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What's, on your bucket list but we're filling some of ours this year on the Paris RV, Safari starting. With a trip to an advanced, tactical gun camp in addition, we are shooting our way through another bucket list item we take on mind an absolutely. Breathtaking jet, boat tour through Hells Canyon which, is the deepest Canyon in the United States and then one more pick how about ziplining through the, beauties, of the Yellowstone, National Park, areas. For a true aerial adventure, it's all happening now on at your leisure. I. Knew. This would get everybody up some. Hand pat sausages. On the grill first thing in the morning on the day of our big adventure hi everybody welcome at your leisure I'm Chad booth and I'm really booth, and thank, you very much for joining us for our RV. Safari this. Year and we have Brett, and during, Paris, who are going to be on our, safari this year that's right they're the hosts of the RV Safari series, and for. This year and you, know as. We've gone through this to the through. The years of one year we, followed. The river we, went all the way to Mexico another. Year we followed the coast and then we followed history, going back to you, know Mount Rushmore in Deadwood and all those end, places so this year we're. Going to follow our hearts we're gonna follow our dreams we. Are going to start. Our series across, the West in search, of our, bucket, list and I know you guys have one oh yeah, we do take an RV go shoot guns those are both things that are super cool to me uh-huh and front, sight is just the place to do it down. In Southern Nevada that's true this is a this, is a fabulous facility out, in the middle of the desert where high-end. Training goes on they you've, got to go do a background check even get in the place because, they, teach people how to do safe, firearms, tactical, firearms everything. About firearms they're, in this, great big campus, out in the middle of the Nevada desert so that's, one of our bucket lists Rio I am, going to do zip lines oh you love zip line I love zip lines we've done him in Costa Rica we've done them back. East we've done over Lake Mead we've done them all over the West yeah and so, I'm thinking that like the guy that chases roller coasters I'd like to go all over the country and ride the top zip lines because I just love sailing to you I know you do and. What are you doing well I've always wanted to go up Snake. River because I've heard you can get jet boats but you know plenty about I'm, sure Bret just, although babies anyway.

I've Always wanted to just race up Snake River in a jet boat so, we're gonna do that watch the rapids yep well I think we should get started with that cuz I hear them firing up the jet, boat in the river so everybody get ready for your saucers y'all right okay let's check it out. River, Adventures, offers a few, different things, we're known, mainly for our Hells, Canyon jet boat tours we do a lot of fishing. Fall, steelhead, fishing as well and fishing in Hells Canyon. You're. Gonna experience. From, mild to wild the. Day starts off pretty mellow once after lunch we get up into the upper rapids have a really good time the water can, fluctuate it, can make class, one and two Rapids turning the class four and five Rapids. So. We just you just get the best of both worlds here on a jet boat tour in Health Canyon. That's. Actually Kirkwood that's five miles up that's typically our first stop on our tour on the de grâce and Lynne Jordan lived at Kirkwood, they came down here to survive the depression so back in the 30s. 40s. This. Was a largest sheep ranch in the world this whole river corridor, my great-grandparents, worked. For the company that had the Sheep down in here worked right up in a ranch house right above us my great-grandpa, actually died right here at Pittsburg Landing in 1971. Era DD hay fields I care very deeply about it obviously it's my family it's my family roots I was, born and raised here this is this is really my stomping grounds, well. The concrete, up was something. That lends. Yordan promised, his wife Gracie, Jordan because she said if, you didn't build me a bathtub I was moving out of the canyon so he figured out a way to make a concrete bathtub in their house and it has been a signature piece in Hell's Canyon it's, talked about all over the place so our tour really incorporates, a lot of that history so, it's first-hand history it came right from my great-grandmother, before she passed away in 1992. So, it's, really just an honorable thing to to, have that in our family heritage. What. Was our first stop and then we, worked our way up the river we've seen a lot of different places. We've seen sturgeon, rock along, the way we were fortunate, enough to, see a younger bear today I'd actually, could not believe how close we were to it and he was so friendly, you could tell he knew we were taking pictures of and he was just so cute it was amazing I've never been that close to a bear. You've. Seen bighorn, sheep, deer. Couple. Eagles we've seen the highest point in Hell's Canyon on the Idaho side we you, know we showed all the way through there even up around Granite when we were in the deepest part of Hells Canyon nine, thousand three hundred and ninety-three feet. So. There's just so much to see you, really can't just do it in a day Hells. Canyon is a wonderful, place it's actually the deepest. Canyon in North America. So. When you come here you can get that feeling only by jet boat oh just, a really great featured, place for Idaho I, do this because it's, something, that I've always loved to do people.

