Automobilista online: Ribeirao what?? (Caterhams @ Ribeirao Preto)

Automobilista online: Ribeirao what?? (Caterhams @ Ribeirao Preto)

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What's, up everyone my name is hot Lawson welcome back for some more sim racing today. We, are, back on Anton lista and it's, been quite a while but they, were, doing another online, race, with. The guys from race departments it's. Fun day so we. Are, doing. A Caterham, race and. You. Probably already noticed. As. There's someone spinning on the warm-up, lap all good. But. You probably already know this this is not an ordinary practice, is a. And I'm only gonna try to pronounce it once, river. Rio preto. Something. Like that I think I totally butchered that but. It's. One of those, Street. Circuits, that is in autumn, Vista one. Of videos trailer, Israeli, what am I saying a Brazilian, Street circuit obviously. It's. A quite, a. Challenging. Track. The. Thing is definitely gonna be to keep it clean in this race so. Yeah. We'll see how that goes, qualified. In second position here, for a 20-minute race and. 19. Drivers in the field, this. Race from race formula, already, said that so, that's, gonna be interesting to. See. How this race unfolds, as I said it's gonna be very very. Important, to just keep it clean keep out of trouble and yeah. That's what we're gonna try to do. In. The first couple laps. A terrible start. I'm, just gonna let them pause here. A bunch, of positions. Left side. Psytrance, corner, is not a good idea. The. Okay. With you. What, the hell carnage, happened after me, luckily. We escaped, death hopefully, that wasn't my fault I'm clean so. Now, we got a little bit of a buffer going on. So, that's not too bad. Sorry, hoes here at. The opening lap this. Is my, favorite cheeky corner. But. It's. The whole truth. But, unfortunately we lost that much position, at the start but we got a med start and I was on the inside there but didn't really want to push through. Rhys. Ice-breaking. Really early. And, I want to get past looks, as, someone's. Going off already so. That's a free position for us. That would have been easily contact. But, luckily, we. Avoided, that some people going into the wall. Damage, is only, set, to 30%. So. It's enough to bet if you run into the roll one stop speeding up to heart. Or, are you gonna feel it. Whiteside. Trying. Appreciate, you inside, clear. Right. Side. Please. Kill well he's still on the outside. Still that. Surprising. But. We are the inside here for this. Second. Section here of the roundabouts and that's. Gonna be enough to pass him. Yep. Don't, you. So. Now. In eight opposed. Back, where we started. But. Now there's obviously someone right behind me so. And their race. Cleanly, here. But this is a really fun track to drive. Who. Was I run white here little bits but, he. Runs into the wall. As, I said a really fun track and I've. Given this way to. Wait. Too less. Should. Really drive this more often because. It's awesome. I don't really know, how, it. Is. Raced with. Di, da. I. Attend. You good around here. But. If it is is definitely gonna be a lot of fun to drive. Singleplayer, as, well. Okay, and we're making inroads very, good so. Far at, least. This. Is not the default setup this is a setup I. Used. One, of the drivers here, not. Really. Good. At selling of course or anything. And you know it's just a lot more fun is kind of almost, everyone's. A lot, more closer, and more compact and. It's. More the quality of the driver that counts and he said that's. What I like, about. About. Driving with they're all. Almost. The same setups. As, the black gained, around there goes into the wall so yeah we're driving the caterers, I'm. Not sure how I said, that super. Lights. Whoops, and there's garnish almost not really are. You gonna go side-by-side no. So. Let's just hold back here. SWAT in behind him. Sweet. Can be held up to much because. There's still someone. Relatively. Close behind. So, we're gonna be on the outside here for certainly beyond that still. They're not really. Still. There. This. Might be good actually, we. Passed them around the outside here turn. One. Didn't. Know that was possible but kind. Of held in little bits now. Think what that promotes us up to seventh place that is obviously where we started this, race. Hopefully. You can, still. Make some progress. Is actually you, haven't already. Gained. Positions, if you start. Counting, the. Race. Yes. And it's still 30, minutes, so. He's. Gonna be. Keeping. Out of trouble. There's, a lot of that smoke here. So, if you just keep calm we might be. Able to. It. Whoops and as I said that I run, to the wall what he wasn't too bad don't, think we have. Any damage. Come. On keeping my focus. Now he's on the outside for turn one see, how that goes though. He. Knows it's possible. But, he's known inside. That's. Definitely no in this corner square oh, we need that back, that's. Possible, you're right, just. Till you have you Maria a mistake. No one's gonna be intimidated. We're. Clear.

