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What, are the top 10 4x4, trails in Utah we've, set out to answer that question today on at your leisure I'm Steven Heumann we're using Easter Jeep Safari as, our backdrop to track down the best riding opportunities, in the state and what, sets them apart from the rest we'll find out from the experts then, hit the sand with me Zach's Brianna as I follow two brothers to one famous destination, that takes them out of their comfort zone, lastly, Corrine smart shows us some of the prototypes jeep has everyone, drooling over at the Safari how can you make one of your own from scratch find. Out now on a while. You. Know in Utah, we're, pretty spoiled, as far as adventure goes you, can head from alpine forests, to, Red Rock deserts, all in one day and sure we all love a good hike to reach those destinations, but, sometimes, you, want to travel with a little bit of style enter, the, 4x4, and there, are so many places in this great state to break in these beautiful machines, and that's why I'm here in Moab, Utah for, Easter Jeep Safari I'm Steven Heumann now we are showing off the top 10 4x4. Trails in Utah, today and we got a couple of criteria one has to be in the borders of the state and two has, to be 4x4, accessible, growth is it off a little bit of these, are deep Safari corinne smart is down here she's gonna look at prototypes, right, now let's, start with our top ten. What, is your, favorite. Hiking truck. I don't. Hike so what's favorite fortress well, if I want to take people out on a family adventure this, is a combination, of two trails is going out the, Transcontinental. Railroad because there's a beautiful museum at the start and then come back in the, Pony Express trail, both. Two. Very important. Pieces of history as. Far as as trails go and partisan American American, history years why do you leave. Because. I can. And. I am like it there's a lot of trails out here that I love best. In the state. Oh gosh. I'd. Say the maze I love. Sand hollow it's awesome because you get all the scenery you get the sand you get the pride the thing about Sam hollows there's more challenges. There's more technical, challenges, that, will go with the Jeep and with a 4x4. Then there can be here Noah we, love them all we love the easy and we love the hard but. The technical, hard, and the challenge, in Sam, Hall is wonderful, barracks trail that. Runs. Up the East Fork of the Virgin River and you access. It from down off the highway. Into coral pink sand dunes it's a lot of fun it's a little more difficult if you start at the top and come down because big sand climb going out if, you start at the South and go in it's an easier trail depends, on how high though it river is when you cross it so really pretty ride easy, to do and you know half, to 3/4, day oh I love elephant, hill such a great trail, middle of a middle. Of Canyonlands, National Park one of the few, parts that has full. Drive trails you can go in you can probably take a stock vehicle on it if the stock vehicle is like a jeep rubicon or, something with decent clearance a full run or something like that the, vistas, and the scenery is just outstanding, beautiful, canyons, rocky, washes. That you're driving through. It's. A special place held. Revenge, is a fantastic. Trail em all out, I mean if anybody's, the first timers, or first timer in Jeep you, want to do hell's revenge, because it gives you a taste of everything about Moab, so what, makes Hell's revenge so famous, I.