Do Not come here to have a bad time and I. Really like sharing the history of the canyon I love, fishing and there's just really, no other job I'd rather have get. In contact with us you, can get a hold of us by just simply. Hells. Canyon dot, tours or a. Phone number which is one eight hundred five, to four ninety seven ten give us a call let us know how we can I take you guys on an experience, of a lifetime. Bucket. List item, number, one is off the list we've got two more to go, well. Right now it's time for us to take a commercial break we'll be back with more about your leisure in just a minute. And, we. Will see you next week on the county seat. Put. Some adventure, in your life and attend a sportsman's vacation, and RV show February. 14th, through the 17th at the mountain America Expo, see hundreds of new RV's, motorhomes, travel, trailers and accessories, I hate the show in save take advantage of special show financing, and RV accessories, fishing and RV travel destination, gourmet and Dutch oven cooking classes, register, to win at Alaskan, fishing trip. EDC, for Utah and CW, 30 invite you to the RV show February, 14th to the 17th. From, the trail to the heart of the backcountry discover. That skating feeling with a 2019. Studi trail and cross over slice this. Week's what's new segment, is brought to you by two NEX of South Jordan and West Valley more. Than just tune ups we're, off road. Welcome. Back to at your leisure, I'm Regan Ledbetter here with bacon Bill and we are making fat, fish today I'm so excited we have done fish before no to, be precise. For doing beer, batter catfish, this, is a wonderful, dish and we're going to be deep, fat frying catfish a great. Great. Fish to eat even, though it's a bottom-feeder we're gonna start with mixing. In the bowl okay we've got cornmeal, I'll end up side in sure, and. The flour. Salt. Yeah. It's that good to taste you haven't tasted it yet well no pepper. Yeah, a little bit I I, know I want salt and pepper in there so how's. That okay, good, hey just. Set that aside for a minute this man is good too I saw, him you, it. Was a full catfish, like he went out and caught it threw, it down and gutted. It up want to break a couple eggs in there. And. Just, discard the shells over, and I'm gonna pop the old, Milwaukee. Or you can use apple. Juice O'Doul's. You can use regular. Alcoholic. Beer if you want to stir that the meantime while you're doing that I will pour that in here okay. A recipe. Is just a guide I like to kind of modify as we go okay. All right well I'm excited, okay. So the egg goes into the beer yeah and then we've got diced onions.

To Go ends good job doing, you just dump that whole thing in there no we're dumping putting, these in here alright and. Just get those coated, put, those in there one, of the time okay, shake off the chef, because we're gonna going. To put them in, look. Them over. That's. Kind of fun I mean like the kids could help you do this - yeah one. Thing he's got to get a pretty, 350°. Reason, why you wanted at 350°, is. Because it'll, sear it and it won't absorb that, much oil so you got to get it three five so. Temperature, fish it's about one, it's over 180 so we're good right yeah, these are good to go and. You. Want to cook fish basically until, it starts to flake. Mm-hmm. Does. That mean it's good that means it's. Good, all. Right bill I think this is another one of these amazing. Recipes where do people find your recipes if people want to get your bacon bill recipes well I put a lot of one Facebook, I'll put the photos on there now, I know a new recipe more. At your leisure when we come back. Where ours, raise where. My heart's, at where. The sagebrush, grows. Wild. In hi the, stars, come out. And being raised in the basement of the ute reservation, scheme, starvation. That. Do same County. Meet. The new leader in off-road utility. The completely, reinvent. Your XP, 1000. It's, got the most power the, largest towing capacity, the highest, ground clearance and, the best comfort, and storage. Introducing. The all-new Polaris. Ranger XP, 1000. The hardest, working smoothest riding. Ranger, ever built. At. Paris. RV you can count on five things a huge inventory of RVs great, service a large variety of accessories now, two locations, and 14, brands of toy haulers from vortex striker attitude, power line thailand thunderbolt, boost, hyper light nitro. Sin sport salem cruise like iconic, cyclone, and sandstorm. Teres RV 4360. South state and now 55, 45 south, state and online, at paris our be calm, paris RV is Utah's number one volume toyota dealer. So. If we are doing the, Paris, RV, Safari bucket. List I got, to tell you that there's a hole in Breton. Dory's bucket, lot, yeah. We're out here at front sight in front Nevada, at this fantastic shooting. Range and they train and, they. Do just all kinds, of stuff out here if you want to learn how to handle a gun and just be a better marksman and these, guys are killing, it yeah well no pun intended they're, doing a heck of a good job with all kinds of different types of things so is the way make their way through the series let's find out a little bit about, the defensive, training that you can get here front sight. Front. Sight really, focuses, on providing, our students an, entire, experience, it's not just. The firearms, training in fact we approach our students. With three goals in mind and, the first thing that they should expect is to be, absolutely safe, we, take extraordinary measures to make sure that our staff monitor. Every student closely, we head off safety, issues before they become real, dangerous, threats and. We take the safety, of our staff and guests very seriously the. Second thing that we go for is to make sure that every person that comes here whether they're a student a staff or a guest just visiting has, a phenomenal time we want them to really enjoy the training experience not, just get fed with the fire hose of information, and, then the third goal that we have is to feed them with a firehose of information, and to, give them as much information as, they can possibly. Absorb. During, their visit and for, some people that that, might be very minimal and for others it might, be a life-changing. Experience, but, everybody, takes away, as much as they can and we provide that in abundance the programs, that we offer the, handgun curricula, the, practical. Rifle which is basic, marksmanship, all the way up to advanced, tactics they're shotgun, and, there is full, auto submachine. Gun kuzey's there, is select fire m16, we. Have empty hands self-defense, we have edged weapons defense so if somebody's coming at you with a knife we teach you how to handle, that attack we. Have the rope and rappel program, we, have a child in youth program, that, takes children. From ages 5 through 15. And, puts them through an age-appropriate curriculum. Where, they learn all kinds of things from desert, safety to a little, bit of firearms introduction. And they get to play on the climbing, wall and do all kinds of interesting things in fact my, kids love it that's they keep. Don't to keep going but. Those are the core curricula, that we offer. Yeah. There's not a lot out here you. Know you get past Las Vegas and there's not not much to see and to get the frump and then you know here we are front sight you, know I would say being out on the desert kind, of isolated is the best place to have this type of drink well, I learned how to shoot a fully automatic, doozy.

