AYL Outdoor Recreation Day Eagles Landing Veterans Charity Golf Event

AYL   Outdoor Recreation Day   Eagles Landing   Veterans Charity Golf Event

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How do you celebrate Utah's, outdoor, recreation. How about joining Rhea and me as we visit the state capitol of Utah for the country's, first-ever official, outdoor. Recreation, day then team ayl, is hitting the desert lynx as we head south to participate, in the Eagles Landing annual, charity golf tournament, in support, of veterans finally. Reed Stein escapes all the winter weather with a secluded, but beautiful, hike through the Santa Clara River Reserve in Washington. County it's all headed your way right now at your, leisure is next. Okay. Again a riddle for you when does outdoors, and indoors equal. The same thing I know yeah, outdoor. Recreation day. At the Utah State Capitol, that's right, hi everybody welcome at your leisure I'm Chad booth and I'm really booth, and that is exactly where we are today it's. Just a wonderful event that they have us celebrating, all the beauties of Utah and all the wonderful things you can do here that's right you know the. The. Governor a few years ago is smart enough to develop a, an. Office. Of outdoor, recreation, separate, from tourism because. Outdoor recreation, is the, backbone of Utah's, tourism, industry, and it. Has since grown it's become very important, it has a lot of programs and I guess, if you wanted to find out what, kind of commitment the state has to outdoor recreation, we should talk to the guy at the top, this. Is not only the first time this has happened here, in our Capitol but it's the first time it's happened in the nation so we're really thrilled to be celebrating here, in Utah and talking about outdoor recreation, with our legislators, you know you're going to see a lot. Of the industry not just industry, that you might be focused on unders user right you might be interested in love o hv and i might love climbing and skiing but, it's much greater than, just those two sports here today we, have eastern, archery we have browning, we have OHV we have j-bird headphones, we, have REI, we, have so, many industries, within the outdoor industries represented here, and that's what we want to portray sit this is much bigger than, just the one sports that you and I might partake in you, know we want people to recognize, that these, outdoor industry businesses, that are here really, love Utah, they want to support Utah they want to see legislation that supports their businesses, supports. Recreation. And really supports a great quality of life for, all of us because we're not only businesses, but we are residents here we want to love where we live we, have a incredible, successful. Legislative session. Two, years ago and we created the Utah outdoor recreation, grant and counties. All over the state are asking us for support to build more recreation, infrastructure, and in the last four years we've, funded 19, different activities, so you name and we've probably funded everything from boat, ramps, to OHV trails, to mountain bike trails to independent, climbing, features, in Moab and everything. In between so lots. Of opportunities, there and we hope to fund every single County in the state and right now we funded, 22. Of the 24 counties, that have lied and so we're, really trying to help those counties, that want recreation, to put it in and make, a great application - you. Know we are the first office of outdoor recreation, in the nation and I, was just asked to celebrate, and talk about our office at the Western Governors Association in, Hawaii and my intro speech to them was before I got here I went skiing at Bryant and skied 3,000, feet of vertical when climbing at the climbing gym and was in Kona by 7:30, you just can't do that anywhere in the nation oh. You. Got that honey. Make. That happen whoo hey, nice job you.