Don't. Know. Most. Revenge for me was a little scary I was, a little intimidated, it's got divots. In it that you go down and it's got hot, tubs and obstacles. And things like that the. Gates of hell are wonderful, we've taken so many friends, on dolls and yeah, we've kind, of scared them a little bit you know but it's, a lot of fun. All. Right well there's five we got five more coming a little bit later in the show and I, don't know if you guys have been on any of these five or all of them let us know go on Facebook Instagram tell, us what what your experiences, were because, they're gonna be different than ours and you, know we're all having fun out on the trail we want to hear from you well we're gonna step away from Moab for a minute and we're gonna catch up with Zach who has our travel adventure I've. Lived here my whole life and, I. Still, am, experiencing. New things across, the state and this I've, been to the sand before but I've never been here before, we. All crave new experiences, but, the truth is it takes effort to go out and find something you've never done before. Most. Of the time we settle into our recreation, routines and that's kind, of it Paul, and rich Weller have been spoiled, to enjoy off-roading, and some of the best spots in the country that, happened to be right outside their door they, own weller recreation, in chemische so, if there's a machine they've, ridden it and if there's a trail within 50 miles they've, explored it well, today they've decided to put out just a little more effort and try somewhere new as famous, an area as it is Paul has never been to little Sahara sand dunes, what's. Fun. That's. Just about 30 minutes west of Nephi in Joab, County and rich hasn't seen these dunes in over 30 years, when. We were here it was on three wheelers and. They. Didn't go nearly as well as what we're writing today, back. In the 70s about 1979. This was designated as, Little Sahara recreation area about, 62,000. Acres of, sagebrush. Flats and sand dunes about. 23,000. Of it is actual sand dunes they're small dunes big, dunes, obviously. There is very challenging areas, for those that are experts. In it and, have the horsepower to play. In that area but, on the other side of that we had fun and just the dunes on the backside and, we're just roly's back and forth in in those bowls it, was fun had a blast, this, feels, like a roller coaster, when. You're riding it and I'm not a big roller coaster fan. ATVing. On the dunes is a whole different animal from trail riding out here there are no designated routes, and the only thing holding you back is your horsepower, that. Being the case you don't want to go too crazy because, dunes, shift, and change on a daily basis so you need to know what's going on the other side before you just charge on over once, you got your bearings and you're comfortable with the feel of the sand on the tires you'll find an incredibly, unique experience. In environment. Right at your fingertips. It's. Those relationships that you build and, it's. The friendships, that you, strengthen. Well. That's the driver that, has been anything, but the driver that did that to you and. This, there's. Nobody, I haven't seen anybody all right and here yet how far do these dunes go over here quite a ways this is the country so this is this is the end over here then yep, and then it works this way go around this side.

You. Know life. Is busy and. It's. Nice, to take a moment and smell the roses we. Talk. All the time amongst. Ourselves that, we need to take some time and ride with friends and customers and, all. Of our friends are our customers, and so, it just reaffirmed. That. Thought. We. Need to spend more time it's great to be outside, of the business it's great to be in a relaxed. Environment and, just talk about friends, and families, and the. Experience, that we're having at the moment. If. You're. Planning on making some of those moments for yourself at little sahara camping, opportunities up bound from one end of the dunes to the other some, encampments, are perfect for Daredevils, while others are geared more towards families remember. To bring plenty of water and have whip flags for all of your machines there, is an entry fee of $18 per vehicle or you can get yourself an annual pass for a buck 20. Creating. A new experience, does take effort but, like the welders found out today there, are a few things in life more, worthwhile it's. That opportunity to, get away from. Sometimes. The challenges, of life and, to. Just experience, the beauty that's around here, and every. Setting is different and this was beautiful today, these experiences. Are some of the best experiences you can have with family and friends because, you really get to know what they're like and you really get to know what they're thinking about because you can take the time and have, a conversation. I had, a great day it was it was a ball. From. The little Sahara sand dunes I'm Zack seprieono without your leader. There's. A little place on a Utah, man. Four hours, raised where. My heart's, at, where. The sagebrush, grows. Wild. In high, the. Stars come out. Oh. Why. Being raised in the basin with the ute reservation, skill starvation. That. Do seem. Introduces. The newest ways to, explore, the water load. Up all your gear catch, some rays