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History, and adventure are always a winning combination and this week on at your leisure we have folk to spare join me Steven Heumann as I take the kids across the West to learn our shared history and what it really meant to be a pioneer then, grab, a paddle with me Chad booth Andrea, as we whitewater, raft the late season swells, of Idaho, why is this, trip and the landscape, itself more thrilling, than you'd expect follow, us and we'll show you finally. We'll hit the trail with some veterans who served our country so, we can enjoy our public lands a whale starts now. History. Is all around us from the urban centers of Salt Lake City to the rural backroads of the Rocky Mountain foothills that. History exists, in the form of buildings, and stories, old outposts. Giving, us a link to our past and a better understanding of how our forebears, live worked. And died the. Great thing is we preserved, a lot of these spots and today we're taking you to three of the most interesting to, discover why there's more to these dusty, cabins and weathered, monuments, than just wood and mortar and we're. Starting here at this is the place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City Utah one of the most authentic pioneer, towns, you'll ever come across how about we take a closer look. I'm not shaving off your mustache today. I'd. Be a terrible pioneer, our. Mission, is, to make history enjoyable, so, it's the idea to see all this old history, and what, it took to make something back then what, it took to do something what life was like and bring it to us if, you're looking at a house you're, more than likely looking. At the original and it's, been relocated. Here from somewhere in the state where, else can, you sit down with your kid at, different, locations, in this you know and just, a hands-on, experience a, craft the, blade rides on the leather, it. Doesn't. Yes. It doesn't cut through that exactly. I start. Drawing, literally. Whatever it is I'm going to carve. This. Is how I get that second, stage for. The darker colors around the outside not, to mention the entire Native. American piece you, get to walk into a Hogan you get to walk into a teepee you get to actually sit, and visit and learn about their culture I know that they were traditionally, made out of. The. Pony Express wanted. Young, skinny, wiry, fellows, not over 18 so I think I would be fine with that oh. Cool. You're, too young to get a rose right yeah I know that's, my caste. Why. You're so excited to see this house is it just good it's pretty no, I don't. Even like the color pink keep it so why are you so excited because it's Brigham, Young's house okay. You're, excited about the history I like that, wait think of that doll Thanks. It's. A creepy doll yes. We. Need to know our history we, need to know who we came from where we came from why, we do what we do why, we say what we say, you. Know they always say history repeats itself the reality, is is if we don't learn from that, we. Are bound to make the same mistakes I mean. How many times has a civilization. Been annihilated. Removed. From the face of the earth and all we have is the archaeology, but. If we could at least have the stories, we might understand, why, they're, gone what happened to him. History. Is really important, what. Did you think was interesting about Brigham, Young salsa that. Was pink. About. You it. Was just cool to see all of the, different fashion.