Know, Is right there are so many outdoor things, you can do out here in Utah and so diverse you got outdoor, sports you got indoor sports indoor sports going outdoors like, this one archery, that's right, so the eastern Foundation is a non-profit set. Up by beast, and family who actually build, and manufacture archery. Equipment here, in the state of Utah with, the idea, that people who, are. At expert, level had to start somewhere and so the foundation helps, get people the experiences. And the opportunities. To, get into archery and they have held the Olympic, archery. The. World Cup Finals have been right here so, that is just truly the story of the spirit of Utah's where they, not only walk, the walk they talk to talk again. Well, now we got to go to our where to segment so check this out as. The bleak dreary, winter chill set, in so hard that you're afraid if you smile, your, face will shatter is the winter world around you so, drab, that, even the NBC, Peacock only. Shows up in shades of gray do. You keep having a reoccurring dream that, you're stopped in a never-ending, traffic. Blizzard and your, spirits, are caught in the slushy lane well then cheer up what you need is a big dose of sunshine a bright orange sunset a blanket, of green a little goodwill a bundle, of charity, and 18. Little white cups in the ground which is what you'll find the annual Eagles Landing veterans charity golf tournament, held, each February in Mesquite, Nevada the. Idea was hatched by mark and Katie Yardley, of high country fuels, who, owned the Eagles Landing travel plazas the. Veteran cause is near and dear to the Yardley's heart and on, their minds almost daily Mark's, grandfather, served in the US Cavalry and his uncle was a member of the famed green berets two. Of his brothers have served and his nephew, is playing in the tournament today and still, serves in the National Guard, among. The compliments, of players pouring, out under the course for today's shotgun, start our, platoons, of like-minded Eagles. Landing employees, vendors, and veterans, eager, to shake off winter for a good cause. We received, a lot of the proceeds, from this and it goes to help the families, of National. Guard soldiers. Airmen, and, their families and. So, we look forward to this event every year and. Having. Played golf for about three months so, it's fun to come down here and try to get, the rust out I squint. Clubs. Quiver grasp, lies and fall sail as the projectiles, arced downrange, like a battery, of cannon fire the warm, glowing Sun limbers, up winters, chilling, stiffness, and the charitable cause runs, the hearts of the players for. Each the, day holds something memorable my. Husband's. Favorite. Part was how many balls we lost I think. My. Favorite, part, of this event as always meaning. The. People who want to help our charity and being. Around all the people that are so supportive of the, military first time at the event I, would have to say yes we had a great time good team good team so. We will definitely be back next year the day wraps up at the 19th, hole with. A spread, fit for a commanding, officer and a heartfelt thanks, for, getting the Yardley's closer, to their goal we, have several people. That really, worked hard to make that this. Story would happen rather. Than employees. Work. With this if, everybody, good let's give this. The, long-term, objective, is to raise. $50,000. Annually for veterans and police organizations, in Utah and Southern, Nevada and Eagles, Landing help close that gap by matching dollar for dollar every. Penny earned of this charity tournament, mark, Yardley, and all his employees of Eagles Landing, really, go out of their way to help all. Our service members and they're great people and just.

Don't Have enough good to say about them we'd. Love to have everybody help us grow to make this a huge, event the, event is planned again for the first week of February, next year I'm, Joe Davis for at your leisure. Hi. And. I'm Bruce Steadman we have been selling motorcycles, like this since 1960. Motorcycle. Has been part of our family forever. We love riding and enjoying the outdoors everything, that Utah has to offer riding, motorcycles. Snowmobiles, ATVs. And now side-by-sides. That's what we do it's who we are Steadman's, recreation, in Tooele we've been proudly serving Utah's, families, for over 50, years Steadman's recreation, in Tooele you, may think it's 300, miles out there but remember it's only 30 back. Wide. Open terrain, a full tank of gas and someone, to share it with perfect. Conditions, to showcase our first ever talent 1000, are, standing. At nearly 69 inches wide it's, built for speed over, rugged terrain from, rock crawl ravines to dry lakebeds, dunes, and the miles of trail connecting, them all that's. How life is better side by side in the, all-new Talon 1000, are from. Honda. My. Daughter and I had just finished a run at this place called Eagle, Point is, really cool, but kind of challenging, ski resort that has a real family feel to it she. Was, so excited because. She beat me down, the run hey. Yahoo I saw, myself as a kid out skiing my mom it, was a big moment for me. I was, making the same memories, for her, Beaver. County Utah make, it more than a vacation. This. Week's what's new segment, is brought to you by two necks, of South Jordan and West Valley more. Than just tune ups, we're, offroad. Alrighty. Welcome back to at your leisure what, are we doing today bill we're, doing Dutch oven spaghetti, and our cast iron dutch ovens today right, now we've got nothing. Spicy sausage, or doesn't ground beef. Right. Now oh yeah, really, important to measure these exactly, this. Seaton looks like it yeah. Okay. Yes. We don't want to eat that do we I don't know it smells pretty tasty. It. Looks, like you're sucking up all the flavor, oh well. Small flavor - okay perfect, it was ancillary. Clinical. Joke, let's. Put a little mrs., bat well I'm not that's a - this is real salt real, salt and when real salt comes well I do not tell me it comes from Redmond. Utah is mined out of the ground - perhentian to, see. Here in. Utah. Then taken up the Hebrew city and. Process. Up there salt, and pepper to taste did you taste it not, yet I hope I get see later stir. This in, bring. Those cans. Of spaghetti, over here and love to use dump one more time this. I have over seasoning, this is Tuscan. Tuscan. Garlic. Look. How the Dutch oven is like a pressure.