If, I, left them enough space there. Little. Bit too early on trottle there the, red Gator had actually passed him I think or a side-by-side with, him, he's. Damn true. But, they, happened without any contact from my. Parts or think that sir that's, good. So. Much fun. Hater and always provides. What's, extremely, nice racing and yeah. Combined with track like this so. That kind of a match made in heaven. So, now we can read a little bit still seven place and. Now, we have a little bit of a gap going on behind us but also. Close. That down. Don't, really know how it is to race. A la foster. Cars around here. Should, be interesting as well maybe. A, formula. 3 or something like that. Or, trying me maybe for the electro if someone's going off. I'm, sure that was for position. Check. The stands real quick oh yes it was for position so now we're in sixth. That's. Good that's really good. Now. It's just a case of keeping that up the. Flight would be looking. Great. Again. Scraping, all. I think soon tire wear is gonna kick in and that's, oh yeah, let's take a let's take a look at an app here, great. Zoo. During one breaking at about 100 feet towards, the second. Gonna hit it, good. Apex here and then. Powering, our way to the second, corner breaking, 50 meter ports and. Be. Careful here on the outside because that kind of floats. Away from you. And then here breaking. It post, the. First, year I would like to do that really. Early apex here but, as good as an exodus possible, either and further up. The gears breaking at post second. Year turning. In early using. There, is available saying here on inside. 90, seconds. And. That's a screwed up we. Should really make that one section there. It's. Really easy to lock the brakes here, very tricky, corner, going, downhill. And. Negative. Camber and. Yeah. Trying to follow it way they're breaking. Both. The sign. Second. For that heroes around the belt up third even, it's as close as possible and then hooking. It up here to get a good run out of front, stretch and that's it mediocre. Have around River. Really. A tennis track. Really. No. Real place to an, arrest. Always. Busy. Trying. To kind, of hook up these sections. Like. We're coming through now it's a it's very tricky. Left. And in here right and, then immediately. All. The power as soon as possible, and it's us William to be part of these dragons, kinda. Sections you have to hook, up otherwise. If, you don't get. One. Part of its right, you, probably going to be screwed for the other, parts that's. Coming so a little tricky but very, rewarding, if. You can get it right. And I, each, chorus it helps you they dance. Around quite, a bit and, it's. Really bumpy track. It's. A street, track so. Entirely. Suited, for racing, per se. But yeah I was actually a big my fastest lap here. Yeah. Don't. Get. In the drastic too early. Cuz. That that has happened to me a lot before. It's good to be back. And, some online racing have, been quite a while. Quite. A while I have been opposed someone online. Racing here on the channel. Didn't. Really have too much time to. Wrestle. Stuff. Going. On but now, we're kinda. Back so. To say. Ready. For touching. The wall there. We're, racing. Or, online racing as wellmaybe, gator. Hems at Monday is really something that's perfect, for, me for us my schedule, pennant and. With fun. Exciting. Racing, and races. Where, you don't really have to practice all that much and. That's kind of what I like. Time. To. Or. So much time to put in and say, one race. What's, running really, why that's enough trying I think nope. That's, a surprising. Kind. Of a no man's land right now. That's that. Look, here. Six, the LASIK. Portion, flank not really sure. For, the sector. Think, that's gonna be or. That's gonna have to do it, mistakes. From other. Drivers. Otherwise. Don't, think we will be.