Stuff Inside it how, they would make clothes, I, think we should get a loom make you guys start, earning your keep because. Yes. We, stopped at the huntsmen hotel we're about to sit down for a nice pioneer, meal of hamburgers, and cream, soda, why don't we head off to our travel adventure we, are on the salmon river in a, year where the river is really flowing unusually. High and we're, about to set sail on a 10-mile, stretch yeah, we're gonna hit the white waters, and we want you to join us. You. Know there's nothing quite like a whitewater, adventure, particularly, here along the salmon, in central Idaho everything. From the forests, the canyons, even the river itself feel untouched. By man like, there is pristine, today as what explorers, like Lewis and Clark first told tales of its rough water stretching. Past the horizon, today. Our guides are the team from white Otter outdoor, adventures, in Sunbeam, Idaho right on the river literally. You walk out of their shop down, a flight of stairs and you're on the raft because, of the amount of time they're able to spend on the water their understanding. Of the salmon is second, to none Salmon. River is. Extremely. Impressive in the length of river it's the longest, continuous, undammed River within, one, state in the continental US and, the. Big. Thing about it is we are fully free-flowing here, the, chinook salmon are, coming back up through and especially a year like this where we have two, and a half three times the amount of water in the river those we usually do just, makes it extremely fun for us to be able to actually. Go rafting have some serious white water and then have the option for a, scenic, float some flat water sections, and just enjoying the river we, have people, come into Sunbeam here and then, we, walk down to the river and, hop. On the boats and we do about a 10-mile stretch down. The salmon I love sharing the outdoors with people it's really fun to be able to give. People an experience that's, memorable, we do get a lot of people from, cities. That are either experiencing. Rivers, or the outdoors for the first time and it definitely is special to be able to share that experience, especially with kids that haven't. Been outside before and spark. And interest in spending more time outside for people I'm. Excited about riding the river for the first time, you've. Never done rafting ever have you have never done. Our. Good friend Neil City from Ray City RV got his first taste of rafting, today as, we paddle down the salmon through the canyons, and a long sandbar, the, great thing about a trip like this is that you have a very, balanced, experience, where, things are quiet and calm one minute and you're plowing through the rapids the next I tell, you there's nothing quite like. This. Entire area is a recreation. Hub for everything from fat country pilots looking to touch down on a Forest Service landing, strip out the wilderness, to off highway riders, seeking solitude on the trail the. Sawtooth, Mountains are, an imposing backdrop, acting, as eternal, reminders, of the, untamed, nature of the western landscape. It's, that backcountry, experience, that opportunity. To find peace both on and, off the water that calls Adventures to the salmon year after year I guess. My favorite part about it is just the, time spent, with people and and also how present people are we, don't really let people bring technology. Or phones on the river so it's really the only place sort, of what it feels like in the 21st century that people are actually. Really present, and spending. Time together, it's. Tough not to have a good time once you're on the water with the splashing with everything. People just you can sense them just relax, enjoy it out there it, makes you feel pretty good when they're at the end and smiling, and just, really love, it out there yeah. It's hard not to between the rapids the views and our lunch stop on the river where everything. Was made fresh who those, pastries, were good a rafting. Trip is one of the few experiences. Where you can be right, next to civilization. And yet feel like you're a thousand, miles away that's, how we felt exploring. The salmon today and it's an adventure worth, discovering, it's, absolutely, gorgeous and pristine and you. Get people from New York City Boston. Who have never even heard of Idaho. For that matter and don't know anything. About this you're thinking potatoes, rocks and they come out here and it is just it.

Blows Their mind so it's something I think everyone the world should be able to see at some point between, the Sawtooth Mountains and, then our River Canyon down, so. Buddy what. Do you think we made it were. You worried yeah well at. A moment one, moment I was but I could we did pretty darn good yeah so. There's your first time first time you bet you, really should try this this is a remarkable. Section. River there's so much you can learn about it we'll, be back with more at your leisure. In. A place that is beyond words there. Is nothing to be said. Except. Take. Your tongue in Bryce, Canyon country. Meet. The new leader in off-road utility. The completely, reinvented. Your XP, 1000. It's, got the most power the, largest towing capacity, the highest, ground clearance and, the best comfort, and storage. Introducing. The all-new Polaris. Ranger XP, 1000. The hardest-working. Riding ranger, ever built. Welcome. Back to at your leisure, I'm currents, March today, I'll be doing a part of the view on a Yamaha 242. X it, has a lot of awesome, features that I can't wait to show you so, let's go on the water and I'll show you what I mean. So. The valve the boat is actually my favorite place to be on the boat because it, has the best view one, awesome feature about this boat is that these cushions, come. Off so, your kids are going to sit up here and they have so much fun they can see everything that has an optional, head which. If you don't know what that means it's the bathroom right, here in that compartment, you. Can put a porta potty let me