grab. A bite to eat crank. Up some tunes and, tons, more. See, to escape. The everyday. Hi. I'm Chad booth host of the TV show at your leisure those. Of you who watch our show know, that we cover, recreation. And the West and often, we talk about land access issues, but did you know that land access is an important issue in the East to BRC, stands. Ready to help you, protect, that vital, access, to the sport that you love so, remember no matter where you live in the USA, join, participate. And donate. To the blue ribbon coalition. Welcome. Back to at your leisure I'm, Corinne smart and we are here in Moab Utah at, the, Easter, Jeep Safari and. As, you know seed has been showing us a top-10 jeeping, trails in Utah, but, for me the Easter Jeep Safari is, all about the Jeeps so let's go take a look. Agony. We. Use Easter Jeep Safari to, introduce, our. Latest concept. Vehicles we, do anywhere, from five to seven vehicles a year they, have a lot of prototypes of different, jeeps that customize Jeeps this one is my. Absolute favorite. Partly. Because it looks a lot like a Bronco and I'm. Sure that Jeep, lovers will slap me on the wrist for that one but look at it it's beautiful, it is based, off of the. Wrangler, Rubicon but. This concept and color palette, is based off of a 1966. Jeeps terms this. One's pretty impractical, glad. The colors a little bit bland for me okay. If. This one could. Be a man I would. Ask him to take me on a date. The. Nacho Jeep when, I was younger in my dream. Car was. A yellow Jeep listed with no doors and no top and this one basically is my dream. Immortalized. Write the, one thing I don't like about this one though, is, it doesn't have stick, shift and for. Me jeeping, is all about getting, in the gears yourself nacho. Is very, very close to something so you can actually make. Today by going into a dealership. These. Doors not. Quite available yet but may you'll be able to go these are my favorite part about this genius about. Six weeks I'll be other go to dealership and get this oh my. Gosh look. At it look at the fenders, and. Those huge tires oh my gosh you could take a picnic on those oh my gosh Kings yuck this, one it has six ships husband's. Birthday. Present. If. I had a lot of money it. Would all be gone because I'd buy every single one of these, it. Has like a graded, tailgate. Could be really fun going, through water and stuff it, has like. Rain, drop looking colored, on the seats but. It's beautiful, so. What's a bummer is that none of these jeeps here are for sale but. All, the parts are and so you can make your Jeep at home as customized, as you want I'm.

Corinne, And I. Need to find Steve, because, now I want to go on a trail so don't go anywhere at your leisure we'll be back in just a minute. I'm. About ready to enter a time machine, I don't not an episode of Doctor Who it's an episode of doctor where in, seven, hours I will be in summer and you could too if, you had an RV or a travel trailer from race city RV on Riverdale, Road as, a matter of fact you go in there right now or go to rate city calm you can enter to win this, vacation. I'm taking, to Pirates Cove in needles California ray. City RV Utah, slope rights leader since 1946. Meets. A new leader in off-road, utility. The completely, reinvented. Your XP, 1000. It's, got the most power the, largest towing capacity. The highest, ground clearance and, the best comfort, and storage. Introducing. The all-new Polaris. Ranger XP, 1000. The hardest, working smoothest riding. Ranger, ever built. Forretress. Clothing, is the. Answer. To people, have to spend time outdoors, we're science-based, we, actually, retain, body heat but, our product is hydrophobic, so it allows moisture to evacuate, it, works and for, all of our a yl viewers a yl, twenty twenty, percent off anything we offer we. Claim what everybody. Else claims but we actually deliver. Living. In Utah we're, lucky we can enjoy riding our recreational. Vehicles year-round in the mountains at the dunes, rock. Crawling or. Road, riding. Steadman's. Recreation, as Utah's largest selection. Of Honda. Polaris, yama and beta machines see, them all as Steadman's recreation, in Tooele need, a tune-up new tires or accessories, Steadman's service department, can help Steadman's recreation, in Tooele you may think it's 300 miles out here but remember it's only 30 miles back as. We. Established, Utah, is a mecca, for 4x4 enthusiasts. The streets of Moab are crowded with gear heads discussing, their upgrade they made to their eggs 10 the trails they plan to break them on so far we've talked about Hells revenge the, Pony Express trail, the, maze in san hollow elephant. Hill and The Berrics trail alright now that we're caught up I don't know where we're going next but let's finish up our top ten. Five-mile. Pass here he has a lot of trails in it too the most notable. Are the snakes you got rattlesnake. And constrictor, a Rubicon, our built-up jeep can can, handle rattlesnake. With no problem but the constrictor, and that, takes a little finesse and, you, can end up a little body damage on that one it's one of our favorite areas to go wheeling it the nice thing about American, Fork Canyon is that you've got you're driving by campsites, there you can smell the campfires, in the barbecue going on good, trails very.