That Was that was quite the treat the. Other thing is with the training, that they gave us the tactical, training. You. Know there's a lot I mean I shot with guns a lot but I didn't know the proper, techniques, or, even some of the proper verbage. I really, enjoyed learning the. Proper technique of taking, the weapon out of your holster. Racking. The slide and. Just. Acquiring, your target and understanding. What. You got to do to make a good shot my. Shot has greatly improved since I got here that, would be sure I just. You know before, I'd go to the range and I just acquire. The target pull, the trigger know. What, technical. I. Got. My concealed, carry a permit. Up. In Utah and I. Have. Always been so timid about. Having. And carrying a gun even after I took the course I just felt like I needed something, like this that, is the biggest, reason why I wanted, to come here today because I really feel like I needed more, training. Behind. A handgun the machine, gun was amazing. I was. Very scared, of it at first but. Then after the first couple of pulls. On the trigger I felt, like I was very comfortable, with behind that thing so I was. Pleasantly, surprised. I actually, felt welcome, from the very beginning I, know. You, know they do carry weapons but I'm not afraid of them, they. Do this every day and, that's, why I just. You. Can ask questions at, any time they. Want you to ask questions they, have the ropes course - they, have all kinds of stuff to do here, you. Can spend a, whole. Week here easily, you. Know I think I would want to continue, with the pistol, and handgun. Course. And really take the whole thing is what, my goal would be, I. Just, want to be really comfortable with. One if, I ever decided, to carry something. Like that I just want to be prepared, our whole family would want to come with us too because all. Of our kids love guns too so, we. Could make it a family vacation. Yeah. You know if you're gonna have. An owner a gun. Well then you ought to have some sort of training like front sight and I, would love to bring my our. 25, and 22 year old boys back here and give, them proper training because if you can own a firearm Yatta Yatta probably, do something. This. Is definitely, a bucket, list, must-have. If you even. Think you might want to shoot, a gun in your life this. Would be a great, way to start, yeah. I would have always enjoyed doing something, like coming to front sight and you. Know that's just one check, out of the bucket list move on to the next thing. Okay. We're waiting around here, for. Paris's. Cuz they're training, so we're standing at the ropes and rappelling course and when you're on the other side of the wall you're, thinking oh my gosh I have to rappel all the way into that Canyon but, really it's, only a 10-foot wall first. Rappel it is only 10 feet it's really by now if any of the things you've seen in our story here for, the. Along, the way about, ropes and rappel yeah or the guns or anything you want to find out about coming down here and taking a class for yourself its front, sight calm, ww, front. Sight calm, si, ght. Now we. Have a lot more of our bucket. List, Safari, story, our show and we'll get to that right after this commercial break. Living. In Utah we're, lucky we can enjoy writing our recreational. Vehicles year-round in the mountains at the dunes rock. Crawling or. Road, riding. Steadman's. Recreation, has Utah's, largest selection. Of Honda. Fleurus, gamma, and beta machines. See them all as Steadman's recreation, in Tooele need, a tune-up new tires or accessories, Steadman's, service department, can help Steadman's recreation, in Tooele you may think it's 300 miles out here but remember it's only 30 miles back. The. Boat buying event you've been waiting for. The. Boat Show and watersports Expo, February 7, to the tune great fun for the whole family, watch wakeboard pros on the 300 foot rail jab by the boat of your dreams with special, show finance register to win a five day Alaskan, fishing trip courtesy of our W fishing ABC, for Utah and CW, 30 invite you to the Boat Show and watersports Expo, February 7th through the 10th of the mountain America Expo tickets at Utah boat show calm.