see if I can fish obviously. This. Is the captain's, chair everything. Can be controlled off of this screen right here your, ballast, control your bilge pumps, well you can also do is set your target speed so of a surfer you, don't want to go 25 miles an hour so you can set the target, speed to, be, 12, miles an hour which is normal for a surfer right so with this system you can set up five different profiles for different riders, or events. So this is Yamahas version, of perfect pass blue Yamaha 242, X is equipped with an extra-large, sunshade. It has a solar power connector, right here that will help charge, the batteries back to the boat and for those days that you want extra Sun there's, a Sun Room so right here is Yamaha, zone do. Overhead-cam. Do, injected, motors, these, engines are 1.8. Liter they have four cylinders, each and they, are combined, power of 360. Horsepower. So. With this boat these. Are electric, throttles, but you want to make sure that, when you are. Magic. Town makes them useful you, gradually, go. Down, to slow down the boat and one last thing I want to mention about this boat is that it has two-piece, construction which. Makes it more sturdy and rough water so there's so many other features on this boat that we didn't get to show you so, be sure to go visit our friends at Dick's boat shop in Clearfield Utah, they'll be able to give you all the information that you need and believe it or not everything. That we showed you on this boat today comes standard, well, that's all the time that we have today we're. At your leisure in just a minute. Did. You get enough of this this summer if you didn't, there's still time remember. That the Forest, Service has dispersed. Camping where, you can be away from the crowds and the RV, pets because you have a fully, self-contained, RV. Or camper trailer from, Ray City RV, so. There's. Still time to get in for the beautiful fall weather at, ray city RV, and you. Can be part of that dream check it out at ray city RV Utah's, low price leader since 1946. There's. A Lulu place, all. The Utah man. Four hours, raised where. My heart's at, where. The sagebrush, grows. Wild. In high, the. Stars come. Oh. In the basin with the Ute reservation, scheme, starvation. That. Do same. The, all-new Yamaha, Wolverine, x4, offers, four times the proven off-road capability, four. Times the comfort and four, times the confidence, to, deliver four, times the excitement, on your next outdoor adventure. Welcome. Back to at your leisure everybody, we're at our second, stop on our historic tour of Utah and this is one of my personal favorites. This is Coe fort it has a great, story wonderful. History and I want to share a little bit of it with you right now. On. April, 12 1861. Brigham, Young sent a letter to IRA Hinckley, asking, him to leave his home in Colville, and travel 220. Miles south to, supervise the construction of this, fort in, a decision that would change his and his family's lives forever I responded.

That He was prepared to go and would leave on the appointed, day so, IRA and his wife Adelaide, and their kids came, and built the fort and lived here for, the next decade although, the fort was built to provide safety for travelers during the Blackhawk Indian, War it was never, attacked, certainly. In part because of its unique solid, construction but, IRA and his family also made friends, with the natives trading. With them and even employing, them in the fort yeah the only time they ever heard a gunshot was, from, two little boys playing with a gun now, the thing, that I love about ko4, is that you so. Often hear about like really tragic pioneer, stories where everybody, died of some disease but. With this one this, is actually a really good story, you know because the Hinkley's had great relationships, with the natives, people, loved coming here there were never any battles, never any Wars and that family feeling extends, to today because, every time I've come here with my kids they've had a great experience and that's, not always the case you know because they would get bored or whatever but with, this I don't know it just resonated with them too and they've always had, just a great time here, at the fort you can see that's actually a lockbox that, they would have kept the mail in and it's right next to the telegraph, office you, can hear let's go through here, or. I guess we can't let's go back around and then go in there alright so telegraph, office so the dude would sit in here. And use, Morse code, where. Else would you call what would you call him the guy who do the telegraph things oh there. It goes is, this all this is the kitchen area right one, person, you know like, 60. Counts, okay was. That one of the boys or the girls across it. And the girls and look at the cows right, Sam what is that right there. It does make better good, call and, it would be horrible, to be the youngest person in, court. Because. When. You took a bath you'd always be the last person to take the bathroom you always use the same water so it'd be super cold all, right what is unique, about the boys room. Okay. This is cool this, was, one of the guest rooms because, obviously this was like, a hotel this is a travel point this, was, Brigham, Young's favorite, room oh. Well. We've got one more stop on our tour of Utah history but we're gonna toss to our trailhead, adventure. Sand. On the floor of your rig a rocky. Landscape, to conquer, a, breathtaking. View at your front window, these. Are the communal experiences, of the 4x4, community, they, share a passion, that transcends. The divisions we, encounter, in everyday life, today. This. Group of explorers shares. That same appreciation, for an afternoon, on the trail, but. They have an even stronger, bond, and shared, investment, in the protection, you see this. Group fought. To, keep these lands, free, say. Hello to our United. States military veterans. Air for 22, years the US Army US Army 101st, airborne 28, years the United States Air Force US, Army 84, to 87 US.