Scenic You get a little bit of mix of everything climbs, and, cliffs and, river, crossings, and whatnot so challenge. Wise it caters. To that as well but, really, the best part is when you get all the way in the back, nobody's, there and you just get a chance, to soca. All that nature has if. You could pick a trail to just go on today anywhere, what would that TRO be I do fins, in things it's, a nice it's a nice easy trail, fins, it's a good mile run and a good fun, day for the family so, I'd highly recommend fins, lots, of rolling. Sandstone. Hills. It's. Got places where you can go up and it's. Scary at first you know you get a little excited about it and you're, wondering what's going to be on the other side and, then it's just, when, you get up there everything's. Fine and you can just keep on going you, know it's been a while since I've been out there back hole. In the rock. Last. Time we went out I could say we didn't break that's. Always a bonus good, rocks you know good obstacles, they give you a little bit of a challenge you. Know as long as you keep. Out of that skinny pedal you should be pretty good hold the rock can be a slow. Trail that places do you like going slow or do that going fast I like. Going fast, The. Devil's racetrack is off of i-70, there yeah kind of remind you something the devil would run on. It's. A pretty ride it's got some, rough spots not extremely, difficult but, you know would be a little challenging for a novice but. For. The most part it's it's, a fairly. Decent. Trail, there's, a few broken ledges, and a few things you edged. Along some of the big canyons, up. Through but, it's a lot of broken up. Rock. Formation. Up. And down into, the bottom of the canyon up on the ridges and it. Loops in off i-70, one spot you loop back around and, come out and, there spot so, it makes a pretty much an old loop. Through there. Good. Hop, in. Yeah. Fun with Jeeps it was amazing, can you please take me on a trail no okay, well while we head there I want you to take a look at our trailhead brought to you by Rocky Mountain atv/mc. I'm. Reese Tyne at your leisure and are you tired, of winter hikes looking, for a trail that isn't, covered in snow, ice, or mud well, we've got a place nearby that's, ideal, for two, legs or four. But. That, mountains, only one didn't, have snow one yeah. From. One to five inches of snow even. After a heavy snow, the trails at Antelope, Island State, Park, melt off and dry out quickly it, has become a haven for horse people looking, for an offseason, area, where, they can stretch their animals. Legs no. It's just right yes. It's. Always good right now here this time of year can't. Do do we use the right up in the mountains and, usually. There's snow up there, this. Time of year we've been out when there's been snow on it but it's still, we. Right every Sunday out here and. It's not just the snow they're avoiding, beautiful. No bugs lovely. No. Bug perfect. The. Nasty, biting, noseeums, will be out in force on antelope island by early, May but, right now it's, the cioms, you need to be wary of too. Many trails where you have to be cautious of the locals, but, the Bison are a big reason the white rocks loop trail is so popular, the, island has been home to several hundred bison since they were first brought here in 1897. And they roam free sometimes, right on the trail and, you can look out here and see bison, and there's, pronghorn. All over the place it's a beautiful place to be I love it out here you. Might have to make way for one, of the islands, namesakes. As we did this year it's, a great winter hike with, spectacular, vistas, all along, the route the, unique landscape, includes, few if any trees, mostly, juniper. Around water sources well. You don't need shade this time of year anyway I like. I don't get out and live like this much in the winter and. Than to be out here with. Birds. And there's animals, and it's, it's, comfortable. It's. Just a really nice like horses. Often don't get out much in the winter either the, Antelope Island trails, offer a great, cold season, work out we. Make way for horseback, riders like Cindy first riding Tesla, and Rhonda. Clark on igneous, I asked, them to pick it up a bit, thanks for more fun pictures, I love. This time of year because it's, it's. Cooler obviously, than in the summer it's exposed, so in the winter the. Trails stay, nice and defrosted, and of. Course the Bison are always fun to see and just, the I love the golden, aspects. To it yeah, I. Like. Coming out here because you can really get away from everything, it feels like feels.

