picture. He. Probably doesn't even have the password, to, his Instagram, account for, crying out loud, okay. Stop. Trusting. NASA that, was the picture that he took, yeah. It's a great meme. Solid. It's. A solid, quote a lot, of us I would say a lot of us in this chat right now we. Would agree with that. We. A lot, of us would agree with that but. Really. Like. Come. On dig, down deep and. Say. You, know what. He. Was probably, given an email, the previous, day and said hey Chris Brown we're gonna say something about. We're. Just gonna say something controversial. So. Just. Be prepared. Okay. Like. That, that's. What that's the gist of what he gets probably. You. Know and I'm not part of the heart handshake, Club. But. You, know let's say that he gets that memo. If he will that that. Text, message, the. Next day he. Gets his Instagram, activated. Stop, trusting NASA. 140,000. Likes gets. Deleted, the next day now. You got all the conspiracy. Saying. Oh. Did. It get deleted because he's. Too controversial. Gosh. It's Chris Brown maybe. He's getting out of his MKULTRA. Know. He, was told, that. That was gonna happen. You. Know it's. A good thought. It's. Good to have that out there you. Know. And. So. With. With. You know an ace McLeod he makes it he makes a comment and says jet beams can't, melt steel fuel. Three. Weeks in we're, all starting, to get privy to the, idea that. Major. Commercial, airlines, may, or may not be running on air compressed. Engines. If you, will and. They. Are started. Up with five to ten gallons of fuel. When. I first. Started. Into this idea, of the truth rumor movement. If you will I. Did. Extensive. Research. Into, 9/11, and. I. I. Was. Kind of blown, away with, the fact that people believed. In. The, I in, the in the concept, that a plane. Could cause a building, to. Collapse. From. Jet. Fuel right, and. Now. Three. Weeks later. 2018. Day. Of our Lord March 14. We're. Kind of getting privy, that. Ten. Gallons of jet fuel wouldn't. Explode. Like it did in. Those. Buildings. So. Even us who woke up through 9/11. Were. Quote. Woken, up through. Deception, because. There was this mass, explosion. Right I could. Even say yeah, I could let's. Say that there's jet fuel on those planes in that. Explosion. Caused. The. Fireball, that it did not knowing. What I know now right but just being. A. Newbie. If you will in the conspiracy idea. Of. 9/11. I'll. Give you the benefit of the doubt and say yeah that jet fuel it did cause the fireball. To, come out of those buildings. But. What we're learning, or. What. Were being the information. That we're giving that, were being given in.

The. YouTube. Conspiratorial. World. Is. That. Commercial airplanes, really, at, max. Probably. Carry 20, gallons, of. Airplane. Fuel right. And. That's. Just used to startup the air compressor. Because. Commercial. Airplanes, are gliders. Put. That in your corncob, pipe and smoke it. Okay. I spent. $1,700. With. The. $1,700. For. A. Round-trip from, Minneapol

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Josh - get out of the basement. Too much time on the computer. * If you're gonna troll, use proper grammar. Thanks, have a nice day :D

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