Cooker, See how it's got a good seal then when the heat builds up the, pressure builds, up and, out, comes the aroma when it reaches the proper temperature, and the aroma trigger, your timer you know what a new timer is. No. We. Don't have enough paper towels to soak up all the hot water so it'll actually, pour. Off how. Is it a. Little. Bit so. That your secret ingredient sugar. Or. Sometimes. I have, it available a bit. Oh well, right in there huh. Think. I like it your way dump it in and mix it alright, so do you think the spaghetti is ready well I think so. Cheers. What, we need to do everything no arm walk no. I haven't but I think we can get it okay. Until. I got a little sugar in there huh that is so good all right well this spaghetti was awesome, and we will be back with more at your leisure right after this commercial break. From, the trail to the heart of the backcountry discover. That steeped in feeling with the 2019. Scooty trail and cross over slice. Wide. Open terrain a full tank of gas and someone. To share it with perfect. Conditions, to showcase our first-ever talent, 1000, are, standing. At nearly sixty, nine inches wide it's built for speed over, rugged terrain, from, rock crawl ravines to dry lakebeds, dunes and the miles of trail connecting, them all that's. How life is better side by side in the, all-new Talon 1000, are from. Honda. Kawasaki. Mule side-by-sides. Are some of the toughest machines around work, hard to play hard with the new meal Pro MX you don't have to choose. It's. About having the right machine, to fit the way you live and. It's. About strength, the. All-new, mule Pro MX the strongest, because I said so. Conquer. The summit and, catch that ski-doo, feeling with the 2019. Ski-doo. Mountain sleds welcome. Back to at your leisure everybody, we are at, the outdoor recreational. Range here on the moon, trying. To shoot some hoops, he's. Really trying, ok. Use. One hand we, are and that's how it's done that sound we. Are over at the lifetime display, which is another, local outdoor company, life, time is up in Clearfield and they make all kinds of products. They, make kayaks, all kinds, of roto molded plastic. Stuff durable, they're great stuff durable, great stuff and they're worldwide, headquarters is. Right up in Clearfield, Utah, well I was getting closer, well, you know if you're gonna be if you're gonna be we're creating outdoors you want to make it here that's, true I would well, and and what a great state to do, outdoor recreation, and in fact let's, find out why people record, Utah. My. Favorite, thing to do and it's such a shocker, is ski. Tour in the morning like I have three boys I love them to death and I try to spend as much time as I can so my time usually, adds up between 5:00 in the morning at 8 o'clock and, I can go out and ski three, four thousand feet of vertical in the morning and come to work and people are wondering what to do this morning it do this ski this morning can you do it that well that fast and we can you know that's pretty special to take advantage of why. Is Utah, such a great safe trout door recreation. Because, I like, to say when God created you time showing, off it's. Just unbelievable. From from, the tops of our mountains to the. Bottom of our ravines, in southern Utah. Coordinates. What do you like to do for outdoor recreation oh, my gosh there's so many great things to do but I love hiking and, there are many. Hiking trails, right, out of backdoor myself I just my notes are liking it. And what's your favorite thing to do outdoors is. That on this port. Etiquette, so just on the geography, out, here. I. Mostly. Spend my time fishing hiking, we've, got so much diverse. Locations. I mean you have everything from sandstone, to, beautiful.