Like We're very far away. But. It's the dead of winter. Hey. We ride all winter we just put, warmer clothes on and and I. Love it that there's no bugs out here because in the summer it's pretty pretty. Hard to ride out here trail. Running, is really popular on many of the loops along. The Wasatch Front there's a lot of mud and so you can just go and around and have a good time and with. This weather how could you pass it up we, even ran into a bunch of racers, in a 15, mile-long jaunt. Seven or eight is plenty for Marianne and me we, try to schedule in the full 8 mile White Rock loop trail each winter it climbs up to a bench left by ancient Lake Bonneville with, a short spur to beacon off all. The trails are open to, mountain, biking with a variety of challenges. There, are shorter, cut-offs inside, the White Rock loop and an, out and back spur, to elephant Point and the, Mormon rocks loops per mile. White Rock trail is enough. Oh. And in case you missed it and there, are no brine flies in, the winter it's amazing, REE. Stein at your leisure on animal, violence. Hi. My name is Spencer Cox I'm the lieutenant governor, of the state of Utah and I'm, the new spokesperson, for right on right, on is a unique, partnership between all the land managing, agencies, in the state of Utah to maintain, trails to advocate, safety, to advocate, wise stewardship. Amongst, all of us who use these trails and I'm doing it because trails. Matter to me this, is important for my children I want them to be safe, and I want them to be stewards of the trail if you would like more information go, to H, V dot, a gov. I'm. About ready to enter a time machine, I hope not an episode of Doctor Who it's an episode of doctor where in, seven, hours I will be in summer and you could too if you had an RV or a travel trailer from Ray City RV on Riverdale, Road as, a matter of fact you go in there right now or go to rate city comm you can enter to win this vacation. I'm taking, two Pirates Cove in needles California ray. City RV Utah's, low price leader since 1946. In, a place that is beyond words there. Is nothing to be said. Except. Take. Your tongue in Bryce, Canyon country. I'm. So beautiful. Yeah. We're gonna take you right now it's, pretty amazing I'm excited so what do you think of the prototype. Jeez okay so now I know what. I want for my birthday and, Christmas and, future, Mother's Day for the rest of my life those deeps literally, were the most beautiful things I've ever seen I want to take one out myself. Maybe flew them in this car oh, how. Are your top ten in 4x4 trails it was really interesting finding out what you know the real experts, thought of all these different trails so is this show that we're on right now one of the top ten for record trails no it's not this is Kane Creek and it goes up and around the mountain but it just goes to show that you. Can almost hit any trail in the state and just go, and find something amazing well I want. To hear more from our viewers you know sometimes like I know that they have been places that we've never been before and I feel like they should let us know on, our Facebook, page and Instagram you, should. So. What's coming up next oh we have the big giveaway pirate, Cove we've been talking about for the last couple of weeks you, can go in and you can sign up to win a week-long, RV.

Vacation, From, race city RV to pirate. Cove which is on the Colorado River so you win an RV for a week from race City RV so you're taking care of there you've, got three days at pirate, Cove and that includes, a. Half, day rental of a personal watercraft and a half day rental of a side by side with a lot on the dunes so, I have a confession to make when. I saw that ad on our Facebook I secretly, wanted to sign up, you. Can't wait I know, but. They can you can win you can sign up big instead of on Facebook you. Can go into Rey city and if, you do both and you get double interested so now let's take a look at next week's show. Land. Access and monument debates are currently raging throughout the West and next week we're going to give you the tools you need to make your voice heard how, can you get your thoughts on a specific area or trail to the right people and the right way we'll show you then. Corinne takes a rock crawler to the dunes to see if it's really as versatile, as the manufacturers, say we're, putting it to the test in one week on ayl. What'd, I tell you literally. So. Gorgeous. I cannot. Believe what we're seeing. Being. From California I never get to see places like this you know and I, just really liked it this week I was able to see all these different places I can go here, in my new home state, that's. Pretty spectacular in the show with, this but that also means that unfortunately, we, have to end the show so, like we always say get out there and create your own adventure leisure. For. Trails in Utah but, for me. Opt, in 4x4. Trails in Moab. You.

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