Able To move her all that much. The. Gaps can increased a little bit. For cat four seconds to do the car in front. It's all really clear with with, a new hunt there, that's. Kind of a kind of a nice little feature they, added in, but. It's. Not perfect I would. Have liked the. Left-hand. Side. Before. You. Say that. To be on the right-hand side as we, gain. A position actually, so that's this someone. Went. Off or made contact, or whatever. And that's, a pre position. Have, closer to uni all their cars they're putting. A little bit White's ugly, the curb finance a flora little, expert in there. We're. Gonna have to be careful for. The. Guy behind us. Hey, and seems like we, got. A race on our hands right, now. Other. Drivers. In sight. We, hope, that that section will nicely and. Not, far from the. Best lap here. Become. Improving, a little bit. As. The race goes, on. Or. The other cars. Are. They're, more bats, I don't know that. At least we making progress and that's the important part. Oh, contacts. And a white Caterham so we're. Gonna take that position or it was actually a left. Because we're still in fifth on that that, explains. The. Yellow, flag we got earlier, and the factory, suddenly. Closed. Up on that guy. Or places driving there it's, the. Poor. Educator. Mclaren, honda Caterham, so to say. And then definitely should begin to pass him. I. Just. Did a meal. There on the curb otherwise. That would have been decent. Run. Sliding. There and, in one, part. Behind me as well. What now yellow, glass. Rather, yellow flag abu think it's here really. It's. A time, where essentially kicking, in I'm, starting to feel it right now in cars. Sliding. Around little bits too, much to my liking. Squirmy. On the break in here. That's. What I was talking about about hooking up those. Sections, that really worked out here. This. Corner is always such a tricky one. It's. Going, going downhill it's, already. Quite. Difficult to, get. These car stops down. Even. Harder and, then with, negative. Hamburg, corner. Makes. It all the much, harder India, car behind us a little. Bit of. Here or there. We're. Safe. Right, now. And, raises money over. Almost. Ran into the wall there. Like to look. At that fork place. It's. Not gonna. We're. Gonna. Oh yeah, running. Into, wall obviously. For people setting the fastest laps. Not, gonna be me that's for sure. Another little fun. Announcement. Tomorrow I'm getting there where, I should be getting, my PC. We're excited about that size should be a. A lot, of us seems a lot better is. My. It wasn't, soo, good, had. Some issues example. Project cars what, was the, graphic. Settings. When, I barely could manage 60 frames per second. Then. I'm really looking forward to that said.

Of Course I was well it was really an issue. The other factors too so when. I have that me seen yet watch, your left should. Be able to see fit. Worth of. That content, coming out my channel and. Overall some graphical. Improvements, very nice. Thinking. Also, about. Upgrading. My microphone. Basically. I'm, like going online using right now you probably in. Here. Occurred, there. So, yeah that's coming, in, the near future. And the. One-year-old. One, lap to go so. We, can keep that clean here. Can. Be very. Happy about this race. If. You have ultimately stage. Check, out cinema bro Rachel, in. The. Indicator. And whoa that's a. Position. Car. Behind is there. So, that's still going to be a close one. Concentrate, here a little bit's let's. Hope we can keep him behind us, that's. Basically an top I finish. Whoops. He was really close there for a second, cuz, I basically, screwed up. Tricky. Corner tricky corner. All, the power power power need more power. Can. Hook this up we. Should be good, whoa, boy almost, lost it there. In the wall, but I think we'll just, be able to hold on to it although it's got a very clear. Boy. Yo boy was, had an interesting loss left and, what. A fun race. Very. Nice combination. Extremely. Fun. So, yeah. Thanks for watching definitely, leave a like if, you enjoyed that as well and, yeah. So but more videos all not really stuff other, than its indc, I'll. See you. You.

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Wow detailed track! nice !

This track is like Brazil's Monoco

hahaha good comparison.

FoxiFyer ..but with a roundabout. The only thing that's missing in Monaco ;)

Hello, very nice video, congratulations! Im work on Reiza Studios, do you still have this screenshot on miniature video? Can we put it in our officlal pictures library? Thank you so much.

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