Pine Tree, forests, and everything. In between so it just depends on where you want to go and what you want to do if you want to do, side-by-sides. You. Know something like this is gonna be you, know your best bet, tons, of. Technological. Innovations, you, know if half women have iPads in them now, whereas. Before there was like nothing you know I've got some light switches and that was basically it and, there. You have it that's why camp being such a great lifestyle, but I don't get it we. Get distracted with b-roll for one second, and Kyle's got Rio inside, trying to sell her on this trailer. Reah. Reah. Come. Out of that trailer we can't buy one this week stop, talking, to Kyle do not sign a contract, okay I. Got a I got a little work to do inside right now but, it's time for you to see our along the way segment. Ivory. Stein at your leisure along. The way near st. George in, a fantastic. Protected, area of spectacular, desert. Beauty and a human history dating back a thousand. Years backed. By the spectacular red, cliffs the Santa Clara River reserved, south of old highway 91 offers. 6,500. Acres of pristine desert, solitude, the, Maya usually. Dry climate, makes for an ideal, midwinter, escape it's wonderful, whether. You're out doing, this and seeing this kind of beautiful, scenery. The. Reserve has 37, miles of trails for hiking biking and, horseback riding much, through lush stands of creosote, sagebrush, and cactus, r.j., tippet and his three-year-old beagle hoodie roam, the reserve almost every day yeah, you have no qualms about hiking on a trail named, upper, graveyard, and there's. Lower graveyard. The. Tempe pop trail heads, up to the edge of a dramatic cliff, with some of the most unusual rock. Art in a state loaded with unusual. Rock art here, on land he'll most of the petrel, or on. Horizontal. Surfaces, as opposed, to the. Majority of all other sites whether, on vertical, surfaces or rock faces walking. Around here you'll see on, the vertical, faces, is very very little of any writing, at all it's almost all on the horizontal, surfaces, an easy mile walk from the Anasazi, trailhead the high rim is covered with petroglyphs, much, of it on flat rock surface but, there is some on the vertical faces, I think. It's really neat the, pictures. I don't know if they mean but it was probably, a while, back like Native Americans, I'm back I don't even know how to describe it it's the the views like it's beautiful, and they. Have really neat. Pictographs. And I, think it's pretty cool, that they're. Still here after years. It, can be a bit of a scramble along, the cliff edge to find the better glyphs, Kim, and Paul Barton, live in nearby st. George but had never been here and it's pretty amazing, I've been, on a lot of hate nature, hikes. With schools, and stuff but I've never been able to see petroglyphs, been, dinosaur, tracks everything else but this is pretty amazing far, below the cliff Erik, not so close this, is Santa Clara River carves, its way through the valley the, broad flat, family, friendly ghost trail follows, the river we, met up with Reid Cyril and his grandkids, on this three mile out and back. Yeah. Why. Because. I get a joy in nature. What. Did you see out here I hate. To see a beautiful I get I see a lot of beautiful stuff, that. Beautiful, stuff includes, rock art high above les, riparian, vegetation. Fantastic. Rock formations, on the canyon rim and playground. Rocks for the kids below, did. You get to climb around on the rocks Wow is, that fun. To. Protect, the fragile desert and rock art the reserve is limited, to non motorized, vehicles, almost, all the trails are open to mountain bikes with a variety of challenges. It's. Pretty beautiful. Especially in the spring we've, kind of been in all this year at the blooms. Out here in the, springtime, on the desert we've been riding for a little while and. Sometimes. We might underestimate what. What, the ride would be like for a newcomer. But. But. I think there's trails several, trails there that would suit. Any skill. Level or rider Santa. Clara River Reserve is a favorite, with locals because. Few visitors, have yet to discover, the area this. Is my therapy to hike the Hales with my dog. Therapy. For brain, cancer, really yes yeah. I'll show you the scar. All. Right. So. You're right here right here this is your back. You. Know you're just wide open you don't see that many people so. If you're looking for some seclusion, in rapidly-growing, Washington.