Air Force 87. To 90 the United States Marine Corps serve, in the Army ten years the US Army and US Air Force US, Army National Guard corporal. United States Marine Corps United, States Marine Corps overall today, we've been on a vet run, trail. Hero and rich Klein has put together a special day, just for veterans, to. Get them out on the trails a lot of these jeeps are owned, by veterans, and we, have some passengers, that don't have rigs and, they're, just riding along and the whole idea is just to get him out in life into, the natural environment, and. Let, them enjoy their public lands abuse you know just ain't so much their life's depending the reason we're here trail heroes because we got invited last year and after. Speaking with rich client who's a good friend of mine we. Were able to talk. With him and. Say how can we help you get some veterans out from Utah to enjoy these public lands you're seeing behind you and more. Importantly it's to get combat, served in Purple Heart veterans out here on this trail so they can see that land that they defended, fought. For and came home and now they can enjoy it's. Also to let, them. Understand, that we have an appreciation. Heartfelt. Thanks for the soldiers, and everything back. They call themselves wheelers. For the wounded of California, and Nevada this. Is an organization, dedicated to taking veterans, out for a weekend, of exploration. And discovery the. Invitation. To trail heroes given, them the chance to hit these new trails and to, meet other Americans, with a deep appreciation for, those who served in the military well. It's an honor to be around these veterans, and it's, an honor to be able to have them share some stories with us and. Have them open up to, other, veterans this. Is important, to me because it brings, brothers together, me. I really, don't leave my house but. I can come out here and I can play with my brothers my sisters they. Come from all over the United States they've. Come from everywhere, to come here. It's, like we've known each other the. Whole time I live, in Las Vegas so, it's nice to get out of the city and enjoy. Enjoy. This great country, and and the. Great wheeling and stuff it's also a challenge, for me I've. Had some issues that have arisen from my time in the military so. This, is kind of like a therapy for me. Many. Of us see our 4x4, excursions. In a similar way but, as civilians, we're, hard pressed to understand, the pressures, and impacts, these combat, veterans, face the. Scars they carry both physical, and mental are, often, beyond our frame of reference. Everybody. Has a defining, moment in their life you talk, to a lot of vets that have deployed and their, life is before. Deployment. After, deployment, you. Know so, a lot of people list after I've had kids or after I got married a lot of us if. You get shot at for a year it's, kind of defining moment and it kind of changes to, change the course of your life really, sometimes. A lot of our illnesses, and a lot of our challenges, are, not physical, and that they can't always be seen a lot of times we know you can't fix us we, don't want to be fixed we, just want to be heard we. Just want somebody to listen to us we're. Not broken. We're, a little damaged sometimes. Excuse. Me. Some. Of us are love friends you know this, changed your lives, you. Do things you see things that you can't do, you don't understand, you. Just have to do it, then. You come home and try and fit in and it doesn't work for these veterans to to be able to come home and get. It thanks and come out and do some stuff like this. It's. Really personal to them and all, you have to do is is say. Hi to a veteran once thanked him for his service and you might just change his life so. It, only takes a moment of time and. You'll. Be surprised what we can accomplish, to. Our current servicemen and women who put their lives on the line daily, to, our past veterans, who fought to make our country so incredible, and to, the heroes, who lost their lives creating, a safe place for our children we hear. It at your leisure salute. You and thank you, for all you've done from. The trailhead I'm. Terry. The. 