Yeah. We're folks bound by traditions, whether it's holiday, time or, vacation, time makes sure that one of your traditions, is a stop, at the creamery in beaver Utah delicious. Cheese direct, from the factory ice cream tasty, treats crafts, and gifts of all kinds, and, it's the perfect place to get a bowl of creamy, mac and cheese start. Your new tradition, the next time you're headed, our way the. Creamery in beaver Utah farm, meat, table. Concord. Is summon and, catch that ski-doo, feeling with the 2019. Ski-doo. Mountain sleds, welcome. Back to at your leisure everybody, we are continuing. Our Paris RV Safari bucket. List and we are in the Yellowstone, zipline. Adventure park. In beautiful, Montana, and we are in quite, an adventure today oh boy, are we ever now, you know you say well you guys have zipline before so I can't understand, why. It is that you would put this on your bucket list but we've gone over lakes we've gone through jungles. We've, never crossed in a forest and zipline, across a river and so, that, added to the bucket list. It. Is. At. Montana whitewater we offer rafting. Is at finding horseback. Riding. Fly-fishing. And river tubing artists applying course has two different options one, is a classic sit it's three zips three bridges in a 25-foot, ladder and then, we have a super zip that's six zipline six bridges couple, ladders and cargo, net you have to have a bit of letting, ability, to get up some of these ladders and stuff but even if you you know takes you all you still blade in so it's okay but this, employment, but it's fun. Kind. Of like a roller coaster first. It's really scary and then you. Feel like you're caught right on to the line and then it's, normal and, it feel safe, we. Have amazing, guides that can talk you into anything yes. They'll definitely help, it, definitely once, you do it then you get over your fears and it's really comfortable what's, awesome about our zipline is you start with the shorter zip and. It kind of makes you feel comfortable on on. The zip course and then finally. Once you finish, up you're on the longer zip lines and you feel a lot more comfortable and you can actually enjoy the view. This. Area is awesome, the Gallatin Canyon is, gorgeous. You. Get canyon views what's really nice about the zipline is it's right next to Sheep Rock which, is really cool they love the bridges, they, love the adventure, elements that are on there they. Love the area. Well. That. Was a lot of fun I, wanted. A my feet wet though maybe. At, flood stage people, think, that they're actually going into the river when. We say you're zipping across the river that they could potentially touch it unfortunately, the river isn't high enough but. It's. A really cool aspect job, there's not many people that can do that just, because a lot of people don't own most properties, across from the zip courses so, it's a very unique feature. Alright, everybody, last tip of the day over, the river and through the woods let's take a look at next week's show.

For. Next week's show we are heading down to hurricane for the winter 4x4, Jamboree, one of our favorite, four-wheeling, events of the year after, that we go somewhere a little surprising, yield Montana, prison, complex which holds five museums, and we picked the top two and, a, far jump from Montana Reece Stein shows us an adventure, of his own in Lithuania. And we promise you won't want to miss this, now. It's time to check our sticker winner this, week's winner is Austin, stout who submitted this picture through Facebook, Austin. Is the winner of a $400. Write fab gift certificate, Congrats. Austin what, a great, gift from Roy fab they're fantastic. And if you're wondering where to find us here's a sneak preview of our calendar, of events on January, 26, we, will be at Fish Lake for Jorgensen's Winter Fest I can't wait for that one we will also be at the Boat Show the second weekend of February in the RV show the following weekend, we hope to see y'all there. Yeah. Those little rascals can move that's, true well. I can tell it's the end of the day because R, is heat-seeking, feet have made their way to mine yes, every. Night. Well. We're, gonna Gus drift off into slumber, land right now and dream of next, week's adventures, with continued our RV, Safari so. Remember, there's adventure, around every Bend. Just got a kid out there and create your own adventure. That's your loser you. Gotta go now so, on, the way out would you do me a favor and shut out the light thank you. You.

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