County Check out the Santa, Clara River reserve don't. Tell anybody, REE Stein along the way in southern Utah. From, the trail to the heart of the backcountry discover. That ski-doo feeling, with the 2019. Speedy trail and crossover slice there's a little place, all. The Utah, man. Where ours, raise where. My heart say. Where the sagebrush, grows. Wild. In high the. Stars come out. Oh. Being. Raised in the basin with the youth reservations. Skill starvation. That. Do sing. The. Owner show's over but, deals are still on at both Paris RV locations, check out these red hot deals on, 2019, Rockwood 1640, Ltd only eight thousand to 95 or $99, a month zero down for 2019, Salem 177. Fsx BH bunkhouse, only, 14,000, 995 or 165, a month zero down or 2020, attitude 19 FB only, 24,000, 95 or 265. A month now you, won't find a selection like this anywhere else only at, Paris RV. Conquer, to summon and, catch that ski-doo, feeling with the 2019. Ski-doo, mountain sleds. Okay. Real what does that picture make me think of. Utah. State Capitol. That's. What it is what. I see is this, is the outdoor capital, of the world oh that's good, there you go you know that's why you get paid big bucks. Welcome. Back to at your leisure we, had a great time a great outdoor recreation, day at the Utah State Capitol. And we found out so, much I mean think, of all the things people do, all the lists of activities, yeah I know it's. Just you could do multiple things in one day all. Year round that's true yeah you even end up in color. So. You. Know in in honor of that in fact that there's so, many different things to do is, it a time that you started making some plans we've got some ideas for you let's check out our calendar yeah, coming. Up on March 1st and 2nd is the Salt Lake off-road to export the mountain America Expo Center then on march 13th, through the 16th, the tri-state OHV ATV, Jamboree, down in Oregon now it's time for us to take a look at our contest, winner this week's winner was submitted, to us on Facebook by Johanna Jacobsen Roth, congratulations. Joanna you just won a weekend stay at the one and only magnificent. Daniel. Summit lodge and, you. Also are the first contestant, to win a $100. Gas in gift card from, Eagles, Landing, travel, plazas now, this is the place where you get that magnificent. 91, octane ethanol. Free fuel clear, 91, be, sure to call us at 801 nine four seven eight eight eight eight to, claim your prize now. Finally, it's time to take a look at next week's show next, week we're headed off to warmer weather as we take a trip down to mesquite to camp and ride through the desert with Brett, and Dorie Paris from Paris RV then, we, head back to the snow for a fun-filled weekend, of family festivities, at the Bryce Canyon, winter festival, finally, we're, headed up to Park City to check out a free world-class, ski, and snowboard, competition that. Is sure to be excitement, for the whole family well. Next week so looks fantastic. It does and, it's not just because we're in it, that's. Actually the least exciting part of the show that's great about next week shows it because we get to be outdoors doing, stuff all over again and that's what I love about our job and our life here in Utah and we can bring you folks out there in TV land to, come out and enjoy it every, day for all of you who are watching us outside the state and I know I know who, you are come. On out we'll show you a good time Oh we'd love we just loved crowds come with us yeah and just to kind of motivate you we are going to end the show by leaving you some pictures of all the different things you can do here in Utah that's right so as we always say there's adventure around every band you just got to get out there and create your own adventure. In Utah, or leisure.

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