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Enjoy Discounts on items like, vehicles and ATVs, or insurance. That's very affordable, you don't have to be a farmer, to join and dues are small but together we make a big difference in keeping our food supply local, and abundant. Join. Utah. Farm Bureau the. Polaris, factory, authorized, clearance, is here, get the year's biggest deals on the world's best-selling off-road. Lineup chase, adventure, on a legendary, sportsman. Get, more done with a hard-working. Ranger, or attack. The off-road with a high-performance razor, now's, the time to buy with rebates up to two thousand, dollars during, the Polaris, factory, authorized, clearance. Welcome. Back to at your leisure everybody, what we promised you one more destination, and here, we are this, is camp, Floyd it's one of those little hidden gems that not a lot of people know about but there's a ton of history here, we actually got a chance to talk to Chuck one of the Rangers and he gave some pretty, cool details, about what took place here in and around the Civil War how about we find out more. Camp. Floyd is one of the best-kept, secrets, in Utah, it's. A little out of the way cuz Brigham Young didn't want the army anywhere, near Salt, Lake City in. 1857. The newly elected President, James Buchanan, believes. That the territory, of Utah's and rebellion, against the United States and. There, really is no rebellion, going up but. It will force the establishment. Of camp Floyd with. One-third. Of the entire United, States Army they'll. Be here for three years the. Camp is torn down just after ago, just prior to the Civil War so there's really not a whole lot of original stuff left we, have our commissary, building here which is the only surviving structure, employed, and from. That we have artifacts, from the diggings of dr. Doyle burger at, Brigham Young University. We. Also have our stagecoach. In, John. Carson, built, that in he, came here in the early 1850s. And. He came with four of his brothers and they're gonna stablish, a new settlement riders, on the Pony Express ate, meals they're people, traveling, on the Overland stage they. Slept. We. Have we called the Johnston's, army program, it's, kind of geared towards Scouts, so. We, bring them in we enlist them in the army they'll hear the story about Camp Floyd and, they, sleep over the night and I actually earned their American, heritage of merit badge to, get a chance to fire a real musket, we learn to march and grill like the soldiers are back then of. Course to learn more about the Civil War and about American. History which. Many times in today's, school. They don't spend. Time. I don't believe doing. It you. Learn how to be. Learn. How to make these those, are cartridges. They're. Black powder now, if you want to find out more about the Johnston's army program that they have here which is pretty cool just go to the camp Floyd website they'll have all the details when those events take place let's take a look at the next episode of a way out, ninjas. And ATVs, don't, usually go, together but in one week we found a way to make them best friends. First off join Rhea and I as we discover Ottoman all its glory writing along Skyline, Drive from. There hang with Zac Cipriano, as he learns how to become a true ninja warrior, he, also. Falls down a lot so it'll be worth watching, we've. Had a lot of fun today hitting, these historic, sites and they're, not really that far away and they are everywhere, well right now we got our big Halloween contest, that just started this week where you can win dinner with the cast and crew of at your leisure and the opportunity, to come with us for our big Halloween, shoot here's, Corinne with more details. Having. A contest, starting. September, 15th, to October 15th. The winners, will, get a chance to have dinner with the casting crew as, well as be a part of a way evaluate. The. Challenges, you must complete, to win to. Play the game. We want to make sure to signature, videos with, the hashtag, anyway.

L Halloween. Night, be, sure to complete, our many activities you can before. October, 15th, and order, to win. Get. Out to some of these historic, sites they are all over the state they're easy to find and you will learn of ton we had just a great time and you will too I guarantee, well as we always say get, out there and create your own adventure at, your, leisure. Just. Like.

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